Voter Fraud in a Whole New Light

There has been talk about voter fraud for years, but never as much as during the past ten months.  We’ve heard about dead people voting in the primaries; pets receiving voter registration applications, illegal aliens voting and efforts to allow convicted felons to vote.  The Democrats have made every effort to block voter fraud laws including the use of voter ID and efforts to clean off voter registration rolls.

More recently, we have seen early voting machines automatically switch a vote for Romney to ObamaVoter intimidation in a number of ways has raised its wicked head in public schools and other places.  The son of a prominent Democratic Congressman was caught on video helping to show ways to cast multiple votes.

It seems that one of the main strategies of the Obama campaign is to use whatever tactics necessary, including voter fraud, to insure that Barack Obama wins a second term.

With all of the seriousness of the campaigns and voter fraud issues leading up to today’s election, perhaps the best single piece on voter fraud I’ve seen of late is the video below: