Wayne Newton: ‘There’s a Seat in Hell for Las Vegas Shooter’

Wayne Newton, a famous Las Vegas actor known for his singing and entertainment, told Fox News that he truly hopes the massacre on Sunday will not define the city from now on.

He said that one thing that angers him the most is that no one knows why the “fruitcake” did this.

Newton, AKA Mr. Las Vegas, said, “Having thought it through, I don’t believe it will,” he added, “I know Las Vegas will recover from it.”

As for the 64-year-old shooter who murdered more than 50 people and left over 500 other hospitalized, well Newton says what we were all thinking: “I know that there’s a seat waiting for him in hell, so he’ll suffer a long time.”

The coward gunman, Stehphen Paddock, killed himself before police could take him into custody. He not only mass murdered people, but then committed suicide so that he would not have to face justice.

Fox News Insider reports:

Newton also said he’s thrilled that President Donald Trump will be traveling to Las Vegas, because he will bring the attention of the world with him.

“He coming here is showing people that this is a great city and they’re great people,” he said.

On Tuesday, Newton announced that he would give $100,000 to those affected by the shooting.

Newton is right though. We cannot allow tragedies like this to define our cities. A crazed psycho with intent to kill does not get to paint a bright city with black. We must come together and unite.

Here is the full interview:

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