US Tax Dollars Building Mosques Overseas

A debt plan passed that doesn’t cut debt or spending and now the Standard and Poors has lowered the US credit rating because they believe the plan failed to accomplish what was needed. The President continues to talk about increasing taxes on the wealthy and other politicians are looking at cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits.

All the while, the US State Department, headed by Secretary of State Hillary ‘Spendem’ Clinton is spending hundreds of millions of  US taxpayer dollars to repair and rebuild mosques in the Middle East. They are also providing internet service to Islamic Imans as seen in the following news report:

The same State Department would not dare spend a penny on Christian churches or internet service for Christian pastors here in the US as it would be a violation of the supposed separation of church and state. Why are we spending our money on a religion that has vowed to destroy us when we have people in our own country that are losing their jobs and homes?

This is an outrage to the American people and we need to make our outrage known to our political leaders and tell them to take Clinton’s government checkbook away from her and her colleagues.

210 thoughts on “US Tax Dollars Building Mosques Overseas

  1. I certainly believe this is happening but you need to list verifiable sources for such information to lend credibility to the report

      1. I clicked on the site. It tells me opps! We can't find what you are looking for which tells me you are correct. Thanks for posting!

        1. I just clicked on the link and went right to the article. You might try again, or copy the link instead of clicking.

        2. Click on the link again. It took me right to it also. This government has gone to hell with Satan as it's leader.

      2. all this BS is making me sick.1 Does anyone is DC have a brain? are there any non-politicians on this debt committee that has any BALLS? or are they all P***YWHIPPED?

    1. I clicked on the link and it went right to it. It definately says US taxpayers are paying to rebuilt foreign mosques!!!

    2. Of course this is happenening. Ther is a man? in the White House who is an apologist and doesn't have a clue how to be president.

    3. PBM
      I agree with you 100%. Is the spending of our dollars on foreign realestate a decision by the brain child CLINTON or is she just following her BOSS'S. orders??????????
      In any event, we need to disconnect our country from any & all countries that we have been sending money to. There is an old saying: CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME, and we are in need of CHARITY AT HOME.
      I am a very disappointed American who served in WWII and now watching the efforts of all those who made the ultimate sacrifice go to no avail. I was one of the lucky ones who were not chosen to make that sacrifice.
      My days are numbered, only God knows when he will call me.
      L. White, Sr.

      1. And I personally thank you for your service. Tho I remember it, I was much too young to remember too much except seeing and admiring all those who went, and came back. Uncles, neighbors etc.
        Thank You, and God bless you.

    4. PBM-Did you click on the U Tube video by WSB-TV.WMV in the artical . Also Washington Post had a artical in their paper on the same thing stating that we were re-building Mosques and new ones recently.Both verified the fact that this artical is true!

    1. 2012 will not get here quick enough. Who ever is elected needs to stop the insanity and quit paying illegals and Muslims social security and unemployment and certainly stop sending tax payers money to countries that do not even like us. Then deport all illegals immediately and put God back into this country. Then cut congress and senate pay and benefits back to social security. They certainly do not deserve any more.

    2. Does anyone believe that the men killed in the chopper Sunday weren't I D'd as the men who killed Osama b4 they stepped foot in that chopper. That was obviously a set up!

    3. We need to use ANY means necessary to remove obama….ESPECIALLY the Birth Certificate issue……and World Net Daily has some good info, and Orly Taitz has supoened the Dept of Health in Hawaii to produce and explain obama's birth certificate issues, and the discrepencies….and we MUST get rid of him

    1. The only way it's going to stop is when the people stand together and revolt. We need another 1775 to show action for this despicable disregard for the American voice.

    1. YES! Almost everyone in Washington is crazy and I for one am hoping Obama will get out of town Pleeeeze just go play golf or something and stay offff the media sounding boards – your killing me!

    1. Tom is correct. There is no justification for US tax dollars to be spent repairing or rebuilding mosques or paying
      for internet services for Islamic Imams. Is there proof that this has been done? If there is, what happened to
      the great liberal standard of separation of church and state?

  2. Let's face it…Obama is a Muslim and only has the interests of the Muslims at heart. Forward this story to the mainstream news media and impeach and imprison Obama today!

    1. I couldn't agree more. This President Obama and all of his cronies need to go. How did you like the looks of the Obama Family in their un professional first family attire and their gang like dressed friends that got off of the Presidents helicopter this week end? It makes me ashamed to call them our first family!

      1. " Let's hang him.He is a traitor." I will second that. The only problem is we are too civilized to do that. Being a muslim he fooled us to get into WH. Any Taxpayers money must be immediately stopped to repair or build new Muslim Mosques in Muslim countries. Now see If that does not wake you up nothing would.

    2. The problem is the mainstream media. They know about this and will not report it, or anything that makes Obama look bad.

    3. I agree. Why is it no one wants to go against him??? If any one else was in office they would have been gone long ago. How can we stop our government from spending our money like this? It is an outrage!!!

    1. Most politicians do not care! All they are interested in is hiking up their salaries, getting their pensions, and robbing the US citizens of even more $$$$ – and most have their heads in buckets of liberal slop along with plenty of others in the US, not necessarily citizens!

    2. We need to stop complaining to each other and tell the ONEs who are elected to change the way they operate or THEY will have to seek new employment.

  3. The muslims have had a protection racket for centuries. What Hillery is doing is paying protection just like all the other secretary of states before her. The fact that we pay protection is the reason for their contempt for us.

    1. How many times are we expected to turn the other cheek? I guess til we get our heads cut off! Good one! Hillary & Hussein Obama are non-Christian, anti American!

    2. Right on Tom, Who wrote the book on Treason & Impeachment- someone needs to send a copy to every senator & house member & have it verified that they read it !!! KEEP THE FAITH

  4. When is DC going to stop this insanity? Do they really believe that spending $770 million to "build relationships with Islamic leaders" is going to do anything except to enrich the Islamic leaders? We'll still be the "infidels" that they hope to see "our blood running down the streets" someday….Stop the (bleeping) insanity and take care of our own people!

    1. @pcj asked "When is DC going to stop this insanity?"

      I figure about 2 weeks after the first shipment of mukluks and parkas are unloaded at the loading dock in hell. Right around the time the river Dis freezes solid and they give the souls in hell breaks to go ice skating.

    2. HEY pcj since when is it our governments job to take care of its people. I for one and tired of this entitlement attitude that the gov owes me anything. The government needs to be made small in order to work the way our founding fathers would have had it not this giant monster that it has become

  5. What do you expect from a Muslim still in the closet.

    I say cut off all funds to everyone, including Israel and the UN, please I'm not putting those two in the same boat. We just can't afford to keep pissing our tax dollars away on anything until the national debt is $0, hell I want it $14T in the black before we give another red sent away.

    No wonder our credit rating was downgraded we are the laughing stock of the world and justly so. Look out our government. Look at the idiots we put in power.

    1. Won't see it paid off in our lifetime. True total amount is around $120 trillion. The $14 trillion is just the annual cost of interest and fees.

    2. Every dollar we give to Israel is well spent. It is the best friend we have in the battle against Islamist terrorists.

  6. To our politicians- everybody together now I AM NOT YOUR PERSONAL ATM. I AM NOT YOUR PERSONAL ATM. I AM NOT YOUR PERSONAL ATM.

    1. Our prickadent, our country's number one enemy, is doing all he can to bankrupt America. when will Americans, true Americans, wake up?

  7. I think the bare truth is there. No comment from the State Dept. or a stupid excuse like they give away our money to our enemies to establish a good friendship with them. Have I heard before the expression "dancing with the devil"?

    1. Reply to liberalsownfalsehood –
      They have already taken this down–you get the following message -"We're sorry. The page you are trying to request may be temporarily unavailable or may no longer exist on the USAID web site, or may have changed locations due to our recent redesign" What a cover-up

  8. Its time for a new party of the people , for the people, and by the people with the limits I have heard suggested by many
    1. All laws apply to all no special priveleges for anyone.
    2. No IRS or haomeland security. Flat tax of some sort and done.
    3. Any representative found guilty of cheating of any kind is gone and all assets forfeit.

    1. You didnt go far enough only 1 6yr. term as senator and 3 two year terms as rep. no retirement or benefits once you leave office only retirement you may have is if you put money into a 401K and you must also pay SS because that will be your retirement at age 62 or 65 or whatever the age happens to be. No career politicians only allow you to be a Senator or Rep once if your a Rep like I said 3 two year term and then you are done in D.C. same for a senator one six year term and then your finished in D.C.

      1. Cindy,
        There's an undercurrent of "class warfare ideology" in your comment. People who have been persuaded to believe that Marxian fabrication went to the polls in 2008 in DROVES, and the result is that ALL of us, INCLUDING those of us who KNEW BETTER, are suffering together under the DICTATORSHIP OF obama. PLEASE don't vote UNTIL AND UNLESS you KNOW and UNDERSTAND the CONSEQUENCES of your vote! And NO, I'm not "rich"; but until obama WRECKED our SO-CALLED "economy", caused the nice house I used to live in to lose over 40% value in less than two years, and forced me into early retirement, a retirement AT LEAST FREE OF DEBT was on the VISIBLE HORIZON for me. That is now LONG GONE, and if obama overstays his term (as, DICTATOR) or gets re-elected, it's GONE FOREVER. Now, how is that "fair", EVEN to a class-warfare-Kool-Aid drinker? Tell me, please.

  9. Does this really surprise anyone, obama is a muslim terrorist, his only agenda is the total destruction of America, our constitution, our God and our way of life. His goal, as is the goal of all muslims is to kill or enslave anyone who won't bow to alah, I think he leaked information to his muslim brotherhood and his friends in the taliban as to where and when they could shoot down the chinook that carried special forces and seal team 6. In a filthy muslims mind it would be a fair exchange for the tired old man that was no longer of much use, bin laden.

    1. Your not up on the news Vern, not only was Ben Liden dead but the Team 6 was purposely put as a group in a less defend-able Coast Guard chopper by Obama's orders.

  10. Maybe it's time to Drag Hillary out kicking and screaming, and give her a Trial for Treason, Conspiring with the Enemy Act.

  11. Day after day I read post after post complaining about what's going on in our Country. Why can't we get enough people together to do something about it instead of just complaining????????

    1. I couldn't agree with you more if I tried but I was out there as much as I could to warn people about this horrible man that is Our White House and NOBODY would listen.

      1. The Congress and Senate won't do anything about it because they are self admitted Socialists/Progressives and have been at least since the 70's.

    2. "
      The USA is at that awkward stage of developement: too soon to actively start shooting the m….fckr's, to late for anything else to help"


    1. There is one thing everybody has to remember he maybe a satin but don't forget satin can't stand the light of God's face so we have to keep him alive and keep showing that bright light in his face.

    2. Big John,
      It is only a small minority of our Nation that is corrupt, greedy, power-hungry and immoral; unfortunately, that small minority constitutes a SUPERMAJORITY in the GOVERNMENT. This is a STUPID time to be hating America, but a GRAND time for overthrowing her dictatorship.

  13. You remember the American that sided with the Taliban a few years ago, well he did nothing less then what Hillary and Obama are doing today, so why is he in Jail, and they are walking FREE?

    1. An EASY question! Hillary's got MONEY. The WHOLE DAMNED SYSTEM RUNS ON MONEY. That's your FIRST SIGN that you "might" be walking about in a BROTHEL. Now I have respect for human beings in general, but none whatsoever for those among them who exalt themselves ABOVE GOD. Nearly without exception, when they DO that, THERE'S MONEY INVOLVED. Do you hear that, georgie soros? Come and GET me! Bring your GOONS while you're at it; thanks to YOU AND WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO MY COUNTRY AND MY LIVELIHOOD, MY DOGS ARE GETTING VERY HUNGRY!

  14. You remember the American that sided with the Taliban a few years ago, well he did nothing More then what Hillary and Obama are doing today, so why is he in Jail, and they are walking FREE?

    Maybe it's time to Drag Hillary out kicking and screaming, and give her a Trial for Treason, Conspiring with the Enemy Act.

  15. Obama has repeatedly commemorated Muslim holy festivals, but never said a word regarding Christian religious festivals. He made a statement regarding Ramadan recently, but did anyone hear him make a statement about Easter? Nope. Yes, he's a closet Muslim. He was raised a Muslim. He was educated as a Muslim.

    Did you know according to the Koran a Muslim is allowed to 'falsely' convert in order to save his life? They can lie if it protects their skins. That's why swearing on a Koran is meaningless. Swear on the Bible which says 'Thou Shalt NOT lie', that carries weight.

    1. Walt, he also entered Islam as his religion, when [without a US passport] he escaped our land of infidels to attend that exlusive Indonesian school for Muslims in a country when American citizens were not supposed to visit at that time.

    2. " Do you know according to Quran a muslim is allowed to ' falsely' convert in order to save his life? They can lie if it protect their skins" You are right it is called " al-taqiyya" to know more please see… This is from Quran Sura 2:193 " Fight against them[infidels/kafurs]until idolatry is no more and Allah's religion reigns supreme" And that is what muslims have been doing from the times of mo-ham-mad.

  16. It seems that most people would rather sit back and complain then leave their comfort zone. I have seen it too many times. They all say they have too much to loose to be Rebels and maybe loose their life or go to jail

    1. Please Victor, I know it's not a typo, the word is lose not loose. If you turn loose of something, you do it voluntarily and if you lose something, it is not by choice such as If I lose my car keys I'm up the creek , but if I turn loose of my car keys to another it's my choice unless they are holding a gun to my head and even then it is still by choice so that hopefully I do not "LOSE" my life. Have a blessed day. As for doing nothing, I am a paid member of the tea party and would like nothing more than to see all its members advance on all government buildings in D.C. and sweep the trash out and if it happens, I will happily lead the pack.

  17. Does this suprise me not in the least because Barry Soetoro (Obama) is Muslim and he could care less about US and wants to distroy us of which he is doing more and more everyday.

    1. Dear Fellow Patriotic Amercans, I am a former Captain of the 10th Mountain Division and also a Board Certified Psychiatrist,to spend our tax money to help build mosques where the Quran can be recited to encourage Moslems to kill us simply proves my long held conclusion that one third of persons in the US Government are certifiable for the Insane Asylum.Need more PROOF? Start yelling at your Senators and Congressmen to STOP such stupidity. Charles D. Willis BA,MD,

  18. Why is our Government actively supporting ANY religion anywhere? This is clearly a fundamental violation of our Constitution!
    This is nothing short of treason and a violation of oath in holding up the Constitution. It is clearly a political alliance with a declared enemy! — US!

    1. You know what play2k you cannot find one line in the Constitution that calls for seperation of church and state.The right to religious freedom does not mean any religion but the right to the Cristian religion to be expressed without fear of being killed like the early church in Europe for their Christian beliefs we call them as well as our selves Protestants.

  19. i believe its happening and we need to start to take it away from them,and give their jobs to some one who wil do it right,to many commy in the white house

  20. DO NOT FORGET all these problems are the fault of 535 persons. 100 Senators, 434 Representatives & 1 President. Noone else can dictate taxes and how they are spent. These 535 persons take the sole blame. Do not allow their comments and bickering to deceive you. THEY AND THEY ALONE ARE TO BLAME. CLEAN HOUSE IN 2012.

  21. Every dime spent overseas or on useless projects such as this has to stop right now. Stop all money going out of the US including the UN. Kick them out and tax each of the countries that owe us money on traffic tickets and fines 10 times what they are worth.m Its time to get back to Reagan Politics. "Shoot them all and let someone else sort them out"!

  22. This is what is known in Islam as "jizya". It is a tax non-muslims must pay for the right to live in Muslim societies. Seems our government is paying it voluntarily to those whose ideology is to destroy us. Islam also prohibits the repair or rebuilding of Christian churches in their lands. Reason in our government has been flushed down the toilet.

  23. CLEAN HOUSEIN 2012. Vote all seeking re-election out. All of our problems are the result of congress and their wild borrow and spend philosophy. VOTE THEM OUT IN 2012.

  24. The state dept has allways worked against american intrests. These people consider themselves internationalists first and americans second.

  25. Instead of complaining, every American needs to grasp the fact that Islam is a political ideology masquerading as a "religion". However, it is not of faith in the one true God. In reality it is more a superstituon or cultic system that keeps millions of people its prisoner. The contrast of the principles upon which this country stands and those which drive Islam can be likened to "good" and "evil". Recognizing that Islam's goal is power over the whole world , we should look to the source of the principles of our nation. Who can deny that our source is God, the Creator. From HIm came the laws and moral values that we have discarded in so many ways- individually and nationally. We must recognize Him again as a nation. In so doing, perhaps we will not be overcome by evil. The Bible says to overcome evil with
    good. Only God is good.

  26. Remember how Hillary lied about "We were dropped off right in the middle of sniper fire!" ???? Turned out later there wasn't a fire fight going on at all —– well ——- let's give the b__ch her wish & drop her off in the thick of things over there with a cap gun! I REALLY wish we could get the American public together on this & other issues, but, and you're going to hate me for this ……… they're too ignorant, and too busy watching American Idol! The Federal Reserve's been stealing from us for the last 98 years, & they won't do anything about that either!

  27. Obama is trying to deny our constitution and bring down our capitalistic exceptional nation. He is not an American in any sense.

  28. I worked overseas as a contractor and can confirm that tax payers are repairing mosques in Iraq. We pay more to have LN's (local nationals) do the work over there then we would pay in the states for good construction.

  29. It is old news, it has been happening for 2 years. This administration has no limits, they don't abide by the Constitution. We have been degraded by S&P (and the world as they are laughing at us). The point to me is the people we are building these Mosques for seriously, in their religion (it is in the Koran) want to demolish every Christian on the planet and our administration is clapping their hands on the sidelines and cheering them on, building these Mosques. Foolish people think that by sucking up to the enemy you can change them. Not a clue in the liberal head that the Muslims will never rest until we are destroyed. Or do they just want that, those little Soros puppets, who can tell what is in their heads? They are playing in the wrong sand box with the wrong people and will be burned.

    1. If you have access to a videotape or DVD of the movie "To Serve Man", it's worth your time to view. By analogy, you might say that obama represents the space aliens (actually an eerily CLOSE analogy!), the "cookbook" represents the space aliens' PLANS for America, and the "people" simply represent (we-) the people. It will make you SICK to see where it GOES, but SADDER AND WISER IN AN ENTIRELY WORTHWHILE WAY, to experience this.

  30. She is Ali bama puppet and democrat. This needs to stop we also need to cut off all foreign aide to Islamic countries. We can start there to help decrease our deficit. They are the enemy who needs to be destroyed not build their satanic place of worship screw their Allah we have God on our side

  31. Their all closet Jihadists! They (the Democrats) hate this country and are gleeful at our troubles and joyful we are pained so much.

  32. So, you think that some "Conspiracy Theories" are just "Theories"? When did you get off da boat? The entire Whitehouse crowd are Bolshevik opportunists that were installed by fiat of the unelected power brokers and the gullibility of the American people. Close to 98% of the Black vote went to Obama mostly because he is Black and of course,the majority of the Democrats and independents also voted for him. The problem is that the Republican alternative was likely just about as bad. So how is it that the only choice voters had was between two Liberal Progressives? Hmmm? Kinda like a choice between being shot and hanged–either way, you're going to be just as dead. American politics need a thorough house cleaning otherwise, get used to the greeting "Comrade"

  33. Ship all illegals out of this country now including Obama.He is a muslim and probably his overstuffed wife.We need term limits and we need politicians with less talk and more action to start impeachment proceedings against this idiot before the brothers get him reelected.

  34. I’m on social security are you going to cut your pay NO but you will take the little we have , our $1000.00 a month is to much to get help with food but we stell have to pay the same in rent. My SS is half of what I made working but I stell have to pay the same in all my bills as when I worked tell me what is right about that. The rich keep making more and keep getting less

  35. Where is the ACLU,they should be raising all kinds of hell,or isn't Islam a religion???
    Our countrys leaders couldn't organize a dog fight. I think they should be given an I.Q.test before
    there allowed to run for election. Maybe a drug test also.

  36. Apparently one or two of the other things we are finding out about our disengenuous leader is his propencity to hand out our tax monies to anyone with an ax to grind against us Yankee infidel dogs, and/or, a broken down mosque and it's associated armory bunkers.

    Obama is in the employ of radical islam. There! I have said it! Now everyone knows it.

    Now I want to hear the explanation of our nation's alphabet agencies – agencies specifically charged with protecting and defending me and the rest of American citizens of the United States of America – as to why they are too thick-headed, or totally disinterested in the true Obama to lift a finger to dissuade him in his headlong rush to wreck the United States of America and drive it into the gutter?? (That deserves 2 Questin marks)

    When can interested citizens of the United States of America expect to see some action by our agencies charged with protecting American citizens against this obviously devious chief executive and his closst friends?

  37. I have to believe that all true Americans (which are most of us) will reach a point of NO MORE!! There will be a citizens' uprising, and many of the "undecideds" or the "just plain scared" will join with the rest of us in rooting out the anti-American, anti-freedom, immoral elements in our society. Unfortunately, every so often we need to refresh our liberty with the blood of patriots, as was proclaimed during the Revolutionary War. And the sooner the better, as there are more Muslims in our country every day (20 million in California alone!) Many more Muslim mosques than most people are aware of, and even Sharia law in some states' legal systems. Heaven save us!! But first we must try to save ourselves, and our one-of-a-kind country… other country in the world has had its government created and organized to be controlled by its own people. WE NEED TO KEEP IT THAT WAY! We don't need a ruler, king, or any other "top dog," most especially including Obama. I would say, stay cool, but keep your powder dry, and be ready to help SAVE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE!!

  38. And people wonder why most of us have problems with paying taxes to the government. This is just ONE example of what has gone on for far too long. As much as I dislike (Completely) Obuma, he leads the list of many who have thrown away our hard earned dollars and will continue to do so until his reign ends. We need to vote for someone that is for Americans first and last and making America what it once was. Someone strong, brave, Someone that sets the example for all others to follow, not someone we have to make excuses for and brings shame to the highest position in the world.

  39. the bible reminds us the days would come when men would not discern sound reasoning{common sense}….Obama is a reprobate if you know what that means,he' sent from hell.

  40. Is the Muslims building Churches for ua with the money they make on the oil? I think they could give each American a small bonus check and not miss it a bit. Why are we building their mosques anyway, especially over there. Bad enough they sucker pucnh us in our own country. Somebody needs to quit bowing down to them and stand up for our country again.

  41. Nothing new here , this has been a fact for months ,, AND there never was a closet , has always been open about it Being a Muslim ,,,, and what about the 80.000 muslims he brought into our country , and now were supporting them , Excuse was , they deserve to be here …. MUST mention all the -DEVOUT muslims he put in the white-houes NOT even born is this country ,,,,,

  42. We Need to have a Koran burning, in a large town to bring awareness to the news media, they would be forced to carry it in the evening news – and it would also show our contempt for the Muslim Faith. We as Christians are expected to act honorably while a Muslim may beat his wife, Lie , Cheat, Steal, And KILL in the name of their false God. WOW – where do I sign up to do that to our Government ?

  43. Unbelievable! Hypocrisy, deception, lies, subversion, treason! We can't even place a twisted Cross at Ground Zero, or in the desert. We can't post the Ten Commandments on government property, but the same government that disallows these symbols can spend millions upon millions of our tax dollars building and repairing mosques in the Middle East?! This nation is dying in a pile because it has turned away from God Almighty. When are we going to get the courage to throw the tyrant and his fools out and get some real leadership? We deserve whaqt we get!

  44. why aen't we paying for the rebuilding of christian churches, and synagogs destroyed by the Egyptian brotherhood, and at the end of the day why aren't we helping American dying in the heat because they had their utilities cut off? This is high treason!

  45. "All the while, the US State Department, headed by Secretary of State Hillary ‘Spendem’ Clinton is spending hundreds of millions of US taxpayer dollars to repair and rebuild mosques in the Middle East. They are also providing internet service to Islamic Imans as seen in the following news report:"

    This is pure and simple stupidity. Our congress, on either side of the fence, and president needs to go!

  46. I agree with most of you. No foreign add until we take care of ourselves first. Cut, Cap, Balance, Pay off the Debt.



  48. Wonder who the pundits and politicians think the tea party is. They act like it is one specific group of people but it's not —-it's all of us, you and me, it's every American that is tired of all the crap Washington tries to pull over our heads.
    I'm fed up and I've never signed anything that says I'm in a tea party, I've complained to my representatives and does that
    make me part of a party, more reality checks on the way!


  50. Our tax money rebuilding mosques….now i truly believe Obama, the obomination is a closet Muslim. He is the anti christ.!!! We all… Republican, Liberals and Democrats must vote him out before we have nothing left of our beloved USA.

  51. we need to stop this mosque from being build we need to bomb all mosque in the usa and overseas and stop all mosques from being built if we help build mosque than us can help churchs in the usa AND NEED TO KICK OBAMA OUT FROM THE COUNTRY HE IS MUSLIM AND MUSLIMS WANT TO DESTROY THE AMERICANS KILL ALL MUSLIMS NOW BEFORE THEY TAKE OVER THE US

  52. I heard Hillary admit to being hopelessly stupid. I am quite certain that is why double stupid tapped her for state, you missed it, I think the exact quote was "I am a modern progressive"'. It gets worse, she is a crooked lawyer, I am quite certain that is the reason double crooked tapped her for state. This is too easy, cancel your magazine subscriptions, cut out Starbucks, send all you can afford to Rand or RNC or anybody, we got to get rid of the country killing scum.

  53. Hillary,Obama,Soros,Pelosi,Reid,Holder and Congress are Satins right hand associates. God is waiting patiently for their outright denial that he is God and will judge their allegance to Satin and swiftly will act according to past laws and scripture for their rightfull punishment ,which is eternal damnation. Hopefully we will see it 2012! Laws will be carried out to serve justice to above mentioned law breakers and Satin followers will be at the mercy of Gods law. God's law is permanent and must be obeyd. Democrats, repent and be saved by change for the betterment of America! Armagedan is near! Islamic that are terriorists ,you will be destroyed by earthly disasters and plagues for your behavior. Millions of your people will suffer horrible deaths for your unbelief of God. It is Gods word, that those that do not believe will be in eternal damnation! I would sure hate to be in homosectual and gay shoes when he delivers his swift justice to them!

  54. These countries are wealthy enough to build & re-build their own damn mosques.
    How about these countries re-paying America for the expenses suffered from freeing & protecting their worthless azz's with oil, which they have plenty of…….THAT in itself would probably not only balance America's budget but end up with a surplus.

  55. Obama the serial liar MUST go.
    Nov 6, 2012 – Take America Back
    Thank you.
    TEA Party Terrorist, Hobbit & according to Sen Kerry, the "cause of credit downgrade".

  56. I think you are correct, Vern. Unfortunately, who thought it was a good idea for all of those team members to travel on the same 'copter. Common sense and discretion would advise that the team be broken up and several 'copters be used for transporting. There was a leak somewhere in all probability. May the terrorists rot in HELL.

    1. EGK Unfortunately your logic isn’t quite right. When an operation with regulars (regular troops) is underway a Huey is in the air with these specialists in case there is unforseen troubles on the ground with troops under fire. If there was an error on our part it was the copters pilot staying in hover too low too long before set down. An RPG doesn’t have that much range for accuracy to hit an engine or gas tank.

      From someone who knows.

  57. What do you expect from Liberal Politicians…. The Clinton's are almost as bad as the Muslim ass hole in the white house. I'll bet they would scream there asses of if any of our tax dollars were sent to a church here in the states. We have to get rid of these jerks in 2012, or loose our country to socialism. Obama will go down in history as the worst of the worst. he's a traitor to our country….

  58. All of the government's funding is approved by the Republican controlled House of Representatives; so you whiners should just call your Congressional Representatives.

    Also, did it not occur to you that if "we" installed the internet connections and supplied the computers in these places that "our" intelligence agencies could (more) easily install some secret surveillance technology in the physical machines, routers, or networking software. That is, of course, unless a bunch of idiots whine and moan like school girls and draw too mucg attetion to it.

  59. Will this insanity of accepting Islam as a SO-CALLED "religion" EVER CEASE? Islam IS NOT a religion! It is a militant system having a political arm, a military arm, a cultural arm, and yes, a (FAUX-) "religious" arm. Even that "religious arm" is NOT a religion. A definition is in order here: any organization that is founded on a SO-CALLED "holy scripture" that advocates KILLING THOSE WHO REFUSE TO CONVERT TO IT, IS NOT A RELIGION. Now on the other hand, if I should band together with a bunch of friends and ADVOCATE THE DESTRUCTION OF ISLAM, that's just a statement of intentions of SELF DEFENSE, as long as my friends and I don't make such proclamations under the GUISE of being a "RELIGION". If our government would GROW SOME NUTS and for a long-overdue change REFUSE ISLAM RECOGNITION AS A SO-CALLED "religion", then the hands of law enforcement would be untied and we could effectively prosecute the crimes perpetrated upon us by moslems. All attempts to install shariah SO-CALLED "law" in OUR country COUNT as SUCH CRIMES. obama has PRAISED ISLAM over NETWORK TELEVISION. I AM OFFENDED BY THIS.

  60. I'm up for a 20 million man woman and child march on Washington to ask for resignations from The President the Congress and the senate then we can look at the justices..Who is with me???? I will be needing atleast 20 million pissed off Americans who love their country and want to see their Children get somewhere in this life, If you are a Democrat like me and your seeing what I'm seeing then you have realized that the people in the Whitehouse and congress are not American Democrats, hell the Republicans are not American Republicans they are all imposters who have sold out to the oil barons and wallstreet, they are all just hiding under that fasad.

  61. They are better actors than Hollywood ever produced or the American people are the dumbest citizens the world ever produced, naieve and totally oblivious to what is going on.Cattle if you will, thats what they think we are anyway. Lets throw them out and start over. Lets show God just a little respect by kicking out the anti Christian whitehouse, congress and senate. Maybe then he will spare our great land because frankly at this point we do not deserve it and we stopped deserving it when we abandoned God and his principles. Anything is better than even another day of this! Folks I'm going to put it to you plain and simple.

  62. Part 3 of 3
    I believe it's too late to save America from the big crash that our government officials are trying to force on us. Stock up on food make escape and defense plans, hide your defenses and get ready because we are being over run with Muslims and terrorist at an alarming rate, they are robbing our country and from the inside out as well as the outside in. If you are one of those die hard Democrats or Republicans that think we are spreading hate you are a Moron! When they start killing your family I want to see you keep saying oh that cant happen…. When they have stolen your retirement, all your homes and wealth, your social security and disability and other financial backing then keep saying Oh that cant happen here our government wont let that happen POPPYCOCK! Take a real close good hard look because the enemy has infiltrated us and are taking us over. This is no joke or sarcasm, this is a fact and soon you will have to face this cold harsh reality… So who is organizing our March? Let me know…

  63. TO all of you out there that are sticking up for the Congress, Senate and Whitehouse I have one question

  64. This is one of the biggest examples of INSANITY and UNgodliness that I think I’ve heard of yet! For some reason I’ve felt from the start that Obama and Clinton were in some kind of a conspiracy together, but I had no idea it was gonna be this big! And as upset as this makes me, I had to stop and think, “Praise God! He is still in control and is answering prayers! He’s exposing the corrupt and using HIS strategy to win this battle. He’s smarter than they are, tho I doubt that any of them would admit that!” Yet, it still makes me sick to think that Hillary and the other gangsters have been giving billions of OUR tax dollars to the Muslims as they sit here and decide how much more they can steal from OUR social security and Medicare! How much longer do you think that God will put up with these thieves blatantly robbing from HIS children? The harder “they” are on us, the harder we pray and so, Lookout, the battle belongs to the Lord!

  65. Well there you go America
    My comment has been on here for over 20 minutes and I have yet to see the first volunteer to go with me to Washington…
    You see it's not going to happen, nobody is going to sign up, Americans just dont want to get involved, they are waiting for their government to do it for them.. It aint gonna happen folks, nothing will get done and the enemy knows it, AMERICA IS PRIME FOR THE PICKING! THATS JUST WHAT IS HAPPENING. I ENVY eGYPT lIBYA, AND ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES WHO TOOK A STAND IN PROTEST TO SAVE THEIR COUNTRY FROM TYRANICAL LEADERS. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU…

  66. Guess our government has too much money, so how they are sending it? The State Department is spending our TAX money in the amount of 770 million dollars to rebuild Islamic mosques in the middle east. Just don't make sense, when our country is in the shape it's in but I truly believe they are being driven by a force that cannot be stopped. It's getting closer to the end and all will be judged.

  67. Personally I believe the mighty BO [whew someone open a window] isn't any religion only the one that fits his agenda for the moment. SURE am looking forward to Herman Cain replacing him in 2013!

  68. This is great , lets get some more scum elected to continue this insufferable stupidity , Chris Christie loves Muslims , maybe we can get him on the republican ticket so that whoever wins we can keep on building their mosques . I sure wish one of those comets was headed this way to stop the insanity .

  69. Bay People Inc.
    1421 Sheepshead Bay Rd.
    Post Mail Box 288
    Brooklyn, NY 11235
    [email protected]


    This media release is to address the unfortunate situation where a Mosque/ Community Center is being pushed upon a community in which absolute majority opposes the facility in question.
    Thousands of neighborhood residents view this construction for what it is: a clever manipulation of zoning laws and building codes by the developer, who is trying to squeeze in something designed to accommodate over three hundred people, just feet from their bedroom windows and front doors on a quiet residential block .For continue see next comment

  70. Residents of Sheepshead Bay deserve honest and meaningful media coverage of their opposition to the proposed Mosque/Community Center on Voorhies Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. We are not affiliated with any political party. Our activists do not share common religion, race or heritage.
    Bay People Inc. collected hundreds of signatures from people opposing construction. We made phone calls, wrote letters and emails to every local and national politician representing our neighborhood. Unfortunately, our pleas were addressed to people like Carl Kruger in State Senate, Congressman Anthony Weiner,Senator Martin J. Golden,Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, Assemblywoman Helene E. Weinstein, Steven H. Cymbrowitz, Council Member Michael C. Nelson and Councilman Lewis A. Fidler. Needless to say, we received no help from all those politicians, not even a text message.We call upon our officials to enforce the existing laws and not to attempt to appease those extremists who have adopted the false cry of ISLAMOPHOBIA, while targeting those who question the proposed location sponsored by a group that espouses a long history of intolerance and bigotry.
    For continue see next comment

  71. We oppose this Mega-Mosque/House of Worship for the following reasons:
    It will disrupt our quiet residential way of life.
    Additional foot and car traffic will endanger children attending public school 52 , located across the street.
    Mosque traffic will negatively affect both drivers and pedestrians living in the area.
    Calls to prayer five times a day will destroy the quality of life most people residing here are accustom to.
    Dozens and hundreds of people congregating at the facility every single day will create unbearable noise as they enter and leave the premises.
    Developers refuse to accommodate for parking spaces- lying to DOB about total occupancy during prayer times, constantly changing the floor plans whenever community asks questions.
    Members of the community are accused of being racists, terrorists, and bigots simply for trying to defend our rights.
    For continue see next comment

  72. The ill-conceived project is moving forward, helped by the constant lying and manipulation of plans and permits, and despite multiple fines (to date more than $30,000), violations, and creating false statements in court documents. So far there are 23 complaints, 21 ECB violations, 1 DOB violation, and 1 OSHA violation, 2 full stop work orders, which were ignored until the foundation was completed.
    Our concerns have been brought to city officials and government departments, but hardly anyone has seriously listened or met with us to help us stop this construction, preserve our quality of life and protect our real estate values. Our politicians need our votes but time and time again hide behind political correctness when the community needs them.
    For continue see next comment

  73. Residents are very concerned with who is backing this construction financially. We know that MAS/ Muslim American Society is in charge of overlooking the project, have links to radical , anti-American and anti-Semitic organizations,and been under numerous investigations by federal authorities due to their alleged support for Hamas and Hezbollah terror organizations. We have questions and concerns that are not being answered by the other side.
    The community still has many more questions, and a lot more information to provide. Please help us get our story out!

  74. I Believe The people of the UNITED STATES???? Should be able to take the US??? GOVT. TO court for theft of services.Also as we all know by now That by Omitting god from America He's Already Omitted Us.

  75. The political situation is so stupid that you just can't believe it's real. The American People absolutely need to finally wake up right now and turn the tables on these dirt bag liberal politicians. The need for a deficit commission is just the result of out of control liberal politicians ripping off the American People. STOP SPENDING AMERICA'S BORROWED MONEY ON A RELIGION IN ANOTHER COUNTRY THAT IS HOSTILE TO AMERICA!!! HOW DUMB DO WE HAVE TO BE FOR THIS TO BE HAPPENING?!?!?! WE COULD NEVER EVEN THINK ABOUT SUPPORTING ANY OTHER RELIGION RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA WITHOUT SOME NUT SCREAMING ABOUT CHURCH & STATE!!!

  76. It is too bad that only the Senate has the power to impeach POTUS. And of course being Democrat controlled they have no intension of doing that even tho he has grossly abdicated his duty to protect and defend the constitution of the USA not only by signing all his famous Executive Orders, by directly telling the DOJ, Homeland Security, Immigration, and GOD only knows what else, to refuse to prosecute criminals or defend legal laws enacted and signed into law by previous Congresses and Presidents.
    So it is not only the President that is guilty but also the entire both Houses of Congress that is guilty. So you can understand why the Senate doesn’t want to do anything and why the Congressional Committees that oversee the other branches of the government refuse to investigate them otherwise thay will have to impeach or recommend throwing themselves out also.
    And of course they are all afraid of being labeled Racists and being dumped on by CAIR, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Sheila Jackson Lee and the President backing them up.
    Everything by or for the Caucasian people, TEA Party people, and others that see thru all the AntiAmerican bigatry and bias, they jump up and call us Racists when in reality, their loud mouthed screaming shows they are the actual bigots. It is ok for them to denounce everything so called people on the right do or say, but if you criticize anything that doesn’t agree with them they cannot legally or logically defend so all they know how to do is fol;low the Pres’s lead and cry Racist! and everyone bows to them. It is time to start holding them accountable for their racist comments and their politically incorrect behavior.
    The President has not done one thing for Christians even tho he has professed to be a Christian, even to blasting the Bible and Biblical writers, and cancelling the Christian National Day of Prayer because he , ” Didn’t want to offend anyone”, tho we have had a National Day of Prayer for years and if anyone was offended they didn’t have to participate, yet he did not have any trouble participating in the Muslim Day of prayer in DC even to going out to kneel and pray with them not caring if anyone was offended by that.
    He is no Christian because the Bible says you will know them by the fruit they bear.
    So far I have not seen one bit of Christian fruit from his life. It isn’t there so he reveals himself by his actions.
    They need to toss ‘politically correct” out the door and do what is right for the USA.

  77. Real help is coming; be looking for book to be published soon that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that America's Government and Judicial System has gone Rouge (self serving) and proves it with facts and not fairy tales of conspiracy theories. No title for the book yet, but just look for a writer who says he was a US Boy Scout in the 60s. This book empowers only America's Legal Citizens and gives them the tools to march on Washington, hopefully 40 or more million strong, and demand a 90 day closing of the US Federal Government so that the Republic's real leaders, America's Legal Citizens, can decide if they want to keep this current government or tear it down, appoint temporary leaders, and in 90 days have new elections to direct America towards a government that really represents the people and not special interest groups like America's Unions or foreign interest groups from countries like Mexico, Canada, and England.

  78. Every one is upset by this adminstration and their illegal actions. Do you want to bring these thugs to justice ?? Join "JUDICIAL WATCH". This is the only organization that is pursuing the illegal actions of the current adminstrations. Judical Watch it a "501(C)3" orginazion per Internal Revenue Code. All gifts are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION. 425 THIRD STREET,SW SUITE 800, WASHINGTON DC 20024 TELEPHONE (202) 646 5172 OR 1-888-593-8442. The President Mr. Tom Fitton and his Staff is after the OBAMA Gang and know how to bring them to justice. He appricates your help.

  79. Come on people, Obama will need a new mosk in which to worship his god when his lying ass is kicked out of the White House and hopefully the USA. The Campaigner in Chief will need someplace to call home, and a mosk in the middle of talliban country would do just fine. He can teach the tallaban how to lie more sucessfully.

  80. this has got to be stopped at all costs. This supposed pres. who i believe is a true muslim who isnt even all black african american as his mother was white is a disgrace. He is not a christian he is a radical and a muslim and is not just a socialist but acting more like a communist must be held responsible for his actions. bad as the terriorists. Whodoes he really think he is anyway. George Soris and his money bought the election for him. He is also a disgusting human being wake up world fight back. Lets show them we wont take it anymore.

    1. Yes soris bought the election for him but oprah sure did help. What also helped was the liberal americans that could not bear the thought of not voting for a black man for fear of being called a "racist". They are the "politically correct" and that's more important to them than this great country going to hell. The so called leaders of the world want all countries under one leader instead of separate countries and leaders, like a GIANT united nations. If obana wns in 2012, then guess who will become that leader?

  81. So far as verifiable sources, I can say that I have posted numbers from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) showing that the minimum we sent, as a nation, to the Middle East in 2009 was $33.486 BILLION dollarts. While the people who live in the Middle East can use help in construction and getting into the world market, and rebuilding destroyed mosques, why are we paying for the mosques while these states are also OPEC states? Also receiving monies from the UN? Also under the despotic rule of leaders who live in luxurious mansions while their people live in cement to mud huts?

    My recent post US Tax Dollars For Mosques

    1. An honest, decent and no nonsence leader that would get this country back to where it should be. John Bolton the former amb. I'm afraid there are no Reagans more around!

  82. And the only one we have to blame is ourselves because we keep electing the same garbage congresspersons over and over again. Just look at rangle, pelosi, reid, frank, weiner, grijalva, just to name a few. Probably obama will get reelected because the people of this country are not paying attention! How can anyone who is on SS, or a military person even consider voting for this puke after he terrorized them by threatening to withold thier income.

  83. Why don't the pastors and Evangelist rise up in this contry and protest what is going on. They are the ones that should be leading the Christian community to get the word out. Then maybe the people will follow. There has to be a loud protest to the polititians.

  84. This should be taken back out of this dumb idiot who calls himself president but he is the biggest peice of trash I have ever seen in an office in the WH we have had some dumb ones but nothing compared to this trash I want to see obama, reid and pelosi tried for treason and fraud….the sooner the better I am wtiting congress now and they bett er respond to my request because they can also be put out of office…..

  85. No surprise here. We have heard of the money going overseas. China is getting a big help with the oil drilling oil in south american and for research in china. We sure have money to burn around the world.

    1. We will never be completely bankrupt because the crooks and politicians that put us in this situation will still be here. They are SELLING this country right out from under us.

  86. You are so right, anything that is being given overseas should be scrutinized and only serve the American taxpayer. All foreign aid checks should be stopped immediately. It is totally insane that we are BORROWING money to give it away. And I am sick to death of seeing pleas for the starving in Somalia. They were starving in the 60's. There was debate then as to whether that area could be saved. All Americans should remember the sight of our soldiers being dragged, stripped and murdered, through the streets of Somalia. Those soldiers gave their lives trying to see that the Somalians would get foods sent there and not the MILITARY. And we are already feeding tens of thousands of Somalians resettled in this country (did anybody ask the taxpayers to approve that?) and they are breeding muslim terrorists right here! As an American, I see absolutely NO reason for one penny of tax dollars to go to these countries. We can't afford to borrow money and GIVE IT AWAY! If individuals or groups want to send their personal savings over there and waste it, that is on them. Where does the Constitution give anybody the right to just GIVE AWAY THE TAXPAYERS MONEY? It is insane. If they have money to give away, there are plenty of people in this country who need it! I am sick to death of people running this country who look like they are traitors to the American people, with loyalties overseas (including to Israel) and not to Main Street America.

  87. ::sigh:: morons with voices.

    Why are we spending money on other religions in other countries? Because we went on a snipe hunt looking for weapons of mass destruction and helped destroy them. It's called accountability and responsibility.

  88. What we NEED to be doing, instead of paying for mosques, is to transform Mecca into a GLASS-LINED HOLE TWO HUNDRED FEET DEEP. END OF PROBLEM. Once those moslems figure out that "Allah" IS NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT, and that he's a FAKE, the whole BASIS of their FANATICISM will be UNDERMINED. Then and only then shall they BECOME the "religion" of PEACE.

  89. Dirty lowdown state dept.Giving OUR money away to people who want to kill us.This has been going on for years in the east.Let them spend their oil money for mosques.Let them kill each other til there are none left.this is all bribe money that doesn't help us at all.Heres an idea,lets drill for our own oil and we won't have to kiss butts.DRILL BABY DRILL

  90. Do any of you old enough to remember when Madelaine M. O'Hare and other decided to have prayer in school and Bible study and the 10 commandments removed form the walls and halls of Justice? Do you remember when the laws stated that abortion was OK just because a mother didn't want her child . How about the Civil rights act of 1964 which gave the right to divorce to anyone for any reason. How about a Ala. S/C Judge thrown off the bench because he refused to take the 10 comandments off the premises in the court room etc Does anyone remember? Well, you can be sure GOD remembers abd you wonder why this nation had a foereigner from Africa and a Muslim and a Hater of Jesus Christ etc You wonder why the man in the office of pres has NO credentials and NO experience and people wonder why this nation is in darkness, and it is spiritual and moral darkness!!! You wonder why!!! This is what people wanted…so NOW this is what we got!!!

  91. a nice burlap burga for hillary. How did we, the American people allow this gang of human garbage to take over our government? It may not sound too Christian, but they all should be slaughtered in one fell swoop. Just before I start my new career as a homeless beggar, I hope to spend my last bucks on a gun and a one way ticket to Washington. You know where I’m going with this. ISLAM IS A TUMOR on the whole human race, and you are an evil pig hillary.

    1. Rusty, there are millions of us that feel the same way but I wouldn't put it past our government "henchman" reading these comments. My blood pressure gets so high that I can't read about what's going on for more than a few minutes. I wish to God that I knew what to do and was in a position to do something, but I'm not! Be careful!

  92. What we need is a NEW KIND OF PATRIOT: a new person-type who harbors a LIFELONG HATRED TOWARD POLITICS, and who is willing to run for office on a VERY NOVEL, NEW PLATFORM:
    3) According to the terms of 1) and 2) above, I consider myself an EXPENDABLE candidate, or to more flatter myself, A POLITICAL-MARTYR WANNABEE.
    The reason why THIS kind of an officeholder has a RIGHTEOUS NICHE in the existing (DIS-) "order" is that such a person has an ATTITUDE that will STAND STRONG AGAINST CORRUPTION. This may be our LAST CHANCE to fill public offices with people who have a GRAIN OF INTEGRITY.

  93. We are all so fed up with everyone taking advantage of us tax payers.. Why in the world Would Hillary have access to a government check book??? This is outrageous if this is true…We NEED to stop giving all this money to all of these countries that HATE us with a passion…

  94. The prince of darkness was born in Africa. His own grandmother was there and told everyone. She would have no reason to lie.Why is the American military standing by for this archangel of death?

  95. Does Obammer and his leftee comrads really think by appeasing those islamist throwbacks to the 6th. century,
    that they're going to start loving us? Hmm? I say, It just ain'ta gonna happen.

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