What Can Mitt Romney and the GOP Learn from the Wisconsin Recall Election?

When I sat next to Gov. Scott Walker in Houston last year at a fund raising dinner for the recall election, I was worried. The poll numbers didn’t look good. The Democrats were resolute. They wanted Gov. Walker and anybody else they could take down with him out of office. Last night’s election let me breathe easily again. It also restored my faith in what can be done if there is hard work behind the effort.

Here are some of the things that need to be kept in mind as we move toward the November election:

First, some Democrats are insane and dangerous. “Kill Scott Walker” tweets are making the rounds. The GOP needs to make these public. You can read some of them here. The Democrats are the real extremists. Let the so-called Independents know it. Ultra-liberal Ed Schultz of MSNBC issued this insane prediction: “Scott Walker could very well be indicted in the coming days.” It wouldn’t surprise if the Democrats tried to indict the governor. Such a move will only show their deep-seeded desperation and fascist tactics.

John McCain wouldn’t “take it to Obama” in 2008. Romney better not make the same mistake. There is no need to attack the President personally. Nibble around the edges by showing the extremists that are the face of the party. There’s a good chance that a lot of Democrats will defect because they don’t want to be associated with the nutballs that make up a good percentage of the Democrat Party.

Second, the way to win elections is to stick to conservative principles. The first rule in politics is not “all politics is local” but “secure the base.” Gov. Walker did just that. He didn’t back down. He didn’t apologize. He stuck to his principles. Romney must adopt conservative (constitutional) principles and stick to them even if he doesn’t believe them.

Third, Democrat voter fraud is a reality. When reports came in that there was a “119% voter turnout in Madison,” you knew the Democrats had overplayed their hand. This does not mean that they’ll stop trying to fix elections. Eric Holder knows that he has to stop Florida and other states from purging voter lists of illegals and ineligible voters if Obama is going to win in November. The GOP needs to be out in front on this issue. Governors of voter fraud states need to tell Holder that the law is clear on cleaning up voter lists. It’s been mandated.

Fourth, the GOP beat the Democrats on the ground. This was surprising to me. We heard how Democrats are the best at getting out the vote. The GOP beat the Democrats at their own game.

“Working with the Wisconsin GOP, the RNC ran joint voter contact Victory operations and opened 26 statewide offices. Since January, our volunteers made over 4 million voter contacts, more than the GOP did in the entire 2008 campaign and substantially more than Democrats and their union allies in this election.

We spearheaded a joint effort with neighboring states to drive grassroots supporters to Wisconsin, and we mobilized volunteers from across the country to get involved through our innovative online Social Victory Center and phone-from-home program.

In the process, more than 3,400 Wisconsin volunteers have signed up to help the party. And the data collected by door-to-door volunteers for Governor Walker was all promptly added to the RNC’s data center, thanks to the use of iPads, iPhones, and iPods.”

Who would have thought that the stodgy GOP finally understood that there’s a new way to do politics?

Fifth, being a deficit cutter and a fiscal hawk is a winning combination. Romney and the GOP need to get serious on this issue. Walker has the numbers to show the policy work. Walker closed a $3 billion budget gap without layoffs or raising income taxes.

Sixth, as much as we might not like it, money wins elections. If the GOP puts up good candidates, people will donate. Walker raised a ton of money to beat back the Democrat machine. The millions the unions spent won’t be available to them in November.

Seventh, keep reminding conservatives what DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz infamously said that the following about the Wisconsin recall election:

“It’s given the Obama for America operation an opportunity to do the dry run we need of our massive, significant dynamic grassroots presidential campaign.”

From her mouth to God’s ear. The base needs to be kept fired up for the next five months. Keep them in the game by reminding them that conservative principles win elections. Compromising policies lose elections.

30 thoughts on “What Can Mitt Romney and the GOP Learn from the Wisconsin Recall Election?

  1. Now this is what ADULT democracy looks like! Instead of trashing the State Capitol and causing millions in damage, instead of pushing old ladies who carry a sign to the ground, instead of crapping on cop cars we did it the civil and adult way!

    NOBAMA 2012… HEY HEY HEY goodbye!

  2. Stick to your guns. Every 2-6 years, the recall election at the national level. Reagan and Dubya did and got reelected. George
    H.W. Bush didn’t, and got defeated. Unfortunately, in an economy TWICE as bad as this one, Jimmy Carter did, and got defeated by Ronald Reagan.

    1.  Nice to have someone remember that Reagan got handed a even worse situation than Obama and rolled up  his sleeves and took care of the matter.   This would be great if used by the RNC.

  3. Did everyone realize that only one Democrat has been re-elected since Roosevelt and that was slick Willy and he was re-elected by compromising with Newt and the Republicans over balancing the budget.  Mitt needs to adopt fiscal Conservatism if he wants to win and keep pointing out why Obama’s agenda will bankrupt and destroy the country.   He should have learned a lot by watching what Walker did in Wisconsin.

    1.  I suspect a lot of President Clinton’s re-election was the result of the Republicans nominating Bob Dole, and enough Republicans would rather have 4 more Clinton years than have Dole as President to turn the tide, some by voting D, and some by voting 3rd Party, and some by staying home.  “Course, I might be wrong – has been known to happen….

  4. It’s official, the progressives and political left DO NOT believe in the legislative or electoral process  .  If elections don’t go their way they will demand a “do over” to get the result they desire.  Obozo  never wants to compromise.  It’s his way or nothing.  He and the Dumocrats are so narcissistic that they believe they can ram their agenda down our throats.  We are tired of Oba-Mao and the progressives spending our money like there is no tomorrow.

    Nobama 2012.  Fire Obama.

    1.  BTW:

      Romney needs to show the threats and anti-social, destructive behavior coming from the political left, and show that Obama approves of these people.

  5. Romney has a choice to make: get on Board, or get out of town!
    The TEA Party is driving the train now! 

  6. I hope that he knows enough to come to WI and do his damnest to convert this dummicrate state to a conservative/republican state. And, as Harrisisatexan said, “get on Board, or get out of town! Scott Walker got us started and you had better do your part to keep it going. Get on the Tea Party train now!

  7. I hope Romney and the GOP work together–stop US companies from out sourcing,cut prok barrell spending, .no new taxes. Remind people how thye got into “credit card”debt–have people on govt.benefits go to a local govt.office to “voluteer”at least once a week,even someone in a wheelchair can answer a phone–this is to give back to the people paying their “salaries”,they also need to be drug tested just like everyone else receiving a paycheck.At lot of people on assist.are in better health that some of the people working full time jobs.They also need to limit children–if they cant afford a child they need to think hard before having any, the libral will say in infringing on their rights—I tired of paying for bed time play.They can have all the children they want–the working class should not have to pay.I know a lot of people working 2-3 jobs to take care of their familys.Then the “offsprings” would have less time to form mobs and attack people

  8. The GOP usually acts from a position of weakness. Many of my brothers in the GOP will take no note of what just happened in WI, and will go along being super careful not to p-off the dems and libs and media, and will continue to be losers and “reachers across the aisle” compromisers. The ONLY way we can make the GOP into a real force for Constitutional and Tea Party values is for all of us to stop wasting time yelling at the Professional Pols who are only there to feather their own nests, and OURSELVES get deeply involved with the GOP at the local level, becoming a pool of good people who will run first for the small offices (County Committee, School Board, town council, County commissioners, then state assembly and senate and then national. Stay in for a term or two, groom a good replacement, move on or move back to private life ASAP. Public service is like military service. We should all take a turn at one or the other or both for a short time in our lives as an honorable form of service, with no pensions or other special privileges. Take the power back. Don’t let ourselves be abused over and over again.

  9. What the GOP has to do is get off their butts and cut that Muslum, socialist, no citizen piece of s— of his pinicle.  The sooner the better, played fair or not.  They has not cut to the chase.  Thanks for letting a 57 year old woman speak her piece while I still can.  My favorite quote for the day  ” I would rather be judged by 12, then be carried by 6.           Ingrid Clark   republican and member off the NRA

  10. JDA you are on the mark Dole was not the least ready for CIC posiion and McCain was and is another that  is lacking hopeful the “real Mitt” nwill stand up he is a multimillionair .I remember when Rockfeller ran the slogan “maybe he can make me a million too” Did not work then though who knows seems as though it all comes back to Prayer we sure need a lot of it for “God Bless America Again”

  11. Keep following Limbaugh’s Law:  Always select the most conservative candidate you can in your primaries, even if they are considered “un-electable.”  The middle class has the most votes and they are the most conservative group in this great country of ours.  The conservative steps of  Gov. Walker are even starting to be copied in CA!

  12. Hope all Bloggers below, will take strong note of California Nazi/Communist Party’s parades and riots to vote for Obama, lately. What IS THEIR AGENDA for Obama to do for them? Scary! Talk about who the real Socialist is (Obama Team trying now to say Romney is leaning toward Socialism….and don’t believe all Bill Clinton is “blowing” about on all the talk about the Euro Dollar from Republicans. Bill is a very good bluffer that this American economy is ready for a boom. It is NOT, it is very dependent upon how the Europeans and Germans’ Banks solve their problems, that in turn, will fix ours with strong Federal Government Leadership’s resolve and economics/educated man like Romney who will be the guiding light through the last 3 years of “mess”! Vote For Romney, and God Help Us All In 2013!

  13. My heart goes out to Whiny Man in his hour of grief. Yesterday must have been a
    terrible blow. I share your tears. Being older and wiser than you, I know time
    heals all wounds. May I suggest in the interim you try dial-a prayer or join a
    gay support group.

  14. I am sure romney will find lots  of new lies from that election.  romney care and obambo care   ooo yea they are so much diffrents  . Yea just like his gun laws  The gop dont want to win so i am voteing 3rd party conservative.  Both romney and obambo lie  just to RULE  us

    1.  Voting third party is like giving in to Obama. Only a Republican or a Democrat can win. So, vote anti-great-black Messiah.

  15. Obama was elected because he promised a bunch of ghetto blacks he would make them rich, by taking money away from the rich and giving it to the poor. It ain’t gonna happen, but greedy hood rats bought in. We can defeat him by turning out Republicans and disenchanted swing voters. Send the socialist Muslim packing.

  16. ” What Can Mitt Romney and the GOP Learn from the Wisconsin Recall Election?
    Dump Mit Romney and ask Gov. Scott Walker to run as presidential candidate.  While Mit is making up his mind on what path to take, Scott Walker seems to have his act together and can fire up the people and communicate with them. What have you got to say about that Mit? ” ah, well, you know, ah….let me get back to you on that “.

  17. First use the grass roots like the Tea Party.   When people look after wards there is no trash no destruction.  Secondly do not be meek or mild.   People are tired of limp liberals.   In this we must proclaim that we will change what has happen boldly with out fear for we now know what the people want and need.

  18. Romney needs to hire Gov. Walker’s political team.  They deserve an A+.
    This election is a win for voters.  Families have to cut back in tough times and
    the government should be no different.  

  19. To Jerry 1944:  Get some guts and off the fence, Jerry! It’s time we take our American basic rights back before Obama and his “socialist” followers from Chicago, others, and Nazi/Communist Party in California  leading costumed parades, and riots (Communist Party gave Obama $28 million and more of late,) out there, to push voters for Obama, and to get their way.  We are headed for tougher times if these “groupies” get Obama to continue to screw with the principled lives our forefathers met to continue, as well as doing nothing to stop our country’s indebtedness.  Research and read about both candidates and you’ll KNOW your vote definitely will count in this election. I urge everyone to read new book, “When A Nation Forgets God” subtitled, “7 Lessons We Must Learn From Nazi Germany”! Reading this book should wake you up and set your resolve to redefine the crooked path we are headed down.  Please all, go VOTE!

  20. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” 
     We are (all) going to suffer some before we, any of us, leaves this world’ that’s just how the world is; – so, we all need to make up our minds to suffer for something ‘worth it’; and following the basic principles on which our Constitution is built is ‘The Way’ to go for Americans.  But, we still need to humbly confess that our country has a lot to repent for, humbly ask God’s help and then BELIEVE He will help America.  God must come first, no matter what; He must be honored first.  That is only common sense, folks. Even if we individually have to suffer some for speaking out and holding up truth & right it is a way that we, at home can back up the guys and gals in uniform.  Otherwise, no matter what else we do, if we don’t do that, then,in the end we have pulled the rug from under all of us in America.  So, let us all remember to honor our Creator every waking moment by keeping Him in our thoughts and decisions; then our actions will also do Him honor and He will be glorified.  And,that is our REAL job in this world.  At least that’s how I see it.
    Sue W. Galey

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