What Hobby Lobby Should Do When Fined $1.3 Million Per Day

Hobby Lobby is standing up to the Federal Government. It’s refusing to pay for contraceptives that are abortifacients. An abortifacient is a substance that induces an abortion. It’s a post-conception drug, therefore, it does not come under the definition of a contra (against) conception.

This new healthcare mandate goes beyond paying for contraception. It’s a gross violation of our rights. It’s too bad that we have so many low-information voters and parasites that are fed daily by the welfare state.

Hobby Lobby is a national arts and crafts retailer with more than 500 stores in 41 states that employs more than 22,500 peoples nationwide.

The owners run their company on Christian principles. They’re no different from Jewish butchers who sell Kosher meats. In fact, there are lots of businesses that are run on specific religious principles. No one has to work for these companies. If you or I don’t like the religion of these business owners, then we don’t have to purchase their goods or services.

Now comes the Federal Government with mandates requiring companies to insure certain health procedures, one of which is contraceptives. Hobby Lobby, along with other religious groups, has been fighting this overreaching and unconstitutional imposition. The appeal reached the Supreme Court:

“The Supreme Court on Wednesday refused to block the Obama administration’s contraception mandate from taking effect. Justice Sonia Sotomayor rejected a request for an emergency injunction that would have shielded employers from the mandate.

“The request was filed by Hobby Lobby, an arts-and-crafts chain. The company’s . . . owners say the contraception mandate violates their religious freedom.

“Hobby Lobby might eventually win on that point, Sotomayor said, but the company didn’t meet the standard for an injunction blocking the mandate from taking effect.”

The First Amendment is clear: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. . . .” To go further, contrary to Justice Roberts and the four other justices who voted to uphold ObamaCare, there is nothing in the Constitution to support a national healthcare system.

If Hobby Lobby does not comply, the company will be fined $1.3 million PER DAY! This will mean that during the appeal process, Hobby Lobby will have to set aside that much money in case they eventually lose.

What should Hobby Lobby do? Here are some options. (1) Deduct $58 dollars from every employee so that the employee pays the fine. This will get the message across that nothing is free and they are the ones responsible for their government’s actions. Interview all the employees to find out who voted for Obama. Charge them double. (2) Post signs in every store explaining to customers that the price of every item has to be increased in order to pay the fine. (3) Close every Hobby Lobby store1, sell off all the merchandise, and tell the Federal Government to go to hell.

  1. “An Annapolis company whose old-fashioned trolleys are iconic in the city’s wedding scene has abandoned the nuptial industry rather than serve same-sex couples. The owner of Discover Annapolis Tours said he decided to walk away from $50,000 in annual revenue instead of compromising his Christian convictions when same-sex marriages become legal in Maryland in less than a week. And he has urged prospective clients to lobby state lawmakers for a religious exemption for wedding vendors.” []

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  1. This company cares so little for its employees, it should be no surprise that they do not care for their employer either. Fill up your shopping cart and just walk right past the register. Who is going to stop you? Who cares?

    1. Oh right!! The government tramples all over Hobby Lobby’s constitutional rights and YOUR only solution is to LOOT!!! ..

      1. I’m saying that if this company is making a statement by punishing their own employees, I wouldn’t be surprised if the employees statement back is “I could care less if you get ripped off.”.

        1. They are not punishing their employees, they just do not want to have to pay for them to have abortions because of whoopee fun sex. Anyone who works for them knows they are a company with Christian ideals and should not expect to have someone else pick up the tab for this sort of ‘Health care’.

          Carljr you should re-think your position, which stinks.

          Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays and religious holidays so employees can be with family or attend worship services. I guess the values on which this country was founded are outdated anymore. Sad.

        2. They have to buy health insurance that meets a national standard. If they will not cover their employees, they pay a tax penalty. There is not much more to say. Abortions are not covered by the affordable care act. Hobby Lobby does not want to cover contraception. This medication has many uses beyond whoopie fun sex.

        3. There you go again! I am very acquainted with Hobby Lobby and know many of their employees. It might come as a total shock to those of you with no morals that the employees of Hobby Lobby are almost 100% in support of their employer, just as Chick-fil-A employees stood with their company.

        4. Tell me how you think HL is punishing their employees. They have been assured HL will pay the fines and that they will not lose their jobs while HL fights this. They are a great company to work for. They pay better than most retail stores and get Sundays off to be with family.

    2. CARljr…Ya gotta be kidding. HL cares little for and are punishing their own employees? Because they refuse to violate their own moral code by taking part in the killing
      of infants? Your comment is a lie. They already provide health care for their employees…. but
      don’t want to fund abortions. If women want to kill their offspring, they can come up with their own money to pay for it.

      Its a CRIME that HL and other
      companies that are run by those who are committed Christians, will be
      robbed by the government to the tune of 1.3 million / day. It’s
      an outrage. Wrong. Criminal.

      Obamacare is a travesty……and a diabolical plan to destroy America’s economy. And its pitiful that people like you do not seem to give a damn.

      1. Your right to practice YOUR religion ENDS where my right to practice MY religion BEGINS. 
        Practicing your religion means “I must wear magic underwear”. That’s fine. What we have a problem with is when you say “My employees must wear magic underwear”.
        If this company were owned by Jehovah’s witnesses would it be ok to deny their employees from getting coverage for a kidney transplant? Would it be ok for a scientologist employer to deny their employees coverage for antidepressants? How about Christian scientist employers denying all medication? Is it ok for a Muslim employer to deny their employees coverage for insulin because it is made from pigs?

        1. This has a lot less to do with religious practice and lot more to do with protecting newly conceived babies. No government should ever be allowed to force anyone to pay for abortions, whether pill-based or surgical, but that’s exactly what Obamacare does. They are grabbing all the power they can and so far, we’ve let them. We’d better disobey now or lose a lot more freedom soon.

        2. John is an out of work guy that hangs out in bars looking to have sex with as many girls as he can so they need there birth control he doesn’t want to buy it for them.

        3. Actually, yes. The employer cannot stop an employee from getting coverage for all those things…but that is not the same as forcing the employer to provide such coverage.

        4. Here’s a clue Carl……. no onehas to work for anyone that doesn’t agree with their religion. They are free to practice their religion in any fashion they want. Just like the owner of this company does. Don’t work there find a Muslim business to work in or one that Follows Jehovah;s religion.

        5. Here’s a clue Dealerdeb1…… American businesses cannot discriminate when hiring employees. They cannot have policies that discriminate against those that are not of their color or faith. If they defy this law they will not only be paying the tax penalty, but they risk a discrimination lawsuit from any of their 13,000 employees.

        6. Hey Idiot, maybe you should read the Constitution. It clearly states that “Congress shall make NO law regarding the practice of religion NOR the free exercise thereof”. What part of that don’t you understand?? With your obvious political leanings, you probably don’t have the intelligence to understand any of it, nor the rest of the Constitution.

        7. Hobby Lobby is not a church. They are a private for profit business. They can not discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender, or religion when hiring employees. Therefore their health insurance must accommodate all beliefs. If they want the church rules – become a church.

        8. Not everyone that works at HL is a Christian. But because of the wages, etc. they have chosen to work there, not ‘forced’ to work there. They also have Christian music playing in all the stores. You are well aware of that when you come in to fill out an application. They also offer good insurance to their employees. If you do not like that Mr. Green’s ‘religion’ shows in the way he conducts business, he doesn’t make you shop or work there.

        9. Your religion whatever it is cannot force my religion to pay for what you want if my religion does not believe in that. Your understanding of rights is very @ss-backwards.

          What you are saying is that if you do not want me to go on your lawn, your right to keep me off it ends because I have a right to want to go onto it.

          Get this through your skull – there is a difference between providing insurance coverage for medications or kidney transplants, and paying expressly to take a human life.

        10. By the way Carljr, you cited other instances such as paying for insulin or kidney transplants. One does not get diabetes or kidney failure because they go out, get plastered, and hop into bed with some stranger to screw. Those are DISEASES which are not brought on by having a fun time having an orgasm.

        11. “Your right to practice YOUR religion ENDS where my right to practice MY religion BEGINS.”

          I agree with that statement completely. I think most people who post here would.

          I understand the statements you’re making regarding various operations and illness treatments and religious beliefs. But, abortion is a poltically and more morally/ethically-sensitive issue that a transplant or a diabetic.

          I think that most of the classes of employers cited by you would realize that to prohibit something like that would draw such negative consequences and publicity to themselves and their respective faiths that to do what you cited would be foolhardy.

          While your concern isn’t necessarily unfounded, the risk of what you cite happening is microscopic and the negative backlash if it did is huge.

        12. This is not about abortion, it is about contraception and the morning after pill. A far distance from abortion.

    3. Another idiot heard from! Everyone is supposed to abandon all principles, both moral and religious, and bow to the liberal socialist communist muslim democrat Chicago thug politician sitting in Washington (when he’s not on Air Force One campaigning or vacationing). It’s no wonder this nation is heading down the road to Sodom and Gomorrah.

  2. I think HL should sell off their merchandise and tell the government to go to hell!! This obummercare law is the most costly, ridiculous law EVER!! I hope that the House will vote to defund that damn thing. It is costing you and I, our children and grandchildren big time. Justice Roberts should be ashamed of himself for going along with the liberal justices on the declaring this law constitutional. But, as long as it is paid for by taxes the representatives should have the right to say no taxes for this and should defund it. It is screwing up our lives with the ridiculous idea that I, (we) have to pay for someone elses birth control and abortions. Good God what is this world coming to? Sell off your merchandise and let’s put 22,500 more people out of work. It’s going to happen, and already has caused other business to go out of business. Thanks obummercare!

    1. Oh, but the sluts get “Freeeeeeeeeeeeeee” bc. They’re ENTITLED don’t you know? The feds get $$ either way (their objective) so long as the company stays in business. Cheap ass sluts–you play, YOU pay. End of story. Why should anyone else pay for your birth control?

      1. If you ever read it you would see the sixth graders wrote it More spelling errors than you can count. Oh, I am not a right winger. Just call us Patriots.

        1. I did try to read obamacare. Enough college credit for a doctorate, and I would have needed a gym floor, a crew of 30, and big sheets to write on and string to connect all the cross-references in the incomprehensible tangle. And the hidden taxes and groups getting special treatment are an abomination. 2000+ pages with the idiotic Pelosi remark.
          Anybody who thinks the bill is just, fair or sane, is either of a criminal mind or of low intelligence.

        2. It’s not that tough. I was able to read through it just fine.
          You admit you don’t even know what it says, but insist it is unfair. The true sign of low intelligence.

      2. Understand John, that as a Doctor AND because of Obamacare, I and the vast majority of my MD friends are making early retirement plans. Have fun getting free healthcare from a system that no longer has qualified doctors. This country is so far over the cliff — socialism in any form never has and never will work. Take a look at your life as of today — it is the best it will ever be again. The Socialists in charge of our government have signed the death warrant on our country, something I never thought I would ever witness.

        1. Dear Dr. Ron, Thanks for doing the right thing. So should everyone in
          the health field do, including nurses and lab workers. When Congress-
          persons realize their doctors are gone, maybe they would act. My newest
          specialist’s name is Indulal Rughani and he had nothing to offer, and
          for that he charged $ 574. Half of clinic’s people have now names like
          his. Something is happening.

        2. You and the other MD friends should establish a practice for those of us that reject obamacare.

      3. When it (that abomination known as Obamacare) was being voted on, did you even bother to read the more than 2700 pages? Or, as that idiot Pelosi said..”you have to vote on it to know what’s in it.”..did you just assume that everything in it was all good and for our protection. I DID take the time to read this really long-winded, very convoluted bill. Believe me, had you taken the time to read, even a portion of it, or just sped read your way through any of it, you wouldn’t be so quick
        to: 1) support it and 2) call any Conservative who understands socialism a wackjob. But, just so I don’t get labeled a wackjob, please understand that I consider myself a Libertarian. That means I think for myself, read everything I can and then decide what’s best for me and mine. Which, in this instance, is definitely NOT Obamacare. Maybe you need to get your hands on a copy of it and take the time to read it before you start calling people names.

      4. Hey John, take a look at pages 150-238 of the AHCA. Then you tell us why it’s ‘such a great piece of legislation’. I am willing to bet you have not read any of it. Most of us on this blog HAVE read it…and that’s why we can say unequivocally, that it’s a piece of dung.

      5. John tell us who you work for or how you make the money you buy your groceries, pay your everyday expenses, and what state, city and your address and we will see if you need help and how we can help you.
        Also tell us your level of education and where you were educated, then we can better understand your situation.

      6. If the piece of legislation is so good, why it was not allowed to be read and debated prior to introduction & signature. ” You must sign it before you can find out what is in it.” Nasty Piglosi’s words. Nothing better can be expected from the land of fruits & nuts. Great transparency.

      7. I do know that my insurance rose slmost $500 over last year. I know because of my age I will be told NO you cannot have that procedure, here we will give you some pain pills and let you die. The dummicrats accused the Republicans of pushing granny over the cliff. Look who is the ones doing it. In case you didn’t get it, it is the dummicrats. Look at what Dr. Ron is telling you and believe it. He is telling it like it is. And John, you better wake up because you will be in my shoes one of these days and have government deciding what medical attention you can get and what you cannot have!

      1. Hey… Fluke you John. Government now has decided to run private businesses as it decides. Its time for the people to give Obama the finger.

        1. @Boomshak and James Foley: What part of freedom do you find so offensive? I find it treasonous that our government trashes the 1st and 2nd Amendment while idiots like you two sit by and whine, call names and post stupid schidt all over these blogs. Here’s an idea for both of you: move out of your mother’s basement, get a job, pay taxes and then you’ll see what we are all so pissed off about.

        2. It seems as if a lobotomy would do wonders for you Boomsh___er . As far as James goes, he doesn’t need one because his mind is sound, but the doctor said he has an opening for you.

        3. john is the reason America is fu666cked up;; the dumba66es have out numbered us;;; thanks to the bill ayers school system of communist indoctrination.. we have probably passed the point where hope rests in the intelligence of the majority;; stupidity is supreme;; it will take a revolution against the ignorant to fix America.

        4. That revolution might occur sooner than we think. On Thursday, December 27th, 2012 a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security announced the federal government now believes the possibility of another civil war in the US is no longer a question of if it will occur, but a question of WHEN it will occur.

        5. Morons like John and “boomshakalaka” will at some point be held accountable for the decline of our country. A couple of takers…..

        6. never mind the finger give him the ax
          wait till his daughters come to papa for contrceptives
          and they will because there little fires are startingto burn if you get my drift

        7. He is there because Congress allows it. Congress fears those who back obama MORE than it fears the people.

      2. Show me one person if he needs a doctor, If he gets to the hospital they will not throw the person out. Look at all the illegals that are getting free care. The tax payers are paying the cost.

        1. Absolutely correct. Obamacare was totally unnecessary. It is just a huge TAX, Power Grab for the government and to make Insurance Companies loyal to Obama richer.

        2. It’s to drive the insurance companies out of business and force on us a “single payer” {aka GOVERNMENT} socialized medicine system!

        3. seriously, you want GOVERNMENT to be in charge of your health care? Have you ever been to an Indian reservation? Looked at the Social Security Trust Fund? the Post Office? Welfare Department?

          The ONLY people that benefit from government power are the people in power. Not you! Unless that’s you, Joe Biden.

        4. That would be a definite NO! I already have to deal with the VA system, and wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I was only pointing out what the end goal IS!

        5. My experience with the VA system is the exact opposite of yours. I’ll never stay in a civilian hospital again.
          When hospitalized for pneumonia, a doctor, not a nurse, checked on me every two hours around the clock.
          When I broke my leg the x-ray technician at the local hospital grabbed my leg and quickly turned it however it needed to be turned for each picture. When I switched my care to a VA hospital, that x-ray technician sat on the floor and showed ME how to move my leg to minimize the pain.
          I’ve now had three surgeries performed at the VA. I’ve been told that a recent foot injury has to be rebroken and I intend to have that done at the VA as well.
          It’s possible that your experience is due to mismanagement at the facility you frequent. I suggest you contact VA in Washington, DC to report your complaints.

        6. I wasn’t criticizing the quality of care so much as the wait times, especially for new vets trying to get into the system, I’ve also had generally good quality of care.

        7. Yes, the wait times can get on your nerves. But I consider that an acceptable trade for good, free health care. I don’t like the waits, but I accept them.

        8. And the VA system is excellent compared to what obamacare will give us. A lot of people who work at the VA are actually honored to serve veterans – there are really only a small percentage of government drones just waiting to collect a gov’t pension. The problem with the VA is all in the administration. My care has been excellent. Even my wait times are good – for the most part – but for God’s sake, don’t get tangled up in administrative issues!

        9. I wasn’t speaking of the individuals; but the system in which they work which is not their fault. Yes the people individually are usually great; and the care is good, it’s the paper work getting in, and the waits to get appointments, often, especially for “elective” specialty care. Also many procedures are being “farmed out” or not done at all any longer, because they FUNDS are just not there. And that’s only getting worse every year.

        10. And don’t forget the stupid moronic regulations that the higher-ups make to further complicate the system, thereby destroying any chance at a smooth processing of individual’s paper work.

        11. That’s exactly right and we have to remember that whatever the government touches, it makes a royal mess of. Bureaucrats are the enemy of the people.

        12. Socialized medicine does not work. I’ve talked to people from the UK and Canada and they describe a health care nightmare. Elective surgery is a MINIMUM two-year wait. If you need emergency surgery, then you are truly in luck: That’s only a six-week wait.

        13. On this you’re preaching to the choir; I’ve been fighting that thing and Codex Alimentarius both since BEFORE they were passed. I also have contacts in both places and am aware of the deterioration of care, how both received the socialized systems with open arms, at first, and found out the hard way.

        14. My daughter and her husband are doctors. They are considering retraining so they can repay their student loans when obamacare goes into action – paying the doctors, hospitals, etc. much less. Medicare is killing them as it is with its severely lowered payments. I know most people aren’t very sympathetic to doctors, but just imagine how well this is going to work with half the doctors – or less – than we have today and several million more people with health insurance. Nobody in this country has ever been without needed health care. We did not even need this ‘signature’ piece of legislation. Whoever said it is just control is so correct. And when all those people with their free obamaphones see what they voted for in action, they may rethink their stupidity.

        15. Could you PLEASE yell that louder? I’ve gotten hoarse from trying to get that through some of the heads. Your daughter and her husband are ALL too typical of what we’re facing BECAUSE of Obamacare! On top of that, many hospitals and clinics will be forced to close their doors for the SAME reasons. ALL the health insurance in the WORLD won’t be worth the paper it’s written on, if you CAN’T FIND a doctor or hospital! My sister is still working at an outpatient surgical clinic up in Denver, and has been watching the docs from their staff leaving, or making plans to do so, for over 3 years now. Mayo’s Scottsdale satellite shut it’s doors to all Medicare patients a year ago this past May. Even the LEFT leaning AZ Republic was forced to notice the exodus of docs from the state, over a year ago. They’re either changing specialties, changing careers entirely, retiring early, or plain leaving the country.

        16. I have niece who recently started as a physical therapist….She has thousands of dollars in debt for her education and had to live with her parents the past two years. They are now helping her with about $200.00 a month so she can have her own apartment….She is also seriously rethinking her career choice.

        17. That’s really a shame, for your niece and her parents. Rethinking her career is a wise idea, however, since PT will not be covered much longer, and FEW will be able to afford it out of pocket. Other areas of the medical profession will last a bit longer, but the “rehab” field will be quickly “killed off” by Obamacare.

        18. I’m a retired US / UK dual citizen living in the UK. With our NHS (National Health Service) medical care, you can also forget second opinions if you feel you need them. One thing never mentioned about UK is that there is also a private option in medical care, with cleaner hospiitals, better doctors and nurses, and faster service. Everyone over here who can afford it ‘goes private’. So much for the success of Socialized Medicine in the UK!!!!

        19. I can vouch for that because I grew up in the UK and know all about socialized medicine…..it’s evil to the core. My mother was put to death in a hospital when she was given a lethal dose of a drug, she was dead within the hour. This happens constantly with older folk and even younger patients who are seriously ill. It’s all about costs and rationing. The same thing happened when my sister landed in the hospital, she too was given massive doses of Morphine and denied food and water…..she was dead in four days. Both of these family members were not even critically ill I might add, but they were older and considered expendible according to the system. This is why I will not allow myself to get caught up in the medical system…..if I’m going to die, it’s going to be on my terms, not theirs!

        20. Correct…..which means complete government control. Only the mentally deficient cannot grasp that concept.

        21. The ruse they used was concern for the 30 million people who had no health insurance, but the CBO predicts that 30 million people will fall through the cracks because they do not qualify for medicaid but do not earn enough to pay for the premiums which will be higher because of all the new requirements. So Obamacare doesn’t really help anybody, it just increases government control over people’s lives and the economy, and massively expands the size of government.. and degrades our health care in the process.

        22. I have never had medical insurance. I keep myself active and healty, and spend an average of less than two hundred a year on ALL healthcare costs. I do not want health insurance. I like the system I use now. I particularly do NOT want a health insurance policy that forcibly includes certain covereages I know I will never use… contraception, abortion, substance abuse “treatment” (the best treatment is to never start.. just say NO). If I could find it, I WOULD purchase major incident medical coverege… if I break a leg it would get expensive. I keep hoping that if I do break a leg, it will be becaiuse some careless driver hit me, and HIS car insurance will pay for it. WHY do FedGov think thjey have to control this area of private enterprise? NO such mandate under the Constitution. Calling it a “tax: still doesn’t put it under their authority. stupid people…….

        23. Hi tionico.

          I fully agree with as at 85 years of age I have never had nor wanted or needed any medical insurance at all because my dad taught me in 1939 at 12 years of age to do exactly as he did and that was to set up a EMERGENCY account.

          What we did was to put 10% of the GROSS amount of what I made into a interest barring bank account, yes that started while all I could make was mowing lawns with a push mower, cleaning yards and stables and such.

          I have done that all my life and have always had enough in my emergency account to take care of every so called emergency including open heart surgery and knee replacements (3 of them as the first failed) and every other emergency in our life even raising our son who was very accident pron.

          There is no difference in setting aside 10% of everything for emergencies than doing the same for the church.

          Now at this time we have enough in that account which by the way we are still putting 10% of both our social security checks in to pay for about 8 years of long term care in a nursing home so even now at 85 I feel quite secure.

          I feel that anyone with much sense at all could do the same and usually what we are doing cost us LESS that a FULL COVERAGE insurance policy would have EACH YEAR.

          So whats wrong with people doing it this way and not worrying about some IDIOT at a insurance company trying to get to us by not paying the complete bill.

          We know from experience that when you pay in full in cash you ALWAYS get at least a 30 to 50 percent discount from a hospital just like the insurance companies do.

          Now have a GREAT day [email protected]

        24. Dear themtnman, Wonderful ! Now that’s the American way – which we
          have been losing over many decades. Out of curiosity I would like to
          hear your views on Social Security ?

        25. Your suggestion will be rejected for two reasons.
          1. It makes perfect sense, something Liberals despise.
          2. YOU control your treatment and the emergency fund instead of the government.

        26. I agree with you both. Until I was 40 years old I paid for mine and my children’s health care out of pocket & it never imposed on my standard of living. Now I receive my care at the VA – still something I earned. This whole obamacare thing is just scarey craziness!

        27. And,tionico, top-of-the-line healthcare is not a human right – it is a privilege. Those that will not work have no right to a free special level of services. Presently the derelicts get benefits that total more than the national average income. The playing field has long since been leveled. All this stuff is just control.

        28. The elected IDIOTS (POLOSI in peticular) was all for it (O’BUMOCARE) and didn’t have a clue what it is all about.
          And the unenlightened NUTS keep putting them back in office.

        29. Charles: as far as Piglosie not knowing what what is NobummerCare, her statement, “Pass it and then you can read it,” says it all. she KNEW, just as we do it was an unconstitional power grab that was shoved down our throats.

        30. Pelose and company knew EXACTLY what they were voting for. All part of the Marxist scheme to take all power from the people and put it in the hands of government.

        31. now, 300 million will fall through the cracks and the added bonus is they’ll be shaken down for their cash as well.

        32. That 30 million represents less than 20% of the population. That means over 80% are already covered by some type of health insurance. The CBO also stated that if the government would just pay the insurance premiums for those 30 million uninsured people, then the cost to taxpayers would be less than one-hundredth of 1% of the projected cost of ObamaCare. Liberals rejected that option, IMO, because it would not expand the governments power base.

        33. Go to any emergency room, and you’ll think you are in a foreign land due to the number of people speaking another language or broken English. When you need emergency help and are suffering during the long wait, it is not a comforting place to be. Why is Obama taking care of a problem that was already being handled? It will only add to the problem, but that seems to be his aim! I heard one man telling his Spanish friend “next time call an ambulance and you won’t have to wait” Try that in a foreign country and see what it gets you, and it won’t be free !

        34. Yep, for once it would be nice to see government take care of something that was a real problem and not take an industry, create a problem and then “fix it”.

        35. Several hospitals have closed their doors because no one pays for the medical care for the illegals. I have no problem with illegals receiving TRUE emergency care. However, if an illegal goes to the emergency room for something that can be taken care of during a routine office visit, then an ICE agent should be waiting for that person at the exit.

      3. Someone doesn’t agree with you and you call them stupid? You sir, are what’s wrong with this country! Your days are numbered.

      4. Some people actually believe and live by a Higher Law—God’s. It’s not stupidity; it is a completely informed decision. It is cowardliness to succumb to the boot on your neck, thinking if you go along, life will be better—or at less not as bad. Those who surrender to the communist regime will find that all the feel-good promises made by the regime are lies and deception. As for me and my house, we will stand with the Higher Law.

      5. Dear John: Be very careful who you call stupid. As I recall there was a British King who got his butt booted from our shores because we refused to settle for scraps. I will now have to dump you for another writer who is not afraid to stand against tyranny and oppression. We have this thing called competition and it has worked so well for so long. Now, this pretender wants to FORCE us to purchase something, while not charging illegals, certain unions and the list goes on, for the same product. Your parents must be ashamed to see what they have spawned. Hope you and Justice Roberts sleep well at night. Keep one eye open because you will probably be one of the sheep they come for first.

        1. And Included in that exemption list are the People WE elect to represent us. What crap. It’s time to make these people realize that we are not their lackeys. That THEY WORK FOR US AT OUR WILL.

        2. For the time being, I do believe your final statement should read “They are SUPPOSED TO work for us at our will. We need to remind our supposed ‘elected leaders’ of that fact, it seems. As it stands, the people have lost their voice and the NWO elite (our Government’s new employers) are barging in, trying to erase our Nation’s identity. If we don’t stand up, and stand together, we may very well lose our Nation’s Sovereign identity. Google NAFTA Highway … an article out today (and information all over YouTube on the subject). I think, these days, the people are a slave to the Government.

        3. Yes, and if we stop funding them, it will force them to have to either get with the program and abandon their Marxist ways, or if they try to force us, they will end up in body bags. By refusing to pay our Federal Income Tax we will send a powerful message to Washington. If we all do it, there is no way they can prosecute everyone. Having my money stolen from me through confiscatory taxation to give to those who have not earned it is Grand Larceny. And I don’t have to go along with it!

        4. Not charging Muslims either, yet Hobby Lobby can’t get a break! Tells volumes! I truly believe that if Obamacare stands for more than one year, you will see GENOCIDE of the elderly AND the white unseen in history!

      6. now that statement is just plain bull. even people with pre existing conditions could get coverage. what they didn’t like is they had to pay high prices compared to healthy people. same way people that have a bad driving record pay more then people that didn’t.

        1. Yes. And the Republicans’ Plan included those with pre-existing conditions and tort reform, but Onutzo would not even consider it. People like John act as if there were NO Republican plans. There were, and they would have worked. Tort reform, pre-existing condition coverage, and across-state lines competition AND not government controlled.

        2. I doubt if Harry Reid would even let them vote on any Republican plan. He hasn’t had a budget in the last four years, but he gets on there and says the Republicans are the problem. He is such a LOSER!

      7. Health insurance used to be very inexpensive and easily acquired back in the ’50s, 60s, etc. Businesses did not provide it. Individuals purchased their own policies and managed health costs themselves. This made them RESPONSIBLE and knowledgeable concerning their health issues. Also, nothing was free – not contraception – not any procedure. Things will now only get worse thanks to libs promising everybody everything for free. A ridiculous, impossible concept which the lazy lemmings fall for. Fasten your seat belt, son…the ride and health care are going to get worse, and eventually you will personally be one of the victims.

        1. I can tell you about one of the problems with health care. I take care of my Mother who had a stroke. She needs a hospital bed. To rent the bed, the company that provides them wants to charge me $750 per month. Hardly seems enough, does it?

        2. So whats your point Nancy? Are you saying you want a bunch of strangers to pay the bill for you. She is not my mother, she is yours. Work something out.

        3. $750/month to RENT a hospital bed? Insane. The ONLY reason it is that much is that they know the government, Medicare, etc., pay for most of them.. so they rape we taxpayers with such outrageous fees. Try heading on down to Sunbelt or Star rentals, find asome piece of equipment that costs the same new, and see what the rent is…. probably less than a third of that. THIS os why government need to butt out. If private free market forces were to regain their riehgtful place in the economy, that same bad would rent for maybe a hundred bucks a month. Sort of like a Stanley claw hammer, available at Home Cheapo for under $25, selling to the Air Force, I think it was, for about three hundred fifty.

        4. Check Craig’s List, newspapers, etc. You’ll find used Hosptial beds. We gave one away that was no longer needed, to just to get rid of it.

        5. Look around, you can buy a hospital bed forLESS than you are paying a month.
          I bought a new one off the net for $508.00 but that was without mattress but the mattress only cost $92.00 so the complete set up was still less than you are paying a month.
          It is a semi electric, the only thing that is not electric is to raise and lower the bed, both head and foot are electric.
          LOOK AROUND [email protected]

        6. That was when “insurance” was for the catastrophic, not the routine care of maintaining health; big difference in payouts too. We used to just pay the doctor directly for routine visits, immunizations, examinations, etc, in a “pay as you go” manner.

      8. john:Stupid?Wow,I guess you missed the lesson on how to respect others!! Do you honestly think that government healthcare will be cheaper?Can you name even one thing that the government has taken over that became better or cheaper?Do you really want your healthcare rationed to you?Might sound great when you are young and healthy and,(viable),but not so much when you are old and in need of care.Or disabled.Did you know that this administration is telling our military heroes that they should just be kept comfortable,rather than getting what they really need,medical care?Do you really think what this economy needs is a trillion dollar plus tax?Do you actually trust the same government that squandered social security dollars not to do the same thing with obamacare dollars?I’m thinking you may need to explore some actual facts on this subject rather than just buying in to the (free)healthcare lie.By the way,this entire law is also illegal,in that it affects us but not the politicians equally.I think it should bother the heck out of you that they deem it good enough for you,but no where near good enough for them,and they are supposed to be working for you!!

        1. Maybe John should have a go at the VA system; where Vets are DYING waiting for their claims to be processed so they can get INTO the system for needed cared; THAT’S what HE wants for everyone, and I can promise you, as a vet, WHEN you can get care it maybe better than average, but I personally have not even seen a practitioner of any sort for OVER a year, now. The last time was for TIAs i was having last year a bit earlier in November and December, and ONLY for that. That’s how backlogged things are in a government run system. Or TALK to some of the Brits about their system; especially some of the ones who were around when it was first brought in; I remember that too; how they were SO SURE it would be better, and now they can’t get out from under it, and WANT to! This is a HUGE YOKE on all of us, fiscally and medically. And it’s already hurting seniors as well!

        2. My husband has been waiting almost two years to get VA benefits….If they can’t get VA figured out, who believes they will get good care under Obamacare?? If you do, you are seriously deceived.

        3. I’m sorry to hear that but please thank your husband for his service. It took me better than 9 months and that was before Gulf I, it’s been getting worse by the year since then, between the cuts, and huge numbers of vets who are surviving injuries, that in other wars, would have been fatal.

        4. Well let me relate a couple of stories that I can PROVE as I have taken them to the VA offices and fought them ever since 1087.
          My sister was a swimming instructor at a NTC when she wo;e up one morning it 1964 and could move nothing below her chin. By evening he was in a coma or semi coma at Bethesda Naval Hospital for near that lasted near 3 years.
          Was then moved to a Naval Hospital in Texas, was there for 11 years and moved to Topeka Ks. was there 22 years then was moved to the Va hosp in LA Cal. was there for a little over 9 years when they that she MAY not be service connected so they just moved her out was to put her in a nursing home in northern CA so I picked her up and brought her to Nevada to place her near us.
          Well as after over 43 years in VA hospitals and I know its hard to believe she never had a diagnosis and to be admitted to a nursing home in Nevada you MUST have a diagnosis and to date even after a couple of top lawyers for 5 years there are NO medical records available

          Before we placed her we worked on it for near a year but finally had to place her in a home in UTAH where they don’t require a diagnosis..

          [email protected]

        5. Also My father who was in the SeaBees during WW2 (which by the way I was also in WW2) he was seriously injured when a engine hoist broke a at a equipment repair depot and dropped a large diesel engine on him and crushed him from about the hips down.

          After a LOT of stays in hospitals over quite a few years finally in 1987 one leg was then totally beyond any repair so they decided to amputate it.

          They took him to a VA hospital near Prescott, AZ. to do the surgery

          Well when he woke up in the recovery room he found out that they amputated his good leg that he could at least stand on with a set of crutches about 9 inches above the knee.

          YES the other leg was of course still in to bad shape to treat so in about a month they went ahead and also amputated it.

          This made him totally wheelchair bound for the rest of his life and due to his condition he was also in a condition that the only way he could transfer from anything to his wheelchair to anything was if someone picked him up and moved him.

          THINK ABOUT IT there was NO WAY that he could even go to the bathroom without someone picking him up and sitting him on the toilet for the next 14 years until he died. THANKS GOVERNMENT MEDICINE.

          MORE GOVERNMENT MEDICINE which is an example of exactly what we will get with OBAMADON’TCARE.

          So those are just 2 of the PERSONAL stories that I KNOW FOR SURE ARE FACT as I have lived with them.

          Then I could tell you my problems with being a WW2 disabled vet but we don’t need to go into that now as that is over a 60 years history of real horrible government SNAFUs.

          [email protected]

        6. Sandra Lee Smith,
          I have such friends in London, and it is just like you said, they first liked it, now they hate it, and told me that we would be fools to go along with it!
          They also first had their guns taken away so that they could not really resist, at least the idiots in the government thought they had all their guns. Guess what, guns are showing up and they are not always in the hands of the criminals.
          God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
          Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
          Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

        7. Considering that there are growing enclaves all over the nation where police really won’t go, because of Muslim incursion, I’d say GOOD for the Limeys!

        8. The government is really good about ONE thing! Taxing! They ensure there’s enough money to pay the legislators and their friends! Everything else is secondary….defense of the nation, crafting laws for governance, providing health for all, and education for the children, controlling the environment, etc. How many things does the Constitution establish for the government to do? Provide for the common defense, set taxes, craft laws.

          Nothing there about providing HEALTH, nor EDUCATION, right? All this has been ASSUMED by the federal government, usurped from the local governing entities, or just taken over completely. AND, we have LET them do it!

          We deserve the government we get. And government, like making sausage, a necessary thing, but NOT something pretty to watch. PLUS, the quality we get from it is the quality we put INTO it!

      9. Where have you been? EVERYBODY received healthcare! The government has no jurisdiction doing ANYTHING with healthcare. Treat it as such.

      10. Obama is already doing that; not working with Congress to avoid the fiscal cliff, forcing businesses to stop providing healthcare to their employees.

      11. Really, John? And you think Obamacare is going to take care of everyone for free? It’ll cost far more than money. It’ll cost good and timely service. I’d rather take my chances without big governmental involvement. I had health insurance coverage through my work plan…the operative word is “HAD.” The small I worked for had to fold because it couldn’t not afford what was coming down the pike with your buddy, Obama’s great socialist healthcare plan.

        1. I doubt John is paying anything in the first place. And he’ll most likely be subsidised with Obamacare.

        2. I bet that if your company had actually looked at it, it would have found that it was going to save money because of Obamacare. Sorry my friend, sounds like the owner just wanted to be a prick and decided that it was better to punish all their employees, rather than pay less in health insurance costs.

        3. Don’t forget the new 16,000 IRS agents that are going to be checking up on us! What’s that going to cost us taxpayers? But everyone believes this is going to be so great! Anything done behind closed doors, in secret, in the middle of the night is not usually anything most people want. Talk about buying votes!

      12. John, go put your head in your john. Gov has screwed up health care for large copr and insurance companys, Why do you think aarp was all for it. 4 billion per yr more for them. So how is that helping. What a fool you are

      13. Medicare works in Australia for ALL the people, if they haven’t got enough money to pay for health care, poor or rich. The only diff is, the treatment is basic. If you want better cover, join a health insurance fund and be exempted from the Medicare Levy which every other person pays while able to work. Oh – and Oz no longer has “unemployment” benefits, but a NEWSTART support which requires unemployed to be EARNING or LEARNING… no free rides any more. But there must be a SAFETY NET for health, otherwise the system will end up with seriously ill people who then must go on sickness allowances (including suddenly bankrupt business owners). And remember, it is in the INTEREST of business that money CIRCULATES back to them, rather than have people shop-lifting their goods for sake of poverty! Look at Australia in 2008, came out BEST performer of any nation during the RECESSION, because it did not pay the big corporations or banks money, but gave it to the population to pay bills, loans, or buy necessities… and business overall came out better off as a result. USA on the other hand, gave money to big business, whose CEO’s suddenly retired with a big bonus for their “profit” data (boosted from Government cash)…. despite what Obama says. Oh and for those “Christian” people out there, Jesus showed that there HAD to be a welfare method for the poor. It is also in the Old Testament, being the very FIRST to institute a welfare system for widows etc… Are some of you going to say that you don’t believe God on that? – THINK! – welfare stops desperate reactions most of the time. Russia in 1913 had the whole population rise up against the Tzar for suppression of the masses by force and denial!

        1. Very interesting approach. These reforms might make sense for America, too.

          I agree completely with their recession approach, too. Ron Paul suggested that every American family be given $1million instead of all the bailouts, as that would be more stimulating to the economy than all the foolishness we tried.

          The take-away from all of this is we need REAL reform, and it needs to start with shrinking government substantially and re-thinking those activities it does continue to do so they work better and cost less.

          It can be done. But, nobody has the political will to do it.

        2. Hehehehehe, you fail to understand the Biblical concept. The Biblical standard is a personal standard not a government standard. Each person will be judged by those things. The only national or governmental standard applied in the Bible is whether or not other nations support Israel.

      14. John I want to go back to the system when I could AFFORD health care, in the past 2 years my health care deductables have gone up over 34% and my family is paying more out of pocket , higher co-pays and the clinic wants their money RIGHT NOW! but I guess only those of us that have jobs and dont need the government to provide for us are the ones getting screwed again.

      15. Are you really that stupid that you want to destroy the greatest health care system in the world and have it run by the the same inept bureaucrats who have bankrupted social security, the post office, Amtrack etc, etc?? Are yo so moronic that you have no concept that people aren’t foolish or self destructive enough to spend a quarter of a million dollars to go to medical school so that they can become unionized, government employees, creating even more doctor shortages?? Are you such a fool and a misogynistic ignoramus that you are unaware that life saving wonder drugs that routinely treat breast cancer (amongst many other diseases) in America are not even available to Canadians and Brits?? Are you so devoid of grey matter that you have zero knowledge that the political and corporate elites in most countries in the world come to the US for treatment when they get sick?? It really is a tragic shame that the greatest generation has bred the likes of you and your ilk.

        1. America does not have the greatest health care system in the world. Here is a list of the top 5:

          1 France
          2 Italy
          3 San Marino
          4 Andorra
          5 Malta

          In case you are wondering, the U.S. is 37th. Also the post office is going bankrupt because it is being driven out of business by private corporations. More people use UPS and FedEx than the post office. And since the post office does not collect tax revenue from the government, it relies solely on people using it’s services to function.

          Social security is not going bankrupt. I keep hearing this argument over and over again and it is nothing but a huge pile of lies.

        2. You are truly dense. 1.)The US ranking of 37th is based on WHO skewed parameters not taking into account population density, poverty levels, obesity etc,etc, 2.) San Marino though independent is still in Italy and has the same medical system 3.) Lets put it this way, in America you have the freedom to weigh 1000 pounds and require a crane to hoist you out of your mothers basement. So, do the research and compare apples to apples you drone and stop spewing your leftist propaganda and drivel.

        3. Just because you do not agree with it does not make it untrue. That’s the wonderful thing about facts. Your disagreement does not invalidate them. So here’s another list for you. A list of average life expectancy by country:

          1. Japan
          2. Hong Kong
          3. Israel
          3. Italy (tied with Israel)
          5. Iceland

          The U.S. is 38th.

        4. wolf-I just know to not expect to get what I paid into social security back to me-and that makes them thieves

        5. UPS and FedEx play on the same field as the USPS. UPS and FedEx would not be in business if people didn’t use their services, as with USPS. However, UPS and FedEx are not managed by the government; the USPS is. USPS is suffering because of poor management and it failed to make necessary changes soon enough to compete for package delivery. Now it’s suffering because of the internet. Most people don’t write letters anymore, and why should they when they can send an email. Private corporations are not the cause of the USPS’ troubles.

        6. Plus the unions are helping the post office’s troubles. In some of the larger areas Los Angeles, the workers are across the way at taverns and smoking weed, when they are to be working.

        7. Hey Shadowwolf I see that you are not smart enough to know that FedEx is also a government agency that our stupid elected KOOKS set up to compete with UPS and the Postal Service but also REMEMBER that its against FEDERAL LAW for either FedEx or UPS to deliver mail but studies have shown that if they were allowed to deliver it our mail rates would drop about 35% over night and it is estimated that within 2 years mail rates would drop about 50%.

          That’s another example of the GOVERNMENT way of doing business, charge MORE and DO LESS.
          [email protected]

      16. people such as you John, seem to think ObamaCare is NOT going to Cost anyone anything, but the TRUTH is, it will Cost plenty especially to all the Senior citizens who barely make ends meet already…. Are you so Stupid as to NOT see this ???? It doesn’t matter to Obama as to what is mandated or what he tells us, as he and all of the Poloticians are NOT on this program, they have their own, which by the way, we the Tax Payers pay for theirs and we’re NOT allowed to join this benefit even though we pay for it…..and that includes even after they are NO LONGER in Office anymore….. You had better Wake-up and get your Facts correct…..as you sure DO NOT know them now…..

      17. Another thing John..I have right here a 42 year old man with no job, no insurance, no funds and give him free room and board. He had a medical problem and went to the doctor and the first thing they ask him does he have insurance. NO. But they took care of him and he is better but still no job. Its a Oath of the Doctor to do all they can to make you better. No matter who provide the insurance, the tax payer will pay for it.

      18. Actually, John, we want to go to a system where the PATIENT (not the DC crowd, nor insurance companies) calls the shots! It is called “free enterprise.” However, the GOP bill that is free-enterprise-based and would have resolved the half dozen or so really key health insurance issues was never allowed to be presented on the floor of the House by your friend, Pelosi! Instead, they rammed through Obamacare, a 2700 page bin of garbage that will enslave all Americans! Costs will skyrocket and Uncle Sam will be forced to require waiting lines, rationing, and death panels. In addition, this MASSIVE program will dwarf even Social Security, impoverishing our children and grand-children for generations. Every aspect of our lives will require government permission–because they will claim it all has a health care cost impact.

        Fools like you and your friends voted this dunce back in–so get ready for the largest assault on freedom in American history.

      19. @John, that stance is not “stupid”. Your premise is unsustainable. If one needs healthcare, you can go to any emergency room in any hospital and get care. Mexicans/ Muslims / Poor people do it every day of the year. Obama care is NOT about health care. It is about instituting a systemic array of controls over the American citizens to control their lives. Why would a “health care” bill need to create and install a quasi military/police force within the “Health Care” system if it were not intended to force people to comply.

      20. John: You used the word. If you didn’t have health insurance before, then you were STUPID. Health insurance or free clinics have always been there, except for the people who were to STUPID or LAZY to fill out there paperwork…And, guess what dude, the paperwork is still there…..

      21. Health care is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT; and if you can’t get “insurance” for the catastrophic, that’s a shame but why should EVERYONE pay for you to HAVE that privilege? OR me, or anyone else? THAT, sir, is what YOU’RE demanding. I don’t use birth control now, and PAID for it when I did, except while i was on active duty, which was in effect part of my pay at that time! WHY should I now pay for it for anyone else; or why should any other person? And that’s just ONE example! Further, why should I pay for that which goes AGAINST my deeply held convictions about life and God? That is not only morally wrong, it violates the supreme law of our land: the Constitution! We who believe this way are NOT being “stupid” and it’s rude of you to so label us because we disagree with you!

        1. Would any other country be willing to provide free health care to an another’s countries citizens? Maybe a few would, but quite a few others would decline unless they see the cash up first.

        2. There were and still are some insurance plans that cover international travel, for just that reason, but they’re few, very specialized and kind of expensive. Otherwise, not on your life!

      22. John, were you actually born and raised as a sponge, or did you become that way when you realized that you were an inbred bleeding heart liberal socialist imbecile?

      23. This is a dear john letter. I’m a retired military person and your idol already reduced my pension by $50.00 to start. I pay to keep a medical insurance for me & my wife. Mainly my wife because medical issues she has. I will go to jail before I sign up for any government mandate. I have 20 yrs + in the game, two sons that suffer from PTSD ( Iraq & Afghanistan). Total 53 yrs to insured that our country is free. Presently have a niece in the USMC deploy to Afghanistan. So for some low life person like you to support the trash that this administration is bringing to us is pathetic. I already unfriend family from my facebook because they voted for the bozo in 1600 Penn ave. I have no fear of useful idiots because WE THE PEOPLE are the ones ultimately are the government. We shed blood as patriots before and it can be done again. I will not be enslave by anyone. It would be sad to close those stores, but I would do like Twinkies and let Michelle come up with jobs for those employees. Is not going to happen because of the christian values. Quick question…Are you related to Sandra Fluke(Puke)? Just like a $3.00 prostitute, don’t want to pay for condoms. GOD is keeping an account on everyone of you. I hear that CUBA has a great health care, hugo chavez went there. Set your next appt quick.

      24. stupid has naught to do wiht any of this. What is happening is the FedGov have stepped into an area of power they are NOT given in the Constitution. They are demanding, under force of guns, that individuals and corporations (legal “individuals” doing business) purchase a certain class of p[roduct. This business say they do not want to purchase that product. If the Kinyun were to mandate that all Jews and moslems purchase pork food products, would THAT be okay wiht you? If so, they YOU are the problem. If not, then WHY should this byusiness be forced, at gunpoint, to purchase a prodjct they find equally abhorrent? And if you objec t to my pointing out that this mandate will be enforced at gunpoint, you are far more naif than I think you are… what will, in the end, happen to the owners and officers of this business if they refuse to omply? Armed federal officers from some unconstitutional alphabet soup federal agency will come round, armed, and FORCE compliance. Refuse and you WILL be shot, or forcibly taken into custody as the only altgernatative. And this is not tyranny? King George Third was nowhere near this level of perversion. And they fought a war to throw off HIS tyranny. The worst he did was to force them to pay a tiny tax on tea. Their response? Don’t drink tea. Nothing of Georgie Boy could do, was there? Except to try and disarm the COlonials. We see how well THAT worked. THAT got him and his boys kicked off the continent.

      25. John do you know what is in the Health Care bill

        Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200 – Key Pointshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcBaSP31Be8 5000 a person 10,000 for family

      26. @John… Obviously your parents didn’t give you the name “John” with the Bible in mind…. I’d recommend you just enjoy spending your ObamaBucks on your vacation at the ObamaNation Plantation,,,,,, And let the rest of us God fearing patriots decide for ourselves where we’ll get our health-care from!

      27. John, there is really nothing about “good health” in Obamacare. It’s got so much “hype” and “regulations” in it that what’s going to happen is there will be no doctors/nurses to take care of patients.

        The only patients that were turned away that I’ve heard/read of are those poor patients that michelle shuffled off to another hospital miles away when she “served” (used sarcastically) in that created position for her on that hospital board!!

        But you can bet “Bo the Dog” will get the best vet care $100,000 a year can buy!!

        And yes, I’m familiar with the bill since I have several medical people in my family…and one who refuses to perform abortions!!

      28. John, you are an idiot, you won’t be changing ANYONES mind, people with iq’s over 65 can easily see obama is destroying America, Socialism has been tried before all over the world, the only system that works and build up citizens is capitalism. Don’t like it? Leave.

      29. Let’s see…..don’t we still have Medicaid to take care of the indigent. I don’t see how Obamacare is going to improve anything. Besides, as soon as you get a taste of the rationed health care and the death panels (yes, they do exist whether anyone wants to accept it or not), you’ll be wishing you had the old system back.
        In fact I’d say you’ll be begging to have it back.

        1. There was one post on another site saying people were going to have a “buycott” like with Chick-fil-A on January 5th at Hobby Lobby.. I can’t find anything on this anywhere else … anyone know anything? I will be shopping at Hobby Lobby (have one in the next town just few miles away) .. but if we are going on a certain day I WOULD GLADLY SUPPORT THAT!

        2. I work for Hobby Lobby, for 9 yrs now. As an employee I totally support what they are doing. This will also include Mardel’s the Christian bookstore’s they own. I am tired of being pushed around by the government. Most American’s except those who will get free healthcare want this massive bomb to go away. True Americans – those that love this country need to take a stand and I am willing to do it especially for a company that has treated me respectfully and has a heart for those employees going through hard times.

        3. I definitely wish your employer well in this ordeal. Hobby Lobby is a rare example of Corporate America not kowtowing to Political Correctness and actually standing on principle.

        4. Thanks so much for you comment. It’s weird with the economy the way it is – this is a big step. I believe God blesses those who honor Him. All the employees at my store know we could face job loss but I believe in this. This company was there for my kids in I when my ex-husband walked away and things got really tough. I am now remarried so it wouldn’t hit me as hard as some of the single employees – even if I was still single I would stand behind them. It has been a wonderful job and I also have a cousin working for them in another state and she loves her job with them to. I am praying for the best!!!!

        5. Hey, thanks for sharing. I meant what I said to Catherine (above) for you too. God bless. :) trollsonaroll < funny/cute hehe

        6. Yeah, my online name came about how mad I get at people that are getting paid to troll blogs to stir up problems. Thanks! God Bless you also

        7. Does Mardel’s have a web site? We don’t have one here but if they are on-line, I and my friends will support them!!

        8. Yes, they each have their own websites. I know the Corporation will appreciate all the support they can get.

        9. I saw that on Facebook. There have been other Hobby Lobby “buycotts”/Appreciation Days since the lawsuit started that were promoted by people who support Hobby Lobby. When I was shopping those days, I asked employees if they knew about it; but they didn’t.

        10. High five Catherine,
          I have no idea if we have a store near, but I’m going to find out in a short few minutes.
          Never heard of them before. I need a rock tumbler. I’ll see if they have those. :) I’ll pay more if they do, and I’ll tell them why I’m shopping with them. :)

        11. David, HL has an on-line web site and you can order that way. I ordered many of my Christmas gifts from them!!!!

        12. Contrary to popular belief AND the Warren Report, Oswald did not kill JFK. The Warren Report was a whitewash, NOT an investigation. The report was released when I was 13 and shown on TV. The next day in school my classmates and I were talking about all the flaws we saw in the report. Adults did not say anything about the report because the adults at that time had lived through WW II and still experienced ultra patriotism. In other words, if the government said something it was accepted as fact just because the government said so, whether or not it actually was factual.

        13. I imagine there is a John, Charles, Leon or Lee out there somewhere. Problem is, then the POTUS would be that idiot Biden!

        14. when you sever enough of the timber posts that support a structure, the structure will sag, tilt, shift, crack, and soon enough collapse. this is the game plan of the communists in this country and kenyan boy is their beloved leader…..we need to support those that will fight back, both financially and vocally. We need to be seen supporting Real Americans..

    1. Why should every business say no to the Affordable Healthcare Act? Almost every single business that offers health care to it’s employees is going to save money because of it.

      1. Well, let me rephrase that. They COULD save a ton of money with it if they cut all work hours back to less than 30 per week. Then they wouldn’t have to provide any healthcare at all and wouldn’t have to pay a fine either. Likewise, they could just contract out all their work and force the employee, now an independent contractor in that scenario, to pay all those payroll taxes the employer formerly paid.

    2. I saw one post on another site saying people were going to have a “buycott” aka Chick-fil-A on January 5th at Hobby Lobby.. I can’t find anything on this anywhere else … anyone know anything? I will be shopping at Hobby Lobby (have one in the next town just few miles away) .. but if we are going on a certain day I WOULD GLADLY SUPPORT THAT!

      1. Logically, we should intern all the people that voted for McCain and Romney for they would have continued destroying our country and killing our loved ones in needless wars!

        I can not believe that they can outright lie to you and you still vote for them!

        1. obama’s in for the last four years. Wars have been over since then??? Logically, you’re an idiot.

    3. Yes, if enough businesses stood up to Big Gov then what would they do? Arrest every owner, arrest the employees, let every business close? It is time to stand people

        1. Just like they did with GM(Government Motors). That was nothing more than a money laundering scheme for the union pension funds at the tax payers expense.

        2. And now, GM is going to buy back it’s stock from the government at an unbelievable loss to the taxpayers. For maobama and his union cronies, this bailout is the gift that keeps on giving. For taxpayers, it is a yoke around our necks that gets heavier everyday. I just don’t know how much longer Americians are going to take the crap this P.O.S. is giving us.

        3. check out the business news undercurrents, it appears that generous motors, aka kenyan boy cars, is slipping again. do I hear bankruptcy threats again?

        4. That would be the last thing America needs, a second bailout package.  Ford didn’t take it and they are getting by  and at least Chrysler had the good sense to cede to a foreign investor, which by all accounts, seems to be working. At least so far.  We do NOT need any more government motors.  Scary thought Kent.

        5. You’re right Din, and i haven’t been in or patronize Anything that has GM on it ! Never Will ! Drove their veh. for many yrs, now and for 5 yrs, i buy FORD ! Semper Fidelis

        6. Obama totally remakes the concept of pay to play. I am sure companies that were fined under his watch didn’t send some money his way.

      1. Outstanding point TomBombadil! What would the Gubmint do if everyone decided not to file their income taxes(The one’s paying taxes that is).

    4. TRUTH, The Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 aka Obamacare has very little to do with healthcare. The law has everything to do with CONTROL, control of every aspect of each and every person that lives in what is left of America’s life. Read the law if you dare and have about 2 months to kill by reading and understanding every caveat of the law. This law is a 2700 page roll of toilet paper and MUST be REPEALED IMMEDIATELY!! This so called law is Evil in the highest order. People wake up!!

      America is not becoming a socialist nation, America has been a socialist nation since the passing of the Social Security Act of 1935 America is now being herded over the COMMUNIST CLIFF. One only needs to take a look back in world history about 70 years to see just where this is going. To take a country from whatever system of government a country has and to make it the COMMUNIST country a dictator wishes the country to be, first you must have control eg. obamacare the next move is go for the guns. Make no mistake the guns are next on obama’s agenda. Once obama has a completely defenseless population you will see the tyranny ratcheted up to a level the world has never seen before. obama hates America and hates all the people of America. His (obama) only objective is to make the greatest nation the world has ever seen or ever will see the same as Kenya the third world hell hole he came from.

      If obama were a citizen (which he is not, even if he were he would not be eligible to hold the office of president) he could and should be tried for treason as he has committed numerous acts of treason against the nation and the people of the nation. However since he is not a citizen the only thing that can be done is to remove him as well as the animals he has living with him in the peoples house by whatever means is necessary. Jail them all until such time they can be deported to whatever country is foolish enough to have them. If no other country will take them dispose of them by whatever means the people see fit.

      The same can be said of all but a handful of the members in both houses of congress, all federal judges as well as the newest appointees to the supreme court not to mention all main stream media members. They all must go as they all know that obama is not legal and each and everyone of those in congress, those on a federal bench or those on the supreme court bench are complicit in this coverup up to their eyeballs.


      1. I’ll add to your suggestion. Go to a library and read the health care bill/law for yourself. Do not read it from the internet; you will only get what that website wants you to see. When I read it I thought I was reading a Stephen King horror novel. I now understand why Republicans were not allowed to read the bill before it was voted on.
        The final bill was presented to the House at 2:00 AM one morning. It was 2700+ pages long. A vote on the bill was scheduled for 8:00 AM the same morning. A speed reader could not read the bill in that amount of time.

      2. I agree that both houses of Congress are complicit and have allowed this abuse against our freedoms to continue, but think about it, how are you going to educate the millions of Americans who actually think Obama is their saviour. There are plenty of them believe me, and no matter what you say, they are so fixated on him that they won’t be swayed. So we’re fighting an uphill battle, trying to send a message to the criminals in Congress as well as educate the dumbocrats who voted for Obama.

        1. In both efforts you are wasting your time. Smart people learn very early not to spit into the wind. If you have outlined your plan for saving the nation you have shamed yourself in front of all of us.

        2. My time is NEVER wasted. I pride myself in using it wisely and effectively…therefore I am selective in how it’s used. Certainly don’t use it on morons and imbeciles like Obama fans who worship at his trough.

    5. Imagine what it would cost the federal government if Hobby Lobby closed down and all 25K employees went on the unemployment rolls. Over 5 M a week.

  3. Negotiate a new health care insurance contract and cover the contraception only as part of the employee co-pay, out of pocket expense, deductible or just not covered under “our” insurance policy. Just a thought.

    1. Another idiot heard from! You don’t know the owners of Hobby Lobby just as the idiot left didn’t know the owners of Chick-fil-A! You’re projecting your less than moral values and spineless reaction on someone you will never be lucky enough to know. You should heed the words of Lincoln when he said
      “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”.

    2. “There” business was formed on principles and they have survived because of that. If they buckle it will be a monster mistake. Had a Twinkie lately?

  4. Re Hobby Lobby:
    I’m all for getting rid of Obama care as well as Obama. While applaud Hobby Lobby for showing their displeasure with Obama, I find it interesting that the only way people on the RR get really angry is over abortion or Gay marriage!!!!
    Do you realize we would have two more seats voting our way in the senate if
    it wasn’t for those two IDIOTS coming out against a woman who had been
    raped wanting to abort that child??? The only way we are going to solve any of
    these horrible problems our country is facing is a third party, fiscally
    conservative but socially middle of the road and unattached to policies
    like those on gay marriage and abortion. If you think about it with a clear
    head, you will understand that these are two topics that nobody is going
    to change their minds on and to try and stuff it down their throats
    like the “zealots” always try to do is totally counter productive. We are in big trouble in this country and need to pull together on the issues we can agree upon or be prepared to suffer immense consequences.

    1. No one is as blind as one who will not see! You are really blind. The Tea Party was not formed over either of the subjects you mentioned and has had the most impact on our political system of anything in decades. The battle going on in the United States right now is not about abortion or gay marriage – it is over taxes (the cause of the first revolution) and debt. Conservatives are enraged over the total abandonment of true conservative principles, and that DOES include social issues. If you can’t stand up for what is right, then you will fall for anything.
      You should heed the words of Abraham Lincoln when he said
      “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt”.

      1. I think the problem Mr. Roth is seeing, but perhaps didn’t articulate well, is that he feels many religious conservatives are holding fiscal and other governance problems hostage until they get their way on their issues.

        I’m not so sure I entirely disagree with him. I tend to be more socially conservative- not as conservative as many here, but modern liberalism most certainly isn’t the answer to most of our problems. However, when both of the extremes take all the toys and sit in their respective corners pouting until they get what they want, the rest of us- those who want to reform real, serious issues that affect the vast majority of Americans day-in, day-out, liberal or conservatives, have their needs held hostage, we all lose.

        I think the point made further down that we, as a group need to stop taking bait questions and take a lesson from Obama about such questions, is also very valid, especially with things like rape and abortion.

        To make ourselves look like ghouls who wish harm on women, even if that’s farthest from the truth, does not help the Tea Party cause, or the cause of conservatives in general.

        I think a fiscally conservative, socially center-right approach is best. The fiscal conservatism may help lead to moving the country back to the center socially, which is the best realistic hope for us going forward.

    2. All these “social” issues are not addressed in the Constitution…as are about 90% of what the government has enacted, And the sheeple said whatever,,,as long as they get theirs “free”.

    3. You give these zealots too much credit. You forget that they were being interviewed by liberals who were going for a gotcha question. What they need is a lesson on how to answer these stupid gotcha questions, the way Obama does, although he rarely gets asked one, but when he does, he filibusters and never answers the question. Just a thought

    4. We already have enough people willing to compromise their values in order to get into power. They’re called politicians. We don’t need an entire party of them. This country was not founded by people who worshiped wealth. It was founded by people who worshiped God and lived by His principles. They intended for all Americans to have Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Anyone who tries to imply that abortion is a right is lying and they know it. I don’t care if you don’t have a love for the unborn. I have no apologies to make to you. God gave us certain laws to go by for our own good and safety and for all of mankind’s. He knew what would happen if we were left to do what is right in our own eyes. Just the mess we see ourselves in right now, only it will continue to get worse. I, and my friends and associates, are informed, determined, walk daily with God, and are a whole lot more clear-headed than you will ever be. Fiscal issues are extremely important and we are equally involved with those issues. But we will not bow our knee to Baal. Not that I think you have the slightest clue as to what that means.

  5. HL will pay fines of $474.5 million per year and be driven out of business. As for not caring by not giving out free abortion drugs, I want a lot more of the Greene family’s brand of caring than the “care” we’ll get from POTUS Obama and Sec’y Sebelius. Just wait. Things are going to get a lot uglier very soon.

      1. you are mistaken, just who is forcing who here? are the owners of HL forcing anyone to do anything? no! are they forcing anyone to pray? no! are they forcing you do do anything? no!, it is they whom are being forced and bullied by the fed to do something they and our Founding Fathers would have called wrong, plain and simple.

      2. Who are they forcing their values on? I think it’s Obama forcing his values on all the rest of us. Wake up; you’re not exempt from the Obamanation.

      3. Not one single person is FORCING their religion on YOU. Please repect our choice of worship and we will respect your lack thereof.

      4. John, why don’t you go somewhere that people care what you say, you are an ignorant fool, and it’s quite obvious by what you have to contribute

      5. I agree that you loonies on the progressive left should not be “forcing your crazy ignorant lack of values on other people”. You want contraception? Pay for it yourself!

      6. Yah, you’re right. We imposed all the rights in the Bill of Rights on people like you. Tell ya what; I will gladly pay your way to a secular country of your choice.

      7. Another heathen putting his two cents worth of thoughts in when no one in Religion has forced any thing on any one it is the Democrat I would say pricks but a prick has a head on it and you and the democrats do not have a head .

      8. Oh my God– I read all the other posts about your stupidity, now I’m convinced they had you pegged from the start. I feel sorry for you and the people around you who have to put up with your many flaws. Even though you hate God, he still is everywhere and is devoid of hate, no matter why or how anyone treats him.

      9. You can go to Egypt and you will NOT be told what religion to follow, since Morsi established sharia and is only fair that is one stop shop. You will blend with the rest of oppressed. And if you don’t like it complain so the government can listen to you, before they cut off the head.

    1. Business could ALL join, and force the Govt. to back off by WITHHOLDING TAXES etc… like happened in California a long while ago. Government wont last long IF they get NO MONEY from any businesses or Corporations… and they can withhold for YEARS, if they ALL joined together as one bloc! (United we stand, divided we fall, and that is as good for the Goose as it is for the Gander)

  6. Close your doors. Lay off everyone – let the Administration pay the unemployment costs for 22,500 people and their Obamacare drugs. Wait a few weeks and re-open with only part time employees with good salaries but no benefits. This is what someother smaller businesses are doing. It does let them hire more people and pay them better. It also forces the administration to pay for the Obamacare benefits.

    1. That would be fine, but don’t forget: The “administration” (government) doesn’t pay for anything with it’s own money. That money belongs to US, the American taxpayers. (At least those of us who still pay taxes.)

  7. The goverment is overstepping and is hurting our compnies. Mr. Soros must want into another field by hiting the companies that go by gods law.

  8. It is time to stand up to this COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT. Shut all the stores, refuse to sell them to anyone. Where in the heck does Obama think this money is coming from?

    The WORKING PEOPLE HAD BETTER GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER, we are supporting all of Obamas hangers on that are on welfare without MEANS TESTING.



      1. Communism is what Ovomit wants to turn this country into fool! The blind leading the blind sheep! You are a fool….Did you not pay attention in History class??? Ovomit is another Hitler…hope you land up in a FEMA Camp soon!

      2. Communism is a situation where the state controls the populas. Everyone contributes to the “common” pot. There are two classes: the elite and the poor. I have heard from many who escaped Communist rule, and they say we are headed down that same slippery road. But we are supposed to listen to you….Why?

      3. Have you ever live in a communist country. If you have not, then SHUT THE HELL UP. If you have then your brain is stuck in neutral. And that is giving you the benefit of the doubt of having one. Just read someone asking for your address, place of work and level of education. I imagine you are one wuss and will not provide any information. Me, come to Florida and find me. I’m one of the few Latinos that did not vote for the kenyan citizen. You could be hiding in India for that matter.

      4. Since communism is so great and you understand it so well, move to CUBA and leave us to suffer under our free republic. Take the present DC crowd with you. While there check for Ben Over & I lean Over your new friends.

  9. 3 would be the only option left. i can’t see punishing the employees who did not vote for obama but yes i would ferret out those who do fine them and then fire their asses. But let them fine them. they can’t get blood out of a turnip. the fine is too exuberant for any company to pay. this is government tyranny at it’s best..or worst depending how you want to look at it.
    He already said he will probably have to close his business. Very sad but it;s the best option for him and his family.

    1. No it isn”t! Every Christian needs to stand up and pciket for him. Gather $1 donations online like OBAMA did and thwart him with legal actions with the best attorneys money can buy.

  10. HL need to explain to their Employees the need for them to temporarily close all stores and place them on lay-off. Once the courts have come to their senses and abolish OBAMACARE they could then rehire those employees as warranted. The Obama Administration needs to learn that they work for the people – those tax paying people – not the freeloaders.

    1. And that employees should all get proper health care not just what some religious bishop thinks women should have. Just say no to Christian/Sharia law.

      1. Employees are not tied to HL by any contract, if they don’t like the benefits being provided they can choose to either quit or buy the added benefits/insurance on their own. The fact that HL pays their employees far above minimum requirements tells me the Company values their employees.The Gov’t. is out of line in dictating this requirement on anyone. I suppose HL could terminate everyone and rehire them as part-time employees, which would still be a loose – loose situation.

      2. Employees can get any health care they want, even without Obozocare. Employers should not be forced to pay for it. Obozocare is going to cause more people than ever before to lose their employee health benefits and be forced into a government health insurance plan. That has been its purpose all along. Then, to try to keep costs down, the death panels will kick in. We’ll be like Great Britain, with people dying on gurneys in the halls of overcrowded hospitals.

      3. Birth control is not health care. It is a means Obama used to buy votes from liberal women who think with their crotches and not their brains.

      4. Total Bull…..insurance is for health and/or sickness. If a person can’t afford $10 for condoms, they should not be having sex. Personal responsibility. Not paying for someone’s contraception or abortion does not impede their “proper” health care. They’ve been able to come up with the $10 until now, and they can go to free clinics for their abortions. Total Bull!

      5. Proper health care, my great aunt Fanny! You just want to get whatever you want without having to pay for it. When did we become so Marxist that employers have to pay for their employees’ health care? Most employers carry the burden of the cost so that their employees will stay and be productive. This isn’t a question of some ‘religious bishop’ thinking he knows best. This is OUR RIGHT guaranteed to us by the 1st Amendment to practice our religion freely without having some ill-informed atheist tell us we have to pay for what another person wants.

      6. While I understand to a degree, and, again, to a a degree, share your concerns re: theocracy of any variety, John, the PPAC Act as penned and presently being enforced, is unduly burdensome, violates many long-held Constitutional principles as observed by conservatives, moderates and responsible liberals, and at the fines illustrated, will bankrupt any company that either cannot afford to comply, or, if a regulation runs counter to sincerely-held convictions of a business owner, will not comply as a matter of conscience.

        Its 2700 pages are fraught with micro-management, bad ideas, exorbitant taxes and fines and several hundred pages of riders that didn’t have anything to do with healthcare- at all.

        I think almost all of us agreed that some kind of reform was needed to healthcare. Insurance premiums are high, hospital costs are, too. Yet, despite the costs, we still have one of the most effective medical systems when utilized. Can things be done better/faster/cheaper? Yes. And we need to have the political will to get government out of the way, to reform medical torts, and to make the system as open-market as possible again.

        THAT, and only that, will reduce the costs effectively. Not bullying and scare-tactics.

  11. This is a crock from the Marxist in charge. What they should do is drop everyone to part time and stop paying for or offering health care. This would send a message loud and clear to the idiot in the WH. I would like to see every business in America drop their employees to part time so that they do not have to offer health care. Obamacare would not be able to survive. The negative is that Obama wants control of everyone’s health care so he can decide who gets services and who doesn’t. Bottom line, conservatives, republicans and libertarians will probably be denied health care.

      1. One of the first steps to becoming a communist country is to disarm the citizens…John, you must be really young or an old man with Alzheimers!

      2. I have paid close attention to your remarks John. You and your type are the PROBLEM with this country ! And your response to me will be to call me ignorant or some other name because thats what Liberals do best. You are wanting to change what made America great and special and make it a carbon copy of all the other countries where people continuously have their hands out. No ambition , no reward for hard work , Government controlled. If you and your type think this is what our country should be maybe you should go to Europe and live for a while. If you like it STAY! If not maybe you will return here with a new found appreciation for America and help us get this train back on track!

        Yes I know this will just cause your eyes to roll but I speak for Millions when I say what I said.

        1. Well stated. America is special. And different. The rest of the modern world would have been impossible without the visionaries that created this country.

          They pointed the way, but the toads that are the Progressives have sought to ruin it for all of us.

  12. I say refuse to pay the fine – be willing to go to jail for your beliefs. It will look real great when the gov’t incarcerates the heads of all these companies.

  13. I like my idea #4.Deduct from all employees who voted for Obama an amount that would pay the fine. All others deduct $00.00. That’s fair since the Obama voters contributed the problem.

  14. Looking over the comments, two thoughts came to mind:
    1. Do not cut off your nose to spite your face.
    2. Remember the story of Brer Rabbit and the briar patch?
    Think through the consequences . . . all of them. Did it cross anyone’s mind that Obama’s intent is to destroy this nation’s economy so he can rebuild it into a post-America economy?

  15. “Interview all the employees to find out who voted for Obama. Charge them double.”

    Is that really the kind of world you want to live in?

    1. They asked and now they should receive. Why did Obama close all the GM dealerships who contributed to the GOP and did not touch all Democrat supporters? Most of them were highly profitable.It was part of the bailout but I don’t hear you screaming. Is that the kind of world you ARE NOW LIVING IN?

    2. If I owened HL i wouldn’t hire any body that voted for obama and that would be my right because I owen HL it’s mine not yours do do what i want! Ian how about we decide you have to stop at in and out and buy everyone a hamberger that rides in your car even tho it is your car

  16. Go bankrupt so they stop importing Chinese garbage passed of as “crafts”. Their employees could get a real job with a company that pays real wages and has full benefits instead of those ordained by some wackjob “Bishop” who has no interest in women’s health care.

    1. John wants to dicktate what you buy. It’s your right to buy what you want even if he doesn’t like it. I may not either but you have the right damn nere everything is made in china so what are you talking about john you have nothing? You must have something? Unless you have nothing you shouldn’t say anything. Even the paper your welfare check is printed might be from china!

  17. It is time for people of principle to take a stand. I would fire every single person with an Obama sticker like that business did. Let these unions and libs see we woin;t give up our rights and the heck with them

  18. For starters they should layoff anybody that has ever had an Obama bumper sticker on their vehicle. These are the people that voted to make it 10 times harder in a bad economy for you to do business. (and when I say bad economy I mean Obama economy) After you let go of those people you let go of 97% of your black employees for the same reason. These are the people who voted in a “non-racial” fashion at the rate of 97% for Obama. After you get rid of these people, you hire people who have the same ethics as you do. It is imperative that when the hard times come and they will, if you have to let go of people you let go of the people who voted for this disaster. They are the ones who should feel the pain and despair of their ballot choices..

  19. I see Hobby Lobby DOUBLING their workforce but only allowing workers to work 20 Hours per week. Let Obama cover all those Part time workers Healthcare out of his “Stash” ! LMAO

  20. Sotomayor is kinda like pottery. There is fine ceramics made from the best clays and fired lovingly in a kiln at the perfect temperature for the perfect duration. And then, there is a turd tossed into the campfire and then urinated on to cool it which yields a … Sotomayor.

  21. I like all the above options, but I’d hate to see a business leave America so #3 would be last resort. #1 sounds nice except have only the Obama voters pay, the others don’t. Undoubtedly that is privacy infringement but it sounds like a cool idea. I have a feeling this Obamacare is repealed under the next pres. tho.

  22. We have 9 justices on the supreme court. Are you telling me that Sonji Sotomayor imposed this penalty on Hobby Lobby herself? Where are the other Justices on this issue? It’s unconstitutional!

  23. What they SHOULD do is just cancel all their employee benefits, pay the $2,000/year per employee fine beginning in 2014 and pocket the $10,000/year difference per employee. Seriously – enough of this Obama Crap – just check it all to them. They could save even more by cutting staff and going to a mandatory Over Time schedule for those that remain as well. At some point you’ve just got move out of Employee Caretaker mode and tell them that Uncle Sugar is taking over that duty.

    1. The fines would come out to over $21,000 per employee per year!! $2000 sounds like a good deal to me. Overtime for some and a lot of others with cut hours (part time workers) would reduce the $2000 per employee total expense.

  24. close up shop, lay off everyone then tell the world, obama and his dictatorship gang to pack sand. tell them, now you get nothing, people are now unemployed!

  25. This is exactly what every company and individual should do; take a stand and refuse to comply with laws that are obviously in violation of the constitution. Like they say with drugs, Just say NO!

  26. Hobby and co could instead squirrel the money they earn away in to armaments, and offer them to regiments of the new American Defence Militia (formed under the still-current USA Constitution) to wipe out the infidel fake sitting in high power illegally, and take out all those congressmen and senators that support him, OR are corrupt anyhow… clean sweep the whole stinking lot, it is the only sure answer for a time, that the corrupt ones cannot come back for more kickbacks. THEN make laws to deal immediately with corrupt politicians that bar them from entering halls of Government until a hearing or judgement is made.

  27. God has been warning recently, DO NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR POSSESSIONS. “Come out from among them.” Hobby Lobby owners should sell the business and follow God’s warnings. That would be a message to multitudes of other businesses and the government would lose control. We must show we will stand with God. All the traps God warned against are in the commercial field. God warned a time is coming where we would not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. We should adjust our lives accordingly, by preparing to live off the land and guiding others also.

    Divine-Way.com has some of the problems we face and how to overcome them using love and prayers for those who would oppose us without knowledge of their consequences.

    Ammunition Against Passed Health Care Reform 3-22-10

  28. If the idiots get free birth control and use it why are we even discussing abortions? The free birth contol should eliminate almost all unwanted pregnancies. It should also eliminate the have more kids get more welfare money! If they don’t get more money for each kid they might figure out they need to take the birth contol pills!

  29. If their business is registered as a corporation… then their personal morals have nothing to do with it. AND if there is nothing in their articles of incorporation that addresses these conflicts… they should just obey the law or pay the fines. PERIOD.

    1. Hobby Lobby, I believe, is a corporation, but it is privately-held. As a result, the Board of Directors, much like a privately-held corporation, can makde decisions regarding corporate policy, based on their own ethics and understanding of business principles.

      While a business might not have “morals,” per se, those running it do, and may run the business according to their own beliefs.Up to and including acts of civil disobedience.

  30. The thing that Obama and his minions forget is that — at least for now — there’s nothing forcing an employer to stay in business and provide jobs.
    What’ll they do if other businessess follow suit and there are a few hundred thousand layoffs?

  31. Sonia Sotomayor has no Christian Principles, she just wants to keep her big boss happy, afraid to go against his mandate. I guess she didn’t have any convictions of her faith, if she has any. Many hispanics must be against her, I am one.

    1. If anyone believes in reincarnation, then Sonia Sotomayor is (was) a horse my daddy had when I was growing up. I’m a Hispanic and yes she is an abomination to this country. I wonder when her and kagan are going to apply for a marriage license. Since Maryland is allowing for freaks to get marry. Freaks might be strong, let me rephrase to queers. She should be disqualify just by looks alone. We the people have to start pushing back with all our might. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  32. I would add the tax to employee insurance cost & post the sign in the window. Do not close your doors Hobby Lobby.
    By the way bho supporters,know this!!! bho just wrote an Executive Order to give Congress & Senate raises. How’s that going to work for you? Your money(if you work) to pay those thieves for undermining American’s rights,Liberty’s & Freedom’s!!!

  33. They could always just stop giving health care, take the money that they’re saving, deducting penalies for not offering health care, and give a raise to the employees so they can buy their own health care. What do we expect from Sotomeyer, an Obama hack. of course, we expected much more from the Bush hack, but again we were disappointed. Why is that?

    1. There are a great number of large companies that have already stated that they will discontinue employee healthcare! It is cheaper to pay the fines than support obamacare in their books and ledger line!

  34. This is stupid. Interview employees to find out who they voted for? Seriously? Punish employees to pay for a fine that corporation can avoid? This is not a national healthcare system. How stupid is Gary DeMar? Close Hobby Lobby? I bet they will knees will bend to the almighty dollar before they bend to Jesus.

    1. When we close all businesses and have no income from tax revenues who is going to pay for the Government and their employees. If we do not have jobs to keep taxes going there will not be any money to pay for welfare, food stamps, free phones, unemployment. The Government will have to confiscate investments from people, jewelry (Gold, silver precious metals and gems), all of America can then become homeless. As the Bible says, “The Meek shall inherit the Earth”.

      1. Who is going to close their business? Hobby Lobby loves money and China more than Jesus. Have you ever been in one of their stores?

        1. Nobody has to close their businesses. Eventually people get tired of crap. This is shown in the divorce rates. People would rather quit than to stay and work out problems. It seems greed and control over every aspect of our lives is more important. As a person who ran their own business for most of my life I understand that a business wants to stay in business and will try to keep their prices down as Hobby Lobby. They can’t compete with the Unions and regulations on American products so it has nothing to do with Jesus. It has to be about Government Control, Union Control and regulations. Besides you are in business to make money not owe money.

        2. If you are proposing to close your doors for violation of religious freedom and your religion is Jesus, then it is about Jesus. If you are saying you are going to close your doors because you don’t want your employees to have health care. then it is about greed. Which one is it?

        3. It is all about religious beliefs. The other part of my blog which I didn’t write very well was trying to explain to you about the reason they would sell products from China. I was giving reasoning although I do make a point of Buying American made Products. Including the vehicles I drive. 1967 Dodge Dart and 1962 E-100 Ford van, 1957 Mercury Montclair.

        4. I like your tastes in cars. I wish I lived in a climate that would allow me to drive such year-round. I wish i had the money to do it, too.

          As to Chinese products, sometimes you do what you need to, but I would be very happy to see to see our country become self-sufficient, or at least mostly self-sufficeint again.

        5. Charlie I live in a Missouri rural area and we have had these cars for many years. We didn’t believe in buying “new” cars or having credit cards. Every time we could we saved cars from scrap piles the last few years so we ended up with all 4 Mustangs GT fox bodies, and 1 is a convertible, Gremlin,and Pontiac Sunbird Convertible. 1937 Chevy sedan, 1935 Chevy pick up, 1967 Galaxie 1991, Mustang Coupe Notch -back.We paid between $2-400.00. They all run and needed to get out of fields and loved. We do not have hardly any money in them. It is one of the perks in living the rural life. We have a little 10 acre patch we grow food on. We actually do not spend lot of money. We have a 1948 Ferguson tractor we plow our Gardens with and we can a lot of our food. Hunt for deer and fish. I am from the BIG CITY hated it and in the 1970s moved from the city to the county several times before I settled down here in 2000. People can’t make it in the cities like us hillbillies or rednecks can. That is why we can afford to drive the older cars it’s cheaper and safer, as I would rather be in an accident with 6-9000 lbs of steel instead of tin, aluminum and fiberglass. I try to buy American products as they do last longer and they may cost me more but I am supporting my Country and not have to replace things bought from China. I actually save money. Besides we know all our neighbors and everyone helps each other out. We all go to pie auctions when someone is in need and Church Dinners to celebrate the goodness in life. It’s Great.

    2. I highly doubt Hobby Lobby would close.

      However, if these businesses continue to protest for economic or civil rights reasons (to include religious liberties), and the law becomes unenforceable by nullification by those it is intended to be enforced upon, then the law will become null and void.

      What many seem to forget is Roberts left the door open to have this repealed as it, according to him, was TAX legislation. That the brain-dead Congress won’t act and then override the sure veto that would come.

      It all comes down to courage. Or the lack of, in Washington.

      1. Before that happens the GOP will have to have the POTUS and a majority in the Senate. AS long as the Tea Party cult is part of the GOP, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. By the time it does happen, people will grow fond of the idea of having health insurance and learn to deal with it.

  35. It continues to be alarming how wasted minds, and welfare parasites continue to push for a “free ride”, every which way they can…at the expense of hard working Americans and their families…
    That is the kind of low-class individuals Barack Obama Socialist Regime loves to breed so that he can remain “Kind of Missery”, for the next 50 years!

  36. Johnny, Johnny, Johnny …………history did not begin the day you were born.
    Now tonight, before bed, and after you light three candles and say your three Obamas,
    log off your porn site of choice, and look up the year 1776.
    I know it was never covered in High School, providing you got that far, but you may find it ……well, shall we say “fascinating”.

  37. John:
    Go back to the whiny liberal blogs, leave the discussion to adults. We all die eventually, some regrettably later than others. Do what is best for the environment, global warming, stop breathing, cuts the CO2 emissions and stops the stupid noise. A win Win for everyone.

  38. They should just shut the doors sell the stuff and lay off all the employees. And tell the world we will not be told how to run our lives and business by people who think they are GOD. Contraception should not be a mandate paid by the employer. If people want them they can pay for it. They are very cheap and make them for sale over the counter and the price will drop even more.

  39. Why are private businesses required to provide health insurance at all? What started out as a perk years ago to attract the best employees, has now become a noose around the neck of many businesses. There is nothing in the Constitution that says an employer must provide employees with health insurance. The cost to business is astronomical and now business owners do not even have the freedom to choose what kind of plan they offer. Hobby Lobby is right to protest this. More power to them.

  40. HL should either suspend/eliminate employee health benefits and pay the workers the difference in salary or transfer ownership of the company to a religious organization.
    Check out the grief the Green family is getting in liberal tolerant Northfield Mass. The Greens want to GIVE a 200 acre defunct private school property (Northfield Mt Hermon) to a Christian entity and the town is in a bigoted uproar. They have chased out 3 potential recipients including Liberty Univ labelling them as hateful and homophobic. The irony is the original schools were founded by an evangelical.

  41. Hobby Lobby could sell each store to its employees as coop’s make them individually owned and paying the original corporation for the buying out fo the company.


    1. You didn’t have to yell it I guess, but yes, you are correct! Don’t give the IRS anything, the government goes broke, and dies like a cancer without a blood supply. When the whole country refuses to pay an outdated illegal income tax, how are they going to grab anything? They’re going to be scared sh/0l;ess because the citizenry is saying, “It is on!”
      Admiral Yamamoto said during WWII, that he had never drafted plans to invade Mainland U.S.A. because, “there is a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Someone in D.C. needs to heed these words!

  43. DeMar again denies the actual provisions of the Constitution, offering instead an interpretation to suit his own beliefs. He claims that “there is nothing in the Constitution to support a national healthcare system”, which is totally wrong. The Preamble of the Constitution specifically speaks of providing for the “general welfare” of the people. The constitution also provides, in Article 1, Section 8, that the congress has the power to regulate interstate commerce. The Constitution itself does not have to specify how its provisions shall be carried out, but instead leaves that to the congress and the president. The Constitution doesn’t specifically provide for an interstate highway system, but we have it. The Constitution doesn’t specifically provide for the use of FA-18 fighter jets, but we have them. And the Constitution doesn’t specifically provide for a national air transportation system, but we have one. DeMar pretends that “if it’s not in the Constitution, it shouldn’t be”, but that is little more than idiotic. And with respect to Hobby Lobby; (1) they’re a business engaged in interstate commerce; (2) they have every right to practice their faith, but no right to impose that faith on others (which is what DeMar is ALL about!); and (3) I hope that the company takes any one, or a combination of DeMar’s advice. They’ll either wind up going out of business because of lawsuits that they’ll lose, or because they refuse to back off of trying to impose their beliefs on other people.

    1. General welfare is described as Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not narrowed down to healthcare! That is a liberal abomination/abortion of the wording of the “Constitution of the United States!”
      As I continue to re-read your post, you are so misguided, uninformed, and un-educated, it is impossible to not have pity on you!
      As for interstate commerce, that premise was shot down by the supreme court.

    2. How, may I ask, do you interpret general welfare as healthcare. I agree it could be a lot of things I do not however, think it could be interpreted as healthcare. Of course the affordable healthcare act (AKA Obamacare) is not about healthcare it is about controlling the general population. But your still not right in your analogy.

  44. My new favorite company! I just spent a bunch of money there on Christmas presents for my family. This will be my go-to store for all my art supplies from now on (and I’m a professional artist).

  45. Time to toss that enemy of the US out of the out house, which it has turned into since occupying it illegally and dirtying it with all the revolving door muslame, union and libtard visitors!
    ***** LET FREEDOM RING *****

  46. If someone is Christian and stands up for their beliefs they are penalized. This is going to cause so many people to lose their jobs. I hate to see a great company close it’s doors. This is on Obama and he will surely face the backlash.

  47. The people need to fight against the corruption of this illegal government and refuse to comply with its laws and regulations. A little civil disobedience goes a long ways if there are enough of us backing it. Look at what Rosa Parks accomplished when she refused to sit in the back of the bus. While technically illegal, her simple act of civil disobedience sparked the Civil Rights Movement when millions stood beside her. We need more of that today!

  48. Somebody should throw Sotomayor to the atlantic and send her back to Cuba if she don’t like American Standards she and Fagan should not be on the Supreme Court they are both liars should like the one that brought them in for the vote both lied and now trying to do away with American standards get rid of the tramps

  49. Put it front of a Jury that understands the Constitution.

    No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or
    otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a
    Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in
    the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor
    shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in
    jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to
    be a witness against himself,

    **** nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; ******

    nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

  50. Actually this is one other thing they can do, but they would have to do it very carefully and over a period of time. They should gradually get rid of all female employees under the age of 50 (or maybe 55, but it’s very rare for women over 50 to get pregnant unless they are taking fertility drugs, and it’s even more unlikely that those women would try to kill a child that they have spent tons of money trying to conceive). They would also have to get rid of a few male employees as well so no one could claim discrimination. Eventually their workforce would consist of only male employees and middle aged women. There will be a lot of young women in this country (if this ruling stands and they don’t get rid of this onerous part of Obamacare) who will find it harder to get a job than their male counterparts, and not for the “traditional” reasons of some occupations preferring male workers.
    Christian owned businesses (especially smaller ones where they have less employees than Hobby Lobby) will simply avoid hiring female workers of reproductive age. So now we will finally know for sure exactly who is waging a war on women by creating laws that cause women to have fewer job opportunities.

    And if they do end up closing, they should make no bones about it and tell the whole world WHY they are closing – all of their workers, all of their customers.

    I also think power companies should do something very similar (nothing to do with Obamacare but does have to do with Obama’s regulations) – when they are having trouble generating enough power on very hot or cold days and brownouts and blackouts become necessary, they should send out letters to all of their customers explaining that there will be times when they just can’t generate enough power because of all of this administration’s EPA regulations. And if the customers don’t like sitting in the dark for periods of time, they can contact their representatives and demand that the regulations be removed.

    Not only that, ANY company that has been negatively impacted by something Obama and his cronies have done NEED to tell their customers, their workers and the whole world WHY things aren’t the way they should be.

  51. WOW….it’s getting to a point where everyone’s private rights should get thrown up into the air and which one lands first, gets the prize. I see 2 important factors, the original Constitution, and personal conscience are in jeopardy. Both used to be a priority, and now sadly diminishing. The Constitution is still a foundation, regardless of what some may think. Other than a firm foundation, everything will collapse. Science, itself, proves that. When it comes to the conscience, it’s very personal and should not to be infringed upon by anyone. Unfortunately, today, anyone can stomp upon another without a bit of remorse. I loved the days when we were thoughtful for each other, and other’s lives were a big consideration. Respect for lives, were important (still is for many). But because this has become such a ‘ME’ generation, a whole lot has fallen flat. The balance of wisdom, mercy and love for others has been put on the back burner. I’m so saddened for the direction we’ve traveled, as we and our country implode. I don’t recognize America, any more…but…I’m thankful for quick-small glimpses of good.

  52. Hobby Lobby should withhold all the $ collected for the IRS (Infernal Revenue Service) from the employees to cover the fines, until this illegal bill monstrosity gets overturned along with removing the libtard bureauRats!

  53. I especially like suggestion #2. People need to realize there is never a “free lunch”. Suggestion #1 may harm Christian employees who didn’t vote for the Democrats.

  54. Only an idiot would define a national chain store as a religious institution. Catch my drift, Gary? And if the Bible-thumping hypocrite who owns it would rather shut down than obey the law that’s entirely up to him — assuming its not a publicly traded company. Some non-nut will fill the market niche and employ those 22,000 people instead.

    1. Hey IDIOT PERSONIFIED!!!! It was never touted as a religious institution, it was stated that the owners ran their business under Christian Principles. It is you that are amiss, maybe it was that liberal public indoctrination that you got free, but you will soon find out, Nothing in Life is free, even LIFE itself has a price!!
      Now to give you an education, 73% of obamacare is supported by taxes directly aimed at the middle class. He stole 500 billion from medicaid to help fund obamacare, but got caught when he tried to illegally channel funds to hide his election year screw/ cover-up from the seniors!
      Why does the “Muslim Faith,” have a 100% exemption? Because obamacare was sold as insurance, and insurance is considered gambling in the muslim faith, but they need car insurance! So, by the idiot in chief himself, our tyrant dictator, oblowhole himself, the legal precedent has actually, and already, been set!
      By the way, all of congress, oblowhole himself and about 1500 other politically motivated waivers from this law have been granted. Mostly to pundits/unions, and large monetary donor companies!
      “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. It’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Winston Churchill!

      You’ve been schooled

    1. HL has more Guts & Back Bone than the Whole bought & paid for Elected Clowns in DC. They are a Disgrace to “We the People” they represent us (Or Suppose to).

  55. It is time to fight back by filing dozens and dozens of law suits in every
    jurisdiction even if it takes 50+ years to overcome the Supreme Court illegal
    ruling on Obama Tax Care – It took 58 years to overturn “segregation in
    the schools” – Brown v. Board of Education 1954 overturned the Plessy
    v. Ferguson 1896 ruling that made segregation “legal” even though it was
    horribly illegal.

    Freedom of Religion (1st amendment) is no different from Civil Rights (14th Amendment) – both issues are equally important. We better start now, get organized, and be prepared for a long hard fight if we hope to prevail in the future. We must make ‘Religious Bigotry’ the new “racism” in America.

    The Marxist / progressive undermining of our religious freedoms took time and it will take time, money and civil disobedience to overcome this new “racism.”

    What the government can “give” it can take away. ‘We The People’ must take back our government from the Marxist – The courts will be the hardest to take back because judges cannot be voted out of their appointments – and the Supremes are for “life.”

  56. People may get their precious health care but will also come with a panel of experts telling them what conditions are treatable and what aren’t. This is not about protecting or helping the people, its about control.

  57. The best plan is to tell The Big, Bad, Behemoth, Bloated, Bankrupt Gimme-mint to GO to Hell and the Elected Clowns that Crammed this Communist plan down our throats.

  58. Hobby Lobby Chikfila and an independant business owner, it shouldn’t matter how big or small, religious beliefs and christian values have been sttod for since the beginning of time and blood has been shed for those who DO NOT falter from their values , ethics and principles. Cut my head off, hand me, tear my nails our, torture me however you wish I will NEVER sell my soul to Satan, Lucifer, Obama whomever you want to call them all! I will die a matyr for my Lord before I have to subject myself to these evil doers, so all Christians need to ban with Hobby Lobby and every other business who wants to protect their values! We cannot let every Christian that has died before us in vain!

  59. We need a lot moire Hobby Lobbies that will stand up for their freedoms and liberties and not cave into immoral and illegal pressures.


  61. Hobby Lobby is only the first of many who will face this mess with ObamaCare. I believe the intention of ObamaCare is to make all businesses fail and put everyone on unemployment>welfare>foodstamps. Obama is out to “sink the ship.” Why else have over two thousand pages of mandates that have nothing to do with real healthcare? This U.S. Government IS SELLING A BOGUS HEALTH CARE INSURANCE and there is no other definition for it. THE AMERICAN PUBLIC IS GETTING RIPPED OFF! We thought private insurance companies were not good but this government insurance goes way beyond “not good.”

    1. Correct! If he is not out to sink the ship it could only be said he is stupid. However, since so many liberal progressives have claimed him to be the most intelligent president since Jefferson it seems he can only be out to sink the ship. If ignorant we need to rid ourselves of him and if intelligent he should be tried as a terrorist. Or put away forever without a trial. After all NDAA is his law. That would only be fair!

  62. What would happen if the company did not have employees. Instead everyone worked as a contract laborer. They would get 100% of their check. They would have company payroll department help them mail the taxes to the proper government agency. The company would not help pay for any fringe benefits. The company could offer several different insurance company policies and the laborer picks the one they want. Self employed pay the whole cost of insurance and other expenses the employer just pays the agreed wage.

    Since the company does not have any employees they are not required to pay for any kind of blackmail insurance.

    1. I’ve worked in that kind of industry Barbara. Trust me, it isn’t good. Contract labor sucks, and most of the time you still cannot afford health insurance.

  63. If this business hires anyone that doesn’t share their strict (and incorrect) beliefs on abortion, then they are subject to employment law. This means that they must comply with the federal law.

      1. Not according to the bible it isn’t. In fact, according to the bible, a human life has absolutely no value until the child is one month of age: Leviticus 27:6

        1. Murder is murder I don’t care what you or anyone else says to justify it. It is not possible to be justified except in a case of punishment for a like crime. If you would like to quote the bible, an eye for an eye.

          Furthermore, what is written in the ten commandments. Better read them again.

        2. You like quoting the bible, but you don’t like it when that book points out that your belief about what it says is incorrect. Here, let me back up what I said earlier with a more complete list of times where god has directly, or indirectly called for the killing of babies. This list includes a verse that gives us the formula to create a potion that will cause an unfaithful wife to abort a child if she drinks it:

          Bible verses that either talk about the killing of babies (born and unborn), or just the general murder of thousands by god.
          Genesis 7:17
          Matthew 24:37
          Genesis 19
          Matthew 11:24
          Hosea 13:16
          Hosea 9:14
          Revelation 20:11-15
          Deuteronomy 2:33-36
          Exodus 11:1-12:36 (Plague against the First Born)
          Hebrews 11:28
          Leviticus 27:6 (A baby does not have a worth until it is past 1 month of age)
          Exodus 21:22
          Numbers 5:15-22 (Describes how to make a potion to induce an abortion in an unfaithful wife.)
          Revelation 14:19-20
          Revelation 19:15

          Almost 40% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage.
          Jesus says the same amount about abortion as he does about homosexuality. Absolutely nothing.

          If you can come up with any counter evidence to this, I look forward to hearing it. If not, then please stop saying that the bible says abortion is murder, and simply say that you think it’s murder. Also don’t use the bible to back up your belief that abortion is murder, as the bible CLEARLY doesn’t think it is.

  64. “employs more than 22,500 peoples”. $1.3 million x 365 days = $474.5 million / 22,500 people = $21,088.89 per employee per year. So where did this fine come from? Forgot the tax penalty but it’s a heck of a lot less than $21,000!!!!! Must be persecution of those complaining / persecution of christians…….

    1. Christians are not being persecuted. Besides, given what Jesus said, christians should be behind the affordable healthcare act because it’s about helping those less fortunate.

      1. Most certainly is Persecution. The fine exceeds the penalty by a factor of 10.
        Hobby Lobby has proven their help by offering health insurance up to this point. They are now being forced to follow their religious beliefs with the economical choice to drop all insurance coverage.

        1. If they want to follow their religious beliefs, then they should fire anyone who does not follow their same beliefs, and hire others who do. Because the moment they hire ANYONE who does not believe the way they do, they are subject to employment law. Sorry, it’s not persecution. Your argument is invalid.

        2. According to you, if my employees think the same as I, I can ignore all employment laws and regulations. Note, it is not that simple, plus (in many states) they would be in violation of wrongful termination and hiring practices.
          Meanwhile, there is no law requiring provision of insurance, although there is now coming a penalty not to do so and the penalty is much less costly.

        3. But it has been proven, that employees who have access to health care tend to work more productively, suffer less sick days, and are happier with their jobs. So why is there a problem with supplying health care to them? It will make a company more money in the long run. But most companies and corporations out there, only look to the short term. Their loss.

  65. Maybe Hobby Lobby and all businesses that are required to pay these abortion penalties (taxes). should declare themselves a church or organization that can qualify for exemption like Islam, Muslim, queer organizations and unions.
    This way they will not have to pay for this illegal tax and they will not have to pay taxes to our un-American communist dictatorship government.

    1. I still shake my head at how many “christians” scream against abortion. The bible is not anti-abortion. And Jesus never said one word about it either.

        1. Here is a list of verses that are pro-abortion, including some where god commanded the people to invade another country, and cut the children from the wombs of their mothers. And another one where god gives us the formula for a potion that will cause an abortion in a woman who has been unfaithful:

          Bible verses that either talk about the killing of babies (born and unborn), or just the general murder of thousands by god.

          Genesis 7:17
          Matthew 24:37
          Genesis 19
          Matthew 11:24
          Hosea 13:16
          Hosea 9:14
          Revelation 20:11-15
          Deuteronomy 2:33-36
          Exodus 11:1-12:36 (Plague against the First Born)
          Hebrews 11:28
          Leviticus 27:6 (A baby does not have a worth until it is past 1 month of age)
          Exodus 21:22
          Numbers 5:15-22 (Describes how to make a potion to induce an abortion in an unfaithful wife.)
          Revelation 14:19-20

          Revelation 19:15
          Almost 40% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage.
          Jesus says the same amount about abortion as he does about homosexuality. Absolutely nothing.

        2. Your eisegesis of the Bible is absolutely terrible and would be laughable if it wasn’t so silly. But at least I can see why leftists think they can be religious.

        3. I wasn’t the one who wrote the verses. I can only point to them, and also to bring some to their logical conclusion.

  66. I am hoping that other companies are going to follow suit. The lemmings that work at Hobby Lobby WILL feel the pinch – good – let then learn the hard way. I have no sympathy for them whatsoever. My har off to Hobby Lobby if they hold out so will we hold out for them to win and then we will support them again.

  67. To all the miss-informed who love the idea and actuality of Obamacare let me enlighten you a little about socialized health care. Back in England I was suspected of having cancer and was sent after 3 months for tests followed with an appointment 3 months later with a cancer specialist (I thought 3 months) . On arriving on the appointed day for my appointment (6 months after the original GP visit the young woman could not find my appointment for that day. She checked further and found my appointment was for the following year. Had I actually had the suspected cancer I would have died long before that appointment. Is that really what the USA wants or is it just that generational welfare since LBJ’s ’60s and socialist indoctrination in schools has produced a nation that expects the tax payer to support them from cradle to grave? What became of the Nation that the peoples of the world envied for it’s Constitutional Republic and guaranteed natural rights (ah, contraception is not a right)?

  68. Go to hell would be my choice and every hard working,tax payer in the country should tell them to go to hell. This is evil and no different then the king before the revolution. My dream is for millions of us tell them to stick it. We are not living under tyranny any longer. Communists in our government is the problem.

  69. Obama has an impressive list of accomplishments these past four years:

    First President to say the killing of an Ambassador, three Americans and the
    attacking an American Embassy was because of a video, on 9-11 – 2012, not a
    terrorist attack.

    First President to call the death of an American Ambassador and three other Americans “a
    bump in the road”.

    First President to allow American purchased arms to go to Mexican drug lords
    resulting in the killing of hundreds of Mexicans and the killing of at least
    two Americans.

    First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then denies he was a foreigner.

    First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.

    First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States.

    First President to violate the War Powers Act.

    First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

    First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.

    First President to spend a trillion dollars on ‘shovel-ready’ jobs when there was no such thing as ‘shovel-ready’ jobs.

    First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.

    First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat.

    First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S., including those with criminal convictions.

    First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.

    First President to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.

    First President to terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.

    First President to cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is
    no longer a Christian nation.

    First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.

    First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.

    First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke-out on the reasons for their rate increases.

    First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.

    First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).

    First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.

    First President to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal).

    First President to fire an inspector general of Ameri-Corps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.

    First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.

    First President to surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.

    First President to golf 73 separate times in his first two and a half years in office, 102 to date.

    First President to hide his medical, educational and travel records.

    First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.

    First President to go on multiple global “apology tours” and concurrent “insult our friends” tours.

    First President to go on 17 lavish vacations, including date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the taxpayer.

    First President to have 22 personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.

    First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.

    First President to repeat the Holy Quran & tell us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth.

    First President to tell the military men and women that they should pay for their own private insurance because they “volunteered to go to war and knew the consequences”.

    Then he was the First President to tell the members of the military that THEY were UNPATRIOTIC for balking at the last suggestion.

    First President to side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50 states (Mexico vs. Arizona).

    How is this hope and change working out?

    We either witnessed a 2 – 7% Democratic election fraud nationally, or the alternative is 50% of American Voters are idiots (either uninformed due to the lame-stream-media bias, are educated idiots, plain stupid or just die-hard Democrats, no matter what).
    God Bless America . . . . . We sure need it !

  70. Have the results from the 7th Circuit send a copy to the SCOTUS – it says that a company in Illinois does not have to follow the HHS rule of providing abortions or the death pill.

  71. Honestly, every citizen on Medicaid and illegals should have to get care in the VA system. One can not sue a federal doctor, the wait is very long (took my dad 23 months just to get a hearing aid). There is NO incentive for a federal employee to work efficiently. Even if someone starts out energetic, the system turns them into mediocre very quickly. Gov’t says they were worried about medical bankruptsy. Well, I dodn’t see them worrying about LEGAL bankrupsy. All you need is a legal problem and one is financially ruined defending oneself…even if found not guilty! How about maximum fees per hour for lawyers??? Oh that’s right…everyone in politics is a lawyer. What a joke! Let’s see Obama children in the VA system for well visits and let’s see them in public schools.Obama, put your kids where your mouth is.

  72. why cant hobby lobby use the arguement that since the muslims are exempt then every religious group must also be exempt. . Come on write your representative and jam their phone systems until they remove obummercare

    1. Where was this printed or stated? If it was, that’s the silver arrow right there.

      I’ll stick to the capital “C,” you can stick to the lower-case “c”. Deal? :)

  73. I love the last option of telling the Federal Gestapo to “Go To Hell” and take the vile, disgusting spawn of Satan called Obama with them.

  74. There is nothing in the constitution to make us buy Obama’s Obama care and he
    is imposing this mandate on all of us who are against killing babies and later old
    people, wheelchair and the list will go and on mandating us to buy or do something.
    The Supreme Court should not have the right to force this horrible Obama Care
    on us. What are we going to do about this President and his radical policies?

  75. Is there someway Hobby Lobby could sign an exempt form of some kind or when hired the company all not support abortion because of religious beliefs. It would still be there and offered by Obamacare but have employees decline?

  76. I might advise them to deduct the money from paychecks but I’m absolutely opposed to “punishing” a person or employee because they have voted a certain way. I’m supporting HL but how we vote shouldn’t be an issue, it’s our right to vote as we please even if we think that vote is incorrect.

    1. Sorry Lady, but you are a bit off on your considerations of the consequences of an individuals “vote” ……We are NOT a pure democracy, we are a REPUBLIC. Laws that are contrary to the Constitutions principles and intents are NO LAWS at all. If a person votes for a person that supports unConstitutional laws they should be willing to accept the consequences of that vote and NOT to expect others to share in their misery.

      A persons vote to bind me to an obligation to do something that is against the principles and intent of the Constitution should understand that they accept my portion of any consequence their vote has on me.

      Dig deep and pay for your own folly.

      1. Disagree. HL is a Christian-oriented company and I would doubt very much if they would single out Obama voters and “punish them” for the way they voted. I am not an Obama supporter but I believe if changes need to be made by HL or any other company they should be across the board. Otherwise we and they, are no better and acting no better than the other side.

        1. Close the doors and let obama create 22,000 + jobs. Send them to DC to talk to him about a job.

  77. I stand with Hobby Lobby, and anyone else, against the unconstitutional and stupid mandates this administration thinks up and tries to impose on all of us. In my humble opinion Hobby Lobby should shove a check for $1.3 million up Obama’s a_ _ every day using a 10′ pole until he get the message and recinds those unconstitutional and stupid ideas/orders. Americans have to stand up to this insanity.

  78. There is another option. Because an illegal usurper is sitting in the White House who signed this unConstitutional law an they will be penalty they have standing to challenge Obama’s eligiblity to sign such a bill into law. That is their best bet.

    1. never could figure out how Sotomayer and Kagan could lie to the Senate Judiciary Committee about the Second Amendment and not be thrown in jail. You or I would be , so how comes they are above the law?

  79. Comply with the stupid, unconstitutional law; set the $1.3M/day aside for a week to finance their case against the unconstitutional la; then apply for a refund of the overpaid taxes when the Hobby Lobby (and America) wins.

  80. I stand with Hobby Lobby and anyone else who is willing to stand up against the unconstitutional and stupid mandates this administration thinks up and tries to impose on all Americans. I think Hobby Lobby should write a check $1.3 million and shove it up Obama’s a _ _ every day using 10′ pole until he understands that we don’t like and don’t want what he is serving. All Americans have to stand up against this lawless government!

  81. Sonia Sotomayor is no Justice, she is a “yes” person for Obama….she should NEVER have been made a Supreme Court Justice, stupid GOP.

  82. It’s schitt like this that is the underlying reason Obunghole and his libtard minions want to take law-abiding citizens’ guns. Eventually, Patriots will say, “Enough of this Socialist Tyranny!” Remember- we don’t all speak with a British accent and ‘take tea’ at 3 PM because of tyranny.

  83. what these fools in government, with Obama being the biggest one, don’t realize is that by crushing private sector businesses because of these laws will dry up the income stream of taxes to the government!! Get ready to watch the Federal government collapse under it’s own stupidity!!

  84. Keep in mind Sonia Sotomayer: She and Elena Kagan are the “Point men” for the Obama attack on the Constitution, and the USA in general. Trust me! He is waiting for the chance to place just one more like those two in the Supreme Court. When he does, he will ask the new left wing liberal, anti constitutional Supreme Court to re-visit the Second amendment, and this country will become the “Once great country of America”.

  85. Sell off all stores and put all of the employee’s out to go get their contraceptives/morning after pills) elsewhere or from the federal (obama’s) administration, or the supreme court, for free.

  86. All businesses and all citizens must fight with every ounce of our beings against Obamacare and all other Marxist and unconstitutional programs our inept government tries to ram down our throats. If everyone collectively opposes the imposition of these disastrously wrong policies by refusing to play the game… we can shut them down. And I mean to the extreme of even refusing to pay Federal Income Tax, if that’s what it takes. Civil disobedience is sometimes necessary to foment the change needed to get us back on track. We have currently strayed way too far away from the proper principles of correct governance. We can only take so much and they have just about arrived at the point where we must say, “enough is enough, already!”

  87. I don’t know what offends me worse. Obama care and it’s mandates or businesses that let their personal religious beliefs wrongly influence the conduct of their business. I’m a model builder and hearing all this I’ll never shop with Hobby Lobby

    1. What you and the rest of the Low Information Voters who get the majority of your “news” from the main stream media seem to be incapable of understanding is that ~~every~~ decision a committed Christian makes is a religious decision.
      You have probably heard of the “10 Commandments”. This list of instructions for how to order a human life and a human society to be successful on both a personal and a societal level are only the first 10 instructions of a whole chapter of the Bible that provide instruction and guidance for the ordering of a harmonious and successful life and society.
      Hobby Lobby is founded on sound religious principles. They are very up-front about their adherence to these principles. They are the core principles of their business plan and judging from their ability to operate 500 plus stores providing gainful employment for thousands of people it appears to be a very successful business plan. Your “offence” at the founders and owners commitment to these principles shows a profound disrespect, not just for a successful business [and witness to God] , but to the principles that this country was founded on and has prospered under for more than 200 years.
      You are free to shop where you choose, or not. As for me and my house, we will support Hobby Lobby with our business in addition to our moral support and prayers.

  88. I wish they had the kahonas to close every store, tell the gov’t to go f—k themselves and that they just added 22,500 more employees to the dole. Now is the time to do it and let Obama own it.

  89. what a sham this gov’t is.. any idiot can see what they are attempting to do and the supreme court is part of the ripoff… this once great country is now so divided that it would take a miracle to get it back to where is was… I’m sick of it… we are designed for small gov’t not this huge money sucker that we have now.. ugh

  90. Hobby Lobby cannot get wavers that lady secretary of Health has granted to unions and big progressive corporations. I sensed some favoritism on her part and her daddyboss Obama’s moneybank.

  91. They should file a counter suit against Obama’s government for 2 million dollars a day for religious discrimination.
    Then they should file suit to have Obama release the proof that he is qualified to be president. This suit will give HL standing, because he is acting as president and has not been vetted.

  92. I like the immediate closing and sale of assets with more than 22,000 people put out of work as a DIRECT RESULT of obozocare.

    That is the clear message that would be so nice to be sent, but then if they do that, any bets that no news media would cover this story honestly and somewhere Bush and conservatives would be blamed for this?

  93. One option is just refuse to pay the illegal fine. Let Obama’s evil empire make the next move. Obama could close the company down by force but I doubt that would happen. Obama might not want to explain why he put over 22,000 workers out of a job. Well, on the other hand, he might not really care what happens to them.

    1. I think that at the point the Feds would make a move against the assets of Hobby Lobby at least some of the affected 41 states would finally wake up and invoke the 10th amendment.
      H.L. could make an example of the bluest state of the 41 where they operate by making a very public example of the stores in that state. When landowners suddenly have additional thousands of square feet of empty square footage in an already depressed commercial real estate market they will start putting pressure on elected officials. Local governments will loose irreplaceable sales tax revenue. At the same time these governments will have the additional burden of hundreds or thousands of high profile newly out of work people added to the unemployment rolls.
      Distribution centers of suppliers will find they suddenly have employees with no orders to fill, meaning they now have to cut staff, possibly close facilities of their own.
      The cost of Obamacare can’t be calculated but what can be stated with certainty is the cost is higher than the American Economy is capable of sustaining. Hobby Lobby is just one high profile example of the potential for destruction this irrational law passed and being implemented by certifiably insane public officials is capable of inflicting on the American public.

  94. when government creates the problem and then tells people trust us, we will fix the problem that we created, only the low information voters would vote for that, but then so many liked their “free” phones and the other gifts from Santa obozo, that they have no clue that there is no free phone, and that they are stealing from their neighbors to get that freebie,

    So they should be thanking their neighbors and all private sector people paying taxes, and cursing obozo, and his tsars and court jesters that are destroying this country by destroying the economy of this country.

  95. In answer to your question, I’d opt to close the business until it all gets sorted out. 22,000 more jobs lost to the Kenyan fascist’s economy.

  96. unfortunately if I were Hobby Lobby, I’d scale back all employees to less than 30 hours per week until the case is heard and I’d drop all health insurance. That fixes the problem.

    1. In addition to cutting back on employee hours cut back on the hours of operation of the stores so that no additional people are hired. This will result in a minor savings in operating overhead at the cost of some lost sales. The true Hobby Lobby devotees will plan their shopping accordingly, just as they now have to plan to accomplish their shopping on a day other than the Sabbath.
      Employees who are unwilling to accept the cutback in hours forced upon them by agenda driven liberals are free to seek full time employment elsewhere.

  97. If Hobby-Lobby self-insures then:

    Hobby-Lobby is exempted by Section 1555 in HR3590, the patient-protection-affordable-care-act (A.K.A. ObamaCare & ObamaHealthCare)

    9 No individual, company, business, nonprofit entity, or
    10 health insurance issuer offering group or individual health
    11 insurance coverage shall be required to participate in any
    12 Federal health insurance program created under this Act
    13 (or any amendments made by this Act), or in any Federal
    14 health insurance program expanded by this Act (or any
    15 such amendments), and there shall be no penalty or fine
    16 imposed upon any such issuer for choosing not to partici‑
    17 pate in such programs.”

  98. To: Gary DeMar,

    First off, this is an outstanding article. Some of your proposed solutions are simply not tenable. i.e. Billing the employees $58/day to pay this fine (not to mention it is illegal); or passing the cost of the fine along to customers (again, illegal). Depending on what percentage the fine represents in net profits earned daily, the only solution I see here is to shut down the business, thereby avoiding the fine shortly thereafter, providing you could not afford the fine. If you can, set the money aside and go to war in court; which is another huge expense. Other consequences of shutting down is America loses jobs (22,500 in this case). However, the company might be able to sue the government for these loses. Should other “Christian businesses” follow suit, then we’re talking far more job losses, the legal system becomes even more jammed than it is, because of this new cause of rebellion. Ultimately, women have the federal right to kill their unborn babies. Employers who provide medical insurance are already paying for abortion services. The morning after pill is simply another way of doing it, before a fetus develops. The main difference in using this pill is that it is economical; it cost far less to use it, rather than wait until the fetus develops, and must be extracted by a surgeon. Personally, I don’t see the wisdom in the rebellion. The way to go about this is to comply with the law, but spend your money on campaigning against it (as if this will actually work), and continue in business. If one can win this case in court, because of their religious freedoms being violated, then fine. Otherwise, one should shut the business down, and leave this country for one that does not have this mandate. I don’t find this realistic, but these are the options.

    1. I hope obama provide you a condom while he is screwing you or a morning after pill. How a court case has a chance if the &#*@) judges are bought by the DOJ already? Close the stores and have the idiots in DC explain the goat screw they created.

  99. Take option 3, put 20,000 people on the unemployment rolls. When will these idiots in Washington ever respect our Constitution. When they put all religious based companies out of business?

  100. Lets throw the democrats out of office across the country! We do not need to tolerate these dictatorship abuses! The more we let this dictator and his backers get away with the more he is going to hurt us!

  101. Close your doors – let all employees go then reopen and hire them all back as Part Time Employees. You can even give them a small raise since you no longer have to provide benefits. Then let the Administration pay for their abortion drugs.

  102. intrusive government intrusion into our daily rights as free people. Forcing groups of people to follow a morally repugnant issue not as they have been taught to but as the government tells them to. Following this method of thinking Abortions can be forced on a person that has a history of medical or mental problems, as judged by the State.

  103. An abortifacient – a post-conception drug or procedure that terminates an unwanted pregnancy does not come under the definition of a contra (against) conception. Now let’s compare it with “contraception”: intentional prevention of conception by artificial or natural means. Now BOTH are intentionally preventing the birth of a child. Hmmm…… it’s just a matter of when the child is terminated. If you’ll notice it has become acceptable to push up the time limits of when a child may be terminated. And at the same time we think nothing of terminatinig (preventing before conception) the life of an unborn child. SO… pre-termination is ok but post termination is not? Sounds a bit hypocritical. If you don’t want children, then don’t participate in the activity that brings them about. But in our hedonistic epicurean (devoted to the pursuit of sensual pleasure) society it’s ok to prevent them but not ok to keep them from coming about. BOTH are destroying our nation!! Just look up the statistics. The current death rate in the US now exceeds the birth rate. We can’t go too long like this before we no longer exist as a nation. In other words… we are killing off our own nation, be it before or after conception. Like another commenter, imsick&tired said, “I just can’t sit and watch anymore”. I turly hope you will be semper-fi: always faithful to GOD….

  104. Fire all the employees and rehire them as contract employees. They will then be responsible for their own insurance per Obamacare.

  105. I agree with Hobby Lobby. This is just another step towards giving up our freedom. The government is trying to tell us what we can or can not do. If we the people don ‘t stand up for our freedom then Obama will be able to rule us just like the European countries already do. This country was founded on Christian princilpes.

  106. Hey everyone, do me a favor and do not reply to John or his ilk. They serve only one purpose so please do not get sucked into a conversation with them, it goes nowhere and just keeps the aggravation level up. Just ignore them.

    1. well, you know eventually we will just walk away. Talking to an idiot is counter productive. Just takes a while to confirm they’re an idiot.

  107. The blog said, “If you or I don’t like the religion of these business owners, then we don’t have to purchase their goods or services.”

    Well, according to ‘federal’ law, a business cannot pick the race, or religion of it’s employees.This is just an extension of that unconstitutional regulation of our live. Once they were allow to dictate WHO could be hired, and HOW MUCH money a business could pay an employee, the door was open. It’s pandora’s box and it can’t be shut. A Jewish business should be free to hire nothing but those who practice Judaism, but the ‘the feds’ forbid that, don’t they? Why did we wait until the abortion pill to cry foul? The liberty was lost a long time ago.

  108. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if EVERY business and person of conscience refused to comply? Hmmm….don’t think they could build that many FEMA camps that quickly.

  109. It is time this came to a head. Unfortunitly the media will push it aside untill a win for liberials is announced.
    The government is openly attacking Christanity while allowing Islamic religions to be exempt based on religous beliefs.
    What has to be done is a decision must be made. If Islam is a religion then it is not entitled to being exempt from the health care mandate as being done to Christians over abortion.
    If Islam is a government then allowing a government to exist within a government is tressonist and is the creation of our downfall.
    We have a Constitution but we have politicians who want to change it only for their profit.
    A socialist government not caring about the people it represents is the worse. The politician becomes the power broker and is over come with the greed it produces. The hell with the people and the hell the law of the Constitution, just line their own pockets with silver and gold.

  110. Don’t whisper, shout out the word TREASON when dealing with a corrupt government in Washington D.C….

    The Declaration of Independence: A Transcription

    IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.

    The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one
    people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with
    another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and
    equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle
    them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they
    should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created
    equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable
    Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of
    Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted
    among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,
    –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these
    ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to
    institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and
    organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to
    effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that
    Governments long established should not be changed for light and
    transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that
    mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to
    right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.
    But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the
    same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism,
    it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and
    to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the
    patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity
    which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The
    history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated
    injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment
    of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be
    submitted to a candid world.

    He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.

    He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing
    importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should
    be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend
    to them.

    He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large
    districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of
    Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and
    formidable to tyrants only.

    He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual,
    uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records,
    for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his

    He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people.

    He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause
    others to be elected; whereby the Legislative powers, incapable of
    Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise;
    the State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of
    invasion from without, and convulsions within.

    He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that
    purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing
    to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the
    conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.

    He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary powers.

    He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.

    He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of
    Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.

    He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.

    He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power.

    He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to
    our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to
    their Acts of pretended Legislation:

    For Quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:

    For protecting them, by a mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders
    which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:

    For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:

    For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:

    For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury:

    For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences

    For abolishing the free System of English Laws in a neighbouring
    Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging
    its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument
    for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies:

    For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:

    For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.

    He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.

    He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.

    He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to
    compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with
    circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most
    barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation.

    He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas
    to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their
    friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands.

    He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured
    to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian
    Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction
    of all ages, sexes and conditions.

    In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in
    the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only
    by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act
    which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

    Nor have We been wanting in attentions to our Brittish brethren. We
    have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to
    extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of
    the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here. We have
    appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured
    them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations,
    which, would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence.
    They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We
    must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our
    Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in
    War, in Peace Friends.

    We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America,
    in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the
    world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by
    Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and
    declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free
    and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to
    the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and
    the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and
    that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War,
    conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all
    other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for
    the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection
    of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our
    Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

    The 56 signatures on the Declaration appear in the positions indicated:

    Column 1


    Button Gwinnett

    Lyman Hall

    George Walton

    Column 2

    North Carolina:

    William Hooper

    Joseph Hewes

    John Penn

    South Carolina:

    Edward Rutledge

    Thomas Heyward, Jr.

    Thomas Lynch, Jr.

    Arthur Middleton

    Column 3


    John Hancock


    Samuel Chase

    William Paca

    Thomas Stone

    Charles Carroll of Carrollton


    George Wythe

    Richard Henry Lee

    Thomas Jefferson

    Benjamin Harrison

    Thomas Nelson, Jr.

    Francis Lightfoot Lee

    Carter Braxton

    Column 4

    Robert Morris

    Benjamin Rush

    Benjamin Franklin

    John Morton

    George Clymer

    James Smith

    George Taylor

    James Wilson

    George Ross


    Caesar Rodney

    George Read

    Thomas McKean

    Column 5

    New York:

    William Floyd

    Philip Livingston

    Francis Lewis

    Lewis Morris

    New Jersey:

    Richard Stockton

    John Witherspoon

    Francis Hopkinson

    John Hart

    Abraham Clark
    Column 6

    New Hampshire:

    Josiah Bartlett

    William Whipple


    Samuel Adams

    John Adams

    Robert Treat Paine

    Elbridge Gerry

    Rhode Island:

    Stephen Hopkins

    William Ellery


    Roger Sherman

    Samuel Huntington

    William Williams

    Oliver Wolcott

    New Hampshire:

    Matthew Thornton

  111. Half of America should stand up and defy this overbearing dictatorship. One traitor named John Roberts has no right to play with the constitution and the lives of people or the freedom they were born to. We are not Europe. This Kenyan has no right to hold the office or a legal birth certificate. What he has is fraudulent just like his social security number. There have been many wrongs committed toward the America people to gain a pacific outcome in the last seven years.

  112. Obamacare is where I have drawn my line in the sand. I WILL NOT PARTICIPATE. They will jail me first. When it first passed I said I would refuse to participate, then take it all the way to the Supreme Court when they came after me or tried to fine me or jail me. Well, that UNCONSTITUTIONAL decision has now been made, but I STILL REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE!! PERIOD. For four years now we have hunkered down bowing to one set of UNCONSTITUTIONAL RULES AFTER ANOTHER. I have now put my foot down and have put the consequences of my decision in God’s hands. What will be, will be! I would rather die free than live in what this country is becoming.

  113. What a shame and disgrace to our country that we have seated a Chief Justice of our Supreme Court who is an enemy of everything we hold dear. He fooled every one with his lies and smooth talk, and we should have known from the start that he was Osbama’s flunky. Put into place to do just what Obama wanted, and what he did by voting to uphold Obamacare. Chief Justice Roberts should be tarred and feathered, and ran out of the country, for such as he has no place in a free society. A typical double talking socialist of the worst kind.

  114. Planned Parenthood v. Casey, the recent Supreme Court decision that confirmed Roe v. Wade, stated, “in some critical respects abortion is of the same character as the decision to use contraception . . . . for two decades of economic and social developments, people have organized intimate relationships and made choices that define their views of themselves and their places in society, in reliance on the availability of abortion in the event that contraception should fail.”

    1. The referenced decision makes no mention of requiring a third party to be responsible for the financial consequences of bad decision making.

      Our society ~must~ confront the fact that decisions have consequences. poor decisions ~often~ result in poor outcomes. Adults deal with the consequences, children don’t. We have raised up more than one generation that has matured in body but not in mentality. No matter what their chronological age they still think as children and, just as children do, want somebody else to “fix it” when they make a mistake.
      Planned Parenthood is merely the corporate face for the Eugenics Movement. The founders stated goals included the elimination of the African Race from American culture. To date they have been more successful in their efforts than the Nazi’s were in exterminating the Jewish Race from Europe.

  115. There should be NO exemptions, exemptions are just a way of getting around an evil without confronting it head on. Confront IT head on!

    However I like the idea of charging those who voted for the Obamanation in order to pay the VERY ILLEGAL fines.

    Viva Cristo Rey!

    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,

    Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director

    Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

  116. dare the gov’t to come on the premises to shut them down, round up all the good ol’ boys like me and veterans who are just itching to take ‘the shot’ if given the chance, and we will help Hobby Lobby destroy the govrrnment. Revolt. Let the gov’t blood flow.

  117. I like No 3. I know it sounds stupid but that is exactly what we must do to warn the government of too much intrusion into our personal lives. Take the money away from the Government and see what happens. Are you ready!

  118. Christian values aside, this has everything to do with principle and integrity that all patriotic Americans cherish and live by each and every day.

  119. I’m for the final option. Hobby Lobby should not comply and refuse to pay any fine. State govts should step up to stand with them against this tyrannical takeover of our govt. Feds should be kept off their property by force.

  120. This is the next in what will be a long list of companies that oppose Obamacare. Just as with Chick-Fil-A, citizens should show their support by buying something from Hobby Lobby. I’ve never heard of them before, but I’m going to go buy something right now. This is a war. Not with guns but with MONEY. It’s going to take our support for businesses like these to fight back. Don’t give up. We can beat this back if stick together and stay strong.

  121. I am a family Physician and I’m really in a pickle here. Please correct me if I’m wrong here. All health insurance, in order to be in compliance with Obamacare, carries a separate charge for abortion and abortion inducing drugs. That means every person who has health insurance is paying for (or their employer is paying for) abortion or abortion inducing drugs. This means every American who has health insurance is directly or indirectly funding abortion. I WILL NOT as a consumer buy this insurance. I’m dropping mine 31 Dec 2012. I cannot in good conscience accept my patient’s insurance either. This means that unless I want BLOOD ON MY HANDS I’m out of a job and all my patients who cannot, or will not pay me cash are out of a caring, moral physician. The author of this article has given some suggestions as to what Hobby Lobby should do. What should moral Christian Physicians do?

  122. All who support Hobby Lobby and their religious liberty should support them and help them pay their fine by shopping with them.

  123. Hobby Lobby needs the support of all liberty minded citizens, not just conservatives, but liberals too. If you hold the God given rights outlined in our Constitution, then stand and ba a Patriot.

  124. I’m a Canadian. I thought the individual States had the right to refuse ObamaCare? I read that Florida rejected it as did a couple of other States. What is with that can anyone tell me?

  125. We need the state legislatures in every state to NULLIFY Obamacare, and make it go away. Jefferson and Madison gave this as the proper defense against an unconstitutional law. Take advantage of it. Contact your state reps and sens.

  126. Option 4. Layoff all female employees who would be subject to the contraception mandate. Hire males to replace them because males don’t get pregnant. Now this option may seem to be biased against women, but it’s what Obama wants and who are we to question THE CHOSEN ONE.

  127. My company would use option 1B…however I employ no one dumb enough to have voted for barry o slimeball…so in order to keep my employees working I would charge an odumass tax and print it out on receipts as just that!

  128. Gary Demar, you are a (sub-genius)/rocket-science wannabe. Obviously if the govt wins, Hobby Lobby will be history. Sounds like you’re grandstanding for attention, yet again. Apart from all the parasites and welfare recipients, you would be hard-put to earn a livelihood if your readership and/or listeners had just a fraction more IQ; then they would realize what a false prophet, neo-christian and waste of time you really are. Blah-blah?

  129. We can say we support Hobby Lobby (and hopefully others that may join them) but unless we do something about what is happening it is all wind and nothing else. There are some things we can do. One is to support some of the organizations that are trying to rally patriots to do things that can make a difference. One we all know about, of course, is the Tea Party, which is getting a bad name in the press (surprise) but in my book is better than the RNC and could become a national force for cange (for the better — not Obama’s idea of change) if enough of us would support them. Another is an organization I heard about that is in the early stages of organizing and they certainly could use some help. To sign up to work with them go to: [email protected] an leave your name and e-mail address.
    My own idea is to set several days per year where every patriot agrees to stand on sidewalks and corners in their cities all across the nation with signs and flags that let those who are supposed to represent us that we are here and we are watching and we are not happy.
    To just post on these sites about how unhappy we are, and then do nothing, is to defeat the entire purpose of our country. But unless we unite (like those of the original Boston tea party) we will get nowhere. The press is united for the most part as anti-conservative so there it little hope there. Too many people are so ill-informed about the issues that they just vote what they see on TV, hear on the radio, or movies — almost all of the left-leaning.

  130. I suggest that Hobby Lobby close its stores, place every employee on furlough, and then issue a statement that
    “Our stores have been closed by actions of President Obama and the Democrat Party Leadership which, in our opinion violate our observance of our religious precepts, in contravention of the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee against prohibiting our ability to freely exercise our religious rights. We regret that our employees must bear a serious financial burden as the result of our decision, but we cannot and will not give up our religious standards to satisfy the misguided ego of a President who obviously does not value the protections afforded U.S. citizens by the Constitution he agreed to protect and defend.
    “America Wake Up! If you can be told how and when you may observe your religious beliefs, your remaining freedoms are sure to be lost. For the sake of your freedom, wake up! For the sake of your nation, wake up! For God’s sake, wake up!”

  131. God Bless this company. Stick to your guns on this!!! I personally do not believe in abortions. I believe that it is murder, but I cannot tell someone that they cannot have an abortion, I think that if a woman wants an abortion, SHE should have to pay for it, NOT THE TAXPAYERS!

  132. I can’t understandd why these so called intelligent idots just tell obama, gloomberg, wankerstein, shumerass and others (_0_) to just go to hell and just NOT pay washington any money at all. They won’t work for free. They will soon get the message. We don’t want any money from them, especially chump change after all the world gets their money. Go have an aeironatical intercourse obama and other political (_0_) wipes.

  133. Sonia Sotomayor. No conflict of interest there. …Yeah, right.

    This administration is so anti-constitution that it makes me ill.

  134. I really like Hobby Lobby and I pray that they win their Supreme Court case, but with a traitor like Judge Roberts sitting, who knows what will happen. What has my country come to???

  135. Yeah let them win… THAT’LL show them. Of all the hare brained stuff I’ve heard along with “guns kill people, let’s outlaw ’em”. This is one of the stupidest. I think we’ve ceded enough ground to the Godless Demoncrats. We need to start drawing a line in the sand. And make it a deep one… wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

  136. I think they should move their corporate offices to Oklahoma, who passed a law voiding Obamacare.

    Also…. it’s kinda dangerous to be citing the 1st amendment as an absolute… the Muzzies would use it as an excuse for their nonsense.

  137. If we had single payer universal health care, no company would be required to pay for health care!

    It is humorous that the same people who are against funding contraceptives are against funding programs that help single mothers and hungry children!

    You are typically pro-life for the unborn and for executing people for capital crimes.

    You are for sending our loved ones off to be killed or maimed in inane wars!

    Eric the Go4man

  138. Maybe Hobby Lobby and others in this suit, if they lose in the Supreme Court, should ignore the decision like the federal government is ignoring the Constitution (not to mention God’s Word); prepare another law suit; start their own private bank, and prepare to defend their rights in other ways. Attack the gates of Hell.

  139. Don’t worry…those who shop Hobby Lobby are very aware of their Christian stance. Just browse their store for a few minutes and listen to the Christian music playing. And remember they close on Sundays!! Their prices are great and they are always having great sales and coupons.

    My first purchase in 2013 is going to be at Hobby Lobby!! We need to go out and support them just like we did Chik-fa-la!!!!! They carry a wide assortment of items and even things for manly men!!

    We will fight back with our money!!!!

    They will probably let us put up our own signs supporting them!


  140. Put 22,500 more people on the federal dole. The sooner we bankrupt this country the better. Maybe then those who pay no attention now will start paying attention to how important these issue are.

    The election was decided by the takers, which now outnumber the providers. Having 22,500 more providers becoming takers will help us along with showing why the welfare state and socialism are bad for the country. When their entire “SNAP” card’s value will only buy a single loaf of bread they will either start to understand or they will starve.

    Little do they know is that the “SNAP” they hear will be the breaking of the backbone of the nation.

  141. Charge the employees for contro., find out the who the obama voters are & charge them double! The employees that get charged for it that don’t ask for it will run off the obama babies in short time. The main thing though is to get this word out all over the Country so we can help them NOT have to be subjected to this liberal bull—t! Then tell the obamanites & the supreme elitists like sotameyer to go to hell! We need to get together & destroy this liberal straightjacket that’s being stretched over us!

  142. They should stick with their beliefs, put their faith in God and DO NOT comply with the regulation even it eventually causes them to go bankrupt and close. It’s important to do what’s right no matter the earthly consequences.

  143. They have one more option, file bankruptcy, and put 22,500 plus people out of work and tell them exactly why. Tell them that rather than violate their religious principals they will shut the Company down within 10 days, and sell of everything.

  144. The answer is clear to all. Nobody wants to say it, and the evil Gov will surely arrest you for doing so. But you all know what that answer is… Turning the other cheek with this evil group will get you nowhere.

  145. I have never been to Hobby Lobby, but I am finding one and going and buying something, maybe more than one of something and likely more than 1 different item. Good job, Hobby Lobby. Stuff it ObamaTax, PelosiStupidity, and ReidIdoicy.

  146. Another unfortunate course of action would be to let all female employees go and replace them with males who do not require contraception with their Obama-mandated healthcare.

  147. Another option is to go underground: go io another country (Bahamas sounds good, this time of year) , set up shop there and do marketing in the U.S. via the internet and mail! Minimize any taxes paid to the U.S. and use the Buffett approach: file extensions and lawsuits to prevent paying taxes to the U.S. Treasury!

  148. As bad as it is to say – I would tell the Government to go to hell and close my doors THAT will hit the government where they don’t want hit – their wallet , 500 stores generate a lot of jobs and tax revenue – and closing may go further in swaying public opinion and opening the eyes of more people to the consequences of the fools policies -imo there is no way they will win this with Obama’s traitorous God and constitution hating flunkies in authority Good luck in your fight Hobby Lobby – I will keep your plight in my prayers –

  149. Actually, there is another way. Hobby Lobby can just ignore the fine and go on doing business. If the Feds attempt to collect the fine, then Hobby Lobby can sue the govt for infringing on their right to conduct business the way every American has the right to conduct a business. I have no problem with this Obamacare mandate, mainly as my business has yet to be hit with any portion of Obamacare. I run a salvage company, and when a visitor enters the toilets in the office, they are confronted with machines which sell protection. I did that many years ago, and have no problem maintaining the machines. As for other aspects of this “Grand Health Care” package, foisted on the American public; if the govt ever comes to me and tells me I have to pay for this, or that, concerning health care for my people, I will, very politely suggest to the govt agents, that there is a backhoe and a large field available, and if they do not wish to visit a hole in that field, it would be wise to leave. I have no intention of letting the federal govt tell me how to run my business.

  150. Option 3 above is the only morally or ethically consistent choice. Options 1 and 2 only serve to place Hobby Lobby in the position of ‘tax collector’ for this mandate. Every organisation faced with this mandate should choose option 3, such as – for example – the Catholic Church. They should immediately close all their hospitals, universities, charities, diocesan offices, cathedrals, parishes and elementary or secondary schools which employ more than 49 people. Can you imagine what this would do to other secular institutions, such as hospitals, charities and schools? There would be an immnediate crisis in those institutions, and it would certainly convince voters and Catholics that their religion took such a mandate seriously. It would force action against such a mandate (i.e., exemptions) which are now being refused by the government.

  151. Now that Occidental College has released the records proving obama to be a foreign student and not eligible to be president, where are all the legislators that should be IMPEACHING obama? Why is this super important issue NOT being to the fullest extent of the law?

    1. NO, you hate the way it is currently being run. You hate the way the fools currently in office stand for little, or nothing much at all. We the People are the government, never forget that. We the People are to blame for our current mess. If things are going to change then it is We the People who need to change. Did the Colonists sit around and just whine about King George, or did the organize themselves and deal with the problem? We the People have the Constitution on OUR side. The fools in DC don’t seem to see it that way.

  152. Any of the listed options are still a compromise of their christian values, except the last one…close down and go out of business. Resistance has to start somewhere, and it’ll be interesting to see who stands with Christ…and who bends to government tyranny. We need to pray for the owners of Hobby Lobby, that they have the courage to continue in their principles, regardless of the outcome.

  153. All they have to do is make all their employees part time and tell them to send Obama a thank you note for reducing their work load (and their pay checks). Just think of how much they can help the economy if they are able to hire an additional 10,000 PART TIME employees. What do you think Walmart has been doing for years?

  154. I support Hobby Lobby. I don’t have need for their products currently, but I may just go make a donation for my cause, which is common.

  155. Were I CEO of Hobby Lobby, I’d announce the shuttering of all 500 stores +
    the immediate layoff of all 23,000 employees at a podium surrounded with
    dozens of life-size pictures of Barry, Nancy + Harry.

    I’d explain how the 3 Leaders just cost them their job and how the
    layoff’s are going to cost the U S Taxpayer millions in unemployment
    benefits and lost income taxes. I would read-off a Full List of the
    Senators who voted in favor of BarryCare with the suggestion that each
    ex-employee contact the Senators who voted in favor of the Bill and
    personally thank him/her for costing U S Jobs simply to appease the

    I’d then announce the Sale of Hobby Lobby to muslim investors, who
    you can be certain, will not be required by BarryCare to violate their
    religious beliefs for fear of major backlash.

  156. They might declair themselves to be a church, hold prayer meetings once a week in each store and then tell the Government to go to hell.

  157. How is this happening? How is the Federal government able to do this sort of thing?

    The reason is that we are US citizens. Hardly anyone understands what it means to be a US citizen. US citizenship means that one is a citizen of Washington, D.C.

    Originally a citizens of one of the several states, was NOT a US citizen. The term “United States citizen was used to signify someone living in one of the territories of the US. State citizens were citizens of the state where they were domiciled.

    We all have been tricked into becoming “US citizens”, and thus citizens of Washington, D.C.

    In Washington, D.C., Congress has the constitutional authority to make all laws, rules, and regulations, that pertain to the District, it’s Territories and Possessions. All legislation, that Congress puts forth, applies to US citizens since they are Washington, D.C, citizens.

    The only legislation that applies to a citizen of a state must comply with the 17 enumerated powers that Congress has been granted in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution.

    If you want the details, click the link below.


  158. AMEN to all GOD fearing AMERICANS who standup for what is RIGHT! I am with HOBBY LOBBY go for it tell Obama to take his Pelosi Bill and STICK IT up her! And any other business do the same! For me I am tired of supporting “moochers” and “looters”!!

  159. Charge the employee and post signs in the store letting everyone know why. The sign should read…….. Thank you Obama! Show a picture of an employee pay stub with the deduction highlighted!

  160. What Hobby Lobby Should Do When Fined $1.3 Million Per Day

    Since there are three options here I agree with option #3: “Close every Hobby Lobby store[1], sell off all the merchandise, and tell the Federal Government to go to hell.”

    And I believe that you will see many businesses large and small doing
    this and I also believe that the government knows this as well as wants

    Why would the government want to do this you ask?

    Let’s call it “Gleaning.” Gleaning which we all know is the act of collecting leftover crops from farmers’ fields after they
    have been commercially harvested or on fields where it is not
    economically profitable to harvest. Some ancient cultures promoted
    gleaning as an early form of a welfare system.

    So the government will first “Glean” America’s businesses by putting
    them out of business. They then collect the leftover business and put
    them under government control, as it will be no longer feasible for any
    business to be in business, due to all of the government rules and
    regulations. The end result ? The government will have created
    another welfare type of business as all businesses will now be owned and
    operated by the government, and all employees of these government
    business will be beholding to their employer in complete 100% obedience
    to the State.

    They have done this already in Germany, Russia China, Vietnam and a host
    of other nations world wide today and as we move more rapidly to what
    our politicians say is our New World Order i.e. new Global Community no
    one should be too shocked as we watch this happening to America.

    After all it’s already happened to the majority of American churches as they are all State 501-c-3 Corporations beholding 100% to the rules and regulations of the state not God.


  161. I support HOBBY LOBBY!!!, I would , if this “OBAMA FRAUD BILL” SEEKS A DAILY PENALTY OF 1.3 million per day!! I would “CLOSE ” EVERY HOBBY LOBBY STORE”, LAY-OFF every employee, BLAME OBAMA FOR HIS UNAMERICAN ACTIVITY!!

  162. What Obummer is doing to our entrepeneurs, business people and citizens in general is outrageous and what is worse, the citizens are allowing it. Here we have a person who is not elegible to be president, is not even a US citizen, uses a dead person’s SS number, allowed our diplomats in Libya to be killed, etc. etc. (I don’t need to repeat his many crimes, because you all know them) and he continues to disrupt our lives and our standard of living. The first thing we have to do is force our elected officials to impeach this crap and throw him in jail.

  163. Personally, I intend to ignore Obamacare entirely. I’ve always paid for my own insurance and will continue to do so, regardless of what the crazy Left does.

    Welcome to the Obama-nation, where our Constitution means nothing and individuals must be subservient to the State. Diversity replaces unity. Tolerance replaces character. Unbridled liberalism is an ugly state of affairs.

  164. Although it would be very difficult, I suggest laying all employees off for 1 month, or until the legislation gets fixed. It would probably be less costly than the government fee.

  165. I love Hobby Lobby for their art supplies and their stance against our milquetoast congress for passing the Obamanation of the so called Patient Affordable Care act. The bill needs repeal in it’s entirety and the rusty butts in the congress do nothing. This is where the “well regulated militia” clause of the second amendment comes into play. A militia of the people should be standing at every Hobby Lobby ready to fire a volley at government thugs showing up to collect the $1.3 million in fines. Of course instead of repealing Obamacare,Dianne Feinstein in retaliation will push for more gun control laws.

  166. We all get stuck paying for the excesses of others. So yes the employees should pay their fair share for these pills. I am sure the guys will love it.! Somebody has to show how absolutely stupid these mandates are. Let the American people have to pay for them out of their salaries including the fines, and in no time at all, the same American people who think this is such a great idea, will find the money to buy the pills themselves.!!! Stupid people

  167. There’s option #4: Civil disobedience.

    Simply state that you will not comply, encourage others to do the same, and see just how many millions of Americans’ doors Obama intends to break down to oppress Christianity.

  168. If only they would close every store. Maybe locally owned stores could reopen and the money would stay in the local economy.

    HL sells nothing but cheap Chinese junk.

  169. The derelict Sotomayor is a major part of our Country’s social problems – no values, no integrity, ideologically degenerate, no redeeming value what so ever!

  170. Have never heard of Hobby Lobby before, but I sure am glad I have now and in this manner. What a great testimony to moral righteousness and acknowledgement that this is really a battle between good and evil, God and Satan. Obama is just a puppet of the loser’s camp.

  171. Hobby lobby is a horrid store. Michael’s is far superior in their inventory and staff. Hobby lobby gives me the creeps: Scary staff, with strange behaviors, and music piped in that will agitate you if you’re unstable, like the mgmt. and staff are at the local branch. As for BIRTH CONTROL, the owners of Hobby lobby and their grown kids, obviously USE BC, so what’s the bitc*in’ about? Two words: Tea Baggers.

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