What do the Poorest 10 Cities in America Have in Common?

Government programs designed to help the poor have destroyed generations of American families, schools, and culture. One would think that repeated bad economic news and the downgrading of families that inhibit job growth would lead people to find a better solution to help them out of their impoverished condition.

Instead, they vote for the same type of politician who blames the wealthy, calls for tax increases, and wonders why poverty goes up, businesses move out, and crime and illegitimacy soar.

The following ten cities have a great deal in common. The first thing is their poverty level. The second is that they mostly have been governed by Democrats over the years.

  1. Detroit, Michigan – 36.4
  2. Cleveland, Ohio – 35.0
  3. Buffalo, New York – 28.8
  4. Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 27.0
  5. St. Louis, Missouri – 26.7
  6. Miami, Florida – 26.5
  7. Memphis, Tennessee – 26.2
  8. Cincinnati, Ohio – 25.7
  9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 25.0
  10. Newark, New Jersey – 23.9

“Milwaukee emerged as America’s fourth-most impoverished big city in 2009, as the Great Recession rippled across the city and state, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures released” in September 2010. “Milwaukee’s poverty rate reached 27%, up from 23.4% in the previous year. Only Detroit (36.4%), Cleveland (35%) and Buffalo (28.8%) had higher poverty rates among cities with populations greater than 250,000. Milwaukee was ranked 11th in 2008.

In 2010, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a Democrat who was running for governor at the time, “said the poverty numbers ‘are unacceptable and should be of concern to everyone in the community and the state.’” The poverty rate may be unacceptable, but the only proposed solution was more taxing and spending.

At that time, Scott Walker was the Milwaukee County Executive and said that it was the “anti-business” policies of Democrats Barrett and then sitting governor Jim Doyle that directly affected “the poverty levels in Milwaukee and cities across our state.” What’s true for Wisconsin is true for cities and states across the country.

Walker became governor of Wisconsin in January 2011 and worked diligently to bring fiscal sanity to the state. The Democrats fought him all the way. They even tried to recall him when he tried to trim some union benefits. Walker understood that cost cutting and tax cutting are the ways to grow an economy:

“As part of his campaign platform, Walker said he would create 250,000 jobs in his first term through a program that would include tax cuts for small businesses, capital gains tax cuts, and income tax cuts for the highest-earning Wisconsinites. He proposed cutting state employee wages and benefits to help pay for these tax cuts. Critics argued that his proposals would help only the wealthy and that cutting the salaries of public employees would adversely affect state services, while supporters argued that tax cuts for businesses would reduce the cost of labor, which would ultimately promote consumer demand and more job growth.”

There’s a lesson here for Republicans. What works at the state level will work at the national level. Gov. Walker did not back down even though he had the entire Democrat Party against him and the public sector unions. Will Boehner and company comprise with the Democrats, or will they wake up and fight for what is right.

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  1. Conservative policies work. Just about every state that has a Republican governor is doing better economically. It’s obvious to those of us who pay attention that these same policies would work at the federal level, but the ideologues who voted fro Obama cannot bring themselves to admit it.

    So…here we are…..an America in a preventable decline…and no one seems to be able to stop it.

    1. The people that live in these cities and the ones, most likely all of them, are on welfare or some other government dole, and they don’t want to go out and find a job, they have everything that the working people have, a monthly income, food stamps, health care, rent subsidies, gas and electric subsidies etc., and we tax payers are expected to work our butts off to support these lazy takers and support them and our own families, we have become a nation of takers, not givers. I really resent when I go grocery shopping and the person in the check out line in front of me pulls out their food stamp debit card, I look to see what they are buying, I wish I could afford to buy what these takers buy. Working people have to budget their money, and make it last from pay check to pay check, but not these lazy asses.

        1. Every Obama voter got a free Ferrarri, paid for by the real taxpayers! What’s next? Free mansions for everyone?

      1. Then explain California. The majority aren’t poor and collecting government money. They will always vote Democrat. In fact, after this last election, we now have more Democrats making this state a one party state like Hawaii.

        1. Racist, disgusting, perpetuater of hate. You and everyone else (for the most part), on here speaks of things you know absolutely nothing about. “What’s the Matter With Kansas.” Read it. Enlighten yourselves.

      1. Let’s see. North Dakota is red. Care to look up how they did on the NAEP? Texas may be poorer than California, but let’s look at NAEP statistics, particularly comparing apples to apples by looking at each separate demographic group (they’re broken out in the stats maintained by the NAEP.)

        But after all, the article is about cities. The least educated and poorest cities are blue. Detroit, anyone?

        1. How about Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and West Virginia?

          And North Dakota is one of the highest recipient of federal aid. I think it is about $1.70 for every dollar they send to Washington.

        2. You can take Oklahoma off your list. We always have a balanced budget, our unemployment rate is in the 6 percentile group. Since Oklahoma is the reddest of the red states they get a smaller percentage of their money they send to the federal government back than any other state in the union. Oklahome has one of the finest universities in the country in engineering and medicine and the Oklahoma Medical Research Center if one of the most modern in the world. You don’t deal in facts you just spit out words to see if they stick. I will not waste any further time responding to vermin like you.

        3. Detroit, Michigan – 36.4

          Cleveland, Ohio – 35.0

          Buffalo, New York – 28.8

          Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 27.0

          St. Louis, Missouri – 26.7

          Miami, Florida – 26.5

          Memphis, Tennessee – 26.2

          Cincinnati, Ohio – 25.7

          Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 25.0

          Newark, New Jersey – 23.9

          Did you notice that none of these cities are in any of the states you listed? I wonder why? Could it be that you are brown eyed because you are full of **** up to the eyebrows and it has changed your natural eye color? What a pathetic person you are. Little people like you have such envy for other people that it fills them with hate, causing them to continually try to make themselves look good by debasing others.

        4. 10. Morristown, Tenn.

          >Median household income: $35,027

          >Population: 137,494 (81st lowest)

          >Unemployment rate: 11.0% (52nd highest)

          >Pct. households below poverty line: 20.0% (68th highest)

          9. Cumberland, Md.- W. Va.

          >Median household income: $34,819

          >Population: 102,884 (28th lowest)

          >Unemployment rate: 8.2% (163rd lowest)

          >Pct. households below poverty line: 19.2% (88th highest)

          8. Jonesboro, Ark.

          >Median household income: $34,673

          >Population: 121,569 (55th lowest)

          >Unemployment rate: 7.6% (116th lowest)

          >Pct. households below poverty line: 22.5% (33rd highest)

          7. Hot Springs, Ark.

          >Median household income: $34,251

          >Population: 97,124 (18th lowest)

          >Unemployment rate: 8.3% (173rd lowest)

          >Pct. households below poverty line: 21.8% (37th highest)

          6. Monroe, La.

          >Median household income: $34,036

          >Population: 177,651 (138th lowest)

          >Unemployment rate: 7.7% (123rd lowest)

          >Pct. households below poverty line: 27.9% (8th highest)

          5 . Gadsden, Ala.

          >Median household income: $33,313

          >Population: 104,303 (29th lowest)

          >Unemployment rate: 9.1% (144th highest)

          >Pct. households below poverty line: 21.0% (47th highest)

          3. Valdosta, Ga.

          >Median household income: $32,446

          >Population: 140,599 (87th lowest)

          >Unemployment rate: 9.2%(140th highest)

          >Pct. households below poverty line: 27.6% (9th highest)

          2. Brownsville-Harlingen, Tex.

          >Median household income: $32,070

          >Population: 414,123 (124th highest)

          >Unemployment rate: 11.8% (36th highest)

          >Pct. households below poverty line: 34.1% (2nd highest)

          1. McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Tex.

          >Median household income: $31,077

          >Population: 797,810 (68th highest)

          >Unemployment rate: 12% (34th highest)

          >Pct. households below poverty line: 37.7% (the highest)

          Source America’s Poorest Cities – 24/7 Wall St. http://247wallst.com/2012/10/04/americas-poorest-cities/#ixzz2C2xMFR9l

      2. I almost let this pass Daves, but thank you as you got me to thinking and I decided to do a little research. Interesting what I found. Do you know who has the highest GDP per capita in the country? That would be Washington, DC. I find that amazing as there really isn’t anything in our capital city except the government. Yes there are restaurants and nightclubs, several universities and various other private institutions, but if you have ever lived there you will note a remarkable lack of any non-governmental business other than that which lives off or services the government. So how is it then that their per citizen product produced can be the highest in the country. This says one of two things to me. Either the governments record keeping is totally screwed up, which brings all of their other records into question, or we are paying them way too much. Well, it could be both.


      3. “least educated and poorest” You have to define those terms.

        Least educated based on what criteria, test evaluations, grades, college enrollment, financial success after education?
        Poorest, again, based on what? Tax revenue generated, GDP, Per Capita GDP, Total Income, median income, mean income, mode income, Cost of living index?

        My point being that any of these could be considered as a basis for this statement, however, if you look at the data in under each of the classifications the rankings are going to differ.
        Please back up your assertions with the source so we could actually have a debate or discussion based on the reported figures. Note I didn’t state facts here based on my earlier observation concerning per capita GDP.

        Further, the classifications that I stated are just those that came immediately to mind and I am certain I missed some possibilities for your assertions. The list is meant as example and not meant to be inclusive.

        Last note: On education by test results, as each state makes up its own tests, it would really not be a good bench mark mechanism as a fair reading would require identical test as some test could be construed as easier or harder, although I am certain that would not be the intent of the state school boards. But then we all see actual consequences of supposed good intents all the time with our government.

        1. You are so right. In the Blue states, if one is fluent in “Black English,” one is considered educated enough to teach Shakespeare.
          As Obama says, when he deliberately lapses into Black English to court Democratic voters, “Sho nuff.!”

      4. Poorest in so far as population. If the red states had the population, ie – large urban cities NOT over run with the gimme gimme crowd, then Romney would be the POTUS elect right now.

      5. Statistics do lie, don’t they. Texas is a Red State, and it gets back in federal subsidies way less than it pays into the pot.
        Federal subsidies for states would be unnecessary if the feds quit taxing us and simply let each state tax itself to provide the required services. After all, a man born poor in Austin who has lived there all his life does not fall under any interstate clause of the Constitution.
        All these Federal intervention is to steal from the states in the black to buy votes in the states that are in the red. That’s where the joke is. The “RED” states are the ones that are NOT in the red. All the states should provide welfare out of their available revenues, and determine benefits themselves. And the feds should quit taxing them so that they would have the money to do it.
        The fedearal government has become exactly what teh Declaration of Independence says the Royal government was: a bunch of bureaucrats that do nothing but harrass citizensat eavery turn and eat up their livelihood.
        The Post Office is too broke to provide service on Saturdays, but the feds can buy everything under the sun to give to foreign countries gratis.

      1. The second thing that we should pray for is that all the Democrats who are in the running for nomination in 2016 get tried and convicted of treason between now and then.

    2. In Michigan we are recovering not only from Obama but, also from Granholm. With a Republican House and Gov. we are doing extremely well compared to what would have happen if we had gotten in the Union hack that ran against Snyder. Detroit that is the liberal poster child (since 1961) of the so called “Great Society” looks worst than many war zones and is exactly what Obama wishes for the rest of the nation. I think that is another reason that we lost in states that have Republican Government they are recovering and did not look at the large picture of the rest of the nation.

    3. Agreed, but would add that it has to be a true conservative–not a RINO. Here in the PRK (People’s Republik of Kalifornia) we had RINO Arnold. He turned out to be just as bad as the mo ron he replaced (Grey Davis), Then we were lucky enough to get Governor Moonbeam Part 2, and things have gone from bad to worse. Now 2/3 of the id iot voters in this state have voted to raise their own taxes. We are now the poster child of just what to do if you want your state to die. We have truly gotten the government we deserve . . .

  2. Don’ have to read this, I know they are all run by Democrats! Says a lot huh? One of there days the people will realize the Democratic Party wants them poor, on food stamps.

    1. The Socialist Democrat party has been bent upon enslavement of the population for
      many years but they have dressed it up in fancy names and supposdly “Fairness”
      programs to confuse and blurr the lines. Then one morning they will wake up to
      see the “chains” that Biden refered to are around their ankles and they are being
      forced to work to get their benefits.

    2. Exactly, they just want all of the democrat voters to sit around while we do all the real work. Don’t they know republicans make the world go around, and no useful person ever voted democratic? When’s the last time you heard of anyone with any kind of qualifications for anything voting for a democrat? Never, it’s only welfare queens, illegal immigrants, and agents working for ACORN.

      And it’s ridiculous that they ignore the reality – even though on average democratic states pay more in federal taxes than they get in federal funds, and on average republican states get more in federal funds than they pay in federal taxes, the republicans are still the only ones doing the real work.

      They just don’t see. You and I know better even though the facts don’t seem like they agree with us.

    3. They know the government wants them “poor” and on food stamps, but why should they care? Poor is getting up whenever you want and sitting on your butt all day watching Oprah on your flat screen tv in your rent sudsidized apartment and never having to do anything.

    4. Actually, the Democratic Party’s actions, if used as a measure of intent, and extended to their logical conclusions, would one to beleive that the Democratic Party wants them all to starve to death. Eventually the money for the ever-increasing freebies will run out when the U.S. can no longer borrow money for deficit spending, and there will be almost no social services, since the feds already have pushed to shut down any independent charity for the purpose of religious suppression.
      My response will be similar to that of Vicente Fox. Fox’s government issued maps o the U.S. to Mexicans to show them how to come in illegally, and where to go to apply for welfare. When the federal government collapses and the free healthcare and welfare checks stop, I will happily distribute maps with directions to the nearest mansion of a Democratic political activist, so the mobs will know where to go to loot. Those tour maps of Hollywood stars’ homes wil come in handy. I consider this humanitarian assistance, since looters need to go to houses without guns so that they won’t be shot or maimed.

  3. The answer is simple they are the ones who were turned out enmass and drive to the polls
    in record numbet to carry the day for Obama and his minions. Without them turn out and
    free transportation to insure that he stayed in office they might have had to go out and find
    jobs. Those areas depend upon welfare, food stamps and government hand outs to allow
    them to stay and not have to work. I know there will be a lot of screaming and crying from
    those who read this about racism. But the truth is there whether or not they are willing to
    admit it. The longer the Socialist Democrat party is in power the more handouts and
    “Free” stuff comes thier way. What they fail to realze is the the workers who actuall
    produce the wealth can only stand so much taxiation before they will quit working to
    get the welfare that the state offers.

    1. Exactly, every one of the 61713086 voters who voted for Obama over Romney only did so to keep getting their government checks. Every week the government sends out a $200 check to all of the 61713086 Obama voters, and they just keep sending the bill to us, the makers. America has lost it’s way.

  4. One thing they have in common is the huge Black population that has generations of entitlement dependence . As their population increases the productive population leaves for the suburbs and the city crumbles . When you want get off your lazy ass poverty kicks in .

    1. Yeah, how dare those black people sit around while other people support them. They just don’t know what it’s like to be taken advantage of like the makers are being taken advantage of.

  5. That’s an easy question. The GOP will “comprise with the Democrats.”
    We need to wake up to the awful reality that we no longer live in a Republic.
    The Republic is d-e-a-d, and has been for some time. Barely held in check, the Chief Executive has morphed into a dictator–not a constitutional president. But, we opt to “feel” that what we can easily see is not true and cluelessly go along our merry way blindly believing that we live in a Republic. We don’t.
    The real question is what do we do about it. Civil disobedience, defy unconstitutional laws/rules/edicts from on high, nullify the same at the State level, and, yes, if that doesn’t succeed, rebel or, more easily, S-E-C-E-D-E.
    I weary of starry-eyed patriots who actually believe we can turn things around. We can’t unless we resist.

    1. Unfortunately, with all the immigration there are more of them than there is us. USA born Patriots that love America, that’s what they want to destroy. Until we close our borders for illegals we don’t have a prayer . It’s time to secede or move on.

      1. the thing is they will turn chicken and run…an American patriot will never run his colors are true .

        Red …is a symbol of valor and bravery and for the blood sacrificed by our soldiers and patriots in defense of Liberty

        White…symbolizes purity and innocence

        Blue….signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice

    2. I have a really horrible idea that just might work. Step aside. Have massive media conferences where the conservatives agree to let the demorats have everything that they want. At the end of 4 years nobody will be able to blame the conservatives. See if they still vote demorat. But we need a real candidate. No pussyboy this time.

    3. One of the sad things about “compromise” with the gop & the democrats is the gop will give in & the democrats will say they are giving on something but it never happens with the dems, they always put it in the future & it is forgotten about or changed before it will take place. Here’s a question will obama move to the center? If he moves any direction it will be farther left (if that is possible). Maybe the gop should wake up & become less honorable & become just like the dems, promise everything to every body & then just go about your business & every once in awhile throw your constituents a bone, that should satisfy “them” (gop voters) juat like the current pos occupant, it must work he got reelected

  6. Milwaukee WAS the best city to get beer and brats. The name PACKERS said it all. For a 100 YEARS you could rely on the best from Wisconsin from shoes ( Chippewa Shoes ) to more recently Supercomputers…

    Then the DEMOCRATS seized power.. They ripped the heart out of the working people in Wisconsin.

    The real irony: Many FARMERS had to have a person to WORK in a big city TO PAY THE TAXES TO KEEP THEIR FARMS! This at a time when the DemonRats made jobs hard to find.. Add the EPA and all the agencies the DemonRats created ( how do you prevent cows from peeing into the local creek ) and things became a nightmare of following laws they had never heard of.

    THAT is why Walker won, not those (censored) on the Eastern side of Wisconsin!

    Remember why Tigerton Dells made headlines. That spirit is in all who work in the Indianhead part of Wisconsin. I know, I was born there and own land there. And if necessary, protect our land and die there.

  7. There is also another similarity to take into account. Starting the first of the list is Detroit and ending with Newark here are some percentages: 82.2%, 52.5%, 37.2%, 49%, 16.2%( 70%), 63.1%, 44.6%, 42.2%, and 49.8%these are the percentage of the population that just happen to be Americans of African descendent the only one that wouldn’t seem to fit with the Miami in which the 70% is Hispanic.

    1. And it’s totally not racist to point that out, even though it’s completely about race. The truth isn’t racist right?

    1. All Obama voters got a free yacht. Can you believe that? I’m not paying for someone else to get a free yacht! What is going on in America???

  8. The question of whether or not the Republican leadership in DC will fight for what is right for the country or will they compromise? The answer is simple: they will roll over and give up/give in with nary a wimper.
    Cowards, stupid……whatever you want to call them.
    I give up on them and plan to take care of me and mine!

  9. The so called American people that voted for this socialist and gave him other four years have disrespected all of brave men and women in our military that gave up their lives for our FREEDOM. I hope that it is not to late to take our country back. I think that are many seniors like me hope that we will see that day in short time we have left. It is very sad to see our America that we grew up in being destroyed from with in.

    “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

    – Norman Thomas, U.S. Socialist Party presidential candidate 1940, 1944 and 1948

    1. Are you trying to say we haven’t become socialist yet? Because I beg to disagree we are already there jut not so complete as to be ruined but almost to that point & was born in the 1940’s & grew up in the 50’s& 60’s it was a mcuh different times back then & I think it was better time to live, & only the real low life”s didn’t work when they could, it was called personal reponsibility

      1. You read it wrong what I was saying. We have become a socialist country. I to was born in the 40’s grew up grew up in 50 and 60’s to. Our educational system that we have today has taught children to accept socialism.They have rewritten our history. Children today have idea how it is suppose to be and how good we had it. This is direction the liberals have taken us. Sorry that you miss what I was trying to say.

        1. You grew up in a time when children were told to fear socialism. In the modern era, children grow up without being terrorized at the thought of some group of people who believe in some “ism” we need to be worried about. They accept socialism as an idea that exists, that doesn’t mean they think we should end capitalism or something.

        2. it’s worse than that. Children are being taught that socialism is the Candid’s utopia. Although, they are never introduced to Voltaire

        3. Uhm.. Hate to break it to you, but they are being taught that socialism and communism are wonderful things. Had my step-daughter, who was in the 10th grade at the time, come home and proclaim that they had learned about socialism and communism in class that day, and that both were both much better than capitalism, because everyone was “equal”. Fortunately, as the years have gone by and she’s graduated school and entered the workforce, she’s begun the realize the left’s full of crap.

    1. Exactly, the democrats just paid off the 61713086 people who voted for Obama. George Soros personally bankrolled it, and did it last election too.

  10. Capitalism always works (except for lazy deadbeats) and socialism never works (except for lazy deadbeats). It’s a law of nature.

    1. Exactly, and it’s not racist that you point that out. We can’t help it if all the problems are caused by other races. It’s not racist to say that.

  11. But, more amnesties are ordered and illegal immigration is not eliminated. We know Democrats and RINO Republicans really love to have poverty stricken citizens. That is why they keep legislating in favor of large corporations to wipe out the Middle Class and promoting Federal Government social programs that are the most expensive in the world and the most ineffective in the world. As has always been said, federal governments are completely inefficient at allocating resources, while unregulated business allocates resources very efficiently.

  12. That is why Bo and Joe campaigned heavily in these American cities These numb sculls are being used, and they are too damn stupid to see it. The only downside to it is they vote.

  13. The article didn’t say if Walker had reached his targets. Did poverty in Milwaukee go down? Were new jobs being created at a pace consistent with Walker’s projections? The best argument that “conservative policies work” is pointing to cases that were hotly contested, but conservatives prevailed, and then things actually went as projected by conservatives. Especially if liberals gave their own, opposite projections.

    This article doesn’t say how it’s gone in Wisconsin now that Walker got to put his policies into effect.

  14. Christie, Bloomberg, Cuomo Warn of Long Recovery From Storms and Detroit

    Let them suffer for four more years. They voted for this , RIGHT?

  15. I truly expect that the GOP leadership will NOT assert themselves in this new Presidential and Congressional session. They have NOT done so in the previous sessions, and I see NO reason to believe they’ll change for this one! They nominated a tepid candidate to run as their lead man, who responded with tepid performances. I’ll give them credit…. they DID nominate Paul Ryan, who had sound fiscal ideas, with good judgement on how to deal with the rest of the world, and NOT Ron Paul! Although Dr. Paul ALSO had good fiscal ideas, and a fanatical following, he would have jumped into bed and pulled the covers over his head so far as the rest of the world was concerned!

    1. Oh, I forgot to add, I feel the GOP is in the decline! They have done NOTHING to change the status quo for the last 6 years after losing the Congress and the last 4 after losing the Presidency! Their strongest protests? “Oh please, stop. (yawn) i beg you”, with the least emotion possible! Perhaps those with some spine left will now join with the T.E.A. Party to get us back to a Constitutional government!

      1. The GOP is in decline because they’re not useful. Everyone already got the memo “Government doesn’t work.” We’re waiting for some people on the right to remember how to be useful again.

  16. Yes, and now that the entire country will be under socialist ‘tax and spend’ policies for the foreseeable future, the USA will look like Detroit from coast to coast for our grandkids.


  17. I have 35k dollars in debt, I guess I need to just borrow/spend 10 million dollars to make my financial troubles go away right???

  18. And we have Obama to set our economy staight .Wow !!! I’m gonna buy stocks and bonds and watch the market grow .Hell no!!! I’ll pillowcase my money and hope it last til the pin head is gone .

  19. The typical Republican response to the bullying & unending lies from the Democrats is to move even further left. Boehner is a RINO who has been joining forces with the Democrats for years. He & his flying monkey Cantor have vowed to work with ObaMAO in funding ObaMAOcare, raising the debt ceiling & granting amnesty to millions of ENTITLEMENT SUCKING ILLEGALS.

    Freedom loving, Constitution abiding, MORAL people are the MINORITY in this country. MOST people are Socialists, it is their belief system now & changing that is difficult if not impossible. Once you start a Socialist program & part of the populace becomes dependent on it then no one wants to end the program. That is how you grow government & enslave people.

  20. Ok, let’s all be honest
    It is the middle class, 50k to 300k of ACTUAL WAGEEARNERS that drive the economy
    Thepoor schmucks like me whotake a 2 hr commute, in order to provide a better life for their kids that drive the economy
    It is simple people, with basic needs and desires thatg are the fuel of the economic engine…
    We are NOT the people who already have it all..

    I’m pretty much ‘joe nthe plumber’….
    I work with guys liken.him… and we had it best under Clinton….

  21. Cry baby Boehner has already caved in on illegals and says obamacare is “the law of the Nation” now.
    Most of the rest of the House will follow him like the rats followed the Pied Piper.

  22. It doesn’t matter if states and cities do better with Republicans, the majority of Americans have a love affair with the Democratic Party. It doesn’t matter how bad it gets under Democrats; they will vote for Democrats again and again. Many of these Americans feel rather than think. This is why Obama won again. I don’t know one would slap around people like that to see reality.

  23. Left out Houston, TX. Would be no. 3 on the lost list. Democrat Mayor, home of socialist congresswoman Shelia “where’s the camera” Jackson-Lee.

  24. Here’s a new policy for the Repubs to grab: All working conservatives quit their jobs and go on welfare. Let the Demidogs print enough Monopoly money to “share” with ALL of us!!!!

  25. Walker had the entire COUNTRY of live and unions against him.
    Both groups sent thousands of ‘volunteers’ and millions of dollars just to boot walker but they failed.
    Of great interest you should note is that Dane County. HEART if liberal country around Marion showed a RECORD 119% turnout of ‘registered’ voters
    InWI there was no ID required you just had to ask for a ballot
    Gotta love those LIBS, they know how to win elections!

  26. America now has more new legal and illegal immigrants that changed the demographics of America who voted for Obama and now it is not what you can do for your country, now it is what my country can do for me. Obamas Big Government Control will now destroy America, the republican party and anything else that stands in his way as payback for slavery and other so called social injustices.

    I am sure glad I am not the only one that feels this way about this Black Devil Obama and his plans for a new America. I just hope to God I am not around to see it.
    —–Original Message—–

  27. lets face it all the cities are toilets because of the blacks on welfare! too lazy to work like the rest us us – we need to pass laws that force them off welfare after weeks instead of cradle to grave!

    1. We did have laws like this in place… they were in the “Welfare Reform Act” and required that recipients should actively look for work in order to receive benefits… This was strongly promoted by Republicans and was begrudgingly signed into law by Clinton in the 90’s, which dramatically reduced the welfare numbers. Unfortunately, Obama just arbitrarily and unconstitutionally signed an executive order that removed the work requirement from the bill… hence the rise in welfare numbers!!

  28. The ILLEGALS are now demanding AMNESTY. The UNIONS will also demand their share. The GIMME GIMME crowd will multiply and ask for more handouts and more cell phones. It is PAY BACK time and Obama will print more MONEY. The rest of AMERICA will be on ANTI DEPRESSANTS.

  29. I thinik all conservatives should demand something be done immediately on the news that in Ohio and Florida hundreds of thousands of Votes were cast OVER THE NUMBER OF REGISTERED VOTERS. These descrpencies are 140% 159% Alan West is trying to seize voting machines and ballots for review but was denied doing so by some Obama Judge. Open your eyes folks this could mean the election.

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