What Happens to the Supreme Court if Obama Gets Re-Elected?

There’s a lot at stake in this year’s election. I suspect that most people reading this column do not believe we have the ideal candidate. We don’t. Many are hoping against hope that Ron Paul is going to secure the nomination at the Republican convention since delegates are not legally committed to any particular candidate. That will go over big.

As a result of much dissatisfaction, many otherwise activist conservatives and libertarians will stay home this November. I can understand the sentiment. “Frustrated” is my middle name. With what I’m seeing in state-wide races, the Tea Party is alive and well. So-called moderates are scared. The defeat of long-time senator Richard Lugar has sent shock waves through the Republican Party.

There are some good men and women running for congress this year. If we get enough of them into office, any moderation in Mitt Romney’s policy advocacy, if he wins, could be kept in check. But there is a longer term issue to consider. Columnist Andrew C. McCarthy, writing in National Review Online, gives us what probably is the most important question regarding the upcoming presidential election:

[I]f Mitt wins the nomination, as seems very likely, I will enthusiastically support his candidacy.

For my friends who have hesitation on that score, I’d just ask you to keep four things in mind: Justice Scalia just turned 78, Justice Kennedy will turn 78 later this year, Justice Breyer will be 76 in August, and Justice Ginsburg turned 81 [March 15th]. We wish them all well, of course, but the brute fact is that whoever we elect as president in November is almost certainly going to choose at least one and maybe more new members of the Supreme Court — in addition to hundreds of other life-tenured federal judges, all of whom will be making momentous decisions about our lives for decades to come. If you don’t think it matters whether the guy making those calls is Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, I think you’re smokin’ something funky.

So for anybody who is thinking of not voting because your favorite didn’t get nominated, or writing in a candidate who can’t win. . . . Imagine this: Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder or Hillary Clinton.

670 thoughts on “What Happens to the Supreme Court if Obama Gets Re-Elected?

  1. First Paul is not exactly what you think he is and has backed some things that are more Democrat than ever Republican. Except for fiscal policy he is in many ways to the left of Obama, And yes it is very important that we keep the House and regain the Senate in order to have anything go through other wise we will be stuck in the mud with Reid once again. For the Supreme Court I look at the liberal and or moderate Judges to be up so we had better have some people already on the short list and they should be very conservative. A very conservative VP is also needed I believe that LTC Allen West would fit the position perfectly he does not back down.

    1. It would be amusing to the frames of the constitution to be put into categories such as left and right.
      As Dr. Paul only follows the constitution as he swore to do, it seems he would be considered a follower of the law.
      So rather than the linear left and right, or the popular red and blue, why not use lawful and illegal?

    2. To add to your comments “jong”, all of which I agree with:
      1. Support Joseph Farah (WND) and Sheriff Joe’s strategy  to,  now that Obama is proven ineligible to be President re. Birth Certificate and SSC Card, physically remove him from office, now.  That would invalidate his Exec. Orders and Supreme Court appointments.  As important it takes him off the ballot in Nov.  
      2. Declare Martial Law to assure fair elections without Union interference in Nov. and prepare for increased terrorist activity triggered by our Muslim Presidents removal. 
      3. Put Muslim and other illegal immigrants who choose not to conform to our culture and Constitutional Law on notice that they will be relocated, not to a FEMA Camp, to a country that is more to their liking. 
      4. Reinstate God and Christianity as the basis of our founding ideology and reclaim our Nation as designed by our Founding Fathers.  
      5. I might suggest we make LTC Allen West our candidate for President rather than VP.  Either way, control of Congress is priority.  The challenge is winning the vote of the poor minorities who are being punished by the current Administration.  They need jobs not handouts.  

  2. Imagine Supreme Court Judges Holder and Clinton?

    I’d rather not. It’s nightmarish to think of these two leftist ideologues holding such powerful and influential, lifetime positions. They are bent on inflicting their globalist, marxist eutopian vision for America on everyone….and they’ve proven that they are very good at eliminating anyone who gets in their way.

    If you think they care about what you or I think, think again….because as arrogant, imperious, cocksure, but self-deceived elitists, they are convinced they know what’s best for everyone.

    It’s going to take ”more than a village” to win this election and ensure that these two are prevented from fulfilling their dream of forcing America to its knees.

    One of the best things that could happen is if Obama, Holder, Clinton, et al…were all given one-way tickets to North Korea where they could live out their detestable communist dreams, ever toiling in the dark abyss of obscurity, misery and despair.

    ”Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.”…Napoleon Bonaparte.

    One can only hope.

    1. Hillary is a pathological liar and would be a disaster as a Supreme Court Justice.  She blamed the Monica affair on, “THE GREAT RIGHT WING CONSPRIRACY TRYING TO DESTROY MY HUSBANDS PRESIDENCY”, and our media bought it.

      Joseph Paul Goebbels was correct when he said,” If you repeat the most outragious lie often enough eventually the media will believe you”.  The media still think that Hillary and Obama are  telling the truth, and that is a shame.

  3. God Help Us All if this happens. There is report that Holder is going to have a meeting with many Black Ministers and IRS to tell them what they can say to gin up votes for BO so that they dont loose their tax exemption!!!

  4. Unfortunately the sheeple do not see this far in advance. We have one chance and that’s only if a couple of the sitting judges don’t “suddenly expire” in time for them to be replaced before we can vote out Obama.

  5. What makes you think Romney will nominate Constitutional Conservative Justices?????????? Romney is a RINO, believes in “social” justice and “big” government control of the people…….just in the GOP other than that, not much difference in Romney and Obama………..

    1. you are right on but we still have to get him elected and then thru congress and the Senate maybe he will listen to the producers out here. After all he is an American and although I think of him as a Democrat, he unlike Obama does not despise every aspect of what America is and has been to the world—and of course to us –the producers who have made America work.

    2. There are several reasons why Mitt Romney will vote for Constitutional conservatives. One is, he’s not a marxist, unlike the current occupant. Two, he’s a patriot, unlike the current occupant.  Three, he has a stake in what happens to this country, unlike the current occupant.  Four, he believes in liberty, not social justice, as you assert, like the current occupant.  Five, he is a Christian who has high moral values, unlike the current occupant.  Six, he understands that the Constitution protects all Americans and gives them a chance to help pull America out of the obamization of America. Seven, he knows what works , and that ain’t cronyism. Eight, he’s a compassionate American, not a Chicago thug, unlike the current occupant. Nine he has a conscience, unlike the current occupant. Ten, he’s not a narcissist, but someone who will do what is right, even though it may not get him a photo-op. I could go on, but you get the idea.

    3. Romney may be a RINO but he does not hate America like the BO.  Your choise is eat a poison pill or eat a ice cream cone.   Don’t need to be a genius to work that out.

    4. What are you smoking? There is as much difference between Romney and Obama as daylight and dark. You need to read about Romney in depth. Romney is a very moral, good person with the best interest of the USA in mind. Cannot say the same about Obama. He will turn the USA into a Third World Country!

    5. Need info on Mitt Romney.  He’ll show you his.  He’s not covering up anything like our fraud of a president.  You cannot compare the two.  The president is covering up all of his credentials because he is a fraud and probably an unhealthy one if he won’t even hand over his medical records.    This man is an evil puppet groomed by wealthy outsiders like Soros, Ayers and many others who want our country to be turned into a socialist, communist, muslim, whatever….third world country.  Plus the fact that our country has more oil sitting under it than all of the middle eastern countries put together makes it very interesting as to why the president won’t let us drill or touch it to relieve the crisis we are in oil and economy-wise.  Yeah, make us pay through the nose to the middle eastern countries and save it for his commie buddies once he gets rid of us, the unsuspecting people of the USA.  How can you even compare this man to Romney.  The Constitution tried to protect us from people like this president.

  6. Imagine Supreme Court Judges Holder and Clinton?

    I’d rather poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick. 

  7. The only one smokin’ somethin’ funky is B.O.  Remember the Choom Gang???
    Remember how in his year book he thanked his drug dealer????
    BUT not his MOM!!

  8. Obama is the hostile foreign enemy that must be eliminated being a foreign occuppier in chief that has no authority to sign billl into law. This is why the founders created the Constitution to protect the people against all foreign enemies that would commit fraud to undermine the election. The People has the rtight to execute Obama & Arrest the Domestic Fraud enemies White house Administration to save our Republic & Freedom



    1. Get real, stop screaming, that kind of talk is not going to fly.  Just vote and get others to vote and keep an eye on what is going on instead of watching reality shows and nosing in on other people unreal reality

  9. Perhaps we could just let the Bilderbergs decide who the next SCOTUS nominee will be….after all they’ve had the POTUS and OUR congress in their collective back pockets for decades now ! It’s time to clean house this November….all the way down into the basement where all of the cockroaches dwell !

  10. It was important in 2008, when we couldn’t enthusiastically support John McCain and we got Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor.  Just consider that they will most likely serve 25 to 30 years on the high court.  Kennedy and Ginsberg have both indicated they will retire with the next administration.  Kennedy is the swing vote, if he is appointed by Obama we will have a progressive majority for the next 25 to 30 years.  If that doesn’t get you off the couch, nothing will.

    1. If we can get conservative Congress they won’t be there 3 more years. Congress has duty to impeach and kagan definitely committed perjury, why hasn’t she been impeached already???

      1. We certainly do need new people in Congress that have the guts and motivation to stand up for the people and do things that are right, such as: impeaching the Pres, getting rid of all the czars, and getting rid of  Elena Kagan..she is nothing but a liberal implant like a lot of the others.

      2. I am hard put to understand how these criminals get away with their misdeeds. Is there something wrong with the people of this country?  Remember Les miserables 

    2. Elena Kagan should remove herself from the bench.  That is now that she has been caught out for being a liar when vetted by Congress.  She is supposed to represent the finest  in regard to law.  She is nothing but a shame.  She brings nothing but dishonor to the law profession, her college (Harvard) and her family’s name.
      She is in good company, tho.  She was nominated by the biggest liar of all.

  11. Here is another reason to vote for Romney.  It is quite lengthy, but worth the read.

    A lot of people don’t like Snopes so here is another link to verify this article.


    This is definitely worth pondering…

    Character matters!  As you can clearly see when it is absent. You young ones need to know how important it is to vote this time.

    This article website  http://www.snopes.com/politics/romney/search.asp. 

    Whether you like Romney or not, this story is very revealing. Sometimes, this facet of Romney’s personality isn’t so subtle. 

    In July, 1996, the 14-year-old daughter of Robert Gay, a partner at Bain Capital, had disappeared. She had attended a rave party in New York City and gotten high on ecstasy. Three days later, her distraught father had no idea where she was, and Romney took immediate action. 

    He closed down the entire firm and asked all 30 partners and employees to fly to New York to help find Gay’s daughter. Romney set up a command center at the LaGuardia Marriott and hired a private detective firm to assist with the search. He established a toll-free number for tips, coordinating the effort with the NYPD, and went through his Rolodex and called everyone Bain did business with in New York, and asked them to help find his friend’s missing daughter. 

    Romney’s accountants at Price Waterhouse Cooper put up posters on street poles, while cashiers at a pharmacy owned by Bain put fliers in the bag of every shopper. Romney and the other Bain employees scoured every part of New York and talked with everyone they could… prostitutes, drug addicts, anyone.

    That day, their hunt made the evening news, which featured photos of the girl and the Bain employees searching for her. As a result, a teenage boy phoned in, asked if there was a reward, and then hung up abruptly. 

    The NYPD traced the call to a home in New Jersey, where they found the girl in the basement, shivering and experiencing withdrawal symptoms from a massive ecstasy dose. Doctors later said the girl might not have survived another day. Romney’s former partner credits Mitt Romney with saving his daughter’s life, saying, “It was the most amazing thing, and I’ll never forget this to the day I die.”

    So, here’s my epiphany: Mitt Romney simply can’t help himself. He sees a problem, and his mind immediately sets to work solving it, sometimes consciously, and sometimes not-so-consciously. He doesn’t do it for self-aggrandizement, or for personal gain. He does it because that’s just how he’s wired.

    Many people are unaware of the fact that when Romney was asked by his old employer, Bill Bain, to come back to Bain & Company as CEO to rescue the firm from bankruptcy, Romney left Bain Capital to work at Bain & Company for an annual salary of one dollar. When Romney went to the rescue of the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics, he accepted no salary for three years, and wouldn’t use an expense account. He also accepted no salary as Governor of Massachusetts.

    Character counts! The media and Obama re-election machine will focus on Romney’s wealth and the immorality of it, as they see it, but Romney is a man who uses his wealth to bless and to make this world a better place.

    1. Yes character does matter. Fox anchor Mr Hammer interviewed Gov Romney at one of his son’s home in S Diego over Memorial Day. Mr Hammer asked a question about him being the boss. His reply was very telling It showed someone who is very humble, one who thinks very highly of the people he managed and gives alot of credit to them and takes none himself (unlike we know who). I am annoyed at Foxthough, for showing snippets of it, I wished they would show the entire interview.

  12. Jong, you are right, Allen West will be the right person for VP. He is very brave, and will not back down. That is the kind of person we need for this country. I keep praying that God will guide us and save our Great Country! May GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

  13. All the more reason to confirm his said bonafides.  Making public what is becoming more and more common knowledge; that he is not eligible to serve as POTUS, may be the only way to turn back this tide of UnAmericanism he has launched on this nation.  To allow these two criminals to serve on SCOTUS will be suicide for this great nation.

    1. The only suicide for this great nation is re-electing Obummer.   At least,  Romney is a moral man and don’t believe in ruining our country.  Let’s give him a chance.  We ALL know what Obummer is doing and with who,  but what makes you think Romney is unAmerican?  

      1. cyclemamma; You must have misunderstood me. I’m speaking of the unAmericanism the pretender has unleashed on this nation. I do not at all believe Romney to be unAmerican. I’m not 100% in his corner insofar as politics but I would never questions his Americanism. He will definitely have my vote.

    1. So he made some mistakes in Mass….everybody, including you wayne, makes mistakes but we also learn from them.  You can bet after watching Obummer for 4 years Romeny will NOT appoint liberals to his administration.

      1. You tell ’em Cyclemama33, we all make mistakes. I didn’t want Romney to get selected either, but since he won, I will vote for him even though Obamacare was fashioned from RomneyCare.

    2. Have you had a change of principls in all your life or are you still holding on to old dreams?

      I for one will believe tha tRomney has learned from experience in the many years he was Gov. of Mass.

      This country is a mess and Barrik was not sent here to save it.

    3. A Governor or President nominates a candidate, it’s up to the respective State Legislature or US Senate to confirm the candidate…just look at what happened to Harriet Miers and John Roberts.  You might also keep in mind that Massachusetts has a very liberal legislature, so it’s not ALL his fault.  Apart from electing a Republican to the presidency, we need to take back the US Senate and keep the House.

      Not voting for Romney in this election is a mistake of monumental proportions.  The only way to stop this train wreck is to change drivers, change directions, and slow down…getting back on track is going to take a while. 

    4. With an overwhelming Dem majority statehouse, liberal judges were the the only option that had a chance of approval. The amazing thing is that he got anything done at all (and that he was elected in the first place).

  14. Romney not my favorite candidate but I know if you dont vote Romney is another vote for Obummer! Once is enuff cant take any more Change. We will be broke, and wearing little Red Stars on our hats…..I spent 2.5yrs in Vietnam fighting Communist. Never in my wildest dreams think I would see one in Presidential Office in America…..But par for the course……Communism / Socialism fails all over the globe……We want to try it here. ?????Go Figure!!!!!

    1. Well said gunner48.  First and foremost, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.  Communism and Socialism are integrated, and follow  the same pattern.  Our Socialist in Chief, must be history in 2012, to  save this Nation.  America was FOOLED INTO VOTING FOR THIS EMPTY SUIT.  how THE HELL DO WE VOTE FOR A MAN WHO HAD A CARD CARRYING COMMUNIST FOR A FATHER, AND THE SAME FOR HIS MOTHER?

    2. First of all thank you for your service. I had an Uncle in the Vietnam war and what little he would tell us ,we knew he went thru h e l l over there.  I think one of the reason why people wont see what is going on because you never thought it would happen in america. Especially by our own president. If that is what you can call him.

  15. Please GOD say this is not true- its a misprint from the incompetent and ignorant White House- we will forever be in purgatory if this happens- at least when Obam-i-nation is gone we will have some respite and chance for survival

    1. God got fed up with the folks in Eden and turned them out.  I pray to God but I wouldn’t blame him if he finds us more than he cam bear.  What a crazy mess.  Between reality shows and the DNC all I can say is HELP

  16. if libertarians and conservatives stay home and cause through their inaction i.e.not voting  – then they are no different than any progressive/socialist/marxist who votes for the clown in the white house ……. WAKE UP , STAY AWAKE and END THE MADNESS ……….

    1. the difference between libertarians and conservatives is, we conservatives will go and vote for romney even though he is not our candidate, in fact, i would vote for an empty oil can over obama.

    2. Mr. Parry you said it!!!  Have you ever heard so foolishness.  I swear it must have been in the water. Thank goodness for reverse osmosis

      1. What is scary is how confident the democrats and obama are. The voter fraud was so bad with him and hillary. YOu know they have something planned.

    3. Well said. I don’t think Romney is the answer either, but if these people stay at home and pout, we’re going tobe stuck with 4 more years of Obamination and his Socialist cohorts. It will be the end of the USA that our fighting men and women have fought and died for. Holder and Hillary as Supreme Court Justices?? That’s too awful to even think about but it’s just like something that piece of donkey dung occupying the White House would do.

  17. the only reason holder should get within 500 yards of the supreme court would be for him to beg them to overturn his treason conviction.this entire administration should be in jail for a very long time.

    1. Holder should be serving a life sentence in a Mexican prison for complicity in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens including military and law enforcement.

  18. Romney is a good man and he knows how to get things done…he is a moral mann and obeys all laws, including the constitution….can you say the same about Obummer?

    1. Have you ever heard more foolishness in a conservative than the Ron Paul regurgitation?  He is not the nominee so get over it. The main thing is to remove Obama…what’s wrong with you people. Perhaps Godfather shoud re read his drivel

      1.  You are part of the problem we are going to be facing in November! You sound like a progressive as a matter of fact, insulting someone you don’t agree with! For the good of the country please try to get along and attempt to meet in the middle. Some Paul supporters are a little out there, but Paul isn’t totally wrong.  His supporters will probably decide the election. Face it, whether you like it or not we are going to need Ron Paul supporters to vote or we will have four more years of Obama!

      2. So if the system works in favor of Ron Paul winning the delegates at Tampa then we can count on you getting behind Ron Paul…….excellent. Romney won irrelevent straw polls…..Ron Paul controls the  HUMAN delegates. Check your MATH.

  19. Quite possibly the two most corrupt people in the world, although they have a great deal of competition for that honor.

    1.  you might be right.  i’ve always had the feeling our main man in office has a jealousy problem.

  20. This possibility is a poster child for why federal judges, including SCOTUS justices, should be elected to specific terms of office and not appointed to lifetime positions. Election works at the state level – It will work at the federal level. For anyone who says elections will make the process too political my response is “It already IS too political!” At least with election of judges the people do not have to wait 25+ years to get rid of a bad judge.

  21. In the name of the Holy Trinity, please say it isn’t so!  Could be I guess.  How much farther will our country sink to?  No vote? Just have to accept others choices.

  22. That is so right!  No Republican worth his salt can sit this election out.  If you sit home, you give a vote to
    Barack Obama.  Do we really want Obama for a second term?  Every one of us MUST vote!

  23. This is what I tried to explain to people in 2008 that argued there was no difference between electing Obama and electing McCain.  People are making the same comments this time around that there isn’t “any difference between Obama and Romney”.  If for no other reason, we need to elect the person least likely to put liberal activist judges on the bench – and that person is Romney!  A couple more Supreme Court appointments by Obama will permanently destroy our country using the courts rather than Congress!

    1. The GOP in the Senate voted in favor of the confirmation of Kagan and Sotomeyor! They voted for the NDAA and the Patriot Act! Think Mitt might nominate a 5’2″ lesbian progressive to the SCOTUS if he wins? RINOs are more dangerous than you think.

  24. What a horrifying thought.   Holder needs to be arrested and put on trail for treason, gun running, racial hate crimes against the public and for being a dumb-*ass

  25. I don’t really believe that Obama plans on winning this election. I feel that he really doesn’t care because he knows something that many Americans have overlooked or not even thought about. Between now and November if something occurs that dirty diaper head Obama can use to justify declaring martial law you will.

    He has everything in place that he needs for forced takeover and I believe that that is his actual plan. He has the best of our military out of the country therefore temporarily out of the picture. He has his own personal police force that is a well armed and almost as well trained as military but unlike the military they answer only to him. That is the Department of Homeland Security! The Constitution allows a president to declare martial law in the event of some emergency and once that is done the Constitution is set aside and basically rendered null and void.

    What type of emergency the use? That is no real problem with Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, and the new Black Panther Muslims just looking for an excuse to riot, pillage, and loot there’ll be no shortage of excuses the most prominent and most of the news would be the Zimmerman case. These racist bigots take every opportunity to stir up racial animosity for their own personal power base and this will be the excuse that will be used.

    The TSA will shut down all transportation so that Americans can no longer freely travel and support other Americans who were embattled. It’s going to be up to the average American to rally around the country and to defend the Constitution and the freedoms we all enjoy. If we are not careful this could be the last year that there’s ever a free election in the United States.

    God Bless America and Pass the Ammunition!

    1.  Here’s a thought you can ponder !! If muslims don’t even think of eating pork, how do the black muslims keep from starving to death ??

  26. It would be a big mistake for conservative libertarians to stay home.  We must stand behind the conservative leader or we will continue to have a socialist government and a communist/athiest president.

  27. That’s why it’s SO important to vote Republican for your Senator (and Congressman) because the Senate confirms Supreme Court justices.  If Obama should win re-election, and Republicans win the Senate (and continue to control the House, another issue), then Obama could not get a Supreme Court Justice confirmed unless he or she was a true moderate, not a commie, socialist or anti-American.  PLEASE VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER WITH THIS IN MIND, EVEN IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE CANDIDATE!

    1.  Gotta agree with you Mark, this is the most important election of my lifetime.  We lose this one, we may not even have a presidential election in 2012.  Obummer will fake an assassination attempt, declare martial law, and go from there.  VOTE REPUBLICAN – even if it is Romney….or Paul….or whoever.

    2. I wish it were that easy.  We still have “Republicans” like 

      Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.)
      Sen. Susan Collins (Maine)
      Sen. Olympia Snowe (Maine)
      Sen. Richard Lugar (Ind.)
      Sen. Judd Gregg (N.H.)

      That all voted to confirm justices Sotomayor AND Kagen.

      Lugar just paid his price, and Olympia Snowe has resigned, but I doubt these RINOs can be counted on to uphold conservative republican principles in the future any more than they have in the past.

      Hopefully the Tea Party can continue to work to make RINOs an endagered species.  

    3. I agree with your premise, however, I would say vote CONSERVATIVE, not Republican.  There is a difference.  John McCain is a Republican.  He is NOT a conservative.  Otherwise, I certainly agree with your sentiment.  No more Dems allowed!  No more RINO’s either.  There’s no difference to me.  Faced with a RINO or a Dem, of course, vote RINO.  Peer pressure can be a powerful thing.  Conservative is the word, tho, if we want to get out of this fiasco Obama has wrought.

  28. And a massive Revolution to take America back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  29. Gotta get rid of Sotomayor and Kagan first! Don’t give up on Dr. Paul just yet. When it is proven Obama can not be considered natural born and is therefore ineligible for President, America will realize that to be President both your momma and daddy must be American Citizens the day you are born. They will then become interested in the citizenship of every candidate’s parents. They will then notice that Mitt Romney’s dad George was born in Mexico where his Grand dad went to have a few extra wives. If daddy George was still a citizen of Mexico, the day Mittens was born, Mitt is not natural born and like Obama is ineligible for the Presidency! So Dr. Paul can take his place! Who else? But who will the democRATs put up to replace the ineligible Obama??? Guess they will have to draft the old cow the Rotten Rodham and her forever cheating man Slick Willie as VP.  Well this will then be the election of the century if not all time. Should be very interesting, don’t you think?

    1. If “Mittens” was born in the contiguous United States, it doesn’t matter a “mental midget” of what the citizenship status of his father was.  J-Mac was born in Panama at a military hospital while his father was active duty Navy.  The argument is that Obimini was born in Kenya which I believe but that it is largely irrelevant at the present time.  It might just add on to the fact that he is a liar. 

    2. Please stop with the Ron Paul agenda…Do I like much of what he has to say….?  yes!  is he electable..NO…burrying your head in the sand about the middle east is dangerous and irresponsible to the american way of life and will assure us of another war we  (and he) does not want.

  30. Does anyone remember the ELECTORAL COLLEGE???  The Exclusionary,, Select,, who actually SELECT our President???    Why do we bother with the expensive, annoying,, time-wasting Election??  
    I no longer will waste my time…. especially this time.  No way could I ever vote for either of those men.  I do have morals and ethics that I refuse to compromise.

    1.  REALLY…. the electoral college is based upon our individual vote.  If you stay home it is a vote for obama… our great country cannot endure a second term of this person.  WAKE UP!!!   If you do have any morals or ethics get off your butt and vote!

    2. Then you my dear are a fool, and will put the communist back in office, you are complacent and stupid …
      How do you think we got this half breed in the first place, people like you, that is how !!!

    3. Then you are weakening our cause, Carolyn.  We must stand up to the liberals as a united force that cannot be reconned with. You are acting like a spoiled little child – you didn’t get your way, so you are going to pick up your toys and go home. Grow up.

    4. Sadly, it is true, but our vote tells them where we stand on political issues. Remember the Reagan revolution? People were so fed up with our “do nothing government” that enough people did turn things around. I hope you will vote for what you think is the “lesser of the two evils” as I will.

    5. Send your comment to obama so he can thank you for your vote. You have a childish personality , “If I can not have it my way I will not play”.

    6. Well, then I hope you enjoy the abuse that women will receive if nobama gets re-elected and he indoctrinates this country into accepting his islam faith of sharia law.  If you don’t vote for at least someone that  does believe in Christianity that’s exactly what you will have.  Wake up and take your head out of your rear-end, it’s people like you that have allowed this government to control us and to take away our God given right’s because they choose to not vote based on having “morals and ethics” makes me want to puke!!!!  

    7. It has taken a long time to get the US to this point and it will take a long time to reverse course and get back to a Constitutional Republic… you, as do I, owe this to your country and fellow countrymen to vote in November and remove Obama … you do not have to compromise on your morals and ethics … you do however need to realize this election and more in the future are NOT going to be about what you want but about whats best for our Constitutional Republic …

      If you can’t see this, you are being as selfish as most Democrats are today …

    8. You’ve GOT to be kidding me.   Your actually NOT voting because of the Electoral College.
      Please get off of this site as your making me ill.
      Your non-action will only help Obama to be re-elected and ruin the United States once and for all.
      If you don’t VOTE, You cannot complain after the election. EVER….

    1. Only if you and the rest of us sit idly by and just twiddle our thumbs…  Allowing it to happen.
      Volunteer your spare time to work for a Conservative opponent to a Liberal.
      If you don’t do something and we loose come November, then you’ll feel like a looser.
      Because you will have been IF you didn’t work as hard as possible to defeat the people that are

  31. I say this. It is time that all Republicans, Conservatives and conservative Independents get behind Mitt Romney.  The more we stand “divided” the easier it will be for the Obama machine to tear us apart. Now is not the time to give the Progressive left  more ammunition.  Now is the time to present a formidable front telling the public how it really is.  Truth is a powerful tool. It won’t be hard to unmask the untruths about Obama, provided we stand united.

    1. I agree 100%.  We must stand together and get behind Mitt Romney.  This is the most important election in our lifetime and will show the direction of our future. 

      1. So if the system works in favor of Ron Paul winning the delegates at Tampa then we can count on you getting behind Ron Paul…….excellent. Romney won irrelevent straw polls…..Ron Paul controls the  HUMAN delegates. Check your MATH.

        1. unfortunaly it isn’t the popular vote that wins the presidency it’s the electrorial college that makes the president it’s happened beforebut and will again. it would be nice to have a Ron Paul for president but i don’t see that happening

    2. Gary there is an intrinsic thing called right and wrong.  Both Obama and Obama white, Mitt Romney are wrong! Two sides of the same filthy coin. We need a new direction! A path away from the New World Order and it’s fake Communism. We need to rebuild America from the ground up! Recreate the Constitutional Republic that was here the day the Constitution was adopted. WE are not a Democracy we never were. We gotta stop these propaganda lies we were taught in school by the would be Communists. Those that are smart, resourceful, innovative run this country, not the worthless breeding, feeding, underclass. Romney will not stop the NWO from absorbing America he will assist the coup. He is part of the problem not the solution! There is a Communist cancer in America that need to be cut out! Dr. Paul is the Cure! Never give up! Truth and logic will prevail.

      1.  Mr. Killgo, I will not vote for Ron Paul. He has a few good ideas, but seems to me incapable of accomplishing anything.

      2. I agree about Mitt but I also learned from the 1992 elections when I voted for perot in the hopes he would win just like you are doing with paul it will never ever happen. If you vote paul you are voting for Obama better to hold your nose and vote Mitt and vote for representatives to keep him in check

        1. Michigan, don’t waste your breath.  They believe they have millions; and they don’t.  IF Obama gets back in….It will be partially the fault of the Ron Paul People.

        2. You are exactly, 100% RIGHT.  Ron Paul has CONSISTENTLY stated that he will NOT run either a 3rd Party OR a write-in campaign if he doesn’t get the nomination. If he does not get the nomination and you write in his name rather than voting for the GOP nominee (no matter how much you may dislike him), you are giving your vote — YOU ARE GIVING YOUR VOTE TO BARACK OBAMA, AND GIVING HIM PERMISSION TO FINISH DESTROYING OUR GREAT COUNTRY.

          Ron Paul is smart enough to understand that.  I pray the Paulbots are as well.

    3. So if the system works in favor of Ron Paul winning the delegates at Tampa then we can count on you getting behind Ron Paul…….excellent. Romney won irrelevent straw polls…..Ron Paul controls the  HUMAN delegates. Check your MATH.

      1. and since we are talking about Supreme Court Justices that will likely retire or be too old to continue on …. we are supposed to elect a president who is about that same age.   Give it up.  Ron Paul will NEVER win the election.  NEVER. 

    4. Many of us expect the FOX network to tell the truth in this next election as they are supposed to be on our side, HA HA HA never will happen they are controlled like all the others by BIG MONEY and they are a Wolf in sheeps clothing. Just try to get any of the name reporters to release anything that might hurt OBUMA and see how far you get, good luck, it will never happen.

    5. I agree with you 100% as well.  This is the very first Republican candidate  for President that I have helped to support his campaign with small donations.  I figure every little bit helps.

  32. Impeach Sotomayor for lying during her confirmation hearings.  She said she would support second amendment rights, yet voted against them in the Heller decision…….if Romney appoints two Alito types, Kagan will have a long and boring career in the minority…..hope she writes numerous minority opinions.

  33. My instinct for the past 2 years has been that Obama will not be worried about the election, he may create problems that will postpone them indefinitely.  That’s what dictators do to take over.  He probably also realizes it may be difficult to use our military to enforce this and that’s the reason for his own civilian army which he talked about a few times.  Be not surprised at anything that happens because you can smell it coming.

  34.  All readers bear in mind the oath “to protect the country from all enemies BOTH DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN”.   What can be defined as a domestic enemy ?  It seems to me that a politician can be a domestic enemy regardless of his elected position.

  35. A president that has accomplished absolutey nothing to run on, worth mentioning, I question why should America want to be reelected.

    He did manage to discourage most governments that at one time appeared to be our friends, but I guess that may turn out to be a good thing, because maybe our government save big in reducing Americas hand outs?
    The last two years our former president was in office, both houses were controlled by democrates, he was not able to perform & accomplish what need doing.

    Fighting wars are very costly, lives & money, eight years , four and one half thrillion dollars.

    Our present president managed to spend more than that since 2008.  This year it adds up to another five thrillion dollars in debt.
    All this additional waste of our tax money spent & very, very, very little in return. Ask him to show proof of what was accomplished?
    Should he not be relected, will he be missed ? Don’ think so.
    Thanks for your time.
    Al Douvier

    1. Al, it’s not his record that may just get him re-elected….  It’s those that are GETTING A FREE RIDE ON THE GOVERNMENT DLE that will vote for him and get him re-elected…   It’s NOT the folks that work and pay their Taxes…  It’s those MILLIONS that get everything they need FOR FREE that will vote for him.
      As my Father once said:  “There’s no such thing as a Free Lunch”  Looks like he was wrong casue Obama and his Administration IS GIVING AWAY  THE FARM…

  36. Enough said – if sore losers [and me too] cannot see what will happen if they do not get behind their and my 2nd or 3rd choice, this country will be changed for longer than their heritage will survive. 

  37. Our conservative side MUST outnumber the liberal ballots… this means way more to offset liberal electoral fraud and corruption…   blacks, hispanics, women, and independent voters have been brainwashed by Communists to believe that “equal socialist misery” is good because it “punishes the rich and the white males ! As Sir Winston Churchill said “an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”.   Communists and Muslims will have power at the top level and exploit or eliminate the rest of the “useful idiots”…..   women, elderly, children, handicapped, homosexuals, and the infirm are all fair game for genocide.

    1. We just have to show up in enough numbers to out-vote the dead.  I’m not that worried about the living.  They can be influenced.  But, the dead are sure votes for the communist in chief.

  38. Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder or Hillary Clinton.Knowing that Jigger he’d do it just for bunkum, he has about that much sense of course frogs, salamders and Pine Knotsdo also

  39. I think something should be done about how the Supreme Court is filled. Their should be an election every four years for the People of the Supreme Court as there is the President’s office. They should NOT have lifetime careers with us paying them and them not doing the job we expect from them.

    1. Hey Dumbo, this is a REPUBLIC for a reason; so the mob will not rule.  Democracy, pure democracy, is what the FRENCH have.  I would have to move if this were like France.

    2. Who else gets a lifetime job and cannot be fired for the most part? School teachers with their tenure thing is close! Supreme court, part of the system, the next step in the justice system after the court of appeals, and they pick and choose what they will deal with ,some justice I would say!

    3. SJC, I agree. There should be NO Lifetime Appointments to any Office including the Supreme Court. All judges should be elected by the Voters for a term no longer than Four Years.

  40. obviously there are democrats running this web site. they dont want to read anything negative about obama and the democrats.. they deleted my comments about obama and they wernt vulger or anything that hasnt already been said.

    1.  I like your optimism but I think your wrong.  Romney is sniffing Trumps butt for the veep.  If that happens we get 4 more of dumbama.  

    2. If America survives this election and the next four years “RAND PAUL” will be the next president, then and only then will America return!

    3. BirdCrap,  your post smells much like Bull Crap. Rand Paul is a Conservative and would never run as a V.P. for a Rino Liberal like Romney.

  41. To not vote is giving a vote to the loser we have now, get out and vote him and his thugs out, Romney may not be the best, but he is damned sure better than the communist we have now !!!

    1. Yes indeed, I agree with you and to make sure we get the vote out to vote out this upsuper , make sure the older folks are registered.go to the “old folks homes”..transport them to the voting place or get them absentie ballets and make sure they know thta the counrty they grew up in, lived in, love and as if a vet, fougth for is going down the sh*t hole with obumo…in plain lanuage GET THE VOTE OUT!

      1. I don’t think it matters anymore, but  it’s better to vote anybody but Obama!  America is no longer the America everybody thinks it is. Time for AMERICA to WAKE UP and REPENT!

      2. S or M.. get the vote out!.. I’m doing my part plus utilizing the most popular media outlet for the younger generations  Face Book.  Daily I’m adding reasons to vote against BHO.  I’m in a swing state (Virginia) and am encouraging others to replicate my effort.  On FB, look out for William Mc Donald   (Spaces are important in the search)… Befriend me.. comment and encourage others to do the same.  Bill 

    2. Volunteer as much time as you possibly can for TRUETHEVOTE.ORG — become a pollwatcher, get out the vote, drive people to the polls, etc.  We have to organize like we never have before in any election, and we have to come together AS COUNTRYMEN to stop the scourge of BHO and his wife.

  42. American by Choice
    Both of these two people are leftist. I don’t want to even imagine what could happen if Obama was reelected. I don’t
    even want to consider that tragedy to our beloved country. I don’t like Romney, but he has my vote, there is not
    another alternative.

  43. Lets everyone in this country think about loss of libertys, political corruption, socialism, lies, deceipt, dictatorship, sharia law and racism to the 1st degree if this absolutely corrupt politician OBAMA manages to manipulate votes and gets back in office. This is our country. Why would we wish to allow someone to destroy it. That is exactly what he intends to do!

  44. Have to agree with the author.  I’ll hold my nose and mark “Romney” in November.  The alternative is unthinkable.

  45. Putting Eric Holder on the SC, would be like putting Al Capone over the Federal Reserve and putting Hillary there, would be like having Stalin as President of the USA! There both high suspect when it come to past and present criminality.

  46. If liberals stay away from the poles this November, then that will be a vote for this illegal muslim socialist kenyan we now have as a community organizer as president, totally unqualified for this office.  So liberals, forget about Ron Paul, he has about as much of a chance of winning in November as a snowball in you know where, and that’s not at the North Pole!!!  Please liberals, we cannot afford another term in the White House of this anti-American!!  In fact, I’d like to see him impeached or arrested for treason ASAP!  It may be too late by November, or about June 20 when he officially leaves office!!  If he should lose the election, he will do everything he can to  cause as much damage to America as he can!!  You can count on that!  Furthermore, if he should win the nomination, then the Supreme Court and some of the other higher courts will get filled with liberals and perhaps, even muslims who are totally unqualified to hold such positions here in America!!

    1. That possiblity would seal the fate of our constitutional republic. I just don’t see this liar, forger, illegal, usurper, Marxist, Communist, evil, American hating, dope loving dog & grasshopper eating, murderer, self loving, Capitalist hating, losing the election. If they will do Fast and Furious which is resulting in hundreds of murders, fixing an election is puppy stuff. Will he hesitate to use an Iran War, a contrived crisis, to suspend elections if he is behine in the polls. You can bet your net worth on it.

    2.  Dondh…what?  If liberals stay away, that’s a vote for the GOP, not obama!  Liberals do not support Ron Paul…conservatives do!  Liberals support dumbama and the socialist views.  You need to get your definitions of liberal and conservative straightened out dude!  I hope every liberal stays away from the poles! 

  47. Scare tactic to vote for Mitt.. I for one will NOT vote the “lesser” of two Evils for you still get EVIL.. Mitt is a RINO and this Country will NOT change the direction it is heading.. Just the FACT he SUPPORTS the Patriot Act and NDAA should be enough to convince you he’s NOT a TRUE Conservative.. 

    1. “Just the FACT he SUPPORTS the Patriot Act and NDAA……”

      With the NDAA you can be “disappeared” so the Supreme Court will never hear your case. All those people who would stay at home need to get out and vote for principle.  Vote Ron Paul.  All of you who think ABO (anyone but obama) need only vote on principle and Vote Ron Paul to be rid of Obama.  All of you who have thrown away your vote for the lessor of 2 evils in the past now have a chance to vote on principle. Vote Ron Paul. The choice is simpleObama. Obama spelled with an RRon Paul.

    2. Romney needs to step up and swear he will undo all the unconstitutional BS that has slid thru our Congress under the communist in the oval office! He won’t so he does not get my vote and Obama never had a chance at my vote,”EVER”!

    3. Don’t delude yourself.  A Romney presidency will NEVER put a Clinton or a Holder in the SCOTUS. 

      Secondly, as long as martial law is not declared or the writ of Habeas Corpus is not suspended, the SCOTUS or any lower court can demand that you be presented in court to hear your case.  Saying otherwise is repeating the scare tactic.

      1. Mitt is NOT better than Obama.. in fact Mitt is a WHITE OBAMA.. there will be no change in the direction this country is heading in.. Get off the GOP Kool-aid.. for the Kool-aid comes in two flavors.. both Red and Blue.. the GOP and the DEM are nothing more than two legs of the SAME MONSTER… and until YOU figure that out.. this country is doomed. 

    4. So what will you do, stay home and not vote?  That is one less vote for the GOP and only helps Obama.  I agree with you about Romney, but he is still better than Obama.  Romney does not want to “fundamentally change” America, but Obama does, so why give him another four years to do just that when we can stop him by electing Romney?

      1. Mitt is NOT better than Obama.. in fact Mitt is a WHITE OBAMA.. there will be no change in the direction this country is heading in.. Get off the GOP Kool-aid.. for the Kool-aid comes in two flavors.. both Red and Blue.. the GOP and the DEM are nothing more than two legs of the SAME MONSTER… and until YOU figure that out.. this country is doomed. 

    5. And a marxist is a better choice?  You need to develop some common sense. The only evil in this match is Obama, and if he hasn’t scared you with all of the crap he’s been throwing at us the past three years, remember this:  he plans on passing an executive order and having a lame duck congress pass it that will enable foreign nations a say in every major international decision made by us, and we will no longer have  sovereignty as a nation.  Just one more step closer to “One World Order”, and  he is doing everything he can to crash our monetary system, another step towards one world order.  Wake up and stop smelling of the poisioned roses BO is throwing out.

  48. If you don’t like Obama you must vote for anyone or anything that is in opposition to him.  I am not particularly happy with Romney, but, if he is the challenger, I will vote for him because our country will not survive 4 more years of Obama or people like H. Clinton, Schumer,Casey, Holder, Kagan, Sotomayer, the Kennedy’s, and the remainder of the DemocRAT Communists.  Our Constitution is being subverted everyday by these useless idiots.  Vote for any Senatorial Candidate who opposes Obama.  The RINO’s need to look out and grow a set of balls or brains.  Lindsey Graham is one of them.  His comments on why he voted for Kagan and Sotomayer need to be resonated in the rooms and back rooms of South Carolina.  He either needs to wake up and smell the roses or get the hell out of politics. 

  49. God forbid! we’ve already been stuck with Sotomayor and Kagan, Holder and Clinton would devastate the judiciary capacity  of Americans.   People who don’t believe in god will accept anything!

  50. I agree we  have to elect Romney, though he was not on my Top 5 and still is not. Enough, already. That said, as to the nightmarish scenario you propose:

    I doubt Holder could get past committee, and I would surely love to watch those confirmation hearings from beginning to end.

    And Billary? The SCOTUS is not where she wants to be, parked for eternity writing incomprehensible opinions nobody will read. She expects to be our first female president.

      1. LOL. I guess so, blue dress and everything. Wonder if he’d have Justin Beiber for a personal bodyguard? And could anyone refer to him as “First Gentleman” with a straight face? Oh, the imponderables.

  51. Amen!

    Congressional races are at least as important this year as the presidential contest.  We can not afford four more years of Obama or Harry Reid.  Horses***t Harry is as dangerous as his trainer in the Whitehouse.  To leave either in power risks destruction of the Republic.   Every legitimate vote counts.  Have no doubt that Holder &Co. are actively enabling Acorn type voting fraud.  Expect to see many more Franken style recount until the progressive wins elections in key battle ground states unprotected by voter ID laws.  Be prepared to challenge every early, provisional and absentee ballot.

    Dems brag about their “ground game” and “grass roots support”. We must counter with a determined get out the vote effort and an exceptionally effective poll monitoring effort to prevent another election theft at any level.  If we loose a local election by a fair and accurate vote then we have to suck it up and go on.  What we can not and should not accept is another stolen election that puts a joke like Al Franken in power anywhere.

    1. This has happened to me off and on too.  I try to post a comment and I receive a message saying “Your comment needs to be approved before being posted,” or something like that. Maybe they do this randomly.  I cannot, for the life of me, understand why my comments need prior approval, as I follow all the proper guidelines.

  52. He might be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but he is too OLD. Time to just go away, and all others over 65.  We need new blood. And I am 70 years old.

  53. Romney was declared winner before the primaries started. I hate it but there is no choice but to again vote for Romney that has been crammed down our throat and hope the Tea Parties will eventually realign our country.

    1. Media candidate MITT!! Dr Paul couldbt even get a question at some of the ‘debates’ that most fools in this country just ate up.

      We have been to the point of –if it was seen on TV AND in the newspaper it might as well be printed in the bible–has to be true for many Americans. I have a fellow across the street that comes to his summer home. He drives 8 mi to get the rag and spends 75 cents for it plus the $1 for the gas to drive up town. What a waste./.. YUK

  54. I am for Mitt, he’s not the best but better than Oboma, Like you say, people need to get out and vote. If they care anything about our country.

  55. I believe this country needs Ron Paul as president. However if Romney is the one then we must get behind him to make sure Obama doesn’t get a second term.

    1. I like Ron Paul, but let’s be realistic. He is never going to win the nomination, not now, and he is getting too old to run again in the future.  It is going to be Romney, and while I would have preferred someone else, I will give Romney my full support, as his values most closely coincide with mine on a host of issues. More importantly, if Obama wins a second term, you can kiss the U.S.A. goodbye as we have known it since the foundation of our republic.  I only wish that more voters truly understood what is at stake in November.  If they did, they would never give Obama a second term.

  56. By not voting you will give the nation to Obama to completely destroy. Romney is a good man and if we keep the House and take the Senate we will be able to reverse the destruction that Obama has done. The POTUS is not the only one that leads this country it takes many good people to make a great nation. We need a leader and Romney will be that leader. Since Obama has never been a leader just a community organizer it will be a wonderful change to have a leader as POTUS that truely loves this county.

    1. Change the Democratic Senate by voting Harry Reid. Nancy Pelosi and others out of office. They have continued to prevent the Democratic Senate from passing a budget and keep tabling the House budget and then blame the Republicans for not doing anything. They really think the American people are stupid. Please prove them wrong by voting Obama and the Democratic Senate out of office.

      1. Is Reid and Pelosi up for re-election in 2012? If so I’m afraid that their liberal backers in Nevada and California will elect them again.

  57. Holder? With the skeletons in his closet? I very seriously doubt would make it past being nominated. Clinton would have a slightly better chance @ slim.

      1. Clinton(s) dont even have a license to practice law. I believe I read both of them gave them up(whatever that means). I believe it was turn em in or we prosecute you for xxx crime(s).

        Not hard to understand.

        1. I think you are thinking of the Obamas, though Clinton did have to surrender his license to practice after the impeachment. However, you might also want to know that there is no requirement that a SCOTUS Justice be a lawyer.

    1. Now think about this Obummer has be going around congress so what makes you think that these 2 would have to go the the confirming process.  King Obama would just put them there and tell us all to go to Hell just like has done with everthing else.

      1. You’ve got a point there. I was looking at it from the highly unlikely angle of Obama turning over a new leaf and being constitutional. (yeah right!) Actually both Holder and Clinton have skeletons but then they’re both liberal democrats.

  58. None of this would occur if the worthless Congress would do it’s Constitutional duty and PROSECUTE the miscreants. Censure, political rhetoric, name calling, unending threats: ALL circumvent the required duty of any and every Congress Cretan.

  59. The noise made by millions of productive  citizens rushing across the Northern and Southern borders would be the loudest sound ever heard if either of those reds were nominated by Supreme Court. Plus the mayhem would be unstoppable as the troops would be in the rush. too.

    It would be the biggest economic boon for Canada and Mexico ever.

  60. The ball is in the court of the GOP.  They can easily adopt Paul’s ideas into the platform; and those ideas will definitely appeal to Paul’s supporters, libertarians, and the Tea Party.

    Publicly audit the FED (really this time), restore our 4th Amendment rights lost under the Patriot Act and NDAA, assure us Dr. Paul will be the next Secretary of the Treasury, and nominate Rand for VP.  That’s a start.

    I predict however, based on personal experience in the GOP, that the Demopublican oligarchs in the Party will continue to ignore and disrespect Ron Paul.

    Trying to scare Constitutionalists into supporting anti-Constitution Romney by telling us the bad things Obama will do  if we don’t defeat him is the GOP traditional approach to maintaining the rule of the Oligarchy.

    I voted for Chuck Baldwin last time, and more people will vote Third Party this time if the GOP doesn’t wake up.

    Bottom line, the Oligarchs in the GOP don’t really care if the President is Obama or Romney, just as long as it isn’t Ron Paul.

    1. I like your suggestions for the various dept heads. I really like Rand Paul for VP… Man wouldnt that be a big change from fffen Joe.

  61. will enthusiastically support his candidacy” NO!!!!!!!!!dont be a moron! things WILL NOT GET BETTER IF HES ELECTED! THE MARCH OF TYRANNY WILL CONTINUE!

    1. Late-breaking news (I saw it on Twitter): you are not going to get Ron Paul. So grow up and work with what you do have: a squishy centrist who on his worst day is still at least marginally better than Obama on his best day.

    2. please…. Ron P. has dropped out, and never realy had a chance, I am also dissapointed, but he will and his son will have a place in Romneys cabinet, and will do great things together for our Great Country, so please just (hold your nose) if you have too (I am) and get obummer out!!! if we don’t we will be responsible for the downfall of this Great Country our Forefathers left to us! If we gain seats in both houses, with say Ron Paul as Sect. of or head of the Fed. and his son as maybe V.P. this Country would be indeed heading down the road our Forefathers intended. And if not there will still be and America to elect Ron Paul in 2016, if obummer get re-elected, all bets are off…….

  62. One thing for sure is we the people have to get rid of the food stamp president Obama as he is distroying our country as we know it. Obama’s strategy is punish success and subsidize failure. This guy got to go.

  63. I would rather get drafted again than to have Holder in a position like that. (Pardon me but I can’t say the word for the title of that position in the same breath as Holder.) That’s how much Holder AND the entire Obama “administration” bothers this poster.

  64. These two corrupt Communists have no business anywhere near the Supreme Court. We already have a couple of anti-American thugs on that bench and do not need any more.

  65. Holder and/or Clinton sitting on the SCOTUS is scary, John Edwards wants the job too.  In fact the reelection of Obama is even more scary.  That is why I doubt conservitives or libertairians will stay home in November.  We cannot have Obama leave a legacy on the SCOTUS of 4 appointed Justices. 

  66. For my concerned Christian brothers and sisters…

    While I suspect I would strongly disagree with Governor Romney and his mormonism when it comes to Christianity and even how it is defined, as a Southern Baptist pastor I will be voting for, and supporting, Governor Romney for president.  In doing this I am not laying aside my biblical convictions; I am upholding them and exercising them!  If we were electing a president of all pastors, bishops and elders, I could not vote for Mitt Romney.  If we were electing a leader of spiritual direction and guidance, I could not vote for Mitt Romney.  If we were electing a commander in theology, I could not vote for Mitt Romney.  But we are electing a President of the United States, Commander in Chief and “so-called” leader of the free world.  Just thinking about the possibilities of an Obama administration with a 2nd term without any accountability (and rest assured, there would be none!), should be enough for every conservative Christian (even those who think Mormonism is a cult), who cares at all about the freedom of religion, to go enthusiastically to the voting booth to vote for Governor Romney.  

    1. From one Christian to another…I love what you said.  Can I copy it and print copies to give to my neighbors?

    1. Just to be accurate, in most states it doesn’t matter who you vote for. In the state of Washington as an example, Obama will easily win. A vote for Paul then becomes a significant wake-up call to status quo without any downside.

  67. Rush just announced, Holder and the IRS head are meeting in June with about 60 or so Black Ministers from the largest churches to tell them what to say to their congregations and how to scare them into re-voting for Obama.  It is estimated that these ministers have control over more than 10 million votes.  That is really scary!!   I feel that no matter who the republican candidate is, Romney or Paul, everyone must get out and vote for them.  We must talk to friends and family, get them out to vote, not skip this election because they can not vote for their favorite.  FREEDOM is the favorite and running in this election, so we must vote like our lives depend on it, because our lives do depend on it.  I am praying daily, that God will open the eyes and ears of this country so they will see that our country is being destroyed from within, by our own government officials and ONLY we can stop them.  There is already 2 socialists that has been appointed to our Supreme Court, this must be stopped quickly or we will not know our own country within the year.  Father in Heaven, please guide our friends, family and neighbors to the truth of what is happening to our great nation.  YOU were the leader and guide for our Forefathers in founding this wonderful free land, please, bless this country again and do not let these satanic followers be able to destroy what You and so many have worked so hard to build.   In Jesus Holy Name, Amen

  68. Romney is just as scary, there is talk of Romney selecting Leftist Joe Lieberman as his Sec. of State. If true, my confidence in any conservative values he might have are shaken to say the least. What is even more  unnerving is the possibility that a Progressive may be choosing the next appointments to the Supreme Court, driving the final nail into the coffin of our Freedom. Then indeed, only divine providence or Violent rebellion could reverse that outcome. Not a pleasant thought.

  69. The battle for Constitution traditional values, interpretation and protection of our individual freedoms will be fought within the Supreme Court. Either the laws of the land and the COnstitution obeyed and defended, or Obama and his progressive rule through Judical activism or judicial nullification of what our founders intended will continue to prevail. This is not a battle that sane Americans can sit out, or rely on others to make the right decision.

  70. I will NOT vote for the lesser of two evils. Romney is a One World Government supporter just like Obama. Neither of them would uphold our Constitution, cut Government spending, abolish the Federal Reserve, repeal the Patriot Act, NDAA, and Obamacare, nor would they downsize Government, secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws. There is not but one man who has said he will do all these things plus cutting Government spending by One Trillion Dollars the first year in Office and give us a balanced budget in 3 years. That man is Dr. Ron Paul. He will get my vote even if I have to write it in. This is the last chance. If American Voters don’t elect him, America as we have known it and how it was envisioned by our Founding Fathers will come to an end.  America would become another4 third world country in the One World Government. I will Not support Romney.

    1. One would hope that you are smart enough to be aware that you are going to vote.  In this election By not voting you vote for Communism. 

      You, and people like you vote to allow this socialist to retain power I hope you can look yourself in the mirror because when you do, you’ll be looking at a foolish person.

    2.  Loyalty to a candidate is good but you have to remember that a vote for other than the Republican nominee is a vote for Obama. Mitt Romney is not my choice but if he gets the nomination, I will vote for him to get Obama out of the White House. 4 more years of Obama will be a whole lot worst than 4 years of Romney. We need to also get control of the Senate and widen the control of the House in order to defeat Obama’s policies and Obamacare. If Obama is re-elected and replaces possibly 2 Justices and numerous Federal Judges, we can say good-bye to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The liberal judges we have now already base their decisions on foreign laws.

    3.  While I agree with you completely; you must surely know that the popular vote has no impact on the Election. We are the unwilling captives of the electoral College, as they have the last word, and they too are for sale.

  71. if for no other reason, we need to get out there and vote for Mitt, anybody but obummer! this would not mean we are setteling, but by no means would a Mitt Romney Presidency be bad, but another 4 yrs. of obummer would damage this Great Country for many many yrs to come, if not for forever! I know the Ron Paul folks are upset, but they will be even more upset with 4 more yrs of obummer, and if they don’t come out and (hold there nose) and vote for Mitt, they will be personaly responsible for the biggest downfall of our Great Country!!

    1. The Republican fat cats chose Romney. They picked the one guy who is most like Obama. And could possibly lose.

    1. Mitt is NOT better than Obama.. in fact Mitt is a WHITE OBAMA.. there will be no change in the direction this country is heading in.. Get off the GOP Kool-aid.. for the Kool-aid comes in two flavors.. both Red and Blue.. the GOP and the DEM are nothing more than two legs of the SAME MONSTER… and until YOU figure that out.. this country is doomed. 

  72. If I were to list my choice for Republican nominee for president last October from most to least favorite, Mitt Romney would have been at the very bottom of that list.  That being said, I will enthusiastically vote for Mr. Romney in November; the stakes are just too high.    If you like the tyranny of the EPA and the NLRB,  paying $6.00 or more for a gallon of gas, the corruption of Eric Holder’s DOJ, green energy boondoggles, the destruction of capitalism and prosperity then stay home in November or waste your vote.  Justice Kennedy has said he will retire after the election, another unqualified justice like Kagan or Sotomayor and in essence we no longer have a Constitution.  G.W. Bush tried to give us Harriet Meyers, we put his feet to the fire and we got Sam Alito, thank God.  The same can be done with Romney.  Suck it up, get pragmatic, swallow your pride and vote for Romney.  The consequences of a second Obama term are unthinkable.

    1. and the GOP is counting on YOUR HATRED for Obama.. that’s why THEY selected Mitt.. 
      Mitt is NOT better than Obama.. in fact Mitt is a WHITE OBAMA.. there will be no change in the direction this country is heading in.. Get off the GOP Kool-aid.. for the Kool-aid comes in two flavors.. both Red and Blue.. the GOP and the DEM are nothing more than two legs of the SAME MONSTER… and until YOU figure that out.. this country is doomed. 

      1.  1) I don’t hate Obama.
        2)  There is an element in the GOP trying to take the party back to its stated roots:  Senator Lugar has recently been given his walking papers, certain good men and women are in their ranks (DeMint, Sessions, Imhoffe, Allen West, for examples) and fighting the good fight.  If there were more time I would agree with you (but with far less anger), and work for an alternative like the Constitution Party.  I agree with you that to count on the Republicans to salvage our country may be foolhardy but what choice do we have?  Hand it over to Obama and his destructive band of liars and thieves and we both may end up in American gulogs.
        3) What have you figured out that won’t end up with our country doomed?

    2. The article I read about Justice Kennedy is that he has stated he wouldn’t retire until Obama is gone. Just pray the article I read was right since he is the swing vote. I believe the Supreme Court is about to neuter Obama. Way too much pressure being put on the court to do something about the unconstitutional actions of he and Holder. The Supreme Court is not Obama’s friend. Time will tell.

  73. I cannot believe that any sane person would seriously consider not voting in 2012! You don’t have to be a genius to understand that only votes FOR Romney can save us from the terrible fate of another term for the Amateur. Pretending to stand on principle is lunacy if your stand doesn’t rid us of this incompetent idiot. 

      1. David, it is aparently clear that you cannot read.  This is much greater than the president.  We must vote to save our supreme court.
        Unlike Obama, Mitt has had real jobs, and worked in the real world.  Mitt has a birth certificate, a social security card, and school records.  To say Mitt is the same as Barack exposes your ignorance.  Crawl back under your rock with your liberal friends.

    1. Mitt is NOT better than Obama.. in fact Mitt is a WHITE OBAMA.. there will be no change in the direction this country is heading in.. Get off the GOP Kool-aid.. for the Kool-aid comes in two flavors.. both Red and Blue.. the GOP and the DEM are nothing more than two legs of the SAME MONSTER… and until YOU figure that out.. this country is doomed. 

    1.  You been smoking some of that “CHOOM” that Obama sucked on? Or perhaps snorting some of that “blow” .
      Sad that some are so far gone from R-C Insertion Syndrome that their brain cell died.

  74. The last Democatic Supreme  Court cost the lives of 56,000,000 million babies (aborted) murdered, 16,000,000 million being black babies. I think the next Democratic  victims will be the elderly.

    1. Jane, he will remain in office due to fraud (I DO WANT TO BE WRONG); OR, Romney will get it and he is more stealth than Obama…but make no mistake, he will continue to drive us to NWO.

      And, YES, you have every right to be scared.  We all are.

  75. I hate to say this, and am not condoning it, but. If he is re-elected I could see a civill uprising, coordinated, armed and marching on DC. It might also be the secession of several states, with Texas and Montana leading the way out the door.

    1. While I do agree with you on a Civil uprising…I seriously doubt Perry will do that.  While he blusters when Jan Brewer stood “ALONE’… against Obama, Mexico’s Calderon and the UN…Perry slid back into a hole.  He talks big but does little.  I am from Texas and I can tell you the ONLY reason he got back into office is that Bill White, the man who ran against Perry was/is against Texans having guns.

  76. Holder might know the law….but he goes out of his way to avoid upholding any laws that he doesn’t agree with.  If  Obama is reelected, and does appoint Holder to be a Supreme I just prey he won’t be confirmed!  If he is, between him and Obama, our way of life will be forever changed for the worst!  I would hope Hillary would hold true to the constitution, but I do have my doubt on that!

  77. If by some quirk of fate Ron Paul should be nominated – kiss the white house and the country goodbye!  Paul is far too rigid and tunnel-visioned. I like many of his ideas, but he comes across as an isolationist and we must interact with other nations, for commerce and in the common interests of national security. We must back the nominee, true, but I fear Paul is not the one to win favor with the electorate.

    1. I know…I have said the same thing many, many times; and it has nothing to do with his lack of passion, and character.  HE just isn’t strong enough.  It is TOO late to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world.  IF he did get in…IF he did do that…the Middle East would see us as WEAK and they would attack.  Then all Ron Paul would do is pee pee in his depends and invite them to build another mosque on the grounds they bombed AGAIN just like he did for Ground Zero.

  78. Mitt is NOT better than Obama.. in fact Mitt is a WHITE OBAMA.. there will be no change in the direction this country is heading in.. Get off the GOP Kool-aid.. for the Kool-aid comes in two flavors.. both Red and Blue.. the GOP and the DEM are nothing more than two legs of the SAME MONSTER… and until YOU figure that out.. this country is doomed. 

      1. nice..name calling.. well keep drinking the Kool-aid.. and watching NBC and FOX and all those other kool-aid stations.. I for one when NOT save you from a FEMA camp..  III% and you problem haven’t a clue what III% means.. look it up 

    1. THANK YOU, KEITH!!!  Unfortunately, I do think you are right.  I just asked a friend of mine, “Who IS the RNC?”  Who runs them?  
      I am asking because these were Newt’s Poll numbers “right before” they took his security team away and he “suspended” his election.  Now you tell me what the hell is going on?
      Poll – 10045 – Gingrich vs. Obama

        *Who would you vote for, Newt Gingrich or Barack Obama?*
              1. Newt Gingrich      (82.9%)
              2. Barack Obama      ( 10.7%)
              3. Neither      ( 4.76%)
              Not Answered ( 1.45%)

        *Whom do you believe has better solutions for the nation’s economic
              1. Conservatives      ( 83.7%)
              2. Liberal      ( 6.89%)
              3. Neither      ( 7.59%)
              Not Answered ( 1.77%)


  79. There is one thing for CERTAIN-WE ARE IN THE LAST DAYS OF BIBLE PROPHECY ;;;if you don’t believe this-you are not up to date with “BIBLE PROPHECY”

  80. Hillary and Holder?? Thanks for making me want to PUKE;
    NEITHER is qualified to be a dog catcher let alone on the Supreme Court.
    But then Obama isn’t qualified to be President either.

  81. America is nothing without “freedom”…..may God help us this November.
    Swing states voters please wake up.

    1. I agree with z328.  But my comment is:  We can just pray that Romney nominates one damned good canidated for vice president!!

  82. Does anyone here notice that both candidates are pushing for national health care?  Yeah Obama is bad, but Romney is the same establishments choice.  They work for the same international banksters AND answer to the same global corporations.   both are fine with the new world order, agenda 21…  The United Nations will still overrule our congress just as Obama has allowed in Africa.   Africon will continue genocide under Romney.  What will be different?  I understand your point but Paul was the ONLY constitutionalist.   Period….

  83. I agree that those would be horrendous justices.  I cannot believe that if nominated Holder would be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice.  His history should be an utter disqualification:

    1.  His role in the Marc Rich pardon showed a corrupt character; 2.  His suppression of prosecution of the New Black Panthers who had intimidated white voters in Philadelphia showed an inability to discharge his duties faithfully and impartially; 3.  His effort to prevent Boeing from building a factory in South Carolina showed a disregard for property rights; 4.  His effort to prosecute a Lutheran school in Michigan showed a disregard for religious liberty; 5.  The “Fast and Furious” operation showed him to be at best negligent, at worst to have outrageously bad judgment; 6.  The efforts to cover the “Fast and Furious” operation up showed him to be dishonest.

    There will not be 60 Democrats in the next Senate; there will probably not be 50.  A Holder nomination, requiring 60 votes for cloture, would not get 10+ Republican votes for cloture.  Indeed, he would have great difficulty getting the 50 votes for confirmation if it did go to a vote.

    Hillary Clinton’s chances would be better.  There would probably be a handful of Republicans willing to confirm her, and the Democrats would probably be unanimous.  In her favor, the incompetence and stupidity that is part of the Holder history would not be true of her.  She is not incompetent or stupid; as secretary of state, she has discharged her duties conscientiously and honorably, unlike Holder as AG. 

    She would, however, have to answer some questions about her role in the Whitewater scandal.  In that disastrous project, she simultaneously represented the developer, the investors, and the bank on an application that would ultimately get its permitting with the assistance of her husband, then the governor of Arkansas.  I don’t think there are many worse cases of conflict of interest on record.   

    The evidence in Whitewater was actually far more damning of Hillary than of President Clinton.  Any lawyer who was not married to the President of the United States would have faced disbarment, if not prosecution for bank fraud, for her role in that deal.  Is good standing in the bar a requirement for appointment to the Supreme Court?  Not formally; however, the practical chances of anyone who had not been First Lady and Secretary of State becoming a Justice after something like what happened in Whitewater would be nil. 

    If the GOP takes the Senate, she can probably not become a Justice, but I think that if there is still a Democratic majority, they might be able to get seven or eight Republicans to cross lines to close off a filibuster. 

    1.  Look up Eric Holder and the Oklahoma bombing! you will be very educated on this mans past. Fingerprints on a live explosive found after Mc Vehgh did his thing should close that door

  84. For at least the past century, it seems, the voting public has been left with none other than “the lesser of two evils”.  We get a dose of a King Donkey for a term or two and decide we need a change and so we get a dose of King Elephant  for a term or two and we repeat this process with nothing really changing but the names.  Debt keeps increasing, government power keeps increasing.  Is it feasible to believe that our Founders fought a bloody, cold revolutionary war to exchange a King George for a King Donkey or a King Elephant?

    The lesser of the two evils in November 2012 will be King Elephant.

    1. Taurus your post is so sad but true. I have often said We Americans loved to be deceived or we would put a stop to same O same O.  

  85. why not just make george soros a supreme?  how about kofi annan (sp) haw about al sharpton or jessie jackson?
    that should give us the s***ts.

  86. I would vote for ron paul BUT it will split the conservative ticket and odumbo will win by a landslide. he won’t even have to cheat.

  87. Of course Obama must go.   But not at the price that Liberty shall be abolished !  Elect Bolshevist Romney and matters  be worse than Bolshevist Obama.     We shall remove these Bolshevists!  We hope for a peaceful reform.  Fail to elect Ron Paul and End The Fed and End Criminal War or face violent reform.  The Campaign For Liberty will not abate.  We shall use any and all necessary force to Compel Constitutional Compliance.

    The People are the rightful masters of the Congress and the Courts.  Not to overthrow the  Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”     A truthful statement  by Abraham Lincoln uttered to  obstruct his own treason.  He was elected and American killed on another in order to disestablish the free several States within this Union in order to establish the Bolshevist Central Power of the Kosher Kabal of the Bogus Bank of Credit Fraud thay oppresses the entire world today.
    “The right of citizens to bear arms is just one guarantee against
    arbitrary government, one more safeguard against the tyranny which now
    appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be
    always possible.”

    Senator Hubert H. Humprey (D-Minnesota)”It is in vain, Sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace,
    Peace! But there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale
    that sweeps from the North will bring to our ears the clash of
    resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we
    here idle? What is it that Gentlemen want? What would they have? Is life
    so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains
    and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may
    take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

    Patrick Henry, in his famous “The War Inevitable” speech, March,
    1775.”Whenever governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the
    people, they always attempt to destroy the militia, in order to raise an
    army upon their ruins.”

    Rep. Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts, spoken during floor debate
    over the Second Amendment, I Annals of Congress at 750, August 17,
    1789.”… God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.
    The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is
    wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts
    they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is
    lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. … And what
    country can preserve its liberties, if it’s rulers are not warned from
    time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let
    them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon
    and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The
    tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of
    patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

    Richard Henry Lee, Senator, First Congress, Additional Letters
    from the Federal Farmer (1788) at 169.

  88. This brings up the Us Constitution once again. People hate
    it when I do that because they are law breakers at heart. In this case the law
    is to our advantage because the US Constitution does not say anywhere that any
    judge is a life time appointment. They can hold office as long as they behave
    themselves, whatever that means and if they don’t they can be removed. Congress
    has the power to abolish any court in the land if they choose and for any
    reason. Why do people believe the democrat lies that they have been preaching
    for the last 60 years since the traitor FDR was in office.

    Another question, why hasn’t congress exercised its power in
    this case? They would rather not read the US Constitution, because if they did
    it would nullify most of the laws they have passed and some of them would wind
    up in jail for taking bribes. Also another thing, the US Constitution also
    specifies term limits for both Representative and senators but they just ignore
    that altogether because, what would they do if they weren’t in congress? They
    could no longer take bribes and they could not longer accept donations ($$$$$$)
    for their re-election campaigns. It’s all about Money and power!

    Footnote: One of the reasons America is being judged is
    because our leaders have been taking bribes for many years. We could change
    that by refusing to re-elect them to office, no second term, exceptions at all.
    It’s just that simple, but we won’t do that either, because we are law breakers
    at heart also. 

    1. Dr.  Brown you have excellent questions…and they should be answered.  They are all in on it.
      Remember when there were TWO Impeachment processes going on within 48 hrs of each other and YET NOT ONE THING CAME OF IT
      This short  video explains it all.

       Video: Rat Bastards All Knewhttp://theghostfighters.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/ann-barnhardt-all-the-rat-bastards-in-dc-know-obama-is-not-eligible/ — 

    2. Pardon my ignorance, but will you kindly reference that part of the Constitution which addresses term limits for Representatives and Senators?

  89. Usually when you add a little to the right side, then add a little to the left side, you just might get balance. Sadly, right now we are adding a little to the left side – My hope is that conservatives can find a viable right side candidate – I am not convinced Mitt is the guy for the job – so I am hoping for a dark (and extremely popular) horse!!

    1. We had one and I sincerely believe he was shoved aside and told to “suspend” due to his strong stance of “Banning Sharia Law” in our country.
      Remember when Romney stated:  “Islam is not inherently violent.”?  Seems to me if the RNC wanted our country to be safe, they would WANT SHARIA LAW banded. There are two major issues we are all concerned about:  Muslim Infiltration in Our own Government and the economy.

       Video: Newt Gingrich — Ban Sharia Law in the U.S.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMvQ95ftvYI

  90. Being between a rock and a hard place is never good.  But you still can’t sit on your butt, you must choose a direction and go with it.  Stateing my choice is not on the ticket so I will not vote makes you part of the problem not the solution.  Besides there are many Senate and House seats that must be voted on.  Research the candidates, it is easy to ‘google’ them and find out their voteing record.  Make sure who you vote for is who they say they are.

  91. Holder and Clinton on the Supreme Court, I think not, even though they both may hold a certificate of graduation from an acreditted law school doesn’t mean they are qualified for the court. In fact I wouldn’t place either of them in a position to judge a pie eating contest at a county fair; heck I don’t think either of them could judge a cockroach race come to think of it.

  92. Gov Romney publicly stated that he will repeal Obamacare. Unless we want a repeat performance of the current administration we must do whatever is necessary to elect Romney. We must put an end to the lying contest that has been taking place in Washington DC as soon as possible. The liberal media is completely supporting the liberal progressive agenda. The recent omission (except for 19 seconds) of any mention of  the lawsuit filed by the Catholic church (and other organizations) is more than enough proof. The two party system is supposedly part of the checks and balances with the third estate being considered the safeguard. The first two years of the Obama administration is proof that the system and safeguard failed.

  93. I like Ron Paul except for one thing, his stance on Israel. If he would change his attitude about supporting Israel I might reconsider and vote for him.

    1. what palnet are you from/  RPaul; is adinner party gabb about.  You dont really suggest Ron Paul as the next world leader. His foreign policy is nil and void, much like o was/still is
      His monetary policy which has good points would not be implemented well since you have to use bureaucrats to do government work of any kind. he would have a strong Vp.  Let’s face it stay home 4+ yrs o
      Give Mitt Romney a chance s we as a nation is directly facing the demise of our economic system equalling DEPRESSION whic may be un avoidable already; but, with Romney we will ahve a person of business sense and the ability to (we never use this word in last 4 yrs) lead.

    2. He supports Israel as a nation, he just wants stop sending it, and a 120 counties around the world, foreign aid. Israel is a rich, extremely well armed ( 200 nuclear weapons ) country, and doesn’t need it. Our country’s going broke, and that’s one of his plans to cut spending. Please vote for him, Dr. Brown. Oh, and I forgot to mention, he’s also a doctor. LOL !

  94. To all who say they will not vote if their favorite isn’t chosen, you had better grow up and realize that life is full of compromises. You can have a slice of the cake or none of the cake but if you choose not to vote, it’s like giving the cake to the incumbent. Obama will play the divisive game as will his surrogates  and if the conservatives aren’t realist enough to man up to the situation, then they will get what they deserve. Talk stupid, act stupid and you are stupid……..just don’t take the nation down the tubes with another 4 years of the Obama crowd.

  95. Still not going to be pushed into voting for a liberal RINO. At some point the GOP needs to learn. Shall we continue to liberals push us to the middle and off the edge? Or give them the medicine now and be cured from years of degradation.

    1.  After Reagan, Congress was headed to the right; politicians needed to act more conservatively to get elected.  People were dissatisfied with GH Bush and voted for Ross Perot.  This allowed Clinton to become President and the Democrats took credit for the success of the Republican Congress.  Had GH Bush been reelected, the radical left would not have taken over Congress.  Anybody who voted for Perot because GH Bush was too liberal, deserves the blame for what is happening now.

      I knew in 2006 the Democrats would take over the house and Senate because on numerous blogs people were saying that they were not going to vote for a RINO.  In 2oo7, the deficit was 161 billion–chump change.  I believe that if the Republicans had maintained control of the House and Senate in 2007 and 2008, we would have had a balance budget for 2009–the deficit was headed to zero.  Instead, a year later we had a recession, to which GW got blamed, which allowed a super majority of Democrats, which enabled Obama care to be implemented.

      Terrance, thanks to people like you, this country has been destroyed, and if Obama gets reelected and appoints a Supreme court judge to replace one of the 4 conservative judges or Kennedy, then the destruction of this country will be complete.

    2.  Unfortunately for us, Romney is the legitimate winner of the primary process.  However, the very thought of a continuation of this farce of an administration nauseates me more than a three week pregnancy.  I will gladly vote for the alternative candidate with whom I disagree on several fronts, in order to unseat the illegitimate imposter under whom we presently suffer.  One is a total fraud, the other is legitimately vetted and qualified.  Rino or not, I will not risk the future liberty of my grandchildren by voting for a statist who would dictate what I can do, buy, say, or where & when I can go, or how I ambulate from one place to anther. Not gonna happen.

  96. Holder could never survive the confirmation process. He has politicized the office of the USAG, and will probably be found in contempt of Congress for his stonewalling on the Fast and Furious probe.  Likewise, Hillary is a firebrand politician, whose prejudices and flaming liberal status prove she lacks the temperment of a serious deliberator.  Neither of them has any respect for the original intent of the US Constitution they wold be interpreting, which is to limit government and esteem individual liberty. They are statists of the highest order and have no business on the SCOTUS.

  97. I am not satisfied with Romney, but I will hold my nose and vote for him. The most important election is for members of the House and Senate, that is where our future as a country is at stake. The Democrats and RINOs have to go! Remember when voting for those seats that you vote for Freedom first, time is running out we can’t afford to continue to put these same politicians back in office and expect a different result. Apathy and stupidity has given us what we have today.

    1. And for certain savage24, lets not forget to dump the RINOs, they certainly are a thorn in our side. Putting the RINOs and dummicrats back in office will send our country right down the tube as we are well on our way now. Four more, God forbid!! And Bruce Seibert, there most likely wouldn’t be a “confirmation process” if they get back in. We must get people out to vote!

  98. Will all of you Ron Paul supporters please take a moment to consider that voting for him is liable to reelect Obama? Think how many voters were unable to vote for McCain and see what happened. Romney is an intelligent, honest man who has a business, government and law background. When he says something you can believe it. Like most of us, his opinions mature rather than “evolve” to gain political contributions like his opponent recently did. In fact he will no doubt show us his health record, college transcripts and maybe even his birth certificate. 

    1. Sure, its considered. But now its your turn to consider that Romney’s may not be so honest or in any way different than Obama. Obama has used up all his clout and would be a lame duck his second term egress Romney might just have enough support to get that single payer thing his was always talking about…

    2. With all due respect, Chiefbuck, Romney has said that he supports the NDAA, and that’s reason enough for me not to vote for him. I still think Ron Paul is going to kick Romney’s butt at the Convention, by securing more delegates, and when that happens, I am certain he will beat that incumbent Commie in November. That being said, if it becomes a choice between the lesser( the NWO twins ) of two evils, I’ll vote for the one that didn’t marry a Gorilla.

  99. I hope that OBUMMER is defeated by a landslide, however if he cheats his way back into office I believe that a civil war is enevitable and if he nominates HOLDER or HITLARY for the suspreme court and either one is confirmed for the position I will assure you that the bullets will be flying on that day of confirmation, and OBUMMER, HOLDER and HITLARY will be the top 3 on the list.
    For Gods sake folks WAKE THE HELL UP or your not going to believe where this country will stand in the world by the middle of 2013.

    1.  That’s why a Police State is being put in place. To fight the patriotic response to Communist control.

    2.  Keep in mind that the SEIU will be “maintaining” the voting machines and the absentee count is being tablulated by a Spanish company owned by George Soros (or so I understand?).  ACORN is alive and well and operating under different names.  Anyone that thinks they won’t try to steal the election is very nieve.

    3. Holder, Hilery, and Obummer all belong in prison, and thus inelegible to nominate for, or be nominated for, any court. Many of our most “conservative” judges, are anything but, including those already on the Supreme Court. They think stare decisis keeps the universe from flying apart. And they will hold to unconstitutional decisions already handed down as tightly as they can rather than mar the “dignity” of the court. Holding our collective noses and voting for the lesser of two evils is how we got  into this mess. Yes “We the people” needed to wake up, in 1933, and in several years before that, and every year since. Some have started to wake up. But Romney as president will lull most back to sleep, and the downhill slide will just continue at a slower pace. Elections alone will not fix this. Take any inference from that that you like, or don’t like, anyone that does not know that it is true, is working very hard at lying to themselves.

  100. I am 78 and I am not old. It may seem old if you are 50 or 60 but  at this an age when I find myself with a lots more wisdom and knowledge when looking at the world and what goes on in this world. Don’t think our attorney general is old enough or experienced enough to sit on the Supreme Court. we have seen his actions and his way of thinking for 3 years and if he were sitting on the SC he would be trying to make new laws and the Constitution would be thrown out the window. As for Hilliary she might do the same thing. One way to make sure neither of them have that opportunity is to make sure Romney is elected. He’s got my vote.

    1.  I agree with you on most things but think Obama would appoint anyone he wants.
      Years of wisdom, maturity, ethics. legal experience will go out the window as long as the
      supreme court appointee will do as Obama says.

    2.  You aren’t old you are a genius, everybody listen to our older people, remember our forefathers, they were brillant and when you see enough of people and life, you become wiser for it.  At least if you have a higher IQ then most of our politicians, you become wiser.

      1. I have no doubt about it, it am wiser and smarter than what I’ve seen in Washington! I just broke my arm patting myself on the back, but it is disgusting what we have from the top to the bottom. You know college students were warned not to go to Mexico on Spring break;however, our President had his 13 year old daughter and 12 of friends flown on a jet to Mexico for spring break…did you see anything in the news about that?

  101. Ron Pauls stance on Israel is not to increase aid to Israel but to decrease or eliminate aid to the enemies of Israel which were initiated under Bush and vastly expanded under Obama.  Removing support for the enemies of Israel will result in a stronger Israel.

  102. Knowing how Obumbler operates,it’s a possibility.I think both Clinton and Holder are a boil on the backside of this country .The democrats are one step up from commies and a lot of the republicans are not much better.It’s a sad state of affairs when it boils down to picking a president that bypasses the congress and the constitution and put’s “CZARS” into office or one that appears to be lacking the “ball’s” to fight “O”on his own terms.Romney needs to grow a pair and remember that nice guys finish last.This country needs a champion and he had better learn to walk the walk and talk the talk,or he will just be a footnote in history next Nov.America can’t take much more of the Democrats and their wanna be Dictator or the republican R.I.N.O’S.

  103. If them two were added to the Supreme Court,, Would most likely be the start of a very bloody civil war. This nation can not stand for these liberal Socialism Idiots.

  104. the ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA should not be on any ballot,, instead he should be in prison..
    If he wins, I just became Russian

    1. Computer software has absolutely amazing balls. Have you looked at this one. You should. I bet you said some very racy stuff about the Keyan and his wife. I’m just watching the fat ugly gay one on Jon Stewart. He was outed as a socialist by Fox. Ever the fair and balanced keeping us safe. Thank you Roger.

  105. If either of these turkeys is nominated, the Republicans should mount a filibuster just as Teddy Kennedy and the Democrats did against Robert Bork.

  106. Maybe Mitt Romney wasn’t your first choice, it doesn’t matter anymore.. Now Mr Romney is YOUR ONLY CHOICE.

  107. most people dont think of the surpreme court effecting our lives are nieve or just plain stupid.having activist judges who do not believe our constitution is not a breathing living document.we need judges who believe what our founding fathers wrote. liberals want judges who would legislates from the bench.they are suppose to interpret the law.we are not eruopes constitution.

  108. I  think holder should be held to a higher standard, how about him answering all the questions and producing all the documents on fast and furious.  If he thinks that the American public doesn’t believe that he and higher ups were behind this, he is dumber than I thought.  If we find out that they all knew about fast and furious and encouraged it, I know Hillary was blaming all the gun running by OUR citizens to Mexico and telling us that the UN should regulate arms in all countries, then we should put every single one of them in prison for treason against this country’s people.  Mitt will have my vote and support because he is the ONLY choice.

  109. Now just mentioning those two for SCOTUS is one very scary scenario. If the constitution isn’t dead already, It would surely be with either one of those two traitors on the court. That might even kick off the civil unrest Obarry wants, if he doesn’t get it this year.

    1. And don’t forget that Hillary is Soros’ pretty girl …  So if Hillary is nominated, Soros’ presence will be sitting just next to her at the bench …

  110. We have two choices this November and although the writer of this column keeps pushing Ron Paul, he is not a nationally viable candidate that most Republicans can support.  It will come down to Romney or Obama, and if Ron Paul tries to make some 3rd party run, his votes will not come from the Democratic base.  In other words, Ron Paul would take votes from Romney, not Obama.  That is the reality. 
    So we either get behind Romney, even if we have to hold our collective noses while we do it, or Obama gets reelected.  That is a completely unacceptable outcome for America and we already know that Obama is telling Russia that he “will have more flexibility after his reelection”.  That “flexibility” cannot be for the good of America.
    Ron Paul supporters need to get over the fact that Ron Paul is not going to be the Republican nominee. 
    Get behind Romney like you’re happy about it or suffer through another 4 years of Obama. 
    Like it or not, that’s the choice we’re faced with.

    1. It is apparent that you do not understand that much of Paul’s base are Reagan democrats and Independents.  A recent poll pitting all three together demonstrated that.  What I can say is that if the Republican party continues to commit fraud against Ron Paul delegates, it will be the Republican establishment that messes up Romney’s chance against Obama…that is if Romney does win against Paul.

      1. I’m already considering the Libertarians. I reject both Communists like Borkup Obummer and his sycophant Dummycrat administration, and theocrats from religions with known problems with prejudice and policy. I’d like to see the entire Dummycrat party broken and scrapped – but replaced by the Constitution Party or the Libertarians. I’d also like to see the extremists chopped off the Republican side so we can get down to running our nation as a business instead of a crummy church and start getting our legacy of civil liberties balanced by civil responsibility back.

      2.  The problem is there is just not enough of them.  Ron Paul is a wonderful guy and hopefully can exert some influence on Romney, but his chances of being elected President are slim.  This country cannot survive 4 more years of Obama.

    2.  Steve you and other nay sayers need to stop promoting Romney. One of the reasons many say Paul won’t win is because you and others like you keep parroting the same crap day after day. I and many others will probably vote for Rom. if we have to but I truely believe he will only finish off what the present criminal has been doing. He’s a heartless S.O.B. – think not what’s he ever said he would change ? Has he challenged the present gaggle of  traitors in congress or MY WHITE HOUSE ?
        But -hey I haven’t got that much longer to up these scum bags I just pray JESUS will forgive me when I cheer as he sends these bass       to their reward.

      1.  He might not suffer for his lies, lies, to the country – his children will have to bare
        the sins of the father.

  111. Romney will do just fine…If he had won 3+ years ago this country would not be in ruination from the idiot shacked in the white house….shillery or the racist holder would be a flucking disaster and both should be in jail for fraud, treason, and misdemeanors against We the People!

    1. We would have Romney’s care is the only diffetence- single payer. Bail outs were and still are supported by Romney- no flip flop on that yet. Ndaa, patriot act… Wait tell me again how Romne would have been a better elitist that Obama?


    1. HEIL Obama, you don’t need a weatherman to tell you this is a Commie country not a Nazi. Nazis hated black folks and Jews. You GOP era get the Nazi label. Hitler did build great building and his uniforms were awesome.

      1. A socialist is a socialist is a socialist.  NAZI…National Socialist German Workers Party.  Don’t pretend that Democrats are the ones that want to take care of minorities.  Democrats are the creators of the KKK and every one of the Jim Crow laws.  Nothing you can say will change that fact.  It’s history.  You can even look it up. 

        All socialists have resorted to mass murder once they took absolute control.  Hitler was a piker.  He murdered 13 million.  Stalin…45 million.  Mao…65 million and still counting.

       Excuse me I think I’ll go beat my head on the wall – got to get this image out of my head.

  114. Someone is smoking something powerful. Traitors Holder and Hillary the Hag Klinton aren’t fit to judge a frog jumping contest, much less our Supreme Court cases. Exile both of these traitorous dimwits, preferably to some Communist nation where they can get a preview of their own bad judgements!

  115. If Ron Paul were so fabulous, HE would be the Presidential nomination for the Republican Party. So “Paulettes” get behind the winner. WE CANNOT SURVIVE ANOTHER 4 OF THE “LIAR N’ THIEF”.

    1. Ron Paul is just like another McCain, no balls. Obama will ruin the US. if he gets 4 more . The world’s biggest liar and fraud.                                                                                                    Mike Tanco

  116. He Probably won’t get past the front gate, It is ashamed that he might have the end of his life by somebody.
    WE HAVE HEARD TO MANY OF HIS LIES. I can’t evern stand to see a picture of them. AND I NEVER LISTEN to him ,I think he is sickening to watch.

    This a JUDEO CHRISTIAN NATION and for him and his MERRY MEN trying to destroy it will bring the house down.

    These people are common TRASH , they are a disgrace to our HOUSE in DC and we want THEM OUT and if the people have to get involved like the other countries have to remove the so called President then what makes any member in our GOVERNMENT think we wont protect our Country?????????????

    AND YOU THINK FOR ONE MINUTE WE WONT CARRY ON ???????Barack better hope he don’t win.He will not have a life of Luxury on OUR DIME ANY MORE.
    Michelle can kiss her days of stealing from the people to afford all her good times,GOOD BY .

  117. There is no greater fear than rabble rousing that the illegal Kenyan Commie Socialist nazi Marxist Dictator Emperor will nominate Eric Holder for Supreme. You guys are awesome. Didn’t see that one coming. Sure hope Fox Beck and the fat man pick this one up. This is liquid gold. But wait, Romney already has the total nutty ones lined up for him despite the fact that he’s not conservative and anointed by the same guy who gave you George W. So anyway it was a great try. Really don’t think it wil pout the fear of god or Allah in the hearts of the typical sane electoral voter. Somehow they are looking at other issues and the other issues include not harping on where Obama was born which to most A,ericans was resolved when he showed his real Cerificate of birth, the long one. Not the certificate of live birth by the Now GOP candidate, Mittens. Oh well. There are always those pesky facts. I know I should be blogging at HP and hanging with union Thugs but you guys are so much fun. Remind me of my dotty old uncle who always provided entertainment at Thanksgiving. god rest his soul. He would have so loved the birther stuff.

    1. Hey UncleT – where have you been the last 3+ years ??
      The birth certificate is a computer generated fraud.  
      Obambi’s party hasn’t won an election of any significance since 2008.
      He is going to get beaten like a red headed commie marxist kenyan !!!

  118. If Obama gets back in we will soon be under control of the United Nations and our constitution will be a thing of the past.

    1. Obama knows that  most of the Ametican people know noyhing about the Constitution or the Bill of rights. Some, i am ashame to say, don’t care about. Being so, he believes that they will believe everything that he will say. He is doing a GREAT job hiding the truth. Anyone who really wants to see what the Constitution says, need to have the Webster or Oxford dictionary, to understand the meaning of some of the words. Some of the words have a different meaning today than then. Obama, needs to use thes dictionaries, he mal learn something.  BUT, he wants everyone to know that only he has the true meaning of the writings of the founding fathers. AMERICA, WAKE UP…….

      1. Go to Hillsdale College.com and take their free online course on The United States Constitution.  They are offering it free to educate the American people and the world to what we are about to loose.

    1.  Nightmare on Elm Street is nothing to what will happen to us if we allow him back in office. if you think that program is scarier you haven’t seen anything yet.

  119. If Obama wins we are all in hell and a civil war will happen most likely.
     Anyone but Obama and democrats!

    1. I’m afraid that if he loses there will be blood in the streets.  ACORN and all the activists cannot have power escape them.  Soros included.

  120. Justices Holder & Clinton ??? You just made 70% of Americans sick !
    Let’s kick this Obama marxist out of our White House on Nov 6th.
    Go TEA Party !!!

    1. Easier said than done.  Way too many Americans like the idea of “free” lunch, government handouts and having others pay for their food, clothing and shelter.  Obama tapped into that bunch of lazy pukes by promoting class warfare.  The liberals, of course, voted for Obama based on his skin color.  The blacks (even if not liberal) voted for Obama’s skin color.  Hispanics (the illegals) voted because America will give them free stuff and not send them back to the hell-hole country of their birth.

      The old protestant work ethic has diminished to the point where people (not ALL, but a lot) will vote based on feelings and free stuff.  They simply don’t want to earn what they need, they want it confiscated from the “rich” and handed to them.-

  121. At that point it might be a good idea to look for another country to live in, I for one would hate living in a nation that would likely become a large version of Cuba or Venezuela, all in all this is more than enough reason to not vote for Obama!!!

    1. Run if you want. But as for me I will stay and fight for my rights and freedom.  Not just for me, but my children and grandchildren.

  122. If mr transparent wins again,socialism here we come… Why are Americans sleeping when it comes to obama?Mr Transparency will not let us see even just his college records…Hello voters…obama promised to be the most Transparent ever….Lets see obama’s college records..We can see the college and grade school records of every offical except obama,the one who is the most Transparent ever…Hello people…If you lie to a democrat voter,you get their vote…No wonder America is in a mess.   The democrats are such scammers…pelosi says we must pass obamacare before we can know whats in it yet she knew enough to exempt herslf and friends from it…If obamacare is so wonderful,why doesn’t pelosi and obama and the rest of the white house go on it too?No one even knows who obama really is yet many will vote obama,why?Look who backs obama..SOROS for one…That should tell you all you need to know…

    1. I wud still like to know how he ever got into college when he hardly ever even bothered to go to high school & was drunk or high on drugs,— by his own words.

  123. Clearly we don’t want Holder for ANYTHING, nor Clinton, Hillary or Bill!  I keep wondering if Arpiao finds enough to determine Obama is not a legal resident/president what will happen to Sotomeyor, and Kagan? It would be great if they were disallowed as well.

    1. I say we ship them all to Guantanimo Bay for a few months of rest and relaxation before their trials by military tribunal for high treason against the USA

    1. he will never be elected… whats wrong with you… if you dont vote for romney, you will be voting for obama… is that what you want… wise up.

    2. Sorry Mr. Mike, but do you realize that a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama?  Only people like you will vote for Ron Paul, people who at this point in the game are so obtuse that they don’t see what’s in front of your eyes. THERE IS NO TIME.  Either we support Romney to the end, with the votes of all independents, disappointed Dems and troubled Jewish Dems, or we end up with the New World Order pushing us around AND the new Caliphate.

      Your choice, your responsibility.  You cannot be that thick!

  124. I ask for ALL who are American Citizens to Vote this November regardless of whether you have or haven’t got who you would like to see on the Ballot…..and further I hope that you will Vote to Remove Obama, as he is a Deadly Threat to us ALL in many different ways….. As for the Supreme Court Justices Retiring and being replaced by another, If Obama is still in Office, we ALL know that he will place more of the same as with Elena Kagan…… You can also BET that when this happens, we will NO LONGER have any Control of what OUR CONSTITUTION and Bill of Rights give us…… the first thing to go will be the 2nd Ammendment, then the 1st Ammendment and so many more to which Obama will control the Supreme Court to do as he wants them to do…… GUNS will be removed from LAW ABIDING CITIZENS and only the Criminals will continue to have them and we will be in the same shape as Brittain, Australia, Canada, Singapore and all who think by removing GUNS will STOP the Violence, Murders, Rape, Robbery, etc…..  What a JOKE and I do mean a JOKE……. The only thing that will result is much more Crimes will continue and get Worse, and Continue to get Worse yet….. It’s been Proven time after time and it shows exactly in the Country’s in which is mentioned ABOVE and others…….  We cannot afford to allow Obama in for another Term as President and we must also remove as many as we can in the Congress and Senate that are Democrats…..
    The more the better and maybe then we will be able to rebuild and Strenghten America back to the GREAT NATION we once were and will be again……

    1.  gunsmoke11  you have said a mouth full and you are so right if this imposter gets back in again all of our rights will be gone and lets not forget about his private army and the 70 commies ans nazis and others that are already in the senate and congress. obama thinks all of the Americans are so dumb that we can not see what he is doing to our country. Obama is the same as Hitler,Stalin and if we do nothing we will pay a dear price and it won’t take him long.  he has already threatened the U.S.SUPREME COURT about his health care so what is next.

      1. Thankyou Joyce for the very kind words, I really do hope that everyone will get out to Vote in order to remove Obama, his Administration, Henchmen, Czars, Thieves, Murders and ALL else that he has….. Personally I would like to see him removed before November by Legitimate Removal in which it is Proven that he is an Impostor….. Eventually this will be Proven, it’s only a matter of time…..  If we ALL send our Congressmen/women and Senators a Demand to take Action on this, another words TURN-UP the Pressure Cooker and Demand them to do so, maybe we can Force them to Taking Action……….

    2. You forgot to mention Mexico, our next door neighbor where citizens are not permitted to have guns.  How many deaths in the last several year – 50,000 and counting?  Believe me, I live here and live one block from where a young couple were gunned down.  When the police finished digging out all the slugs from the walls nearby they counted 251 bullets including more than 20 in each lifeless body.  YOU DON’T WANT THIS, FELLOW AMERICANS, PROTECT YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.  Swallow your pride and do what you know you must do.  A reelected Obama spells doom, an elected Romney,  survival and a step in the right direction for 2016.

      1. I am so Sorry Tapatiojoe that you must endure this kind of Violence so close by to you and to see it in a Country that does NOT allow Guns….. If it is GODS wish to HELP and Give you what it Takes to Protect you from Harms way, we certainly will be Praying for you…..
        GOD, Please protect Tapatiojoe from all harm and give him Strength to Endure such Suffering, Protect him with your Mighty Hand….. AMEN !!!!

  125. Making this announcement replaces the need for a “fleet kit” in preparation for a colonoscopy.  The “end” outcome replaces  the integrity of the democrats and their leader.

  126. So your concern is that Obama will appoint liberal judges and they will control the bench? Republican, pro-life appointed judges have held the majority since Roe v Wade, and still abortion is legal. What gives?

    1. We are NOT trying to Protect or Justify Abortion, but we DO Need to have someone in which who can and will Give us some sort of Justice that is equally distributed….. With Obama you are NO BETTER off with him for Abortions, and he is certainly against OUR CONSTITUTION and the Bill of Rights….. Having him in Office for another Term would be even more of a Disastor, not mentioning the Down-Fall of America as we know it to be……. Do you want Socialism and lose all of what you have now ????  This is what Obama would do if he is Re-Elected….. I hope that we ALL can come together and Peacefully with Respect for one another to do what is needed by doing our part in Voting to remove Obama….. Granted we DO NOT have a very good choice maybe, but it has to be better than having Obama….. Remember, if Obama gets Re-Elected, the Supreme Court Justices will be more of the same with Elena Kagan and Company…… When this happens we will LOSE Everything and I mean EVERYTHING…….  So you Choose, but do it Wisely as your whole Future will depend on it…… Obama’s way will spell Dismal Disastor for Certainity…….

  127. Why is it that so few Americans – 368 to be exact on this blog realize the danger that this country is in at the moment? Americans continue to wear blinkers and put their heads in the sand like ostriches because they are too cowardly to accept the blame for making the biggest error made in American history, being voting in a fraud white/black Kenya born man as the President of the USA. This fraud promised change and he gave it to WE THE PEOPLE in spades… he got rid as quickly as was decent the old decrepit people sitting on the bench to be replaced by his own marxist communist buddies for various favours received in the past being Kagan and Sotomeyer.  Holder his “special” buddy was also swiftly put into a position of power.  Should the ayatollah barack hussein obama get in for another 4 years with the help of union thugs and dead people votes he WILL replace all the old bods with younger radical communists. AMERICA, it is time to hang our flag UPSIDE DOWN – THIS COUNTRY IS IN DANGER AND IN DIRE DISTRESS. The whole world is waiting in the wings to see whether WE THE PEOPLE (the sheep and the goats) will willingly allow themselves to be led to the slaughter.  Hillary Clinton the danferous obama drone is busy selling this country down the drain and wants to disarm this country to make us completely helpless. WAKE UP AMERICA – START TO HANG YOUR ONCE PROUD AMERICAN FLAG UPSIDE DOWN TO SHOW THE WORLD THAT WE ARE IN DISTRESS.  GOD HELP AMERICA.

  128. Even the idea of Hitlery Clinton and/or Hold-Us-Up on the Supreme Court is to horrible to even contemplate.  This would be a total disaster to the country, and especially to the Constitution.

  129. So, are you saying early on that Richard Luger’s defeat means unless Ron Paul secures the Republican nomination for POTUS despite Romney winning an adequate number of delegates, we will have four more years of Obama and the SCOTUS will be stacked on the left?

    The part about Obama and the Court makes sense.

            Paul Fauber

    1. Actually, Romney has not yet won all those delegates. Many are just assumed to be for Romney. Some straw polls and caucuses are nothing more than popularity contests. No results are binding.

  130. I find it hard to accept that those who are now suspicious of Obama and his administration did not see the signs earlier. I am no genious but to me it was obvious that Obama was a phony from the start. His style of speech, supporters and the people he socialized with, i.e. Bill Ayers. Rev. Wright to name of few.  Now it is a high probability that he Obama is not qualified to be president. The evidence is all there, just a matter of getting our representatives to grow some spine and start impeachment proceedings. Time is running out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey Giley1, we DO NOT want to have Obama Impeached as this wouldn’t be the wise thing to do, further more if he is an Impostor as it has been shown with the Evidence given to Date, you cannot Impeach someone who is an Impostor….. We can have him brought up on charges of Espionage, in which carries the same Penalty as Treason……  By doing this, we can Eliminate everything that he has Done and it will NEVER, EVER be a Threat to any of us Americans…… This is the Wise Choice and I hope we can Succeed in doing it….. Write to your Congressmen/women and Senators to
      Turn-up the Pressure Cookers on them to DEMAND they TAKE ACTION to accomplish this…..
      GOD BLESS AMERICA  !!!!!

    2. Many of us did–and we did not vote for him—but we were outvoted by Acorn and graveyards across the country, not to mention felons

      1. You’re right – we did not vote for him
        either – his words were artificial and hollow when Obama was campaigning.  If one listened to what Obama was saying, his
        nature and intent were revealed. Unfortunately, most heard, but did not want to
        believe their ears. Let’s not be fooled again by Acorn, dead people, felons nor
        illegal aliens.

        votes are too important. They know we are fully awake now.  They realize their gig is up. All we need to do is to vote and that no voter fraud takes
        place.  We must stay on top of our Senatorial and Congressional Representatives
        ensuring that they uphold the Constitution to which they swore to uphold if
        not, replace them in November.  Tell your family, friends and neighbors to vote
        in November.  If need be, provide transportation to those who can’t get to the voting polls.  Don’t let them stay home because they didn’t vote for Romney.  He
        is our victorious nominee therefore we must support and do all we can to put him in the White
        House this November. We must get rid of this administration in November.  It is time for everyone to pull together!

        votes are too important. They know we are fully awake now.  They realize their gig is up. All we need to do is to vote and that no voter fraud takes
        place.  We must stay on top of our Senatorial and Congressional Representatives
        ensuring that they uphold the Constitution to which they swore to uphold if
        not, replace them in November.  Tell your family, friends and neighbors to vote
        in November.  If need be, provide transportation to those who can’t get to the voting polls.  Don’t let them stay home because they didn’t vote for Romney.  He
        is our victorious nominee therefore we must support and do all we can to put him in the White
        House this November. We must get rid of this administration in November.  It is time for everyone to pull together!

  131. If those two end up on the Supreme Court our republic is over.   This next election is huge.  We must get rid of Barry Soetoro and “Plugs” Biden.  A.B.O.    –  Anybody But Obama!

  132. If the Senate confirmed Eric Holder or Hillary there will be civil war and half the country will move to Texas and secede from the union.  I’m moving soon to avoid the rush….

  133. We will be permitted by then to legally kill Democrats that voted for Obamacare. Once one is bagged, we must put the others out of our misery…………….. to save our conscience and the respect for our Constitution.

  134. I pray we have went as far to the dark side Our country can. And get THE Chicago Thugs out. Al Capone sure would have felt vindicated.

  135. Wow. Talk about your doom and gloom scenario! That’s every bit as big a disaster as any I cover in my book.
    Assuming 0bama doesn’t pull something between now and November, and he’s actually and soundly defeated, at least perhaps we can postpone the crash awhile. If he pulls some stunt and sabotages the elections, all bets are off and you better be prepared.
    surviving urban crisis . com

    1. If Romney wins the election, look for the fraud in the WH to do a lot of stuff fast to ruin as much as he can–or take over and declare the election void—-we should be prepared for anything—

      1. The plan is to do an end run, during the lame duck session, around the Congress and the voters by signing a series of treaties that will place the U.S. under UN control.   These several treaties like the LOST treaty and the UN EPA treaty are coming to the Senate in the next several weeks.   Obama has signed one and will certainly sign an EPA style treaty that contains all the things he wants done in the U.S., we would be required to follow radical UN rules on the enviroment.   He needs Senate ratification for these treaties and is betting that the defeated democrat Senators will give him the votes he needs, because their political careers are over, so they could care less.   Talk to your Senators before it is too late!

    2.  Hi Silas
      Obama is going on a rampage.He is dead set on transforming this country though behind the door antics that will distroy this country.

  136. The  re-call election in Wisconsin of Governor Walker shouldprovide a good indicator towards the  forthcoming results of the Presidential election, So far it appears the current Governor Walker will be re-elected by a margin between 2-4 %.  This should also be possible for Romney this comming Novemeber.

    1. Romney will not win a narrow election.  His winninfg margin must be large enough to ovecome ACORN and union fraud, or a protracted fight in the courts, a la Bush v. Gore.   Turnout of independents is the key to a Romney victory.

      1. Plus a good percentage of Jewish Dems worried about Israel’s future, and lots of Dems who had enough of the far left having taken over the party.  I think there is hope!

        1.  If their are Jewish people who are concerned about Israel, they had better drop Ron Paul from their list as well.

      2. Making sure military absentee ballots are counted will be another key. Liberals are already looking for ways to disqualify military ballots, and they haven’t even been mailed out yet.

  137. Wishful thinking on Robamaney.  We WILL vote for Ron Paul types for Senate, for Congress, locally, state, county but NOT for Robamaney, just simply NO cigar there.  That cigar will not burn if you light it Godfather.  You are wrongo on the Mormon, Willard.

    1. well at least your are pushing to make Congress more conservative.  Too bad that your prejudices are such that you would prefer obama to be president for another term, rather than support a mormon. Apparently, in your mind, it’s better to have an islamic president that a mormon.

      1.  I would venture a guess, Phydeus, that John Cummings is a liberal Democrat. No one could be saying what his is saying and be a conservative Republican. And in fact Ron Paul is quite a  liberal in his stance toward Israel and the protection of our borders as well as his relationships with other countries. He in fact is an isolationist which in today’s world  is deadly for our country. His idea that Israel does not need our support is actually the same as shaking his fist in the face of God. Since the beginning of time God has always turned His back on those who plot against or abandon Israel. They are God’s chosen people and we will never survive going against them in any way.

        1. i agree with you … i think Paul underestimates the threat that islam poses;  while at the same time believing that we have no business fighting for people who hate us.  We should extract ourselves from Afganistan and Iraq, but should beef up our support of Israel, and our other allies (of course, i would not consider france as one of those).  Other than that, Ron Paul is the candidate whose policies most resonate with me. …. We need to de-fang the federal government, and move most of the decision making back to the states, and stop spending money we don’t have.

    2. If I were you with the unbalanced intelligence you exhibit, I would vote for Obammie, go on relief, and let the rest of the world go by. You are exactly what the messiah wants in a voter, dumb, uneducated, lazy, and a good follower.

    3. Anyone who doesn’t like Obama but won’t vote for Romney (he’s not my candidate but) you are giving Obama a chance and we can’t afford that.   Bad politicians are elected by good citizens who do not vote.

  138. Even the thought of not voting in November is criminal, irresponsible and moronic.  And forgive me, but if Ron Paul had an ounce of patriotism he would give up his own agenda and join the only possible candidate to support.  This is the most important election in the history of our nation, and voting for anybody other than Romney, regardless as to how we feel about him, is absolutely criminal.  This administration needs to be replaced in the only way our country has done for the last 200 + years.

    Put your egos aside and do the right thing.  Romney is the one and only option, and if he and the GOP had any common sense they would put Allen West in the formula.  That way the Dem African American vote will be drawn towards us.  Democrats of all colors and ethnicities are fed up and ready for a change.

    1. I agree …. would much rather the conservative representative were more conservative, but America must back, wholeheartedly the candidate with the best chance of beating obama.  Sure, i would prefer Rand Paul or Allen West, but that’s not in the cards this year … since it looks like Romney has the Republican nomination this year, we need to get behind him.  That will at least give us some time to fix the republican party & replace the RNC with conservatives; four more years of obama will render any conservative changes moot.

      1. Don’t count Ron Paul out of the running until AFTER the convention. This year’s Republican convention is going to be similar to the 1980 convention. The Republican establishment wanted one candidate, but Conservatives wanted Reagan. We know who won. It could happen again this year.

        1. I stand corrected …. should have said that we all need to get behind whomever emerges from the convention with the nomination … my bad.  If Ron Paul nabs the nomination, i’d be more happy supporting him – since i think Romney is a big-government republican.   The only issue i have with Paul is his apparent lack of concern about islam …. but i agree with not fighting wars on behalf of people who hate us, though i think we should support our only ally in the middle east.  As the muslim brotherhood continues to consolidate power and influence in the region, they will attempt to remove Israel from the map; and that would not be in our best interest.

    2. There is NO WAY a Black person will be on the Republican ticket. Democrats will never allow their voter base to be split. First, a Black VP candidate will be vetted like no other person before. Secondly, the government controlled media, aka mainstream media, will hunt ferociously for some piece of dirt on that candidate; and when they find it they will make the candidate look like a hrdened criminal because of it. Finally, if the first two do not persuade that Black person to drop out, he or she will be shot. The last person who was successful with splitting the Democrat voting base was shot several months before the 1972 election. His name was George Wallace. I didn’t like anything the man stood for, but he is proof Liberals will never allow their base to be divided again.

      1. Remember what they did to Herman Cain, a good, honest man – the POS in the WH did not like it and neither did his thugs so they tried to slander him with all kinds of lies and he put his family above that, so he retreated. Herman Cain would have been a very good president but he is too honest, so he was slandered by the Communists.

        1. Notice also that the MSM nailed cain constantly without ever mentioning BHO’s many shortcomings. The Libs own the media. Any vote for anyone but the GOP nominee will surely be a vote for our inept incumbent. Remember Ross Perot?

    3.  Charles, I think you may be seriously misguided in your patriotism. Ron Paul is a patriot and has been trying to educate your thinking for the past 30 years. Where did many of the things Romney is now touting come from? Smaller government etc.has been what the Republican establishment has fought Paul on for those many years. Romney will only have marginal success as President as would any one else who belongs to the Republican party. It is the Party who will select his VP , advisers and cabinet posts and they will follow party line. Surely you can not believe that what is happening to our nation has just been the work of Obama. This is the result of 60 years of step by step planning and both parties are a part of our destruction.You are right about many dems  being ready for change but it is the fact they just have the Republican party for the alternative and that is what is preventing the change. A third party is the answer as it would draw from both parties and the independents. That third party would grow rapidly and become the dominant player in American Politics bringing a renewal to Constitutional conservatism.  Those who are married to these two political  parties may just bee a part of the problem. As for now , yes we need to get Obama out but don’t look for Romney to undue the damage Obama has done.

      1. Robert, it doesn’t matter anymore.  It is either Obama or Romney.  No other choicves.  If not Romney it will be Obama once again.  Is that what you want?  It will almost certainly lead to armed conflict.  Is that what you want?  Don’t you believe that?  If you think not you need to pull your head out of your backside and start talking to people other than Ron Paul supporters.  There are a lot of people who are mad as hell and determined to do something about it.

    4. The media is saying Obama has more electoral votes that Romney, therefore he is the winner, even though November isn’t here and the people haven’t voted. When Obama spoke to Medvedev in an open mike he indicated after November he would have more flexibility to talk with Putin, meaning, “nows not a good time”. I also read he (Obama) has appointed a company in Spain to count the votes, no recount, no recall, no challenge at all, and after the votes are counted that is FINAL!  The machines (DiBolt) can be rigged. By the way the company is owned by two men, one of whom Obama knew in Chicago!!!

      1. That means all of us should try to  get our individual states to also provide a paper ballot to mark the same way as we voted by scanner.  Recounts are  then possible.  We have to outsmart the possibility of voter fraud.

        1. Great idea, however I have been trying to get my state to pass Voter Photo ID for two years and it has gotten NO WHERE!

        1. There is NOTHING that surprises me about this administration and his underhanded, behind closed doors, diabolical way he and his minions govern (?). Illegal? You betcha!

      1. Belinda is a plant to try and stir up trouble.  People like her will be dealt with by people who know her.

  139. John please!  Think as an American, not as a Republican.  Four more years of this administration  will be the end of the Western world as we know it.  If you do not vote for Romney and the Dems win again, the country will regret it, but you and the rest of people like you will carry the blame.

      1. You are doing a bvang up job for the democraps Belinda.  Just wondering if you are on the payroll or just an amateur come to confuse the stupid republicans who post here.  Whatever you are doing a good job and I’ll bet it works.

      2. If I remember correctly the same thing was said when John Kennedy was running for President, nobody wanted or would vote for a catholic.. now we have Mormons, I know many mormons and find them to be good people, family oriented, committed to helping people, just because they don’t read from the same book as I do, does not mean they are any less christian. Obama has praised Islam and admits to being a Muslim, we know about their book ” The Koran ” which calls all of those who do not believe as they do ” Infidels ” and for killing Christians. Now which would you support?

    1. He won’t carry it for long.  I am pretty sure there are people out there that will be looking for those who have betrayed us.

  140. Just considering the possibility of them in a lifetime appointment makes you consider offering up their names to Oblunders kill list. There is far greater problems at hand, we need to stay the course and get the House and Senate to give the GOP a trifecta with the White House. The Socialist Party (Democratic) needs to get starved out until we get a third  Party we can trust stands behind their charter.

  141. That means that his old man was as big a liar as he is and all the others before him and all the ones to come after. Politics is only a game for the rich to get richer and to stab the knife in to the poor suckers just that much deeper. We are doomed, but not just in this country, we are doomed world wide, because the politicians world wide are dangling on the end of the string of the BIG MONEY! That spells corporations and big private interests controlling ALL the governments, world wide, and the middle and dark ages will return every where! Like it or not!

    1. Well, you have shown us that you are a pathetic charicature of a real man.  A real man will fighjt to prevent this instead of telling everybody we are doomed.  Thank god that there weren’t a bunch like you in Dec of 1941.  Our country would have thrown up it’s hands and surrendered.

        1. I hope he is correct also but there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that he is.  My problem is with talkers like you and Blair.  What are you doing to prepare for the event that Obama is reelected?  You are just like a catfish, all mouth and no brains.  You were probably convinceds that Obama would lose in a landslide in 2008.  If you are a native Texan and not one of the new yankee immigrants we may not have a problem with each other.  I recognize that not all good people are smart, and a person that does not understand what we face with the democrats is certaionly not smart, but they do tend to cheat a lot during elections and with the counting of the ballots to be done by a Spanish company owned by Soros it make educated people worry about the fairness of the election.  It will not be a landslide for Romney.  If it is close it will go to Obama via the count.  Remember how many recounts it took to put Al Franken into the senate?  The democrats just kept finding ballot boxes in the trunk of cars until the vote swung to Frankenm.  Wake up, this is a new day.

  142. Hitlery Clinton and Eric Holder supreme court justices?  What a horror story for America and a field day for the Communists and Muslims.

  143. The SCOTUS appointments will be made by Evelyn Rothschilds and the NWO Globalists via the POTUS, no matter who wins the election. 

      1. Wake up, after reading this thread I realize  the lack of knowledge the populous possesses. The political partisan deterant is intentionally designed to sway the people from the real issues.  Read  http://politicalvelcraft.org/ . The media was bought in the early 1900s and has been spinning us ever since. We WILL lose America as we have known it if we don’t see the light. There is a Communist takeover in progress with Obummer at the helm.  There is no rock Dandydude, only reality…..

        1. How do I argue with a moron like you who is convinced he is the only one who knows what is going on?  How high is your IQ? do you belong to MENSA?  I think not. It is time for the next revolution but we are not ready yet.  Too many people are still like you, a talking head.  We need tiome, if you don’t see that you are blind.  Obama will not give us time.  It will make me sick to my stomach to vote for Romney but we desperately need him to wil.  Try real hard to THINK.  Are you ready to fight right now?  Can we win without fighting?  Grow up.  This is not a college debate.  The time to debate is past.  Your post about the appoinbtments of the supreme court were stupid and unhelpful.  If you had half a brain you would realize they were meant to make you look superior but not made to help solve any problem.

  144. Romney will be the Republican candidate for President, if for no other reason than Ron Paul is still the shrill and mewling lunatic he has always been, with his head buried deep in the sand and his butt a target, the same stance he advocates for the country on the world stage. So, come election day in November, the only real question will be, do you sit at home pathetically counting your liberty dollars, or do you vote against Queen Obama?


    1. Please, Please,please for the sake of our nation rethink what you have said!!!! A vote (write-in or not voting) is the same as going into that voting booth and voting for Obummer!!!  Then our Nation is done, big time .  Mitt was “NOT” my choice either, but like I said I will hold my nose and vote for him.  To split the vote by voting for someone else on a write-in (or have the Dems stick in a fake Repub, to syphone off votes) would be a major disaster for the country!!!!  If we can hold the house and hopefully take the senate just maybe we can turn this ship around.  What really would be the icing on the cake tho is if anyone in there now had the “B—s” to prove he is not qualified to hold office, everything he passed would be null and void.  Maybe they could even make him and Fat Moochie repay all the money they have spent for themselves and family.  “I know I’m dreaming but what the heck!” They would have to prove he is not American but Kenyan.  Can’t impeach someome that isn’t American.

    2.  Are you sure you are spelling your last name properly? Perhaps it should have an “M” and a “B” in place of the “R” and add another “S” at the end.

    3.  Please think this through. Sarah is not going to be elected. As much as we like her.  It is what it is. You will be voting for Obama( Period) It is the most important election of our times. I am a very far to the  right kind of person but Romney is the republican running against Obama. Do not give this election to Obama.

  146. You must vote in the 2012 election even if you have to get there on crutches.Staying home and not voting should not even be an option. Show these politicians what the American people are made of.Does not matter if you are Democrat or Republican use your sacred right to vote and do not lose it under any conditions.Think seriously about it.This election is that important.2012 is the year that could change our destiny to the good or to the worst ever.

    1. We must vote for the most electable, the one that does the best against Obama in the polls, Ron Paul. The only one that can beat obama.

  147. I do not agree Republicans ( Conservatives ) want Ron Paul for our nominee.  I talk to many people and never have I heard one say they wanted Ron Paul… if that were true, he would be the nominee, I think Mitt romney will make a great President… I support him by choice and campaign donations.

  148. If  Republicans vote for anyone besides Mitt Romney, they will be helping elect Obama.  We all perhaps have thought of voting for another, but Mitt Romney will be on the Republican ticket, and I believe he will be a good president.  If Obama is reelected, it will be the end of the U.S. as we know it.

  149. it is to bad that Mr.Ron Raul is the only one out there that is running that knows what the word “Constitution’ and the rural of “law” is after all it is what well save us. to me Romney is a twin to what we have now HE is NOT a Conservatives but a Dem.

    1.  Maybe so, but we have to get Obama and his socialists and some say communists surrounding him out of office. So please go to the polls and vote for Romney.  At least we know he is not a muslim. Obama has not kept one promise he  has made to the American People. Oh wait a minute. He said he was going to fundamentally change America and he unfortunately is  keeping to his word on that one.

    2. Mitt may not be as conservative as I’d like but he is NOT a dumbocrat!  If that is your real perspective you’ve been smoking something illegal.

  150. I’ve heard a few say they want RP.I seam to remember reading that most of his supporters are between 18 & 30. Romney is not conservative enough for me,but he is a saint compared to hussein.

  151. its a wonder that obama just doesnt elect himself to the supreme court…one day all this socialist-marxist policies are going to back fire in a big way….once all the american people get wise to the truth.

  152. Please remind your friends and family members about the kind of people that Obama would appoint (and has appointed).

    If anything, that is another good reason for shutting down Obama!

  153. Same held true of the last election. Who so ever didn’t’vote because they didn’t care for McCain is partly responsible for Kagen and Sotomeyer. (Not positive on correct spelling).

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  155. This dude is folks. Don’t stay home this November. Don’t forget you can write someone in on the ballot. “The indidual votes don’t count”, you say? Sure they do. The ballot is your voice. If you don’t want Barry “up the butt in collage but I’ll deny it now” Soetorro Obama or Mitt “I Love illegals and Obamacare is Romneycare in disguise” Romney, then write your guy in!!! After all when Obama won there were thousands of ballots filled in by, dead people, cartoon characters, prisoners etc. see what I mean? And who won? Obama.
    If Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination and that’s who you really want, don’t vote Romney because you think, “well, better than Obama again”. No! Not better!! SAME. Got out and MAKE your vote count. Let’s make history this November.

    1. let’s make history ????? Right. Write in some candidate who could not get the nomination and your WILL actually be voting for Obama. You WILL get ULTRA LIBERALS placed on the Supreme Court. Come on people. Use your heads. It’s GET RID OF obama ;Period. Did you ever think that maybe these who want a Ron Paul write in could be a democrat stragaty ?????????????

    2. A write in vote is a vote for Obama- plain and simple. That’s why Ross ‘ Pee row’  ran, to make sure Clinton got elected. A third party/write in is a wasted vote.

  156. America is going down faster than you think because Obama and both Parties are not telling the American People the truth of what Obama, Romney or whoever  is elected WILL HAVE TO CUT IN 2013,  like it or not. Medicare is the biggest and that is why Obama and the Democrats are trying their best to cause ALL money from insurance, hospitals, drugs, or anything to do with your health to come under their control. That would total into the Trillions then they can dictate what Obamacare will NOT COVER  and ration your  benefits. They could all stimulate  Millions $ for themselves because of so much money in their hands and the more they can CUT ,   the more they can STEAL with no accountability. How do you think they spent and wasted over $15,000,000,000,000.00 with nothing to show for it but, it is now YOUR DEBT and YOUR KIDS as well.  If you trust them,  you can vote to re-elect them for putting you in debt.

  157. I pray others are working as hard as I to prevent this. Obama=marxism, dump Obama open the oil spiggots as Russia, China and Canada have done and America returns to wealth it is as simple as that folks!

  158. Ron Paul can win this. Romney will just say anything to get into office. Once he’s there we have no chance. We must not allow someone who started Romney-care and whose thoughts on abortion turn on a whim to be a Republican President. If Romney wins we’ll just have another Democrat in 4 years. We need someone who will stop the out of control spending and the only one who will do that is Ron Paul.

    1. I sincerely hope that the RP backers who claim to be genius’s will eventually come to some modicum of sense and realize RP ain’t never gonna get elected POTUS. 
      Ain’t gonna happen.
      However you are free to vote for him.  Or, you could vote directly for obozo because that is exactly what you will be doing.  I speak from some experience, having voted 3rd party against Clinton.  Clinton became the first POTUS to win an election without –  WITHOUT – a majority. 

      Nuf Said???

      1. Relax. Paul has already stated he will NOT run as a third party candidate. Even he knows that a vote for a third party is a vote for obama. Third parties split Republican votes, NOT Democrat votes. Democrats will not allow their voting base to be split.
        The last candidate who was successful at splitting the Democrat voting base was shot several months before the 1972 election. His name was George Wallace. I did not like anything he stood for but he is proof Liberals will never allow their voting base to be split.

      2. If everyone who said that liked Ron Paul’s ideas but he is unelectable would stop listening to the talking heads on TV and do their own research, Ron Paul would win with 75% of the vote.

    2. Ron Paul cannot win.  All he would do is pull votes from Romney and then — God forbid — we would be stuck with Obama again.  May God help us all!!

  159. pathfinder, unfortunately you are a Republican Party clone. You must think the Rep party and it’s globalist agenda is the way to go. It is exactly what has put us in the condition we now find ourselves ,along with the one world government agenda of the Dem party .  I don’t think Ron Paul has a chance to get in. The Rep party controls the delegate process and they are doing to him what they did the last election. If you are as politically astute as you think you are you will understand what I am saying. I do not agree with every position Paul has but as far as The Fed and Constitutional government he is absolutely correct. As an independent voter I try to look objectively at the problem, not through party eyes and if we are to get this nation back on course, far more of you will have to do likewise.

    1. I think this year’s Republican convention is going to resemble the 1980 convention. The Republican establishment wanted one person, but the Conservatives wanted Reagan. We know who won. This year Romney will be the establishment candidate and Paul will be the Conservative candidate. Watch for last minute and last second attempts to change the voting rules to favor Romney.
      Side note. As more and more Conservatives get elected to office the Republican establishment’s control over the party will diminish. I believe the Conservatives will completely take over the party by 2020.

  160. I’ve always felt ” uneasy ” about anyone in the federal government being elected/opointed for life.
    Now we have “doily neck ” (communist that suggests other countries NOT to use our Constitution as a blueprint for thei own constitution. And then we have ” the wise latino woman ” that doesn’t have any experience on anything. And last but not least we have ” The Obama care lobiest ” Kagan. Now if I were a card player and this was a poker hand the dealer held, I’d probably shoot the SOB for dealing from the bottom of the deck. These three radiacal ” idots ” are going to hold their posistion for the rest of their lives and there isn’t a thing we can do about it.  That is why I am uneasy about anyone being appointed for life and can not be removed.  The Constitution of the United States is straight forward and I never understood exactly why we needed supreme court judges to tell all us ” two bit, peckerwood rednecks ” what it really means. I know someone is going to tell me that they are needed to review cases from the lower courts on appeal. I think a appeal review board could do the same thing and not the supreme court. But then again, what do I know, I’m just a two-bit peckerwood redneck.

    1. I don’t think the supreme court should be there for life, I think they should have term limits like congress, and stick to it. no more than 12 years.

      1. Term limits would seem to be a solution for many of our current problems.  Unfortunately too many run for office for their own aggrandizement and the shorter the term the more aggressive they have to be to get the money!  It’s all about money, as usual.  Perhaps the shorter terms would flag their intent faster, and make it easier to remove them, with prejudice. 

  161. Dandy, You misunderstand what I am saying. . You are right in that we must get the fraud out of office. The Rep party could do it but they won’t.No matter how many delegates Paul would get the Rep party, under their rules can disqualify the delegates at their will. Right now it is Romney who will get the nomination. And he will become Pres.. But this does not mean our problems are over. The point I am making is we can not turn our nation around with these two Parties and that people must look in another direction.  Both of these parties have been trashing our Constitution. How does the Bush agreement, North American Union or the Dem U.N. one world government give our nation sovereignty and individual freedom?? One under the guise of trade and the other under the guise of fairness for all. If we don’t look beyond the rhetoric we will be left with the same option our founders had.

    1. I agree with you but the first thing we have got to do is get rid of Obama then we will have a little breathing room to straighten the mess up.  WE have to understand that we all in our ultimate wisdom created this mess even though it is hard to find someone who doesn’t think himself innocent and everybody else guilty.  If we don’;t stop Obama this election it will mean war and truthfully I am concerned that all the sunshine patriots who talk so tough on these forums will be hard to find when the shooting starts.  It will probably lead to war anyway but we need more time to prepare or we will lose.

  162. GOD forbid this should come to pass! A racist and a socialist joining the already left leaning court for life.
    One more big reason to get Obama out of office so he can not produce this obamination.
    Vote No ON OBAMA. Stand united against this man who hates our Republic.

  163. I usually don’t voice on these, but after reading the comments, feel that I must.  I do not support Romney 100%.  However, we will have two realistic choices come November, Romney or Obama.  Romney understands economics…he has both law and business background and real world business experience.  Obama understands law, not business or economics.  We have major economic issues…they weren’t caused by any one party, it was a combination of issues, and without a perspective of how we got here and what the issues are, they can’t be even partially solved.  I’m not saying that Mitt can fix them, maybe he can’t, but he has a lot better chance of fixing them becuase he at least understands what they are and what “should” be done, even if for various reasons it can’t be done. 

    1. Just a note to you people that think Romney is just like Obama….please get your head out of whereever it is and realize that Romney is a true American that loves his country….Obummer hates the USA and all white people and if he gets re-elected this country will be turned into a muslim country.  And even of you people that adore Obama you will suffer just like the rest of us.

      1. The same people that are supporting Romney this cycle are the ones that supported Obama in 2008. I am sick and tired of the banksters, lobbiests and crony capitalists buying elections. Romney had many of the same views as Obama until he decided to become a conservative. I am Sick & Tired of the same old retreads and phonies in Congress and Politics. This time around I am going to vote for an HONEST man.

  164. If Mitt Romney is elected, many people will fall asleep and think everything is okay. The new world order will be alive and well with “Continuity of Agenda” extended from Obama to Romney just as it was from Bush to Obama and has been from president to president for over 100 years. The party of the candidates is unimportant since both sides are selected by the elitist world bankers. If Obama is re-elected, many people will continue to be energized and others will start to wake up. We outnumber the NWO leadership crowd by millions to one and if enough people become aware of the futility of voting party line and demand our public servants do their job, our people may not go completely into servitude and our country might survive.
     One slim hope is that enough people have awakened to this and will cast their vote for Ron Paul at the convention but it is not likely to happen. If all else fails, perhaps we can convince Ron Paul to go independent. With all the Democrats, Independents and Republicans who support him he can likely win a 3 person election.

  165. A fact of life is that Ron Paul would not have a prayer of winning the election against Obama.  I wish that all Ron Paul supporters or anyone else besides Romney would take our country’s future seriously and band together as one to defeat the extreme evil that illegally sits in the people’s White House.

  166. Please remember that Lincoln, whom we have come to admire as one of the greatest presidents, got in only because the Dumbocrats at the time split the party with several candidates.  If Ron Paul, no matter how many good ideas he has or any of the rest of the GOP line-up does not support Romney with heart and soul, the same thing could happen and we’ll finish trashing this great nation with more Obamaniac.  It’s not outside the possibility that should he get re-elected(shudder)  that he and his socialistic/Marxist buddies will figure a way to alter the Constitution and, like the Supreme Court, be elected for life.  Haiti was completely ruined by the Docs and Baby Docsdoing exactly that and the same thing is on its way here .

  167. The Supreme Court will become Socialist, as will the USA.  The World Socialists will have removed the last serious thorn in their side with regard to world dominance.  Good luck with outcome, the USA will never be again as it was imagined by the Founders.  

    1. “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness…”

      The Declaration of independence tells us exactly what to do should Obama cheat his way into re-election.  “Alter or Abolish”

      1. I don’t disagree with that, but too many others do!  And therein lies the problem.  The wake up timing is not going too well as I see it.

      2. You are right.  I just hope your bite is as bad as your bark.  Somehow I feel when it comes to the nut cutting that most of the yappers who post here will fade away.

    2. We don’t really need you to tell us that.  What we need is for you to tell us what you intend to do about it.

      1. For starters my vote will NOT be for Obama or Paul, and then maybe get another 2000 rounds of .223.

        How about you?

        1. Mine will not be for either od then either and I have enough ammunition to last my life time and enough guns.  Perhaps I misjudged you.  I think we may be more alike than either of us realizes.  It will take people with enough sense to compromise and vote for someone they truly hate to.  The lesser of two eveils are always preferable to the ngreater of two evils.  Only Ron Paul supporters cannot see this.  We are going to have a civil war no matter who gets elected.  Romney will delay it long enough for us to make more preparations than Obama will.  With Romney we may have a couple more years with Obama only a matter of months.

    3.  We have a minimum of 80 million plus firearms in law abiding citizens hands. The Department Of Homeland Security (what a friggin’ joke) has, as of April 2009, considered all veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan potential terrorists. WE ain’t the damned terrorists. It was only after the jug-earned  idiot was elected president did Islamic violence in the USA become “workplace violence” (Fort Hood and the Arkansas Recruiting Station shootings) But instead those of us who were willing to fight and die if needed are the “terrorists” This crooked administration,with it’s connections to Soros the Judas goat HAS to go. I said it once, I’ll say it again…2 term Obama= 2nd US Civil War…and after the so called “UN Peacekeeper Forces” start having to ship bodies to their native countries, I got a feeling the UN will end occupation and peacekeeping in the USA

  168. An Obozo second term more then likely means that  we will result in a second American Civil War . Personall, 4 years ago I laughed at any jackass who thought Bush would declare matrial law to suspend the 2008 elections…But in realit I can see this Kenyan clown doing it…And if wouldn’t do that. I could see the ghetto’s burning since their “home boy” didn’t get relected. God,we don’t desere it but save this once great country.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you but god is not going to pull our chesnuts out of the fire on this one.  You are going tgo have to do it for yourself.  Perhaps 60 million abortions ago god might have done it for us but now we don’t deserve his help.  It is us or nothing.

      1.  Hey-
        I ain’t fond of abortion on a damned wholesale basis. A few years ago me and my ex unfortunately had to terminate a pregnancy because her health couldn’t handle the situation and her medication (scrip) had a pregnancy code of X which means that these meds often either kill,cripple,or cause miscarriages. It hurt, I didn’t wanna throw away my child’s life, and I still hate myself about the whole mess

        1. The fact that she is now your ex, the decision made at the time while difficult to live with may of been for the best.  I’m sorry for your loss.  You will be a better father in the future because of it, IMO.  Rather than hate, try to forgive yourself.  God reads hearts you know.

    1. You bet it matters. This election is absolutly crucial, if we are going to keep our freedom and the best country in the world. Obama is trying to tear it down so he can gain total control. Pay close attention to what is happening. And vote him out before it is too late.

  169. God forbid!!  God, spare us!!  If Holder(man) and Aldolf Hitlery Clinton are appointed on the U.S. Supreme Court you might as well kiss all your God-given freedoms/liberties good bye.  These two are big liars, cheaters, killers just as much as queenie Obozo is.  Google:  haasstrep68

  170. This article is a little goofy and a little old on the info.  Mitt has already wrapped up the nomination when he won Texas.   If we have the landslide like I predict, we will sweep out a lot more agenda minions and will then be in a position to keep the pressure on Romney to govern in a Conservative agenda.  He can then get Conservative Judges appointed to the Supremes if he has the House & Senate.   If it goes the other way, this country is toast.

  171. This is SPOT ON ! That is exactly what would happen if Obama gets a second term ! The DOJ has already morphed into one more political arm of the White House ! Lady JUSTICE is dead !

  172. VT _Patriot, so what you are saying if the choices were Ron Paul and Obama  you would choose OBama??

  173. Hellary the prognosticator a well proven fact and Eric the racist Holder who obstructs, obsfuscates and avoids the rule of law while committing treason would be a monumental tribute to the criminal ideology of communism and give shariah law a place to come to….the criminally insane, like the terrorist would applaud this thinking.

  174. With 4 of the Supremes already being older than dirt, they have a deciding say in the Court’s future makup, depending on whether they choose to retire (or die) on Obama’s watch or Romney’s.

  175. We got change,not HOPE!   The aggendizers are the ones now with HOPE for change, as in wish or hope to have it all their way.  WH singleing out the BAIN  I refer to as capnBerrys TALLY-BAIN.  Berry is clueless in Bizz.  As Mitt Romney has stated today Berrys friends at Solendra got the $500MILLION as a favor for giving money to his 2008 run,shame on you Berry, Billy The Kid got shot in the back for stealing a lot less money!

  176. Dick Morris, the former Clinton adviser and Fox News contributor, has said that Obama’s going to lose in a landslide in November. This is 1980 all over again.

    1. Unless he cheats… That isn’t at all possible (voter fraud) is it? I mean didn’t a spanish company just get the job of counting votes, in Spain??? From CNN site :2012 US Presidential election votes will be counted in Spain! Electronic voting machines, used in US elections, have repeatedly been shown by experts to be prone to fraud.   “When the Spanish online voting company SCYTL bought the largest vote processing corporation in the United States, it also acquired the means of manufacturing the outcome of the 2012 election. For SOE, the Tampa based corporation purchased by SCYTL in January, supplies the election software which records, counts, and reports the votes of Americans in 26 states 900 total jurisdictions across the nation.”  1 The fact that the same company will have first count on all votes made in 14 US states and hundreds of jurisdictions in 12 others, and the stage is set for election fraud on a scale unimaginable just a decade ago. SCYTL self-proclaimed the security of its systems,  but when the machines were used in the District of Columbia, the University of Michigan fight song “The Victors” was suddenly heard after the casting of each ballot. The system had been hacked by U of M computer teachers and students, in order to demonstrate their susceptibilities.  We might be in trouble… Just one man’s opinion.

      1. Why can’t our legislatures in Congress Nullify and Void out this Contract?I believe they have the authority to Make this Contract baught out by SCYTL NULL AND VOID OF ALL LEGAL AUTHORITY AND UN-ENFORCABLE don’t they?

      2. Please tell me where you got the info about that Spain will be counting the votes.I am really courios,as I have looked in serval place with no luck.All I can say is God help America.

  177. what happens if obama gets reelected??? well…. (spits backer in bucket) i reckon there might be a war to take back our country… 

    1. we can not have a war marshall law will be declared by Obamma and he will remain president forever or should I say King forever, this is what he wants Vote him out everyone he is trying to destroy this country we still have enough of it left to save our citizens. So help us GOD

      1. Help us God indeed!  I fear there will be no elections this year.  Morte than anything O. wants power and be known as “the one” that brought us down. Whatever it takes, he does not care.  Pray for our country daily, we need God more than ever before.

      2. It’s hard to distinguish your intent,what with the lack of punctuation, but we *can* have a war, and voting is what got us here. What will you suggest when we vote him out and he doesn’t go?

      3.  Martial Law ain’t gonna stop 80 million well armed patriots from taking our country back, plus whatever military personnel that decide to join. If you ain’t a believer, wait another 6 months, and you’re gonna see it happening.

  178. If Mitt wins the election and one of the SC justices passes away or finally retires, I would like to see Mitt Romney appoint Judge Andrew Napolitano to the SC. Now that would make for a great appointment. I believe nobody knows more about our Constitution and our Bill of Rights then Andrew Napolitano. He is a great Judge not just of the law but of intent of the laws and of characture as well.

    1. In all due respect, Mike.  You and many others need to learn the difference between celebrities (rock stars) and people who have the knowledge, experience and intellect to perform best in the positions to which we elect or chiise them.
      I personally like and respect Andrew Napolitano and enjoy his comments on FOX News.  But as a Supreme Court judge?  Maybe not.   

      1.  We already got two liberal carpet munchers in there that would lay their life on the line for Oboma , we can’t handle another liberal on the bench or we’re screwed for EVER !!!!!!!

        1. Apparently you have not heard Judge Napolitano offer judicial commentary on Fox. I don’t believe that he is a liberal.

      2. Andrew Napolitano is a former New Jersey Superior Court Judge and an adjunct professor of Constitutional law plus currently serves as a Senior Judiicial Analyst on FOX News.  What additional requirements do you think he should have to be appointed to the Supreme Court?

    2.  I agree with you completely, Mike, and just because he’s been a commentator on the tube doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the knowledge, experience, and intellect to do an excellent job. The President that brought down the Soviet Union was a Hollywood actor for thirty years, so I think the Judge is in good company.

  179. The supreme Court appointees are so important to the Nation, that on this issue alone should be enough
    to not to re-elect Obama. If there is to be a genuine fear for America, this issue alone should be the most feared if Obama is the president, the Economy should be second.

    1. Certainly, electing a Conservative to the Presidency is no guarantee that the justice[s] he appoints will follow what is correct and right.

      However, if we elect Romney — although not the best candidate, he’s the best on the ballot — we give ourselves the best chance of getting justices on the Bench who will do what’s right and correct.

  180. The very thought of those two on the SCOTUS is terrifying.  There will be a revolution when Sweet Old Barack tries to declare martial law.  Even the military is fed up with him and will refuse to obey what it considers illegal orders and support their oath to the constitution.

    OMG 2012 

  181. I will not be bullied, badgered, or cajoled into voting for yet another sub-par, sub-standard, sub-human, sub-moronic sellout just because the GOP want to have it *their* way. If RP is on the ballot, great. 

    If he isn’t, I vote for the greater of two evils. Let’s burn this damned thing down, already, and start over. 

    1. Let’s take a moment here and think about what makes sense and what doesn’t.  Burning down the house because you don’t like its tilt might better be done by voting out the idiots who are making it tilt.  Once they are gone the house straightens up, and we don’t have to rebuild the original structure.
      Ok, so it takes maybe a few voting cycles, but in the end the Constitution prevails and our country survives with minimal damage.  You don’t burn down the crapper just because the tank is full, do you?

  182. I’ll tell you what happens.  You can kiss what’s left of this formerly great nation goodbye.  That’s what happens.

  183. A wasted vote is a vote for your apponent. BHO must not be allowed to further pollute the whitehouse. We all must do what is right for the country and remove this infestation from  government.

  184. You got this right!   The people who didn’t vote–more former Bush voters didn’t vote in Ohio than the number of new voters Obama mobilized in Ohio in 2008, for example–and don’t plan to vote this time, overlook the fact that the Justices any Republican chooses will be better than any Obama, Holder & Co. choose, and with a closely divided court the may determine the direction of Constitutional law for years or a generation.

    Now, as a retired lawyer, my nightmare goes like this:   Any justice, including one of the liberals afraid Romney might win and pick his successor if he waits to retire, retires.  Former Lecturer in Constitutional Law Barack Obama steps down as President, making Biden President, at the end of this term.   Biden appoints Obama to the vacancy.  Given the makeup of the Senate, he is confirmed.   Obama’s choice of a successor runs but, win or lose, the damage is done.  

    Never mind what faction of the Republican coalition you consider yourself in, from Establishment to Tea Party to Business Conservative to Values Voter to whatever, or if you’re an independent, there is this one great big issue facing this country:  Who will choose the next critical one, two, or more Supreme Court Justices?   There are only two real choices:   Obama and left-leaning so-called “living Constitution” Justices or Romney’s who have got to be better.  

    1. Peter , you know Obama has a team scouring for websites like this one spying on what opponents are saying about him . You may have given him an idea.   

  185. Just another example of what this anti-American muslim socialist might be doing if he is reelected.  He’s already pulled the wool over congress by passing a number of bills on his own by executive priviledge.  Therefore, it is of utmost importance that this bozo be removed from off NOW either arrest for treason or impeached!!!  The American people must wake up to what is going on up in Washington and they’ll have to look to other places besides the left-wing media or too many left-wing dumborats who are just as buffaloed as many Americans and minority groups! 

  186. I read the teaser to this story and felt ill. I opened the story and read the headline. Excuse me I have vomited and must go brush my teeth and clean up, put on clean clothes.

  187. Why isn’t Eric Holder in JAIL where he belongs?

    Eric Holder supplied Timothy McVeigh with explosives in which McVeigh MURDERED hundreds.

    Eric Holder supplied the drug cartel with guns which hundreds have been MURDERED.

    Eric Holder supplied the guns which was used to MURDER an American Border Patrol Officer.

    Eric Holder REFUSED to bring charges against the Black Panthers (his friends) for voter intimidation.

    Eric Holder who is protecting the LAWLESS Black Panthers.

    Eric Holder is OBSTRUCTING justice in refusing to supply Congress with the information they requested for their investigation of “Fast and Furious.”

    Eric Holder who believe Obama has the RIGHT to MURDER Americans at WILL.



    Eric Holder Praises Al Sharpton During Speech

    Eric Holder who has violated the Constitution over and over.

    Close to 80% of ALL violent crime is committed by Blacks, 15.4% of the population.

    The District of Columbia Board of Elections opened an investigation Tuesday after an undercover video posted online showed an activist against voter fraud going into a Washington polling station and beginning the process to vote under the name of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

    A 2007 special report released by the
    Bureau of Justice Statistics, reveals that approximately 8,000 — and, in certain years, as many as 9,000 African Americans are murdered annually in the United States. This chilling figure is accompanied by another equally sobering fact, that 93% of these murders are in fact perpetrated by other blacks. The analysis, supported by FBI records, finds that in 2005 alone, for example, African Americans accounted for 49% of all homicide victims in the US — again, almost exclusively at the hands of other African Americans

    Eric holder IS a LYING COWARD!!!!

    Impeach Eric Holder, prosecute him, EXECUTE him, NOW!!!

    1. Thank you,You are write. Every body need to know about them.

      They should know them self.

      Hallarry Clinton need to wear boucra like Muslim women.
      Now she is sporting liears Bengali Muslims from Bangladish to become ethnic people of  Myanmar (Burma).
      Those are getting help from Jihaddist Muslims from arround the would.
      They are trying to make invented people like a ‘ Parlestineuns”.
      Now,” UN and Human Rite Commission” were under ” Muslim Brother hood”.
      One of  Bangladish native Muslim got ” Human Right” reward for Myanmar.
      Those are lier Bengali Muslims.

  188. It is of upmost importance that the socialist President and his helpers be replaced for this very reason.. In Nov vote conservative /republican …

  189. Sad really! 

    It’s sad that anyone would believe that this system of politics in America is real.  If you believe there is an ounce worth of difference in the CAREER PUPPET PARASITES that are playing in the made for TV, Left vs Right, WWF style heel vs this week’s good guy, programmed for the masses, circus show…then you are still PLUGGED in to the system.  The system has programmed you to believe that you have a choice…what you have is an “ILLUSION OF CHOICE”…and that’s it!

    Listen folks, the NWO did not spend the last 100+ years designing/planning their prison planet control grid, just so their very enemy, we the people, could come along and ruin it all, via an election.  What we have is SELECTIONS!  It matters not who gets SELECTED…we will get lied to and screwed over, just like we always do.  These PARASITES, along with the government controlled media, keep us all arguing about homosexuality, abortion, race, etc…while they destroy this country…BY DESIGN!!!

    It appears that we have a nation full of people, who would qualify for the diagnosis of “Stockholm Syndrome” as most of you just love your captors/masters.

    Sad really!

  190. That will only happen over the dead bodies of many Americans. America will not surrender her freedoms willingly to any corrupt administration. The Supreme Court was meant to interpret the Constitution and not to change it, modify it, or destroy it. With those two on the bench the Constitution and the Bill of Rights would be relegated to nothing more than a roll of toilet paper.

  191. That would be totally unamerican.  They are socialists and racists,  We are all American no matter what color and these people would be used by the Obama Administration to further destroy our country.

  192. Justice Holder and Justice Clinton…

    Enough to strike fear into ANY Constitution believing American.  Scares me even to THINK it.  One of the better reasons to be sure that Obama goes down in flames, in November.  

  193. Yuk….Holder & Clinton.    Thats like putting pinocchio in a SC seat.    If only BOZO’s nose would grow everytime he told a lie.   But then he would need a large hoist to carry it around.    Holder is one sick jerk.  Hillary is 2x worse.    

  194.  Ricky I am sorry to say you have it right. It is good to see there are some who see it as it is. More are waking up but unfortunately far too many will not realize what is happening until it is too late.

  195. Remember  Hiliary with the Tose Law  company and its missing files.  That alone should answer what she would be like. As for Holder he sure would be one sided.  Anyone tha obama would put in there would put our laws  out the window. 

    1. We are already screwed. Obama has this election fixed, by personally hand picking the company in Spain to count the votes for our election. REPEAT: HANDPICKED BY OBAMA! And, the owner of the company is an avid Obama supporter. THE FIX IS IN!

    2. As a Christian, I couldn’t vote for Obama the first time because of his voting three times while in the Senate to allow an aborted baby to die rather than give him or her up for adoption by a loving couple. I have tried to f ind that info on line but unable to do so. That plus his destruction of America as we know it only makes me more determined to vote for whoever runs against him. I hope it is Ron Paul but will vote for Romney if necessary.. Anyone but Obama. God bless America….

  196. Obama is intending to nominate Kamala Harris – to the US Supreme Court.

    Kamala Harris is the California State Attorney General – failing to prosecute Obama’s ILLEGAL Campaign donations  – for 2008 – from “foreign” coutries – that were run through a SINGLE Bank in California.

    During the time that Hillary Clinton’s delegate – Kam Kumata – was working on having someone elected -as State Attorney General – who would prosecute Obama’s ILLEGAL campaign donations – and was working against Kamala Harris being elected as State AG,
    Kam Kumata was mysteriously murdered.  Eric Holder as US AG refuses to investigate the murder. 

    Tony West, an attorney at the law firm handling Obama’s legal challenges to his “eligibility”/ineligibility – raised over $65 MILLION for Obama’s 2008 campaign –
    wherein over $300 Million of Illegal campaign donations – from foreign countries – were run through the single bank in California.

    Tony West – was hired by Obama – and given the #3 position at the DOJ with Holder as US AG.

    Tony West is the brother-in-law of Kamala Harris, the California Attorney General.

  197. Why isn’t Eric Holder in JAIL where he belongs?

    Eric Holder supplied Timothy McVeigh with explosives in which McVeigh MURDERED hundreds.

    Eric Holder supplied the drug cartel with guns which hundreds have been MURDERED.

    Eric Holder supplied the guns which was used to MURDER an American Border Patrol Officer.

    Eric Holder REFUSED to bring charges against the Black Panthers (his friends) for voter intimidation.

    Eric Holder who is protecting the LAWLESS Black Panthers.

    Eric Holder is OBSTRUCTING justice in refusing to supply Congress with the information they requested for their investigation of “Fast and Furious.”

    Eric Holder who believe Obama has the RIGHT to MURDER Americans at WILL.



    Eric Holder Praises Al Sharpton During Speech

    Eric Holder Wants One Law for Whites and Another for ‘Non-Whites’

    Eric Holder who has violated the Constitution over and over.

    Close to 80% of ALL violent crime is committed by Blacks, 15.4% of the population.

    The District of Columbia Board of Elections opened an investigation Tuesday after an undercover video posted online showed an activist against voter fraud going into a Washington polling station and beginning the process to vote under the name of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

    A 2007 special report released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, reveals that approximately 8,000 — and, in certain years, as many as 9,000 African Americans are murdered annually in the United States. This chilling figure is accompanied by another equally sobering fact, that 93% of these murders are in fact perpetrated by other blacks. The analysis, supported by FBI records, finds that in 2005 alone, for example, African Americans accounted for 49% of all homicide victims in the US — again, almost exclusively at the hands of other African Americans

    Eric holder IS a LYING COWARD!!!!

    Impeach Eric Holder, prosecute him, EXECUTE him, NOW!!!

    1. “A 2007 special report released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, reveals that approximately 8,000 — and, in certain years, as many as 9,000 African Americans are murdered annually in the United States. This chilling figure is accompanied by another equally sobering fact, that 93% of these murders are in fact perpetrated by other blacks.”

      In the interest of fairness and egalitarianism, we need to get the percentage of blacks killed by whites MUCH HIGHER. If Obama wins in 2012, I think we can raise it to at least 50% from the current pathetic 7% (or less, some of that may be by Asians).

  198. The thought of Obama having one more term is scary. US Citizens will need to learn all the dialect of Arabic. Sharia law won’t be far behind, I can only imagine the internment camps that FEMA will run will be filled with Conservatives and the Soacialist will assume residency in the Citizens homes that are interned to these FEMA camps.

  199. We wwould not need a SCif them two got on it. Clinton would lose all the papers given to her and holder would vote for his party only. Just like the two birds obams put on so far.

  200. What makes anyone think that a 60% vote for Obama would require his maintaining the Supreme Court. Why wait for incumbents to die. Just sign an executive order to move the Courts functions to the DOJ because it will listen to Obama.

    Of course, if he loses, the best chance to maintain our Constitution’s concern about man’s inability to control our greed and lust for power may be ended.

  201. What we are going to have to do is take this country back.The O is not going silently he likes the job and he plans to inhabait the job permitly.I foresee riots looting burning of homes and whole cities by those who support the O if he is not re-elected.America is headed for some tough times get ready.

  202. If these two sick things ever make to the Supreme Court then the U S A is done for!
    We need to get all Homosexuals, Gun grabbers,people who don’t believe in god, but are willing to let those that don’t live as they please as long as they don’t try to remove god from our government and world! Our founding fathers put god in our government and he should stay!!

    1. Ronald for a person to so easily say trhe USA is done for without saying he will fight to the death is not worthy of the liberties we have had and is someone to be shunned by true patriots.  I am ashamed that you are my countryman.  Please don’t shame us further with these cowardly posts.

  203. WHY are the election votes going to be counted in Spain?
    Something smells bAd HERE…
    The media not talking about this slezzy deal.

    1. And to top it all off, the company doing the counting is owned by none other than George Soros.  The dems think they can pull this off and we will sit still for it.  Boy do they have the surprise of their lives coming.

  204. He will get rid of them along with the Constitution and Congress. After all he is already acting like the king of the country and the Congress is letting him get away with it. However, I don’t think they will like it much if he is re-elected because they will be the first to hear “Off with their heads!” and he will mean it literally.

  205. Re Romoney: 
    I wouldn’t vote for the Brill-Creamed, socialistic, flip-flopping, Federal Reserve Prostitute if he got down on his hands and knees and begged me for my vote. 

    IF the Marxist-Leninist Obummer ends up being elected in November because people who support a principled Constitutionalist such as Ron Paul won’t betray their principles to vote for “Socialist Romoney”, then, in that case, the upper-echelon-hierarchy RNC-RINOs (in their stubbornness and obstinacy to refuse to support a candidate with TRUE principles!) have THEMSELVES elected Obummer. 

    They will have only themselves to blame — and they will simply be repeating what they did with John McCain.

    So be it.

    Obummer & Romoney — two peas in the same rotten pod. Both are heavily funded by the banksters at Goldman Sachs, etc. — both love the (private) Federal (non) Reserve Corp which is debasing our money and economically hurting the middle class, the poor, and especially the elderly living on fixed incomes. And, voila! — what do you know? … One of the principal shareholders of the FED is Goldman Sachs! What a coincidence! And both Romoney and Obummer belong to the same disgusting CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) “club” which advocates the destruction of American sovereignty. No — these two guys are BOTH bad, both ROTTEN. One loves welfare and the other loves warfare. End result: the American taxpayer is screwed.

    RON PAUL IN 2012! The only candidate who TRULY believes in America and our Bill of Rights.

    It ain’t over ’til the “fat lady sings” …. and we’re in for a REAL opera in Tampa, Florida!

  206. I too would like to see Ron Paul get the nomination. I think it would be good for the country as well. On another note; I am not a fan of Romney but I will vote for him. He at least doesn’t want destroy our country, its freedoms, and its economy. He is a born in the Unites States American who supports our way of life. He has some policies which I don’t like but who doesn’t. This doesn’t mean that he won’t be a decent president.

  207. Justices Holder and Clinton…Our society functions primarily because of a respect for law and the legal system. Under such a scenario, respect for the legal system, already under a cloud, dies, and, along with it the social contract which exists between the citizens and the government.

  208. President obama will win in 2012, despite the obstructionists in the Tea Bag Brigade dominated Republican Party. Boehner, Cantor, Ryan and other apologists for the 1%ers are trying to starve growth for the sake of raw political gain.

    Folks here are tired of hearing about GW Bush, but it was his administration that authored the crash and the resulting recession. It had hardly anything to do with the Democratic majority that was elected in 2006 and took office in 2007 because of Bush ineptitude from two unfunded wars, lack of SEC oversight regarding the banks and the market place, industry failure with FINRA and the rating services, the Katrina mess, the Dubai ports scandal, Jack Abramoff and scores of other problems.

    The recession did not start automatically with the election. It was a consequence of a super heated housing market, and the bundling of worthless derivatives marketed by Wall Streeters, who sold them all over the world.

    As to choice, birth control, women’s health, religious toleration, unlimited campaign spending under the idiotic Citizen’s United ruling and 2nd Amendment madness, a new court with out the troglodytes of the right will preserve our democracy, not end it.

    As a white Eurocentric, I took note that white births in the USA last year were 49.6%. That trend will continue and the fault is two-fold: smaller traditional American (European roots) families and the importing of cheap “scut” labor, by anti-union right wingers from the 1970’s on. This faux Americanism and not so subtle racism has come to bite the “right” and the xenophobes in the backside. The demographics are set, change is here, and big revolution talk is specious, idiotic and a disgrace. All you lock and load nuts get ready for Medicare and Medicaid, your time is over. It will be what it is and fighting history is a losing battle.

    1. Pleezzzee – So Not True. The Dem’s who led the Charge with Bill Clinton & Acorn to have Everyone “own there own Home ” People who Barely Qualified – & barely could afford the payment – then found out 5 years later there Balloon payment was now –200-300-400 dollars more – & the House Of Cards began to fall.. the Players were Selling the Loans Right & Left – and Creating a FALSE market- Over Inflated – & Freddie & Fannie under the Direct Leadership of Franklin Cooking the Books Raines–Was setting up his Golden Parachute- He & Several people had to pay back some of the Over Generous $$$$ but why they aren’t in {Prision}is a Wonder ! Oh yeah – Corrupt Atty General Overlooks other Black Brothers and Any Dem’s ! Barney Franks was Caught lying about the Housing Market -& then Backtracked & blamed it on the GOP & Bush- Who ? The People Who Warned Congress – That this was gong to be a Epidemic Blunder – John McCain- Jon Kyl & 27 Members of Congress URGED that They Send a Message & Address What would happen…. No Says Barney We are Fine- No Says Congress (DEm’s) No Says Frankie Boy We will be fine Could we have a few more TRillion those we need to PASS out some more Year End Bonuses !!! Maxine Waters On UTube- We Don’t have a Problem – Franklin Raines is Doing a Fine JOB–Right before he Slid out the Door wth his Millions to Move into his 3 ML Penthouse –While the Downfall of the Housing MArket Crashes — If you think this WAs the GOP you are So Wrong–this is on the Hands of the Donkeys – the Reinvestment Act – Clinton & ACORN …the Housing Market is what was the Downfall of America – Not Fighting a WAR- Which by the Way – Needed to be done Since America was Attacked on 911 – -Or did you forget ? Or God Foresake you believe Was a Inside JOB ? Get a Grip…with Reality – The Real Estate Market- The Greedy Banks & Morgtage Companies (Of which Fannie & Freddie are in the Tank) is what caused this HUGE Recession – & the Donkeys have there hand prints all Over it !

    2. Just more lying Bulls*** from the left wing who can only lie and cheat.  Even your politicians have had enough and are deserting the party like rats deserting a sinking ship.  Obama will probably be i9n jail or in Kenya either before or slightly after he loses the election by a landslide.  There will be a moaning and gnashing of teeth by the most idiotic of the left, you know, people like you.  If your true identify is leaked by this or some other website you will become a hunted man by the patriots because of your treason against the constitution.

    3. Are you attempting to will Obama into office?  As far as the Bush issue, I believe the crash began before Bush.  Aside from this issue, forget about who started it; why does that even matter anymore!  What has been done about it since then – Obama, 2008?  All of his giving away billions to these failing companies – has this worked or is it just stealing our money – he’s giving his buddies free money and they’re keeping it for themselves. That’s his pattern from the first day he took office.  What about Obama & his administration’s support for anti-capitalism and support for American’s dependency upon them?  His complete lack of love for this great country?  His bowing to Saudi’s and other muslims, his not placing his hand on his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance?  The list can go on and on.  That’s what counts!

    4. The day the democrats took over was not January 22nd 2009; it was
      actually January 3, 2007… The day the Democrats took over the House of
      Representatives and the Senate, at the very start of the 110th

      The Democrat Party controlled a majority in both chambers for the first time since the end of the 103rd Congress in 1995.

      For those who are listening to the liberals propagating the fallacy that everything is “Bush’s Fault”, think about this:
      January 3rd, 2007 was the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the Congress. At the time:

      The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77
      The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%
      The Unemployment rate was 4.6%

      George Bush’s Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB GROWTH
      Remember the day…

      January 3rd, 2007 was the day that Barney Frank took over the House
      Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking

      The economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was in what part of the economy?

      Unemployment…. to this CRISIS by (among MANY other things) dumping
      5-6 TRILLION Dollars of toxic loans on the economy from YOUR Fannie Mae
      and Freddie Mac FIASCOES!

      Bush asked Congress 17 TIMES to stop
      Fannie & Freddie – starting in 2001 because it was financially
      risky for the US economy.

      And who took the THIRD highest pay-off from Fannie Mae AND Freddie Mac? OBAMA

      And who fought against reform of Fannie and Freddie?
      OBAMA and the Democrat Congress

      So when someone tries to blame Bush.


      Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress, and
      the party that controlled Congress since January 2007 is the Democrat
      Party. Furthermore, the Democrats controlled the budget process for 2008
      & 2009 as well as 2010 & 2011.

      In that first year,
      they had to contend with George Bush, which cause them to compromise on
      spending, when Bush somewhat belatedly got tough on spending increases.

      For 2009 though, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid bypassed George Bush
      entirely, passing continuing resolutions to keep government running
      until Barack Obama could take office. At that time, they passed a
      massive omnibus spending bill to complete the 2009 budgets.

      And where was Barack Obama during this time? He was a member of that
      very Congress that passed all of these massive spending bills, and he
      signed the omnibus bill as President to complete 2009.

      If the
      Democrats inherited any deficit, it was the 2007 deficit, the last of
      the Republican budgets. That deficit was the lowest in five years, and
      the fourth straight decline in deficit spending.

      After that, Democrats in Congress took control of spending, and that includes Barack Obama, who voted for the budgets.

      If Obama inherited anything, he inherited it from himself. In a
      nutshell, what Obama is saying is “I inherited a deficit that I voted
      for and then I voted to expand that deficit four-fold since January 20th, 2009

  209. Barbara Love, what u r looking for is “Infanticide” Obama voted for it while Senator. Just google it and click voted.

  210. SEPTEMER 16, 2012 BEGINS A FORMAL WAR BETWEEN THE “HIGHER” AUTHORITES, BUT ONLY INVOLVING “WE THE PEOPLE!” It’s called Jacob’s trouble in your “Bible” & ONLY 72,000 females & 72,000 males from “Israel”(including Judah) will be LEFT ALIVE after 3 1/2 YEARS, while being PUNISHED BY “THE TWO-WITNESSES” of REVELATION, CHAPTER 11 & NOT OBAMA BEING OTHERWISE INVOLVED IN ANY MANNER! No? WE’ll Talk again on September 17th! Just saying…

  211. The scotus should be investigated along with the banks and wall street and start puting the criminals that are destroying this country (and the world) in jail.

  212. The Tea Party is going about this restructuring of the Republican Party in exactly the same manner that the founding “We the People” went about ratifying the Constitution, they are working in each electoral district finding and supporting the candidate who most represents their point of view and God love them for it. This the most grass roots movement to come along since the Civil Rights movement of the 50’s and 60’s. We should all remember that it is “We the People” who must correct the wrongs of Washington as was envisioned by the founding fathers.
    As to the Supreme Court, SCOTUS, I agree this is the most important long term effect that any president can make. I hope the courts find that Obama is not a US Citizen as already defined in SCOTUS decision in 1875 or when ever that you must be born to two (2) US citizens to be President. Then we can get rid of Kagan and Sotomayor as being illegally appointed to the court, what fun this would cause.

  213. He will change the flavor of the court. It will be more clones of Kagen! So, every liberal socialist agenda will hit the court. The change will happen!

  214. The lower court judges aren’t just important because of their decisions. Another factor is there is where future presidents look for supreme court candidates.

    A bias is also in that senators who are in states with a vacancy can say no to a candidate and the other senators generally will not allow the candidate to pass.

  215. Obama would never nominate Hillary, Michelle and Valarie would not permit it.  Holder for sure, and probably Harris.  It will certainly be a woman or a black, no white men need apply; unless Lawrence Tribe bounces back or maybe an up and coming advocate of Worldwide Sharia Law emerges or a member of the LGBT community.

  216. Balanced against the scenario described in the column is the fact that if Romney gets in our choice in 2016 will undoubtedly be Romney vs. Hillary which condemns us to at least another 8 yrs (instead of 4) of Goldman Sachs in the Oval Office.  It’s bad enough that all nine Supreme Court justices have Harvard or Yale degrees; we’ve already had 24 consecutive yrs of Harvard or Yale alums as President;  Romney vs Obama is Harvard Law vs Harvard Law; Mitt vs. Hillary in 2016 would be Harvard vs Yale.  This isn’t the type of change I can believe in which is why I will write in Ron Paul in November and let the (cow)chips fall where they may – screwed either way – intensely for 4 yrs or more insidiously for 8 yrs.   

  217. Boy, that last statement really puts the fear of God in you! We REALLY cannot afford to have another 2 or 3 Socialist/Commies on the court.

  218. I am a former member of WBC. I left the church because of sexual abuse and violence. Some of the members of the church have a suicide pact and have all agreed to commit suicide if ever cornered such as Jonestown . Please help me save the children that are being victimized by WBC.

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