Vatican Wrongly Supports Obama’s Gun Grab

I miss Pope John Paul II. Even though he had been targeted by would-be assassins, he still came down firmly for the right of an individual to defend himself, his family and his state.

In his 1995 encyclical Evangelium Vitae, the pope cited the Catechism of the Catholic Church that “legitimate defense can be not only a right but a grave duty for someone responsible for another’s life, the common good of the family or of the state. … Unfortunately, it happens that the need to render the aggressor incapable of causing harm sometimes involves taking his life.”

That’s why it’s so disheartening to hear Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi lining up behind President Obama’s gun restrictions.

According to Lombardi, speaking on Vatican Radio, 47 religious leaders have appealed to congressional members “to limit firearms that are making society pay an unacceptable price in terms of massacres and senseless deaths. … ’The initiatives announced by the American administration for limiting and controlling the spread and use of weapons are certainly a step in the right direction.”

The American Catholic bishops have been leading the legal fight against the Obamacare mandate that all businesses and organizations including churches must carry insurance that covers contraceptives and abortions despite religious objections. The bishops and other plaintiffs have rightly pointed out that the mandate represents a gross violation of the freedom of religion.

So to then have the Vatican turn around and support violation of another constitutionally protected right underscores the internal conflict between supporting individual freedoms, and the church’s love of bureaucracy and authoritarian power.

The church has a sad history of flirting with Marxist thought and leftist ideology, which made organizing the revolt against Obamacare an unlikely undertaking from the get-go. The mixed signals and cluttered thinking of the Catholic leadership goes a long way toward explaining why so many Catholics have supported Obama.

The church itself had a hand in creating this president by funding training seminars for Obama in his younger days. The church in the past even went so far as to provide millions of dollars in funding to several Chicago groups connected to Obama’s role model Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer.

The church’s dalliance with “social justice” groups has led many Catholics away from biblical teachings. Where the church should be standing up for human rights and true justice, the laity often receives a mushy commingling of Marxist revolutionary thought with biblical thinking.

The Vatican is deeply wrong on the issue of gun control, which only makes victims of those people the church was meant to help.

Catholic clergy would do well to refresh their memories of Luke 22:36 — “If you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”

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  1. From the Book of Luke:

    35 He said to them, “When I sent you out without a purse, bag, or sandals, did you lack anything?” They said, “No, not a thing.” 36 He said to them, “But
    now, the one who has a purse must take it, and likewise a bag. And the
    one who has no sword must sell his cloak and buy one. 37 For
    I tell you, this scripture must be fulfilled in me, ‘And he was counted
    among the lawless’; and indeed what is written about me is being
    fulfilled.” 38 They said, “Lord, look, here are two swords.” He replied, “It is enough.”

  2. Good article. Indeed, Jesus sent his disciples into a God-rejecting world full of violent men, and taught them that they had a right to defend themselves…even commanding them to buy a weapon. So much for the conciliatory Christ who walked along the sandy shore in sandals, preaching luv….luv…luv..and pacifism.

    If ever there were a time when we need to examine the REASONS for all the violence, it’s now, and those in the Body of Christ, His Church, should be at the forefront representing the Biblical perspective. Any Christian aligning himself with the idea that guns are the problem instead of the human heart, are neglecting the clear teachings of Scripture which are to govern his faith.

    Unequivocal, hard truth is desperately needed today in the midst of all the reactionary excesses we see gushing from our ”leaders” and the miserable, boot-licking media.

    This whole gun control issue is the natural outgrowth stemming from the advancement of Secular Humanism…….a religion for the Socialist utopia. Humanist Manifesto I states:

    ‘“We affirm that moral values derive their source from human experience. ETHICS is AUTONOMOUS and SITUATIONAL, needing NO theological or ideological sanction. Ethics stem from human need and interest.”

    In other words…there are NO MORAL ABSOLUTES to guide the Secular Humanist. All viewpoints are equally valid. So, ironically, he cannot even condemn Adam Lanza for his heinous act of human slaughter. After all, Adam believed that HIS world-view was correct.

    And if ethics ”stem from human need and interest..and need no ideological sanction”, then MY BELIEF that owning a thousand machine guns is JUST AS VALID as he who believes in total disarmament.

    What seems to be obvious to many of us is lost on those who believe that God is dead and man is the sum of all things. As Alexander Solzhenitsyn observed, humanism offers no solution at all to mankind’s desperate condition. Speaking of the humanists of these perilous last days, the Apostle Paul said they would be “lovers of their own selves, . . .despisers of those that are good….blasphemers……false accusers…..fierce… lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God…from such turn away” (II Timothy 3:1-5).

    Resting firmly on the sinking sand of the evolutionary atheistic world-view, the HM I states that man alone “is responsible for the realization of the world of his dreams.”…..and those dreams are bound to the notions of world peace, globalism, redistribution of wealth, and total disarmament.

    The last paragraph in Humanist Manifesto II says it all:

    “But we can discover no divine purpose or providence for the human species. . . . humans are responsible for what we are or will become. No deity will save us; WE MUST SAVE OURSELVES.”

    Well…good luck with that.

    1. Atheists are responsible for the largest mass murders in history. All of them happened in the past century under socialist regimes that despised religion.

      I am 22 years old, and NEVER, not ONCE in ANY of my history classes, in grade school or college, was ever reflected upon the mass murder due to communism, with the exception of the Holocaust. Instead, they LIED that the Nazis were Christian, they repeatedly LIED to us that we intentionally killed off the Natives with “smallpox blankets”, with us hoping we would have forgot the fact that Germ Theory of Disease was confirmed by the efforts Louis Pasteur, John Snow, and Robert Koch in the 1870’s, more than two centuries after this supposed event, and instead that it was not only unintentional for the most part, but even the Pilgrims were settling on top of some sort of accidental genocide which killed off 97% of the natives BEFORE the came.

      They all instead focused on the lie as to how religion was directly responsible for mass murder, except for Islam (as one history class I had forced a Muslim girl to be interviewed as part of their agenda as to how Muslims are innocent). Fortunately, in my college one, I knew somewhat better, even though the professor was an atheist Marxist. He kicked me out of class despite getting all A’s, and thus costing me $2000 due to school debt as I have not enough money due to financial aid all due to that jerk. He KNEW I was against his agenda, even though I did not become a full conservative until after I left school, and discovered this site and Brietbart.

      Everything I learned was a lie. Atheists ALL claim that they want to “save us” by focusing on “humans”. Instead, like Satan, those are all empty promises, as actual history, in which liberals are afraid of, says otherwise.

      Remember when atheists all stated that the Universe “always existed” in order to “disprove” God before Microwave Background Radiation said otherwise from the mid 1950’s due to Georges Lemaître, a Belgian Catholic Priest and Astronomer, who proved them otherwise. I strongly believe that within the next 50 years, that a deeply religious Christian or Jew will disprove evolution on a macro scale, on the principle of a massive metamorphosis of a gene shift is simply not possible in species at a constant rate of time time, and could only be applicable if somehow an individual plant or animal would do it themselves asexually. That being said, atheists all want to believe that they are “right”, want to push falsified agendas, and would want to try to disprove God’s existence, even though they all claim that they are open to the idea of God with evidence, is lying, as they will deny the existence of God through faulty logic and studies.

      I believe that when the last Christians and Jews die, only then Jesus will return and the world will plunge into a nuclear holocaust, or worse, assuming more advanced weaponry arises by then.

      1. ICOYAR….I appreciate your comments. Well said.

        One does not usually hear such perceptive, cogent expressions coming from a 22 year old. I am 68 years old and have lived thru many of the eras of totalitarian rule that you mentioned and indeed, atheism has been responsible for the largest number of genocides of people in all of recorded history. This alone speaks volumes about the evil of this wretched ideology.

        Your observations and experiences about the current teaching within our schools/universities are maddening, but not surprising given that this whole world lieth in wickedness, as John writes. The war on God and His people continues with ever increasing intensity and determination to see us all dead…because the Devil knows his time is short.

        But, you and I can rejoice in knowing that… the end…God wins and every knee will bow to the Lord Jesus Christ.

        1. Oh AMEN! “Everey knee shall bow” Indeed! I can think of nothing I would want to do more than bow to my Lord!

        2. It’s not yet too late to “sell your cloak,” frawgeyz, as Obama keeps importing Muslim “refugees” by tens-of-thousands from third-world countries butchering and enslaving Christians. Look for the small, black folks wearing dirty African clothes and usually flip-flop shoes.

        3. Gotcha Conrad! God Bless you and keep you safe. We shall meet one day at the feet of our Lord and God.

        4. Conrad…..I know the sites well as I have been an ardent student of Islam since 1999 when I decided to look into why all the terrorist acts world wide were being committed by Muslims espousing a ”peaceful, benign” ideology.

          I have studied the Quran, hadditha, Sunna and was tutored by Arab ex-Muslims. Since then I’ve made it my mission to inform as many as will listen to the threat of Islam and it’s goal of world domination, with all under the boot of sharia law.

          America, indeed, must recognize that the Islamization of our country is being aided and abetted by Obama who is practicing al taquiyya, and a complicit media and Congress.

      2. For two or three centuries, many Protestants have given figures concerning the total number of people killed directly or indirectly by the Papacy during the Middle Ages. The numbers given include 50 million, 68 million, 100 million, 120 million, and 150 million. Roman Catholics typically give much smaller numbers.

        1. Are the people alive today responsible for the past? Am I responsible for slavery? Are present Germans responsible for the holocaust? I think not, so let’s not focus on past mayhem. It seems to me that in this instance, the papal voice is going over the line opining on American Constitutional rights. They are not Americans. Butt out!

        2. Get out the color crayons. I have no idea what you just said. Write on a 6th grade level. Are you saying yes they are right, or history is bad teacher and we should not learn from it? I believe the church, aka Christians should support Biblical teachings; not some religious attempt at gaining more power. I think I agree with you.

        3. I think what Deesposito1 said was clear: The people of today are not responsible for slavery, or the holocaust…Get out of the past. I for one, do not have guilt at what took place before I was even a thought.

          Moving Forward: (Man I hate that the Pres used “Forward” as his nomenclature for re-election)…You said, “I believe the church, aka Christians should support etc…”

          Now. I would bet you that most people reading that wouldn’t question the sentence. But, Christians are not of the same “church” as Catholics.

          All Catholics are Christians, but not all Christians are Catholics…The church usu. always represents Catholicism. The Vatican=Church=Catholicism..

          Just wanted to bring some clarity to the conversation.

          And, the Vatican (imo) doesn’t have the same perspective on Freedom, as our founders did.

        4. No.
          Everyone understood your comments, and if not,…No worries…Its a case by case basis…

          I just wanted YOU to know, there is a difference between the “church” and Christianity.

        5. About which part are you confused? The true Church is not that which most would call the church these days… All of the denominations have been infiltrated and effectively neutralized as spiritual warriors; probably most who firmly believe themselves “saved” are not in fact, because they’re following the deceptions of those who have done this infiltration. “The Glory HAS gone out!”

        6. They aren’t of ANY nation, in truth, except the Vatican which is its own nation-state. BUT some from within that state literally control EVERY government on Earth today; and are directing all that we see happening toward the goal of seating a pope on the throne in Jerusalem in preparation for the worship of Lucifer.

        7. Really? YOU must be an adherent of the Roman church to be so defensive of it. You may want to rethink your position sooner rather than later, because the time to do so is growing short! Look a bit closer at what the Jesuits have been doing the past 4 1/2 centuries or so; it’s a LOT more than “running schools”.

        8. I most certainly AM an adherent, and proudly so. Anyone can find and read anything he/she wants that will corroborate his preformed opinion.

          I decline to argue with someone whose mind is already made. Suffice it to say, you’re just wrong. Pray for the Truth, and you may be led to it. You won’t be, otherwise.

        9. You’re generally correct, deesposito1, with but one exception: Mohammed said, “There is no mercy for those who change the religion of Islam after me! Islam cannot change!” See hadith Bukhari, vol. 9, book 88, no. 174

          “It is forbidden to capture a Muslim and make him a slave. If a slave converts to Islam, then there is a benefit in freeing him. But there is no benefit in freeing a non-Muslim slave. Islamic slavery is a blessing because sooner or later the slave or the slave’s descendants will convert to Islam in order to be free.” hadith Bukhari, vol. 2, book 24, no. 542
          Sunna means: to obey and imitate Mohammed (Islam’s perfect role model)in all things for all time, under threat of death and eteral damnation. Know thy enemy!

        10. “Know thy enemy”…Pretty sure, that keeping one’s friend close, and our enemy closer, falls into that perspective.

        11. I have read some idiotic posts by anti-Catholics before, but yours has to top the list. The population of Europe at the time of Charlemagne was about 25-30 million, At the high point, around the 14th Century, the population grew to 100 million or so, but then the Plague took a huge number, probably about half the population. By the 16th Century the population was still below that of 200 years earlier. By your figures, the Church would have killed them all. And why exactly did the Church want to kill the entire population of Europe? Get a grip.

        12. Amazing. I still have no idea what you’re taking about, and right now I guess I don’t care; you’re condescending and have resorted to name calling. Further you’re unable to explain your point; which now I can’t remember the question. Watch my lips: In the name of religion, a lot of people were killed……so get over it. You win. I surrender.

        13. The data is in from the 20th century. More people were killed in the name of Atheism than all the combined killings of all ages previous for any reasons.

        14. Hi RR: WW2 played a small role actually. Stalin starved and killed the most (I think), 60 million just including Russians and Ukrainians. Next was probably Mao. Hitler 3rd. And I’m talking civilians not soldiers. 20th century ushered in atheistic wars on civilians.

        15. The numbers may be wrong, but the fact is not; “the burning years” alone resulted in the murders of thousands if not millions of innocent Jews and others whose only crimes were being “different”, or not submitting to the Roman church, or being accused by someone else, usually for vindictive reasons. Once accused, there was, in truth, no “escape” but some horrific death, either by torture in seeking a “confession”, or by burning, hanging, or some such.

        16. There weren’t millions of Jews alive at that time. There might have been a million scattered over all Europe and the Middle East. And it was the Jews and Muslims,the nonbelievers in Christ. The Jews were the Christ killers according to the Church and they counted it a victory for themselves with every Jew who converted. The Jews who didn’t convert were tortured to death. The joke was on the Church, as the Jews who did convert(Moranos) remained Jews and worshipped in secret while going to Church services.

        17. Neither did I suggest there were, only that the TOTAL numbers of those murdered during those years may have been that high. It’s unlikely that any of us will ever know the accurate figures. But they also included many who were mentally ill and “just strange” to those around them, or those who were accused by someone with a vendetta against the individuals. No, not all were Jews, but that deception was likely also practiced by the Muslims who converted.

        18. Such towering idiocy! I’ll bet you didn’t vote for Romney, either, because he’s a Mormon. At least 3 million “conservatives” didn’t vote for him, and we all will pay the price for the abject stupidity of a few. Enjoy the next 1460 days, dear. (@Sandra)

        19. WOW! I must really have hit your nerve! GOOD; pay attention to it. BTW between a Muslim liar and fraud and a Mormon cultist, I did vote for the Mormon!

        20. I don’t think we want to tread backward in HIStory to talk about how great Catholicism is…We all know that religion (as we know it now) did not emerge without a fight, and many innocent deaths.

        21. The Catholic Church emerged with one innocent death and resurrection: that of Jesus. The death of Judas was not innocent.

          Although perhaps if you look further back, the Catholic Church is the Body of Christ, which emerged on the first Christmas day and was followed by the deaths of many innocents, as Herod tried to kill the newborn King.

        22. People are fallen, and many wars have been fought ostensibly over religion, though some were actually just political power grabs, or a combination of the two. Protestants have been killed by Catholics and Catholics have been killed by Protestants. To say that the Catholic Church decimated the population of the known world, however, is absurd.

        23. Thank You , Adhemarde, for putting words into my mouth (this would be your last sentence…)

          I’m sure it would be very fun to be married to you….Trying to change the discussion…

        24. Perhaps Protestants forgot how many they killed during the Rise of Lutheran Heresies, but I digress, perhaps they forgot what “Religion” really meant and sought to dissolve it by creating a Secular Church.

        25. I won’t join any church that Jesus didn’t found himself. I want the Body of Christ, not the Body of Luther.

          Jesus said “This is my Body”.
          Luther says “Here is my Body”
          Calvin says “This is a sign of my Body”.
          Which one should I believe? Jesus, my Lord!

        26. I agree with you. I’m not part of the Vatican II Church which has watered down Christ’s own words. Hoc est enim Corpus Meum. I only attend the Traditional Latin Tridentine Rite, and listen to WFTS Catholic Radio on the internet.

        27. It was a funny story. Never happened. Even if the story were true, it would have just meant that an anti pope had existed for a while. So what? There have been plenty of anti-popes.

        28. It was a tale, like Hansel and Gretel. A woman cannot be validly ordained. Therefore, if such a story were actually true then the woman would not be validly ordained therefore not a true pope therefore an anti-pope. Have you never heard of anti-popes? Then you shouldn’t be offering opinions.

        29. The “tale” on Snopes, was exactly how it was portrayed in college.

          No. I’ve never heard of “anti” popes, and went to Catholic church for a solid 15 years. Popes and Anti popes are really not the subject of the teachings I’ve experienced thru the Catholic church. My father in law was an ordained Deacon (I attended the ceremony) and my mother in law was very much religious and taught the classes, and whatever needed to be done in the church.

          So. I don’t feel ashamed that I am NOT the most informed person on Catholicism; I might feel dumb that I believed this story for 23 years. That’s it.

          I already said you were right.

        30. Hi Ruggedlark: We believe what we’re told. That’s fair enough. One excellent resource is the old Catholic Encyclopedia. The copyright expired so it is online at It’s very “old school” and rigorous. I have a hard copy of the “New Catholic Encyclopedia” in umpteen volumes, but it’s not as good as the old one. Liberals like the story of Pope Joan because they think it justifies female priesthood.

          Hey, we’re all learning. Love God. Love the Church. Be studious and faithful, and don’t swallow the liberal lies or you’ll end up like Sebellius or Kerry or Pelosi. Bad Catholics are the worst people. :)

        31. Breezeyguy…The Bible, which is the sole rule of faith for the believer, says, that every one who trusts Christ as Saviour is baptized INTO the Body of Christ, His Church, and all drink of one Spirit (1 Co 12:15). The Church universal, is composed of all of believers throughout the world, in a myriad of assemblies…but all of whom confess Him as Savior.

          All true believers hold to the fundamental tenets of the faith, including Catholics. The peripheral issues are moot and not salvific.

          You can be right on the peripheral issues, but if you’re wrong about who Christ is, you are wrong enough to lose your soul. And the reverse of that is true. If you’re wrong on the many peripheral issues…but right about the Deity of Christ, then you’re right enough to be saved. Jesus alone is the centrality of the Gospel.

          I know that every church has some/many true believers. Christ warned us in the Parable that there would be Tares among the Wheat, unbelieving posers which the Enemy would place in assemblies of believers for the purpose of deceiving them. They would look like the genuine article but would be phonies, but tested, would fail. Jesus taught that we could know if a person is a genuine Christian by the fruit of his words and actions.

        32. Hi Screeminmeeme: Thanks for your sincere input. The Bible doesn’t say it’s the sole rule of faith. So where did you get that doctrine?

          One mans fundamental is another man’s periphery. Some churches teach that the Trinity is false. That abortion is okay, even good. That a man can marry a man. That divorce is okay. When there are disputes among us, Jesus commanded us to “take it to the church”, but which church? The church which supports my decision to abort or divorce or euthanize or marry two men?

        33. Breezeyguy…..Good questions.

          1. The phrase…”sole rule of faith”…is not in the Bible, but neither is the word, ”Trinity”, yet both concepts are clearly evident to those who study the Scriptures.

          We are told to beware of false teaching…but HOW does one KNOW what is true doctrine and what is false? Going by feeling can’t be the answer because our emotions are fickle, subjective and arbitrary. Blindly accepting as truth what another person is teaching is a dangerous thing because it could cost us eternity. So…..HOW DO WE KNOW the truth? We need a standard by which we can judge all things.

          Jesus, the LOGOS, the very Word of God, tells us that God’s Word…Scripture…is truth….and that we are sanctified by it.(Jn 17:17)

          Pauls tells us to…

          2Ti 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the WORD OF TRUTH.

          To Timothy, the young pastor, Paul writes;

          2Ti 3:15 And that from a child thou hast known the HOLY SCRIPTURES, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.
          2Ti 3:16 ALL SCRIPTURE is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for DOCTRINE, for REPROOF, for CORRECTION, for INSTRUCTION IN RIGHTEOUSNESS:
          2Ti 3:17 That the man of God may be PERFECT, THOROUGHLY FURNISHED UNTO ALL GOOD WORKS.

          All believers ought to know the Word of God so well that when a counterfeit presents itself, it will be immediately recognized and rejected. Only those who eat the meat of the Word have the ability to discern good from evil (Heb 5:13,14)

          We are told that it is possible to sincerely worship God, but to be sincerely wrong. Jesus responded to the zealous Scribes and Pharisees this way when they criticized His disciples for breaking the traditions of the elders:

          Mat 15:3 But he answered and said unto them, Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God BY YOUR TRADITION?
          Mat 15:9 But IN VAIN they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.

          What is Christ saying? The traditions taught by men were in contradiction to the Word of God. The Scriptures are the canon…that standard by which all other teaching is compared. We must reject all that disagrees with the Word of God. All church tradition must line up with Scripture.

          Paul tells that HIS GOSPEL…the Gospel of the the Grace of God…is what saves:
          1Co 15:1 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the Gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand;
          1Co 15:2 By WHICH YE ARE ALSO SAVED, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed IN VAIN.

          Act 20:24 But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the Gospel of the Grace of God..

          Rom 2:16 In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to MY GOSPEL.

          Paul warns those at Galatia about following the false teaching that they had to work for their salvation:

          Gal 3:3 Are ye so foolish? having begun in the Spirit, are ye now perfected in the flesh?

          Gal 1:6 I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto ANOTHER GOSPEL:
          Gal 1:7 Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would PERVERT the Gospel of Christ.
          Gal 1:8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.
          Gal 1:9 As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach ANY OTHER GOSPEL unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

          Rom 15:4 For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope.

          2Ti 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure the SOUND DOCTRINE; but, having itching ears, will heap to themselves teachers after their own lusts;
          2Ti 4:4 and will turn away their ears from the truth, and TURN ASIDE UNTO FABLES.

          Paul warns that in these perilous times, that men will be drawn to false teachers, who will tell them what they want to hear. This false gospel, as you said, is prevalent in many churches today, ie the Name It and Claim It…..Blab it and grab it…..Healthy, wealthy gospel. These false gospels often redefine terms like salvation and sin.

          Jesus (Matt 7:15), Paul (Acts 20:29) and Peter (2 Peter 3:15,16)…all warn that there will be false prophets and teachers who will come in sheep’s clothing but are ravening wolves….and that they will twist the Scriptures to their own destruction.

          2. ”One mans fundamental is another man’s periphery.”
          Unfortunately, that can be true. But the ”fundamentals” refer to those issues which are central to the Gospel. These doctrines put into simple language the basic theology of the Christian faith, taking into account the full teaching of the Word of God in context.

          1. The Trinity
          2. The Deity and Incarnation of Christ.
          3. The Virgin Birth
          4. The Death, Burial and Resurrection of Christ
          5. Salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.
          6. The Inerrancy of Scripture
          7. The Second Coming of Christ to earth to rule and reign. .

          All teaching, especially that purportedly given by Divine revelation, must be tested by the Word of God. Even the Apostle Paul was held up to scrutiny.

          Ac 17:11 Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and EXAMINED THE SCRIPTURES every day to see if what Paul said was true.

          3. That fact that there are over 34,000 different denominations world-wide, not including the RCC, is a sad commentary about the confusion of so many who claim to know Christ, but who are so appallingly ignorant of the Word of God, the very authority for their faith.

        34. Hi Screemin: nice list. Not sure I can get through all of it.

          1. The doctrine of the Trinity, “Father Son and Holy Spirit” is in Scripture. Scripture is also in Scripture. But the doctrine of “Sola” scriptura is not in scripture. Scripture means “written”. You are limiting the Word of God to the Written Word of God. That is man made and false doctrine.

          Yes, your scripture quotations are true. None of them say “only” scripture. Actually, one of them says “ALL scripture”. Why did Luther reject the Letter of James then? Why do modern protestants persist in rejecting the OT book of Maccabees? And when Paul said “All” scripture, not all the scriptures were written yet.

          Also, the scripture says people can distort the scripture: 2 Pet 3:16 “His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which
          ignorant and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures,
          to their own destruction.” So obviously, scripture is NOT the only rule of faith. That was a heresy of Luthers, where he added the word “alein” (only) to his German translation.

          2. Your list of 7 fundamentals does not include Baptism or the Eucharist. Read John 6: “Unless you eat the flesh of the son of Man, and drink his blood, you have no life in you”. Read 1 Pet 3:21, “Baptism now saves you”. Those sound pretty fundamental. Also, one of your fundamentals is Inerrancy of Scripture. That’s a Catholic doctrine. The question arises “which scriptures?”. Is James in the Canon of scripture? Luther didn’t think so. The Canon of Scripture was finalized by the Catholic Church (in 384 AD as I recall). So if you think James is “scripture”, I must ask you “why”? Because King James said so in 1611? No, rather because the Church said so, and according to Scripture, 1Tim 3:15, the church is the “pillar and foundation of truth”.

          3. How many denominations were there for the first 1000 years of Christianity? One? Seven? How many Churches did Jesus found? Why does the world not believe that the Father sent Jesus? John 17:21 “that they may all be one; even as thou, Father, art in me, and I in
          thee, that they also may be in us: that the world may believe that thou
          didst send me.” The disunity of Christians is the cause of the worlds unbelief.

          There are 3 rules of faith, and they all point to eachother:
          Scripture, Church, Tradition. The Bible itself is a Tradition. We must hand it down generation to generation. Not all Tradition is “traditions of men”. Woe to you if you do not hand down the Tradition of Scripture (as Luther failed to do). 2 Thess 3:6 has “withdraw yourselves from every brother who walks in rebellion, and not after the tradition which they received from us”. Good traditions (like the Bible) must be defended. Bad traditions need to be rejested. 2 Tim 3:15 says “continue in what you believe”, that’s Tradition. 2 Thess 2:15 says “So then, brothers, stand firm and hold to the traditions that you were taught by us, either by our spoken word or by our letter.” Not only does he say traditions, but he adds “whether spoken or by letter”.

          I accept “scripture”, but I reject the “sola”. You must obey Scripture, as Traditionally understood (and not re-interpreted by Obama or Luther), and you must obey the Apostles.

          Church+Scripture+Church: that is the true Christian rule. (And you practice a form of it even if you deny it.)

          God Bless!

        35. Thx for your response. I didn’t have time til now to answer.

          1. God used the agency of sinful men to write, compile and preserve His word, fulfilling His promise to all generations. It was a process overseen by God and He ensured that only those books inspired by Him became part of the Canon…including James. Luther was not infallible, but a sinner like you and me, used by God to carry out His will.

          Just because some people might distort the Scriptures and have a fractured exegesis does not mean that the Scriptures cannot be trusted by those of us who do not distort it. The Bible interprets itself and by comparing scripture with scripture, within context, one can determine meaning. God is no respecter of persons and the Holy Spirit will lead any sincere seeker to the truth.

          The RCC did not officially canonize the Apocrypha until the Council of Trent (1546 AD) and before that time there was great dissent among RCC leaders as to whether or not to include in the Canon. It does contain material which supports certain Catholic doctrines, such as purgatory, praying for the dead ((2 Maccabees 12:39-46) and the treasury of merit all of which are in conflict with Biblical teaching. Many medieval Catholic scholars, including Jerome, realized that it was not inspired and his translation, the Latin Vulgate was declared by the Council of Cathage to be ”the infallible and authentic Bible”.

          The Apocrypha also contains fantastic statements which not only contradicts the Bible, but themselves. In the Maccabees, Antiochus Epiphanes is said to have died three different deaths in three different places. And the concluding statement by the author of the Maccabees admits that what he has written may not be true…a statement unbecoming divine inspiration. (2 Maccabees 15:28,39)

          Not one of the writers of the Apocrypha lays any claim to inspiration. A good thing since it teaches immoral practices, such as lying, suicide, assassination and magical incantation.

          And they were not considered canonical by the Jews.

          While there is some historical value in the Maccabees, there are several reasons why the Apocrypha is not inspired and should be rejected as Scripture

          2. Re: water baptism. The Apostle Paul said:
          Eph 4:4 There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;
          Eph 4:5 One Lord, one faith, ONE BAPTISM….
          Eph 4:6 One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.

          And that baptism is:
          1Co 12:13 For BY ONE SPIRIT WE (BELIEVERS) ARE ALL BAPTIZED INTO ONE BODY, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.

          Paul says this about water baptism:
          1Co 1:17 For Christ sent me NOT to baptize, but to PREACH THE GOSPEL: not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect.

          Here in one statement, the notion of water baptism and the Gospel of the grace of God are mutually exclusive terms. Paul declares that baptism by water is no longer a part of the Gospel. For nearly 30 years, he had multiple revelations from the ascended Christ and refers to the Gospel of the grace of God.

          3. ”The disunity of Christians is the cause of the worlds unbelief.”
          It’s one the contributing causes, for sure.

          WE are the church, the Body of Christ. No building or religious system is ”the church”’.

          You refer to ”good” and ”bad” traditions. I’m asking you….HOW DO YOU KNOW which is which? On WHAT AUTHORITATIVE SOURCE do you rely to determine this?

          And if you reject one part of the Bible which conflicts with RCC tradition, how do you know that the other parts of the Bible are not in error? You are willing to believe the teachings of men over the Canon which God PROMISED to preserve in the form of copies of copies of copies.

          For tradition to be a credible part of the Christian’s walk…it MUST be valid and true. It must line up with the Word of God, otherwise one is left with the subjective and arbitrary opinions of fallen man.

          Bottom line…All traditions, no matter what denomination, that are at variance with the Scriptures ought to be rejected.

          Having said all this, I want to make it clear that I do not at all question the sincerity nor the motives of those with whom I disagree. I believe that there are some/many true believers in all churches….despite some of the errant teachings being taught there. By this I mean Protestant, Catholic and Independent assemblies which identify themselves as followers of Christ. I consider them my brothers and sisters in Christ.

          We all have feet of clay and, at best, see thru a glass darkly.

          1Co 13:1 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and HAVE NOT CHARITY, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.
          1Co 13:2 And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand ALL mysteries, and ALL knowledge; and though I have ALL faith, so that I could remove mountains, and HAVE NOT CHARITY, I AM NOTHING.

          Veritas lux mea. Truth is my light.
          Iesus Dominus est.
          Pax vobiscum.

        36. Hi Screemin: I think we’re alone here. Nice and quiet.

          1)a) You wrote “part of the Canon”. But whose Canon? Which Canon? The Codex Sinaiticus has “The Shepherd of Hermas” in it.

          1)b) The Canon was set in 384AD. It was only asserted and defended more strongly (at Trent) after it was attacked (by Luther).

          1)c) All your arguments prove the point that “sola scriptura” is inadequate. By arguing about the Canon, you have to go outside scripture.

          1)d) The 7 books of the OT which protestants exclude were in the original King James Bible, I think maybe labelled “the Apocrypha”. Luther called those books “useful” but not scripture. Now you’re telling me they’re bad? The clearest prophecy of the Passion is in the book of Wisdom.

          1)e) The Jews have no authority over the Christian Canon. The Jewish Bible in Greek, the Septuagint, contained the books you don’t like. When St Paul said “all scripture is inspired”, he was referring to that canon of the OT. The Jews rejected those books only after they had rejected Jesus.

          2) None of your quotes refutes 1 Pet 3:21. And if they did, there would be a contradiction in scripture anyway, so I’m not sure why you’re refuse to believe 1 Pet 3:21. Baptism and Grace do not contradict each other. Why is your mind looking for exclusions? “Sola” this and “sola” that? No. Grace AND Faith AND Love AND Scripture AND Church AND Justice AND Mercy AND the Father AND the Son AND the Holy Spirit AND the Eucharistic Body of Christ AND the Church the Body of Christ AND the Divinity AND the Passion AND the Power AND the Glory AND Peter AND the Apostles AND their successors AND the Building AND “we” AND the religious system the church which Jesus said we are to “take it to”. If you love your brother, do you love Jesus more or less?

          2)b) Jesus was baptized. Believe on the Lord Jesus.

          3a) How does one evaluate Traditions? Using Scripture AND the Church as Traditionally understood, and Right Reason, and the Fathers of the Church, in obedience to legitimate authority, with humility and love. So definitely keep studying. Want to learn about the Eucharist? If you won’t believe the Bible, try St Justin Martyr’s First(?) Apology. You dispute doctrines that NO Christian disputed for the first thousand years of the Church. You ask “ON WHAT AUTHORITATIVE SOURCE?” All of them. (Even Tertullian.)

          3b) “And if you reject one part of the Bible which conflicts with RCC tradition.” I am not aware of any RCC tradition that is not in Scripture. There may be things that “appear” to conflict with some verses in the Bible, but they are actually found in other verses in the Bible. Did you know that the Assumption and Coronation of Mary are in the Bible? (I admit that the Rosary itself is not in the Bible, but all of its mysteries are.) Conversing with the dead (in a good way, I don’t mean Saul’s witch) is in the Bible. Men forgiving sins is in the Bible, and also that Men cannot forgive sins. (The latter quote is in a Jack Chick comic, astonishingly.) Purgatory is in the Bible.

          Screemin: we can argue all year. But don’t trust me and my interpretation (or yours). Read everything available by Christians for the First Thousand years, before so many divisions arose. If you want to read the hottest diatribe against the Popes, forget Luther, read the Coptic authors after the Council of Chalcedon.

          Et cum spiritu tuo!

        37. Read a few Catholic books on history sir, because those numbers are completely false. The 30 years war in Germany was due to Luther and his henchmen hunting down Catholic Priests and those still connected with Rome. They fought at the Battle of Lepanto so many thousands of Muslims, due to invade Rome, so the numbers could have been in the thousands then, but this Millions is way off the mark.

      3. Actually, in terms of sheer mathematics, the idea of random evolution has been disproven as requiring a far, far older universe than currently observed. Plus we would see evidence of dead-end evolutionary paths, which was disproven through logic back in the days of the ancient Greeks, long before Christianity came along and (supposedly) made people stupid.

        1. Matthew, you’re wrong on many levels: we have life being created today from pre-biotic molecules in hellish hydro-thermal vents (those vents are not unique to earth). We’ve also found about a dozen dead-end humanid species besides ourselves. And the Greeks were known to rearrange pre-historic animals revealed by earthquakes, into human configurations, clothe and re-bury them for someone else to find. Those graves gave us giant cyclops from re-buried elephant bones, among other “mythical” creatures from other re-arranged and clothed bones.

      4. Sorry, ICOYAR, atheists are NOT responsible for the 170,000,000 deaths (and growing) of innocents as can be found in the “Tears of Jihad” section of Muslims, with their “taqiyya:” Divine deceit to advance Allah’s cause, coupled with the brutal role-model of their “prophet” (that they must obey and imitate under threat of death and eternal hell-fire) and belief that non-Muslms/kafir are less than human and hated by their god Allah, are far more dangerous than all the atheists who have ever existed.

        1. Conrad C. Gabbard…..While I agree that since it’s ignominious beginnings, Islam has used the sword to conquer nations, it’s a fact that atheistic totalitarian systems have killed more people in the past 100+ years than in all of recorded history.

          According to Professor Rudolph Rummel of the University of Hawaii, an expert on mass genocides, the total number killed in all of human history is estimated to be about 284,638,000. Of that number, 151,491,000 were killed during the past 100 years.

          The single largest killer in all of human history is, by far, atheistic Communism with a total of 110,000,000 … over 1/3 of all people ever killed! If we add to that number just two other regimes where religion of any sort was strongly discouraged, Nazi Germany and Nationalist China, the number rises to141,160,000.

          Almost 50% of all the killings in human history were committed in the past 100 years by regimes that either actively promoted atheism or strongly discouraged religion.

          When the murders of history are tallied up, it is very clear that atheism is the most dangerous philosophy ever embraced by humanity. The most effective restraint on mankind’s inherently evil tendencies is faith in God through Jesus Christ.

        1. Wrong. Some of them were Catholics. Hitler himself was actually baptized a Catholic, but never believed or practiced it. Remember the words of Jesus “Thus the last state of that man is worse than the first”.

          The worst people on earth tend to be those who are baptized but do not practice their faith, just as Jesus said would happen. Hitler. Sebellius. Kerry. the Kennedys (except Rose). Let’s start a list! (By the way, St Bernadette of Lourdes claimed she was afraid of only one thing: “bad Catholics”).

        2. They killed a few catholics for “denyability” The pope at the time called Hitler the defender of the faith. GOD condemns a church in Revelation 17. Calls it the great whore of Babylon. “Here is wisdom, the chruch/woman sits on seven hills. There are only two cities in the world that sit on seven hills. One is Rio in Brazil, predominate religion: Catholic. The other is the City/State/Theocracy of ROME. God says: Rev.17: 19. Come ye out of her my people and be not partakers of her sins. Stay Catholic you go against the HOLY WORD OF GOD. Think on that.

        3. Stop reading Jack Chick comic books. They are full of lies. Read the Bible. The word “church” is not in Revelation 17 at all. By putting the word “church” into your quote you are “adding words” to the book which invokes the curse of Rev 22:18. You need to repent of that right now.

          Also, Rome has 7 hills, but the Vatican is across the Tiber, not on one of the 7 hills. Get your facts straight. You are too easily deceived. God bless you. Jesus is Lord.

        4. If the Nazi’s were Catholics, then why did they kill so many Catholic’s Priests and Nuns who fought their evil? Perhaps they forgot who they were fighting for? Balderdash! Nazi’s worshipped Satan, and were never Catholic.

        5. jd1958…Hitler and his band of lunatics had nothing but contempt for orthodox Christianity because they considered it to be weak and ineffective. But HItler was smart enough to know that just pretending to be a Christian would win some to his way of thinking.

      5. Very intelligent and very well put ! Coming from a young person in this day,you are to be commended….start working on your friends and there may be hope for us yet!!!!

      6. Bravo! Great post! And it is because of this that I felt a strong need to get my spiritual life in order. Liberalism is a toxic waste; a poison not fit for human consumption. Thank you!

      7. Great response. However, every Jew and every Christian will not have to die before Jesus returns. That is what I believe and what I pray for.
        I applaud you for sticking to your principles and investigating all sides of the argument your teacher presented.
        When i was in college (age 40 to 42) I had an economics teacher who hated women doing anything but being barefoot and pregnant. He made a practice of singling out one of my classmates almost every week and made very disparaging remarks about every woman in business or anywhere but home.
        We filed sexual harassment charges against him and he was forced to retire.

    2. “there are NO MORAL ABSOLUTES to guide the Secular Humanist.”

      Absolutely FALSE.

      Rights are Actions or Behaviors that DO NOT require the Permission of another to Act or Behave.
      Privileges are Actions or Behaviors that REQUIRE the Permission of another to Act or Behave.
      Everyone has a Right to themselves, their Thoughts, and to the fruits of their Labor.
      One cannot get any more absolute than that.

      No need to get into the atrocities committed by Church Leaders (Catholic included) where Moral Absolutes are supposed to be plentiful.
      Secular people are not without Morals, they just choose not to ascribe to Morals being Centrally Planned by others.

      1. Does that include the Creator Who gives us all our rights? Because His morals ARE absolute; and those who choose to oppose or ignore them are placing themselves on the wrong side, when it comes to a “showdown”, and that IS coming.

        1. God gave us Rights via Free Will. Rights do not, cannot, exist without Free Will. Morality does not exist without Rights. An immoral act is one that infringes upon another’s Rights or Privileges. A Moral Act is one that does not infringe upon another person’s self or property.

          While God gave us Free Will, and the Rights because of, Christ taught us how to use that Free Will to gain favor with God.

          The Wrong Side is that side which excuses violence and withholds forgiveness.

      2. Religion identifies a certain set of standards and ethics that can be expected from adherents. That is not to say “all” those claiming any certain religion actually follow the rules therein. There’s no model for the atheist or Secular Humanist that we can even pretend to rely on. It might be a mistake to trust my child to the care of certain supposed Christians, but I would never trust my child to the care of an atheist or Muslim: the former has no universal rules while I’m familiar with the guiding principles and ethics of the latter.

        1. Morality based upon Rights and Privileges identifies standards and ethics that can be expected from ALL. Everyone, no matter what religion they practice or do not.

          If one has a Right (needs no Permission) to themselves and property, then the standards for ethics/morality can be derived/defined for ANY situation.

          These are UNIVERSAL rules. Please explain how they are not.

      3. theendisfar……..

        1. On WHAT basis can you make the statement:”Everyone has a Right to themselves, their Thoughts, and to the fruits of their Labor. One cannot get any more absolute than that.”

        WHO said so?

        All of the world’s despots would disagree with you. Obama would disagree with you, saying that the fruit of YOUR labor ought to be redistributed and the politically correct establishment would silence the expression of your thoughts.

        Atheism is about rejection of God and HIS standards which are OBJECTIVE and ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Morality to the atheist is based on a subjective, personal opinion or group consensus and is arbitrary. If he happens to adhere to the same moral set as that of Christians, then his values are coincidental to Biblical truth….which he professes to reject!

        Just sos ya know…..I believe that there are many atheists who live moral lives….even putting some Christians to shame. But they have NO FOUNDATION of ABSOLUTE OBJECTIVE TRUTH on which to base their morals.

        What a sad thing to live ones life aligned with the teachings of Christ, yet to reject the Master, Himself.

        2. Indeed, many heinous crimes have been committed in the name of Jesus. He tells us, however, that we can judge whether or not someone is a Christian by their actions and those people who claimed to be Christians …were not.

        1. “1. On WHAT basis can you make the statement:”

          On what basis can one not make that statement? The only way is to undermine God’s gift of Free Will. Without Free Will, one does not have a Right to oneself. With Free Will, one has a Right to oneself.
          Are you suggesting that Free Will is not a gift from God? That it does not create Rights where none would exist before? Perhaps you are suggesting that Property Rights do not exist?

          “All of the world’s despots would disagree with you.”
          Correct, and they all DENY God’s gift of Free Will to Mankind, which you seem to have a hard time with as well.

          “Atheism is about rejection of God and HIS standards which are OBJECTIVE and ABSOLUTE TRUTH.”

          Atheism is as much about the rejection of Christians who claim His Forgiveness, yet have a hard time following His example. His Standards are NOT Objective. Ask all of the world’s religions what His Standards are and you will get several different answers. Ask all of the factions of Christianity what they are, and you will get several different answers.

          “Morality to the atheist is based on a subjective, personal opinion or group consensus and is arbitrary”

          Not so. When Free Will, whether granted by God, or Nature’s God (as some prefer) is exercised, Morality or Immorality is being exercised. Morality is the act of NOT Infringing upon the Rights or Privileges of another. In what manner is that subjective?

          Just sos you know. It is a Christian, who follows the example of Christ, that convinced me that the Definitions of Rights and Privileges are as I recorded them above.

          “What a sad thing to live ones life aligned with the teachings of Christ, yet to reject the Master, Himself.”

          I have a Creator which I attempt to appease by following the Teachings of Christ. I have no Master, nor do you. God gave YOU the Free Will to reject Him as well as accept Him. People with Free Will DO NOT have Masters lest they refuse God’s gift.

          Is it more sad to reject the Teachings of Christ, and accept His Forgiveness? Or to accept His Teachings, and reject His forgiveness? Just curious.

          “2. Indeed, many heinous crimes have been committed in the name of Jesus.
          He tells us, however, that we can judge whether or not someone is a
          Christian by their actions and those people who claimed to be Christians
          …were not.”

          Sure the victims feel much better. Good Muslims/Bad ones, Good Christians/Bad ones, Good People/Bad ones.

          Perhaps it is NOT religion that shapes Morality so much as ones observance of Rights.

    3. And when ANYONE thinks it is their DUTY to take away that CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT there is a hidden reason that has nothing to do with the Constitution! It’s about power and CONTROL! Therefore it is our right and duty to RESIST it!

    1. This didn’t come from the Pope, who is the Successor of Peter, and serves as the lead Christian. It came from some Federico guy, who the media like to call the “Vatican”.

        1. So was Pope Clement the Successor of Peter? Who was Peter’s successor then? Did Matthias succeed Judas, or not?

          Moral degeneracy is bad, but even of the Pharisees Jesus said “Do what they say, not what they do.” Peter’s last act before Jesus was crucified was to betray the Lord. If you refuse to obey sinners, then you refuse to obey the Lord. And Pope Benedict XVI is a saintly man, so your refusal to accept him is suspect.

      1. I agree with you. Switzerland is heavily armed, and it is the Swiss guard that protects the Pope. Mind you, Jesus did not want Peter to fight, but Peter was an Apostle not a soldier.

        1. Neither was he a pope or a rock. He was a small stone in a geat building (the church of people), He was only even this because the Father revealed to him just who Christ was and what he came and died for.

        2. So Jesus founded his church on a “small stone”? Whatever you say. Jesus changed only one Apostle’s name: Simon’s, to “Peter” in the Greek and “Kepha” in Aramaic. Both words come from the word for rock or stone. Not only that, but He told Peter “whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven”. I will not apologize for believing Jesus my Lord over you.

          And yes, Jesus said that the Father had revealed it directly to Simon. Wow – that is powerful stuff. How sad for you that you have ears but do not hear. Repent of your unbelief.

        3. No apology necessary. I do not want you to believe me. I do want you to believe the written word of God if not the Word of God(Jn.1:14.

          You think Peter was the rock or foundation stone? No but what Peter said was the rock and the foundation stone and that was that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Read the scripture in Matt. 16:17-19.

          Jesus was the foundation or the “Rock of offense” to many.

        4. Jesus renamed Simon to Peter / Kepha, meaning “Rock”. He did not rename what he said. How much clearer could Jesus have been? What could he have said to make you believe? How much clearer could Matthew be? What if Jesus had said “I will give to you the Keys of the Kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven.”? PLEASE believe the Bible, the very verse 19 you refer to. Do you believe the Bible or not? I do.

        5. Good. Surely you believe some RC doctrine, right, that for example, Jesus is God? The Bible doesn’t say that explicitly, but you and the RC church share that doctrine. Yes/no.

          And you believe Matt 16:19, that Jesus gave Peter the Keys, and the power of binding and loosing? Yes/no.

          And you believe John 20:23, that Jesus gave men the power of forgiving and retaining sins? Yes/no.

          And you believe John 21:15-17 that Jesus commanded Peter to feed his lambs and tend his sheep? Yes/no.

          And you believe Acts 1:21-26 that Judas’ office was taken over by Matthias? Yes/no.

          And you believe 2 Tim 4:1, that the Apostle Paul exhorted Timothy to reprove, rebuke, exhort, and instruct. Yes/no.

      2. I’m sorry.

        Federico is the Vatican spokesman. He speaks only what is authorized…(I’m talking about the official manner in which he speaks, which means publicly to news sources). Yes. He speaks for the Pope.

  3. Read and Learn….”Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars’ and to God the things that are God’s.” Stay out out of politics religion! Take care of the souls and forget the aggression of the blinded people of evil who crucified my Christ!

    1. Right, except that this may be the beginning of the end, a crossroads when we have to take governing back again and rebuild it as it was intended…to serve the people. Period.

    2. I suggest that it was not ‘the blinded people of evil’ who crucified Christ. They were only the mechanism. It was sinners like myself and millions more that brought Jesus to the cross. He loved us so much He was willing to purchase us with his blood. Washed in the blood of the Lamb, we can now, through prayer, boldly approach God’s throne of Grace. What a gift! Hallelujah!

      1. Amen! He died for each one who will come to Him and accept the salvatoin by grace that was possible only because of His righteous death!

      2. A knowledge of Roman history and rules for crucifiction of the time must question the reasons Jesus was crucified. Were the Biblical presentation factual, Ponchas Pilot would have been dragged back to Rome in chains. It was the Romans, however, who tasked the Council of Nicea – none of whom knew Jesus or knew anybody who’d walked with Jesus – which labeled most of Jesus’ actual followers as heretics. (see The Teaching Company’s “Lost Christianities: Christian Scriptures and the Battles over Authentication”) Fascinating!

    3. if politics are not regulated then there would be no atmosphere to delivere the souls. it is called freedom from tyrrany. look at the fools in NY, they allow what size drink they want to be regulated. is this freedom???

    4. Dave you crucified Him. Any sinful thought word or deed makes you a sinner and if you have broken one of His laws you are quilty of the whole!

        1. Yes there is none good and none that seeketh after God! That is why we all need a personal relationship with the savior. I do not understand the latter part of your comment but “the Lord rebuke you”

        2. Rugged! I think I now understand what you meant and I apologize for thinking that you meant something sinister! Wow! God Bless. Now “I shall place my hand over my mouth, remember the battle and do no more”(Job)

        1. Luci studied history. Ever hear of the Spanish Inquisition? The Catholic Church slaughtered over 68 million people. Ever hear of the Crusades? Rome’s plot to wrestle Jerusalem away from the muslims. This is the time they invented “pergatory”.

        2. The Inquisition in Spain was actually more lenient and open than the Civil courts of the time. “68 Million”? Why not 68 million billion trillion?

        3. the inquisition was a response to a foreign takeover of Spain…what would you do…if invaders came into your land….hand them the keys…

        4. jazzpast asks “WHY NOT 0 YOU DAMNED ANTI-CHRISTIAN LIAR”.

          The answer is because shallow judgmental murderous hateful people like you have existed since Cain slew Abel. If you had been an inquisitor, you would have been the meanest one of them all.

        5. I don’t belong to your Godless filthy Roman Catholic CULT! Tell that to your NAZI FASCIST Pope Benedict XVI RATZ the child molester! You stinking catholic pervert!

        6. Where in the world did you get such an outrageous figure? That’s nuts.
          That’s a liar’s figure. Marxism took ca. 100,000,000 lives in the XXth C. You may check that out in the Black Book. The Church doesn’t have a perfect history, being made up, as it is, of imperfect humans, but it’s a slam dunk to show that a religious society works better, and is far kinder, than a non-religious society. American history alone shows it. You take this society, and give me the 1950s.

        7. It was actually less than 100,000; and that is a largely inflated (100,000) figure.
          FAR more died during various communist insurrections in the 20th century.

        8. You moron! I not only am NOT Roman Catholic, I am a Baptist!!! Furthermore, I was RAISED Methodist and not allowed to associate with Catholics while growing up. In other words, I am a devout Christian woman. I live for Jesus Christ and ONLY for Jesus Christ.

          Every single article I looked up quoted the “several thousand” number of people murderred in various Catholic crack-downs.

          The number of people murderrred by Communist takeovers in the 20th century IS accurate — to the tune of 95,000,000
          So, please stop your false accusations.

        9. Your no devout Christian!!! Your a LIAR! In 1540 to 1570, 900,000 protestants were put to death by your Holy Catholic CULT, Krazeehors. Your Catholic church martyred untold millions of true Christians. Thousands were put to death just for reading the Bible. During the Inquisition, called Holy Office, instituted by pope Innocent III, monks and priests in holier than thou garments, directed the torturing with heartless cruelty and inhuman brutality.. Torturing, burning alive innocent men and women, imprisoned for life, raped, chained to a stake near a fire and roasted to death, thrown in dungeons, scourged, tortured on the rack before burned. Women buried alive, pressed in coffins to small, trampled down by the feet of the priests. Your a LIAR and IDIOT!!!! During the DARK AGES 1,260 years the world was under the domination of your filthy Catholic popes.. The papacy held the power of life and death over all! YOUR NOTHING BUT A GODLESS LIAR!

        10. And you are SICK! Have you taken your meds today? Or are you one of the nutty people who would gladly go into a school of Jewish children, take out your machine gun, and open fire??

          I worship ONE God, ONE Holy Spirit, and ONE Son!! You know NOTHING about me, OR about my faith, sir! It is obvious that you were schooled at the pulpit of hate. I don’t hate anyone, I love Jesus!

          Praise the Lord that on the day of my judgment, I won’t have a human being like you (and you are just barely human) making the decision.

          You remind me of some of the things Adolf Hitler said about wiping out the Jews before his “Final Solution,” about his “pure Aryan race.”

          I pity you. And I will pray for you because G0d loved all his children, even you.

        11. Your ignorant!! You don’t know anything about God or the Bible. Worshipping images of Mary, Saints or the worship of the eucharist is IDOLATRY! It is PAGAN HEATHEN WORSHIP!

          EXODOS 20:5 Thou shall not bow down to any graven image nor serve them For I thy LORD GOD am a Jealouse GOD!

          It’s BLASPHAMY to call man by God’s name. Holy Father is in the Bible one time where Jesus Christ refered to God the Father as Holy Father!

          Mary is not the Mother of God. Mary was the mother of Jesus Christ!

          We are NOT saved by good works. Good works will not save you! The only thing in this world that will save you is the blood of Jesus Christ!
          Here I am throwing pearls to swine.

        12. And YOU cannot spell or understand proper grammar and sentence structure!!

          1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.2He was with God in the beginning.

          i.e., Jesus was with G0d in the beginning

          For G0d so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life — John 3:16

          17 For God sent not his Son into the world, that he judge the world, but that the world be saved by him

        13. Pope Benedict XVI RATZ is the NAZI CHILD MOLESTER! RATZ served under ADOLF HITLER himself! Your POPE RATZ IS THE FILTHY black boot stomping NAZI!

        14. My gosh. I have never seen or read such hatred toward someone you know nothing about. There was a time, years ago, when I got in trouble in a chapel at a VA hospital because I refused to read the creed that states “I will worship the Pope.”
          Why? Because I am not a Catholic. I worship God, the Holy Spirit and the Son, Jesus Christ.
          There might still be time for you, but it would take a whole lot of time in a locked room where you couldn’t hurt anyone while you were being taught about God, his love for every creature on earth, and his mercy.
          And yes, you are a creature.

        15. Aha! At long last you reveal yourself. You are from Northern Ireland, the Protestant portion of Ireland that has itself murderred thousands of Irish Catholic children and their parents.
          There is nothing wrong with being Irish, by the way. My grandfather was 4th generation Irish, and I am 3rd generation Scottish on both my grandfather’s and my grandmother’s side. Also, 3rd generation Norwegian and Welsh on my mother’s side.
          Still not Catholic. Still not filled with hatred. You are still a creature!

        16. I don’t read any Catholic writings — mostly because I don’t have time from my usual studies about military history!

        17. Thanks for your kindness to jazzpast Krazeehors, and for absorbing some of the abuse away from us Catholics. God Bless you.

        18. And, HOW is it that, after just a few sentences, you THINK you know enough about me to pass such a hate-filled judgment? Be honest, now. No hatred, no vitriole, etc. Just HONESTY. Or do you know anything about that word?

        19. You are righteous. God bless you! Just ignore that troll, Jazzpast. You can even ignore me. Yes, communism killed multimillions, and most was by Mao, followed by Stalin. The Church may be slow to figure out dictators’ schemes and those of enemies within (there is evidence of Masonic infiltration, but no dogmas changed), but write against them and try to help the victims, when the danger is identified.

        20. Your filthy Roman Catholic cult martyred untold millions of true Christians. Your papacy has always fought religious freedom. They denounced liberty of worship, freedom of speech. They suppressed all liberty and even prohibited the circulation of the Bible, killing people just for reading it. The world lived through the DARK AGES, 1,260 years of death under the domination of your popes… And let’s not forget the Inquisition instituted by pope Innocent III.. Your filthy Roman Catholic church has given the world nothing but death and destruction. It’s the Kingdom of SATAN!! Communism can’t touch your Godless Catholic CULT!

        21. During the Dark Ages that lasted 1,260 years the Roman Catholic CULT slaughtered over 150 Million Christians. Krazeeidiot, your a damned LIAR!

        22. Your understanding of Christian history makes you sound like a complete obsequious buffoon! Let us pray that your Roman Catholic CULT never gains supreme power to rule the world like it did during the DARK AGES!

        23. Dude, there are only 6 billion people in the world TODAY. Your statement can not possibly be correct. Go away with your lies.

        24. “It is known through history that once a country has given itself over to all manner of paganism and sin, it is not long before that country falls into a system of dictatorship, bringing great sorrow, even murder to the masses” – Jesus

        25. Fatima is where Jesus said it. Fatima is fascinating, truly fascinating. Thanks for your comment. Seek it out. It will better your life in these insanity days, no doubt.

        26. dshevlin: Don’t believe everything you read about Fatima. There are some nutty people out there (like Catholic jazzpasts, but not that bad) that imagine things. I recommend the book “Fatima, In Lucia’s Own Words”. Avoid Father Gruner.

        27. Being ruled over in the DARK AGES by your filthy papacy for 1,260 years was far worse than any dictatorship! And your modern day pope benedict XVI RATZ is nothing but a modern day child molester that served as a NAZI under ADOLF HITLER! YUK! YUK! PUKE! PUKE! BLAAAAA! You make me SICK!

        28. During the Dark Ages that lasted 1,260 years the Roman Catholic CULT slaughtered over 150 million Christians. In 1540 to 1570, 900,000 protestants were put to death by the Holy Catholic Cult.

        29. LUCI TOMLIN HAS A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF CHRISTIAN HISTORY THAN YOU DICK PRUDLO! If you really want to talk Christian history don’t lie and try to deceive people. Why your the ignoramus that doesn’t know what he’s talking about!! Ha, ha, ha! For 1,260 years the world was under the domination of your filthy popes! They held power of life and death over all; they denounced liberty of worship, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Your papacy suppressed all liberty and even prohibited the circulation of the Bible, putting thousands to death just for reading the Bible. Dick Prudlo, Let me guess, your a catholic school grad? Ha, ha, ha!

        1. “GREAT DESTRUCTIVE ACT” – “There will be a great destructive act committed in your city of New York.” – Our Lady of Fatima / “America, your country, the United States, a land of plenty, has never witnessed mass slaughter and death, but My children, unless and I say, unless you turn back now, your country will witness death such as never has gripped the heart of man before, a terror brought about by the knowledge that there has been a rejection of the truth, a rejection of your God.” – Jesus / “YOU HOLD THE BALANCE” – “Your country, the United States of America, and many other countries of the world are being deceived. While they go ‘forward’ seeking peace, the enemies of your God and your country are fast preparing to attack. Pray a constant vigilance of prayer, and recognize the faces of evil about you. Pray for the leaders of your country, My children. You hold the balance for the fate of your country.” – Our Lady of Fatima.

        2. WORSHIPPING IMAGES or statues like your Lady of Fatima or Mary is IDOLATRY! It is the pagan heathen worship of IDOLATRY! WORSHIP of the eucharist is IDOLATRY! Exodos 20:5 Thou shalt not bow down to any graven Image nor serve them For I the LORD thy God am a jealous GOD! KJV BIBLE
          The Roman Catholic CULT is the Kingdom of SATAN!


        4. You are a mindless troll, devoid of reason, Jazzpast. Everyone loved St. Francis and Mother Teresa and even the last pope, all of whom became what they were informed by their faith. Many Protestants are adulterers, as you cannot put down your spouse and take another. BTW, a Catholic bishop broke up the Bible’s books into chapter and verse, as The Church compiled The Bible.

        5. Your a Godless IDOL-WORSHIPPING PAGAN that’s ANTI-CHRISTIAN! Your a fascist just like your NAZI Pope! Your cult didn’t compile the KJV Bible! Your Catholic cult created it’s own fake Bible.

        6. The Roman Catholic cult of Mary is nothing but paganism! You serve a pagan cult! Your NAZI Pope RATZ the child molester is the prince of darkness.. RATZ rules over the Kingdom of SATAN! RATZ is the great imposter. RATZ is the DEVIL himself! Your Vatican is the Great Harlot Babylon that sits on the seven hills of Rome. And inside it sits the most corrupt evil body of men in this world. Your papacy has been killing Bible believing Christians for centuries. BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SINS FOR HER SINS HAVE REACHED UNTO HEAVEN AND GOD HATH REMEMBERED HER INIQUITIES!

        7. The Satanic Vatican and Catholic cult of Mary is the Kingdom of SATAN! Pope RATZ is the DEVIL himself! Your NAZI Pope is an ABOMINATION to God! He is the ANTI-CHRIST! And it was given unto him to make war with the saints and to overcome them, and power was given him over all kindreds and tougues and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him whose names are not written in the the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. Your Pope the DEVIL is going to be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone. Your Pope is going to the bottomless pit. Where the fire is not quenched and the worm dieth not. He will burn in the lake of fire forever and ever. He will burn as long as the world exists forever and ever he is going to burn. Marees1963, THE DEVIL HAS DECEIVED YOU

        8. Jazzpast, If your Mother had not slept with the devil and all his snakes so often and so many times we may not have eve had to put up with sick things like you! Oh and tell her we don’t need any more like you!


        10. While I fully support the visions of Our Lady of Fatima, I have never read this quote. I have read many that warn of a chastisement and Russia spreading its errors throughout the world, along with nations being annihilated, I have never read the United States directly warned in all of my readings on Fatima. Could you please provide a link to it?

        11. dshevlin, Yes we are close to the end. 6-6-6 = Six Hundred and Sixty Six divisions in the Roman Catholic Church, All these divisions in the world are going to be coming together. THERE IS GOING TO BE ONE BIG CHURCH. ONE BIG HEAD OVER THAT CHURCH, THE MAN OF SIN, THE SON OF PERDITION, THE ROMAN CATHOLIC POPE—–THE ANTICHRIST! One big church and your pope of Rome will be the religious Dictator of the whole thing. And he is going murder and martyr millions right here in the United States like in the Dark Ages. That’s what the DEVIL is doing today.

        12. Pope Benedict XVI RATZ IS NOTHING BUT A NAZI CHILD MOLESTER! A pope that served under Adolf Hitler himself! I SPIT ON YOUR GODLESS POPE BENEDICT XVI RATZ!! I WOULD SPIT IN HIS GODLESS FACE! Following the Roman Catholic pope is the blind leading the blind! Roman Catholicism is the HEATHEN WORSHIP of IDOLATRY! Your filthy stinking Pope Ratz sits in Rome wanting to take the place of Jesus Christ!

        13. You are full of it. BTW How many did Protestants slaughter during their big breaks? Didn’t many join the Masons? They make secret occult oaths at some point or at least fund Masonic left-wing globalist movements. Their big bloody tantrums led the way for French and communist revolutions that claimed to be for the people, but were coopted by opportunists, and only The Church had any encyclicals against them, at any point. One even banned membership in the Masons. Read some real history, not Jack Chick or university history all you haters out there!

        14. I know Christian history. What drugs are you on?? Your a real space cadet. Where do you get your history from watching the squidbillies? Your Roman Catholic church is the Kingdom of SATAN! And your NAZI pope benedict XVI RATZ is the DEVIL himself! Catholicism is pagan heathen idol-worship! The Roman Catholic cult of Mary is a pagan CULT! The Roman Catholic church isn’t a Christian church.

        15. Your ANTI-CHRISTIAN Roman Catholic pope wants to take the place of Jesus Christ… Your Pope is a FAKE! A FRAUD and a LIAR! HE IS REALLY THE DEVIL!

        16. In 1540 to 1570, 900,000 protestants were put to death by your Holy Catholic Cult. Your filthy Roman Catholic church martyred untold millions of true Christians. PERSECUTION is the spirit of the Devil! NOT CHRIST!

        17. Interesting….but not true. Protestants wiped out Monasteries, Convents and Clergy during the 30 years war in Germany, due to a Heretic Priest gone mad with his lust for power and women. Luther was a Ordained Catholic Priest who took the vow of continence, and when he left he ran off with one of the Augustianian Nuns and fathered 7 children. Got anymore history for us to look at?

        18. Your filthy stinking popes ruled over the world for 1,260 years why do you think they called it the DARK AGES!
          During the INQUISITION, instituted by pope innocent II, Your filthy monks and priests in their holier than thou garmets, directed torturing with heartless cruelty and INHUMANE BRUTALITY! Torturing, burning alive innocent men and women, imprisoned for life, RAPED, CHAINED TO STAKES near fires and roasted to death, thrown in dungeons, scourged, tortured on the rack before burned alive! Women buried alive in coffins too small, trampled down by the feet of your stinking priests! NO ROMAN CATHOLIC PAGAN HEATHEN IS GOING TO SILENCE ME! YOU BETTER PRAY TO YOUR GODLESS NAZI POPE BENEDICT XVI RATZ THE CHILD MOLESTER!



        20. Why wouldn’t the Vatican support Obama’s gun grab? The Vatican supported ADOLF HITLER’S gun grab. Roman Catholics have always supported Socialists. Their filthy pope benedict Ratz is a real live breathing NAZI that served ADOLF HITLER himself!

        21. Godfather Politics is a web site for ANTI-CHRISTIANS and Godless cults! This is what the Republican party has turned into. Your no better than the SCUM we have in the White House now!

  4. The Popes need to have tighter control over the diarheea spewing “officials” and the Osservatore Romano. The OR has no official teaching authority.

    1. No pope ‘needs’ to have or do anything but accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior; only then will HE go to Heaven. Period.

      1. Why do you contradict scripture? Jesus told Peter “Feed my Sheep”. He told all the Apostles to “Baptzie the Nations”. St Paul told Timothy “Call to obedience”. Accepting Jesus as Savior is not an excuse to disobey Him.

  5. I seem to remember stating that Ratzinger was a member of Hitler Youth. I also recall stated him calling for a one-world government. This demand really shouldn’t come as the shock of the decade, let alone century.

    1. the infatada or satanic anti Christ muslims brought on the Crusades. so yes we owe them freedom and rights. with out them you might be running around with pajamas and a towel on your head. also ever notice MUSLIM countries produce NOTHING they only take. please show me technology of any relevance that came from people that have cut circulation off from their heads bying tying the towel too tight.

  6. Cranio-rectal suffocation now blatantly observedat the Vatican! God only knows what the heck they are drinking in the confines of the hallowed halls.

  7. Gun control laws will only affect law abiding citizens. Law breakers will continue to ignore them. So who is empowered by them? Who is more at risk? It seems to me that making
    sure that criminals, when caught and convicted, are convinced that they never want to be caught again. Change the courts and the penalties to deter criminals, not encourage or embolden them.

    1. But Obama turns law abiding citizens into criminals and exalts those that break the laws(immigrants and excuse offering disadvantaged criminal)

    2. Surveys of convicted felons revealed their greatest concern/fear in planning or executing any crime against another person: NOT the police, but an armed victim and/or armed passerby who just may shoot them! “Gun-free zones” are crafted to create safe environments for mass killings so the pols can use the horror toward citizen disarmament. Why else would their proponents absolutely refuse to put such signs on their homes or property?

  8. As a Catholic with an understanding of the beliefs of many priests, you were wrong in how you wrote this piece. Many priests are firm supporters of the 2nd Amendment. You are very ignorant of the Church and Her teachings. You have no cause for concern after one man is interviewed and says he doesn’t like guns. Relax, my friend.

  9. The Vatican, the UN, and any other foreign entity isn’t the ruling body of this country. The President and Congress, the Supreme Court, are not the ruling body of this country. It’s WeThePeople who, by the Constitution, are the ruling body of this country and we had better get that through our thick heads before it’s no longer so.

  10. The pope needs to tend to the Churches needs and not what obama is doing to the citizens of this country. The pope can NOT stop the murdering of innocent babies under the name of Planned Parenthood!!!

    1. Wrong on both counts. He needs to dissolve this heresy once and for all time. The catholic church is a cult, nothing more, nothing less. I should know.

  11. While Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi appears to be lining up behind President Obama’s gun restrictions, possibly with the Pope’s agreement, President Obama appears to be lining up behind godless Marxist Communism, something that the new Pope and previous Pope understood and hated.

    Of course, Pope’s like to turn the other cheek. First.

    1. I’m ashamed and pissed off at my church. Federico Lombardi needs to go to hell.
      There is a name for people like him; collaborator!

  12. The catholic church itself is illegitimate and is not the rock upon which Jesus said he’d build his church. catholics can’t read, don’t understand and don’t follow Jesus…they follow these pope guys who have no more, possibly less, authority than I have. I mainline direct to Jesus; I confess to no man, I follow no man. 40 years a catholic until I read the Bible. Try it, you’ll like it and won’t even have to be concerned about purgatory…there is none. The ‘mother’ church, priests, bishops, cardinals…none of them have any authority. NONE!

  13. Please someone, send this post to te Vatican. You maybe should also provide your readers with the email address of the “anti-Christian” Vatican.

  14. What a messed up line of thinking:“…to limit firearms that are making society pay an unacceptable price in terms of massacres and senseless deaths…”

    Guns don’t kill people. Historically it has been governments that are responsible for the overwhelming majority of massacres and senseless deaths, and that frequently after disarming the populace that they then kill.

  15. This Pope sure sounds like a closet progressive. Unfortunately, many church organizations, e.g. the Vatican and the United Council of Churches, over the years have been infiltrated by left wingers. So it is not surprising when many pronouncements coming from those sources sound pretty goofy…

  16. I’m a Catholic and understand his misguided concerns but don’t agree with him getting involved in situations he doesn’t understand or our countries freedoms and constitution. If he wanted to support the elimination of violent movies and violent video games and he understood that these violent crimes take place in America because of liberal left wing socialist politicians who are always sympathetic towards letting criminals off with a slap on the hand and not caring for the mentally ill to rome our streets, then he could voice his opinion, but without that knowledge, he should be worrying about Obama’s push for more abortion rights and forcing religious institutions to pay for birth control and abortions…..

  17. Catholics want to control the world and are instrumental in doing so…the next POPE will be vicious and an anti Christ, the last one before the real movement into the Second Coming.

  18. Stupid fools God will let us know when to turn our swords into plowshares and it definitely is not the time when a muslim has made his way into the presidency and i think with 51% or close to that votes of Catholics in the first election, so much for those of you Catholics who yell about Birth Control, you voted for obama and you put abortion in a superchared mode. I cant believe you are so stupid or is it just dont give a darn? When you disarm the citizens of America you are arming a dictator barack hussein obama who lies ecause the religion of islam encourages him to do so because he is disablng the enemy which is the Good OLd USA. Now wake up fools.

  19. For two or three centuries, many Protestants have given figures
    concerning the total number of people killed directly or indirectly by
    the Papacy during the Middle Ages. The numbers given include 50
    million, 68 million, 100 million, 120 million, and 150 million. Roman
    Catholics typically give much smaller numbers. Some of the best examples of pubic slaughter was done in the name of Christianity, aka religion.

  20. IMHO the POPE should retire his judgement isn’t to good at this time, if he supports Obama…….. now iv’e heard everything.

  21. I am Catholic and pro NRA and 2nd Amendment. That does not impede on my Catholic faith. The Catholic church guides on faith and morals. The decision to carry a gun is protected by the 2nd Amendment. If I murder someone with my gun then it is a matter of morals (murder) but to carry a gun to defend myself or my country is not immoral. Not a conflict . Don’t try to make it one.

    1. Bearing arms of one’s choice, for one’s own purposes has always been the badge of a free man, versus the slave barred from arms (think Sparticus). Our Bill of Rights, including our 2nd Amendment merely enshrined our God-given, “natural” rights under force of law.

  22. Men want to control the world. To be all powerful they will use force. God is our force and he has made others who have made me a weapon, with a scope and a large capacity magazine. He is the ruler of all, so when his subjects are attacked by men who think they are god, they will have God on their side (my side) and the weapons he has supplied will be put to use for His glory!

  23. Doesn’t our good Pope remember what happened last time he got in bed with Obama?

    fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.

    1. One of the side-effects from celibacy, I suspect. Remember the medical cure for depression and other symptoms found at the beginning of the last century, enshrined with several patented “orgasm machines” at the Chicago Worlds Fair? Now they give you drugs.

  24. Do you think the Vatican will be against the alcohol and drug use as strongly ?? The number of deaths is much larger. Maybe some of the pasters would have to cut back on these habits ??? Living in a bubble makes some folks “expert” .”Onward Christian Soldiers” is one of my favorite songs, for many reasons…Only the strong survive in a World of hate and revenge….Love your friends and get close to your enemy, but do not turn the other cheek too many times….Dilligent intelligence must be used in all situations. Fear of the armed citizen is a better deterent to socialism and Marxism..God Bless America…and use your arms wisely.

  25. Dear People,

    Where are the ~ “3 City states” of the world?

    What is “Admiralty Maritime Law” and from where dose it spring forth from?

    What is “Lex Fori Law” and where dose that spring foth from?

    When you can answer these questions ~ then the answer to the question as to why is the Vatican Endorsing Barry OMENS push be so obvious that even the blind can see it.
    Peace and Love, Shalom

    1. city states 1. London the financial head. 2. washington the military head. 3 vatican the spiritual head. ADMIRAL law is the right for the federal government to take all private possession to pay national debt. maritime issues of English maritime wages/financing of vessels mute now. 3.lex fori- really reduced to venue. ALL is pointing to the “beast” or anti Christ, which seeks 1world government, reducing human life to the cheapest commodity on the face of the planet and cheapest renewable resource. the vatican also walks hand in hand in ecumuncalism, destroying the soul. God bless Israel may no weapon formed against her prosper. shalom.

      1. Dear Polmutant,
        Thank you so much for your responce I Thank GOD on high that others understand this gang of thugs for what they really are
        . Shalom My Friend Peace and Love be with you.

  26. I am glad I am not but if I were a Catholic I would be offended by this article that any non believer can tell any believer that he/she is right or wrong is just plain wrong as if the non believer knows what is right or wrong as believed by God.

  27. Looking back into history this is not surprising. The Vatican state exists because the pope agreed not to interfere with the Nazi party and it’s actions in eliminating the Jew. Thus Vatican city became a seperate state.

  28. The Pope did speak generally against the extermination campaign. On January 18,
    1940, after the death toll
    of Polish civilians was estimated at 15,000, the Pope said in a broadcast, “The
    horror and inexcusable excesses committed on a helpless and a homeless people
    have been established by the unimpeachable testimony of eye-witnesses.”(14) During his Christmas Eve radio broadcast in
    1942, he referred to the “hundreds of thousands who through no fault of their
    own, and solely because of their nation or race, have been condemned to death or
    progressive extinction.”(15) The Pope never
    mentioned the Jews by name.

    In a September 1940 broadcast, the Vatican
    called its policy “neutrality,” but stated in the same broadcast that where
    morality was involved, no neutrality was possible.(18) This could only imply that mass murder was not
    a moral issue.

    The Pope’s indifference to the mistreatment of Jews was often
    clear. In 1941, for
    example, after being asked by French Marshal Henri Philippe Petain if the
    Vatican would object to anti-Jewish laws, Pius XII answered that the church
    condemned racism, but did not repudiate every rule against the Jews.(16) When Petain’s French puppet government
    introduced “Jewish statutes,” the Vichy ambassador to the Holy See informed
    Petain that the Vatican did not consider the legislation in conflict with
    Catholic teachings, as long as they were carried out with “charity” and

  29. The catholic church has from the beginning wanted total control of its true doctrine, its followers. It was centurys before the followers were aloud to even see the Bible and more centurys before they were able to posess one. Do not second guess me, I will stand with any who are expressing their right to chose their relegion, unlike the current regime and their choice which is acceptable to only their view. But that is the dictitorial id. Surender or die…..

  30. Nothing new for the Catholic Hierarchy; In medieval times, when they got control of the government in England, the FIRST thing they did was DISARM the Protestants. The bunch in the Vatican are as two faced as Beelzebub and crookeder than a snake. That’s why they HIDE the child molesters and all the Priests, Bishops and archbishops are RICH.

    1. I’m not a history professor, but I think Protestantism developed after Catholicism as part of the Reformation. They were the ones who took control of the English government and Henry VIII made himself head of the Church of England. I also think it was the Protestants who took the guns from the Catholics in Ireland because of the religious conflicts there.

  31. It is none of the Popes business he is not an American. It is interesting to me that all the people who have armed guards protecting them want to ban guns for the honest citizens, who want to protected their families and keep our dis honest government in check, that is why the founding fathers gave us the right to bar arms, they did not say the Government can have the state of the art muskets and the rest of the people can have bow and arrows they said Bar Arms. We are at a point in the US that there is no common sense left in it. Anyone with a half of brain we see that Obama jumped onto this tragedy to ban guns which was his master plan from the beginning,

  32. When Church leaders speak out on matters other than faith and morals, and do not clearly distinguish the fact, they risk confusion at best among the faithful and non-faithful alike, and apostasy at worse when other groups take advantage of seeming conflicts in theology.

    As near as I can tell, there is one — and only one — mistake that the Vatican (and the USCCB, though their support for gun control is not mentioned here) is making on this subject. It’s not that they’re “buying in” on rhetoric regarding the need for people to give up their guns, no; that’s a mistake, but not a mistake regarding the use of the Church’s authority. After all, even though we are told to sell our cloaks and buy swords, we’re also told that violence is not — is far from — an ideal.

    The mistake regarding the use of the Church’s authority is where her leaders are suggesting, if not outright claiming, that the only way to solve the perceived problems of gun violence lies in government action. Any time that the Church moves in this direction, it always causes problems for the faithful; and we can see no greater time than when the Church sided with “social justice” programs in the United States without first determining the definition and extent of “social justice.”

    Whenever this happens, the Church never teaches by word that individual lives should be subsumed into the state; but other people see that in her actions, and some of those people have malice in their hearts and seek to confuse or corrupt the faithful for their own ends.

    If this keeps up, this will be no different.

  33. Bama is a danger to the constitution and our 230+ year experiment in self government. . He goes to war memorials in DC and pretends he is paying homage to veterans who fought communists in VietNam and Korea. He turns around and associates with communists nand terrorists, grows up with communists, appoints communists, and has communist policies. What kind of monster does that? A person that hates America and wants to tranform it into a sysytem that never has worked.

  34. This is the same church that protects child molesters. They lost credence decades ago. They traded in their clout for walls that protected pedophiles. This is a church that has prostituted itself into absurdity.

  35. This is coming from a bunch of folks that cover up abuse to the members of it church. The Church wonders why the flock is thinning being around a bunch of homosexuals and other sick minded priest. If you choose not to bear arms that is your choice but do not decide for the rest of America.

  36. The Bible tells us that the anti christ will deceive many. It will cause them to believe a lie,…Mat 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

  37. Catholics need to tell the Vatican that

    ~300 MILLION AMERICANS (this number includes soldiers and police) DID NOT SHOOT ANYONE

    STOP PUNISHING THE INNOCENT for the acts of a few criminals.


  38. Dear Pope, Have you forgotten the following:——in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Under ‘The Duties of Citizens’ (2243) we learn:

    ARMED RESISTANCE to oppression by political authority is not legitimate, unless all the following conditions are met: 1) there is certain, grave, and prolonged violation of fundamental rights; 2) all other means of redress have been exhausted; 3) such resistance will not provoke worse disorders; 4) there is well-founded hope of success; and 5) it is impossible reasonably to foresee any better solution.
    Dear Pope, Please explain how this would be accomplished by your flock if their ARMS are removed. ——–You support this at your own peril, dear Pope. If you haven’t seen the movie “For Greater Glory”, I suggest you give it a look-see. And if you think it couldn’t happen in this day and age, and in the good ole USA you are sadly mistaken. They have already started by forcing your Church to provide ABORTION producing drugs for your employees. Do you really think it will stop there? I suggest you give it some deeper thought, Pope. God Bless and GHU!. (God help us)

  39. First of all the very title of this piece is misleading as Fr. Lombardi lacks the authority to speak on behalf of the Vatican; much less the Universal Church (i.e. the Catholic Church). It would also do this author well to review his history as it has always been the Catholic Church that has been the most outspoken against Marxist regimes and ideology. And make no mistake, the Church’s teaching on social justice has absolutely NOTHING to do with socialism. This whole article is nothing more than yet another example of someone that is simply ignorant of Catholicism.

  40. Maybe if this church would forget its thoughts of grandeur and get over its authority complex it just might get out of its own way. This church will propagandize its surrogate version of christ while it grabs for all the money and power it can get! Can’t wait for the inquisition to start ……. AGAIN!

  41. I am a baptized Catholic and this isn’t the first time I have disagreed with edicts from the Vatican. From the looks of the butler scandal there, they have enough of their own problems to tend to. People make a choice to remain catholic, just as they do about owning firearms. Many of the changes (for the sake of change) coming out of the Vatican have me wavering about my faith. His Eminence Benedict needs to attend to issues of faith and stay out of our personal choices.

  42. The Catholic Church is siding with evil. It is a person’s God given right to be able to protect themselves from tyranny. PJP recognized it. Why is it that a pope from Germany of all places not recognize the dangers inherent with disarming a populace?

  43. This church has been in up to it’s pointy hats in power and government since the days of old world kings. But that they would side with this evil, after he’s plainly told the Catholic Church to ‘take a hike’ on his contraception mandate, is beyond logic.

  44. This is why Roman Catholics are leaving the church in droves, The leaders of the church are SO-TWO-FACED, just like the king obuma administration! They smile in your face and they stab you in the back! While in Catholic School, they never told us they burnt Catholics at the stake for translating the Bible into their native languages among many other EVIL things! I live by this phrase, “ONLY FREE MEN CAN OWN FIREARMS FOR SELF-DEFENSE, SLAVES CAN NOT!”

  45. Why does the Vatican have such a large ARMED army of its own? I am Roman Catholic but this just goes overboard. Time to tell the Pope to get SCREWED and keep his nose out of OUR business.

  46. How are you conservative retards going to win elections in 2014?? What, with millions of people like me who plan on cheating in upcoming elections, You’ll lose just like you did last year. You’ll have to bring on civil war to stop us (and even then, you won’t stop us, you’ll get brutalized!)

  47. Dear Pope, Have you forgotten the following:——in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Under ‘The Duties of Citizens’ (2243) we learn:

    ARMED RESISTANCE to oppression by political authority is not legitimate, unless all the following conditions are met: 1) there is certain, grave, and prolonged violation of fundamental rights; 2) all other means of redress have been exhausted; 3) such resistance will not provoke worse disorders; 4) there is well-founded hope of success; and 5) it is impossible reasonably to foresee any better solution.

    Dear Pope, Please explain how this would be accomplished by your flock if their ARMS are removed. ——–You support this at your own peril, dear Pope. If you haven’t seen the movie “For Greater Glory”, I suggest you give it a look-see. And if you think it couldn’t happen in this day and age, and in the good ole USA you are sadly mistaken. They have already started by forcing your Church to provide ABORTION producing drugs for your employees. Do you really think it will stop there? I suggest you give it some deeper thought, Pope. God Bless and GHU!. (God help us)

  48. Lombardi does not speak for the Catholic Faith any more than Vince did. He is a hack news guy for Vat. Radio and anyone can work there or say as they please. Come on get real.

  49. You need to understand that the AUTHOR of O’s gun grab is very highly positioned within the Vatican, then the rest falls into place. This is a GLOBAL issue, not just an American agenda. Until that’s understood and accepted, it will continue to not make sense!

  50. When will the canonization process start for Obama? The church needs a slick-hustler black guy for sainthood ……. great for the PR machine and to placate the masses even more!

  51. What you expect from the catholic church? An organization that needed no guns to kill millions of people in the name of their cult. An organization that use their “religion” name to kill thousands of people during the inquisition. Kill millions during the Crusades. Organized legions of butchers that killed many, that loot every country in their journey to reach the Holy Land with the excuse of liberating it from the Muslims. What you expect from an organization whose leader ii a Nazi?

  52. I am Catholic, but I do not agree with the current authorites andfor sure, from a biblical point, they are incorrect, as the church has taughtthat people have the right to determine their lives, and not even God (Jesus) whom the Chruchpuports to represent, forces anyone to lvoe Him, but gives the ma free choice to either love Him or not. Certainly, if we have the choice from God to accept Him or reject Him, then certianly we have the right to defend ourselves from those who would desire to enslave us, by force obvioulsy, whether it be a person or a government.

  53. You need to get straight that the AUTHOR of O’s gun grab is very highly positioned within the Vatican, and that he’s also behind all of UN Agenda 21, the MB terrorism, and most of the evils we see proliferating in the world at large. Once you get that understood and accepted, the rest makes a twisted, sick sort of sense, but is comprehensible.

  54. I am just ready to accept the US military to stage a military coup. I believe it is the only way we can clean out the filth and lies from the federal govt. The State level politicians would surely get the message and clean up their act quickly. I believe one year of house cleaning, from the WH to the lowest level Fed agency. I believe our JCS has thought of this but have kept it to themselves. Drastic measures for drastic times.

  55. Shame on the Pope and I’m Catholic, his background is one of a poor stand for freedom. A Nazi education is or I would think would be hard to break off.

  56. You can always count on the Vatican to adopt the side of the governing body. They do not want a replay of the occassion upon which King Henry the Eighth tossed their catholic butts out of England and established his own church (The Church of England). The Vatican adopted the side of Nazi Germany during the second war. They are a pathetic group of child molesters and other assorted scumbags and I was raised a catholic. Forgive them for they know not what they do.

  57. It is to bad that with all the brain power these highly educated men in Rome have that they don’t understand history. Disarming a population has ALWAYS resulted in Tyrannical rule and high crime. That is a FACT! Look it up, remove your heads from where the sun doesn’t shine and see the Light.

  58. What do you expect from a “Hitler Youth” Das Furher couldn’t beat the allies after the United States entered the war. Now Rat-zinger now wants Americans disarmed. For the greater good fo the one world government and “his” one world religion.

  59. The biggest problem I see with gun control is that once implemened only the criminals and the government, of course, will have guns!

    1. The biggest problem with gun control is that it punishes


      STOP PUNISHING THE INNOCENT for the acts of a few criminals.

      STOP IT

  60. I’m a Catholic who listens to AFR regularly and the common sense voice of conservatives and those who love freedom and admire and uphold the Constitution. I’m disappointed in the USCCB who can be idealists without political training and awareness. They were excited about Obamacare because in principle and at a glance it was universal health care. Glad they spoke up about the Mandate but it’s lame that they didn’t investigate Obama and the of reality of his subterfuge (not to mention the Democrat’s reckless system of tax and spend). What about the unethical creeping taxation on Americans to pay for the myriad of social programs (that can overburden the system with debt and eventually break it down)? And then there’s immigration and the Catholic Social Justice teachings. You hear an emphasis on drug cartels wiping out Catholic villages. So because of that you push for amnesty? It’s so easy to feel bad for families being ripped apart through deportation but do you open yourself to the heap of problems illegals cause?! And you don’t hear the Bishops telling them “OBEY THE LAW AND YOU WON”T HAVE THESE PROBLEMS!” Why did AZ come up with SB 1040? Because of extreme problems with illegal immigrants and bad things happening to US and AZ citizens. The media doesn’t tell you jack. I don’t think Bishops are stunned and indignant with info from the conservative point of view. They have good intentions, but without all the facts and what system works better for the common good, they can unwittingly propagate Obama’s loathsome agenda, government control of the economy, and Socialism unto the grinding down of America.

  61. Although, I am Catholic, I disagree with the Pope. He doesn’t have the exposure that we have with armed wackos or criminals that shouldn’t be walking the streets. Until he walks in my shoes, he doesn’t have the right to form an opinion. My life comes before my religion…

  62. This article is full of lies. The Vatican said no such thing, unless the Pope says it ex cathedra or it follows in line with what the Church has always taught for over 2 millennia it’s just the ramblings of a liberal disguised as a Catholic. The Church itself did NOT support Obama, again liberals disguised as Catholics did. The Church would never support Obama.

    1. When the pope calls Lombardi a liar, I will believe you.The Vatican has always been slow to criticize tyrants, especially socialist ones!

      1. And what is that supposed to mean? I bet you were educated in public school weren’t you? Quit being a tool of the devil!

    1. That is absolutely 100% FALSE, a lie straight from satan himself. More people have been murdered in the name of atheism that ALL religions combined. That even includes the islams.

  63. It’s a know fact, that more people have been killed because of religious belief’s, than any other reason. Religious wars are going on to this day.

  64. Disturbing. I’m becoming a Catholic, but I’m not liking this news. Of course, no one’s going to agree with his church 100% anyway, but the hierarchy need to give this more thought.

  65. The Vatican is a socialist Empire! Why do you think that so many Catholics in the west ignore them, they are hypocrites and ineffectual as leaders and doctrinaires. This is not to say they are wrong on Christian doctrine per se, such as being anti-abortion and against the federal government forcing them into compliance with Unconstitutional laws such as provision of healthcare and particularly birth control, etc. as our tin horn tyrant is trying to do!

  66. There just as many criminals in the Vatican as there is in Chicago. Do you really care what they think about whats going on here? Are they going to help us if we need help? NO!!
    So please save it dont care what they think.

  67. The Catholic Church is rich beyond belief, but has, as members, some of the poorest people in the world. Yet, they do as the Church says or get excommunicated. But, if a politician or someone of importance, and belongs to the Catholic Church, disobeys the rules of the Church, nothing is said or done. Why is that??

    1. I am a Catholic, and I am a practicing Catholic. I have been at odds with my religion at times and don’t always agree with it, but I try and abide by my faith. I can’t explain this and I find it very disappointing.

  68. Does this mean that all catholics will dutifully turn in their guns?
    If so, I would like to make an offer. At least you can get $. More than what the gov. will give you. I am sure most of the readers here would also be interested. Just post a reply with your city and someone from that city will reply back.
    It should include all magazines, ammo, knives, swords, machetes, kitchen knives, baseball bats, golf clubs, bb guns, sling shots, bows & arrows, rolling pins, pointy sticks, rocks, bricks, 2×4’s, or any other object that can possibly be used for self defense of you or your family.
    Demonstrating absurdiy by being absurd.

  69. As a Catholic and a former Director of a State Rifle Association, I am saddened and angered that the progressive lobby within the Vatican would promote something clearly outside of their purview.

    “Though defensive violence will always be ‘a sad necessity’ in the eyes of men of principle, it would be still more unfortunate if wrongdoers should dominate just men.”
    – St. Augustine

  70. The Pope is a former Nazi. The Catholic Church sided with Hitler and Nazis in order to try and wipe out all Jews! Despite the Church’s biblical teachings against homosexuality, the Catholic Church still hires homosexual priests who prey upon children, and then tries to cover up their criminal offenses, and hide their criminal priest offenders!!! The Catholic Church is all about power and control! That is why they refuse to allow women to be priests, and preach their sermons in Latin so that their congregation doesn’t know what is being said, and those same congregations are like sheep, repeatedly saying the same responses over, and over, and over again; stand up, sit down, kneel; sheep! No wonder why people are dropping out of the Catholic Church in droves… The Catholic Church just recently admitted that Mary Magdalene was not a whore, and maybe they have realized that the Earth is not flat?! They do now, at least partially, believe in scientific research?! They once said that dinosaurs did not exist, that they were faked and planted around the world. At least they have a telescope so that they can see that the earth is not the only planet, and that there may be a lot more to learn about our existence…

  71. Obamas mother was a secular humanist and so is he. Download Humanist Manifesto 1 & 2 and see Obama,abortion,euthanasia ( Obama care). Last year at the National Prayer Breakfast he told everybody how great Humanist Values were.

  72. I see the POTUS dancing with glee when it comes to murdering the unborn which the church is so against, but 5 will get you a thousand Obama will use this to defend his march and reel towards gun confiscation and the subversion of the second amendment. Beware and be armed!

  73. May GOD forgive me but, since he was elected, never, ever have trusted this shifty-eye-looking Pope not his “policies”…
    Who knows, maybe he picked this creepy habit, while he was a menber of in the Hitler’s Youth Guard… There is something very spooky about him…
    When Catholics throughout the World lost Pope John Paull II, our Catholic Churd lost its true speritual leader and GOD’s repreentative on Earth… We all miss him very much!

  74. The Vatican is so wrong on so many things, so what’s one more? They have always sided with the despots. By the way, how many armed guards does the pope have?


  76. Again, Lombardi speaks as though he were “The Vatican.” He does that often. Sadly, journalists and commentators repeatedly cite this liberal cleric–a big mouth who presumes to speak out on political matters–as though he were some official voice for Catholics. He is no such thing. Please stop believing that he states the official position of the Church or the Pope. He is not the Pope. He is not a spokesman for the Pope. Catholics can hold different political opinions on these matters. My view: BHO’s gun grab is an act of tyranny. I pray for him and, within the bounds of civility and law, I oppose him as much as I can.

  77. The tiresome but consistent Protestant exaggeration of the so-called “Inquitision” (of which there were actually several) once again rears its ugly head. Nobody is defending these trials as being either charitable or humane, but they were a product of their time. There are good and bad people in any organization, and that includes the Church. However, the idea of removing heresy is not all bad; think of the mess we have today with supposed “Christians” all fighting against one another and so intent on “accommodating” heresies like Islam that they can’t even see who the enemy is. In terms of people being tortured and killed for the faith, there are several facts conveniently overlooked here. First, torture and death were a normal part of the legal system at that time. This is not to condone it, but it is to simply point out that it is unfair to look at it from our 21st century standpoint. This treatment was routinely applied to prisoners of all kinds, particularly political ones. Second, the Catholic Church never killed anyone. The Inquisitions were carried on by the civil governments. Third, religious trials were not the exclusive province of the Catholic Church. Once Protestantism took over, both Luther and Calvin supported the purging of heretics and Catholics (check out what happened to Jacques Gouet, tortured and beheaded in 1547; and Michael Servetus, burned at the stake, for example). In England and Ireland, many thousands of Catholics were killed and still more forced to flee to Europe for their lives. And who do you think was responsible for the Salem Witch Trials here in Massachusetts? It wasn’t the Catholic Church. The point is, the numbers quoted were absolutely absurd, and are the product of a anti-catholic histrionics by late 19th-early 20th Century protestants. That sort of misinformation is not helpful any more than it is accurate. The important thing is to realize that neither Catholics nor Protestants engage in this sort of behavior any more, and both should accept responsibility for it and exhibit contrition. There is only one so-called “religion” today that practices and encourages this sort of thing, and that must be resisted and stopped by all Christians.

  78. “An armed citizenry is necessary to the security of a FREE state. That doesn’t mean hunting rifles, it means an ARMED citizenry.” – Fatima / Gun Control – “You won’t get gun control by disarming law abiding citizens. There’s only one way to get real gun control. Disarm the thugs and the criminals, lock them up and if you can’t actually throw away the key, at least lose it for a long time…it’s a nasty truth, but those who seek to inflict harm are not fazzed by gun controllers. I happen to know this from personal experience.” – Ronald Reagan

  79. The tiresome
    but consistent Protestant exaggeration of the so-called “Inquitision”
    (of which there were actually several) once again rears its ugly head. Nobody
    is defending these trials as being either charitable or humane, but they were a
    product of their time. There are good and bad people in any organization, and
    that includes the Church. However, the idea of removing heresy is not all bad;
    think of the mess we have today with supposed “Christians” all
    fighting against one another and so intent on “accommodating”
    heresies like Islam that they can’t even see who the enemy is. In terms of
    people being tortured and killed for the faith, there are several facts
    conveniently overlooked here. First, torture and death were a normal part of the
    legal system at that time. This is not to condone it, but it is to simply point
    out that it is unfair to look at it from our 21st century standpoint. This
    treatment was routinely applied to prisoners of all kinds, particularly
    political ones. Second, the Catholic Church never killed anyone. The
    Inquisitions were carried on by the civil governments. Third, religious trials
    were not the exclusive province of the Catholic Church. Once Protestantism took
    over, both Luther and Calvin supported the purging of heretics and Catholics
    (check out what happened to Jacques Gouet, tortured and beheaded in 1547; and
    Michael Servetus, burned at the stake, for example). In England and Ireland,
    many thousands of Catholics were killed and still more forced to flee to Europe
    for their lives. And who do you think was responsible for the Salem Witch
    Trials here in Massachusetts? It wasn’t the Catholic Church. The point is, the
    numbers quoted were absolutely absurd, and are the product of a
    anti-catholic histrionics by late 19th-early 20th Century protestants. That
    sort of misinformation is not helpful any more than it is accurate. The
    important thing is to realize that neither Catholics nor Protestants engage in
    this sort of behavior any more, and both should accept responsibility for it
    and exhibit contrition. There is only one so-called “religion” today
    that practices and encourages this sort of thing, and that must be resisted and
    stopped by all Christians.

  80. They are not wrong according to their policies, Vatican’s authorities supported
    Castro’s regime in Cuba and still doing it, here in the USA did nothing against the attack on Catholic’s religious principles in Obamacare, only some church authorities representatives (with pants) are speaking from themselves defending our Catholic
    principles while Vatican’s authorities support enemies of his own ideology as President Obama is.
    It looks to me that They are applying the “business are business” politic to
    religious principles, I’m Catholic and I noticed that long time ago in Cuba, now unfortunately I’m observing same coward attitude from Church authorities in the USA, that is why I really know that my compromise is with God not with the Vatican.
    God Bless America!

  81. I posted this to my timeline and received the following comments: An inaccurate spin on the Vatican’s position. They agree with controlling and limiting. Who wants a mentally ill person buying a gun?? I responded, Do you have any communication of their position so that we can correct this with the people at Godfather Politics? I am sure they would want to know this.. She then responded: Paragraph 4 cites in quotes the Vatican agreement with “limits”. Paragraphs 7 – 10 are opinions and misrepresentations of the Vatican’s and the recent American Church’s positions.

  82. When I woke up to the radical
    leftist theology in the church I joined the Latin mass right wing of the
    church, when the Latin mass right wing of the church attacked Ludwig von Mises
    of the Austrian school of economics, I left the faith entirely. Mises’ family
    motto is Tu Ne cede Malis, “do not give in to evil,” and the rest of
    the motto from Marcus Aurelius is “do not give it any assistance.”
    Another famous quote I love is, “He who does not fight evil, commands that
    it be done. What you allow you avow, and the delusional dialectic of the
    Catholic Church makes you think that the pope and the core are holding to
    strong values, but in actuality they are all neo-Marxists, but then may
    protestant churches today are as well. The UN front man Rick Warren has misled
    many down the path to their sustainable socialist future.

  83. The Vatican has screwed up too many times- which is why I am no longer a Catholic. They protected pedophile priests, they encouraged illegal immigration, and now they want the American people to be disarmed. The Pope should stick to his Poopmobile where he’s safe from the casual nuts and stay with his “religion”.. and stay the hell out of foreign politics.

    1. Why would you “bet” that, Roy? If you did, you would lose. Hitler was an atheist and hated the Church almost as much as he hated the Jews. After the War, the communists spread lies about Catholics collaborating with the Nazis, because they are atheists, too. You can read a book review about the subject, and you might enjoy the book itself, here

  84. The Church teaches that the Pope is infallible ONLY when he speaks “Ex
    Sedia et Cathedra”, that is, when he speaks of official Catholic Church Doctrine
    from his seat as Pope of the Church.

    As a man, he is as fallible as everyone else! His opinion is just that, his opinion!

    we should all have an Army of Swiss Guards and travel in bulletproof
    automobiles? Where is the “Trust in God’s Will” in that?

    Perhaps there exists exclusionary clauses that we aren’t aware of?

    Everyone is entitled to protection, not just the “important” people.

    I am a practicing Catholic and love my Religion but, like our government, the ministrators can leave much to be desired. And people should not take as Gospel everyday talk and opinions, that comes out of Washington or Rome.

  85. I am disappointed to hear this as well. You all certainly know that when Pope JPII was shot he never called for gun control, any more than did Ronald Reagan. This guy Lombardi is not the Pope, and the “47 religious leaders” to which he refers may not even be Catholic. Even if they were, and even if the Pope himself were for gun control, none of this has anything to do with faith and morals, and it would only be his personal opinion and in no way binding upon Catholics. So it really is irrelevant. What is disgusting is the anti-Catholic people reading this site who feel the need to spout their venom against the Pope, specifically the allegations that he was a Nazi. That is ridiculous, and the way things are going in the public schools in America under obama, your children will probably soon be in the same position as he was. Here is what he said when asked about it:
    “Q: Were you in the Hitler Youth?
    “A: At first we weren’t, but when the compulsory Hitler Youth was
    introduced in 1941, my brother was obliged to join. I was still too
    young, but later, as a seminarian, I was registered in the HY.
    “As soon as I was out of the seminary, I never went back. And that was
    difficult, because of the tuition reduction, which I really needed, was
    tied to proof of attendance at the HY.
    “Thank goodness, there was a very understanding mathematics teacher. He
    himself was a Nazi but an honest man, who said to me, ‘Just go once and
    get the document so that we have it …’
    “When he saw that I simply didn’t want to, he said, ‘I understand, I’ll take care of it,’ and so I was able to stay free of it.”

  86. The Church does not support the “Gun grab”, only certain churchmen. Also, true Catholic — those who actually follow the teachings of the Church, who practice their faith — are not Socialist. There is a great divide in the Church today. In the past, apostates have left the Church, today we their mentally have but remain and increase the level of rot therein.

  87. What it’s bad enough having to write 535 congressmen every day and tell them they are violating their oath of office every minute of every day now we have to start writing Bishops and Cardinals telling them that the Pope is playing into the devils hand and is going to loose his shirt and the family homestead as well in so doing..

  88. I am a Catholic. I DO NOT agree with this position AT ALL. I am not obligated by CONSCIENCE to agree with the Vatican on any statement that I believe does not represent TRUTH. Many of those Misguided Vatican types are nothing more than Marxists in disguise. Even Christ had an Apostle who turned on him.
    Infiltration by evil into good organizations or churches, does not mean that we, the body of the church, follow them blindly..

  89. The hole problem is that it is not the firearms that are causing the problems, it the criminals that are the problem because they are getting firearms. Let every free citizen carry a gun and this country will be a hole lot safer. Don’t believe me, look up the crime stats for Kennesaw, Ga. This city has an ordinance that states that every household shall have a firearm. There are exceptions, but the criminals have know way of knowing who doesn’t have a gun.

  90. This is a false. Lombardi represents ‘himself’ and not the Vatican or the Catholic Church. It may seem like a detail to you Tad, but it’s not.

  91. These same authoritarian Pope, Bishops, Cardinal, Priests and Nuns are the same Catholic who Taught Liberation Theology Doctrine (Marxist Revolutionary Teachings Via The Church) that sparked violent Communist Revolutions in Central, Latin and South America. The Liberation Theologians were behind the Sandanistas in Nicaragua, Communists in El Salvador, and other nations in the 1980’s and onward. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s Pastor and so-called Spiritual Advisor and many other Black Churches in the USA have there Own Version of the Catholic Church’s Liberation Theology, except Wright and the black leaders call it Black Liberation Theology that is basically identical to Radical Islamist Jihadists. Nothing the churches do today surprises me. The Episcopalian have Openly Gay Vicars, and other such nonsense. And, many catholics are calling to have Married Priests due to a shortage. What will be the next Christian Tradition to go??

  92. To all the “Catholic Hating” Protestants on this page, please read “Characters of the Inquisition” by William Thomas Walsh. Never in history has so much destruction come upon the world than when Protestants which means Protestors, revolted against the Sovereign Pontiff, who was given the ‘Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven”, and “Whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven, and whatsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven.” “Whose sins you shall forgive they shall be forgiven them, and whose sins you shall retain they shall be retained.” “Thou art Peter and upon this Rock I will build my Church (Rock and Peter mean the same thing in Hebrew.) and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” – If there is confusion about what is happening at the Vatican NOW, look at your Lutheran History Books and find out why…..the same destruction that evolved from Luther has now poisoned the highest structures of the Church including the present False Pope. False because he was consecrated in the New Odious Rite which is in keeping with Protestant infidelities and New Age invalidity. “How will you know these Wolves in Sheeps Clothing? “By their fruits you shall know them.” Birth Control, Abortion, Divorce, are all offspring of Protestant revolt against truth. Protestants don’t know about the sin of “Onan”, nor that Jesus said, “What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” but rather have created a “New Age” ideal where multiple wives and husbands is permitted under the name of legal Divorce.

  93. Vatican II was a Robber Council, and those popes who supported it are invalid. We are witnessing the communist takeover of the Vatican, but the Church still lives in those who will uphold the Magisterium of the Faith. Look for WFTS Catholic Radio and find out where the Underground Church really is, and why we have to look at history to know, this man cannot be pope and support heresy, apostasy, and Lutheran doctrine. Luther turned the Altar into a Table, Mass facing the people, communion in the hand, eucharistic ministers, leavened bread, and blasphemed the Blessed Virgin Mary and her perpetual Virginity, as well as Jesus Christ and his spotless humanity. Jesus was like us in all things except sin. Luther rewrote history and the Bible…don’t be fooled again, vatican II is just another reformation against the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. How do you know? Nuns without their formal habits, Priests without their collars, Kneelers removed from Churches, Statues removed from Churches, Nuns serving Mass or saying Mass, depends on which part of Liberal you belong, and Altar Girls. Wonder why the World is such a Mess, because 75% of the Church Apostatized. This was predicted by Jesus….”and when the Son of Man returns, do ye think he will find faith?”

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