We Need Knife Control Laws!

After the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide case last week, the call for more gun control has once again echoed through the media and halls of Congress.  One sports columnist said that the NRA is the new KKK because they are causing black kids to shoot each other.  Bob Costas interrupted his announcing of an NFL game to say that if we had more gun control that Belcher and his girlfriend would still be alive. Others have joined in saying that if he hadn’t had a gun, they both would be alive.

I’ve already taken issue with that statement and its flawed logic.  If someone is going to kill someone else and/or kill themselves, they will use whatever means is handy.  If they don’t have a gun, they will find something else to use, such as a knife, but you don’t hear anyone calling for knife control laws, do you?

In the past week, I’ve either read about crimes involving knives or heard reports on the local news about knife attacks.  Here is a short list of some of those:

  • A local man broke into a house and pulled a knife on homeowner and threatened to stab him if he didn’t give him money.
  • A local man robbed a Speedway with knife threatening to stab the clerk.
  • A local man accosted several people and threatened them with a sword.
  • A college student shot his mother with a gun, then went to where his father worked and shot him in the head with an arrow and then took his own life with a knife.
  • A local husband stabbed his wife with a knife because she threatened to leave him.
  • A local group of youths stabbed another youth and stole his shoes.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics stated that for the period between 1993 to 2001, 10% of all violent crimes involved a firearm and 6% of all violent crimes involved a knife.  A more recent report, 2009, by the Department of Justice stated:

“Of the aggravated assault offenses in 2009 for which law enforcement agencies provided expanded data, 26.9 percent were committed with hands, fists, and feet; 20.9 percent were committed with firearms; and 18.7 percent were committed with knives or cutting instruments.”

In Great Britain, where gun control is very strict, they report that a crime involving a knife happens every 24 minutes.

So why isn’t anyone calling for knife control laws?  Statistically, they are being used almost as often as guns to commit crimes.

The reasons are simple.  First, people don’t want to blame a failed society that has turned its back on God and God’s morals.  They’ll point in every direction possible except the only one that is truly responsible.  If you track the rate of violent crimes in the US by year, you will find a direct correlation with the removal of God, the Bible and Christianity from American government, schools and society in general.

One of the basic laws of gases is that a vacuum cannot exist in an open system.  If one gas is removed, another gas will automatically replace it.  The same is true in society.  If you remove one set of values, another set will automatically replace it.  If you remove one religion, another will automatically replace it.  In the US, as Christianity was pushed out, paganism and hedonism filled the vacancy.  People believe that they can follow their own pleasures and lusts without any moral consequence.  With that, crime goes up and up.

The second reason so many people push for gun control has nothing to do with crimes.  It’s about the guns.  They don’t want guns in the hands of the people.  The majority of those pushing to ban guns are liberals, progressives and socialists.  They need to disarm the people in order to make it safer for them to take over the nation.

If people pushing for more gun control were truly concerned about crime and methods to prevent crime, then logically, they need to push for knife control also.  If they don’t, then they are being hypocritical and it demonstrates that crime is not their real motive, or they are just too naïve to understand it all.

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  1. da Tagliare…I agree with you.

    ”….people don’t want to blame a failed society that has turned its back on God and God’s morals…..If you remove one set of values, another set will automatically replace it.”

    Unrestrained by the idea of eternal accountability and consequences, man feels free to do whatever he wants. And that goes for those in power who want to control the populace by banning weapons used for self-protection.

    Maybe we ought to outlaw cars because thousands are killed by drunk drivers each year……or cut down all trees to discourage hangings…..or ban baseball to eliminate ballbat-bludgeonings…….or outlaw water to prevent intentional drownings…… and while we are at it, eliminate pencils because they cause misspelled words.

    This craziness will continue until people realize that….bottom line…every one of us is responsible for our own behavior. Its whats in the heart of man…not what’s in the hand of man…that kills.

    1. the UK has been talking about restricting knife carry if they haven’t passed it already.it doesn’t look like “gun control” has worked out the way they thought it would.I keep an eye on the other problems they have as well & it appears that they have a violent muslim problem,maybe a little “muslim control”wouldn’t hurt either.that would need to be worldwide.

      1. Muslim Control requires that all people must commitmit to be Slaves to the true born Muslims and always live as second class citizens. No choices and those of us who will not give up being a Christian will lose his head Femake members of his family will be delt with and then executed ain a similar way or sold into slavery .

      2. What then about, baseball bats, pillows, pitch forks, cars, nylons, ropes and heavy, muscular people especially those with large hands? Take all of this away and the criminals will have all of it including the guns and we will sit with nothing just waiting for the criminal to strike.

        1. I’m praying for the second coming of Christ. Settle this once and for all and give obummer his due for what he has done to the christian American people. I have a lot to answer for but somehow I think obummer has more!

        2. What about banning bows and arrows? Or glass beer bottles… they can be used effectively in a brawl

          Or what about toothpicks? They can be very annoying if stuck in an

          Or what about paper? Paper cuts are among the most common causes of severe cuts.

          Or maybe bananas. How many people slip on a banana peel annually and die? Never see stats on that do we?

          Maybe we should ban Congress? YES… that would be a great place to start wouldn’t it ?

          BAN CONGRESS before they fall on us and smother us.

        3. maybe yomama will make people go to the city hall and register their fists as lethal weapons. This is all so insane. Be responsible for yur own actions

    2. You are correct. All trees must be cut down; that will end the many hangings which
      are about to take place in this Nation.

      Also agree that cars (and trucks) should be scrapped, they cause pollution and when used by old people generally tend to be in accidents.

      And tooth brushes, toothbrushes do not get a lot of press but they can cause a
      person to have bleeding gums and then another death from bleeding.

      What about popcorn? Popcorn can cause one to be constipated and how many deaths from constipation are seen every year and go unreported?

      And baseball… there is a danger….. have you ever seen a ball fly out of the field and into the stands where some drunk or soon to be drunk tries to be a major player and takes a hit in the chops? Baseball should be banned.

      Think about it folks. The Congress has so much work to do but they cannot get over their sworn duty to ruin the Nation by giving money and arms and attack planes to our enemies..

      Hmmm maybe we should BAN CONGRESS ? Yes that is it BAN CONGRESS,

      What a great idea.

    3. I totally agree, here’s one for all the gun grabbers; lets say a unwanted person breaks into your home, he drools looking at your wife/girlfriend (if your a fornicator) and proceeds to rape her. what you are telling we that own guns for protection, against these type of threats are this “Your wife or girlfriend should just bend over and say give it to me big boy we won’t fight you, do your worst” do you understand the stupidity of your wanting to take guns out of law abiding citizens hands? oh yeah that’s the next thing to go; every ones hand need to be cut off, because last time I checked you can kill someone with your hands… you people need to shut the hell up!

  2. Three most dangerous things in the world… LOL A…… with a knife, a Jew with a lawyer and a Greek in sneakers !!! old joke !!!

  3. Well, we should just ban all knives… and cars, and telephone cords and hands and doctors and old age… because they all can cause death! Oh, I know, let’s just make a law that orders everyone to live forever! Let’s ban disease and war too… Oh, how about banning Islam – that has caused 270 million deaths! Sheesh… this is just ridiculous! If he wanted to kill that girl, he could have used anything – including his hands!!!

    1. No I think it would be more like the movie Logan’s Run you can only live to 30 then you go to carousel to be reborn, but really be killed.

  4. What makes me just scream with laughter is Air Travel. The TSA will take away from you a pair of nail clippers as they could be a weapon. Now in Global First Class they serve steak and give each and everyone a Steak Knife. Hmm nail clippers weapon Steak knife OK. After they outlaw knives they should also outlaw hammers, axes, chainsaws, sticks, clubs, pool cues,,,,,,,,,,oh the list goes on and on.

  5. A hundred loaded guns with safety OFF, laid out on the ground, will go rusty in a hundred years and kill no one.
    Guess who should be made illegal?

  6. I believe that in Australia they just already have knife control, spear control, Bolan arrow control, any blade longer than 4 inches is illegal. In New York City they want to put serial numbers on baseball bats and have them control. But of course what would you expect from a city that strives to protect their muggers. They say that you can run away though so if you can’t run away give them whatever they want but for heaven sakes don’t hurt the mugger.

    Bob Costas was on O’Reilly and shot off his mouth saying that guns were very rarely used to prevent a crime. Firearms are used over 2 million times each year to prevent or stop crimes and in many cases just telling are showing the bad guy that you’re armed is enough to make them go someplace else. There’s plenty of easy victims out there. This idiot doesn’t want people have guns he was saying was totally stupid to say that the Aurora shooting in the movie theater wouldn’t have been stopped if someone the audience was carrying a gun. He said he’d rather lay down on the floor with discarded chewing gum and use condoms and try to protect his life. Now O’Reilly is not really pro-gun but he said that he would rather have had a gun in the theater and not. It took 20 min. for the police to enter the theater it would’ve taken less than 2 min. for someone to have stopped the shooter inside the theater. Bob Costas said the gun would matter because the shooter was wearing body. Obviously this man is an idiot how many of our troops are in the hospital because they were shot when they’re wearing the same armor only better?
    People who choose to carry concealed do so with the knowledge that not only their own lives with the lives of those people around them are the reason for carrying the gun in the first place. And most people who do carry have enough common sense to practice to become proficient with their chosen weapon. Example as I reached 60 years old my eyes were not as good as they used to be in practice at ranges of up to 20 yards which is about average as a maximum for this type of situation my shot groups went from 2 inches to six or 7 inches just because of my eyes. So I invested in a set of crimson trace laser grips my groups are now between one and 2 inches. I’m one of the majority who take carrying a firearm seriously. I just hope for his sake that little Bobby is lucky enough to have somebody near him who has a gun if he ever finds himself in a theater scene shot at. The man is a total Butthead.

  7. This article is a really bad idea. Never give the baners an excuse to ban more things. Many states do have knife control laws. Thats why I can’t buy a switchblade. England does ban most pocket knives. Spyderco has a whole line of knives with locking blades just so they can be sold where knives with locking blades are illegal.

  8. There was a man who tried to rob my father of his paycheck with what I thought was a big knife. Daddy was going to to the store with me to buy a jacket for me concerning it was coming Winter and I was without a coat. Apparentl;ym ny dad looked at the man and drew his own mid-size pocket knife. The Man dropped his knife and ran for it. I still own that knife . No more laws against knives.

  9. If “they” truly cared about crime, “they” would punish the individual criminal for their OWN crimes, but instead, “they” seek to spread the ill around to all of the society with foolish laws designed to ‘prevent’ crime, instead of punishing it. Why have laws against texing and driving? Because the insurance company pays for the mayhem, not the individual, and hence they push to force all of society into a box for profits.

  10. If they ever get gun bans like they want, knives will be next, followed by whatever other element of physical harm is used to replace the previous. The idiots screaming for all the controls simply will not accept that PEOPLE are responsible, not the tool used to perform said violent acts. In the UK, thugs referred to as yobs use knives, sticks, clubs, pipes, bricks, pint glasses, bottles, etc. to commit heinous acts of physical violence on other people. Of course, it is the weapons chosen and not the sickos wielding them, right?? The UK should be the glaring example of proof that no matter what weapon you ban, there will be another found by the violent… So what’s the answer? Put full body padded suits on people, feed them through short (so as not to whip someone with it) tubes, and make them stay in padded rooms at all times so they can’t strike someone else with a vehicle, their own body, etc.??

    1. Jerry how you figure that? When I went to grade school ever boring class and a bolo pocketknife. Or some other penknife that the always carried, even the Cub Scouts unofficial pocket knives.

      In sixth grade during bird season I brought my shotgun to school lifted the office to take it up and headed on my way home. Later in the year I brought my dear rifle to school left at the office hundred on my way home. You know what no one in my school ever got shot or cut or any other problems with this changed? The guns are the same in the knives are the same maniac kids killing kids and kids raping and killing all ladies. What’s changed!

  11. we need to get every knife in the nation registered! once that is done we need to get every baseball bat registered. after that we need to register all ropes. These are all killers! we need waiting periods before you can take any of these home and if you ever stepped out of line you won’t be able to buy any of these items!
    What sheer utter stupid nonsense!

    1. And while that is happening plastic bags should be registered or at least identified as dangerous with a gubernmunt approved tag indicating the label should not be removed?

    2. And yet the dems want to give free birth control pills when everyday ads on TV say they cause blood clots, strokes heart attacks, etc.Did you ever listen to the added ‘side effects’ these pills have?

    3. Also every type of tool, pick axes,shovels,hammers,wrenches,sledgehammers,axes, tape too, garden tools too… God knows all these no growth flat earthers can’t have any trees or greenhouses which we use to cultivate food. WAKE UP AMERICA we are being overthrown by the marxist/communists/muslums LOCK and LOAD its coming!!!

    1. Hey nice post.

      I and others forgot about fists and feet. Dang. Maybe we should ban elbows also ?

      I saw a couple of times in my youth some broken jaws due to elbows. And what about ribs being banged up ?

      Thanks I am adding these to the ban list.

      It probably works as well as that gubernmunt run DO NOT CALL list?

    1. Banning stupid would put 535 azzes stinking up DC out of work.

      Yeah ! let’s ban Congress? Of course that would solve every problem.

  12. Why don’t we look at Society as a whole, we lose respect for one another, we allow perversity to be a law and we elect people who have no morals. What else can we expect.

  13. In Worcester MA, where the cops just had their turn-in ‘guns for flu shot’ campaign, the idiotic Commie police Chief actually wanted to make any knife over 2″ illegal. Virtually making the entire city like past airport security!

    As from it’s beginning’s in North East cities to the wild west, cops have thought up most of our un-constituional Marxist gun laws. And their public unions have completely taken over government here and elsewhere.

    But here in MA, it’s “not illegal to be illegal”….from the mouth of our female Attorney General, who got re-elected w/ the support of so-called law enforcement.

  14. Are we going to have to eat our steak with our fingers?? Tear a big chunk off with our teeth ???? whats wrong with people of today.?? they have become CRAZY with fear , we never Feared like we do now. GUNS are not the problem ITS THE PEOPLE !!

  15. I saw a movie the other night about the mob in Las Vegas the one guy stabbed a guy to death in a nightclub with a pen, so I think all pens should be banned !!!!!!!!

  16. I don’t get any of this I was raised in a family of 6 children, sadly mother lost her last child . I and my brothers and sisters were brought up in the church, none of us have ever been in trouble we wouldn’t dare. Not because of anything else but shame it would put on mother. We now live in a world where folks have turned their backs on God and the church please don’t wonder what is wrong with today’s youth when the family unit is so broke down, either Mom or Dad is in prison and really sad so are one of their children. We weren’t rich and didn’t live in the fanciest house but we had God, structure, and a mom that wouldn’t play games,. Where in this post folks are saying get rid of the gun’s and now knifes so what is next water ballons? People will kill with whatever they can get their hands on. People kill with guns, guns don’t kill people and the same for knifes..Go back to God! before it’s too late.

    1. Amen. THere were 10 in my family and my dad died when he was 43. My mother raised all of us up and we were all respected. We worked hard and helped our mother.

  17. No we do not need knife laws. We need laws which imprison the fools who make the laws we now suffer under.

    We would do better to have laws which demanded great tasting coffee, laws which require every citizen to bathe daily, we requires laws which requires that all laws on the books be enforced.

    How about a law like that?

  18. Guns don’t kill anymore than cars do. I would think car drivers kill a whole lot more than guns do. I don’t hear any one suggesting a ban or control on cars. These Liberals are just plain nuts.

  19. I left a message however it was not accepted and I would like to know why since I am on here quite a bit leaving my opinions on various subjects.can anyone give me an exlimation?

      1. Happened to me quite a few times too.
        If you are writing at the same time as someone else, I noticed my name coming up on someone elses comment.
        I also notified them.

  20. We need leadership with the ability and desire to return America to where it was until the donkeys took over. We need an America loving president. We need not what we have now thanks to the brain dead voters who are as anti America as the brainstem. they reelected

  21. We need government control laws. The idiot presently believing he is the Messiah O has all of the signs of a freight train run amok. Lucky for him most of the people vying for positions in his new gang of slaves are so brain dead they feel safe legislating as idiots must be legislated to. I know there are still well meaning sycophants who believe we must give the Black Man a chance but next time get an American instead of a Kenyan Muslim anti American on whom to hang your star.

  22. The NRA is not causing black kids to kill each other. Black kids are stupid because they quit school, take drugs, hang out in gangs, and really don’t care about anything or anybody. They kill each other simply because they want to. A lot of whites and latinos fall into the same category. If they are ignorant and stupid it is because they choose to be so.

  23. This morning I read a article where robbers choked a man near to death with a “Jump Rope”, so we need to outlaw childrens jumpropes, right?

  24. Actually we need motor vehicle control, more people die from an accident involving a motor vehicle than knives, guns, explosives all put together.

  25. we already have knife control laws
    in most places, one can’t carry anything larger than a specific size of blade.

  26. Take it all the way here. We should support state mandated amputations since Hands, Fists, and Feet are most often used in violent assaults. And even where not the end point, hands are required to stab, club, or pull the trigger. Animals would be safe because there would be no hunters. The environment would be safer because evil men could not drive, mine, drill, or manufacture things. Hands are required to slap wives and children. Hands are obviously evil. Evil, I say. State-mandated amputations of hands…today. What a peaceful world we would have if there were no hands to manufacture or use weapons of any kind, or to hit and slap others.

  27. I believe the first murderer killed his victem with a Rock,
    his name was Cain & he killed his brother Able, not with a gun or kife or louisville slugger,
    A ROCK.
    without God, you can’t change fallen Mankind, Period ! end of story.

  28. Outlaw butter knives, spoons, forks and anything sharp including broken beer bottles and
    pool sticks. Everything will be made out of rubber for now on.

  29. This incident was a terrible thing but I am sure if that gun had not latched on to Mr. Belcher and shot his girlfriend nine times the evil kithen knife would have leapt into his hand and stabed her nine times. Maybe just maybe if they had been hiking a nefarious rock would have taken him by both hands and……….

  30. Yeah, when my dad was a Park Ranger at Metropolitan Beach near Detroit, he disarmed a lady who tried to stab her boyfriend with a steak knife. They were having a barbecue near the boat basin and got into an argument. Everybody should just have to gnaw everything off with their teeth.

    On second thought, you could bite someone. May have to outlaw teeth too and make everyone gum everything.

  31. Ban all letter openers and hammers too..Coat hangers could be deadly..Ban Obama’s golf clubs, those are definitely deadly weapons…Lets ban it all…maybe fish hooks too.

  32. Ask Tryvon if anyone
    would be dead if no gun was involved. The neighborhood watch would be dead
    instead of the assaulting criminal. Attacking someone that has a firearm is the
    ultimate stupid.

    In this article the point was missed in that 17 % of murders were committed
    with knives and 26% were committed with bare hands far exceeding with guns. Only
    20% were committed with guns. 80 % were not.

    Guns (even unused) prevent crime and in many cases de-escalate situations. I have lived in low crime small communities my
    whole life and don’t carry. I have seen at least four times where the sight of
    a firearm ended a confrontation immediately, end of story. Nobody was shot or assaulted
    and everyone went home unharmed, if not wiser for the experience.

    The second amendment was enacted to help protect the people from their tyrannical
    federal government. It, only as a sideline, protects the god given rights to
    self defense and hunting.

    they are no more evil than cars or shoes pipe wrenches. Although accidents happen no gun has ever jumped
    out the nightstand and shot their sleeping owner. They work far more often to
    save the innocent than take their lives. Murdering scum bags will always exist your
    best chance is being armed and being able to resist.

    How many innocent
    lives have been taken by tyrannical governments in the last 300 years and how
    many more innocent lives will be taken?

    Millions of Gun Owners have never killed anyone.

  33. Why outlaw knives when the same thing applies to them as the guns. Guns don’t just jump up by themselves and go running off somewhere to kill someone. A PERSON has to pick up that gun, and point it at someone and then pull the trigger. Therefore the PERSON is responsible and not the gun. With a gun or knife it’s possible to still kill another person using force, street fighting, or just a skillet over the head. Gee are they going to then outlaw skillets too? Shows the child mentality working there.

  34. ‘It’s what is in the heart of man and not in the hands of man’ is so true Screeminmeeme.
    People tend to forget every individual has a mind of their own…
    Unfortunately, society today is being turned against itself, thanks to our so called government sworn to uphold our Constitution, it’s doing the opposite.
    We are on a defensive mode, not able to trust one another.
    An electric pencil sharpener and a pencil can do as much harm as a knife.
    It’s the ‘situation’ that is the concern…
    Are you in Fear for your Life?
    Are you robbing, raping or threatening anothers life?
    To feel secure today you must do what you have to do to defend yourself and Liberty.
    These ‘Control Laws’ are more inviting to Kill You rather than Save You…

  35. God Bless your Mama I know it wasn’t easy for my mom neither but such things just didn’t happen..Have a nice evening..Cheryl

  36. And, does anybody remember how O.J. Simpson Slaughtered his wife and friend in broad daylight in front of her own home??? It certainly was not with a gun that he damned near cut their heads off and repeatedly Stabbed.

  37. A Chinese emperor was paranoid about a revolution by the peasants, and so banned bows and arrows. One of his mandarin bureaucrats was assassinated by a spear-carrying citizen, so he banned spears. Ultimately, any kind of blade weapon was banned. Even table utensils such as knives and forks were banned. When he learned that a new school had developed in how to kill with chopsticks, the emperor gave up and lifted all the bans.

  38. the above average citizens of America were trained in hand to hand combat involing knife fight and disarming techniques, are we to ban hands and fingers next? LMFAOOOO! BUY a GUN and don’t worry about either! Learn to use it and make Congress enforce the self protection Law’s in your Country, State, City, Township and Town!

  39. the only “Gun Control” is in having both hands controlling the gun, the same could be said about knives . . . have a firm grip and control it in ones own defense or the defense of ones family.

    i like my states knife laws . . . you can carry anything including a very sharp sword, as long as it is in the open.

    some folks look at me when they see my KaBar 1211 firmly attached to my belt.
    they are even more shocked when they see how sharp it is when they ask if it is real.

    when asked of i’m also carrying a gun . . . “None of your business”
    and it is not their business unless it is a cop that stops me, then i am

    open that i have a CCWP and am carrying.

    after 20 years in the military defending the first and second amendments among others for my fellow citizens of this great nation, i will carry and the only way i surrender them is from my cold dead hands once the weapon is fully discharged.

    if anyone doesn’t like it then change the constitution, and good luck doing away with those amendments, there are to many of us that believe in them to get enough support to ratify..

  40. I would have to agree with you. Individual morals, responsibility, and self esteem have become something of the past. Now it’s always the other guy, another cause, etc. that is to blame. I taught my kids to think things through, both sides before making a decision and then to stick with it to the end and to take responsibility for their actions. That’s the way I was brought up, but I guess that those values are now things of the past. Shameful.

  41. Knives, screw drivers, broken glass, anything potentially poisonous, cars, cigarettes, alcohol. Shall I continue? Why are people so quick to give up their Constitutional right to protect themselves against criminals? The government is the biggest criminal of all. If justice prevailed the death penalty would be utilized in more of the heinous crimes, thus making it less desirable to commit them. Today more murdering thugs walk freely in our communities thanks to the touchy feely mentality which prevails. One question, would we the tax payers still need to pay for protection for the likes of Barack. And his motley crew? No guns therefore no threats. Correct?

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