US Government About to Control Internet

Obama has been pushing for the federal government to take control of the Internet in the US and now it seems that a huge step towards that goal is about to take effect.

On Sunday, Nov. 20, ‘Net Neutrality’ will take effect.  Proponents have claimed that the regulation is necessary to insure neutrality of internet service; however, they are not being forthright in their depiction.

Many believe the ultimate goal of net neutrality is to eliminate all private internet service providers resulting in the US government ending up as the only internet provider left.  And as the only provider, they would regulate who does and who doesn’t have access to the internet as well as regulate website content of all US based sites.

President of Less Government and editor-in-chief of, Seton Motley explained it this way,

“The godfather of the media reform movement, a man by the name of Robert McChesney, said [net] neutrality does not commandeer control of the Internet,” [Motley cites.] “‘We’re not at the point yet,’ he actually uses that sentence, ‘but the ultimate objective is to eradicate the media capitalists from the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.'”

“At which point, they will be rationing bandwidth, just like ObamaCare will result in rationing of healthcare.  And when that happens, if they’re choosing websites that get bandwidth, and they’re choosing between Daily Kos [and] vs. National Review and American Spectator, who’s the government going to choose?”

Earlier this month, Republicans tried to pass legislation that would have blocked net neutrality from taking effect. The House voted to block the measure, but the Democratic controlled Senate defeated the measure by a 52-46 vote.

First of all, you should realize just how deceptive this new FCC regulation is.  They refer to it as net neutrality when in fact it is anti-neutrality.  It’s like getting people to drink poison by calling it Kool-Aid.  The name sounds safe but the contents will kill you.

Net neutrality also reveals just how socialistic the entire Democratic Party is.  It’s George Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ becoming a reality only 30 years after his depiction in the book 1984.  The Dems want to take complete authority over every aspect of our lives including the internet.

The freedom of speech: gone!

The freedom of religion: gone!

The freedom to bear firearms: gone!

The freedom of free enterprise: gone!

The freedom to access and post on the internet: gone!

382 thoughts on “US Government About to Control Internet

    1. Bll Shirt, More of the Same, Piled higher and Deeper.

      Ever notice how EVERYONE who is destroying the U.S. has a college "education"?

        1. What comes to mind is, "your so smart that your actually stupid." Most of these people of full of useless information, just look at our leaders.

    2. Um. This entire page is a complete load of total misinformation. Service Providers wanted to be able to control users internet access by charging companies like youtube or netflix for full speed access, if the company didn't want to pay, then your access would be greatly diminished, by slowing down connection speeds.

      Every single tech website available can confirm this.

      Whomever wrote this is nothing more than a corporate stooge.

      1. Blissfull, mindless ignorance……this is the problem….so many, like this child, who have no concept of reality, history, or economics.

        Son, time to grow up….because you, and those like you, are the ones that will be negatively impacted most…..

      2. Yeah? What a crock of $#it this is. Anyone who goes along with this has been living on a stupor for the last 100 years. The Federal government wants to take total control of the internet and share the powers with the UN and some freaks here think this is a good idea. Stupid commies!!!

      3. Exactly. The author of this article is completely wrong. Net neutrality is all about corporate money and speed throttling. Kind of like paying for a premium lane on a road to drive on.

    1. ME TOO! The Socialist / Communist Liberal Democrats are trying to silence us! They are trying to shut down FREE SPEECH in America! This will make us subjects instead of citizens.

      If we don't vote these liberal Democraps (especially Obozo) out in 2012 we will all be speaking Arabic & giving 75% of our paychecks to the government.

      The only strong contender I can see at this point is Newt Gingrich. When it comes to National & Global issues he can knock out Obozo with one verbal punch & mop the floor with him in any debate, even if Obozo uses his teleprompter. Newt has already said he would take Obama on in a debate & let him use his teleprompter. Newt doesn't need one. He's extremely intelligent & well informed. You can also bet your boots Newt wouldn't bow to some middle-east king, ruler, etc. And did I mention Newt loves America & is very patriotic?

      1. I agree re Newt, I'm going to vote for Newt in the primary & I hope to vote for him in the general election as well. I will never vote for any demorat just because what they believe.

        1. As for Gingrich's opinion, the former speaker insisted that Obama was "absolutely" born in the United States and is a Christian, but Gingrich also insisted the president needs to consider what he's doing that may lead people to suspect him Muslim.

    2. The thing that makes me so angry is the way the government thinks it is so clever through the use of eupheisms to lable these freedom limitation programs and laws. As if we do not know any better.

  1. this is an outrage .This potus is doing all he can to take away our liberties while rubbing our noses in the dirt. The americans out there have to fight back or pretty soon i will not be allowed to post something like this.WAKE UP TO THE DICTORIAL DEM. COMMUNISTS!!!.

    1. Exactly Frank. I'd like to know the names of the Senators who voted this in. WE THE PEOPLE should vote them out next election for sure, for they are the true Communists, the true Dictators, the true ones who are refusing to hear and vote the will of WE THE PEOPLE.

    2. This is another instance of OBAMA IGNORING the Consitution of the United States. Hopefully people will wakeup,

    3. If you are regularly posting to sites such as this and others, the gov knows who you are, where you live, etc. Two weeks after Obama was inaugurated, I wrote him a snail-mail letter.Two weeks later I started getting email from the WH – I did not apply or request permission. I have gmail. Took some doing, but I finally contacted google and told them "cease and desist". The emails from the WH ceased. Now, since gmail is free because of the snooping that scans for key words in your electronic correspondence and directs advertisers to you, what makes you think the gov has not been doing the same thing, that is, scanning for key words and connecting your contact list with your friends? ANYTIME the federal government get its camel's nose under the tent, the sound should be heard of swords rasping as they are drawn from the sheath – this was the attitude of our founding fathers who codified into law the federal government staying OUT of our private business – re: the 4th Amendment.

    4. I knew it would happen! I've been saying it for over a year now! THEY WILL NOT CHANGE MY CRHISTIANITY! I get mad talking about it! They ALREADY ARE TAKING OUR FREEDOMS! OFCOURSE OBAMA WILL BE RE-ELCTED! THEY HAD IT ON TV A FEW MONTHS AGO THAT FACEBOOK GOT HIM ELECTED! WHEN THEY TAKE OVER THE NET, VOTING WON'T MATTER ANYMORE! NO MATTER WHO ACTUALLY WON, THEY'LL SAY HE WON! I've always felt like the common voter's vote was discarded by the bought off electorial vote anyway! It's gonna be a bloody civil war, that's for sure!

    5. They are in a dreadful fight to control "We The People" our lives,our monies, our health, our minds, and our gods. They are determined to wash the LORD GOD AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST out of our minds and our hearts and force us to worship the blasphemous Chrislam. religion which is an attempt to fool Christians into believing it is alright to unite CHRIST with Islam. Many of our churches have sold out to them. A great strike against us would being spoiling the Internet which we use to communicate with each other and to teach the pure true gospel of GOD.

  2. It's staggering how quickly this country is being 'transformed' just as it was stated and We, The People have allowed it and now it's not going to be pretty reversing course.

    1. ╔═╦═╦═╦╗╔═╦══╦╦╦╦═══╦═══╗╔╗╔═══╗

    2. I see how everyone is complaining now. Just 3 short years ago everyone was praising the new saviour of the world. mr. nobama. Little did they know they opened the door the let satan rule the world. Everyone wanted the change, now they have to deal with it. The democrats want to control everything becaust they are afraid of the truth getting out. Control the people, keep them dumb and ignorant. I guess they're succeding. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!! They're liars, theives and criminals robbing you blind. The democrats want communism. Do we want a free America??? I thank Jesus Christ every day I wake up and see all that is going on and I just get closer to Him because when He lifts His hands off of us and removes the many blessings He has given us all I can say the poop will hit the fan big time. Lets get the democrats and the rest of the theives out of there in 2012 and show the rest of the world that the American people will not tolerate the obliteration of our constitution and our country by these pathetic so called officials. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

      1. Gee Lou, I wonder if we could be related? I've been saying this for years. I'm not allowed to be specific (NDA's) but the only winner in this race looks like the Kremlin, doesn't it? Khrushchev warned us with his "shoe-pounding" and 50 or so years later the grave gets built. The Soviet 'DEEP MOLES" of the 50's. Kremlin built, Kremlin financed and now Kremlin blood-lined. Hang on Lou, it's going to get messy really soon! GBA!!!

    3. Thats what Iv'e been saying !!!! Why are we the people allowing this to happen? is the senate & congress sleeping or I'm flabbergasted at all that is going on with this corrupt admin. we are losing our rights as Americans!!! we cannot allow thiis to happen!!!! Obama need to be Impeached NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    4. We haven't allowed It. People with any intelligence, morals or common sense would not have voted for Obama. We have to many ignorant voters who vote because of the color of the candidates skin which I believe is wrong. I don't care what color the person's skin is ,People need to vote for the person with good morals, high values, charactor & love for this United States. Not someone who has never been proud of this country even though your were born here & educated here. United we stand, divided we fall. Its seems we are falling. Free falling if we don't vote him out in 2012!!!!!!!!

  3. As long as this fraud is in office, or near an office, we can just sit back and watch all of our freedoms disappear. Look back over whats been slowly eroded from our society.
    1) No prayer in schools
    2) No prayer at military funerals
    3) No Pledge of allegiance in schools
    4) No patriotic expression at public events.

    So is it any wonder that the youth of today don't realize what made this country great? They've been indoctrinated by the LSM, speeches by our fraud POTUS, no counters from non-POTUS believers allowed. All you need to see can be watched at the OWS rallies. They spell out what this country will be in a short time.
    So, we'll have to be the 'underground' to be able to express our disgust at how this imposter in chief is destroying our country. Post now, for it won't be long before you can't

    1. It's not just this teleprompter in chief, it's also dems like reid, pelosi and others who want to control every aspect of our lives. I can't believe how ignorant the average American is these days. Many truly believe these communists are simply trying to look out for our best interests, when in reality, their goal is to enslave us. A revolution is coming.

    2. You're on target, VT Patriot. We need to make sure that we don't elect a Repbulican who will continue to sell us down the river in the name of Bi-partisanship. The Establishment Republican that we need to avoid at all costs is Newt Gingrich. He's a RINO and a member of the Anti-Freedom organization known as the Council on Foreign Relations.

    3. You are not getting it…people keep voting these socialists back into office. Reid ALMOST lost his last run for re-election, but the people voted him back in… The Tea Party did a lot as a movement. But now look who's in the spotlight. OWS, who are for BO and socialism.

  4. Where is the REAL outrage, where are we gathering to protest! Will we just sit here at our keyboards and allow this?I say PLEASE all of our remaining conservative outlets on the net , gather together and post this on every site every day along with a time and place for us to show our displeasure with this and all the rest of this Marxist crap, I know I will be there, maybe an OWS type thing in every city to show how many are against this unbelievable violation, HEY TEA PARTY! whats up, do not let this just happen, I am just an old guy I do not have the stuff to make thin, BUT I CAN WRITE, I WILL SHOW UP, I say NO MORE

    1. Right on! If we don't do something soon, the goverment will be running everything! And we all know their dismal record when running anything!

      1. stock up and dig in!! you know what is about to hit the fan….full time government will want to rule every aspect of our lives…

    2. Brian: Great Post. I am calling my local offices to find out what is the acceptable way to protest and then I'm going to my local government office with a sign that reads "We the people want our right to vote on all these bills congress is passing against our will." I bet it won't be long before others follow suite. Everybodies afraid of being the first one to move. But once someone does others bring in there support. Everyone should hold a sign with there particular issue. Everyone should be quiet, peaceful, and respectful. Never use profanity, immorality, or other degrading manors.

    3. I think this new "law" will be a godsend. Finally we will be forced off our keyboards and into the streets.
      I will protest by dumping my too-expensive ISP and selling my PC's.

    4. write to your congressmen! Become a political ACTIVIST…that means you email, write, make telephone calls AND you may even demonstrate in person. Sitting and complaining to each other on a chat board does not much good.
      And we must get INFORMED on HOW our elected state legistative officials are voting on all issues.

      Obama hired a guy named Lee to search out website that are negative against obama and to get those sites and comments removed. Facebook is an obama supporter posting anti obama postings from facebook members pages to Obama's facebook page…it's a form of public humiliation facebook is using.

    5. Brian, your are correct and 2012 will be too late. We must do it, NOW, LATER WON'T HACK IT.
      We simply do not have of the unpopular Jmi DeMints and Joe Wilsons.

    1. THe book 1984 is used as Godfather's example that 1984 was a ficticious "time" for this to come about. Today is 2011 and is just barely 27-30 years after 1984.
      Just saying

    2. It’s George Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ becoming a reality only 30 years after his “depiction in the book 1984”.

      the article was referring to the books depiction not its copyright ….. just saying

    3. I found "Animal Farm" to be more to the point with NObama. "All animals are equal (but some animals are more equal than others" applies to so many of NObama's regime. Perhaps he would substitute more equal to less equal but as with NObamaCare, he has released over a thousand "special cases" from having to purchase NObamaCare – more equal than others, indeed. Unions, leftists, elitists and politicians, all more equal than others. He is Napoleon Pig.

    4. @ Pamela Dale,
      Orwell wrote it in 1948 and just inverted the last two digits. But that is much less important than what is happening to our freedoms, something Orwell foresaw. It has happened beccause we have not been vigilant enough in guarding our freedoms as the Progressives have pursued their agenda for about a century now to end this democratic constitutional republic. They want to "progress" toward some more 'perfect' world. Where the elite who know better than the masses wile rule with, of course absolute benevolence. A lot of us are awake now, but is it too late?

    1. We do on a daily basis. Those in office are getting more rich and powerful and don't CARE what we think. Time to get dems out of office and pull the plug on all the RINOs. We need to get conservative, constitutional minded people to challenge them in primaries. I get tired of incumbents assuming that it's a given that they automatically deserve another term.

      1. And no life time pensions after that. That's what they get now. Even if they were good, it's still a waste of money. I'd sure like $147,000 / year for the rest of my life.

    2. We should get together and start recall petitions all over the United States.Who knows how much our polititions really want to fight the people of the U.S.A.for the premo.bennies they recieve that we aren't deemed wothy of having.This would keep them to busy to muck things up any more.

  5. Just more Liberal intervention in our lives to control us & mute our voices. Socialism / Communism will prevail if we don't get these Democrats out of office. If we don't do it in 2012 we will all be speaking Arabic and giving 75% of our paychecks to the government. I am appalled at the damage & control of the American citizens that the Democraps have done in 3 short years. APPALLED I SAY!

    1. Yeah, thing is, we err in just blaming liberals for this. The Patriot Act which ushered in all this totalitarianism was brought in under a Republican administration. Merely replacing left-leaning statists with right-leaning statists does nothing to eliminate statists.

      But anyway, I'd wager the vast majority of American's think we need the US government to protect us and to give us freedom. I'd guess the vast majority of American's cannot imagine liberty and are terrified of it. Most of us want "our" social security." We demand our congressmen bring home the jobs and the pork. We support Our Troops (yet not the Presidential candidate most of our troops support).
      How many thumbs down will I get if I suggest we abolish the anti-freedom, anti-liberty federal government and replace it with 50 sovereign nation-states?


      1. SC Gal, another SC gals says, "I am appalled that our Representatives have allowed this to go 35 months and have done exactly nothing about all of the anti-America, anti-GOD, illegal president and his equally evil cohorts that are systematically destroying America. I am aware very few things that have been don to stop this ravaging of America.

  6. People are going to revolt soon and when they do, I am not going to be any where close. After the earthquakes and floods and sink holes start showing up all over the US, the people will band together.

    1. Americans are too much whimps to band together. Never will happen. If they can't take a stand by now they never will. We will be communist. We are 3/4 the way there already.

    2. If you care anything at all about America's future you had better get your donkey smack dab in the middle of it – right behind me!

    1. Of course that what it was! When the people can no longer communicate on the scale we've enjoyed, government can then swoop in and arrest all the "terrorists" who used language to commit the "terror" that we who would speak will eventually be charged with.
      That was how it was in that fictional book. Big Brother was on a two-way monitor and watched and listed to everything the people said.
      The internet, like liberty, was great while it lasted.

  7. When are ten million people going to march on Washington and drag these fools out by their boot straps, put them in jail and put them on trial for their crimes and misdemeanors? I am afraid that is what it is going to take because we have no legislator with any gut's to prosecute these Anti-American Thugs. remember we are the boss not them, Who swore on the bible to uphold and defend the constitution!! They are doing exactly the opposite.

      1. So that leaves Ron Paul. Name ONE politician who has voted consistently to not use tax money for extra-constitutional purposes. One.

        There is only one way to vote out all the authoritarians: Refuse to vote!
        But you people won't do that; You want a strong leader to fix everything for you. Thank God government is taking over the internets! I think God must have put them up to it so we the sheeple might finally get off our keisters and get involved.

    1. I agree with everything you said except……..we do have a few who are trying to hold them accountable.

      Darrell Issa is fighting everyday but they are literally overwhelming the system. The Fast and Furious crap is one big mess and Issa is trying to get to the bottom of it (or should I say the Top of it) but that is but one of the reasons these communists should be impeached.

      We literally need 5000 special prosecutors to handle all the crap they are pulling.

      1. Yet you probably won't vote for Ron Paul.

        You probably think that by voting in Perry at least he won't be in Texas any longer.
        I live in Tennessee and getting Gore out of here didn't help…

        1. I don't have any powder. I'm not going against government to defend the rights of people who mindlessly tell me not voting is the worst thing I can do. What do you base this baseless assumption on, Ralph? Got a link? Or did your teacher tell you that being able to choose your masters every two to four years means you're free?
          Next you'll tell us the 2nd Amendment keeps us free.

          You really believe this is freedom, don't you?

        2. Ron Paul's the best we got to offer at this time. If you want to keep America an American Republic you should read between the lines and rethink Ron and (future Rand) Paul. Don't kid yourself on the border issues. He definitely knows what to do on that front. And furthermore, no one owns Ron Paul period! No one, and I mean no one, on either side of the aisle can honestly say that, least of all Perry!

        3. Getting Obama out of Illinois didn't help a bit either… and now some of the biggest losers like Axelrod and Rahm have returned. The country may celebrate when Obama is gone, but poor Illinois will get him & his progressive idiots back.

        4. You assume too much.

          IF Ron Paul is nominated, I will support him.
          Otherwise, my support is behind Cain and Gingrich.

          I lived in Tennessee for 47 years and I know what you mean about getting Gore out of the state but Perry is not my choice. Why do you think voting for Perry to get him "out of the state" would be considered by anyone who takes the time to post comments on here.

      1. your an idiot redneck. Freedom of religion, maybe you've never heard of it but. It does mean you can not impeach a person over religious beliefs. There is also a little thing called separation of church and state.

    2. So true! I joined the Veteran Defenders ( and the US Patriots Union ( on Vterans Day in D.C. to stand with American citizens to do just what you said. Unfortunately many people don't want to get involved and hold our officials accountable. They think elections are going to fix everything. Where are all the so called TEA Party congressman while all this and other things have occured? Not one of them have filed impeachment proceedings against the criminals who violate the Constitution and the rule of law. The court justices will not enforce the law either and they should all be tried for treason. I am not afraid to join with enough people to do what you suggest. If we don't do it soon, we will need several million to take up arms to restore the Constitutional Republic.

      1. I notice NO COVERAGE for the 11-11-11 Rally.
        How will we get millions to take up arms (military aside) when we can't get them out to vote?

  8. WAIT! I just recieved an email from another anti-regulatory group that said they BLOCKED net neutrality to keep the net open and free by 52-48 and that the government takeover won’t take place.

    Who is right????

    1. I received an e-mail staating the following: The Senate rejected a move to prohibit the Federal Communications Commission’s "net neutrality" rule from taking effect on November 20. The rule will prohibit broadband service providers from blocking content or applications. The vote was 46 for, 52 against, and 2 not voting. Considering the double-speak on Congressional bills, since the majority vote was AGAINST, that means that the rule will take effect on Nov. 20!

      1. There is some "goody two shoes" (excuse the very old cliche) who has programed this thing to reject bad words. So, if you "code" some of the words in your message, often you can slip the meaning through.

  9. The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting an inexperienced man
    like him with the Presidency.
    It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary
    common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their
    president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama,
    who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.
    The Republic can survive a Barack Obama.
    It is less likely to survive a multitude of Idiots such as those who made him their president.

    1. To: Hates America, You are really a gentleman. I just can't imagine adressing obama as Mr. or even using capitol letters in his name. And by the way his name isn't obama it is "barry soertoro"

      1. Actually, who really knows who this homosexual is? There has been a huge conspiracy on America concerning this evil person. Word has is that when he is elected again (by the same morons) that his mask will come off and we will see the muslim American hater that he is. He will them impose Islamic caliphate. Remember his support of Egypt,Libya arab spring. The same people uprising have been fooled, just like the "dummies who wanted hope and change". Barry knew exactly what was in store for these countries.

        1. I have yet to see his "mask". He blatently is taking down this country right in front of our faces while we type. We KNEW he went to a "hate whitey, hate america church for 20 yrs. BEFORE he was "Selected". There was so many questions NEVER answered , his eligibility has been thrown out of our so called "supreme" courts ttoo amny times..they are all working together to take us down and dont think anyone with any other agenda will be elected. Our leaders are now being SELECTED! So, go stand at he voting booths still thinking your vote counts, while being laughed and scoffed at by our administration. They obviously still have the majority of people believing our votes mean something. Folks, don't buy it. We ARE already TOAST! Due to OUR neglegence of keeping tabs on OUR own country and fixing things as they come up…OUR WAY!

    2. Right on target.
      First, We the People must repent and ask God for mercy, then ask for the Holy Spirit guidance and then act appropriately resisting evil on every level starting with each person's soul and family unit and local community and state authorities and up to Federal government…
      Turn to God as God is watching….
      Return to godly governance – not global PC thinking as it's already shown in Bible what was done to Babel Tower and those who rebel against God Almighty…
      In God we trust.

      1. It is people like you Sir I had the pleasure of standing with in Washington D.C. last Friday. Ronald Reagan said it best when he proclaimed "we are one nation under God, without God we are a nation gone under". So true were those words they will resound as much and a famous speech given before the Virginia House of Burgesses at St. Johns Church in Richmond,VA on 23, March, 1775. "We shall not fight our battles alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations," Patrick Henry

        1. Veteran Defender – Thank you for standing for America on Friday. Thank you to all the veterans who have stood for this great nation against the same evil communist forces that today are threatening us from every side. May we all stand together for this country and all of the patriots before and drive the forces of communism out of this country.

    3. Finally, someone who gets it. This is why I have no real hope of "voting" our problems away. Or any of the other "stand up to these politicians" crap. What do you think we have been doing all these years? We vote, we sign petitions, we attend rallies, we donate. Some of us still have to earn a living. We can't sit on the capital porch all day. And you know what? It wouldn't do any good anyway.

      What even the decent people don't get is that we have a system with no recourse for us other than a war, and not even 1% are ready or willing for that yet. Most of you were lulled into the "violence never solves anything" BS. So it's long been too late anyway. We can't organize for such a thing now because of the "security" that's already in place. WAY too late. We were conned into waiting patiently, non violently, for America to wake up, by well meaning people.

      These tyrants know what they're doing and they have us right where they want us and there is NOTHING we can do about it. Y'all go ahead and deny it all you want – I don't blame you. This country is certified sh_t for brains now and there is no reversing it except through living out the price of our arrogance. There is a point where you simply have to pay the piper – you can't just decide you don't like what's happening and "do something" about it. It's too late for that now.

      Religions have been warning us but we are ever too smart for that nonsense, right??

      We are fish caught in a net and being hauled up to the ship. Squirm all you want. Yell all you want. Scream as hard as you want and get it out of your system, then sit back and enjoy the few moments you have left.

      1. The wrath of God pouring out on this nation of people is inevitable. Yet the merciful Father of all creation always preserves a remnant. Like Noah, we know the voice of the Lord and prepare for the future. Though 1000 fall on the right of us, and 10,000 of the leftists, we will be spare. So people, enter more vigorously into the Kingdom and stock up with the supplies needed: true knowledge, food, arms, ammo, and real money (silver). The fire is coming.

    1. WHY ARE WE ALLOWING THESE REPRESENTATIVES TO HAPPEN? We have done this to ourselves. Remember "government by the people" anyone? We the people have become "bigger and better idiots" at the ballot box… it is time to wake up or to reap the whirlwind, folks…

    2. Dean, IF we are lucky enough to Vote this looser out of office in 2012, it will take MUCH longer than a short four years to right all of his wrongs. Prepare for a long & winding road out of the HELLHOLE he has put this country in.

    3. Sad to say but you will still have people who will vote for this fool! He wants the people too not know what and who he is.
      Vote him out!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I met some of those people today as I was passing out fliers at a local Lowe's parking lot in support of the call to action by and to "Restore The Constitutional Republic". I stood with these fine God fearing and country loving people in D.C. on Veterans Day. People if we come together we can and will hold every one of them accountable. Drop the party banner and look for honest American patriots to restore this country. If they violate their oath we need to immediately go to Washington and drag them out of our office and replace them with someone else.

    4. Dude it will take 16 years of very patriotic presidents to undo this mess. Remember, he gets to take all the presidential secrets with him.

    5. 4 years??
      Here is why voting for/against the President and Congress (and the Senate) is a waste of time and NOT the answer to fixing the mess that is the federal government: Even though bad men are voted out of office, the bureaucracies they create while there live on in perpetuity.

      Name one bureaucracy created in the last 100 years that has been totally dismantled (not morphed into another one).
      The only way to begin to fix things is to demand these bureaucracies are demolished when their creator is fired.
      Of course we the sheeple want government to take money from the masses to fund our pet programs and favorite bureaucracies, yes even Conservatives.

    6. Dean: WHAT ROCK HAVE YOU LIVED UNDER the past four years?

      What Obama, ALL other POTUS crooks, thieves, liars and cheats and this evil government has done, are doing and will continue to do to us is NOT "going to take us 4 years to undo!" Geeeeeze!

      Obviously, you don't GET IT!!! The NWO "AGENDA" to destroy our beautiful Country, Culture, People and the World has been "in process" for so long, it would scare you to death to know the actual time "this ominous destruction started!"

      No, I don't have "the answer" either! America is going down because most of "We, the People" are ASLEEP!

  10. This is partly being done to stop the use of social networks like Facebook for "when the revolution comes" like it has for numerous Middle Eastern countries.

    1. He fools the fools. And unbelievably there are still those who think he is good for America and deserves a 2nd term. They can't help it, they are stuck on stupid . Such an Embarrassment that there are Brain Dead Fools like them in this country. There should be an IQ test before one can vote!

  11. Tell your Congressman/woman, and Senator – if this passes, so shall their tenure.
    The Democrats who are the ones pushing this should consider this: it is a two edged sword. When The republicans take the senate and the White House, the Democrats will have lost any possibility of getting people elected. Period.

    1. Do you really think your representative is going to help?????how many petitions have any of you signed and still we are fighting. To many wrong people in high places!!

    2. We still have a lot of "House" and "Senate" cleaning to do on both sides of the isle. We need true patriots to run our country – not these self-professed communists and marxists.

    3. Nothing is going to stop the Marxists from stealing the next election. If not Obama, then they will steal it for Hillary. Same medicine for the masses.

  12. I am sick and tired of the goverment ie ( pres. obama and the demorats ) taking our rights away. DOWN WITH OBAMA AND THE DEMCRATS IN 2012. ( ENOUGH IS A ENOUGH )!!!!! OUR RIGHTS HAVE BEEN TAKEN AWAY. IT'S TIME FOR THE PEOPLE TO TAKE BACK AMERICA AND MAKE THIS NATION STRONG AGAIN!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA

  13. My God, when will it all stop. God dam Obama…..He is a fart!!!!!! The wind will take him away in 2012……But there will be much blood shed to make it happen……Leave us alone and get to hell in your jail cell where you belong. NOW…..

  14. Get back to Church and pray Freedom comes from God Who has been grossly neglected by America, not to mention the betraying homo socialist world He created.

    1. Interesting that the administration of this website chose to remove Darryl's comment. What's interesting is he got 28 thumbs up. I sure wish we had FREE SPEECH around here! Thanx "God"father.

      1. There was another article I disagree with the "godfather's" opinion…b/c it was NOT very conservative, in fact i sometimes wonder if godfather is a liberal

        1. I do believe for standing for the truth, whoever may be offended. Because we have not done that is the great reason we are in the mess we are in today'

          1. Don't use name JESUS in public, someone may be offended, and you will get locked up.
          2. Use Allah, Koran etc. it is OK if Americans are offended.
          3. Don't wear American flag on clothing, someone may be offended. Who cares?
          4. You can wear the flag of any enemy country, it is OK if we are offended
          5. Don't use, 'IN GOD WE TRUST, someone may be offended, leave you don't hav eto listen
          6. Don't say, "one nation, under GOD, someone maybe offended. Send them home!!

          Anybody who does not like our JESUS, our flag, our constitution, out churches, our schools, our pledge should be deported, not asked to leave. Americans do not go Mexico, Iran or any other country and tell them how to run them. In those countries we will be jailed and very possibly put to death if we as much as walk into it, to say nothing about trying to force our ways on them.When Americans go to other countries we accept their ways if we don't like them we come home. If we are to survive we must stand up for our rights against these interlopers!!!

  15. HITLER HAS RISEN FROM THE DEAD AND IT IS IN THE FORM OF A VERY "SICK DEMENTED" MAN, OBONER. What is next for this fool? He is going to cut us off from all civilization, telling us what we can and cannot say, take our money out of our bank accounts, herd us into camps. Clear your bank accounts, arm yourself, and defend yourself like you have never done before. This man is going to make an attempt to get the whole country under his control and will stop at nothing to do it. End his reign of terror, stand up against our right to a free country, freedom of speech, and the right to bear arms. Take it to him before he has a chance to take it to us and stick it to us the best he can. End his reign of stupidity, ignorance, and defiance of our Constitutional Rights. He is in the process of becoming the United States' Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Osama Bin Laden. Do not let this happen, end it before it is too late.

    1. He is HITLER! STALIN! MARX ! GHENGIS KHAN! MAU all rolled into one ……To say he is the 666 told in the bible is an understatement ! I never believed for one second that I would end up defending my own country from SocialismCommunism after twenty four years in the Military. And 2.5yrs in Vietnam….I hope the change was worth it. I can hold my head up "I did not Drink The Kool Aid !"

  16. I guess all that is left is the 2nd Amendment. Join your local Militia group cause the only solution, is a revolution!
    Not to overthrow our form of government, but to overthrow all the individuals who have corrupted our government.
    Help restore our REPUBLIC and help get rid of democracy. If you don't know the difference, find someone that does so that they can explain it to you. Read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.
    Read the Federalist Papers because it will explain the constitution from the founders point of view, and not from some liberal socialist. Read the anti-federalist and why they felt the constitution would give too much power to the government.
    Nicolas Lomas
    NM Citizen Miltia
    The only thing required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

  17. The Failed President is both a liar, loser, and is destroying America. He is a very dangerous man and ignores the law in general, the will of the American people, Congress, and the Constitution.

    There are no longer massive adoring crowds to deceive. For the first time in Barack Obama's life, he is accountable. He has repeatedly shown that he cannot deal with, and will never be able to shoulder responsibility, as he is at his core a self-absorbed man, and a very dishonest human being.

    Obama has never stood for individualism, capitalism, or liberty. The citizens of our country naively gave the reins of power to a tyrant. The White House has been marginalized and he has proven himself to be the most inept president in modern history. He is symbolic of a man who has downgraded the White House, the Constitution, human life, foreign policy, race relations, and America herself.

    The majority of Americans are sick of his condescension, his policies, his racist bigotry, and his incompetence. Obama is “the most disastrous president in our history.”

  18. If we allow this, then we might just as well hand over our rights as human beings and the right to live in our own way, without someone telling us what to do or how it will be done….. Obama and his Administration is the cause of all of this and what they are so foolishly doing, is concentrating there efforts upon things that are of NO CONCERN to them or to what does matter as with the Economy, DEFICIT, Illegal Immigrants, Foreign Polocies, Social Security, etc….. The things that do and will make a difference, they shuck them off to the side and only concentrate on things that don't mean a hill of beans to anyone……or at least to say it is NOT of any GREAT importance to anyone, NOT until the other things have been accomplished in getting corrected….. This is so Ludicris that they must be absolutely have gone Bonkers in there heads to think this is what WE THE PEOPLE want….. They had better Wake-Up and start smelling the Roses, as they are way off track with this and there will be many, many, many who will REBUTE this…..

  19. THIS IS SHEERY TYRANNY! Those Democrats in the Senate are beneath contempt! They can be regarded as virtual traitors by some. Outrageous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. please God give someone the courage to prove that ick-a- bama was not born here so we can get our America back. and would like to know of all the people that voted for him How is that hope and change working out for you?

  21. Obama doesn't like the fact that people on OUR 'net can organize against him and all associated with him. OUR internet is the only means that we have to quickly sign petitions, converse with friends in other countries and state our opinions to other folks. I unplugged my computer on the 9th, when this was supposedly a "test" in order to avoid having a new code inserted. This will give Obama the ability to have an Internet KILL SWITCH, so he can shut down the 'net for whatever reason he wants, for however long he wants. I've been warning folks about this since springtime. PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA! I have a prayer on my wall Merciful God, Please spare America. Please find it and pray it. God is warning us. Watch the camera tape inside the top of the Washingtom Memorial. That earthquake was against all odds. That Momument was shaking A Lot for 3 minutes.

  22. How much more of this ruination of our great country does this government believe the American people will take before
    someone with the knowledge and power will organize us and begin a revolution which will once and for all end it. Our so-called senators and represenatives which were sent to DC to do what is best for us who put them there, quickly found out that they could make the fast and dirty dollar (legally) by doing what was best for themselves and let the rest of us die in the poor house. It is way past time to clean house and start anew with laws which stop all the dirty politicians from making laws which are for the people but excludes themselves. Do I hear an AMEN ?

  23. The Government did learn something from the middle east revolutions this year. They learned how to shut down communications when there is civil disobedience. WE THE PEOPLE will need to shut-down Government and police communications as well. We CAN do it!

  24. This totally angers me and about a whole other bunch of citizens that understand that the Government is overstepping its authority by leaps and bounds under this President and his administration.

    If it's not the unconstitutionality of the healthcare mandate, it's government's reach of controlling free speech. There is no better time to put someone in office who is a constitutionalist than now.

  25. Government dumbacrap (democrats) need to loosen up and let the people run the government not the government run the people. Democrats don’t have the knowledge to run the government effectively!!!!!

  26. This is WHY obama wants that "ciivilian army" he shouted out about in the Denver stadium. To quote him exactly "We need a civilian army just as well ARMED, just as well funded, and just as well trained as our US forces". He gets that in HR 3590 sec 5210. Once his brown shirt goons are in the streets you will be slaves to the feds. Before you say "well that is for Emergency cases like Katrina" let me remind you that we already have FEMA and the NATIONAL GUARD. What do you suppose the empty 78 Fema dentention camps are for? We will soon see. Either STOP OBAMA now or its all lost.
    After NOV 20th we probably won't even be able to speak here.

  27. Think about it. The olny law obama wants is the martial law. By then we won't believe in the martial law , just as he respects all the other laws of this country..

    Seeing that congress does not have the balls to do it's job as their oath requires, they will go down too. NO legal president = no commander in chief which means the generals will run the show and cleanup the federal government.

    The troops will not turn on the people as obama wants.

  28. Lets all chant together now…

    Yes we Can
    Yes we Can
    Yes we Can
    Yes we Can

    Ohh crap, he meant tat kind of change…

    I think I will go dig up some more ammo…

  29. When Obama named Marc LLoyd, an admirer of Hugo Chavez, to the FCC, it was obvious that he would make an attempt to take over the internet. Next it wil likely be other types of media as well. He has some frightening people set to do his dirty work. Prepare for the worst.

  30. The fantasy of these satan worshippers; total control of humanity via NWO will soon have an abrupt end.

    they actually believe satans lie that the created can be like the Creator.

    Yeshua WILL return soon to clean house, and all of them will bow before him and be held accountable for not accepting His Free Gift.

    They will NOT end well.

    YESHUA’S Eternal Reign Is Near.

    Hope you who have not yet made the good confession, will do so soon.

    Believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Yeshua(Jesus).

    Call on him to be saved:
    Yeshua, Im a sinner.
    Yeshua, you save sinners.
    Yeshua, save me now.

    1. The only way to save free speech or any other part of the republic is the way our forefathers built it. On the Word of God as a Christian nation that allowed God to be God and not elected officials pretending to be god.

      Most Christians believe the second advent of Jesus is near. Near could be in the next moment or next 100 years. We were instructed to stand until He returns. We can only stand against evil with Him, and through Him. The republic is dead. IF there is to be a revived American Republic it will only be with and through revival of our forefather's faith in God through Jesus. We have freewill to follow the same path that got us to this point or return to what God blessed and our forefathers established.

      Compromise with evil is evil. As Doctor Phil would say, "How's that working for you?"

    2. AMEN!!!! You are so right. CHRIST is coming back and will do a major housecleaning job on these greedy, crooked politicians. I am so happy I am HIS child and will be taken up to HEAVEN when this happens..

      1. I'm replying to you, June and the two Xtian's above you: It would really be nice if He would return so we won't have to make a stand and go through the trials and tribulations that will surely follow in the next few years, but that wouldn't be in keeping with His timeline.

        The dissidents and others slaughtered in camps during WWII hoped for an end to mankind to relieve them their suffering under that totalitarian government; Our turn is coming!
        Will we too bend over and drop trou and pray for an end of humanity and a punishment of our tormentors?

        I know not what course others may take…

  31. Sorry, but net neutrality is what we've had since the beginning of the internet. The problem isn't the concept, but the way it's being implemented. The FCC (or any other agency) does NOT need to be part of this. If they passed a simple one-page law, then companies that felt that they were being treated unfairly could sue the providers.

    There would make less regulation, along with less potential abuse by either the government, or the providers.

  32. [email protected] says:

    The scarey thing is that no matter what victory we win, it is almost a daily deluge of other things foisted on the public by this administration. The Trojan Horse bill is to be voted on today and that will no doubt be passed by a Senate vote. H.R. 822 is scheduled to receive a floor vote on Tuesday, November 15, just a few days from now. This is another massive overreach by the Federal Government disallowing the concealed weapons permit God help us!

    1. Remember: The best "gun control" is using both hands. Shoot first, shoot straight , and shoot often. It is best to die standing up than to live on your knees. GOD BLESS AMERICA!! LAND OF THE FREE…

  33. SHUT THEM OFF!!!!!!!!!

  34. Will someone tell me how we stop all this. It has all got to be stopped immediately. The people causing these problems are the ACLU(Communists) Obama(Muslim) Pelosi(Idiot) Harry Reid(Idiot retard) George Soros(Communist moneyman). That is a total of 5 sources. How can 5 sources be allowed to destroy all of this when there are over 300,000,000 of us. We need to stop all of this right now. I am fed up with the likes of those jerks.

    1. I will tell you how NOT to stop it.
      Keep being a "good" citizen and railing against what the media says you should, vote for the candidate with the best chance of winning, and above all, do as you're told.

      Keep believing all our problems are caused by evil others who just don't think right.

  35. Well! you all put him in there and now he has turned on all of us! The sad thing is many will still vote him in nexts election. Obama has it in for everyone!!!!!!!! He does not want the people too know who the real he is. and we will stand by and watch it change with not fight put up against him.

  36. Armed or otherwise physical resistance is futile. I've been to jail a couple of times where I thought the opportunity was ripe for fomenting revolution. Notre Dame was easily accessed from anywhere in the USA and Canada yet almost no one showed up to protest and resist. Jail is not fun and getting out is not easy and being there brings little excitement from would-be supporters in the conservative legions.

    And, beyond that: Are you willing to take a bullet? Do you believe your martyrdom would stir any more outrage than the pitiful response you and I have given so far?

    1. I hate to admit that I'm not willing to die or go to jail for any of these folks.
      I'm sorry, but if people are too lazy to crack a book, to read the writings of von Mises, Hayak, Smith, Spooner, et al, and who aren't even sure what Socialism entails exactly; Who think that statism is good so long as their tyrants are in charge, and still relishes a powerful government to keep us safe from evil others. I sure as heck ain't goving up my freedom or my life for 'em.

      Yours is the best and most depressing post to date.

    1. It really doesn't matter which side of the aisle is in charge: The bureaucracies chosen by previously elected politicians are in charge. Why is this fact not realized by more people? Once a politician in America is elected, it doesn't matter if he's reelected or not, his bureaucracies stay whether he does or not.
      And THEY make the laws we suffer under!

  37. I agree with all the above blogs,this Gov wants to take away all weapon in the home, and stop the internet. I don't have to tell them, they are all wasels.

  38. When the DARPA released the internet to the business community back in the late 80's early 90's they did it with one provision. Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality PREVENTS ISP's from blocking traffic to a website.

    Comcrap and AT&T were successful in getting Net Neutrality repealed about a year ago. Remember the first thing Comcast did? They charged Netflix a toll for passing traffic on their network.

    From what I have read and understand this is just bringing the old law back into power. It never should have gone anywhere in the first place. What people do not understand is without Net Neutrality as it was written prior to Comcast and AT&T getting rid of it is imperative for the internet to remain free. In other words Net Neutrality means that companies like AT&T and Comcast HAVE TO LET YOU SEE ANY WEBSITE YOU WANT TO SEE.

    I have not seen the new legislation. But I do know that if it is the old legislation, you better support it, otherwise you will see the internet censored and you will start paying a fee to access sites like Youtube. Removing Net Neutrality means that now Comcast and AT&T can start selling the Internet in bundles like they do with your Cable TV. Oh you want access to Youtube and Gmail? That will be an extra $19.99 per month.

    If you want the honest truth about this legislation then the only people to go to for this information is the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They have been championing privacy and internet freedom since its inception almost.

    Good luck and hopefully everyone does their homework on this one instead of listening to someone with an agenda that is not really in the best public interest.

  39. Why is everyone surprised? He said he was going to change America. "A change you can believe in." He is an idealogue socialist, who was raised with the muslim and marxist beliefs. He wants to be a dictator and even Henry Kissinger stated that Obama was being primed to become the first New World Leader. People better circle their wagons, and start fighting back before they loose their freedoms and the country they know and love because it is being transformed into a European communist type country before our very eyes with comi reps in office on both sides of the isle. In order to control people, America must fall down. Redistribute the weath and class warfare is another technique communist use. And to take control of the internet is the largest way to spy on what people say and control them. 2012 is near… better do your homework and study the politicians to make sure you vote for the right one that represents America's constitution and we the people! Teach those who are clueless.

  40. Here's what I think we must do:

    1. Every county in every state in all of America must have a team working to get conservatives elected and getting RINOs (like our Richard Lugar and Tennessee's Lamar Alexander) dumped and Democrats defeated.

    2. We must learn the power of the boycott: You still buy General Motors cars and trucks, don't you? So, where do you think your money goes when you do that? UAW? Yes! Government coffers and Democrat coffers? Yes!! You all know that and yet you think you're somehow Buying American" and being patriotic. You go to Mexican restaurants that employee illegals. You buy and use services that you know use illegals and support Democrats. Our stupidity is mind-boggling!

    3. We must get voter list and get Republicans who have voted in the past but who have not lately voted, we must get their vote.

    4. We must support, with our money, groups and organizations that we know are conservative … like the John Birtch Society, FreedomWorks, etc.

    1. Yes, vote vote vote! That's what good little Americans do. It's what our teachers and our media tells us to do, and by God we're going to!
      In fact, voting works so well, I say we should all get two voters ID cards so we can double vote! And maybe make it a law that people have to vote.

  41. The Democrats realize the internet is fouling up their plans for a complete socialist takeover. They already control the major newspapers, networks and film industry but, the internet is still free for the time being and they want complete control over all news media. Change you can believe in ? Change we can do without !

  42. Until the American people wake p and step up and DEMAND those elected to Congress and Senate impeach obama on the grounds he HAS NOT proven he is an American citizen and has violated the oath of office he took, we will continue to lose our freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and slip further into a socialist/coming, is a communist government whereby we WILL NOT have anything or any freedom unless the government says we can. If this isn't done, the only people to blame are those who are afraid to step up to the plate or they believe the garbage obama talks about. The last alternative, which may be on the horizon, is an overthrow of the current administration. This administration doesn't understand the American people will not allow this to happen and the military does not respect him like he thinks. And there are more freedom loving Americans than there are police and others, and when they have had enough, they will respond as necessary and needed. America, obama is the biggest threat to our freedoms. And it's not about race, sex, gender, etc. It's about an incompetent, controlling, arrogant, liberal muslim with socialist ideology and a desire to rule instead of lead.

  43. 5. We must face it: There is no real "Tea Party". There are small groups who meet and there are some that are quite active but for the most part the movement (under that banner) is ineffective. We must also face the fact that local Republican Party headquarters and "Republican Central Committees" are worthless to us as a crucible for resistance. See if you can use a crucible like The John Birch Society for getting a team together in your county.

    1. The JBS has been around for a long, long time.
      They have been extremely ineffectual in stemming the tide of tyranny in America.

      They are a bunch of old women wringing their hands and saying "oh dear, oh my" but doing exactly nothing.

      1. Exactly, halebobb. Our world has become a nightmare come true. There are no effective organizations that I know. What are your ideas for reversing this whirlpool?

        1. Reversing? There's no reversing! It has to play out. And "our" world is just fine. The American government is ****ed up and so are all Americans who support it and assume it can make everything all better.

  44. I hate to tell you this, but, obama is going to win in 2012. Why? He's got the unions behind him, unfortunately. And now, behind our backs he's trying to sneak in a new law that allows illegal aliens to vote. obama is buying his way to the white house for a second term, and possibly a third and forth…..He wants to be a dictator. Everyone thought hitler was a nice man before he became dictator. In fact, Time magazine named him Man of the Year. then the truth came out. obama is the same thing. He's an obamination, a liar, cheat and a a thief. And a phony! Anyone who votes for this idiot again deserves the government it gets. We should go to washington d.c., surround that city and deman that everyone get out of the government, especially that idiot in the white house. WE THE PEOPLE, we have the power folks, let's use it!!!!!

  45. We need to send the U.S. Senate a message that we will vote them out of office
    unless they pass the bill blocking Obama's takeover of the internet.
    Ross Hawkins

  46. You are all right so I suggest we vote the Bums out but I just finished filling out a questionar about were when what and how this country is do and going. Well it woke me up almost all the people in this contry wasnt mover government control and if it spend money they love it sand if you try to take thing away yhey hate it. SO I SAY IF THIS BUNCH WINS IN 2012. Have all your monies S.S. Pension, etc Electronicaly transfered to an off shore account before doing the rest. Morgage the house to the hill (Get a much cash you can for it) Max out all your Credit Cards (get all the Cash you can) if you casr is payed for sell it ( get all the Cash you can from it) tby a brand new one with no money down drive it to the border with all you cash cross over dump the car and disaper. SCREW THE BANKS, THE GOVERNMENT AND ALL THE IDIOTS WHO RE-ELECT this bunch.

    1. What if they decide to recall the currency and issue new currency, saying many of the FRN's in circulation are counterfeit?
      You will have to exchange the "money" you now have for the new currency and you will have to convince the IRS that you actually own and have already paid taxes on that "money".

      As to voting the bums out, didn't you vote the bums out last time, and the time before, and the time before that. Hows that strategy working for you?

  47. Those that lay on their bnacks and have babies so that taxpayers can jpay for them and the fathers do not have to pay support are the ones that elect the assis that give away the money. Congress has stolen 1.3 trillion dollars from Soc. Sec. and given an unaccounted amout away in welfare. This was not the intent of Soc. Sec. Let the overpaid Sens. and Reps take it out of their overpaid money. As most know holding these offices were only supposed to be for a short period, and then they return home to work.

    1. The intent of social security was to make a dependent-on-government society. It's succeeded quite well.
      I'm 54 and have been paying social security taxes all my life. I would gladly give up all I've paid in to not pay in any more.
      Socialist Security is killing America.

  48. obama and his regime will not listen to the will of the people and will do as he wishes, no matter what. This is a very sick guy running our country. VERY SICK GUY,PERIOD.

  49. Welcome to communism America, I do not know what it will take before people wake up, but if it is not today then we are doomed as a free country and a free people. Before you know it people in China will have more rights than Amreican citizens. I can't stand by myself and acheive anything. We have lost so much already, by allowing the government to monitor citizens phones, financial records and weapon sales, all without cause. I hope people are happy with this because you have asked for it all. By not standing up and telling your representatives NO you sit home and let them do whatever they want. I have been active in trying to prevent it all; but I'm one person. Just go back to sleep, and be willing to explain to your children and grandchildren why you let their freedom and liberty be taken away. If you haven't read the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, or the Constitution lately you should all refresh your memory. I am willing to stand with those who will sand with me. Please join with us at or and get involved.

  50. All need to wise up to this 2 party infighting, they are but one and both belong to the powers taking us down, remember the phrase:
    "divide and conquer" , it has and is continuously used and with great success throughout history. Ron Paul is the first and only decent honest man I have ever seen run in my life time. what has happened to peoples ability to judge decency and truth? all past elected presidents were blatant liars and sleazy, one should have seen right through them.

  51. Hmmm, I wonder why they don't bother with net neutrality on tv? Oh…that's right…the left already controls the television media, and having the conservative point of view is not necessary.

  52. WAKE UP – People you are losing your rights. But I suppose just as usual you will forget about it in one week and move onto something else. Or go back to sleep

    1. The internet isn’t the only thing that can be censored. Most TV networks are already Left leaning and many newspapers are too. The only way to defeat this onslaught is to remove those in both Houses, and the White House, who are trying to control every aspect of our lives.

  53. We need to eliminate this current occupant of the White House by whatever means that are necessary. He is not a president. I do not know what is is, but he is destroying this country. I do not know what is necessary, but I would certainly explor`e all options.

  54. The same stupid people that voted for him in 2008 are still stupid and do not see him for what he is. 45% still think he is doing a good job. Wake up people before it's to late.

  55. America… BE WARE!!! and BE AWARE!! this is no game we see happening all around us. We know the end of the story because God wrote the book… the book of Revelation reveals all… this man is a "tool" in God's hands to bring about HIS end. What is written there WILL happen… as WE watch it all being set up. Look to the One who wrote the book… and YES!!! this man hell-bent on destroying America. How can you be a "sharia-law" muslim and abide by the US Constitution and any of the laws of our land? It is impossible… therefore… he can lie and justify it by the means to his end… bho's agenda is being pushed and bullied by those out there who, with him, are pushing to destroy America. PEOPLE OF AMERICA… we need to humble ourselves and pray, turn from our wicked ways, seek HIS face… THEN will HE (God) hear our prayers and heal our land!!!
    WE THE PEOPLE….? Let's unite in prayer against this man and all he is pushing for… and his czars and democratic rulers.

  56. obama your going to far, you have everything you need to screw up the U.S. why the internet, more and more communism, you need to go back to saudi arabia, and stay their, you will not be elected again, i voted for you,now i changing my mind about you and going to vote for Ron Paul, an american not a muslim, you will be another king kong

  57. HTF does the government get away wit h this. We are crazy not to fight this crap. I will be calling my Congressman and Senator….NOW!

  58. For those of you that voted for this nightmare I hope you are happy on what is coming. Ché Obama and his socialism is taking over the entire US and there is no stopping him now unless he loses the next elections and perhaps some of you have become wiser and vote against him. Socialism is a failure if not look at Europe. Obama and his gang is slowly transforming this wonderful country into a disaster. CHANGE!

  59. That man and his pasty need to be permanently removed from office then held accountable in a court made of 'We the people; They are destroying with every obvious intent to eliminate the American way as we know of it. Treason is the word that comes to mind daily as I watch and prepare. ~

  60. get these jerks out of office as quick as we can–they want to control every aspect of our lives there will be revolution soon if this does not stop-these socialists idiots are not human they are devils in disguise–God is real and Jesus Christ is real whether they like it or not!!

  61. We have allowed a hand full of men and women to control our money. Now we elect a Kenya Marxist Socialist to hold the highest office in the land. How did all these people become a part of this country? We need to quit grumbling and start doing something about it. A good place to start is the 2012 election


  63. This election will be the most currupt this country has ever seen.Who,s going to stop it.? You can be sure the justice dept won,t. They will be part of the plan to finish us off.

  64. The Morons who voted for the NeoFacist,liberal socialistic Pretender in chief will swallow any thing, It's badenough that god Father Politics has to moderate what some Citizens post for fear of offending the quisling of the Muslim Prick in the white house! this may be the absolut end of the bill of rights!. Any Senator or Representative that voted for this Demogogory should be Spat upon till they drown!t

  65. it is time TO REVOLT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE OF THIS BIG GOVT CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When are we all going to say WE'VE HAD ENOUGH'?

  66. The only way this can be stopped is doing things that Congress fears and that is mass calling and e-mails to your people in Congress and petitions with millions of signatures. The one thing they understand is when told by millions their job is on the line. I would hope some national conservative organization would initiate a petition calling for either his resignation or investigation of his eligibility. It is rather obvious with the phony birth certificate and Social Security Number there is a problem.

    They have sat on their hands far too long with this imposter as President so it is up to the people. Don't wait until the Democrats steal another election through fraud.

  67. Somebody please get the impeachment process in gear NOW!!! We cannot put up with this administration any longer! Even 2012 might be too late!

  68. They don't need Net Neutrality to control the internet. POTUS can take control by executive order. The "test" wasn't completely successful, but they will try again. When they have it down pat, there will be no social networks to help us coordinate our protest. They will have us by the "short and curlies" as they say in Britain. Google, Yahoo, MSN all have given over control to the Feds. Have you noticed the short but consistent pause when you log off your browser? That's your transaction record being uploaded to the "CIA mainframe". Be careful what you write…

  69. We need Ron Paul in the White House. He would bring these types of travesties against our freedoms to a halt. Maybe our Government will finally anger the people enough that they will take their heads out of the sand long enough to actually research the Candidates (while you still can) and see the difference between Dr. Paul and the rest of our Representatives. We are being led by NWO traitors. I honestly think Dr. Paul is one of the few men/women standing on Capital Hill that actually wants to maintain our Sovereignty, our Constitution, and our Rights. We are fading fast and this is a major blow to the 1st Amendment Rights we are getting ready to lose. Think the housing market was a disaster? Think of the impact this stunt is going to have on 'We, the people'. We need to clean house in D.C. and fast.

  70. Guest–I would still read the newspapers if they weren’t also controlled by politics. I cancelled the Houston chronicle when they endorsed Obozo in 2008. They had the gall to say that they might have supported McCain if he’d chosen Kay B. Hutchison as his running mate! Hello–Houston — this is the energy corridor and inner city-Houston like other major cities (who will probably eventually fail due to it) is democratic (oxymoron). And, wasn’t Sarah Palin pro oil, and did KBH want to be VP? These comments were made to appease both parties, but media lies as usual. I don’t get biting off the hand that feeds you. And my feeling is that the gov thinks the only way to save the post office is to get rid of Internet–think about it! I don’t trust what they do with newspapers OR the Internet!

  71. What do they, tyrant or free under attack, allow for personal encryption?
    A free government run by free people as the founders wanted should allow encryption. If they see something then a judge should give a court order. But if they think that I am some terrorist and read all that I send, especially encrypted, only to find that I am writing of personal events or venting my spleen against tyranny then they should pay for their indescression and abuse of power against a private citizen. A tyranny would disallow encryption.
    That is how you tell if Obama is a leader of a free government or, Heaven forbid, a corrupt tyranny.


  73. All the Patriot sites and the Republican sites will no longer exist. We will not be able to get our word out. This is what they want.

  74. The big problem here is that the people who still stand behind the present administration and the democratic party believe that this new law is okay. After all it may be a way to quiet the right wing radicals like the Tea Party. I'm sure they are sick of hearing from them. It will also promote a better environment for adult conversations between those Democrats and allow them to come up with all the solutions to our ills without the worrisome right wingers. The problems will only start to emerge in earnest when all those folks figure out that once the right wingers are out of the picture there will be no further need for them either…. Ahhhhh, now the government can just go about the business of ruining all our lives, oh, did I say ruining instead of running? The democrats that are there and pushing this are safe in their positions, look at the 2010 midterms. Harry Reid was re elected, when a lamp post would have been better. Look at California, the dems control everything there from now on. Give it up if this can't be reversed soon.

  75. If this pass's we'll all probably be cut back to 'Dial-Up' (56k or less) setting us back 20 years behind the rest of the world, and maby be put on time limits like 1 hr. a week so 'Big Brother' has free reign of phiber optic connections ranging from 100 MBS (or better) leaving us to squander for mere kilobytes of 'data'… Total B.S.! the government has no business whatsoever to be *invloved* in the internet , especially to be " in control" of it… they didn't *invent* it but since it's been doing so well they think they should be in charge of it, thinking they can run it even better, more efficient, streamlined. But we all know what happens when the government steps in.. it get's fu¢%#d up!. so kiss the internet good bye soon after Obama and his cronie czars move in and *change* the internet, cause it won't be the same internet we grew up with, it'll be more controlled, limited, regulated and if yourstill using it you'll be watched while on it…. screw that!

  76. The Supreme Court told the FCC and Obama that they could not do this Constitutionaly, guess the progressive Congress and Senate thinks we are not paying attention.

    1. @ Blair,
      The short answer is NO! The gov't CANNOT legally do this by departmental regulation. Jefferson Dowda replied (an hour ago) that the SCOTUS told the FCC and pres O that this wasn't constitutional. Someone else posted that that this move to gain Internet control may have been stopped. Not sure if that is a fact or not.

  77. I have wrote many letters to the editor to my local newspaper negative to Obama and his regime along with the complicity of the liberal media to his agenda. My letters are either not printed or edited such that the message I'm trying to portray is completely edited out once the letter is printed. So, in my area of the country (which is by far conservative) that fix is on. Yes, the liberal agenda has been at work for many years and we have to wonder if it's too late.

  78. Focusing solely on the dems, even as evil as they are is part of the diversion. They are simply bought and paid for tools just like most repubs are. People will hopefully start to look higher to identify who the puppet masters are. They are the ones who initiate all this, drive it with both parties and are the ones to be concerned about!

  79. Doesn't he know that most of his bills will be repealed in 13 months? What planit is this alian from??? It is hard to wait untill he is booted but booted he will be [by the voters] Why are they so gutless in DC that he has not been impeached yet?

  80. My bigest concern is how damaged will the voting be. Obama's people will do everything to steal the election . Voter fraud will be one of the bigest problems facing us. Acorn is still out there and what to do with the black panthers? When they show up at the poles they should be arested. People are not allowed to just loaf around at the poles. and intimidate people.

  81. This is what I have been warning you people about for what….over 3 years now! What is it that you didn't understand? I told you that Hugo Chavez did exactly what obama is doing. There is no difference. Marxism is not something that happens over night. It is quiet, slow, and methotical. It is under the radar. Want to know what happens? Wait till "The Summer of 2012" for the clampdown. When the blood in the streets of big cities begins to flow, be prepared for Marshal Law. After that, begin to see the large dug ditches begin to fill with dead bodies. Bodies of those that are lined up, blindfolded, and shot dead. The first 25 million people to be executed will take the longest. It gets faster however. This is required to provide citizens the necessary slap in the face to realize they have no rights, no Constitution, no freedoms. Simple as that. And you thought America was exempt from such folly!

  82. SImple question. If Obama is the answer, how stupid was the question? I love that. as stated above..LOCK AND LOAD. When will this country and citizens learn from history?

  83. How many in these United States either didn't vote or voted for "the change" last election? Who's fault is it that we have come this far into socialism, President Obama or "We the People"? Complacency is a real killer of our freedoms. Yes this will take more than 4 years to make right, if ever. I am ashamed of the voters if they don't see the forest for the trees! We have a lot to answer for!

  84. Let me be the first to express my gratitude to the Government for initiating Socialism to the USA. Here is my first coorespondence to the Obama Communist Regime….KISS MY REBEL DICK!! Handg that on your Screen Saver!!

  85. I'm like the other poster, WE NEED to rally TWICE, once NOW and ONCE at the polls!! I AM LIKE THE REST OF YOU….PISSED!!!!

  86. Most Americans today are credulous and naive allow appeasement as compared to the generation of WWII and eventually create the environment and conditions for bad people to gain power and exercise their authority. From the din of TV, BS shows, spoon fed news, slanted websites, porn, IPods, Cell phone IPods to entertain they have lost their discernment and judgment. Turn off the TV and start digging reading and evaluating information Read and learn from history. Today the American people are running parallel to the German people when Hitler was coming into power. Most of the American people have lost their virtue and discernment. Caught up in their own self indulgent lifestyles they have lost their own virtue and discernment and therefore cannot see it in others. Without virtue and discernment they vote for and support the wrong people. Rationalizing that Obama is looking out for you and Bush bashing is naïve and off base. (con't)

  87. con't These voters who voted for Obama are credulous and without discernment, they are very dangerous and allow appeasement and condone the current erosion of individual liberties and principles that have made the US free. The current system that that Hussein Obama embraces is Marxism and is slowly eroding our civil liberties. Samuel Adams said “It is a tremendously important and never-ending problem for the self-governing American people to be not only adequately informed but ever alert and vigorously active in forestalling whenever possible, and combating whenever necessary, any and all threats to Individual Liberty and to its supporting system of constitutionally limited government.
    In this connection, it is essential to keep in mind that the greatest danger lies in the subtle and gradual, or piecemeal, approach of danger–by which the foundations are gradually eroded rather than by open and outright assault; accompanied by harsh attacks upon all who seek to alert the people to such danger whenever it threatens.”
    Samuel Adams 1771


  89. When I joined the AF in 1970, i swore to protect and defend the Constitution (this country) against all enemies foreign and domestic. This COMIC AND CHEESEy that we have as president messed that swearing in up completely when he was sworn in. And then laughed about it. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THEN THAT WE HAD BEEN DUPPED BY OBAMA. He nneds to go as he has committed treason by not defending our constitution and allowing our country to be invaded (and protected from harm) by drug cartels and God only knows what else! I believe he – and all of his CZARS – should be given life sentences in Levinworth. Michelle O , too!

  90. Have you ever wondered how Jew hating, America hating muslims are going to take over America?

    1. Terminate America's freedom of speech by replacing it with statewide and nationwide hate-crime bills.
    This is already being done.

    2. Wage a war of words using black leaders like Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jesse Jackson and other visible religious personalities who promote Islam as the religion of African-Americans while insisting Christianity is for whites only. What they fail to tell African-Americans is that it was Arab Muslims who captured them and sold them as slaves. In fact, the Arabic word for black and slave is the same, ''Abed.''

    3. Engage the American public in dialogues, discussions, debates in colleges, universities, public libraries, radio, TV, churches and mosques on the virtues of Islam. Proclaim how it is historically another religion like Judaism and Christianity with the same monotheistic faith.

    4. Nominate Muslim sympathizers to political office to bring about favorable legislation toward Islam and support potential sympathizers by block voting. Look at Dearborn, Michigan. The Police Chief in Dearborn is a muslim & he's made it
    very clear that he hates Christians. Many Senators & Congressmen/women openly support such evil.

    5. Take control of as much of Hollywood, the press, TV, radio and the Internet as possible by buying the related corporations or a controlling stock. Part of Fox News is owned by a muslim. CNN openly supports muslims.

    6. Yield to the fear of the imminent shut-off of the lifeblood of America – black gold. America’s economy depends on oil and much of it comes from the Middle East.

    7. Yell ''foul, out-of-context, personal interpretation, hate crime, Zionist, un- American, inaccurate interpretation of the Quran'' anytime Islam is criticized or the Quran is analyzed in the public arena.

    8. Encourage Muslims to penetrate the White House (and they already have), specifically with Islamists who can articulate a marvelous and peaceful picture of Islam. Acquire government positions and get membership in local school boards. Train Muslims as medical doctors to dominate the medical field, research and pharmaceutical companies. (Ever notice how numerous Muslim doctors in America are, when their countries need them more desperately than America?) Take over the computer industry. Establish Middle Eastern restaurants throughout the U.S. to connect planners of Islamization in a discreet way.

    Islamic leaders have publicly said that by the year 2015 a muslim flag will fly over the White House & I think it will happen.
    We now have a muslim in the Oval Office with access to America's nuclear weapons.
    Anybody feel safe? I don't. Raymond

  91. There is no oppostion to their take over of the internet, except on this and similar blogs. They don't read these commemts, so unless you become physically involved, they will have the power to shut it down. What will you do all day when you can't pontificate here? I fear the same result when it comes time to vote next November. Lots of hot word, cliques, slogans, and no action.

  92. Where's the Federal Judge who ruled against the FCC's illegal takeover of the internet earlier this year? He should have slapped the FCC with an injunction for the FCC ignoring the judge's ruling but it looks like that even he won't do a darn thing about it and give the FCC a pass just like the rest of Obama's political machine has received.


  94. Oh man the misinformation being pushed is hilarious. It is the Republicans that are pushing this legislation. Obama has said that he would veto this bill should it find its way to his desk.

    Way to spread misinformation.

    1. better check your facts, Jeff. The democrat party has been pushing net "neutrality" for years…the late Sen Edward Kennedy was a champion of the effort. Obama is a pure ideological leftist and as such has packed the FCC with people of like mind. So it is unquestionably a leftist and thus a Democrat cause ultimately being put in place the only way such free speech defying policies are always accomplished – by fiat (regulatory proclamation) or judical activism. It would never have made it through congress.

  95. I'd say we are pretty much already too late to even have any hope of stopping the near total infringement upon each and every right so many Americans take for granted but who lost them to personal apathy and lethargic attention to facts in evidence. I find it hilarious when so many fret over social security, Medicare, pensions, savings and the availability of digestible and healthy foodstuffs. The deed is done. The "fiat" currency printed by the Federal Reserve will soon return to its source: "out of thin air and back into thin air." Every item that is denominated in "greenback" dollar value with become worthless when the dollar collapses.

    One fellow wrote me that the only solution will be to eat your children when our money fails and food will not be accessible to anyone except those with gold, silver or ammunition for their automatic weapons. He even boasted that with the right ingredients human flesh can be made to taste like pork or chicken!

    There will be a few who will survive…most likely "true to the name Christians" because God himself has promised them their blessings and knows their needs. What about the rest of us? Will most of us become cannibals, criminals, looters and thieves…and I suggest that the answer is YES! More than likely those in the federal House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, the White House and other bureaucrats will attend to their own havens bought and paid for with the fruits of their graft and thievery, at least for a while and probably longer than those with family who have worked their whole lives on "Main Street."

    Woe to those who have not prepared to live below the radar like a hermit on a mountaintop or under a rock or in a cave.

    Okay, I know I've painted a very bleak picture here, but considering what I've said here does it warrant at least food for thought, or does it not? Those who are well-prepared will pretty much make their own "luck" while all others can only hope to somehow "luck out" in some FEMA re-indoctrination camp.

    Have a nice day!

  96. This is just but one of a few final steps in the endgame. We've been electing globalists for 40 plus years and LOOK AT THE RESULTS. Vett every candidate. Any repub globalists will be no different than obama. Same bosses, same CFR's, Tri's, and bils. Get on the research stick now.

  97. Stand up and fight citizens of America. Keep the INTERNET FREE and CLEAR!! All this CRAP thrown at us by this piece of cow plop MUST BE STOPPED now! A piece of cow plop? Translation; What a cow leaves behind all over the ground.


  98. Of course they have to control it, look at what happened in Iran, Egypt, and Libya. Why do you think we have any news from Syria. China knew long ago that they must control the internet to keep control of the people and our congress allowing this says allot about them.

  99. that's not all obama wants to control,he wants to control you and i.we don't have much of the constitution left for us.they make the laws to benefit them self's.i sure hope all the people that elected obama will know how bad of a mistake that was.

  100. Remember the "Iron Curtin" in Europe? The Iron Curtin's only link to the free world was "Radio Free Europe". Is that what's coming here? Will we have to depend on broadcasts from somewhere else to get the truth? If we don't vote this fraud out next November, we will lose all our freedoms. He is working on taking over all forms of communication. Scary!

  101. According to, we will not have to worry about our troubles much longer because after the Great Tribulation of 2012, it will be only a few more years until the Second Coming. The author bases her assertions on the history of the church itself, using the Feasts of the Lord, the sabbatical years, and the 70 Jubilees (culminating in the fall of 2015). It's not Harold Camping, and it is worth studying. Every believer, by the way, should prepare himself (herself) to withstand persecution and possible torture by authority figures. Just be ready for anything. We are a soft and lazy people, not like Richard Wurmbrand and the victims of Communist tyranny (following after Hitler's thugs). Get serious, folks. Obama is a dictator.

  102. Isn’t it time for big class-action lawsuits against various medias for having done untruthful journalisms or broadcastings that has led to all these original national rights of ours being taken away?

  103. I firmly believe the Liberals are DELIBRATELY herding the country towards civil war. With most of the US military currently serving overseas this will give them the excuse to call in UN troops to restore "peace" in the US.

  104. James Madison predicted this in 1791… "There are more instances of the abridgments of the freedoms of the people by the silent and gradual encroachments of those in power, than by sudden and violent usurpation."

  105. He must go back to where he was born because there he can have his way. This is America, a Republic, God he has to be defeated in 2012 if we want our country back…….Take it from this Liberal

  106. RUBBISH! This is outrageous. I know that the government is trying to slowly take our rights away, but this?! Where and when will the revolt start is my question. Something must be done!

  107. when are you people going to wake up???obama,the democrats and the republicans are only pawns in this game…this game being played on us is for real its for your life not just to be boss.yes, your senators and congress people are doing this to save their own skin and those few who might try to fight it probably have been threatened to lose their job and suffer the consequences of the mass. ( you and me ) who are the real culprits behind this one world government??? there are a large number of organizations and many rich and very famous people who want to fix whats wrong with the present world… about eleven years ago the u.n. advocated the reduction of the world population between fifty to sixty percent. that was a cut of about three billion people…are you listening??? the latest report is that they only need one billion people to keep the elite living in luxury.. now how are they going to do that???good hav e the f.d.a. that allows the pharmicutical industry to cure all sickness and diseases with chemicals, that dont work. after fifty years and hundred of billions of dollars spent on cancer research, not one inch has been gained . well, thats one way of cutting down the population without being blamed. and now there is monsanto, who is now feeding you eighty nine percent of the food you eat. is geneticaly modified. sound innocent doesnt it, unfortunatly your body is organic and this food is synthetic. thats like trying to mix oil with water. it just wont work ,so this synthetic foods your being fed will only shorten you life and with bad health… thats o.k. we have plenty of hospitals and money hungry doctors to take care of you,and thats another way of cutting down the population. how easy it is for them that control our destiney to ( wash their hands ) its the same old story,,,the operation was a success, but the patient died.. and in case you were unaware of the fact that aids ebola and many more diseases are man made. and mercury in your filling ,now how can you blame anyone for what happens to you, and floride in your drinking water in your canned soup s and whatever and in your cokes and over fifteen thousand chemicals used by the food industry. every day. and synthetic hormones fed to all the animals you buy and eat every day ,there is no end to what the f.d.a. has approved to slowly poison the population that is so unaware that its happening. and there are millions of idiots that trust this government….thats o.k. ill piss on your grave..if you dont wake up….now to get back to the organizations that are responsible FOR THIS KILLING OF THE PEOPLE its like the trilateral commission, the federal reserve,,,,it is and never has been an american government organization… the builderberg group the skull and bones, from yale university the council on foreign relations,,the bohemian grove and many more and of course we cant leave out the bosses, the illuminati.,and by the way,,,it wont be long from now that your dollar will be gone with the wind,it will be known as the amero. the plan is to make canada, the u.s. and mexico one country. do you get a glimps as to why we dont close our border .its all been planed many years ago but it comming to its finally right now. n ow just to name a few people who are doing this to us and you would never suspect…both father and son the bush our x presidents who belong to the skull and bones now dont let the clintons sneak by, they both belong to the notorius builderberg. how about the queen of england and the prince charles. i can go on and on with very famouse dignitaries and super rich… they want to make the world a better place to live in…for them selves. anyway, as the queen of france once said,( let them eat cake ) and she wa beheaded…i think this might happen here someday soon. i love my country, my father fought in war one and i in war two my son volunteered for korea but was turned down because of a defect. and now i have three grandsons ready, but i will try to persuade them not to because this is no longer america for the free…but im willing to fight again to get my country back… joe p.s. dont forget who is trying to take over the world …

  108. Every human right gone under this Obamanation dictatorship. The end of America I grew up to love, A Constitution to guide US, aBill of Rights to protect US, and a Declaration of Independence to free US and Demorats and liberals to enslave US doing away with Our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Our declaration of Independence to be slaves to the Governments ( local, state,and federal), the Elite, the Corporations and the Banks

  109. What did you think he ment when he said,I am going to transform america,wake up people.I know some of you voyed for obuma to prove you were not a racist,now vote him out to prove you are not a idiot

  110. Net Neutrality, OWS, Union involvement and anticipated violence, it all fits together into Obama's agenda, an agenda he learned quite well as a "community organizer," committed Marxist and Muslim—or as I prefer to describe him, a committed Islamofacist. These people will stop at absolutely nothing, including murder and violence, to achieve their goals. Welcome to the "PERFECT STORM."

  111. How DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even think about doing this!!! Come on People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets get together and stop this also..Im sorry but this has gottan way…way…way.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! outta hand Im gonna try to at at least start a petion and believe you me my Congressman will get a earfull from me…I really dont need the internet anyway,just another pain in the Ass device..but again we need MILLIONS to come together not just a few hundred.think about it.

  112. The blind masses wanted "transformation…" Well, they got it. The dictatorship of the left is becoming a reality. Just like Hugo Chavez fined and in some cases out and out shut down media outlets which opposed him, Obama and his henchmen are doing the same.


  114. [Hey, Godfather – Check out the mention of mass neutralizing of patriots in this web goodie that I came across!]


    Here are Bible verses Barack Hussein Obama doesn't like to think about:
    Proverbs 19:10 (NIV): "It is not fitting for a fool to live in luxury – how much worse for a slave to rule over princes!"
    Also Proverbs 30:22 (NIV) which says that the earth cannot bear up under "a servant who becomes king."
    And Ecclesiastes 5:2-3 (KJV) advises: "let thy words be few…a fool's voice is known by multitude of words."
    Although Obama is not descended from slaves, he may feel that he's destined to become a black-slavery avenger.
    Or maybe an enslaver of all free citizens!
    For some stunning info on Pres. Obama and his fellow subversives, Google "Michelle Obama's Allah-day," "Obama Supports Public Depravity," "David Letterman's Hate Etc.," "Un-Americans Fight Franklin Graham" and also "Sandra Bernhard, Larry David, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, Joan Rivers, Sarah Silverman." Also Google "Prof. F. N. Lee's ISLAM IN THE BIBLE [PDF]."
    PS – Since Christians are commanded to ask God to send severe judgment on persons who commit and support the worst forms of evil (see I Cor. 5 and note "taken away"), Christians everywhere should constantly pray that the Lord will soon "take away" or at least overthrow all US leaders who continue to sear their conscience and arrogantly trample the God-given rights of the majority including the rights of the unborn. Do we need a second American Revolution?
    PPS – For a rare look at the 181-year-old endtime belief which has long neutralized millions of American patriots by promising them an "imminent rapture" off earth – which has diverted them away from being prepared to stand against all enemies, domestic as well as foreign – Google "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty," "Pretrib Rapture Diehards," "Edward Irving is Unnerving," "Pretrib Rapture Secrecy," "Pretrib Hypocrisy" and "Pretrib Rapture Secrets" – all by the author of the bestselling nonfiction book "The Rapture Plot" (the most accurate documentation on the pretrib rapture's long hidden birth in Britain in 1830 – see Armageddon Books). Also Google "Stamping Out Harold Camping."

    1. "Prof. F. N. Lee's ISLAM IN THE BIBLE [PDF]" somehow manages to substitute Mohammed for the Holy Spirit… and to badly (and baldly?) misquote a few other Bible passages also.

      There is nothing in John about Mohammed. Christ was the fulfillment of the Old Testament. And your quote makes no sense theologically. Any human 'arrival' after Christ would be anticlimactic.

  115. it's Time to turn you clocks back Rewind to 1776 let make sure this time the power stays with the people not the rich and connected. With shows like Survior who promote screwing over other to get ahead what do you expect. Remember the French cut off the heads of the Monarch's. We need to do the same.

  116. The White house has blocked me from sending any e-mails to the IDIOT in Chief, if any of you can get thru to the WH please tell Obozo to stick to the things he is suppose to be doing, National Defence, protecting our borders and dealing with foreign Countries and to keep his nose out of our private lives.

  117. When are people going to realize that they have the ability to put all of these jokers out of office. Just don't listen to their lies and promises at election time and vote all of them out of office.

  118. why do we not impeach this kenyan born muslim pig and try him and hang him for the traitor that he is? what are we waiting for? i warned people that this muslim sow would take over the internet by any means possible under the guise of collecting a tax or whatever. he has been frightened of how fast information is passed from one end of the country to the other. he saw this in the november 2010 elections when democrats got there asses kicked. he knows that people like myself are saving every last filthy, lying, hateful, traitorous thing this muslim illegal douchbag has said and done since he was a senator and before. he knows this info will cross the country and the world a million times over before the election and hopefully it will awaken and turn the rest of the slumbering sheep against him. …cont'

  119. cont'… the day that the internet and communications go out you had better be prepared because that will be the day they come for your guns! how many times has China shut down the internet to stop private communication? we had better be more vigilant than ever! if this treachorous, traitorous, dubious, deviant, 2 faced lying pig of a muslim is not stopped soon it will be too late! we CANNOT wait until the 2012 elections! this traitor mush be impeached now and tryed for treason and summarily hung on the white house lawn with bacon shoved up his muslim ass!

  120. Net Neutrality just keeps the internet the way it is. The major carriers want to slow down certain content if they don't pay up. It has nothing to do with government control of the internet.

    This blog is like bizzarro world and you people eat it up without checking any facts. Do the world a favor and educate yourselves on the issue. You all sound like nutbags.

    1. Sanity, Obama doesn’t play by the rules and once he has his nose in the tent, he will take complete control. Already some sites are censoring everything and when you give some czar this much power, it will be like Nazi Germany again.

  121. Oh my aching back … obama and his goons are killing the America I was born to in 1952, the losses I've watch since clinton including the bushes and "especially' obama, reid, pelosi and frank and his like have done is just amazingly unbelievably painful. If this jerk-wad is re-elected I'm moving to Israel the last democracy left in the world today.

  122. It has begun, it is ugly, soon it will be intolerable…read The Plant by Jude Goss and see what is coming down the road. Big Brother/Big Government they are both watching…no one is safe anymore!

  123. The net is our only truly free communication medium and to let these guys interfere and take it over is unacceptable. Who do these individuals think they are? What right do they have to take over what belongs to everyone? Let's bombard Congress with emails, phone calls, faxes, and personal visits and get this legislation repealed. This is America, not Communist China!

  124. Mr. administrator, you're a coward and could probable sell out our country, too. I've studied communism, communists, and their subversive tactics for over 60 years. I know what's going on and your helping it. When America falls, you go too.
    Pulitzer said, "This nation and its press will rise and fall together!" You are helping it to fall. Are you proud of yourself?

  125. If they can stop us from communicating – they will have stopped us from banding together when the straw that breaks the camels back happens. Will we know what is happening. How is our phones lines handled, do they stop also?
    This sounds like a way to stop America from being unified – how do we find each other. I plan on calling, writing and using the net as long as I can. Perhaps we should do like a fire drill. Where do we meet if the fire breaks out.

  126. Right now I am getting nearly 100% of my news from and I would be lost without it. I threw the TV out a long time ago. …You guys keep talking about fighting back and retaking the government from the Commies but how are you going to do it without mass communication. There will only be Government propaganda. Obama could become a dictator and you wouldn’t even know it. We will be isolated in our individual homes and no one to help us when the black vans pulls up to our residence. A weapon would keep them at bay only for a few minutes. Many of us will go into camps and never be seen again (My Mother had a vision of this happening)…You may never see the 2012 election.

  127. I consider myself to be very open minded, but try to advise or have a decent conversation with a Liberal, and good luck. Liberals can't accept that this administration is making things complicated. I recall when Obama became president, how word got out that banks would be charging debit card owner's a fee when they used their debit card. You would have thought that I was making a joke from their response. Recently I see how outragged they are over this. Now I just say…" I told you so, two years ago." Point being, Liberals don't have knowledge of what their party is congering. To the Liberal everything that Obama does is great. They have no idea of how it effects our country and freedoms.

  128. Why must we be forced to see Stabenows face on here along with her tricky petition? It's enough to make me not open this E-Mail report if it happens a couple more times this week.

  129. On 11/9/2011 the ' EAS test shut down my computer and also my phone which is linked to the Internet. I am a whistle blower in a life an death struggle and do not know how much longer i will have access. i do not advocate violence or any illegal act; but those now in charge of the govt, the govt contractors have immuity from crimes and can't be audited and Congress did it! " And authority was given to the beast" Revelation. Congress did it and one mega international , interlocked conglomerate has control of most federal and state agencies and they follow us with their traffic cams. This is occurring in other nations. Linda Joy Adams with files and monies missing in 5 federal agencies under the control of Affiliated Computer Services.

  130. Um. This entire page is a complete load of total misinformation. Service Providers wanted to be able to control users internet access by charging companies like youtube or netflix for full speed access, if the company didn't want to pay, then your access would be greatly diminished, by slowing down connection speeds.

    Every single tech website available can confirm this.

    Whomever wrote this is nothing more than a corporate stooge.

    Research your facts before you post your outrage:

    Had Net neutrality been removed your ISP could slow down your connection to any website they wanted. Time Warner wanted Youtube and Google to pay them for allowing their customers to access those sites at full speed access. Quest was trying to charge both of those sites and many many more as well as charge game providers.

    Net Neutrality is a GOOD thing.

  131. The demise of this country will happen in the next 12 to 13 months…and if obama and is administration are reelected…kiss what the United State was…gone….this is not why my ancesters came to this country…it will be the worst ever….God have mercy on us….we will no longer be able to blog or complain without the threat of a assasination contract put out of us…

  132. Believe me radio is next!! Hmmmm wonder who will get kicked off the air….. Conservative talk or Liberal??? This guy is a disgusting person who needs to be thrown out of the WH . He isn't an American President, Hes an imposter and a Wanna-b Dictator.

  133. I'm not a bit surprised this is hapening. The New World Order CRIMINAL ELITE absoltely DESPISE the internt !!!!!!! The libs who run your local SO-CALLED "newspaper" probably HATE the internet. The net has caused mullions and MILLIONS of Americans to WAKE UP to the CRIMINALITY and TREASON being comitted by so many in Washington. The internet has allowed Americans to BY-PASS the CONTOLLED, and therefore utterly USELESS LAMESTREAM media, and to learn the TRUTH on the web. This is INTOLERABLE to the THUGS of the Illuminati !!!!!!


  135. Hasn't a federal court ruled that the FCC cannot put net neutrality in place? How can Obama and these agencies get by with ignoring court orders? I don't get it. Any lawers want to weigh in and explain it?

  136. If this passes there will be a all out war against the White house. We will be seeing another civil war. Instead of the North against the South, it will be The American people against the White House and Democrats! The American people will take up arms like they did in the Civil War and there will be lots of bloodshed, more that there ever was back in the Civil War days!

  137. The liberal leftwings are responsable that Islam is taking over the world!!

    (before Islam and Jihad takes over)

  138. This may not get posted of what am about to say. WHAT ARE THOSE SOB trying to do take away all of our rights this suppose to be a free country like hell it is those as##############hole in Wash are taking this country right down the drain unlees some one stop then in 2012 the Democrats have to go in 2012 there no hope as long as they are in control right along with Mr Obama as well .We need new leader ship in Wash. in 2012 and that the fact of the matter. I may be a Democrat my self but I hate the way they are takiing thing to dam far

  139. I wasn't allowed to say what I wanted to say about Obama and my comment was blocked.
    I hate the man……and all his thugs……and even if they block me again………..I pray daily for his death.
    I am dumb I guess. I do not understand why they want to destroy the best country in the world. I won't use the internet when that happens. IF that happens.

  140. This to the Administrator did my comment hit home or what What I said was the truth Was need clean up and the only way to do this is vote all the jackas## out in 2012

  141. time to get on our two feet lock and load.i will not give my weapons,prayer and freedom of speech .the do gooders wanted change thier getting it.they will the first ones to go they are the week ones ,

  142. I read all this trash talk about Obama and I will admit he has fallen short of our nations expectations but have we all forgotten the 8 years of being run by an ex cokehead dumbass?

  143. If your worried about the internet then beware of the Smart Meter.
    A bill pass in 2007 to upgrade our electrical grid calls for a Smart Grid so that electrical companies can control the electrical supply more easily. The ' Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA)' may be a good idea on a nationwide scale to manage the transmission of electrical energy but they are also taking it to your home as well. The claim is that this meter placed on you home will help you save energy by allowing you to monitor the amount of electricity you use and give you a better handle on when to use your electical appliences.

  144. There is a catch. The power company will also be able to monitor the meter and charge you extra for using electricity in peak hours. They can also shut your power off if you place too much of a load on the local system thereby keeping them in compliance of the law. The meter comes with four interfaces so they can hook it up to your thermostat, or what ever they deam necessary to monitor your power consumption (water, gas, etc.) They will know when your home or away and they can pass all that info on to a third party.
    The final catch is in order for them to pay for this system you will be charged a monthly surcharge.
    Big Brother is watching you.

  145. more nonsense from this da tagliare creature doing the bidding of his corporate masters. This is so simple even Tea Partiers ought to be able to figure it out. The big internet service providers — Verizon, Time Warner, Cox etc. want to use their dominance of that are publicly owned broadband frequencies to favor access to their own content at the expense of everybody else. Thats an outrageous attack on free speech — including the free speech y'all use to post your paranoid racist claptrap online. The Net neutrality bill merely prohibits the giant infotainment conglomerates from privatizing the public internet space and allowing free access for all. Even you. And while Robert McChesney is a brilliant analyst of media and culture, he is not the author of the Net Neutrality bill. Like every other sensible American, however, he supports it.

  146. It is coming and it is no surprise to me. The way are rights have gone this is just another one added to the list. Just remember all this in 2012.

  147. TEL AVIV, Israel — The Israelis are developing an airport security device that eliminates the privacy concerns that come with full-body scanners. It's an armored booth you step into that will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have on your person.

    Israel sees this as a win-win situation for everyone, with none of this crap about racial profiling. It will also eliminate the costs of long and expensive trials.

    You're in the airport terminal and you hear a muffled explosion. Shortly thereafter, an announcement: “Attention to all standby passengers, El Al is proud to announce a seat available on flight 670 to London . Shalom!”

  148. Well, it sems like it'll be kind of ok. As long as the Net Neutrality is about people being nice to each other or else not being political. Mostly when there are comments about political things some people post common sense and their point of view. Then other comments yell at that person calling him or her names and saying how dare they have a point of view that isn't like every other person commenting.

  149. If you think so, then you ARE a LIBRATARD. As IS the FCC.


    “Net neutrality is just another Obama power grab.

    This is nothing less than the Obama administration’s attempt

    to stage a government takeover of the Internet under the guise of ‘net neutrality.’

    So it should come as no surprise that Free Press, the hard left organization with socialist ties,

    is improperly driving the so-called net neutrality agenda from inside the Obama administration.

    The FCC is supposed to be an independent agency that follows the law,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

    “The American people should be deeply troubled by the fact that the Obama administration,

    on issue after issue, seems to be run by shadowy leftist organizations.

    Our government is supposed to be ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people’,

    not ‘of the Left, by the Left, and for the Left.’”

  150. F the internet, F obama, F our corrupt government, every last one of them belong right along side bin laden, rotting in the fires of HELL.

  151. Writing is good, voting is better, showing up in force might be the best–we need 1 million people to show up–maybe in Sacramento–or D.C. But we need our voice to be in unison and show up strong. And I believe we need to take a 3 day fast and pray to God to turn around this country. I do not think God is quite finished with the USA yet. Desperte times–take desperate measures. We are talking about a mere 535 people who are making our decisions. STAND UP AND FIGHT!!!
    We are too divided in our little groups–we need 20 million strong to be at one website—or at one event.

  152. It's pitiful to see how complacent and IGNORANT Americans have become! This P.O.S. president proves to the world what he is doing and still these IDIOTS dig DEEP to try and find something about how great he is! Screw the liberal, Islamic,KKK, communists Occupy where ever. We need to come together and stand up and FIGHT these douchebags! They are destroying this great country of ours AND WE ARE LETTING THEM! We need to boycot the liberal businesses that are backing these clowns. Boycot ABC! Boycot CBS! Boycot MSNBC! What the HELL! WE DON'T HAVE TO LET ALL THIS HAPPEN! Obamacare has access to all of our bank accounts! NO! NO! NO!

  153. The communist platform, according to Josef Stalin, is really simple. Destroy the three legs of our country – Faith, Patriotism and Capitalism. Seems the Communists have done a remarkable job, and this current administration coupled with Marxist Democrats and gutless RINO's are finishing the job started 100 years ago by Woodrow Wilson (17th Amendment, Income Tax, the FED etc etc).
    We are going to need a miracle to stop this onslaught, and now TLC has a program from Dearborn, MI called "All-American Muslim" in which the other group bent on the destruction of Judeo-Christian Society is being "normalized." Dearborn, MI is NOT NORMAL. There is no assimilation, but TLC is joining in the propaganda war to destroy our faith, patriotism and capitalism.
    Welcome to 1984.

  154. Hopefully, this is something that would have to clear both the House and the Senate. Further, I hope this isn't something Obama can mandate vis a vis an Executive Order. This is yet another example of how Obama want's to eliminate all criticism of his regime and control all communications. This man must be voted out of office. His czars, need to all be fired. Obamacare needs to be repealed. Drilling offshore must be resumed. The Trans-Canada gas pipeline needs to be approved. Taxes on businesses and corporations must be reduced to 15%. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae need to be regulated and those in charge of these mortgage institutions should be paid only a salary and not any sort of bonus. Insurance companies should be allowed to sell their products across state lines. A Constitutional amendment should be introduced to the states making all federal elected officials subject to all of the same laws as regular American citizens and businesses, including Social Security and insider trading. No federal elected official, or his family members or representatives should be allowed to buy or sell stock while that official is in office, or for a period of two years after leaving elected office.

  155. We are living in the last days folks! The signs are all around us. When a country and it's people turn their backs on God, who has blessed us more than any country in the world,and spit in His face with abortion, corruption and homosexuality, then the only thing left is judgement. Obama is just part of that judgement. The worst is yet to come, and soon! The only answer is both personal and corporate ~ turn to Jesus, confess your sin, and submit to Him as your personal Lord and Savior. There is no other way.

  156. Yeah buddy thats about all there is to be said for “government!” They like GOVERNING! I hope everyone is ready the very enemy of the “republic” is winning because of the ignorant “public” it protects…

  157. Our present "situation?" Short and Sweet: "Those who will not be governed by God, will be ruled by tyrants." ~William Penn.

  158. Getting Ron Paul in office is the only answer and option!!! Please, he's the only one we can trust based on his voting record!! Please, those of you who are on the fence about him or have no plans to vote for Ron Paul, please reconsider!! Lets see massive changes happen and, we know, Ron Paul will make it happen!! Ron Paul 2012!!

  159. I still say IMPEACH OBAMA, take off the HEAD OF THE SNAKE !!!! His Marxist and Communist followers will fall by the wayside or be thrown out of office. THIS MUST HAPPEN FAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEFORE THE ELECTION !!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. …………….delete me will you!………………………….YOU PEOPLE got my msg ADMINSTRATOR !!………….DIG IT !………….you LAME PEOPLE need to get a REAL job!

  161. We need a change in the hearts of all americans before any of our problems will go away. When a country loses it's history, it's virtue, and it's love for God and freedom; it is doomed. America needs to hit her knees and pray for wisdom and truth. We need to re-visit history and learn from the lessons of the past. Until the lessons are learned,history will keep repeating itself. Morality can not be regulated. A great awakening needs to occur, we have to get out of our comfort zone, education needs to change and we need to develope real leaders. Check out "A Thomas Jefferson Education".

  162. In order for our government to control it's people they will control our Internet communication. While we gather on the Internet to inform each other in mass about such subjects as gun control or crooked politicians or corporate owned politicians they are going to use what ever means to shut us up. They already own the news media. Remember to clean out Washington DC next November, from the White House to our local government and elect real American Patriots only!!!!

  163. Wanted dead or alive the outlaw known only as Political Correctness.
    For high crimes and misdemeanors against the U.S. Constitution and
    the citizenry of the fifty states.
    IIf the news papers, TV, Radio have freedom of the press and of speech the so do we on the Internet.!
    The Constitution does not say specifically who has freedom of the press! but it does say we have freedom of speech.
    Any congressperson who in any way supports this net nutrality crap is a domestic enemy of the constitution. and should be treated accordoinly . It is bad enough that Boobus Obumus is getting away with subverting and usurping the Constitutioin Now we have Congress trying to do it.

    Let us or some one take a poll to see how many citizens want this crap.

  164. Don't you folks realize that by sending this to your conservative friends, you are just preaching to the choir. Stop sending the emails to folks who already know the problem and feel the same way. Liberals and Democrats already are convinced otherwise and don't want to hear it. Instead, send the emails to your Senators and representatives in Congress. It's the only way folks! Otherwise, vote in new Senators and Representatives, because the old ones are already corrupted by power and greed. It does no good to email this around to folks. Send it to where it can do the most good. And vote!

  165. It is very hard for the American people to take control of their government when their government already has too much control over them. WAKE UP AND VOTE……………Charles of Waveland,MS.

  166. Helpful information. Lucky me I found your web site accidentally, and I’m stunned why this coincidence didn’t came about in advance! I bookmarked it.

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