Even More Warning Signs: Obama Poised for Hostile Military Takeover of U.S. – Part 2

A week ago, I laid out a list of things President Obama has put in place to set the nation up for his hostile military takeover.

After my first post about Obama’s hostile military takeover, I received an email from a reader that offered an explanation to my pondering of why NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) would also be ordering millions of rounds of ammunition and assault rifles.  He offered the idea that it is an ironic twist to Obama’s relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers.

Ayers was a wanted domestic terrorist back in the 1960s and 1970s.  Ayers was a co-founder of the terrorist group known as the Weather Underground.  Now, Obama is using NOAA, a federal weather agency to stockpile weapons and ammunition for his terrorist assault on the American people.

Today, I would like to add a few more items to that list that makes the case for his hostile military takeover even more compelling.

It has now been confirmed that the goal of the Department of Homeland Security is to purchase a total of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.  A portion of that ammunition is hollow point bullets, which have been banned from use in war by international law.  Another portion is specialized sniper ammunition.

In case you have a difficult time comprehending the significance of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, allow me to give you a couple of comparisons.  During the height of the war in Iraq, the US Army fired less than 6 million rounds per month.  That means DHS has enough ammunition to supply the US Army for 266.67 months (22.22 years) of intense war.

Currently, the DHS uses approximately 15 million rounds of ammunition every year at their various training facilities.  At that rate, they have enough ammunition for 106.67 years of training.

So ask yourself, what is the justification for the purchase of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security, especially when some of it is illegal to use in war?  Now ask yourself why Sen. Dianne Feinstein is so concerned about private citizens stockpiling ammunition, weapons and using high capacity magazines when the federal government is doing the same time only a thousand times more?

Perhaps the abundance of ammunition goes along with the purchase of ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ MaxxPro MRAP vehicles that are scheduled to be deployed on the streets of America.  The number of vehicles they are purchasing has not been released, but they are part of the 2,717 that have been recently retrofitted by the manufacturer.  The DHS appears to be taking delivery of the armored vehicles through the Marine Corps Systems Command located in Quantico, Virginia.

The scary part of the DHS acquiring MRAP vehicles is that they have been already been spotted in a number of cities throughout the country.  DHS cannot deny their existence since a number of them have been photographed and videoed by citizen observers.  Why would DHS need so many, assuming they are purchasing over a thousand, MRAP vehicles deployed throughout the US, unless they are preparing for a war of some kind.  Now add to that question the fact that the MRAP vehicles are equipped with gun ports.

There can be no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is preparing for the bloodiest war in American history and it’s going to take place here on American soil.  When?  It has to be prior to the 2016 election, unless he manages to force a constitutional amendment allowing himself to run for a third term.  However, I truly don’t think the amendment will be necessary, because he plans to forcibly take control of the country prior to the election.  Everything points to the conclusion that this is all in preparation for a hostile military takeover.

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    1. Maybe not the old military but it is being reshaped and populated by those more friendly to the great one. High ranking officers being replaced as well.

    1. With this writing on the wall, we all need to understand what is coming. Its going to be bloody, its going to be chaotic; but there may be no other choice to remain free.

  1. Thanks for the important information, da Tagliare. To say this is scary is an understatement.

    The stunning part of this is not that the likes of Obama….in all of his narcissistic, Marxist glory…..would be doing this. Despots with his charisma and ambition have done the same throughout history.

    The stunning thing is that it is being done right under our noses and the ”free” press has not asked the president ONE WORD about it. Not a word asking him to explain why the government would need to hoard all of this weaponry and ammunition.

    There’s been no one willing to right-out, publically confront him about how these preparations signal a take over. (Not that we could expect an honest answer because with Obama there is no such thing, but just to read his reaction, I would like that question asked.)

    And not one word of warning either to the American people, to remind them of the lessons of history.

    In 2013, rare is that discerning reporter, with a love of country, who is willing to take this issue on and like a modern Paul Revere, sound a warning.

    But, I thank God for people like Da Tagliare, Giacomo, DeMar, Cronn, and all the others on Godfather Politics who are doing just that. Knowledge is power, and we would all be a lot less informed and less empowered, if GP didn’t exist.

    My heartfelt appreciation and thanks to them all.
    My prayers continue for our beloved America.

      1. Articles of Impeachment could be drawn up and,sighed by Congress!!But you keep forgetting that the Senate is under Democratic control,with Harry Reid at the Head!!

        I hope to G-d that there are some brave Americans out,there who.Are willing to stand up not only for America and what the,founding fathers!Fought for the Declaration of Independence also the Bill of Rights!!Which Muslim Dictator Obama has walked over because he is not,an American!!

        Please America do not let this happen!You’ve already lost most of your freedoms because you let yourselves,be conned by this IMPOSTER!!!Now he’s after your guns so he can leave you defenseless so a military takeover!!Will be easy.If you truly are Americans not those who just want to be taken care,of by the government!!Stand up and fight I know that it will be extremely bloody and,lives will be lost!!But it’s better to stand up for your G-d given beliefs then,to give in!!Because then all you have to look forward to,is the Muslim Brotherhood Sharia Law!!I’m afraid that’s not far behind!!

        Now you’ll find out what it’s like for us in,Israel living among enemies!!

        1. If I could talk my husband into it, we’d gladly move to Israel. I am not Jewish, just a person who loves Israel, has been there, and has some friends there. I am ashamed of America and would love to live in a country unafraid to confront and DEFEAT the enemy.

        2. sorry nameless your wrong — you see this country is us. we should the ashamed to have sit an let this once great nation fall to where it now lies. once we knew that freedom comes with a cost. but we are no longer the moral an religious nation we once was an hinch lies our problem. we nave become a nation that think their owe every thing. we once thought what can i do for my country? now its what more can my country do for ME ME ME. do you get it?

        3. Our Country the United States the greatest free country on earth …Because we are a Free people we have made it that way. Now LIBERAL/COMMUNIST/SCUM want our free country and will Kill us to get it. It is time to stand for Freedom once again. Depose the Usurper who sits in our white house, Flush out the republican and democratic traitors who want to take our freedom. Let a shot be heard around the world again once more as a free people that even though might be out numbered we take on the communists who have seized our land and drive them back to hell

        4. One advantage you have over us in the United States is the fact that your government doesn’t have its head up its backside like ours does. You also know where your enemies are coming from so you know which direction to shoot. Our enemies are now in charge and nothing short of a civil war will stop them. I know Israel will survive in the end but pray for us when you can and never trust obama, never!

      2. How about, “He was never elected legally to begin with!” But something must be done! Anything! this is our lives, people! The lives of our sons, our daughters, our spouses. Our friends, our families are *all* going to suffer, and die because of this illegitimate “President”!! If we could see what was going to happen, 90% of this country would be flooding Washington’s steps in protest! The thing is, all of these Congressmen who do nothing about it, when the crisis happens, *They* are in as much trouble as we are!

        No collaborating country is going to take them in when they have betrayed the greatest country that has ever existed! No, they are going to end up like the rest of us. Our only hope is TO BAND TOGETHER. Even if civil war erupts, our only chance is to come together, to find like minded people. It’s time to put away the grudge you have with your neighbor, to make things right with people around you. Because we need to come together so survive! Convince people, show them the truth. If they do not accept it, move on. Not everyone can be convinced of reality.

        1. wolf- you know what must happen WE must stand. you can see whats comeing but you nave to open your eyes. an the congressmen most are in on it you can see that to but you half to open your eyes. an if civil war comes hell man open your eyes it hard charging dead at us. not everone can be convinced of reality don’t worry about them its fixing to fall down around their necks. our biggest problem is US we as awhole can whip them obama the marixs menions but will we open our eyes to the truth. this question will soon an i mean real soon be known

      3. Albert Maslar….I don’t see one person in Congress who has the guts to confront Obama with the evidence of treason and impeach him.

    1. I believe the press is not only in the bag on this; but the ones who might see a problem are fearful, for they would surely be ridiculed and ostracized. That’s how Alinski-ites play it.

      1. sebdog you believe the press is in on it? sorry i guess you just open your eyes. the press is his left hand. why would they fear who they surport? open your eyes an use a little of your brain an you want miss much. oyea you must get up off your ass.

  2. I do agree that something chaotic is going to happen and that Obama will be behind it all. Although, I am perplexed as to why others in Congress knowing what everyone else knows, isn’t questioning this buildup of weapons and ammunition. Surely conservative organizations, and elected officials are also aware, so why isn’t anyone talking about this or at least expressing concern? There’s something awfully strange about this entire scenario. Surely not everyone is in collusion with Obama and I don’t understand why only conservative journalists are the only people who are bringing this to the public’s attention. It stands to reason that Obama would want to control “all” who oppose him which would consist of a great number of Republicans and the conservative public. The silence about all this from just about everyone is a mystery unto itself.

        1. What doess a wolf in sheeps clothing look like?? What do you think the p. Sees when he looks in the mirror?? A great pawn or next world leader???

        2. And, if you look at the stained glass window on the building housing the
          Fabyan Socialists in England, you can see the aforementioned wolf in
          sheeps clothing to the right of G. Bernard Shaw swinging a hammer on
          a overheated world, shaping it more to their liking. As is their own

          statement. These are an offshoot of the communists and a takeoff of
          their more unobtrusive methods. Infiltrate, and takeover.

        3. Nothing new in this, my Dad was in the resistance in Holland, WW2, and they captured a communist courier, along with documents and suggestions to infiltrate all areas of society, and wrest control, so their agenda can work without armed struggle. YOU ARE HERE NOW! “X” marks the spot! Churches, being unable to keep God’s Laws – (Gen-2, Ex-20) – as commanded, have devalued their morality to now helping Satan’s work, as God has never listened to them or their prayers, since they accepted “THE MARK OF THE BEAST” that Constantine started in error! To REPENT means to ACCEPT God’s laws in entirety, as Jesus told us (In Matt 5-17 and many other places) – Dont accept, and you will have to trust on your luck all by yourselves, without any saving by God…

      1. Our government is filled to the brim with crooks and tax cheats and felons, illegals, muslims, and God haters, and they trash our Constitution.

        1. Your ignorance is only exceeded by your stupidity. You really do need to study a little more…..

        2. HA! The “I’m rubber, you’re glue argument”! NICE! You people really do have the same sense of awareness and enlightenment as 4th graders, don’t you?

        3. @ mjritter – w/ all the evidence for everyone to witness..including BLIND IDIOTS LIKE YOU (!!!)..You would have to be comatose not to “get it”..!!! That you can communicate & remain comatose is a miracle – too bad that “miracle” doesn’t extend to your cognition…or, to be more precise, your lack of! Pity.

        4. “evidence”? I think you need to look up what that word means. Just like Abraham Lincoln famously said: “you can’t believe everything you read on the internet”.

        5. you need to look up the word bigot. And try to avoid the “I’m rubber you’re glue” defense…it makes everyone realize that a 5th grader could out debate you.

        6. I know a Marxist/Socialist sympathizer when I read what you wrote. You should be posting on the Democrat Underground.com or the Huffington Post. They like people like you.

        7. “By their fruits you shall know them.” This is as true today as it was 2,000 years ago when the Jewish carpenter taught it. And you don’t need a college education or vast experience to spot someone who lives by lies, deceit, subterfuge and coverup.

        8. MLK sadly found out that the left has never changed their strategy for enslavement, keep them uneducated, unarmed and dependent. He had the weapon of knowledge, but when they kept him unarmed his death was a certainty. This was in America and only a short time ago so it not only can happen here it did.

        9. It will. Prophecy says it will. just how successful they are this time, will depend on how the “Gestapo” infiltrates and gets info out of you, and how slack the defenders of the constitution are in preventing it from happening to such a degree. What is known from prophecy, is that American politicians will almost be wiped out (a few stingers in Air Force 1 and 2 etc?) before the country is attacked by foreigners, mainly Asian. But the country will suffer incredible losses, yet by the skin of their teeth, the nation will barely survive. Remember what Winston Churchill was going to do with German invading forces? – read history, and use it. But whatever you do, try to wipe out the politicians… they are THE most dangerous animals on Earth! Few wars are NOT started by them. And Obama wants WAR with American Citizens, no doubt. The fraud and all his supporters needs to be permanently removed, otherwise he will gain too much power, and maybe even convince the GAY Armies inside USA that they are somehow actually RIGHT to try and murder U.S. citizens. That is part of the International Gay Rights Movements ambitions, to which Obama and a number of churches have allied themselves with, because they do not have GOD on their side, so they want all who DO, killed. But first, get yourselves RIGHT with God, to have some protection from Him. The WAY is shown in Matthew 5-17. Genesis-2, and Exodus-20… read and understand… The sun-worshiper’s day is a false day, and God has never listened to so called “Christendom” since they switched sides and followed the false religion that started after Constantine made his biggest mistake in 231 AD (changing God’s day to suit his ambitions)

        10. Would you care to have a rational and thoughtful debate m? Let’s see what we can agree on okay? I’ll check back.

        11. LOL! I love that typical response. “Rawk!! You don’t know the meaning of____________!”

          Stupid Parrot.

        12. Careful…. your comparison is insulting to crooks, tax cheats, felons, illegals, Muslims, and God Haters.

        13. Maybe you should READ the U S Constitution. A SECULAR document. I’ve read it many times, don’t see god in it. Religion is listed only once. What you want is a theocracy, something our forefathers wouldn’t have tolerated…

        14. Actually there is, albeit a somewhat benign reference, but He is still mentioned.

          Part of Article VII: “Done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty even and of the Independence of the United States of America the Twelfth.”
          Now go change YOUR diaper.

        15. Religious writings, figures & etc is on every Federal building in DC. This country was founded on religious as well as individual freedom. That is what is espoused in the Constitution. Read the Deceleration of Independence. We want a representative government not a Dictatorship or a Socialist Democracy, which is what Obama is trying to change it into.

        16. And the deluded useful left are helping this destruction of our country.
          And it’s freedoms, what are left of them.

        17. Would you care to address the article’s concerns, namely the huge amount of ammo and weaponry this admin is stockpiling, especially in light of Obama’s promise to have a civilian force that is just as strong, well equipped, and funded as our military?

        18. The Muslim-Gay-backed Obama wants all of you dead, so he can get to be the most powerful man on Earth… but he won’t last long, don’t worry, his protectors will turn on him, and wipe out all of his family, and blame everything on them… but they will have their won agenda to keep power, because the 3rd. Civil War will have started by then, and Asian Countries (China? N.Korea?) will be taking advantage of USA’s plight, and be made to look much more threatening, so the new chiefs must remain in control. They will be GAY-controlled chiefs, but still deadly ones. Only their total demise will stop the war, none must be left to continue again later.

        19. Dumbass. Next you’ll tell us Tom Paine wrote the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. Of course it will just be more deflection from a brain dead Parrot.

      2. I do not believe that is true. No one will ever convince me Rand Paul and David Schweikert and others elected in 2010 are a part of any NWO. Do not fall for that BS. Now if you ask about John McCain I could agree. He very well may be.

        1. Look at the facts all of these serving in congress today know that obama is a fraud

          and worse NONE of them has done the right thing swear out a warrant on obama and arrest him. Since that has not happened then in fact all are culpable of treason.
          If they do not have the guts deputize me and I will serve the papers.

        2. The coruptness of our government is astonishing. “We The People” might well be serving the warrants for treason. God help the USA!

        3. All you have to do to serve him is act like one of his minions. Groveling, kissing his jack boots, I mean shoes. Kissing his ring finger. You know the ring I’m talking about, the one with the islamic scripture. The ring he has always worn and wears in leiu of a wedding ring.
          Make snide remarks about veterans, the American flag, the Constitution and then make comical remarks about how tradgedy in the populace is the fault of George Bush! He’ll invite you to dinner! Then you can serve him!!! 😛

        4. During the second bailout (1st under Obama) I read a Ron Paul interview in which he stated it was true that another Congressman life’s was threatened if he voted no. There were a few others threatened as well. Did you see gay Lindsey Graham & traitor McCain attack Paul & Cruz after the filibuster? Of course you did!

        5. Yes,, and hilarys daughter was threatened if they blew the whistle on what they knew about O. This is a lawless administration, no one is off limits..I would say they have loved ones and family members who they are looking out for. People have accidents you know.

        6. they dont all have to be in on it. but it should be questioned why this build up with a reasonsble answer . they done this before in the past, history repeats itself.

        7. I am not in USA, so I can see what IS happening there, through my own ex-Army Milintel friends. The NWO starts in the UN, and is adopted by certain countries (Incl USA) – That is part of Prophecy that began with the return of Israel to the Jews. The NWO will eventually mass a mixed massive army together to attack Jerusalem, and be totally Annihilated in a valley that will be used to mount such an attack. Parents, never let your kids in the Army etc… because America will be the biggest loser, and will barely have an Army left after that time. I want MY country to stay out of assisting USA to follow that Satanic leadership into a useless life-wasting battle that God will not help… and my Unit has a Presidential Citation (which we all wear on ANZAC day marches) – so I feel for your guys as innocent pawns of the UN’s NWO. But as Allies, I hope my country stays OUT of offending GOD by attacking Jerusalem.

        1. Look how McCain and Graham turned on Rand Paul the other day. Rand Paul was defending the Constitution, something the other two would never do!


      4. I know we have right to be suspicious, but maybe they are preparing to defend this country from an outside invader like China, since they all ready “own” us and may want to take possession

    1. We’re being bombarded by new crises every day. The average American citizen cannot possibly keep up with the attacks to our liberties on so many fronts at once. The people are just trying to get through daily living, not prepared to do guerilla warfare (figuratively speaking) as well.

      1. You’re right of course concerning all the attacks on our liberties on so many fronts, but I was referring to our elected officials, think tanks, and scores of other conservative organizations that haven’t even mentioned this buildup of arms. Something’s going on for sure, but why the silence from all who should be outraged? This is what I don’t understand when it’s obvious that they must know when conservative journalists have been reporting on this issue for months.

        1. It may happen but the one’s that know will also be the ones who defend our nation and the Constitution. This group is larger than a lot of us think. A takeover by the Government will be bloody and a lot of Federalistas will be dead at the end of it all along with many Americans. The founding fathers saw this coming when they created 50 seperate states and also saw King Obama coming.

        2. Yes, and the Globalists / Internationalists will be at the back of the line, still alive. There are many more against us “Constitutionalist Americans” than we would like to believe. The globalists have many more resources behind them, especially including Soros. If you need background on that fact, please read “The New Leviathan.” It’ll blow your mind! Their strategy and methodical plan has been in place — steady and working — for at least the past 100 years, while fat, lazy Americans have been “asleep,” letting it happen. Don’t kid yourself; the “distraction” of Americans through petty arguments between the “Left” and the “Right” are not even close to what’s REALLY at stake.

        3. Easy for people to say fight or that they’ll go down fighting, really? The scope of actually fighting back is almost nil unless you can get together in large groups to go underground and fight from there. Recently they have anticipated all of this. Christoper Dorner gave them a taste of what one guy could do over a weeks time. This is why all of a sudden, they don’t want vets to be allowed to have weapons; Feinstein writing separate bills, tweaking everything she’s doing to nullify the threat of vets getting together. If you’re not ready now with plans, doing something at the last minute won’t work. China wants Obama to start a war against the People ( looks like he’s gearing up but the left says it’s only a conspiracy – if you believe them, I have property on the LV strip to sell you). Mexico is asking for a national gun registry list with names and addresses. Now why would Mexico need or want that? Read between the lines, it’s obvious they’ve already been penciled in to assist. Russian troops here in Colorado training on American equipment along side our own military units. Think they were doing that for nothing? All military core commanders being replaced with Obama “Yes”men, those that won’t go along with the program being demoted, discharged, etc. We will be changed into a dictatorship very soon. Congress has done nothing thus far to stop anything…..why is that? Writing is on the wall.

        4. A well presented documentary on You Tube is “Los Amos del Dinero The Money Masters
          (Español) Rothschild-Rockefeller” It is voiced in English and subtitled in Spanish. It is a “Must See” presentation

        5. there may not be enought back bone out there to even make a good accounting of our selfs but one thing is sure the time we will know who cares is fast coming. god bless us

        6. I would think be prepared to be martyred in the defense of God and freedom. There are probably many who will not fight they will roll over and let it happen or they will only back the rebels when it looks like we might win and claim they were behind us all the time and that is it there will always be those who will go whichever way the wind blows and will not care to defend their freedoms

        7. “In the beginning of a change the Patri0ot is a scarce man and brave and hated
          and scorned.
          When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a

        8. King Obama? Nah, he’s more like Yertle the Turtle who only thinks he’s important enough to be king. Remember what happened at the end of the story? One can only hope.

        9. “Something’s going on for sure, but why the silence from all who should be outraged?”
          How about the distinct lack of support (disdain even) from a number of “conservative” media personalities, members of Congress and even our state governments when a man ran for president of the United States who could not prove that he was a natural born citizen and therefore unqualified from the get go to even run for the office? (And yet questioned the validity of his opponent’s citizenship having been born on a Naval base in Panama to American parents). And then years later produced a fraudulent BC that would have landed anyone of us in court if not jail?
          Why the silence indeed.

        10. He was the hope of the NWO crowd who saw him as their ticket to transforming this country. He had all the attributes that was needed, and above all he was black. Liberalism played on his minority status giving whites the opportunity to show how far they’ve come in regards to casting off racism. It was all a ploy! He was a Marxist, a pupil of Saul Alinsky, and one with pro muslim ties. He also hated this country as much as his pastor Rev. Wright did. He was only a good campaigner, and community organizer, nothing else, but he did have the same interests as all those who tutored him for the job. He also bamboozled more than half this population including whites to vote for him. (I am not one of them.) Although, more than half of this country is infested with liberals, in all the important places, it still remains to be seen why others of a different persuasion are not screaming their lungs out about a cache of weapons and ammunition that’s being deliberately hoarded. I find it difficult to swallow that the silence lies in the fact that even those who have been vehemently against Obama since day one – are playing a part in whatever it is that’s coming down. Are we to believe that just a handful of conservative journalists are the only ones left with guts!!!! God forbid!

        11. Its only natural that Blacks wanted a black man in office. They wanted a black man so bad they didnt care what he was or where he came from. Because of that deep want they were played for the fools that they are. Whites too voted- like you said- because they want to be even more impressed with themselves than they already were, not realizing that they too were fools and set into motion the mechanisms that will destroy this country, The atheist left has had designs of America since FDR and now their prize is within grasp. there’s no looking back now, neither the black American nor the white American are the people their ancestors once were. Its over for America without even a shot being fired. As Jefferson once said, We truly sowed the wind and will reap the whirlwind. He was right. we’ll get what we deserve. Shame, we ruined the future for our children. God forgive us.

        12. Some people didn’t care enough to be truly informed. They just blindly voted for the party they and their families have just always voted for. Blind following the blind., a it were. So the platform for them shouldn’t have made any sense. Agreed only an idiot couldn’t see the administration has hatched a wicked plan against the freedom loving american people. While they had their head in the sand, their government was planning to knock off their asses. Look up now

        13. Wolfy; You are a long way from being correct. You are playing right into their divide and conquer plans. It is such a waste of time to believe in what you have written. You are a well written man. Please take the time to become educated about the real cause of the problem and then educate your friends. A very good succent presentation is currently on You Tube entitled “Los Amos del Dinero The Money Masters (español) Rothschild-Rockefeller” It is voiced in English and subtitled in Spanish.

        14. How do you propose to do that? Just walk in and take them?
          Why don’t you spend some quality time, do some research, find out what is really behind this takeover and then educate your friends. Go to You Tube and view this documentary “Los Amos del Dinero The Money Masters (español) Rothschild-Rockefeller” It is voiced in English and subtitled in Spanish.

        15. Surely they know. But what we are talking about is treason by the commander in chief. Anyone who makes the attempt to show concern would immediately become the focus of idiotic mass media that would label THEM the traitors and the sheeple the American people have become would believe it. I believe there is a delicate balancing act going on by this administration. They are carefully doing what they can while still trying to hide their ultimate purpose. At some point, they will have to show their true hand, and then… civil war?

        16. they if you look an know the signes are not hiding their plans. they know we as a whole want belive that our goverments single purpose is to enslave us. any one thinking knows that that billions of bullets are not for target practice. an if you have one brain cell you know to that everthing obama the marixs has done is to destory our economy not help it.

        17. Crush the opposition of the middle class by hitting them where it hurts Jobs and economics part of their plans when we can not financially care for ourselves they will have won they want us to surrender without bloodshed but they are also preparing for civil war if we refuse

        18. its simple their scared an so is some in congress an the rest agree with whats been done an whats coming. we folks are own our own.

        19. Looking at this complicated, and frankly startling scenario unfolding in so many ways. If B.O. is the dictator we feel he may be. People who feel he is that dictator see he has acquired this total untouchable aura around him. If he is a dictator willing to be a pathological liar on any, and every topic. Then he may be capable of anything evil. Those who’s job it is to analyze the situation (politicians, and conservative media) Have to be very concerned what may happen to them if this shameless man becomes the dictator he wishes to be. First he is probably bigger than just a run of the mill dictator…more likely he is working (Knowing or unknowingly) for the Anti-Christ movement. If he is THAT nasty do you want to be the guy running around proclaiming that he is THAT man? (B.O.’s enemy #ONE!!) I believe he is completely aware of the internet and has OUR tax dollars working to find his ‘non believers’, and knowing who has figured him out, having a list amassed even now.

          He wishes to eliminate all opposition.

          We already know this by the evidence thus far in his past. Every person on any one of these conservative news sites are probably on a list marked for some kind of ‘special attention’ lets say. When the time is right.

          The Lord says he doesn’t want to come back to find “luke warm” Christians…Are we not precisely that these days? We all seem to feel something diabolical is happening involving B.O., but as you say…there is nobody willingly coming forth and calling attention to the possible spiritual, and evil side of what seems to be happening.

          Can anyone in the public spotlight for a living afford to step forward? and emphatically claim there is something diabolical about this president, and mention all of the military changes, the ammunition tonnage being amassed like this article?

          That person will be castigated, and proclaimed by all common media as a total nut job. Just for me to mention here as an anonymous to people I don’t even know is taking some balls for me. Glen Beck is border line doing that, but not seen as a leader by all like a politician, or Rush, or Hannity. Beck is pretty much viewed as a nut by the mainstream, and buried on his own fringe,broadcast.
          How do those of us realizing all of these hidden oddities to make everyone question this ‘president’s secret identity he never shows them, but the knowing see all too clearly?

        20. You said a truthful mouthful. You have fine courage. Courage is doing something you believe in, especially when your scared to.

        21. I listened to George H.W. Bush Joint Session of Congress Speech in which he proclaimed: “Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective—a new world order—can emerge: A new era—freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice and more secure in the quest for peace. An era in which the nations of the world, east and west, north and south, can prosper and live in harmony.” ALL the govts. of the world are being shaken because the NWO is installing the leaders who are loyal to them. America has been dead for quite some time. The vast majority of the people will be shocked to death when their captors give them their marching orders.

        22. The reason the mass media does not report these things is because the mass media is owned by the Rothschilds et al. In addition, the Federal Reserve is owned by the Rothschilds and some of their friends such as the Shifts, Warburgs, Kuhn, and Loeb. The interest on the National debt is more than 300 billion dollars a year. It is paid to the Rothschild bunch. These ones are behind the takeover of the United States and the world. The Obama administration is not the cause. It‘s only one of the many assistants of the Illuminati and the Rothschilds et al who are behind this world takeover. This plan was established in 1773. It is not something that just one president is implementing. Furthermore, it is worldwide not just here in the United States. These people were and are very intelligent. In addition, the cream of the crop has been enlisted into this plan. They can buy whatever they need or want. The Rothschilds own at least half of the world’s wealth.
          Silly ranting about flushing these turds down the toilet or filing accusatory
          documents of treason is worthless and a waste of time. What is needed is to
          become educated and in turn educate your friends and our congressional
          representatives. Elect only those who truly understand the cause. The majority
          currently in office are bought and paid for by this overwhelming wealth. Go to
          You Tube and search for Rothschild. Many freedom lovers have put together succinct presentations that provide you with knowledge about what is really going on.
          Take the time to learn and to help educate your friends. One presentation that is very good and has a plan to rid us of these conspirators is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQSNeCS9Ars If this link is blocked by the editors of this forum the title of the presentation on You Tube is “Los Amos del Dinero The Money Masters (español) Rothschild-Rockefeller” It is subtitled in Spanish.
          Currently there is lots of information that you can easily find on the
          internet. Please for everybody’s sake take the time to become knowledgeable and educate y.our friends.

        23. I have read a lot about the Rothschilds and their manipulation of wealth. I’ve also read on occasion about all the secret societies that many of these influential people are associated with. Many years ago I did work for the Federal Reserve in Philadelphia, and of course, the stories were abundant about who owns what, etc. There’s enough information out there about those who have wanted to create this New World Order that would make your head swim and according to most, it’s been in the process for decades. There’s very little of what I read about this situation that I don’t believe, as people like George Soros have been in this country for eons, and there’s plenty more like him all over the globe. Although, the fact remains that however educated one becomes, it still does not give the general public the power to do anything constructive except complain and vent our frustrations on these forums. Of course the day will come when this information won’t be available to anyone as we are getting closer to fulfilling the dreams of those who have longed to create their own world and be masters thereof. Barack Obama is one of those dreamers – handpicked not only because of his shared interests and similar ideologies for this “new world,” but mainly because of his minority status that would propell him into power so that others had a chance to “prove” their ability to put the past to rest. It’s was all a political ploy that worked very well and continues to be successful to this day. In regards to my educating myself and others, I do feel that many people on these forums are very well educated and are just as aware of what has been going on in this country for decades, but like myself, are not able to do anything constructive about this besides vent our anger and frustration. Our only hope at this point in time, is divine intervention for those of us who believe. It eventually will come but on His time – not ours. In the interim, all we have is our complaints about a world and people that are holding the rest of us in captivity. (Thank you for the link.)

      2. Unfortunately the average American is not up to speed on what is happening. they’ve got their hands full with keeping up with the Kardashians.

        1. It’s not quite that simple, Tony – though I agree with what you’re saying. We are being bombarded daily by a 24/7 out-of-balance news cycle that is so confusing and frightening in its scope that we cannot process it all. We don’t know whether to be scared, annoyed, or dig a new fallout shelter underground. Hiding in “entertainment” is not the BEST response, but it is an understandable one for the overwhelmed. For the idiots who don’t even listen or pay attention – it’s what they deserve. Cheap thrills.

        2. Television is to keep the idiots happy so that they do not notice or perceive what the government is doing to their freedoms. They do that to keep the masses content with their garbage while they dismantle the constitution and rob the country

      3. The crisis” are well executed you know. In order to take completely over you have to create catastophies and create fear to enact these Godless rules. You tell the sheeple it’s for their good and safety. Satan is a super DECEIVER. He is real and hard at work.

      4. …TRUE AMERICANS don’t have to “keep up” with each crisis… what they have to do is get ready for the fight that is coming in the very near future. The military puts a 5-year expiration date on ammo, which means DHS plans on using the newly ordered ammo. Get ready. Stockpile food. Arm yourself ~ .40 would be a good idea, since this will undoubtedly be readily available, just laying on the street, shortly after the fight begins…
        …WE’RE going to be facing a choice: submit or fight. Make up your mind now, then prepare.

      5. True, the lamestream media will not report any of this and are in on it too. They will only tell what Obummer wants them to. Unfortunately not everyone will listen to Fox News and hear this. The conservative stations are only preaching to the choir. If we can’t get the media to report this then its our responsibllity to get this out. The Congress made a deal with the Democraps that they would not push against Obummer if he was winning due to the election with Bush and Gore. This whole Congress needs to be put in a hole . They are the most corrupt people in this country. Time for another Concord and Lexington.

    2. Most people in Congress are bribed–or their families are threatened. Judges are bought off so they can destroy people. The elites own the “free”press so they can destroy the reputation of anyone who goes against their “agenda”–the “association” attached to someone can never be removed or “corrected”. It is as simple as that. The evil elite control the “perceptions of the masses”. Those that can’t be bribed—and have no “flaws” are extremely rare—Rand Paul may be one and Ted Cruz. Principled men are so rare—as hundreds of years of history reveal and the bribes of judges by JP Morgan to destroy Tesla and Westinghouse, etc, reveal….It is how these evil, slimy Leftists operate to gain power over all.

      1. You’re absolutely right, no doubt about it. However, the fact still remains that not only the journalist who wrote this article is taking a stand, but there have been many other conservative writers that have done the same concerning the identical issue on several different websites. If any liberal out there even so much as considered anything in these articles to be falsified – they would have publicly smeared these journalists from here to kingdom come which would have eventually cost them their jobs. Yet, the silence still remains for all but a handful of commentators who continue to write about this subject.

        1. You are absolutely right…..there are still really good principled journalists/voices out there—but they are marginalized in many ways. It will be necessary to educate us–the masses—and with the Marxist lock-down the elites have on MSM it is extremely hard. Thank God for the internet, though—but “they” are trying to get that under total control also. Truth has a way of slipping through the cracks, though. Truth is the only way out.

    3. Congress was completely “paid off” 4 years ago. Remember all of that stimulus money that seemed to just be disappearing into thin air? believe me when I tell you that there was more than enough money to go around, as all they had to to was print up a few trillion and stick “we the people” with the bill by putting us all into debt slavery for the next 200 years, but the only problem with making slaves out of the American people is that they haven’t gotten the chains on us yet (even though they’ve already purchased us) so they need to conquer us militarily first in order to get our guns and private property away from us. In this day and age there is really no need for actual chains (thanks to technology) so they will just use satellite trackable and implantable RFID chips that will not only do away with all fiat currency, but will nearly abolish all crime and borders (since everything you do and everywhere you go can be monitored via satellite and bank transactions)

    4. I called both the senators from Oregon and and our so-called rep, and their offices basically told me they know nothing about any of this, that in itself is frightening.

      1. I called our Oregon senators this morning and got the same dumb response. You’d think that after your call they would have bothered to check it out. I hope these robots are the first ones to see an MRAP vehicle rolling through Portland.

    5. I think they DO know. This illegal usuper has done impeachable things since Jan. 2009, so why (if they aren’t in on it) don’t they impeach him.? I know it’s hard to believe, deeply depressing, and when you hear about it, you want to believe we still live in a free country. Unfortunately, I am beginning to think we haven’t been free since long before Obadman came on the scene. I hope I am wrong and you are right.

    6. The majority of Republicans in congress only give the illusion of opposing Obama’s agenda. There are only a few conservatives left in the Republican Party and they are continuously being shut down by McConnell, Boehner, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, and the rest of the top republican stooges. The reality is that we are essentially living under a one party system. Like it or not, the revolution is coming. It is just going to be “we the people” and some local law enforcement that take their constitutional oaths seriously against the federal government. The first targets of the revolution must be anti-constitutional politicians.

      1. I believe the deal is/was, that the “banker elites” kept Americans “in the dark” (by distracting them for so long) so that they could get their “globalist systems” in order before we knew what was happening. I wish I had a brighter outlook these days; there’s no way that “some of us right-wing Americans” can take on the whole world — unless you’ve got a magic trick up your sleeve that you haven’t told the rest of us about . . . . Please share!

        1. We don’t have to take on the whole world. There are 535 members of congress and a staff in the White House – there are 320 million American citizens most of whom have at least one weapon in their home. If over 300 million people allow themselves to be controlled by 535 we deserve to be slaves. The politicians fear us. If they didn’t fear us they wouldn’t be so concerned about gun control. They know that if they don’t get control of our weapons soon they are in trouble. If they do even one drone attack everyone in this country will be forced to fight the government because they will realize that they could be next. If you are serving in the military you would have to think that some of those drone strikes could be occurring in your home state against some of your friends and relatives. I have an aquaintance currently serving in the military and this is being widely discussed among soldiers and most will not follow orders against American citizens. As much as I hate to quote a democrat, Franklin D. Roosevelt gave a speech shortly after the beginning of World War 2 in which he said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

        2. Viva freedom. Live free or die trying is what Im hearing alot lately. I think people are waking up..hope it’s not too late. The military fights for freedom…real soldiers for freedom surely won’t allow themselves to hurt their own countrymen. Fear has between known to be a great motivator….

      2. I think the politicians we might be able to trust are those John McCain has labeled “Wacko Birds”. Then again there’s always the chance that all of them have been bought off but some of them are receiving bonus pay for pretending they are on our side right up to the point where the SHTF. Virtually none of them has earned any trust. They talk a good line but haven’t done anything of substance to earn it except for Rand Paul and his filibuster and I’m still not too sure about that.

        1. As a resident of the state of Arizona I must apologize for Senator McCain who is a disgrace to our state. You are correct. A good rule of thumb would be to oppose anything that McCain is for and support anything that McCain is against. He faced J.D. Hayworth in a senatorial primary election in our state in 2010 – personally, I voted for J.D. However, McCain always has a huge campaign budget and he bombarded our state with a bunch of very well done commercials that depicted him as the ultimate consevative and defender of our borders. Unfortunately, our voters bought into the B.S. McCain has several residences. He has a 6500 sq ft condo in a mid-rise building at 2211 E. Camelback Rd, in the Biltmore area of Phoenix. Listen up fellow Arizonans. When the revolution starts that may be one place to start looking for him.

      3. We will have to purge (ugly word, but factually) the educational system, judicial system, political system and the press in order to set this country back on the course our Founders intended. It will get ugly but it is needed and it will come.

        1. “Purge” is very good word to use. Personally, I feel that our country is constipated and in need of one giant bowel movement.

    7. That’s what has puzzled me forever. I’m willing to believe that all dems & SOME repubes want NWO, but if every single person in Washington is in on the con, then I guess we’re all fools.

    8. If the truth be known, I’m kinda of the impression that those who would be inclined to inform the public have had their and their family’s lives threatened. You really believe Breitbart died of a heart attack?? That’s one of the easiest things in the world to fake, and the drugs are well gone by the time an autopsy is done. The Ruskies did this to one of their own in England. Only an EXTREMELY thorough autopsy found the cause. No such autopsy on Breitbart. Last month Special Forces did exercises in Houston and Galveston. I guess, in time, we will find out how many in the military will uphold their oath and not fire on US citizens.

    9. The Congress and the Senate sold out long ago. The Constitution is completely ignored by both Parties. It’s just come to a point where the Puppeteers have so much power, they can openly defy the populace and ignore the concerns that we, here blogging, are addressing. Regarding Fast & Furious and the Benghazi debacle, there was just a Big Top Dog & Pony Show put on for general consumption, with no real move to see justice done. Look how Mike Zullo forwarded the investigative findings of Obama’s fraud and Federal crimes to Boehner, and Boehner told the GOP to ignore, not mention, or bring it up (Trunews.com archieve Rick Wiles interview with Sheriff Arpaio’s lead Investigator, Mike Zullo)…not to mention the complete blackout of the info found, on FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. No, it’s an evil Cabal that runs the politics and all news media. Get prepared, the days will get darker.

    10. To me at least the problem come in when a Gov. of a Republican state refuses to allow DHS to operate and demands they either give it up or has the National Guard move on them. Here in Michigan with a heavy armour element their go carts would of very little use. Of course these morons will try to use these in close quarters combat were they have proven to be useless. Of course they dont know that and are signalling their intentions. All that means is that we have to find out were they are parked and keep an eye out for what they do with them. A large movement should be fairly easy to spot. And since they have toys and no experience does any one care to buy a slightly used government vehicle????

    11. The sad thing is that Americans in general are willing to give away what our fighting men have fought and died for and have no regret about loosing their freedoms!

    12. We have been Betrayed by our own leaders and they plan to slaughter millions of Americans that oppose them in in the process. The writing has been on the wall since the usurper came to office.. I have seen this coming and have taken steps but I worry about those who haven’t and my family some of whom believed this could not happen in the US and would not stand with me to oppose Obama. My sister who thought nothing would change if she voted so she didn’t, My brother in law and other sister who decided there was no point in getting political and didn’t vote either. I gave them all warnings but seems they ignored me. Now I am almost certain there will be a communist take over of America and there will be loss of life because I know some will oppose it. The bomb is ticking and it will happen

    13. How many military and law officers will take the ammo and MRAPs and turn around and be with we the people. How many do you really think want to take this government down as compared to the ones that want to keep the anti-Americans in power. Just cause BO wants to be appointed king or will just make himself one doesn’t mean that all will follow him.
      On another point, thanks taxpayers for buying all the ammo we will need to take back our country. Most of the people taking back the country are the taxpayers any way so I guess we are buying our own ammo.
      MRAPs are defeat able. The Taliban do it now and they don’t have the firepower that the Americans have.

    14. Maybe it’s because they know those that speak up now will be the first executed along with conservative journalists should this really come to pass. That is the way oppression works after all.

      1. If you’re not aware of any of the facts posted here, especially in regards to the hoards of weapons and ammo – then you are the only one that’s absurd and stupid – which could only mean you voted for him – twice!

    15. Well poatriotusa, kind of makes you think congress is in on it, otherwise this horse crap would not be going on. congress is guilty of treason on all fronts and when the time comes will be held to a military trial.

      1. The question is by whom will they be held accountable when the military is getting just as liberal as their commander in chief.

        1. The answer is: when you have 381 millions guns coming after you, where will mr oboma and his criminals hide. oboma is dreaming if he thinks he going to pull the biggest lie and con he has presented as himself. Yes, we have more guns than people in the United States, why in the world do you think no one wants to invade the United States. Is easier to try to pull the wool over the citizens than go to war with We the People.

    16. Speaker Boehner has the power to put a stop to this nonsense, via forcing the government into ‘ Essential Services Mode ‘, but he has neither the desire, nor the stones to do so. Like Bernanke, he has reached an accommodation with Obie, to keep their respective jobs, and I don’t think that we can expect any help from either of them.

    17. Ones that are not complicit are afraid, when he gets real serious about consolidating power, desenters will be shot, meanwhile, they are outspent in their districts, and if allowed election serve at the pleasure of the POTUS. No one is in the least concerned about preservation of our constitution, small potatoes with what is transpireing and coming. This is a serious event, by murderous people, with a death grip on our system of government, like an anaconda. The constitution belongs to the people, to protect them from the government, making it detremental to abide by it, We must force the federal government agencies to disarm, by military or any other means. No where in the peoples constitution does it mention they have the power to arm buraucracies run by the executive..It must not stand! No doubt these arms and ammo are for us.

    18. The answer is really rather simple. They are all career politicians whose paychecks, benefits and retirement are dependent upon how they play the game. Eliminate the career aspect of politics and you will completely reform our entire political system and perhaps bring back some integrity to its karma.

    19. you need to find a healthy hobby. I’m sure there are people around you who are (rightfully) concerned for your mental well being. Listen to them.

    1. I had that same thought, Harvey817. If the gov’t corners the market, that is one way to effectively ban ammo purchases by citizens.

      1. The left has had a long time to think this out – that’s why the ammo buy up, the push for new laws, bans, and even the push for extra taxes or insurance for gun owners. They were just waiting for obama’s re-election and a brand new “crisis” they could use. The ammo buy up is just one more tactic by obama and his ilk of using our own resources (tax dollars) against us.

        1. your eyes are closed an your asleep. if you think their buying up all this ammo to keep us from getting it your barking up the wrong tree. their a hell of a lot cheaper ways to keep ammo from us. dam folks there a war coming an it will be aginst US i will admit it making ammo hard to find but its not their plan its just aside affect

    2. sorry harvey it really just to kill us hard to believe is it not. if you had been looking going into this you would already have your ammo an all the guns you would need bought.

  3. Everyone should be contacting their congressional reps/senators and urge them to look into this. I’ve contacted mine, although I don’t know how far it will go, giving their past wimpy performance. If you haven’t heard by now, there is actually a codename for what’s going on, and it’s “Operation Thunderdome”. Do some google searches and read up on it. A starting point –> http://beforeitsnews.com/obama-birthplace-controversy/2013/02/dhs-operation-thunderdomeis-this-free-americas-last-stand-2455360.html

    1. From what I read, I would say I am on those lists. They’ll be coming for me. With the prospect of Hillary getting elected, they may just extend their deadline a little bit farther. It explains why nobody seems to get fired, regardless of what they do, and why they play a time game on everything and spend all their time 1) lying shamelessly, and 2) warning people not to watch Fox or listen to conservative radio. I don’t have guns and I couldn’t shoot if I tried. However, I can provide support and I will support America to the death (whether necessary or not).

    2. I’d contact my senators but both of them are one sick joke! John McCain and Jeff Flake, two finer examples of what is wrong in the senate and congress in general one will never be able to point out to me. Reid, Feinstien, even Pelosi are all sick and twisted, but too many try to point to McCain as a standard bearer for what Republicans should think. I guess that’s why I’m an independent. I keep hoping for a true constitutionalist that will run for office. Sadly, I don’t think there will be any more federal elections for that to happen. My guess is that we won’t even be allowed a 2014 federal election. Forget 2016.

  4. I am a dedicated republican. However I am upset everytime I see headlines like this because they only alienate the voting populace. In trying to make a point you overdo it. We need to send calm and grounded messages to those who don’t neccesarily share our views. This tactic only creates and inflames more left leaning moderates. Stop helping the progressives.

    1. OK, connect the dots and tell me what conclusions you draw. Govt buying bullets, hollow pt included, armoured vehicles with gun ports, targets that have grandmas, children, pregnant women, big push to take our guns. What do you conclude? I’ve been talking about this for months and some thought I was a little out there. The more we learn the less wacky it sounds.

    1. My question is; how long do you think we have? …before the next election (if there is one), but that’s over 3 years away. This year? Next? All 2011, I got emails where so called experts staked their reputations the US economy was going to implode before the year was out. Then the same all through 2012. We are about as prepared as we can be…It’s actually going to be a weird relief when this all comes down…

  5. Regarding what I just read here, that is why it is imperative that Congress gets off their behinds and order that full scale re counting of the 2012 Election as that would be the fast/quickest way to get Obama removed from office.As it would prove that he and his team had used trickery to win the election,by voter machine tampering along with all the other ways they help get voters to the polls,ways that never had been done before.Then we would be able to get the right man in the White House as our truly elected official,which would be Mitt Romney. Then he would be able to get our country back in shape. Come on now everyone let all of us to petition Congress for the that total recounting of the 2012 Election. We have no time ponder.

    1. There will be no recounts – just as there will be no impeachment. The Senate would never allow it, and the Repubs showed the day after the election that they won’t question the cheating – in fact they have laid down in the past for cheating- Al Franken’s election was not the first time the dems blatantly got away with cheating.

  6. We’ve been afraid since Obama won the election 2008. There are many of us out here that have been saying that he was setting things up for a takeover for several years. At first we were laughed at – now people are starting to ask us questions and beginning to be very afraid.

    1. As a native Texan and combat vet, I have been saying just exactly what you are saying but stand unafraid because I have lived my life to the fullest and will accept death but only after many others on the other side have died before me !!

      1. med: I’m not a native Texan but, in under a year, I plan to relocate to Texas, and bring my Conservative vote and attitudes with me. Sign me “WannaBeTexan”!

        1. Denver Kitty, if your name is any indication as to where you live, Welcome to Texas !!!
          Bring your firearms and bows with you for “just in case” !!

        2. Thanks and Good Morning!! I’m looking for an area fairly close to a beach (seashells!) that I can afford a house (too much “crap”) — aroud $850/month rent. Favor somewhere southwest of Corpus Christi. Suggestions please. Thanks, Kitty

      2. I fully intend to live up to my oath as well. My ancestors fought at San Jacinto for Texas Independence. I can do no less.

        1. I’m pretty sure mine did, too, since they arrived in Texas when it was Tejas (early 1830s) !!

  7. When the first shot is fired, it’s open season on all enemies both domestic and foreign. This includes politicians in office on the opposing side !! Male and female !! Those that oppose the oath and constitution will be the enemy !!

  8. Where’s the gov’t getting the money for all this if they can’t even afford to continue tours of the White House? Methinks we are being played for patsies by this administration. :o(

    1. Do you remember the 900 Billion to bail out the banks well that is where they got the money…stole it from the citizens

  9. Since 2008, the number of right-wing militia groups spouting violent rhetoric in the US has grown from 149, to 1,360 in 2012–an increase of more than 900% in just four years; aided and abetted by right-wing traitors on FOX NEWS and talk radio, who are constantly peddling hate and fear to a gullible electorate. Given this potential terrorist threat to the United States, the government would be remiss if it didn’t gear up to handle any right-wing wingnut insurrections that might occur; which I would suggest are already occurring, in the guise of Sandy Hook, Columbine, and other recent mass shootings by “crazy loners.”

    These groups represent a clear and present danger to the United States, and it is the duty of the government to protect the citizens of the United States from them. http://tinyurl.com/b655l5z

    1. Holy goodness, man, sit down and take a load off. Obviously you neither watch Fox news nor listen to talk radio. The right is not spreading the hate. And you have just said we need the government to violently destroy conservatives in this country. Since they have no authority to do this, they lie to you–and others who will be wielding the weapons aimed at us and get you to believe it is us doing the hating. We are not the ones who are dangerous to this country.
      Sandy Hook, Columbine, other shootings–none done by conservatives.

    2. hey lawrence….were you born stupid or are you the product of the mis-education system run by morons called liberals? You know, the real hate mongers and racists called liberals and their pravda?

      Might want to ask your mommy. What a freakin moron….do us all a favor, and don’t vote. Stupid people shouldn’t….

        1. You mean….like yours, son? What would you call that childish tirade or yours, that had absolutely no basis in fact, not a single one….?

          Time to take your meddies, little man….

          “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”– Winston Churchill

  10. Iam curious as to how this can be accomplished logistically….. This is not a small country ….. and at last count the several million armed americans of which a large number are ex military ….. The last thing some one who is planning a coup de ta wants is to for warn the masses ….. I would be watchful for the Reichstag style incident ….. A mobilized military on the streets of America can be brought about by a shutting down of the grid …. An EMP device can bring this about…. Deployment would still prove to be a logistical nightmare ….

  11. The government is begining to operate like they fear the citizens they serve. Or they fear that the citizens will no longer comply and go along with what they do and how they do it. Either way…. when people no longer trust their government and the people in it…. the war has already begun. I just don’t believe there are more people who will go along with firing upon Americans for no other reason than because they are exercising their Constitutional rights. These people, like Obama are acting on their delusions…. and we the people have ALL the power. The power to say NO.

  12. One Senator Female wanted all ammunition purchasers to under-go psycho analysis. Has anyone started the process of the president?

  13. When the government fears the common citizen and makes it virtually impossible for the purchase of ammunition for even recreational target shooting by even making it hard to purchase .22cal. ammunition then we as citizens of this country have a problem.

  14. An Iranian friend in France was arrested during a demonstration. He asked the police office, “why do you arrest and beat me?” The police replied,”That is my job.” He asked my friend, “Why do you demonstrate?” ‘That is My job!” You have a job: document, record, photo, investigate, locate, network, learn, test, train and implement. Just do it…

  15. Congress needs to act or be considered part of it. I’m just waiting for obama to be shot and then miraculously come back to life to be confirmed the anti christ. I am starting to think that there are some very strong supernatural forces here at work that allow him to get away with flushing our country down the crapper while congress sits with their thumb up their butt.

  16. This charlatan scared me years ago, but now that he’s been re-elected there’s been an excelleration to his bold dictator ways. What have Americans (I didn’t vote for him) gotten us into. We just may have a fight on our hands if we want to keep our country as it was set up to be. If he doesn’t like America as it is, he should go away and live somewhere else. I’m sure we can find the original rock that he crawled out of before he was unleashed to cause him mayhem with his minions. Better yet, lets send him and Hillary back to Benghazi for a little of the same horrors that befell those four brave man.

  17. It makes me wonder what all the construction at the WH was for it must be something to do with this takeover as it was just completed after months of work

  18. Seems to me that the manufacturers of both the MRAP vehicles and the large quantities of munitions should advertise the fact that they are providing these massive amounts to the government. The media will not pick it up, but maybe there are a few good companies that will worry about the future of America as opposed to their bottom line.

    1. While there are surely lots of good small companies, I truly doubt there are any big ones that care about anything other than that “bottom line”.

  19. The actions taken by various government agencies, the push for gun control, the record keeping requirements of ObamaCare, the truly lousy appointments for Defense/State/CIA, some of the moves in Defense on staffing, as well as what is posted here makes one become very concerned on the future, Couple that with the monetary and fiscal policy that will cause a collapse if allowed to continue and the political churning in DC, within the GOP, between states and the Feds along with between the branches of the Federal government, and the continued illegal actions and bureaucratic Executive abuse of power sure adds weight to these concerns,

  20. All of this is being done by a man who wasn’t even elected. Just like all of the other murderous, demonic dictators who have all met the same fate.


    old sarge,’nam vet,’68,’70

  22. Majority of Military personell will not allow O to do that. They have sworn an oath not to protect the President, but to protect the Constitution, and they will do that. They will not talk about it before it comes down to it, but the military will not side with an unlawful government if that’s what O is thinking will happen. Those MRAP machines will be used against him, not for him.

  23. [email protected] says:

    Is Rand Paul talking about this? Perhaps he needs to conduct another fillabuster.That would get some reaction.

  24. Why are the NOAA and IRS buying up ammo? They are not. Their surplus budget money is being used to straw purchase ammo for the DHS….

    It really is that simple.

    1. Why does DHS need all that ammo? If there is insurrection, the National Guard can be called up. The DHS has no policing authority, the FBI does, ICE does, BATF does, FPS does.. but the DHS doesn’t. So I ask again, why do they need all that ammo?

      This is what’s scary, while the DHS has no policing authority, the Secretary may pursuant to Section 1315 of Title 40 (40 USC 1315) of the United States Code.

      … designate employees of the Department of Homeland Security, including employees transferred to the Department from the Office of the Federal Protective Service of the General Services Administration pursuant to the Homeland Security Act of 2002, as officers and agents for duty in connection with the protection of property owned or occupied by the Federal Government and persons on the property, including duty in areas outside the property to the extent necessary to protect the property and persons on the property.

      Powers. – While engaged in the performance of official duties, an officer or agent designated under this subsection may –

      (A) enforce Federal laws and regulations for the protection of persons and property;

      (B) carry firearms;

      (C) make arrests without a warrant or in plain clothes for any offense against the United States committed in the presence of the officer or agent or for any felony cognizable under the laws of the United States if the officer or agent has reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has committed or is committing a felony;

      (D) serve warrants and subpoenas issued under the authority of the United States;

      (E) conduct investigations, on and off the property in question, of offenses that may have been committed against property owned or occupied by the Federal Government or persons on the property; and

      (F) carry out such other activities for the promotion of homeland security as the Secretary may prescribe.

      Did you read that last one, (F)? That’s what’s scary…

      1. In 2005, an additional 22 agencies were brought under the DHS umbrella. That’s a lot of real estate to store ammo on, and anything else that they are buying up…

        I have no doubts that these agencies, including their property, would be used as distribution centers for this ammo (and whatever else they are buying and hiding away) in the event of some form of “incident”.

        Check out the agencies that encompass DHS – And note that some of them are scary…. Like Plum Island Animal Disease Center, and the Strategic National Stockpile….


  25. When you arm a civilian force with bullets outlawed for war and the IRS raids on many business where they act like the SS troops, it should open eyes but, the welfare kings and queens and their masters in Washingon won’t say a word against their Hitler in the White House and the lame stream media is like Hitlers media, they worship on his every word, all in favor of gun control raise your right hand and arm to Hitler, your god, your messiah, your way to hell.

  26. Another ominous sign is the government fakery regarding supposed “terror” attacks. If you can get your hands on the April issue of REASON magazine there is a most interesting book review: “The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism” by Trevor Aaronson. It describes how government pays con artists to dupe easily victimized persons into taking part in a terrorist act that is fake and then busting them with great fanfare. At what passes for a trial the government provides military hardware to overwhelm the thinking of judges and jurors who might otherwise regard the case(s) as illegal entrapment (think: “planted” evidence). The former FBI agent who reviewed the book gives it good marks although the author failed to recognize that the FBI tactics are not new (they go back to 1918) and the targets are not limited to Muslims. Each piece of fakery will be used as an excuse to clamp down on the people.

  27. First off, there are over 100 million legal gun owners in this country and I do not just expect them to bow down to a corrupt government and run for cover, this is our country not that sissified BOY barack hussein obama’s from hell.

    United we stand, divided we fall and I want this country to be around for my great grand children.

    Want a future, by guns as many as you can afford. With guns, we are Citizens, without them, we are subjects and that’s what obama and the demoncrats want is us defenseless.

  28. WHY do I think this is NOT being done to put tanks and troops along our southern border to stop the invasion of illegal aliens coming in there?
    HMMMM. That leaves us with one other reason……

  29. I have been saying for a long time. “Thanks for buying all that ammo and stockpiling it for me” I figure that at least part of it is going to be mine, one way or another. Now I need to thank them for the light armored tanks, I appreciate it.

  30. If the POS thinks he can stir up Americans and cause a riot or civil war then he will be able to deploy
    his minions and attempt to take over America, If he is sucessful he will declare himself Emperor for
    life and our way of life will be gone forever. We have already see his delousional utopian dreams
    and egomanical ego trip. If someone tells him NO he immidately throws a temper tantrum and plot
    to destroy that person, group or entitiy. He is not now nor never has been an American in any
    sense of the word. What he is amounts to a Criminal Illihgal Alien who has fliped into America
    under convoluted circumstances and with the help of the Muslim Brothehood, Bill Ayers, George
    Soros, the Democrat paty and some on the Republican side. We have many groups in our nation
    that would like nothing more than to see our nation falter and fail. The freedom we have has
    inspired many people around the world to rise in revolt againt tyrants, dictators and wannabe emperors.
    We have one in the White House today who would be one give half a chance. Unfortunatley we also
    have many people in our nation who do nor comprehand nor realize the freedoms that a free people
    have. Not to many years ago some were slaves and our nation had a Civil War to insure that
    freedome was for all, not just a select group of citiznes.


  32. The question should be, how do we prepare for the USA becoming a Marxist Statre? It is not if it is going to happen, but when. Within the next 2 to 4 years, the “Boot of Marxism will begin to crush and destroy our rights, freedoms, and Constitution. When the blood of citizens begins to flow in the streets of America, maybe people will begin to wake up. Of courfse, by thart point, it will be too late to take America back. It will be all over except for the crying.

  33. I am learning to not listen to what Obozo and Liberals SAY; I’m watching what they DO. This is becoming more and more ominous with every passing day. I’m also thinking this might be a GREAT time to move to Patagonia.

  34. I mean maybe it’s just me..or is stupid gone viral in this country & most of in our media??? This guy is another hitler…he needs to be put away before we have a war in our own country…we won’t take this sitting down or maybe he thinks we will hand our country over to him because we are afraid of him or his guns or his goonies…get real…no one will go down without a fight…forget all the five dollar words and being polite & being politically correct…why not be human & decent or maybe like you have a brain with some grey matter floating around in there!!! Everyone comes here everyone wants to be like us…when others are in trouble they call the USA…who they gonna call?? What makes him think that his goonies are going to stick with him…he ain’t all of that….even your own people will awaken & getcha…they’re like you bro watch & see…

  35. Ironically after reading this horrific articles I get the message: “If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment, signup for our email newsletter below…” I am a subscriber already, but I certainly didn’t “enjoy” any of the information in the post, as dead on as it probably was. Turn to God America – He is our only hope. Turn to God and repent from your sins!

  36. Obama isn’t “poised” to take over anything without a complicit Congress, Judiciary and Military. So, with that understood the gravity of the problem is understood!

    1. Bjorn Skeptik…..I for one will not. Better to be wrong and prepared than oblivious and naive and unprepared.

      Why do YOU think that the military is stockpiling weapons and ammunition which is not even allowed to be used during a war? Why do YOU think that Obama has written one Executive Order after another in which he gives himself more and more power?

      1. I don’t think they’re stockpiling. I think they let a large contract to be fulfilled over many years… so in three and a half years, when nothing has happened, I’ll be there, laughing.

  37. Personally, I think that Obama and crew know that the economy is going to crash hard and that people will revolt! I think they are trying to protect their group from the hangings that they think will happen. I don’t think many will save him or the Demo’s when it happens!

  38. Since Congratulations to ignorant Obamites, Liberals and Progressives, who voted for Barack “Papa Doc” Obama, not once, but twice…

    It really shows the rest of America, and the World, how politically uneducated our Nation has become, when Voters elected a Militant Radical Leftist, the country never knew who he is, or where he comes from…

    Enjoy because, you really don’t know what lays ahead of our Nation because of your irresponsible actions !

      1. Jeff, thanks for your comments.
        I found it very impresive that, although many States complained during the las Presidential elections, that many Voting matchings were rigged – not a single Judge order the Confiscation of a single Voting Machine, anywhere, to have it checked, from top to button.

        Also, it is an outrage that, only now, Voting Fraud perpetrators are coming out from under their rocks to confirm their illegal acts – 4 months later, and nothing happens.

        In a nutshell, I agree with you, 100%. Plus, idiots, 47 million food stamps recipients and illegal eliens, outnumber responsible American Voters 4 to 1. I feel we are doomed!

  39. Good thing most AmeriKans live in denial . . . or they’d be ŜhiŤting themselves

    I was going to post this article on face-place dot com, but what is the point? No one would believe it.

    I am very comforted by how “On top of this developing situation” our representatives are in Washington .. . . must be they plan to stay safe and take a part of the spoils when the SHTF.

    1. If you have never seen Ventura’s conspiracy episode on the ozarks, you need to. It was on youtube. Probably still there. There is NO question as to what is going on there.

      Other places too, but it is somewhat unique..

  40. Turn the Marines loose on this God hating,Homosexual, Muslim loving Bast*rd and problem solved and America can be great again in spite of Obama trying to pull it down with the help of God haters, Homosexuals and Muslim Bast*rds and Stupid, Lazy, free loading Americans!

  41. If the MRAPs have gun ports, then they are available to the law abiding citizens. DHS troopers will have to decide what its worth to take a ride in one of them.

  42. I fully agree with your assertion That Dirty Diaper Head Obama as all intentions of a hostile takeover. In fact I’m surprised said he hasn’t already tried. Had he lost this last election you would’ve been forced to move before now. In many ways this is been something that has been in the works even before Obama was first elected. The Social Progressives have been preparing for this coming conflict for many many years. I may sound a little bit on the cold side but when it does happen it will almost be a relief that the American people will finally be able to fight back.

    The American people will not submit, is not in our nature, even the most peaceful American will fight when there’s no other choice after all that’s how it became a nation. Maybe it’s a good thing to stir up the pot every now and then.

    Now assuming that this is not the plan playing devils advocate as to why this ammunition would be purchased. There is another viable reason the government has been trying to disarm the American people for a long time and they’ve not been able to do it is quite feasible that if they can’t outlaw ammunition and assault weapons they will simply buy them all up.

    As a licensed gunsmith with the current federal firearms license I can tell you this at this point in time there is almost no assault weapons, parts for assault weapons, ammunition for assault weapons( going by their definition of assault weapon) to be had on the market. Firearms manufacturers are back ordered 10 to 12 months some are saying even indefinitely. Many have just stopped taking orders because they can fill them. I’m not absolutely certain but from what information I have seen Ruger has stopped taking orders for their 1022 22 rifle entirely because they’re so far behind.

    Now do I believe that’s what the government is doing not on your life.

  43. Our military has taken an oath to uphold the CONSTITUTION and not the commander in chief… I do not think that the military will obey obama if he tries to take over the country! Their job will be to get rid of him!!!!!!!

  44. “Warning signs ” have been out there since 2008. I don’t need any more. It’s sad that our supposed representation won’t act on them. Look at all those in Congress are behaving and that includes supposed Republicans; event those who are supposed to be real conservatives. They’re either gutless or they’ve been promised a cushy position in the kingdom.

  45. I think that the term millatery take over or assault is not all corect. I am pretty sure half or more of our serving millatery will not comply with orders to fire on Americans. Yes obuthead is culling the top brass getting them to order troops to do it. But that dose not mean they will fallow that order. Most servicemen are (I hope) patreots and will fire on the brass that are telling them to be traitors to America

  46. Cloward-Piven. If you have not read about it, please do so now! It was drafted in 1965, and many key people in government have been well mentored in it. You too have a need to know!

  47. the tyranny began when woodrow wilson handed our central bank to the rothschilds

    I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world — no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.

    1. Someone here has studied the forbidden history the liberals have been trying to stamp out. Wanna bet kids do not learn this in School today

  48. It is of no
    surprise that this is happening. His background, however secret he has kept it,
    is revealed in his associations with the perverse of this country and the
    world. It is too bad that the people of the US are so greedy that they are
    willing to sell their freedom for a handout. Socialism whether governments or corporations
    have been and will continue to be the
    end of this country as we have known it. As was said, blood will spill as it did in 1776 between the
    those who love freedom and those who wish to dictate. History has proven that
    for centuries. Our military has become a Godless perverted arm of this
    government. Seemingly being led by traitors to this country, our military officers
    are abdicating their leadership to tyranny. It makes me sick at my stomach that
    the system I spent the better part of my adult life in to protect this country.
    Rejecting the socialist scourge , or any name you wish to call it, and the
    anti-God, anti moral societies that have evolved. The descendents of slaves are
    once again willing submitting to slavery by another name. Billions of bullets
    and thousand of armored vehicles bought through a scientific organization are good signals of tyrannical ambitions. I
    don’t think it is killing fish that is on their minds.

  49. As the article states this is part 2 of Obama taking over the country. The ammo,weapons, tanks,etc. build up is most likely true but I am really tired of all this fear mongering from this site. Is something going to happen? Maybe. But what are we suppose to do? Those who have weapons can get how many shots fired before they’re taken down? And how are we suppose to deal with a tank? Do I want to die? NO! But I ask again: what are we suppose to do? So many people in many countries have tried to overthrow their dictatorial leaders without success. Tiananmen square accomplished nothing. Could it be that the administration is preparing to secure our country in case another country plans on taking over? I don’t know and most people don’t.

    1. We are supposed to stand for freedom, liberty, justice and against evil. The founding fathers put their lives on the line when they opposed King George. They were sentenced to die as traitors if they were ever caught. What are we supposed to do if everyone stood for freedom we would crush these wanna be dictators and take out the trash. We are the people of the United States we are a free people the leaders in Washington are attempting to usurp the rights of the people It is time to act and act boldly. On the beaches of Normandy many died so we could have freedom. On the Islands of the South pacific many died to preserve our freedom we can not stand Idly by ant let these Tin Horn dictators seize our country. The White house belongs to US. The Country belongs to us we are the UNITED STATES a sovereign people. Do you know what Sovereign means it means we rule it is time and soon it may be time again to fight to preserve our freedom

      1. I agree with you and I know what you’re saying is true. But…..what are we suppose to do? I’ve tried calling,emailing,faxing various Congreemen without any success except to get a form letter: thank you, blah,blah,blah. Fight how?

    2. Aysmmetric war people! That is how we will fight. Look it up. Just some information from an old Vietnam Vet. It doesn’t matter what they have they will still feel the pain.

      1. Terry, I did look it up. Is that what the people did or are doing in Egypt,etc. who throw rocks do? I’m asking because I want to make sure I understand it.

  50. WHO HOLDS THE PURSE STRINGS,,,,WHY has the House not defunded this purchase, and for that matter the DHS. It don’t take a mental giant to see that they are preparing to destroy YOU AND ME, BY FORCE. Take the ammo back from them and “disperse it to every Mailitia the the country, where it belongs…..

  51. look… we cannot even depend on the supreme court…look what happened to the Obama Care thing…
    The Obama admin. has a hold on everything & everyone in Washington….Maybe they threaten them
    or their family… I don’t know… but I believe something is happening in secret…

  52. Why can’t we get our so called representatives to ask public questions about all this, so that even the democrat morons who voted for the anti-constitutional usurper get a chance to wake up.

  53. What they left off was the efforts to make all the veterans disarmed based on undefined terms and still no one is questioning why they are targeting the only ones with the skills to defeat the regime trying to subject the people to tyranny. What of their oaths to defend and protect the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic?

  54. I have an idea to get the word out. Print this article and fax to your republican senators and congressmen. Also fax to all businesses you can think of …this would get the word out and stun the people who see it. We need to quit complaining online and do something! Are you with me?

  55. First off that person that is in the white house is a SCUM SUCKING LOW LIFE LIAR THIEF BUTCHER OF BENGHAZI muslim POS obamaass. He has used part of the Stalin plan and purged our military of FLAG OFFICERS that said they would not order troops to fire on AMERICAN CITIZENS and replaced them with his hand picked traitors.We need to ask where these officers are at, are they under house arrest? Are these officers that are true defenders of the constitution safe. He has used the Hitler plan and given the free ride scum and liberals the successful people of this country to hate.Share the wealth and fair share is their battle cry. He has the 47% addicted to the free ride. He has the help of senior republicans that he has promised positions of power too.He has signed illegal executive orders to allow UN troops to operate in this country with the power to detain and arrest AMERICAN citizens with out due process. He and that scum holder are running the biggest gun running operation ever in the history of this nation sending guns to mexico and then smuggling them across the borders where the border patrol and ice have been ordered not to do their job and let the gates of hell open to flood this country with these weapons, to supply them to gangs and groups that support obamaass . you have to remember that when he first took office he wanted a civilian force equal in size and armed as well as our military to be under his direct command. He was caught on camera telling the russians he we would have more leeway after his re election/ He is supplying terrorist in muslim countries with money and arms to over throw governments there.The list of the treasonous charges is just too long to list, Now he is arming government agency’s with more fire power than is needed to fight 20+ years of Afghanistan and Iraq wars with bullets that are banned by the Geneva convention that all countries adhere too in the rules of war. On and on and on the nation is in danger of being lost . When will the leader we need come to the for front and lead us to victory over what is happening now. WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE RULERS OF THIS COUNTRY AND OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS WORK FOR US , THEY HAVE JUST FORGOTTEN THAT

    1. Contact all of them and let them know your feelings. We, on this or other blogs, cannot help you! Letters, calls, emails, and personal meetings are the way to get results. The only thing politicians fear is losing their job and benefits. Ask all your contacts to do the same things and we will see some results, if not, may God haved mercy upon our souls. Obama is THE enemy.

      1. Thank you. I have written called emailed my congressmen and senators. except for a few of Virginia’s congressmen that I feel are good people the rest will not return calls, or emails or return mail, Our senators are truely guilty of treason in their support of obamaass. I will keep trying but i have my doubts as to if i ever get answer.I have come to believe that the spark that is needed for martial law to be enacted is the same spark that will be needed to bring the true defenders out in force. For the time being anyone that tried to form a group that stands in true defiance of the illegal government and ban together for a common defense will end up in a prison of sorts or what ever you would want to call it. The danger is real

        1. They won’t return calls or emails about unfounded wingnut rumors that even the slightest effort will show are untrue. Acting on unfounded “intelligence” is something I would think an old marine would know to avoid.

        2. Well you just deny the truth of what is happening your just another follower of your kenyan fuhrer. You are as guilty of treason as obamaass is and justice will be done in this country, People like you have no right to tamper with our constitution .

        3. If you wish to be defiantly gullible, you are certainly free to do so in our country. If your twisted fantasies of a totalitarian society in which those calling you on your ignorance were subject to charges treason, you would be among the first of the useful idiots to disappear into a vat of acid or a mass grave.

  56. The warning signs are all there and if you believe there is the possibility that our Muslim dictator would attempt such a takeover, you should be ringing the phones, sending letters and emails, and meeting personally with your Senators and representative. Expounding villainous words on this , or other blogs, will do absolutely no good. If you choose to do nothing, then you will deserve whatever happens. Rattle their cages let them know your concerns you pay them to represent you.

  57. wow this is just now coming to light and being said out loud in the press…where the hell have you people been?????????????

  58. You people really need to take your medication… and seek serious help. Paranoia can be controled. This has to be one the most absurd blogs I’ve ever read… Just bizarre.

  59. There are now 12 year olds who will only know 9/11/2001 from what they learn in a history class. They will not know a state patrol, a sheriff or a local police officer. They will know Homeland Security,FEMA and ICE. They will know a national police force. Our country has slowly been retraining law enforcement. Our youth are becoming used to seeing police officers dressed in battle dress uniforms. In the year 2003 when President Bush declared a global war on terrorism and combined this war with our war on drugs our police officers began to train as soldiers and began preparing to go to war against the very people they are sworn in to protect. You and I. Our communities also started to build a citizens corp. In my community this corp is 400 strong and growing every day. Who are these recruits? They are in our public schools. The 12 year olds today will be 22 in 10 years. These children will have no issue with going to war against you and I. They are being prepared for this in our public schools at this moment. Those who are doing this training are just as the ones who trained the youth in Hilters era. If a person were to do their own research and do a study of world history begining at WWI they would see a very similiar pattern was set when Hitler was able to take power and control of a nation. We are are running in place we are only in a different time in space. Pay attention to human history we never get better we only repeat what other human leaders have already tried. It is not my job to try and convince you. If you would simply take the time and do your own research you would be able to confirm within yourself that history is once again repeating itself. We are on the way to the bloodiest war that mankind has ever seen. Just as in the past these world leaders will not succeed. But, they will in there attempt to declare their soveriegnty and their godship take as many people down with them as possible. They are not gods and they will not succeed. World leaders such as Hitler did not succeed he was not able to declare his godship or become the soveriegn of a world. Neither will our world leaders today or in a near future achieve this. Hindsite gives incite. Pay attention and you maybe one of the survivors.

  60. Our forefathers predicted we would blow it and we are. Whatever is down the road for Americans doesnt look good. And to our Military…i shall remind you of this: It is ILLEGAL to obey an illegal order. So you stand with him or you stand with the people. Time to choose.

  61. The Forced Gun Owner Registration Act — Supposedly this is the name of a piece of legislation sponsored and authored by Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy and it’s number is allegedly S.443.

    However, I have NOT been able to find anything about this bill, except the claims made about it on the Tea Party website.

    Anybody know whether or not this is true or have an accurate link where it can be found??

    ALSO, and again supposedly, the NRA is working with both houses of Congress over the now illegal registration of all gun owners.

    There is a lot of skullduggery going on in this country, and it’s about time we all found out what it is.

  62. With in a few short years life as we know it will change – many will die at the hands of this thug government and freedom will be forever gone. Old Glory has been ripped and battered but yet still flys high and proud – but this may be her final battle

    1. My flag has flown neither proud nor high for over four years, it has been at half mast where it will remain until the leftist are at minimum out of office and hopefully fully defeated!.

  63. I have no doubt that Obama has this on his list of goals, however, our military takes and oath to defend the Consitution and I wonder just how many can this subversive get to follow ILLEGAL ORDERS?
    Certainly, we have more trust in the military than this fraud of a president and it may take this kind of action by him to wake up the powers that be to take action against this TRAITOR! Impeachment is too kind an action; Indictment and prosecution is more appropriate! When this shakes out, we’ll know for sure who is involved and to what degree!

    1. Hey knucklhead, Obama took an oath to to defend the Constitution, a lie from day one, minute one! The congress took an oath to defend the Constitution, Janet traitor Napolitano took an oath to defend the Constitution. Traitor John Kerry took an oath to defend the Constitution. Are you getting the point? As I said before the military has been taking illegal orders for over four years.

  64. I have said many times that HITLER is alive and well in AMERICA,,PEOPLE you better get ready,,FOR it is coming and SOON !!! you can only stay STUPID for so long,,then it is way too late FOR YOU…

  65. these things in place now are of biblical proportions.This thing called obama is an obamination,the one who will bring the catalyst to the already in place 3rd world war.he must destroy the great nation,The United States,to fulfil prophesy.he will call for the deaths of all who stand against him,he is the anti-christ,the liar,the fraud.he has decieved those in government and they have fallen in line to help with his plan of totally destroy this once great country.he is the anti-christ,primed from the day he was born for one purpose,to destroy what God and good men have created.read your bible,this is all true.

  66. I have no doubt that Obama has this on his list of goals, however, I wonder how many of the military will follow his ILLEGAL ORDERS? Our military takes an oath to defend the Constitution and I certainly have more trust in them than I do this phoney president! One thing is sure: If and when he tries to take this kind of action, we’ll certainly know who is behind him and against AMERICAN CITIZENS!

    1. The military has been following his illegal orders for over four years and has even tried and imprisoned those who question the legality of his orders. So called military leaders have taken high positions in his administration and the once senor black general is his ally. What do you think all those out of the closet gays are going to do? As I said above they need only hesitate!

  67. Is it to late to leave the country?? Where to go? Are the borders closed to Americans while the stay open for illegals?? Many in nazi Germany ,soviet Russia, and East Germany waited to long and were enslaved and imprisoned..

    1. Leave it for anywhere! If you would abandon your country for this threat we are better off without you. We do not need you. Just stay the hell out of the way when the action starts, If you are not with us you are against us!

  68. This is blood curdling! I hope you are wrong . . . but I know you are right. Some of us have to logically add two and two. We have allowed the deliberate dumbing down of our citizens to the point they don’t know how to think anymore, and simply follow the rest of the sheep. Help!

  69. they still have to convince our military to fire on their brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, mother and father etc. Just can’t feature obozo or anyone else doing that. And I am a VN combat vet, and will never forget the oath I took. I would think obozo should worry about a coup.

    1. Obama has a civil army, he needs nothing but for a leaderless military to hesitate! You better wake up. It is good that you have not forgot your oath, I think it will be needed.How much of this is orchestrated fear propaganda by the Obamanation and how much very real is hard to say. Can they man all that ammo and weapons? Maybe not right away. Have they bought it up to decrease availability to patriots? Certainly that is part of the program. Do not forget for one moment that Obama is a tool and that he is also a Chicago thug and was chosen as the tool for a reason. Do not forget that there are very powerful financial powers behind him pulling the strings and that they will take advantage of the coming financial collapses to insure their own survival and that if that necessitates martial law and your enslavement so be it!

  70. This country suffered a coup in 2008 when the Big Banks failed…It was too close to the Presidential elections…Obama was elected by a majority…and a large number of frauds…lies…Hollyweirds built him a Greek Temple with Styrofoam columns…His people cried…Eva Longoria cried…Oprah cried….Rosie O” Donnell cried…His people stayed up all night screaming…I want my Obama Money…my Obama Phones…I don’t have to pay my rent…I want my house….my welfare….my food stamps…myAbortions….and I want you stupid racists to pay for me….AND….today His Campaign Goons are out again shaking down businesses for money….and….having a big reunion this evening…We haven’t seen nothing yet…AxelGrease…Gibbs…Messina…Plouffe…Cutter…and all other members of the O Goon brigade is plotting for more…and…it is ??

  71. This report didn’t mention the Army’s new MOS (military occupational specialty): “Internment camp specialist.” Who are they planning to lock up in camps? I’ll give you one logical clue. Since illegal aliens aren’t locked up, it can only be the citizens who are against Obama’s socialist takeover. Obama is engaging in Treason, and the worthless Washington politicians are just sitting back doing nothing about it, and acting like there is nothing going on? I wonder how long it will be before one of the 200 M-1 Abrams tanks given to Egypt ends up in Russia and Red China so they can take it apart and learn how to make their own copies?

    1. Considering the fact that MRAP’s stopped in Tennessee had Russian drivers, the rumors of UN troops posted here under wraps are likely to be true. And how did they get here? Think: Area 51. It has its own runway and the secrecy there is not what one might expect in the USA.

  72. I have no doubt why DHS is buying all this ammo….especially hollow point. Hollow point is used to kill PEOPLE, not normally targets. The Obaminator wants his own private army to be ready to help when he gets ready to become King Obama I.

  73. In a time of Civil unrest, we do not need the government involved. We need citizens protecting themselves and their property with their own arms. Setting up a Gestapo, which Bush started with the DHS, is an insane idea. We need those 2,700 light-armored tanks to militarize our southern border and to keep out illegal aliens. It is laughable that our Department of Defense sees Mexico as a buffer against a land invasion. We are thoroughly nuked up, but cannot use nukes against our neighbors, even when another country is invading our country through that country. Our defense, both civil and international, is foolish. Most of our bases are in some other place instead of defending American soil, and nukes do not protect against land invasions. We need the Iron Dome and Arrow 3 Defense Systems that Israel has to protect our strategic assets and to cover as many people as possible after those strategic assets are protected. An invasive drive up through Mexico would starve our nation. Mexico is our vegetable basket. Texas and California raise fruit and vegetables, and the bread basket starts in Texas and New Mexico, running up through Oklahoma and Kansas, Iowa, and the Dakotas. This type of invasion also would drastically affect our national energy supplies and our ability to fight off an invader.

  74. This sounds very crazy to me! But I will tell you I tried to buy 9mm 0.40 and 22 cal bullets yesterday. I went to 4 stores and 2 gun ranges in Lexington, KY and NADA – they were out and did not know when they would get a delivery. When will the news people get involved?

    1. I searched around Sacramento Ca last weekend and it was like that here. Plus there was not one single AR 15 or AK to be found.

  75. As long as our politicians get paid by us the working tax payers, and the deals that make them millionaires , they could care less about what is right for America. The power is in the money. If we stopped sending them money, they will soon start looking at things OUR way. Till then, God only knows what is to become of my country.

  76. We could HOPE that the purchases are only more examples of Wasteful Government Spending, but that would require ignoring all the other efforts to destroy our Liberties.

  77. There are plenty of reliable sources who can show you the DHS ammunition purchase is nothing more than an RFP that proposes bulk purchases over a period of 5 years. When you break down the numbers it doesn’t come to more than a few thousand rounds per federal officer or trainee over that time, which is more than accounted for by proper training activities.

    Where do you people come up with this stuff?

    Even your own wingnut Daily Caller demonstrates the nonsense of your claim.


  78. What can Americans do to stop this. Pray ther Military will not respond to Obama? The Obama has hand sel;ected a number of hatre ,omgers who’ll be glad to shoot. America is mostly unable to defend herself. No organization has been put up against a m,ilitary which have horrible machines we have no idea of. So Answer mne. What shall we do to stop this.?

    1. Frankly, John, you should just buy one of the suicide kits widely available on the internet and use it as soon as possible. You wouldn’t need to worry anymore and the world would be a better place.

    2. Be armed and be prepared. Be in contact with like minded people. And be prepared to take it all from Obama minions when necessary. Finally be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the nations future! Remember we have people on our side who have done that before, and are sworn to do it again if necessary, Why do you think Obama is waging a war against veterans? We will need every sort of aid you can imagine when the time comes, There will be a roll for every patriotic American.

  79. I don’t think DHS is trying to hide the MRAP purchases since they have
    videos online showcasing their new vehicle’s capabilities. DHS-HSI Homeland Security
    Investigations El Paso SRT MRAP Armored Vehicle – YouTube or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pS9aw5pcJo
    Do I think they are necessary? No. Does their possible use
    concern me? You betcha.
    Do I think we need a ‘Civilian Defense Force’ that’s equipped and funded
    similar to the military as this President has stated he does? There’s no F in

      1. Don, I agree with you that We The People need to be prepared to defend our
        country, but I do not believe that the President (any) should have his own personal
        ‘Civilian Defense Force’ as the current President has stated he wants.

  80. A relative in western PA told me he heard an odd announcement on the radio – a government spot telling people to be prepared to participate in auto checkpoints by the TSA / HS, to cooperate for the sake of safety, and to provide info. as requested on the surveys they will be giving at the checkpoints. Hmmm?

  81. I truly hope our troops will stay loyal to their oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC ( which is what obozo and his croonies are!!!

  82. Herein lies a great problem!! Many have tried to warn of this oncoming war and been labeled “Conspiracy Theorists”! Plainly, “We the Sheeple” did not want to believe or accept the fact that what was and is happening was and is being allowed to go on. Today, very, very few citizens are prepared for something like this. Very few even own a firearm or know how to use one. Most could not catch a fish or kill something to eat, if they had to. THIS, my friend, is a very sad state to find our nation in TODAY!! We have had years to study World History in school about Germany, Russia and China. Yet, we learned nothing! We were once a self-sufficient people, but most all of that was “out-sourced” to other nations without so much as an open protest. Seems like the only “recent” successful protests in America were those in the ’60s for Civil Rights for Blacks. We fought Communism/Socialism world wide, only to allow it to come into America and set up shop and make themselves at home(CPUSA) … the worst thing that was ever allowed, next to abolishing the Un-American Activities Committee!

  83. There are hundreds of thousands of veterans who have been trained in the art of arms and ammunition and how to use them. Some of us are a lot older now but some things you never forget. Does the Obama Government think we will just lay down and say take me and all we have. I don’t think many of us would stand by and watch something like this happen. If it does then we are going to be in another shooting war only this time it is not in Nam or Iraq but here in the homeland. God help us all.

  84. I have been warning of this for over two years in these pages and the evidence has become undeniable! Not once has the Obama fraud administration offered a scintilla of plausible explanation for this ammo and weapons program because there is none. Not once have they offered a reasonable explanation for stockpiling plastic caskets and building massive numbers of huge FEMA facilities. Those weapons will be used to arm anyone willing to aid Obama’s national takeover. For example there is your amnestied illegal alien army, your black panther brigades, etc.. This nation is about to be at war within and you better choose your side and arm yourself while you can which will not be much longer. They may have the ammo, but we have the manpower and we have the experience and we have the moral high ground. When it starts it must not stop until the left is so decimated it will never again constitute a threat to the renewed Constitutional Republic and our children’s and future generations!

  85. I think the true believers in Jesus Christ will have to be gone before the peace treaty (7 years) with Israel (which Obama is going to try and make Israel sign sometime this year) can be broken. I don’t know if that means we’ll be raptured (caught up to meet Jesus Christ by God’s design) or if we’ll be eliminated by our own governments. Thing is it seems like if the peace treaty is made sometime this 2013, then 3 and 1/2 years could still end up sometime in the end part maybe of 2016. I think time either way time is very short for the true believers. Come quickly Lord Jesus Come.

  86. As much as the military hates Obama, lets hope they turn on him and not the people. It just might back fire on Obama. I don’t know a single military being that does not HATE Obama and his administration. Many will not aim weapons at Americans.

  87. Once again, I’ll refer to the vast new bunker recently completed under the West Wing driveway. At least the area above ground appears to be completed. I’m sure it is, or will be, completely stocked with food for a long period of time. I wouldn’t doubt that equipment to create both air and water are probably built-in. He could care less what happens above ground, he’ll be watching in his underground concrete palace. He had to watch the devastation in Benghazi from above ground, but that was far away, and the bunker wasn’t ready for move-in yet.

  88. The man we call POTUS is on a short leash and he is losing his support, his Bernie Madoff conartist way of administrating is now becoming more exposed with the large pile of lies he has left to block the door, the demand for his credentials is growing loud and crisis managment is going awry….

  89. I like all truthfull articles !!! The spook in the big house & his ho going to spend about 20 million this spring alone of golf & dress tours ….. I wonder how many rounds of SKEET obama is going to go shoot before turket Season opens …. You know in a lot of those nations he visits they have year Round /// Dove – pheasant – grouse – etc, type bird hunting .. And he could just borrow some of Joe Bidens Shot Guns ….

  90. Duh, really… hell, I had predicted this when the illegitimate, efemminate, Muslim-Marxist NWO implant was soley hand picked for this reason. You have to be blind, dumb and crazy not to see this! Since there is no opposition party, it will fall on the citizens, as it did to start this great Republic , to either stand up against these communist bastards or become serfs for the POLITBURO! America wake up and start preaching the word as I have been doing since this reprobate and that orang utan of a “set-up” wife, you know, the “FIRST HOOKER were handed over the role of taking down America! I say, let’s get it on, as they want to obliviate this once great nation.

  91. Better save some cash you just might need it and start buying dry food or learn how to can if we have the time !!

  92. That’s not all. What about the tanks sold (actually given) recently? Also, there is a reason obama isn’t allowing INS and ICE to do their job and deport illegals. At the same time, thousands of illegals are being released in The United States. I believe there will be a multifaceted attack on America from our enemies, neighboring countries and from the illegal aliens within American borders.

  93. There are ways and means of relieving enemy of their weapons, and using civillian equipment that can be used as flame throwers to counter tanks. Any Counter-guerilla or anti-terrorist trained ex-army guy can show you. Aussies were trained this way. Why worry about lack of ammo, when you can get it for FREE, as long as you use only compatible weapons, you have an unlimited supply!

  94. Who is truly ready to stand against the possibility of brutal tyranny! It means giving up your lifestyle for the time,it means great sacrifice and probably the loss of ones life or political imprisonment! There are many who did that very thing,the patriots,they gave up everything in their lives to acquire the freedoms we enjoy today! Who will truly take a stand when the fist of tyranny drops on the citizens!

  95. Ah, yes more of the same. I’ll gladly debunk the ammo and lightly armored vehicle conspiracy theories. Since I’m so generous, I will do it all pro bono.

    Here are articles by the NRA and by the office Lynn Westmoreland (GA-R) debunking the ammo claims.


    “If you take the number of agencies that will be using this ammunition – CBP, Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), ICE, the U.S. Secret Service, Transportation Security Administration, the DHS police force, and all the guards that protect
    the various buildings these agencies are housed in, and spread that out over 5 years, you start to see that 450 million rounds really isn’t that large of an order. Especially considering it is used for training purposes like firing range and live fire exercises, on-the-job use (though that is very limited), and to shore up their supplies. In fact, there are 65,000 – 70,000 law enforcement personnel at DHS who would be covered under this … ammunition contract. If DHS were to purchase all 450 million rounds over 5 years, then that would equate to only about 1,384 rounds of ammo per year per law enforcement [officer] … assuming the lower estimate of only 65,000 law enforcement personnel at DHS. Considering those agents go through training exercises several times per year, that is not a lot of ammunition.”

    Here is the actual contract from the Department of Defense for the mine-resistant vehicles that the NAVY ordered to be subsequently used by the MARINE CORP. Nope, not a single mention of DHS. Sorry!


    Glad I could help! Any questions?

  96. Not more than a week ago, a train loaded with tanks and personnel carriers stopped in our city. They were new. I did take pictures. I’m not going the “O” direction. This guy is THE problem.

  97. Something like 65 million guns have been purchased by citizens since Obama was first elected. If every firearm has just 100 rounds (many have thousands) that would be 6.5 billion privately owned rounds. In fact the amount likely is several times that, far more than our government has. Americans are well-armed and well-supplied.

    1. Well I hope Americans are well armed and supplied, but I’m not so sure. A few people I know are well armed, but most are not. And few who have some guns really know how to use them. And then, the govt has things that we don’t: Drones, satellite surveillance, air assets galore, artillery armored vehicles, grenades and launchers, coded communications systems, and on and on. And the govt is much better organized and coordinated than the armed citizens Armed citizens would need a :LOT more ammo and rifles to hope to counter all the govt’s advantages if push ever came to shove. We’d better KEEP on buying, learning, and training if we hope to close the power gap.

  98. Bush 43 signed the executive order doing away with the right of a citizen to obtain a writ of habeas corpus as a protection against illegal imprisonment

  99. It is up to the TRUE BORN AMERICAN PEOPLE to spread the word. Also We the People need to see to it that a legal picture ID is required in order to vote and it needs to be done way before any election. Also we need to be sure voting machines are the same across America and tamper proof. Then pass a LAW making it a 5 year prison term for voter fraud. The control of voter machines, boxes and All counting should be done by THE PEOPLE in the open in front of the people, without City, County, State or Federal say in the matter. An honest election would restore America……….Charles of Waveland, MS.

  100. I don’t think Obama has to “forcibly” take over, all he has to do is declare martial law as a result of an emergency he trumped up. In so doing he will also nationalize all forms of communications via DHS and some cabinet level depts. He can do that without force due to two executive orders he passed last year.

  101. I enjoy the rantings of all you right wing nut jobs that want to arrest and impeach Pres. Obama. What amazes me is that y’all didn’t have shyt to say when the Bush’s were running up the deficit and starting illegal wars that costs this country billions and claimed thousands of American lives. Your selective memories are just amazing!!

    1. I am a “right wing” believer in the U.S. Constitution no matter who is president. I don’t know where your left wing ears were tuned to but there was indeed an outcry from many,many many,right wingers. Also aka. Republic Constitutionalists. we believe in law and order ,not, creators of civil unrest. Shame on you for your writings with out first studying the birth of the United States.

  102. Dear So Called da Tagliare,

    There is plenty of doubt about your almost hysterical comment. You state a opinion as if it is fact and all must agree with a conclusion that has little fact only supposition. There are many other reasons for what is going on in the purchase of ammunition and arms in the departments of government. One of the largest problems with your fantasy. Is sooner or later such a deployment will be leaked to some one and it will be come known, much about it, long before it happens. Like Y2K, this will also pass away. With no event of a government attack.

    Obama and the legislative body and beuricrats do not fear what they already control to a great extent and his and there power is growing by leaps and bounds as the jobless working middle class is transferred into a welfare middle class. It is amazing that know one is setting off the alarm on this. Because it is a fact and those on welfare are not counted as part of the unemployed. Nor are government workers. But they also are part of the dole. Between the increasing welfare and increasing government employment expansion before the next two years are up. There will be over fifty percent on the dole and only jobs in the private sect will be enough to employ around forty eight percent and in this, it will make it look like there is low employment and ninety six percent working. What also is of more concern than your suppositions. Also, that almost all of the agriculture in the country is now being supported directly or indirectly by subsidies. This means the distribution of food is controlled by the amount of people on food stamps and by the production of grain alcohol. It can be seen twice a month at any grocery in the nation and the high cost of grain. The government has so many people now on food stamps, it had to be divided up in to, two payments. Of twice a month. Why because of the load on the distribution of food. People must eat and if they fully rely on the government. Say, “sixty eight percent”, a majority. Then the government will control the economy and the people and when they want the guns? “Well”!, if you want to eat, or starve. “Food for guns“. Just use your imagination on the possible legislation? At this present time if only twenty percent no longer received food stamps. There would be massive bankruptcies in the food industry nation wide, farms, grocery distributors and stores that would go broke with massive layoffs very quickly and the economy would crumble.

    There is uprising all over the Mideast, and in Africa and Russia is still in conflict internally. There is more unrest and more small wars going on around the world since World War Two. North Korea has decided to start the war again (We and South Korea are in a state of conflict and war with North Korea, NOW), they have trashed the treaty and armistice. You and many may thing this is little to be concerned with. But it is not, although the media and Obama administration would have all believe it will not be a problem. We were in serious trouble once before, for underestimating the North Koreans and there military might and with the support of China.

    China is in trouble, she has over built and if China’s economy starts to slide it will effect North Korea drastically. Leaving North Korea on there own. More than likely North Korea with the aid of communist China may possibly make a move militarily very soon and once again it is about food, feeding there people. North Korea knows China is in trouble and will blame the west for there economic slide. They will probably retaliate rather than starve. Like Cuba, North Korea has been punished politically and harshly for the past conflict by the most power full nations in the world for many years. China is still dictated by a ruthless communist régime.

    The North Korean people do not think like any people do in most of the world. They have a vary large and well equipped military machine. It would not be surprising with the recent developments we may see the beginnings of a real world war and very soon and it will be more than likely nuclear on a limited scale. This could be one possible reason for the Government preparing by such large purchases of ammunition and weapons. Pearl Harbor is a real strong reminder of how much the government is willing to let the public at large know. If and when a attack is eminent. The reasons are evident, remember after five days of the September eleven attack on the world trade center and other areas of our Nation. President Bush had to plead with the majority of Citizens to go back to work because of a hysteria of possible looming war. There are also strategic cold war like pincer movements initiated by the communists around the world that have been deployed for over forty years, to isolate the United States and our allies.

    Also do not think that the government will not hesitate when a war breaks out or just before it dose to start rounding up certain ethnic groups and militants and placing them into custody in camps just like they once did concerning the American Japanese Citizens.

    There are strong indicators that China’s economy will begin to slide rapidly before the end of this year 2013, if things do not change and like the USSR will be broken economically. But unlike the USSR it will not be because of a arms race. It will because of the thirst for economic freedom an enterprise in a communist regime. But the results are the same. It will possibly cause a world wide depression and a revolution in China. Once again showing how much a failure socialism is. By sapping the wealth from a prosperous economy.

    This comment like yours is supposition and opinion, but is as possible or more so than yours, in that more realistic events and similar have already come about in the past.

  103. All these labels, communism, capitalism, socialism, right, left on and on…The real conflict is between statism (all the labels afore mentioned are part of this) and volunteerism and self-organizing anarchy (what a scary term). The constitution supported volunteerism as does most all normal social interactions. All the politicians support Statism by definition. So-called democracy is totally BS. Politican say what you want to hear and then whatever they or their controllers want. Look our very worldview and unfettered economic exploitation trades sustainable conditions for the illusion of short term profit. This WILL completely destroy all natural capital sooner rather than later. At that point all these discussions become mute points. Anyway, so many comments about nothing and pointing out all the actions that are needed but who is willing to step forth now when it is needed. Later is too late, too late.

  104. obama: the illegal president is the reason for this season of treason. the ptb criminals in the u.s. govt must truly be shaking in their boots for the shit-storm which will overtake them once this really kicks off. the dance of knives has already been started by the thug-black-goose gestapo bastards of the dhs. i just want to take a moment and thank them for all the cool weapons/ammo and armored vehicles they got(us) the only thing we gonna see is their @ssholes and elblows when the wrath of the patriots gets fired up. we gonna kick@ss and take their names and water the treeof liberty with their blood. this country needs this revolution to rid it of the cancerous corruption of the hellion criminals who infest the inner beltway of washington d.c. dc= district of criminals.

  105. So my question is, where is the government getting 1.6 billion rounds of ammo?? Is it from the ammo/gun manufacturers in this country? If so, why are they selling the stuff to the government, and why aren’t they selling all of it to us?? They playing both sides of the fence??

  106. We have our heads buried in the sand and soon our you know whats will be blown off; they are just being spanked now. I predict even the poor will go; won’t need any votes anymore! We are to preoccupied with our cars, vacations, sporting events, homes, and so on to take the time, stop, and pull our heads out of the sand to see the storm about to hit. The other disappointment is that very little ,or not enough, is being done in Washington to right any of these wrongs; good leadership is hard to find these days.

  107. Great reading small comic books like, “Things to Come”, “The Beast”, “Let’s Fly Away” and many more are at Chick publications. In John 14:6 Jesus said , ” I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” Jesus is the only hope.

  108. Yeah Sure dude.. You really think this president is going to make a bloody war on the American people? Look, its my opinion the buying of ammunition and armor vehicles is normal and does the country better for the dynamic way our country is changing. the US is simply adapting to the new scene. Now please stop with all the paranoid schizophrenic writing. Its troublesome and causes anxiety for the weak minded.

  109. RE: Federal action against patriot groups in US

    Today at 10AM there was a very large meeting at the FBI’s Criminal
    Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) headquarters in
    Clarksburg, WV. The meeting was held in an auditorium and included
    everyone – from agents to the secretaries. The meeting was organized by
    the Director of the Biometric Identification Management Agency (BIMA),
    Colonel Bolo (ret.).

    Bolo summarized the purchase of 24 new armored vehicles (each
    costing $400k) and the recent appearance of 20 mobile headquarters that
    are now present at the facility. The mobile units are semi-trailers with
    attached generators in the front; are of a shiny, mirrored-silver
    finish; and have no identifiable markings on them at all. There are 20
    of them parked (visibly in front) at 1000 Cluster Hollow Rd, Clarksburg,
    WV as of today. Additionally, there are 24 armored cars (the same ones
    we have seen with DHS markings) parked in a different lot on this
    property, but they too may be visible.

    The Colonel went into great detail on a list of
    patriot/constitutional groups. According to witnesses, this is a list
    that may be identical or very close to the one put out by the SPLC but
    had over 1000 groups on it. He explained that although groups may take
    advantage of the 2nd Amendment debate to garner followers now, at the
    heart of all these organizations is a racist core; one that poses a
    threat and will need to be dealt with soon. This is when he tied the
    armored cars and mobile command trailers to ‘the mission’.

    The armored cars (those at the facility and nationwide) are to
    effect high-risk warrants on the ringleaders of the listed various
    groups with command centers being placed as necessary. The DHS and FBI
    are planning to move at one time against the listed groups; with SWAT
    teams being utilized against the more threatening ones. The colonel
    explained that all these groups have been successfully infiltrated and
    the leaders identified. He also explained that this is part of the new
    Internal Security Force that the president has been alluding to. In
    answering a question from an attendee regarding the mass purchase of
    ammo, he also stated that the buildup of arms and ammo was specifically
    for this ‘mission’.

    The witness has told me that after the meeting, everyone they seen
    were against this. People were complaining, shaking their head in
    disbelief, and asking what the heck going on. According to them, NOBODY
    (including federal agents present) planned on going along with this and
    many even talked about how this will ignite a war.

    The report I received can be verified through any personal
    contacts you may have at this center or connected to the agencies
    mentioned. You may also visibly inspect the lot for these trailers by
    driving to the location in Clarksburg. The witness was extremely
    bothered by the meeting and has said ‘it is coming and a hell of a lot
    sooner than people think’.

    I used to think that mass roundups would never happen – but with
    this new information, I can clearly see that this is exactly what is
    going to happen (at least to a certain number of militia/patriot
    groups). And inevitably, any action this crazy will result in a reaction
    by others. The specter of Civil War in this country is a real and
    present danger folks – prepare.

    NOTE: I did ask a whole bunch of additional questions which hopefully will be answered soon.

    *Thanks given to the Indiana Sentinels and the Frontiersmen for the information*

  110. Idiots. It is a relay race. It is no more Obama than it was Bush who brought in the Patriot act or did 9/11 to manage that. Obama will advance the ball for the next guy, if he is not in the seat when the time comes. They are ALL puppets and you are idiots not to realise it. Obama inherited Bush’s excesses just as Bush inherited Clinton’s efforts. This day has been approached for many decades, by stealth.

  111. Look this whole thing would be a lot easier if americans will just take their orders and move into the work camps.
    afterhey do 10 000 free work for the banks owned corps take their free cyanide ill and everything will run smoothly.

    None of you believe in God, Thats why it has come to this.

  112. Anyone who thinks Obama is behind this is retarded. Obama is just a puppet being blackmailed over his gay past. This is zionists at work. They know the people hate them and they know that they’ll be first to be targeted by the people when the whole house of cards collapses. They’ve taken over and destroyed the U.S economy, and now they’re taking your guns and creating private armies like the DHS to protect themselves and oppress you.

  113. I would defend my rights to the death BUT,
    I look at the MRAP vehicles and what chance does my 9mm Beretta have
    against it ?
    We do have one advantage and thats our numbers.
    But how do we fight against these machines ?
    Oh, then there will be drones watching our every move.
    Ready to strike and we would never know what hit us
    If it ever came to total caos, real Americans don’t have a chance.
    But, I would DIE trying !!!!!!

  114. NOAA also includes the enforcement branch – the National Marine Fisheries Service, who enforce commercial fishing regulations (and often encounter illegal immigrants, drug runners, and even violent/armed poachers). That one is not so nefarious.

  115. I also wonder why our leaders in congress is not questioning whats up with build up? I think we should ask our leaders whats up. Doubt we get any truth from them but at lease go on the record about it.

  116. If he truly is planning an American war, it will never end because the people will never give up and allow him to be a dictator forever.

  117. Watch the You tube interviews of Anthony C. Sutton. He has written a number of impeccably documented books on the moral and financial support of Bolshevism, Fascism and Communism by Wall St. after the institution of the Federal Reserve. His work categorically implicates Jews, Protestants and Catholics from both Democrat and Republican parties in the aiding abetting and continued support of these dictatorships. For starters:

    We gotta quit bickering about these labels, We play right into their hands. while we are bickering about our differences ( which is what this country is supposed to encompass), they are picking our pockets, our freedoms, our self-respect, our faiths and our future.

    The better constituents of Occupy and the Tea Party need to stay in serious dialogue with each other on issues in which they are in agreement. We have more in common than we realize. don’t get pulled into the false dialogue between Left and right. .And I do not mean the camp followers that have done their best to undermine them…..namely the druggies, anarchist, communists and neo-nazis, the Sarah Palins and the Jeff Becks and Michael Moores, that sidled out of their mini-mansions and onto the platforms of Occupy ( the original ones without black masks and Molotov cocktails) and the Tea Party ( the original ones that wore corduroys and plaid shirts rather than the pot bellies in red, white and blue). That’s the classic manipulation of the Machiavellian tactic to divide, then conquer.

    Incidentally, many, many Blacks were initially very hesitant about voting for Obama because they felt he was coming from a place of privileged and foreignness rather than from the streets. We have more to preserve here, folks, than our pet peeves.

  118. We the people are paying the bills, Why are we not demanding to
    know what WE are buying this stuff for? Crazy Joe Biden thinks it is
    within the preview of the government to tell me I don’t need an
    assault rifle, I absolutely have a right to demand justification of
    need for anything the government buys with my confiscated money.

    I for one have compiled a list: MRAP, drones, ammo , NOAA, SSA. I
    intend to write my liberal democrat senator to demand answers, why is
    this stuff needed and why do these agencies need it? And I will not
    be satisfied until I get real answers. Target practice ain’t going to
    do it. Want to bet I hit a brick wall?

    We all need to get on the ball before we wind up the loyal
    subjects of King Obama with that queer rainbow flag of his flying
    over our government buildings. Write a letter today

    1. You are paying for illigals to live here for FREE, obamas SKIN VOTERS..GO TO THEY STOLED THE VOTE….this is who we pay for OBAMA PHONE GIRL…and look at this girl..AFRICIAN DANCES FOR EPT CARD..obamas people who make babies and live for free. This is why food gas everything you pay for going up This girl is like his voters.

  119. Who writes this dribble? Your so far off base as to be labled part of the lunatic fringe. Could be we can’t pay our debts and China might come knocking on the door? Islam is here and doing just fine. Criminal illegals are being turned loose from prisons. North Korea is always threatening to blow us all to kingdom come. Better get out the arm bands and go stand in the good line. Fear mongerer!!! You write trash.

  120. I believe it is more likely that DHS is preparing to respond to riots by citizens who have been getting federal checks but who will lose those checks when the Federal Government can no longer increase debt to fund them. These people include people currently receiving unemployment checks, Social Security and other entitlement recipients, food stamp users, etc. Thus the perceived DHS need for all the weapons, ammunition and military equipment to clear the rioters by overwhelming lethal force.

    Whether it is the above or an eventual Administration civilian coup we should be thinking about the opportunity these DHS activities immediately provide. This an opportunity to fight against the concurrent gun control initiatives of the Administration and Congress, by applying two level of attacks against civilian agencies. First, civilian agencies should be required to limit themselves to the same constraints proposed against civilian gun owners. And second we should also get Congress to restrict civilian agencies to use only non-military equipment, which includes non allowed use of Military surplused or obsoleted equipment .

    In addition all persons used to protect federal government members and their families shoud be limited to the civilian limited same weapons. The President, as Commander in chief, or chieftess, may have military protection, but not his or her civilian family who may only have protection by the same weapons as other civilians may use.

    It is time to start a real fight instead of just being forced into a continual retreat.

    1. Obamas civial war, obama running for third term…Gun activist warn obama is raising a secreat blackarmy to massucue white people… u tube DEATH TO WHITE PEOPLE….ALL THIS FOR A DAMN FLAG ..they are standing at our 911. this is who we have in our White house..watch SHANN HANITY of FOX news left wants you to believe that it is racist it is not…also when posting at CNN..they remove your post…MEDIA BLACK OUT …THEY WILL TAKE YOUR GUNS..MILLIONS WILl STARVE AND MONEY OUT OF BANK…NDAA LAW. allows military to arrest you no trial…MARTIAL LAW,, when he takes food stamps then CIVIAL WAR2013USA..Please see these web sites SEE THE TRUTH. WE ARE GOING TO DIE liberals will not tell the truth.,,tell everyone you know, even the demecratic family …Sorry about spelling just learning was a foster kid.

  121. Plese go to Government orderes millions of Hollow point bullets…also E m E G E N C Y illigals bringing in NON drug restiant TB into US…also go to info wars u tube WORLD WAR3 he will get your guns and kill you also RIOT2913USA) PLESE I BEG you to watch them also plastic coffens also Bush put up 800 fema camps..obama added gas chamberes in them and train cars, plese see it u tube Ace Ventura Femma camps REX 84 u tube LOOK , I know we sound crazy but we are not plese look at the veidio also Obama will kill us obamas civial war Obamas race war…U tube DEATH TO WHITE PEOPLE WHITE WILL BE KILLED and you KNOW that minorities hate whites they will kill us. Obama sends jets to muslium Brother Hood. Obama sends Airbs Drones army tanks He will get g haud on USA and Isreal plese see it He has 900 million PLASTIC COFFENDS FOR US see it on u tube we are NOT CRAZY also he will take your money out of your bank account Save up food NOW!

  122. I think the author of this is just part of some big tinfoil company and needs to boost sales. He’s hoping that all you crackpots will read this smut, panic, and need more tinfoil to make more hats. I think you should spend your tinfoil money on a vacation…far away from conservative freak show media. A few days in a quiet place will probably do wonders for you. A tinfoil hat won’t.

  123. Well… the good thing is that we don’t have to wait long to see who’s lying about this stuff. So when 2016 comes, and Obama’s term is over, and he exits from the White House peacefully, and we will have again legally elected another President, we ALL will know that articles like this are just a bunch of BUNK.

    1. Wake up the elections was stolen, in states with no ID laws in place Obama won, millions of Illegals here stealling our last 2 elections in Swing states WAKE UP! OBAMA WILL KILL US, AND IS POISING US RIGHT NOW WITH CHEM TRAILS,

      1. All kinds of people have been looking for solid evidence of that, but no one has found any. Therefore, unless and until somebody does, we have to conclude that Obama won the elections fair and square.

  124. There are 313 million Americans, many of whom purchased weapons upon Obama’s election. As the Japanese said,thinking it better not to invade the American homeland, “There is a gun behind every blade of grass”

  125. There’s been several accounts of Russian-Subs in US-harbor. So I guess the Russians think it’s some big deal or something. Yeah right, like our government didn’t know they were there hole-time. Even now Obama’s training foreiners & anti-Americans on US soil.

  126. Folks need to examine their mortgage documents.
    Promise to pay is a negotiable instrument that allows the Lender to turn homeowner’s credit into cash, attach interest, then loan homeowner their own credit.

    Homeowner is checked off as ‘Occupant’ (renter).

    Homeowner is given a Deed of trust (security instrument in the form of conveyance) not the true deed (true conveyance).

    On the documents, house appears as a land improvement.

    Homeowner has deed of trust recorded at local courthouse. The homeowner gave the administration a security interest allowing the administration and the SDAT to tax them on their own property.

    Homeowners name is ‘capitalized’, in writing, this creates a ‘trade name’ also a businss name (wikipedia). If we appear as a business on paper, what are the chances of being taxed as a business?

    Income tax is being collected from laborers not owing income tax.
    ‘Income’ is the “measure of value” coming in. But value must pre exist in order to be measured.
    Examples of pre existing value:
    Winning the lottery.
    Vacation/sick pay.
    Land Lords rent collection.
    Businss profits and investments.

    But a laborers paycheck is not income. There is no pre existing value being measured.
    Laborers paycheck, through working, is being created. The laborer’ paycheck does NOT pre exist!

    The currency being printed ‘out of thin air’ is FIAT currency. It has no value to represent UNTIL we work, use our energy and labor to create its value!
    What happens if you are forced to pay interest on currency that needs your energy and labor for its value? How do you pay the interest? You must work longer, create value for currency you will need to use just to pay the interest charge for using the the currency prior to that, and then use energy and labor to pay for the interest on that currency…HELLO have you been “paying” attention?

    Since energy and labor is the required value for the fiat currency, it is also the required value to pay for using the currency. Round and round…..

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