Voter Fraud Could Decide Next Election

Reports are coming in that the voter rolls have been faked. We knew that the voter rolls were padded in places like Chicago, but now we’re learning that the fraud is more widespread than we ever could have imagined. The question is, can we do anything to stop it?

In the days of the Soviet Union, Communist leaders would generally get 95 percent of the vote, and nearly every eligible voter voted.

A new report by Pew Center on the States estimates that among 24 million voter registrations, about one out of every eight are either no longer valid or are inaccurate. Of the invalid or inaccurate registrations, 1.8 million belong to deceased individuals and 2.75 million belong to people who are registered to vote in more than one state.

You can see how these fraudulent voter numbers can be used to tip an election. Most of elections these days are close to even. We are a 51 to 49 percent nation. It doesn’t take much fraud to throw enough votes to a favorite-son candidate. The Kennedy-Nixon presidential election in 1960 was always thought to have been won by Kennedy due to voter fraud:

Many Republicans (including Nixon and Eisenhower) believed that Kennedy had benefited from vote fraud, especially in Texas, where Kennedy’s running mate Lyndon B. Johnson was Senator, and Illinois, home of Mayor Richard Daley’s powerful Chicago political machine. These two states are important because if Nixon had carried both, he would have won the election in the Electoral College.

It was serious enough that many Nixon supporters urged him to contest the race.

You know that Liberals have been using these bogus rolls to pad their numbers. 2012 may be the first national election that there are more votes than actual voters.

There’s another element to voter numbers that’s troubling and easily fixed. The Pew study “also found that 51 million U.S. citizens are eligible to vote, but have not registered. This represents 24 percent of the voting eligible population.”

Tens of millions of Americans who are eligible to vote don’t vote. Of course, some of these non-voters we don’t want to vote, but I suspect that there are big numbers of conservative, anti-big-government Americans who have given up on the political process. They don’t see much of a difference between Democrats and Republicans. The reason that we have a one-party “Republicrat” political system may be due to voter indifference. If you are one of them, now is the time to reengage. Too much is at stake. Your non-vote only means greater voting strength for the opposition. Remember, the presidential race is not the only one being run. Congress can stopped the President if it has the will and the guts.

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  1. Iowa GOP loses the votes from 8 counties. Ron Paul gains nearly double the votes in every election held so far EXCEPT in Nevada where it seems the Clark County votes may have been surpressed. Maine GOP tells an entire county they must postpone their caucus only to tell them afterwards that their caucus votes will not count.
    It's not just voter fraud that's being perpetrated, but election fraud, too.
    They have to purge the voter rolls more often than they do. It's also time for voter ID cards. Then, either a purple finger or a henna stamp on the back of the hand with the precinct number after a paper ballot is tossed in a box with a recorder/live stream video focussed on the box while voting is taking place. After the voting is complete, the votes are tallied aloud and recorded both on paper and the entire procedure is videoed. And no more union controlled voting machines. I'm sure the fraudsters will still try to get around this, but it will be much harder.

    1. "One of the penalties of not participating in politics is that you will be governed by your inferiors." Plato

      This says it all!

    2. You're soooo right! My boyfriend is italian and he says that he's so surprised by how we vote because fraud is so easy to commit. Where I vote, I have to present my driver's license. There is NO reason why "poor people" can't have a form of ID because they certainly need it to get welfare, foodstamps, buy cigarettes and alcohol.

      I'm wondering WHY if all of these dead people were discovered on the voting rosters, why weren't they removed immediately? Or those having more than one state, county address notified and if no response removed from the roster? If they say it would cost too much, then let's have people (after a background check) volunteer to go through to rosters. I would volunteer 20+ hours per week to help get things straightened out. The left would protest this because they NEED to commit fraud in order to get people elected.

      1. A few years back, somebody did bring the subject of dead voters up to the mayor of Chicago. He answered that there is no plan in the works to cull the voting rosters. (In other words, we always had them and intend to keep them.) So much for fraudulent elections in Chicago.

    3. Sorry, Icoulda, but you are totally wrong about Nevada. The alleged fraudulent voting came from a very small voter turn out. You can blame it on apathy, not fraud.

    4. On one video on youtube they did call the votes out loud and video tape the whole thing. Ron Paul won clearly. The man who taped it put up the video, so he said. When the media later reported the winner, it was someone else. No surprises. They will do it right to your face and there doesnt seem to be one thing anyone can do. How do you contest election results? And who will get to go over that? The same people? With the same lies?

        1. Thanks for giving your future votes to the libs. Oh ya, we need more Americans like you. How much are you being paid by the libs to do this?

      1. This is something I've been concerned about. The conservative can have a wide margin win, yet the liberal Sect'y of State could certify the losing demrat as winner; citing false results.

    5. There comes a point in time when we have to look to God and not lose heart. Just make sure that you know what God expects of you before it is too late. Because Jesus is coming back to judge the nations. These evil doers may think the are winning, but in the end judgement will be swift and sure as TRUTH prevails. Of course no one knows the hour, but it will happen. Are you ready?

      1. Yeah, right! God is watching over the voting process??? I think God is much to busy, and if so inclined, would not interfer. If God was to make sure only "richeous" people were elected, we wouldn't have this commie/Muslim/usurper in the white house in the first place! But, just so you know, I do pray for certain things. First on my list is that Obama assumes room temperature ASAP!

        1. Absolutely God is watching over the voting process….You cannot put God in a box. He is Omnipresent (can be anywhere at anytime, Omniscient (Knows everything), and Omnipotent (has absolute power). I never said God would only make sure righteous people were elected. Quite the opposite. It could very well be that the wold is being prepared for the return of Jesus Christ. Best to find out if you are ready for that. Because when it happens, it will be to late to get ready. You say you pray. Instead of praying for someone elses demise, why not pray with a contrite heart for your own salvation.

        2. D Rash…..Rom 13:1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: THE POWERS THAT BE ARE ORDAINED OF GOD.

          God is omniscient and knows the beginning and end of all things…including the election. He has often used wicked men as whipping sticks in judgment of His own people for their intractable sin. IMO, Obama is God's whipping stick. It would seem that our infanticidal nation has gotten the president it deserves. It remains to be seen if this will happen a second time. American's need to humble themselves before a Holy God and repent for our disregard for Him and for the wholesale slaughter of 50+million of our own children.

    6. Don't forget the highly improbable results from South Carolina, Gingrich wins in a landslide despite the fact he couldn't draw any type of a crowd, except for those that were actually paid to attend. He even had to cancel events due to lack of interest, not exactly the type of support that would result in a landslide victory. Actually would doubt seriously that any of the announced results in any of the primaries are anywhere near what the actual results really are. We are going to see much, much more exit polling from here on in, which really has the crooks howling, they seem to get quite upset at the thought of an honest election. Ron Paul 2012. The only candidate not pre-approved by the globalists.

      1. Yes, and the only candidate who does not support Israel according to his address to congress on January 9, 2010. Since the beginning of time, any nation or individual who has abandoned Israel has lost favor with God. We are already on dangerous ground. If you elect Dr. Paul, this country is doomed. Turning away from Israel would, without a doubt be the last straw. Obama has already started the process and we do not need Ron Paul to finish it. God puts leaders in power and He can take leaders down, but if He has to teach us a lesson, He may just use an ungodly leader to make His point. I pray for His mercy and at the same time, I realize we do not deserve it.

  2. Voter fraud is common in St. Clair County, IL. This is a democrat stronghold and the election process has been a joke for decades. Once in a great while someone goes to prison for this but, for the most part, fraud is winked at. In the upcoming election I suspect that we will see fraud on a scale even greater than before. The democrat stooges will clear out the taverns, the crack houses, the welfare motels, the union halls, and the heroin dens, and they will flood the polls with a river of toxic human sludge that has one thing in mind: re-elect the scum who enable them to parasize the rest of us. The last election may well have been the last real election; from now on, I believe we will have nothing but sham elections like the third world countries we will soon be joining.

        1. This is not anything new. If we ever do get a majority of people with integrety back in power we should make public execution the law of the land for crimes like this. I would not object to having the guilty held in stocks for twelve hours or so where they can stand naked enduring pubic humiliation and insults prior to their execution. While this might sound primative it also works. But justice should also be swift. We need to stop holding those that are sentenced to death for more than a week before carrying out the death. Any retrial should take place within a week. The first trial should take no longer than six weeks from the time of the crime. If they have run from the law to evade arrest that to me is a plea of guilty. We have become way too gentle in how we handle crime. We The People are fed up.

    1. Voter fraud a election decision have been happening for many years but, nothing has ever been done about it. Nor, will anything ever be done about it, thanks to the left-wing goof-balls in Washington. Besides, it's the only way they can win!

    2. Democrats are proud of their cheating. During the Bush – Gore thing in Florida, Donna Brazille bragged that "Put me on the streets one day, and I will put Gore over the top"

    1. Yes, but the dems are more full of crap! Most people, if they really evaluate themselves, tend to be more conservative yet the consider themselves dems… makes no sense!

      1. What's more surprising is that the demoncratic party were the ones surpressing the blacks, yet the morons vote strictly democrat. Makes my head want to explode. But then I realized it's all about the entitlements.

        1. Unfortunately, it's not just the dumb-o-crates that are committing voter fraud. The "irregularities" seem to be happening in many of the early caucuses and primaries and the media either blacks it out or ignores it completely. It makes me think more and more we're working two sides of the same coin.

        2. I don't agree. Republicans are not like Democrats. You don't see anything like Acorn in the Republican party, and the Democrats brag about their cheating. Democrats are morally criminal.

      2. That pretty much sums it up. So, your argument is that "the dems are more full of crap." Basically, you admit the repubs are full of crap – but, oh, 'my team is not as bad as your team." WOW. Excellence is a foreign language. You would have been on Montgomery's staff in WWII. Are you a St. Louis Rams fan?

    2. And just made the point…That attitude is why we're in the shape we are in…There is still time to change this Country, but we need to be involved and urgently plead with and educate those around us…win the House & Senate and we will return this Nation to GREATNESS.

    3. Impeach Obama now. We have more than one reason to do it. If we don't even if he is not elected at the ballot box he will not accept it and try to take over as a dictator.

  3. Obama won the first time by fraud. Why wouldn't he use the same tactics the 2nd time around?
    Unfortunately, we don't have a Dept of Justice that is willing to do its job and pursue criminal acts like election fraud (remember the Black Panther intimidation case) . What we do have is an Attorney General who is a pro-Islamic, anti-American ideologue who is complicit in abetting voter fraud and worse.

    Holder should have been gone and prosecuted by now. That he has not speaks volumes about the current members of Congress and their detachment from their responsiblity to protect the gov from enemies within. Rep. Daryl Issa needs to move faster in this investigation. Holder has been given far too much time to comply to Congressional requests for information and should be forced to comply NOW. He is Obama's legal arm used to obstruct justice and suppress truth.
    We need to amputate that arm.

    1. Take legal action against anyone permitting this to happen. That goes for the AG and the Prez. They are all a bunch of crooks. Mike Tanco

        1. Yes,Joan,the left went up in arms on just the mention of voter ID.The first thing they echoed was racial discimination and Charlie Rangle said it would bring us back to the civil rights movement years before.Look, these states know what's going on with voter fraud in our country.Dead people casting their vote,voting multiple times under multiple names.These states are just trying to put voting on the up and up.Some politicans like it the way it stands now, to tip elections in their favor.

        2. Charlie Rangel. Just the sound of his name makes me puke. Him and Pelosi, Barney Frank (thank goodness he's retiring!), Harry Reid, Maxine Waters, and Al Sharpton. All puke provocateurs.

        3. I am convinced after reading through the Bible more than once, that God watches our every move (including those mentioned above) and we get away with nothing, even if the consequences do not come in this life.

  4. I thought that I had voted by Absentee ballot from overseas in FLA –

    until while on leave when I went to vote in the “primaries” –

    I was a “surprise” to the precinct monitors – by showing-up in PERSON!

    This was algore county – Lakeland!

  5. Tens of thousands of Muslims are being allowed into the country each year. Large number of illegal immigrants are coming across our southern border. The Justice Department will not allow verification of citizenship. Guess who they'll vote for

      1. No it's also certain groups of people. If they didn't go along to get along…voter fraud would not be as bad. We need Picture ID as a minimum.

      2. Think again. In CA the illegals vote by the car or vanload. No ID check either. This is why O'bummer wants to give them all amnesty. They'll all be new Dumb-o-crates to vote for more goodies for themselves courtesy of the US Taxpayer.

    1. We need to have more monitors at every voting station & vote everyone of these pigs out of offi8ce & start over completely starting with the clown in the white house then piglosi & reid that will also take care of holder & the justice dept & maybe after this happens we can get the government employees to start doing their jobs

    1. When the gub'ment runs out of Obamamoney (that's other people's money to the uninformed) we will need our firearms to protect ourselves and families when the riots begin.
      God help us all when that happens. But that's their end game plan and has been all along.

  6. And you can bet the farm that the fraud is perpetrated by a lib. Who else is crying about having to prove their eligibility to vote????? Make no mistake America- our government is totally corrupt and unless WE THE PEOPLE do something about it, it will not get any better. I watched that movie "The Patriot" the other day and thought we might be in that situation soon!

    1. The full quote is "It matters not how you vote or how many people vote. What matters is who counts the votes."…Josef Stalin.

  7. Why not it decided the 2008 presidential election and probably several others as well. I am certain it played a huge roll in dem victories in 2010, Reid, Pelosi, Bennett and others. That is why I became a ballot judge this year. If I can help it there will be no fraud where I am at.

    1. Thanks Rowdy for your service to this nation. Millions of others need to step up and do something just like you did.

    2. I too am working all day on election day. Someone has to try to keep voting honest. ALL politics starts at the local level. Get involved at the local level and watch things change in time at the National level.

    3. Rowdy, I appreciate your contribution, but you are likely to be only one person in a chain of people who "count" the votes. Anyone in this chain could be a perpetrator. Thank you for willing to be a part of the solution.

  8. Voter fraud is why Obama needs to keep Holder in the DOJ. If Holder is gone, someone will actually investigate and stop voter fraud, and Obama will no longer have an attack dog to go after those who expose his ineligibility.

  9. The only reason our Muslim, commie president won the last election was because of major voting fraud . If it happens this time, millions of people will storm the white house and make the riots in Egypt and Syria look like childs play .

    1. You are an idiot. He won by around 7,000,000 votes and no one alleges that fraud was widespread. All of the polls had him winning by lopsided margins.

      1. You're the idiot. How many times did it show that Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Hitler vote in 2008? And how much illegal foreign money poured into that communist muslim slim's campaign. He would never show the documents on that but they made John McCain do so. This country is doomed if people like you are around.

    2. Larry, don't hold your breath waiting for the "storm the White House" to happen. Sheeple will just sit back , moan and groan, then go back to watching their ball game or soap show or whatever!! There are a few sheep dogs who may take some positive action, but even that will be in vain. We have been on the slippery slope for a long time and now we are getting VERY close to the bottom.
      It is going to be a very hard stop!!

  10. What it sounds like to me is that they, the (Democrats), are already setting up recounts……Especially since Holder, is filing law suits against states that requiring a picture ID to vote, saying it is racial discrimination……

    1. [email protected] says:

      How can it be Racial, unless the Photographs are that bad. Actually If they say it is Racial, say " YEAH, the Human Race! "

    2. Well, I am glad he FINALLY sees me, a lower-middle class white woman, as being included in that racial discrimination he keeps claiming. 'Bout time. Gesh!

    3. Requiring a photo ID to vote is no more discriminating than requiring one to sign in for a doctor's appointment, or to have any type medical test!! Every time I show up at my doctor's office for an appointment, even though they know me on sight, I have to give them a VALID, CURRENT, UP-TO-DATE photo ID, and have to do so for the full four years I have been seeing this doctor!!

  11. The only way you can stop voter fraud is to get involved. I'm doing just that in my state by working the polls, and training to watch for voter fraud. I will be going over the registration lists to be sure only live people, not dead can vote. Why don't you all get involved too…don't just complain about it! Force voter ID in your own state by working through legislation. It's hard work but it must be done by us because you know obuma and Holder won't!

    1. Yes! You are correct. We, I, have to become involved in making it better!!! I have become a local Party leader and involved in all levels of the Party within the State. I have, in the past been an election judge and we worked hard to have everything correct. We cut no corners and made people follow the rules. Unfortunately, I am now a resident of rural MN and the precinct has a total of about 250 votes possible. Everyone knows everyone by sight so fraud is much harder to perpetuate.

    2. I live in the great state of Mexifornia where three (3) of the biggest crooks there are in politic’s reside! Pilosi, Boxer and Feinstein! Talk about voter fraud, everybody I talk to in San Francisco dislikes or hates Nancy pilosi but for some strange reason she wins! If that’s not voter fraud then I don’t know what is. The big thing here is that if you try to do something about it she (piglosi) will use her influence to have something done about YOU! Be careful out there people your life or your children’s lives may be at stake when you go up against her!

    3. Unfortunately, it's not easy to detect voter fraud at the polls, especially without required ID's. The county clerk's office makes up the rosters and by the time you're sitting at the desk where the ballots are handed out, all the names (valid or otherwise) are listed in the books you check to verify the voters' names. Unless you know every name in every cemetery in your precinct, it's impossible to know who's dead and who's alive. Of course, if you happen upon a person's name that you know for sure is dead, be sure to take that information to the clerk's office. Then if you see that same person's name on the next election roster, you'll know whether your precinct is run by an honest person or a crook.

  12. We need to have veterans VFW DAV AMerican Legion, or Militaryto work voting places as they are SWORN TO UPHOLD CONSTUTION.. My Org have been told to volunteer with unuform cap on ?????????????????????????

  13. Photo ID's and Voter Registration Card to be able to Vote , Period. There should be Law Enforcement or Military at every Poll Booth in America to see that the Laws are enforced.We don't need any more threats by Black Panthers in America.Not Prosecuting them was a total disrespect to the America People and to those that were threatened. The time has come after all of these years to clean up the voting system and our Judicial System if the won't do what is right for We The People.

    1. Check your states Constitution also. Many states require the individual prove they can read and write in English and must be citizens. Know your laws and work to ensure they are enforced.

    2. Dave, you're not going to like this at ALL! There is a black activist politician in Dallas. His name is John Wiley Price. Homeland Security just gave him the command over the New Black Panther Party in Dallas. Price just went through an FBI Investigation. Sorry, I don't remember if it was due to the voter machines "he had taken" and locked in storage or if was another issue.

      Also in Dallas (and this WAS NOT n the news) — I found out when I had to take a cab for grocery shopping (car in for repairs). A Muslim from Nigeria picked me up. He talked about how glad he was to be here. Obama had purchased the Libyan Muslims and apartment complex in Dallas (no rent); and bought them a cab company. Yep, he BOUGHT them a home and a business.
      Mind you — as you read below — keep these people in mind.

      Obama is setting up the New Black Panther parties (my words, nothing more to back this up with except the above) — all over the U.S.
      These are my fears after He just gave Hillary the control to give China eminent domain in China and Texas for their own stand alone cities. Then he invites 80,000 Muslim Refugees sanctuary here complete with food stamps while allowing Christians to be slaughtered daily.

  14. I truely beleive there should be a law. The law reads, one must pay taxes to vote. Plain and simple. If you don't pay taxes then you have no skin in the game. Back in the founding father days, didn't you have to be a land holder to vote? I think once again they got it right.

    1. I agree "Tax Payer" that if you don't pay taxes you have no skin in the game. 50% of the population don't pay taxes, and you know they will vote for obummer so they can keep on NOT paying taxes, or working for that matter. These people are slime who want to live off those of us who work hard, and it needs to stop!

    2. I agree it's only fair, why should someone with six kids on welfare be able to vote to take half of someone else paycheck for themselves, and pass an entitlement mentality and skill-set to the next generation.

  15. ONLY if we allow it!!!! DEMAND voter ID across the board, NO exceptions!! WE have 'WHITE PANTHERS' to post at the polls!!
    There will be no fraud, if they expect to keep breathing!! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK????

  16. This article makes it clear why we should require photo I.D. at the polls, and to receive absentee ballots. Such measures help deter voter fraud. The libs will scream like banshees whenever the electorate tries to pass such laws, and they will scream that I.D. is an effort to deprive some people of their voting rights. This could not be further from the truth. Photo I.D. requirements preserve the integrity of everyone's vote, including minorities. We know the real issue is that the libtards and lefties want to stuff the ballot boxes and steal elections !

    1. Why not? Picture ID is required for almost everything else, why not for voting? Apparently by requiring picture ID, it's tough for some democrats to get elected.

    1. Nemsis of Empire
      I'll bet you want the readers to believe you're conservative so that your caustic words are attributed to the mindset of the right. I'll bet you're a Marxist leftist. If not, then you certainly don't share the viewpoint of the patriot types who call themselves Tea Partiers.

  17. It could? What the hell, it has been for a long time. It just got to be more and more until it has become so obvious that it is not being totally ignored any more, and that goes for the primaries as well, if not more so.

    1. There's no doubt about the fact that there will be large-scale fraud in the upcoming election. You can be sure there will be voters who use dead peoples identies, illegal aliens living in the US, perhaps even illegal foreigners coming into the country to vote for this illegal kenyan, people who do not even have to show identies and who knows who they could be. There's no doubt odumbo is already arranging for all of the above to be ready to go to the poles in november. This liar is misleading America into areas that will completely change the character we conservatives are accustomed to. If he wins this upcoming elecion, then we can kiss America goodbye. So in my mind, this guy must be IMPEACHED NOW before its too late. We can't wait for this coming election.

  18. This Congress has no will and it certainly has no guts, so we're pretty well done for. Obama steps on our constitution several times a day, but no one in the House, nor the Senate says one word, let alone starts articles of impeachment.

    1. JeronimoDan, of course those in the House say something…they say it everyday, but nothing happens to the bills they write because ole Harry Reid stops anything from happening, or allowing bills to come up for an up or down vote. Do you really think Reid would allow impeachment to happen? Get Reid & obummer out and then we can get our country back!

      1. What complete garbage. Harry Reid is only as powerful as John Boehner and Mitch McConnell (a complete waste) make him. When repubs had their majorities under Clinton or Bush, it was compromise, compromise, compromise. Now, with a rock solid majority in the House – and Harry Reid clings to two votes in the Senate – more compromise. Harry Reid got stronger as the dems figured out just how wet little johnny really is.

    2. I am dissappointed by the House not calling the President on many of the things he does. I am thinking the only way to get the point across is to vote every incumbent out…show them govern by the will of the people or you will lose your job!

    3. The lone voice of the people in the house has spoken many times about the abuse of the Constitution, but no one pays attention or cares anymore. They say he is too old or crazy, but he is the only one that has any sense or cares about the Constitution or your freedom. Some day, and I hope it's not too late, you may realize he is the only hope for America.

    1. And 8 years of George W Bush… carried out by those activist Supreme Court Justices. The ones Newt will impeach if they don't agree with him. Go Speaker Moonbeam.And consider adopting some of those highly successful liberal, commie, Mao Commie election fraud techniques. Hint bribe people and bring them to polls in buses.

  19. Election monkey business seems to be a long-standing tradition in the Democratic Party. I refer you to Thomas Nast’s cartoon, “How the Copperheads (Democrats) Obtain Their Votes,” Harper’s Weekly," November 2, 1864.

    It shows one man holding a lantern while another copies the name off the tombstone of a Civil War casualty onto a voter registration card. New picture. Guy with a flashlight; another with a laptop entering the same name off the same tombstone into a hacked voter registration file. Now days, of course, they can use Photoshop to make a fake photo ID. Gee, no reason someone who nobly served the nation should be denied the right to vote just because he has been dead 148 years. Especially if he votes for the Democrats in spite of having been a committed Republican in his lifetime.

  20. We the Voters are asleep. How could we allow this to happen in this Nation? If voter fraud is shown to change this coming election, then The People will have the right t change their form of Government. If enough voters stand up we can and will be able to restore this Nation to it's Principals, if we don't then we deserve what we get.

    1. How do you "change the form of Government". Please elaborate. Does this mean 'revolution' or maybe brainwashing or maybe send all the bad guys to Newt's moon colony. Anyway, I have a hint to you. If the conservatives as represented on this blog continue their extremists rhetoric, you will very handily hand the election to your favorite Kenyan. 35% of the popluation consider themselves moderate (not what you guys are) and 21% are liberals (you know the real labels) so if you alienate just a good portion of the 'moderates', you lose. Do the math. I have many 'moderate' Republican friends and neighbors. They are totally appalled at the direction of the current Rep primaries and feel 'no one' represents them but definitely not Newt, Mittens or Rick. So go figure. Plan your revolution and advertise it widely. You don't have to have fraud to have to do what you have to do.

  21. Google "hacking democracy."Search YT for "diebold voting."

    We no longer *HAVE* elections, PERIOD!

    Then there's the fact that the "choices" we're given ARE NOT CHOICES AT ALL!

    Al Gore or George W. Gore?

    Barack Obama or Mitt Obama?


    The reality is that:
    – We DO NOT have a 2-party system. There's only one party: The Government Party. It has two BRANCHES – but they're just two wings on the same bird of prey and *WE* are the rabbits that will be LUNCH.
    – Romney was decided long ago, and they'll do WHATEVER to make sure it stays that way.
    – Obama will "win" in November because the PTB know that black-folks will burn every city in our nation if he loses.
    – NONE of them are anything but puppets anyway, with Obama being the most egregious example. The man can't speak his own NAME without a teleprompter, but BUSH was stupid? Puh-LEASE!
    – Obama's not the problem, it's whoever has their arm up his @$$ controlling the puppet that we need to be worried about – and THAT won't change regardless who ":wins" the election.
    – We're NOT going to solve this with the ballot box…

    The fix is in.

    1. Blacks won't burn anything, you are listening to democrat crap. However the dead will vote if we allow it to happen. Everything we do in the USA requires us to have photo identification and that hasn't been ever called racial or discrimination so how is it possible that requiring it for voting is any different. Congress, democrats and republicans should all vote to require it and thereby override anything said by the president or anyone else. Voting sure takes precedence over anything else done, ie drivers license, check cashing, opening a checking account, using a credit card, etc.

  22. The ONLY solution or even partial solution is for every one of us to phone, write and email our local and national officials to immediately tighten the loopholes that allow voter fraud and manipulation to continue. If enough noise is made we CAN make a difference. And we need to do it quickly. If we think voter fraud was bad last time, I predict that it will increase exponentially in the coming election. Another area is that in a few districts there have been MORE ballots than registered voters! Anyone with more than one brain cell would know that there is election fraud. It is well know that it is rare for more than 70 % of the registered electorate to vote. Nonetheless, the Courts have refused to order a new election. We need a law against such abuse. Registering to vote should be no less than 30 days prior to election so the officials have time to check on the elegibility of the voter. EVERY voter should have an approved photo ID. Photo IDs should be required to food stamps, welfare and any other tax payer funded program. The upshot is that every poor person should already have an approved photo ID and if they don't, one should be provided for them free of charge.

    1. What if they are not on those horrible 'entitlements' and still don't have photo id. There is no need to have photo id if you do not drive or travel. If you don't have birth certifiate, will have to pay to get one and then find the few offices that offer photo ID. Old people mostly don't have photo Id and they vote heavily Republican. We rich or 'middle class' people certainly have photo ids since we generally drive or travel. Thank god those guys/gals can vote, but beware some of the are "liberal"

  23. There is all this hellabaloo about photo ID to vote. We finally got it here in Wisconsin but with the unions spending billions to get our new governor recalled, who knows what will happen and what will happen if he loses. If we can't have photo ID required to vote then there should be no ID required to buy booze, cirgarettes or dog food. I recently bought a bag of dog food at Pet World. In part here is their return ploicy in part is- "Photo ID required for all refunds or exchanges and must be made withing 7 days." I believe that most states requiring photo ID also offer some method that anyone who cannot afford to pay for it, a means of photo ID is given without charge. What the H is the problem? Ans. the liberals who would lose elections!


  25. The only evidence of fraud and gaming the election process by surpressing the vote are Republicans. Just because someone is registered to vote in two states does not mean that they actually vote in 2 states – the moved and the old state did not clean up their voter regristrations. Just because there are dead people does not mean that "they voted or anybody else voted for them"! This is a really bogus issue frabricated by the right wing in order to game the system. KNOCK OFF THE NONSENCE!

    1. You sir/madam are ignorant. There are reports and YouTube videos of college students in Madison, Wisconsin bragging that they voted multiple times. Do you know how to use a search engine? If so, use it and key-in: Madison Wisconsin student voter fraud. I doubt you'll research it. You'd rather remain content to wallow in the mire with your swine Marxist friends.

    2. No it's not. However, to put the whole thing to bed all that would be required would be approval of picture voter ID. Why are you and the other liberal democrats so afraid of that? Picture ID's are required in many facets of our lives.

    3. You are seriously misinformed. Here in Illinois, it's been proven repeatedly that election fraud has been occuring in Chicago and the border counties since pre-Mayor Dailey days. Heck, we've surely made the Guiness Book of Records for perfecting the scam!I

  26. The contract with and between the states has been broken by the ones in power in DC for a long time, the constitution is a contract binding the states to each other. Now that it has been broken all that is left to do is declare our independence and become the separate states that we were to begin with. Elect the right people in your local and state elections to carry this out and we will still win for our republic, to rebuild it as it was intended from the start. Otherwise we are done.

  27. I think there was voter fraud in the last election. I think Obama had supporters bussed into different areas to outnumber Hilary Clinton supporters. I also think that Obama received funding from outside the USA. One sure way to cut down on voter fraud would be to enforce voter id, which Eric Holder refuses to do.

    1. Sorry. Photo Ids are now required in a large number of states. Do you ever read stuff before you make comments based on no facts. Do the google and see the states that will require photo id in next election. A bunch of them. A lot of old people do not have photo id (no reason if you do not drive or travel), They may not have their birth certifiate and will have to pay $15+ to get it and then find a photo Id office that is still open and get that ID. A large % of the senior citizens who don't have photo id would vote Republican. There goes some of those not fraudulent votes. Too bad. Of course, you don't care about the minorities that don't have photo ID so maybe those non votes will cancel out the seniors. Great job. Obama's favorable rate up again 50%. Better be figuring out some good voter fraud. Read Saul Alinsky or whoever Newt decides is the devil this week.

    1. I like that purple thumb method but it would deny voting to all our military overseas—would be impossible to have mini-electionsin every barracks in every out of the way place they are and getting those votes delegated to their respective states would be a real trick!

  28. Of course the Kennedy/Nixon was stolen. If you were living in the South Texas border area during Johnson's tenure in politics, you knew that to be true. Political bosses in the Democratic voting process rigged every election, bought votes, falsified voting records, falsified counts, etc. If you were living in that area, you knew, you saw, but you had better not talk! There were two jokes going around that were never refuted by the incumbents (mostly Dems who voted for Lyndon): "How do you make a LBJ omelet? Well, first, you steal two eggs….". The other: Supposedly, Joe Kennedy told his son, John, before the election, "Don't worry, John, if you can't win Texas on your own, I will have Lyndon steal it for you!". The Kennedy's were hated in Texas, because they were "Yankees". And the worry was that Kennedy would win the South, except Texas, where the Hispanics and Anglos were Southern first, Democrats, second–at least then. The main reason Kennedy came to Texas in November1963 was to try to warm the frosty feelings engendered by the distrust of the MA Democratic machine by the Southern Wing of the Democratic Party. And look what happened to that!!

  29. Your dam right, that son of a jackal is letting in as many dam wetback as he can so they will vote for him. If we don't get rid of him he will complete his mission and destroy America from with in. That is just what the Elite and Muslims want

  30. People are voting system has been sold just recently to a foreign organization-who is going to count our votes and then let us know who won. It is fixed! This is so crooked it smells! Unless we have local control and a legal system to prove who you are and you are an American-we are done for. Time to take America back in 2012! Time to clean house- city, county, state and federal- NOW! We must unite and fight for our American rights-this is it Americans! If we don't you better have an escape plan because things are going to really hit the fan here in America. The next four years with Obama the dictator are going to be similar to Hiltler-mark my word!

  31. The 2008 presidential election could have very easily been won by Palin and McCain, because "trust me", DieBold electronic programmed computers have no paper trail [with fake exit polls], are controlled by satellite, and reversible, yes there is a program to reverse votes.
    Even a backward country like Venezuela has 3 other countries come in to check the results and all the computer voting machines have a paper trail to make sure the voting is accurate.
    Right now Palin could actually be your Vice President! BO may have won with only 35% of the vote. Mainstream fake poll numbers don't help either.

  32. Obla cannot be on the ballot, but the liberals will try voter fraud again only if we let them get away with it. This election will have to be under a microscope watch dog.

  33. No one should be able to vote without picture I.D. This would not be fair to poor or aged bullhockey , if it was for free anything
    they would tear down the door for a pic. if The President last time would give a stimulas of $350 they would smile big for the camera.

  34. People are voting system has been sold just recently to a foreign organization-who is going to count our votes and then let us know who won. It is fixed! This is so crooked it smells! Unless we have local control and a legal system to prove who you are and you are an American-we are done for. Time to take America back in 2012! Time to clean house- city

  35. There MOST LIKELY WILL be voter fraud, but we still aren't allowed to demand Voter I.D. Why do so many gov't bureaucrats and politicians have their heads up their butts? The whole country is going down the crapper, and nobody is willing to do anything to stop it…! I hope I die before that happens. God help our descendants.

  36. After reading the comments above I came to the inequivocal conclution that we are a BIG JOKE as a Nation !! Never mind our aircraft carriers, they are a mirage !! hhaaha

  37. Voter fraud is the single most important plank in the democrat's political platform. It is folly expect a nationwide vote with democrats supporting integrity and honest in the voting process is an oxymoron. The 2008 election was fraudulent and the entire nation should have become aware of it; ACORN, the presence of black panthers blocking voters, and woolly union members, baa-ing into the sheep pens to vote. If any of you out there doubt the presence of fraud in YO-bammie's re-election, then you are simply one of those who have been brainwashed into following his illegal reign.

  38. If voter fraud is allowed to take place than this Republic is finished. We took a blind eye to the Acorn scandals and certainly everyone remembers the Philly incident with the B panthers. Got to think this is a much more sinister deal than the article talks.

  39. If you dont pay taxes, or are on government assisstance, you should not be allowed to vote. A verified photo ID form of voter registration should be required. Issued after a background check is performed proving no government assistance.

    1. Don't pay taxes. That's certainly based on those great Founding Fathers. And those pesky voting laws. What if you are unemployed and get unemployment…still can't vote? Hope you are very rich and won't have to worry. Social Security is government assistance so they are out. Who will pay for the background check? Government. You are totally priceless. Will definitely relate this to my Republican friends who are a little freaked with the extremist bent of the Republican party. I'm gonna convert a lot of those RHINOs who will re-elect that Kenyan Mao Communist. Keep it up. Revolution is also a good alternative that you should broadcast widely to get on someone's radar.

  40. As I see it, the only thing we can do to avert even more voter fraud to PHONE, EMAIL & FAX our local and state lawmakers to quickly pass legislation to at least make some progress in stopping it. I expect it to get even worse than before with Obama's 1 + billion dollar reelection coffers. PLEASE send regular messages to your email list reminding them to continue to pressure their representatives to tighten the laws. We need, in addition to others: Approved photo ID,
    certification that dead people have been removed from the voter rolls, laws passed that cancel any election in any district where there are more ballots than registered voters, registration of voters no less than 30 days before the election so their elegibilty can be checked, tighter controls on absentee ballots and states where all voting is by absentee ballot to tighten who has access to these ballots. I'm sure you can think of others.

  41. I've lived in South Texas most of my life and I can remember when Lyndon Johnson (known locally as "Lyin' Lyndon") was involved in a number of land frauds. And yet, he was still elected. obama is of the same shady character.

  42. WOW! A lot of comments on this article as there should be. People for some reason don't want to believe the fraud taking place unless it works against their entitlement programs (then it must be fraud, right?). The only answers I can think of are "Patriot Tea Party" as they are trying real hard to wake up Americans before it is too late (without not enough success) and even if you don't agree with all of his platform (I don't) I truley believe we need a Ron Paul heading this Nation at this time in History. Keep in mind that both the Democratic and Republican Party leadership do not want Ron Paul as it would disrupt their agenda for this once Great Nation…

    1. Paul says a lot of good things but the problem with Paul is that his foreign policy would encourage Iran to further pursue nuclear weapons and encourage islamic terrorists to once again attack the United States.

  43. My husband helped a friend of his last year who was running for City Council. He got a computer printed listing of registered voters in his district so that he could call them all. I am here to tell you that at least 30% of the names on the list were DECEASED and had been for some time. My question is….. can I vote for my deceased grandfather?

    1. Of course. Especially if you are voting Democrat. Did your friend do a search to ensure they were all really dead. That must have taken a long time I suspect the list was a bit out of date and probably due to the fact that those pesky people who kept voter rolls updated had been let go in budget cuts. Oh well. If the Liberals get that list, they can get forged photo ids for all of them and then do the arduous task of voting for each of these dead people. Photo id required in a very large number of states now.

  44. There is still hope that we can turn it around. But we MUST all become active in emailing, phoning, faxing & writing to all of our elected officials to tighter the voter fraud laws. After this election, it may be too late.
    There is NO reason that poor people should not have an approved photo ID to collect food stamps, welfare and any tax payer subsidised benefits. And if they don't have an approved photo ID, it should be provided free of charge by those social service agencies. There is NO excuse that is good enough except that judges and others are supporting voter and welfare fraud by failing to act — and remind those officials of that. Please email everyone on your emai list to REGULARLY pressure all of their elected officials to pass laws to control voter fraud and other frauds.

  45. After reading what most have to say, it’s difficult to believe obama’s polls have risen. Certainly hope all of you folks are representative of the voting public!

  46. Don't forget the mail in voter fraud. Lost mailed in votes from districs that are conservitive. In Washingon State we have a big problem with the mail in vote, and voter registration.This is my home State. The Democrats pushed very hard to get the State mail in vote only. Basicly they have taken my right to vote legally away. This is also hppening in other States. They sold the mail in vote in Washington State, by telling the public how much more acurate it was, and how they could save all kinds of money.

  47. that's how the last one was decided. so what's new. As long as we have people who will so anything for for personal gain it will be hard to have an honest election.

  48. In Russian "community organization" means "soviet". That invention by VI Lenin brought him to power as dictator for life – once he found the way to arm them. Mullah Obama is our Community Organizer-in-Chief, who once said: "We need a domestic military with a budget as big as that of the Pentagon". In my opinion Obama will be re-elected by a massive vote fraud that has never been seen in this country before.

    1. By continuing to beat the drum of Demoncratic voter fraud, I'm inclined to believe we are helping them to perpetuate their evil ways. I also believe we are emboldening them. In their illogical minds they'll think, "They (conservatives) are expecting us to win, so let's do it."
      I see a revolution coming if the Marxists don't come to their senses and back-off. Socialism and communism are corrupt systems that offer nothing but misery to the masses unless you're a loyal card-carrying Marxist.

  49. Yes, fraud was used last election for president that is how Obama and Reid got elected due to using dead people and having these illegals vote in the name of the dead person and I have tried to get senators and congress to listen and find this info. but it seems they are afraid to upset Obama and have not done anything about it This is the reason Obama don't want to deport the illegals and if he gets relected we will be in the same shape as Greece and Syria there will be fights on the streets of America and that is what Obama wants he hates America and for what it stands for that is the reason for the Problems The Churches are having he is not a christian he is a muslim. He lies, lies, lies every breath he takes and is gunning for being a dictator Is this what you people in congress and the Wh want Well I don't and we will do our upmost to get rid of all of you if you sit back and let these lying crimnals take over America Impeach Obama now and get rid of Reid and Pelosi….That the only way to get America back as it should be out of debt and our freedom.

  50. my understanding is that in Minnesota, there were about 25,000 more votes counted during the 2008 election, than voters who physically voted…. and the Democrat government official who was responsible for "policing and insuring the integrity of the etection process in Minnesota" reported to the citizens of MN that there was "no problem with this"

  51. Here in Liberal Mexifornia the courts just upheld a redistricting controversy by ruling that although it favors the Dumocrats and that they will have a clear majority of districts that has no bearing on its legalityand fairness! The Dumocratic majority here in Mexifornia are now bragging that they will no longer have to worry about Conservative interference/input when deciding a bills passage. Here in Mexifornia we no longer have a 2 party system, the rest of the country will soon follow with the Obuma Administration in office. Pray to God now to put a stop to this madness, if it isn't already, prayer may be banned forever in this country!

  52. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm sure all of you have the best interests of America in mind when you post these statements. The problem is when the polls open all the people who should vote don't. Are they your neighbors, your friends or people you work with? Perhaps they attend your church or synagogue. Whatever the answer is, the question is have you spoken to them? You don't know me and probably never will but I've served with the Armed Forces for many years. This is the first time I've ever questioned the veracity of the leaders of my country. Maybe you feel the same way. If you do then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! GBA!!!

  53. Why don’t we STOP TALKING ABOUT IT and DO SOMETHING!!! Talk solves NOTHING! It’s only positive purpose is to Organize our Approach to this! We should have a plan by now after all the open discussion. Let’s Stop this Immediately!!! It’s watering down the power of our votes as Americans! Totally Unacceptable and Totally Unconstitutional!!! Let’s Get Going On Ending this Voter Fraud or we can just sit back and watch a Very Corrupt Group of People take control of this country and throw the Patriotic American people to the back of the bus and there we’ll sit never to be listened to again!!!

  54. LBJ won his first seat to Congress on the votes of dead people who mysteriously came back to life to vote for him. After that, he consolidated power and ran for Senate and much the same thing happened. Once he was a powerful incumbent, he was unbeatable.

  55. This is nowhere near new. Gore and company thought they had the fix in. They where shocked that they didn't have enough. Well the dems have kicked in into overdrive since then.

  56. Clean out all the America-hating Marxists in the Government in November and beyond!
    Return SANITY to Washington DC! REVERSE this PHONY, Leftist Hope and Change!!
    To obtain REAL HOPE AND CHANGE, we grass-roots Constitutional Conservatives,
    TEA Party Activists, and other true American Patriots of ALL races must UNITE!
    WE HAVE THE MORAL HIGH GROUND!! Get registered as Republicans in your State
    if it is not too late. Educate yourselves on where each candidate stands on the issues.
    We were largely victorious in the General Election on Tuesday, November 2, 2010, but

    In 2012, vote for ONLY grass-roots Constitutional Conservatives and TEA Party
    candidates in the Republican Primary elections. VOTE OUT the RINOs, Country-
    clubbers, and Republicrats – THIS MEANS VOTE THE ESTABLISHMENT
    CANDIDATES OUT – in the Primaries and finish taking our Party back! Then vote for
    these Republicans on November 6, 2012 and finish taking our COUNTRY back! Elect
    a REAL American Patriot for President. Only then can we fully restore this once-great
    Nation to a Constitutional Republic with a Government OF the People, BY the People,
    and FOR the People! YES WE CAN!

    1. Primary Elections will be held in Michigan and Arizona on Tuesday, February 28, 2012.
      The dates on which subsequent 2012 Primary Elections and Caucuses will be held
      should be listed by State and Territory at when
      they become available. You will need the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on
      your PC to view the .pdf file which should be posted at that time. Note that the link is
      intact, but the website is currently declining to show it. That should change when the
      list of Primaries and Caucuses for 2012 is complete.


  57. Since SEIU controls the voting machines and the programs that run them its likely the output will be what was programmed instead of the actual vote. So, in spite of illegals voting multiple times and the other block votes should the trend go against Hussain Obama the machines will always keep him ahead.
    America may very well have received a death thrust from the islamic spearhead Obama.

  58. Everyone talks about the congress, and it keeps on rolling." IF" everyone would decide to throw all of them out, it is amazing how many problems could be solved, but everyone seems to have a well thought of, favorite congressman or senator. Well, that just won't get it folks. If we are going to restart this thing we call " FREEDOM" we need to vote every incumbent out of office. "THAT IS THE ONLY WAY IT WILL WORK, FOLK'S "

    1. just throwing out EVERY incumbant is NOT the answer. The new ones could be worse-who says only conservative legislators would be elected??? There ARE a few worth keeping-the ones that voted against Obamacare, against raising the debt ceiijg, etc… they deserve to stay.

  59. Acorn is still alive and well and still receiving money from the taxpayers only under different names. Judicial Watch is trying to uncover information about the money being funneled to this corrupt voter organization but has been stonewalled so far by the Obama crooks. Incidentally, Obama made Judicial Watch’s “Ten Most Corrupt Politicians” list this year. That’s one honor he richly deserves.

    1. Im registering people to vote. Does that mean I work for Acorn. That whole right wing attack as totally disproved so long ago. Wake up and worry about real problems. I will registering as many people as I can, helping them get photo Ids (required in my state), getting them to the polls and back to their houses. I'll make sure they are not dead. I'm a Democrat. Hope you Conservatives can learn something from Acorn and do the same so you can elect your own liberal who hates birth control. Go for it.

  60. We are just about to enter the closest comparison to Soviet-style vote fraud yet seen. It worked for the Messiah the first time, and with enhancements discovered since, will work miraculously the next time.

    Michelle ain't risking what she worked so hard to grab first time around.

    Think you saw the Imperial Family on Vacation before? Wait until Imperial Family, Act Two.

    1. Approval rating at 50% for the Kenyan. I've already started intensive voter registration, work on Obama campaign and will be getting real people out to polls on election day. Your comparison to Soviet style vote fraud is a priceless comment I will relate to my RHINO friends who find the extremist direction of their party totally amazing and are and will be on the brink to not vote for your liberal guys who hate birth control. Beware and start registering non-dead people to vote. Seniors vote Republican and a good % will not have those required photo IDs. Of course, you don't care about minorities but I and my commie (or sorry Soviets') will be working to get them to the polls. Beware. Democracy, American style, in action. Ery effective.

  61. We have known voter fraud was present at least 4 years ago. The time to do something should have taken place within these last 4 years.
    In truth, there are elements within our government that wield the necessary power to halt any efforts to change the way we register to vote in this country. These powerful elements must first be removed from their thrones. Some were fired back in 2010 by We The People….but we must continue to make it difficult for the rest of them.

  62. Here are 5 simple steps that could and should be done to ensure the best possible chances against vote fraud happening.
    1. Have a computer program cross referrence all death certificate rolls in a County against Voter Registrations rolls. Then have the program eliminate all of the dead voters from the list of eligible voters.
    2. Have all voters to show their I.D.
    3. Use only paper ballots so a paper trail could be used in case of a recount is needed,
    4.Eliminate the use of Diebold Vote Counting Machines, these machines can be and are pre-programmed to count the votes that the programmer wants ensuring the candidate the programmer wants is elected gets elected. This is vote fraud at it's worst.
    5. Count all votes in public and in front of the Cameras, not behind closed doors in a seperate room. As each vote is counted for a candidate have that vote tally shown on a counter and on camera.
    Unfortuinately County Registras won't run a computer program to cross referrence against the Death Certificate rolls simply because there is no State Law requiring them to. The County Registras will do nothing unless forced to do this simple step by a State law.

  63. Voter fraud is nothing new. However, it has reached a high level of sophistication and more money is being dumped into buying votes than ever before. Sadly, most of that money comes from the taxpayers. It is given to groups like ACORN who spread it around randomly and enrich themselves. In the last election, 200 of these Federally funded outfits were found housed at one address in New Orleans, many Houston voters were registered as living on a vacant lot, thousands of dead people voted, and tens of people lived in the same small house. All that will happen again, but the abuse can bercut, if you will volunteer at the polls, or in the registration clerkk's office. More importantly , get as many people as possible to VOTE against Obama.

  64. And this is going to suruprise who? Certainly not anybody that's not living in a cave or under a rock. How else could Oreoboner win an election? Voter fraud, get elected again, cancel the 2016 elections and declare himself the ruler and dicktater of our country. Just part of this dufus' plan to control us and take away every right we have.

  65. Every citizen that can needs to go to their board of elections. Get a copy of registered voters. Check names against death records. Check addresses and see if someone actually lives there. Get with people you know from other precincts . Compare names and see who is registered in more than one precinct. Make those names known to the board and public. I don't vote early or absentee. Who knows what will happen to your ballot when the doors are closed. There will be fraud and corruption. We the citizens definitely need to do all we can to make sure those cheating need to serve a long stretch of hard time. Our country can not continue on this path.

  66. One of the reasons we have an ineffective Congress is because many of them have lost sight of what their role is.

    Much of the blame can be laid at the doorstep of our education system, which has resulted in the dumbing down of America.

    Whereas many rant about our Constitution being trampled,how many know its contents in depth?
    One hears the 1st amendment being bandied about as a defense for demonstrations, but no one asks what does the right to
    peaceably assemble mean? What does freedom of speech mean?

    The Constitution may be open to interpretation, but when someone covers themselves with it, regardless of political persuasion, and in the process infringes on my liberty, you will have a problem!

  67. Voting booths fraud possible. How is it that Harry Reid won last election when exit polls said he lost? I wrote to Fox news in Nevada at the time to suggest they check voting machines. A person from the election commission said I do not understand the system. There can be no fraud.. Ha…. I am a programmer and I told them how I could rig the machines to change the tallies. Never got a response. I would like to see state cops (not federal) posted at each polling place with a diagnostic memory stick to check each voting machine anytime they want to. It would tell them if machine had been tampered with. Maybe I should write to all state governors but you know some Democrat governors would ignore me anyway. I support voter id also.

  68. The people are WIDE AWAKE NOW. It might be too late to get this train onto the RIGHT tracks, but I will DIE TRYING!!! I BELIEVE…..That WE THE PEOPLE–> Yes, We American Conservative-Freedom-Loving Constitution-Taxed-Enough-Already PATRIOTS have been waiting for NOVEMBER 2012—->> since NOVEMBER 2008!!!! WE ARE READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!

  69. Time to end voter fraud. EVERY voter should me made to positively ID himself with a photo ID issued by the state.

    We need to stop the fraud and thus destruction of our electoral process. How hard is this to do? Is it too expensive? Obama can blow a Trillion dollars like I blow my nose. This is a joke in 2012. Use freaking DNA already!

    While we are at it, those who receive government assistance should NOT be allowed to vote. They have a hand in the till and thus destroy election integrity. What's that you say? The Democrats want to pander to this segment of society to stay in power? Well, you have a point there. Let's get this fixed before we manage to destroy America.

  70. There is nothing racial about having everyone show some kind of Identification at the time of voting. Especially since anyone can get an identification card or drivers license, even if they can't afford it. Identification cards are being offered for FREE to anyone asking. It can only be about voter fraud if anyone doesn't want one.

  71. It is my understanding (from the Supv. of Elections offices in two counties, in the State of Florida, that when doing Voter Registration, you are not allowed to coerse toward a Party or a candidate. I called the Miami Herald (Broward Edition), and the Broward Co. Supervisor of Elections, asking them to check on the following: we have pictures of people registering voters (for weeks) right out in front of the Broward County Courthouse (with attnys and judges going in and out every day)… with a huge "Obama" banner on the front of the registration table, and the people who are registering others are wearing "Obama" T-shirts! —For a couple of days after I called, these people were gone, but I understand they're back now! I hope everyone calls and protests this, and since people have to sign out when doing voter registration, every single person who was registered illegally should have their registrations cancelled, and they should have to reregister!

  72. Hey ya'll friend of mine just referred me to this website. Said I needed to expand my horizons. Said I wasn't educated enough about what was really goin on out there. I told him I read the Weekly Standard and periodically check the Heritage Foundation site. He said, that was insufficient. So I did. Read some of the comments as well. Sounds like a big conspiracy to me and come next fall were gonna have a Muslim runnin against a Mormon! How sweet is that! Problem I have with this voter id thing is that prior to 06 there were no such laws in any state. Indiana was one of the first in 07 and at the time they could point to no evidence of voter id fraud. Brennan Center for Justice at Loyola has counted12 possible attempts of polling place voter fraud since 2000 out of what 400 million ballots cast. Top o'that the only democratic legislature to pass such a law was RI. I ain't sayin nuthin bout intent here, but that sure does seem strange to me. Just sayin. Whatever, the courts will decided as a number of these laws have been challenged and a couple of states are seeking preclearance

    1. But if the laws are intended to prevent any individual from impersonating another at the polls there's not much evidence of that happening. Really, I think we have to admit that laws of this type logically might make it more difficult for folks who normally vote for a dem from voting period, whether we approve of their station in life or not. I don't know if that was the intention of the voting rights act. Now I see that the commentators generally believe that any election not won by a repub., no matter the margin, had to have been fixed. Well, that's absurd. Anyway we'll see how it plays out. Soon we'll have a body of statistics to work with. One thing is for sure, it's gonna be a wild ass year. Have a good one CD.

    2. What is your problem with picture voter ID? It's required in all other walks of life. The problem goes away if picture voter ID is put in place. You sound like a shill for the DNC!

  73. I was told that having someone stand outside of the voting booth with a legal pad, gathering signatures (along with e-mail &/or a phone number) after a person votes is illegal. For the life of me, I don't know why. For example; let's say I vote for Ron Paul (who is my candidate of choice)and I want to be sure my vote counts so I sign a sheet (for backup purposes) to assure that my vote indeed counts on the way out the door. By doing so, I've created a backup count to be compared with the 'administrations' version of the vote count. Oh, never mind, I think I see where the problem lies . . . it would make it harder for the puppet masters to cheat.

  74. On second thought, let's insist on disqualifying obama due to his citizenship FIRST — & charge someone for FORGERY of his phony birth certificate!

  75. VOTER REGISTRATION and VOTERS' ID should be MANDATORY , but this is vehemently opposed by the DEMOC RATS.. Each state should pass legislation for this and INSPECTORS should be posted in each precinct. Also the BLACK PANTHERS should not be allowed anywhere close to the precincts. Also we need to watch for the UNIONS busing in ILLEGAL VOTERS. HIRE people who could recheck the data base of VOTERS in the internet to make sure the DEAD DON'T COME TO LIFE on election day. Also FLYING VOTERS – those who are registered in several states. We all need to be vigilant – OBAMA WON'T STOP AT NOTHING TO WIN.

  76. The consistent and drop dead (no pun here) easy fraud voting by zombie voters is happening in every no ID state.
    So now this Okeefe guy is supposedly being charged with voter fraud (he did NOT use the ballots OR leave the premises with them, so that’s going nowhere)by the AG of NH. Mostly I believe the AG is pizzed because it’s in your face PROOF that it’s going on in his state, along with all the other no ID states. And this is the reason the left screams and hollers about the evil republicans trying to keep the po peeples from voting by requiring them to have ID. Gee, how did these pitiful po peeps GET TO the polling station? Did they drive, by chance? Would they possibly have a state issued “ID” known as a drivers license??
    I’ll bet a nickle to a doughnut hole that the tally of all votes in November will be greater than all LIVING registered voters in the USA.
    Click the name, learn to survive!

  77. It comes down to the people who run the polling places. If they decide to enforce the rules, ID, at a minimum, should be checked. All ballots should be verified, no matter how long it takes, because of the potential for voter fraud. There is no doubt that after Obama got into office, via voter fraud, the democrats learned that it works and will not enforce any rules, hoping for massive fraud, such as dead people voting and one person being able to vote many times. If the ballots are not verified, Obama will be able to stay in office and America will be ruined as we have known it. It amazes me that the democrats are so brain washed by Obama, that they are willing to let him destroy the very country that they live in!! How dumb can people be??

  78. we the people when you vote this time, go with friends co workers,neighbors,etc.if you see something,take phone pictures,if it looks suspicous,photograph everything,if you are threatened call 911 record and remember everything said,tell police everything,if that does no good,photograph who is threatening you how many,clothing worn,what was said.any weapons,put all that on politicians,or email them,even if it does no good,put that on internet.people what i,m trying to tell you is put a face to the evil/fraud.expose everything on facebook,twitter,etc.god bless america

  79. If our election are not fair than, we might as well start cleaning Washington out completely by any means possible. Force if that is what it takes.

  80. I had no idea it would be so easy for Obama to win. This is great news. I'm a certified person to register people to vote and I guess as a commie I'll be trolling those obituaries to register all those dead people. I guess George W must have heard about this easy way to win since his election was a real jokey fraud that was rescued by all those activist Supremes. Those voter Id laws the Reps so diligently worked on are so easy to get around. Just get you a birth certificate (only costs $15), get you a certified voter Id and then go vote. I'm signing up all those lazy entitlement people as well, bribing them with junk food and beer, taking them to the polls, and then home with a nice $5 for the effort. You Conservatives should consider. Those lazy commie will do anything for junk food, $5 and a free ride. We've proven that for years. Go Kenyan guy

  81. The first time I voted in Chicago in 1970 I went to the poll with my uncle who lived below us in a 2 flat. He pointed out my grandfathers name was on the voter list (below his) although he had passed away in 1960.
    Need I say more?

  82. ALL crooked corrupt politicians know how it works. Making more stay home makes it easier for them. Not one party, both have the strings to pull.

  83. We need a state or national photo ID and competent examiners to ID the voters at every polling facility. Many states have attempted to do this, but the ACLU and the NAACP have resisted and fought against it. The newer electronic machines are easily tampered with and should not be used, only paper ballots should be used.

  84. I have said it before and I say it again. This is the consequence of apathy because more than 50% of the those eligible to vote choose to stay away from the polls on election days. This makes it easier to stuff the ballot boxes. In the past elections, less than 50%, of those eligible, even bothered to vote. A politician’s worse nightmare is if everyone eligible voted. Then they would have to work for their constituents and there is no money in that. Republicans as well as Democrats all get very generous contributions from special interests lobbies. As a result, we have the best politicians money can buy. Those who don't vote refuse to believe that, if greater numbers of legitimate people vote, the harder it will be to stuff the ballot boxes. They did just as much to put Obama in the White House as the clowns that voted for him and will do just as much to send him back there for another four years. This is the product of apathy and they will soon be paying the price for it when it is too late to do anything about it. WAKE UP AMERICA. APATHY IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO OUR LIBERTIES AND FREEDOMS! NOT OBAMA.

  85. Its a lanslide folks Ron Paul hands down is winning this thing but the NWO has there little minions tilting the vote in favor of the one they want to put in to destroy America. USA is about to go through a purification.

  86. Nawww, Nixon did NOT come across with the same air of confidence and sophistication that Kennedy had.
    The was the FIRST televised debate in history (that I am aware of).

  87. I watched our 2010 election and when the Polls closed and only 6% of the votes counted our News stations were already declaring the Democratic runner for governor the winner. With 12% of the votes counted he was on TV making his speech of excepting his winning of the election. Our election went the same way with our Senators where the two most despised Democrats were declared the winners with 12% of the votes counted.
    We all know that there couldn’t been any voter fraud involved in this election just like we know there wasn’t any bias reporting from the big three liberal News stations.
    We need to demand E-Verify for those on the Ballot and Verified Photo ID required for the voters before they can cast a vote.

  88. New gingrich beat Mitt romney by a landslide victory in south carolina ……NG recieved a whopping 1.98% of the total votes , MR 0.02% Santorum 0%………..Are question is : Who did the voters actualy give thier vote of confidence to ?

  89. Do away with the electoral college to start with so the popular vote by the people decide who will lead our nation for a change.
    Verified ID cards with a photo to be able to vote. Any mail in votes can only be counted if the Ballot was requested with proper verified ID shown.
    No candidate will be placed on the voter Ballot without a full E-Verify check being run including incumbent’s now serving the public.
    We have the time and we have the power of the people to demanding these changes and were foolish if we don’t. Our national security and future depends on it!

  90. In Chicago you have to show ID to even buy drain cleaner,ID is required to buy some cold medicine over the counter..Get on a Greyhound…ID needed,The Train…again ID is required, and don't even think about trying to fly.But Democrats are silent about all the pour minorities that aren't able to use public transportation why is that.If ID isn't required to vote it shouldn't be required for any reasonTry telling that to a cop….I don't need no stinking ID.

  91. Too bad the Clan doesn't set up outside of all the polling stations this year. Wonder how the Panthers would like that. Where are these guys when you need them anyhow. Looking forward to the day when that Muslim moron fraud and the idiot puppets that follow him and support him are shut up permanently. Bring the Democrat party, Rhino Republicans, and the media up on treason charges, convict them, and ship them all to Iran. See how much they like what they are trying to impose on us.


  93. It is real simple. If you have no criminal record (felony),have a picture ID that matches you and are actually living at the address on that ID you can register to vote and have that ID with you at the voting place.Too many dead people are voting,as are criminals still locked up. Anyone who is against this simple idea is against our democratic process. Basically they have something to hide.

  94. NO BIG SURPRISE there's voter fraud in THIS ELECTION!!!! Obozo is the most corrupt person to ever hold the prestigious office of President. You can bet your butt he is working with ACORN to STEAL this election.

  95. Just yesterday Chicago was proclaimed "Most Corrupt City in the COuntry." This is Obama's training ground. That huge war chest he has will go primarily to buy votes or pay off people to ignore voter fraud. After all, it's the "Chicago Way."

  96. What is this country coming to? I was taught in school in my US history class that in order for a person to become president he or she must 1. Be born in the US 2. BOTH parents must be US citizens and the applicant MUST be christian, not muslim or atheist or hindu etc. All of these criteria MUST be met BEFORE the applicant is put on the ballot. As I see it, we don't know where Pinhead was born, all we have seen is a birth certificate with a couple of scribbles. Then they doctored it up. Strike 1! Then his mom is the ONLY US citizen. STRIKE 2! And we all know that he's muslim Strike 3! Yur OUT! No more Presidente! No more screwing America and taking elaborate and costly vacations. No more putting us deep in the National Debt Hole! I say exile Pinhead and his family to Kenya for the rest of their days and never come back with the pain of Death if you do!

  97. When all these people realize that the surveilance measures that are now available will capture their multiple voting and then the persecution for multiple social security cards and double (and triple ) dipping will be possible, they might think twice about what they have been getting away with for all these years…Ya think???

  98. The president can't even produce a genuine certificate of birth, so why should a voter produce a photo id? (Ok, that was a cheap shot.)

  99. Just goes to show from the lesson learned by Nixon. If you don't take a stand and stop the behavior, you are saying you are willing to put up with it. The principal is the issue, not Nixon.

  100. If our officals have this info they then have now mtell nov. to get things right. The idea that there are dead people listed is not good. The obits are in our news papers every day and some one in the goverments of local, state and usa should check these out. I expect in some places that the people in the position don't want anything changed. The party line should never rule in whats riught for america.

  101. There is no reason that a voter can't show a photo id to vote in any election either local or federal. There is no valid arguement against a photo id to keep elections honest and inshure the voters are legal to vote. Most every thing that is a lot less sensitive than voting for a canidate for local or federlr gov require a good form of id. A photo id is not that hard to come by. Pleasae stop this voter fraud in our elections and make the people be honest even when they don't want to.Honesty is the best policy in any thing that you do. It might make you feel better about your selfIf a person gets the name of being a liar most people will not trust them and will avoid them and its bad when you have no one to be friends with.

  102. The U.S. Attorney General serves at the pleasure of the President. I think it is time that the U.S. Attorney General should be elected by the LEGAL American voters. Then the A.G. would be responsible to us, the public, not the President or Congress. The A.G. would have the power to bring charges to the courts of any elected offical in Washington without being afraid of being fired.

  103. We the people have to cry out louder on these people that are appointed.  Their job is do up hold the Law not look the other way.  Holder is useless, he is a puppit, what would you expect coming from a liar like BHO, he lied to get in and continues to lie even on issues that any smart person could look into.  Then again look at those that claim Al Gore (horror) said about the internet, yet alone the Global Warming / Climate Change!  Compared to the Ice Age we are how much warmer, :)

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