Where is Obama on Christian Pastor About to be Executed?

When President Obama came into office, we were assured that our relationship with Islamic nations would improve. Islam is really a religion of peace. He said the following in his remarks to the Muslim world, delivered on June 4, 2009 in Egypt.

“I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect; and one based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive, and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles – principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings. . . . And throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.”

So where is he as a Christian pastor is about to be executed in Iran because he is a Christian? Where are the media? When three American hikers were tried and imprisoned, they became causes célèbres in the media until they were just recently released.

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani remains behind bars in Rasht, a province in north western Iran, awaiting what is called a re-examination. “The courts determined that he was a national apostate,” Jason DeMars of Present Truth Ministries, reports. “So even though he never practiced Islam during his life, he was born to two parents who practiced Islam, and therefore, he has to recant.”

According to law, an apostate is to be given three chances to renounce before he is executed. Meanwhile, the debacle has placed Nadarkhani’s attorney in danger, partly for doing a good job for his client. DeMars is convinced that only prayer and fasting will save either of the men. “At this point in time, we’re looking to God. Everything humanly has been exhausted.” Something human can be done. President Obama could intervene and appeal to what he said in Egypt to his Muslim audience: “And throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.”

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  1. If George W. Bush would have dropped one big nuke in the canyon where Ossama bin Laden and all of Al Qaeda were camped out we would not have Iraq and Afghanistan on our hands. Saddam Hussein would still be pecking at Iran, Amandinajad would not have been able to get into the nuke business, we would be $1 trillion better off and Mr. Obama would not have happened.

    Eisenhower was right: The military/industrial complex is making so much money on serving and supplying the military abroad they are paying huge campaign contributions and setting up Swiss number accounts for the elected ruling class that they have ruined America, killed and maimed thousands of our young men all for money! May they burn in Hell.

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    1. Now I am not clear, as the article does not even mention the Nationality, of the pastor. Is he a US citizen?? While the article does state that he is a Christian, it does not tell us what the national origin of the man is. So unless he is an American, why is it an American problem. I understand that he is Christian, as am I. But it is not good policy for the US government to meddle in another countries internal affairs.

      1. It states his name in the article. Or are you not smart enough to figure out from his name (Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani) what nationality he is? You are an cretin. Look that one up in the dictionary, or do you know what a dictionary is?

        1. Tell that to my very American friend Youcef Zahid.

          You cannot tell if a person is an American Citizen from their name. Who are you calling not smart?

        2. Nationality by name? Homebrew is certainly not a cretin for asking but you certainly are a bigot for assuming.

      2. So let me get this straight. If he is not an American, it is not an American problem? And you say you are a Christian?!?(Christlike). Can you imagine, (if a Christian is condemned to death for his faith), that Jesus would ask (Is he a Jew?)

      1. Maybe so, but you have to admit (if you have half a brain) that if a Daisy Cutter, Bunker Buster would have been dropped it would have lessened the damage done to our soldiers. Or do you not care about only how Politically Correct you have to be?
        IF YOU ARE GOING TO GO TO WAR, GO TO WAR TO WIN, NOT MAKE FRIENDS OR BE POLITICALLY CORRECT. Islam is not a religion of peace it is a cult of pedophiles and mysoginists. (Women haters). Which is exactly what they are.

        1. (okay, let;s try again)

          I agree! Nukes are a terrible thing to contemplate using, but they would show the nations of the world that the United States means business and a war is all about winning!!

          When we dropped those bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a lot of people died that were non combatants. And that is sad. But, it saved the lives of over a million American soldiers if we had to invade the Jap islands. War is all about winning, pure and simple.

        2. well sir, i have to agree. but with all the threats being aimed at us , the U.S., i believe in a first strike, and av-ode them making it first strike on us, there are things in this world that can't be settled with words, that is when the first strike will end the threat !!!!

      2. 9/11 was enough provocation for me. What do you need? Someone standing on your front porch with an AK47 wearing a turban with a camel hitched to your porch?

        You have bought the very bad idea that has cost us several hundred thousand young men and women, several trillion Dollars, several hundred thousand widows and 2.3 times that many fatherless children. You sir, are the fool, but you have a lot of company.
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        1. Got to agree with you! Pussyfooting around while worrying about offending Mslms, the UN, and/or any other group or assemblage is one reason we're in the gawdawful mess we're in worldwide. In basic training 50 years ago they used to say (cleaned up for family audiences), "you mess with the bull, and you'll get the horn", but somehow we've forgotten that. We have a lawyer behind every bush making sure we don't offend the enemy or violate his "rights" too.

          BTW if someone in a turban or whatever with an AK and a camel comes up on my porch he'll likely collect 8 rounds of M2 Ball replica or 30 rounds of Mk 262 replica. See I can be as diverse as anyone, well nearly.

        2. Islam is an international problem, and really should be wiped off the face of the earth, but if you are looking for an enemy in a turban, you clearly can't see the enemy already at your front door (metaphorically speaking). They won't come dressed in turbans on camels. In the name of UN exercises, foreign soldiers already land on our soil. Also, there is a pact with Canada where their soldiers can be used by the US gov't for civil uprisings since our own military can't be used against us. And they most certainly won't have AK's, they will be supplied with the finest military technology our gov't has to offer. I am not knocking on you or implying you are blind. I am sure you realize the dangers of our gov't and were just responding to the prior post. I just wanted to use your post as a step to mine.

        3. The United States of America has the most technilogically advanced Military in the World. And for some reason, despite that, or because of that, when We go into a conflict with a presumed protagonist, We tie or own hands behind our backs. We are able to to attack an enemy with surgical skill, without ever really having to have the boots on the ground, yet We continue to fight the enemy on their level, because…Why?
          If a War is declared, the only viable option is to Win it. The only acceptable outcome is Victory, anything less is a waste of effort. Yet We have continually repressed our abilities, muzzled our best assets, and squandered opertunities because of some misplaced sensability that a War can be fought without collaterial damage.
          Of course there will be collateral damage. Of course there will be innocents counted amoung the casualties. That is what makes War horrible, and something to be avoided, at least by the civilaized, and the moral.
          But, the threat of collarteral damage should not handicapp Our ability to wage a War to it's swiftest conclusion.
          And if it seems horrific, good. It should be, and maybe after, cooler heads will prevail to keep it from happenning again.

        4. I wrote: "…when We go into a conflict with a presumed protagonist, "
          Opps, sorry, I meant " antagonist ".
          when We go into a conflict with a presumed protagonist,
          Also, a good example of the threat of a "civilized war" can refresh themselves with:
          Star Trek TOS
          Season 1, Episode 23: A Taste of Armageddon
          Original Air Date—23 February 1967
          Closing remark by Capt. James T. Kirk: "…and War, Mr. Spock, is a messy business. A VERY messy business."

      3. 9/11 was enough provocation for me. What do you need? Someone standing on your front porch with an AK47 wearing a turban with a camel hitched to your porch?

        You have bought the very bad idea that has cost us several hundred thousand young men and women, several trillion Dollars, several hundred thousand widows and 2.3 times that many fatherless children. You sir, are the fool, but you have a lot of company

        My recent post Best Supped Cold

    2. He doesn't want to do anything. He does not like Christians anymore than he does Americans.
      he and Michele are ashamed of America..REMEMBER ?!!?!

    3. If any one : Theocracy , an evil totalitarian form of governance, and state supported religion all rolled in to one ugly package which demands from its followers the subjugation and or death of all who do not adhere to it's evil tenents.

  2. what do you expect from a pic but an oink? Obama isnb't going to do squat he is afraid of offending by defending a Christian to his Muslim brothers. The Islamic religion a religion of peace??? on what planet?

    1. That is why brezhinski groomed him for years, using a black "man" who hates us and our nation. Perfect puppet to use. perry is their next batter in what has become a very long batting order.

    2. The ignorant one in the white house doesn't care about you, me,or Christians. I think he is a muslim, which there are good ones, and he has no need for Christians because they wil not advance his cause. He wants America destroyed and will stop at nothing until he has succeded. If he could, he would throw us all in prisons which are all set up already. He just needs the reason to do it. I bet in 5 to 10 years you will not know that is country is the United States of America. God help the United States because He is the only one that can fix all of this.

        1. like you fking idiots blaming all this sht on obama.why don't you make some sense,too dam stupid too know your stupid.talking about this man is a muslim,give me a dam break.the worst religion on this planet is this devil made christianity.you are all a bunch of evil hateful devils.and you talk about peace?you devils have murdered more people in the name of some so called christians right to do so than any 4 religions combined.you don't have a lock on morality,you are not always right in your indevours(however you spell that word).there will be a price to pay when you face the real lord.

        2. wow, I didn't know race could be transmitted over the internet by simply reading the very amount of vulgar words that one person can type (it seems that Hammites can't control their mouth nor their groin).

          If you were as fluent in scripture as you seem to be in "French", then perhaps one day, my illiterate friend, you will come to see that Islam is violent, that Catholicism is not genuine Christianity, and that history proves everything I have just typed. John 17:17 in the Book that God wrote, the King James Bible.

        3. cartoon_sub is less a cartoon than a clown. A freaked out bigoted bible thumping, got-no-clue clown. When God needs you to sit in judgement on Her children She'll let you know.

        4. You should look up the statistics before you type, when you don't you expose your own ignorance, it's embarrassing 4u. So here is a small history lesson. The crusades were a series of war to take BACK Jerusalem from the Muslim Turks. These wars lasted for 2000 years in which time about two hundred thousand people died (this number includes the "Christians" who died). So I'll do the math for you, that's about 1,000 people per year. The Inquisition lasted 500 years & though up to 100,000 (that's one hundred thousand) people were tried in court, only about 6,000 people were actually executed. So the two worst stains of Christian atrocities account for , in the highest estimates, about 300,000 people-Inexcusable & condemned by the religion that they professed. Islam, just in 1915 in Turkey, slaughtered over one MILLION Armenian Christians, which was condoned (approved of) by their "religion of peace". That's just one example from this century. Get your facts straight, I understand that you're just not educated on the matter, but when you make claims like this, ignorance is no excuse, it just is an outright lie!

        5. You sound just like a camel jockey. Still like your little boys? Still carry your prayer rug with you? Do you wear your knee pads when you face east? Did you remember to wash your feet? Just questions.

    3. You are sooooooo right. Look how he defends the Muslims here in the USA and puts "thumbs down" on anything that has to do with Christianity and the USA.

    4. Obummer is a muslim and will always be a muslim. He just say that he is a Christian and that's another BIG LIE. He will never do anything to stop the execution of this Christian pastor. His heart and everything in him is a muslim.

    5. He is not afraid Deborah.. he is one of them. BIG difference in why he doesn't say a fricken thing about this and WHY he spoke all those blatant lies about Islam. He was a well taughtt Muslim himself. Lie to the unbelievers, the infidels…. tha'd be all those stupid enough not to pick up a freaking book or two and educate yourself on what the real faith is all about, not the reported, propagated one.

      1. Right on brother, they are soooo similiar! Just do a history study to see. Incidently the world will eventually go catholic!! Those that are left will anyway!!

    1. Not only are Catholic Churches Christian, but THE Church started by our Lord Jesus Christ, Savior of mankind, (that means EVERYONE has the opportunity to be saved). Catholic means universal. It is the one and only Church headed by Jesus. PROTESTant says it all. We Christians must not divide. That is not what Jesus wants. We must unite and prepare our souls to be with Him. It is not too late for our brothers and sisters, ( that includes Muslims) around the world to know the truth and be saved. Go to http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com and read, whether you believe or not. What do you have to lose? Many will think this is bogus, but have the courage to read the messages.

      1. Man, wrong answer, I am a Christian and was a Catholic for 31 years and they are not even remotely the same! Catholics are NOT (for the most part) Christian! Would a Christian add to or take away parts of the Word of God? catholics do! Would a Christian work to get to heaven or get saved or even stay saved? catholics do! Wouls a Christian put his faith in Mary and Josegh and the rosary and the works he does to win favor w/God? Catholics do! Would a Christian change all the time and elect saints, and lie to its congregation and tell them you need to be good to get to heaven! Catholics do! Enough said! See 1 Pete 3:18 KJV

        1. Sorry Homer, but it was the Catholics that gave you the Scriptures. John, Paul, James,…. were all Catholics. By the way, Peter was the first pope. It was the Protestants that removed parts of the Scripture. That 's why they call it the King James Version. Religion according to King James. Shouldn't you question that?

        2. wrong on all accounts. The early church was called "the way", they were not catholic, they met in synagogues. I grew up in a roman catholic country and we have a picture of a statue of Mary hanging on the cross while beggars lay their days wages at her feet to try and buy their loved ones out of purgatory. that was in 1984. I do believe that there are many Christian Catholics in America which seems entirely different (probably because they are actually allowed to read their Bibles), but if your faith is in the church, you will not be saved, if you pray to Mary, how can you claim to know Jesus (depart from me, I know you not)? keep reading your Bibles and pray to the Father in the Name of Jesus as we were instructed to do, and the Holy Spirit will reveal His truth to you.

        3. History has it that Jesus was a Jew; and therefore, He followed the Jewish Faith. However, Jesus was the Messiah and it was His purpose to teach people to Love God and Keep His Commandments. He even said that He didn't come to abrogate the law, but rather to fulfill it. (fulfill means= to obey) People keep trying to change the meanings of the Bible and woe to them because the very last Chapter of the Bible states that anyone who adds to words of The Book, to him shall be added the plagues prepared and whosoever changes or takes away any part of The Book, his name shall be removed from the Book Of Life. that means that they will not be allowed in Heaven. – The Bible can be understood: IF IT IS READ.

        4. Also, no where in the Bible, was it given a command that Mary the mother of Jesus should be reverred and prayed to; and no power was given to her that she would intercede on our behalf. The only One Who can intercede on our behalf is Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.
          The Catholic Church created the turning of the followers of Jesus into saints. and thereby, the statues are false gods.. – Mary recognized Jesus Christ as the Messiah, and she and the disciples and the apostles bowed down to Jesus, but nowhere do we read in the Bible that anyone bowed down to Mary the mother of Jesus nor to any of the disciples or the apostles. – THE BIBLE CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IF IT IS READ

      2. If that were the case, BHO would have spoke to empty seats at Notre Dame! There is more to the Bible than John, Luke, Paul and Matthew! Christ approved of only 2 churches out of seven. It's the ones that teach that the FALSE one is coming first! I hope that is being taught in your church!

    2. Jennifer, prove what you say? I used to be a Catholic and Catholics and Christians are NOT even remotely the same! 1st Catholics believe you have to work your way to heaven and work to stay saved and that you can loose it, and 2nd Catholics think praying to Mary who is (they say) sinless (see luke 1:47 KJV) Catholics believe in praying to Idols Mary, Joseph etc and stations of the cross and the Rosary etc I KNOW, I did all these things for 31 years. See a Christian beleives in faith and grace PLUS nothing! My works count for NOTHING, IT is Jesus Christs WORK on the cross of Calvary!! I am saved NO matter what! I can get chastised and spanked etc like a father to a son but I am still a child of God and can't loose what was given as a "FREE" gift! I am NOW bone of His bones and flesh of His flesh! So….take this as it is OR….1 Peter 3:18 KJV Homer

      1. Homer, as a Catholic you were not properly taught what it means to be Catholic. We worship the Trinity, not idols. We pray for intercession to our Blessed Mother and the saints just as you may ask someone to pray for you. Do not speak of that which you are so very ill informed. Christianity just refers to anyone following the teachings of Jesus Christ. You are also under the impression that it only requires an acceptance of Jesus as your savior to get to heaven. Believing in Jesus is not a free pass to heaven. You must also live life in accordance to His teachings and repent when you fall.

        1. 1 Tim 2:5 "For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus"
          Romans 9:10 "that if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved;"
          Eph 2:8-9 "for it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not of yourselves, it is the gift of God, not by works so that no man may boast"

          This is the Word of the Lord, if you don't believe it, then you don't believe God. Our good works is the natural outworking of our gratitude for his great love, and if someone doesn't havn't them, then their slavation is not genuin ("You shall know them by their fruit"), it is proof that you are saved, not necessary to be saved.

        2. for Pete's sake, sorry about the typos. "slavation" – ugh, and "if someone doesn't havn't them" should be if someone doesn't have them. I shall try to remember to proof read before I post.

        3. think4myself, Except for an error in spelling, which we all do, your post is great. If I may, I'd just like to add my
          comment to it.. These Catholic "believers" are putting their faith and Salvation in the Pope and their denomination, and not in the 'Finished work of Christ at Calvary', Who says, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father but by Me.. Once you've had your sins washed in the precious blood of the
          Lamb of God, your sins are forgiven…no need of 'purgatory'.. As far as the East is from the West, so far hath He removed our transgressions from us. Psalm 103:12. And what agreement hath the temple of God with
          idols? For ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them: and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye seperate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.

        4. Sorry, I forgot to give the verse to… And what agreement hath the… 2 Corinthians 6 : 16, 17, 18.
          I shall try to be more careful.

        5. jesus is the only mediator between the father and ourselves , not his mother , and i don't say this in disrespect , mary is the mother of the christ , but it is jesus that died for our sins . i also remember the statues that were worshiped in the church , and for many centures people worshiped them in our synogoges up until about 40 years ago we christians also worship the triune GOD . and no just believeing in yeshua does not garuantee your place in heaven but you do need to try and live a christlike life beliefe is key to being saved , i try but it seems that only yeshua is capable of perfection , but i still try .

        6. No where in the Bible, was it given a command that Mary the mother of Jesus should be reverred and prayed to; and no power was given to her that she would intercede on our behalf. The only One Who can intercede on our behalf is Jesus Christ, our Redeemer. = The Trinity is: God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit.
          It does not include any title as: God Mary the Blessed Mother = THE BIBLE CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IF IT IS READ

    3. Part #1- Just a tiny note in response to Just a tiny note:
      Catholic Churches weren't recognized as Christian Churches until not too long ago. This is factual

      1. Part #2 -I am 65 years old, when I was a child, The categories were:
        1. Protestestands= called Christians and/or Protestants
        Protestants were the result of rejecting the Roman Catholic Church in the Old World, and they came to the New World to escape persecution from the Roman Catholic Church. (They were the Baptist, Methodist, etc.)
        2. Catholics = Roman Catholics
        3. Jews = who we were told that they killed Jesus Christ and we should hate them.
        4. American Indians = who we were taught not to like because they taught us at school that they scalped good white people!
        5. Negro People = who we were taught that they belonged in their own place and not live amidst white people.
        6. Everybody else at that time, it , didn't seem to matter who they were and what they believed.

        1. Part # 3- It is important to know that the Forcing of Native Indians in the Americas was the reason that many Hispanics were Roman Catholics and when people started reading the Bible, thousands upon thousands started leaving the Catholic Churches and it is still occurring. The members who leave the Catholic Church are never removed from their church membership records and the existing Catholic membership, is not accurate.
          This is truth. – and by the way. Get it right: There are good and bad Catholic people and good and bad people in every other church, ethnic/racial groups
          God Bless America; and keep it safe and please defend it from its enemies. In Jesus' Name.

  3. I would imagine that, unlike right wing Christians who love the death penalty, that being a socialist liberal he would be against the death penalty.

    1. Christians do not love the death penalty. They beieve in ridding evil from their lives. Why support evil by not ridding yourself of such. That is liken to condoning to saten. Socialist liberals are devel woprshipers just as muslams are.

      1. God told us Himself to send murders and rapists to ME! If we would only LISTEN to our Heavenly Father, we wouldn't have the problems wee have today!

    2. We are certainly against murdering babies that are guilty of nothing. But convicted men/women who have raped, bludgeoned and killed innocent people do not deserve us paying for their comfort in prison.

    3. Wow – Chris is one big idiot.

      Socialist governments murdered more people in the 20th century alone than the rest of human history combined. You are a friggin' sheep…baa baa baa all the way home right past the library where you could educate yourself if you were so inclined.

  4. Someone needs to supply Obama with a copy of The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Of course, he would probably throw it in the dumpster and not read it. There is no 'fairness' with him. When over 100,000 people from around the world are martyred each year just because they are Christians, it shows just who is really 'tolerant'. Thought we had gotten beyond the first few centuries – I guess we have not.

    1. But look at the bright side. All them Christians have a place in God's Kingdom! Soon, we will be standing against the fiery darts of Satan and we will be rid of the maggots of evil we have today, FOREVER! We shall see soon enough. They have made the fatal decision that our Lord is a myth. They will soon become His footstool. It is written. Haven't you read it? We have the victory! It's in the back of the Book! We have but a short time left. Prophecy is coming to pass every moment. God asks us for patience.

    1. Michelle hates America and the American flag…yet she spend $10M of the taxpayer's hard earned money to travel the world and entertain herself and her family – yes extended family as well! I resent every penny she spends of my taxpayer's money!!!!! She gets uglier to me every time I see her face and Obama's head gets smaller and his ears larger every time I look at him!

    2. Can't you find anything legitimate to complain about? I have a million things I don't like about the Obamas but I am not going to repeat someones made up BS.

      1. What made-up bs, Dave??? Onono is listed on SR511, the Senate Resolution on John McCains eligibility to run for the Presidency, that states to be a Natural Born Citizen you MUST BE BORN OF AMERICAN CITIZENS, that's plural meaning 2. Onono's father IS NOT AMERICAN!!!!!

        1. Birther idiot. There is no requirement in the constitution or any of the relevant enabling legislation requiring that both parents be citizens in order for their offspring to be considered natural born citizens. None. got that? None. Nada. Nein. Nyet. A 45 second internet search would have provided you with that information before you posted your ignorant,false (and incorrect!) foolishness. Whether you birthers like him or not the man is the duly legally elected president of these United States. And none of the crap you make up will change that.

      2. Dean is not complaining. He's making a statement. Michelle said on television after her husband was elected that was the first time she was proud to be an American. She might be one, but has she even been to a high school class reunion? I doubt it. She wouldn't honor its Alma mater.

      3. there you go again daves , whineing and whineing , if you really had any smarts you would just go away , but i know you won't , so just you remember you are spinning your wheels on this site . but as you know we all know what you are and that is an abama lover , there is no convinceing you of what this phoney is all about .

    3. Michelle Obama did not say that, and half of her lip movement was blocked by a window frame in that stupid video, anyway. It would have taken magic to read her lips, not talent. I did not and would not vote for a liberal progressive like Obama under any circumstances, but when you lie to demonize someone you bring yourself below their level- and generate sympatrhy among that great unwashed we call the "independent voter." They react to that kind of negative and ridiculous attack and use them to make their voting decisions instead of their semi-comatose brains. Your comment gets Obama votes, you moron!

    4. Are you kidding me??? I had not heard that.. when and where did she say that? It is still ringing in my ears what she said in 2009, This is the first time I have been proud of my or this country!! That nearly did me in then and I have NO love lost with her since then.

  5. Obama was born of a Muslim father. Does he have to recant? Maybe it was his step-father. I know he was born of a Communist mother. So, in my mind he needs to recant that, but he just keeps on acting like a Communist. He says he is Christian, but shows no evidence thereof. Perry says he's a Christian, but because he follows through and lives the life of a Christian, he is ridiculed and drug through the mud in AMERICA! We are under attack here as well as there. They are trying to get rid of us here, just not quite as violently…..YET!

    1. You can't claim to be a Christian and belong to the Bilderberger Group.. that promotes ONE world religion and ONE world governemnt .. its against the word of GOD!! Just because you dress like a sheep does not make you a sheep!! Perry is a wolf in sheeps clothing!!

    2. Kay, there IS evidence of his religion! Remember the "messages of scripture" he gets on his BLACKBERRY from his Minister? OH NO! I just said Blackberry! I am SORRY! I MEANT WHITEberry! That doesn't sound right either, but he gets ALL his "non-transparent "messages" on it! The "scriptures" are shown right after the "INSTRUCTIONS" on how to FURTHER damage our Country! The "Investors" that "bought' the White House for him expect COMPLIANCE! And of COURSE he will GIVE them what "they" want! For the money and life style WE have/are PAYING for! If (PLEASE LORD) he loses next November, he will NOT go back to being poor, uneducated, pennyless, no home of his own, and no LEADERSHIP role in the world like he came IN to the white House!! He will do ANYTHING to keep that lifestyle!!

    3. He doesn't have to recant unless he decides to become a Christian Pastor. But we all know he is still a practicing Muslim. In Islamic traditions the childred of a Muslim father are automatically a Muslim. It doesn't matter that his mother was a white American. His mother wasn't a Christian. She was a Nazi/America Hater and protested against us. She was with his father because she hated America. But where did she go when she was dying of cancer? Here! We picked up the tab and made the rest of her days as good as possible. Which is the Christian and American way:)

    4. Remember the saying "If you can not be destroyed from without then we will destroy you from within". The destructive force from within is the sitting (ILLEGAL) President of the USA. THE TERRORIST DESTROYED THE TWIN TOWERS BUT DID NOT DESTROY OUR ECONOMY. NEED I SAY MORE.

      1. Franc, are we on the same planet… in the U.S.A.? There was no economy to destroy, it's been destroyed for decades..
        Since the Federal Reserve started printing funny-money… our Country is on the verge of bankruptcy, China has bought
        so much of our land, and are building Chinese factories in Idaho.. pretty soon as you travel across the country, in some sections you'll think you're in a foreign country… our country is in trouble, both financially and morally.. and it
        won't be long before payment comes due on both… with interest.. In 1943, I was a 19 yr. old grunt in the Army, saw many of my good buddies die… and for years I've been wondering, what did they die for… they call us the greatest
        Generation.. really ? Look what's happened to our Nation on our watch… I think the Administrator is going to tell me the
        post is to long, better stop now.

        1. I'll try to finish the previous post.. My Generation wasn't the greatest generation, not in my opinion, of course it's just one old goats opinion… I as millions of others took an oath to defend the ' Constitution ' against all enemies
          foreign and domestic… We won the foreign war, came home, (many didn't) and soon forgot,or at least put on the back-burner.. That Freedom is Not Free, many gave their all for it. While we slept the " Quislings ", in our own
          government, the domestic enemy were diligently working behind the scenes to destroy our Constitution, and we
          are seeing the results of these Marxist "termites" labors… in the Oval Office… Just one mans opinion..
          P.S. I think it's disgustng that are troops can face life in prison for accidentaly killing a civilian in a fire-fight, these people don't wear uniforms, like the enemy I fought, they all look like civilians.. Who are these big shots to judge
          these soldiers… they send them out to fight THEIR war and then tie one hand behind their back.. Sicko's

    5. Kay: The Qur'an directs Muslims to lie to the infidels to gain their trust in order to defeat them. For anyone who thinks the Islamic faith is one of peace and tolerance, I would suggest that they actually read the Qur'an and then try to make the same claim.

      1. David R. I had an atheist tell me, that it was the Christians that were allowed to lie.. They sure can twist things up …
        Jesus said- But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall account thereof in the day of Judgment.. Matthew 12:36.

  6. Obama needs to step in and ask for this man's life to be saved NOW. We need to pray continuously for all Christians around the world. We are continuously being attacked by Satan in all kinds of disguises.

      1. Thank you surj1936.
        I have read and copied the article. If you haven't heard yet, there is a web site that publishes the persecution of Christians around the world called the "Voice of the Martyrs." http://www.persecution.com/ It gives insights into the persecuted Church internationally.

  7. Three hikers who shouldn't been there in the 1st place get international attention but a Christian about to be be-headed doesn't even get a ripple on the news. It won't be long before Christians will be fed to the lions for entertainment!
    What a sorry state our world is in.

    1. The two guys appear to be gay. The girl offered to marry one of them while they were in prison, possibly saving the lives of the two gay(?) guys. Gay is the media’s favorite class, along with illegal aliens.

    2. And they come home wanting us to release military prisoners!!! Are they just stupid or have they been brain washed? Should have left them there!!

    3. Jesus said turn the other cheek, not turn and get you head shot off. In the Old Testament God allowed War and protected the Jews during War. I believe the Lord would allow and Protect Christians and Jews of they went to War against all Muslim including Obama. I know that God/Jesus/Holy Spirit have to be so angry at the Muslims, the DemoCraps and Obama for the way they have treated this Great Nation (USA) and have gone to great lengths to remove his name from everything. This blaspheming GOD’s, ABOVA ALL,GREAT NAME. God Bless America.

      1. Just keep praying to God he is in control of the world he made we ask him to keep us safe in Jesus Name. I just can't believe how fast this has appeared. I remember a wonderful and dear lady she was my Sunday School teacher and she would say just be happy that we live in America where we are free and can go to Church caring our Bible. She is in Heaven now and I know she is very, very happy. God keep us safe! God bless America!!!

    4. If he doesn't mind to "SACRIFICE" an entire NATION, he won't even think twice about this man! Besides, he is not of "HIS" religion! Remember Daniel in the "LIONS DEN"? We won't be fed to the "LIONS", but there will be HUNDREDS of PRIDES of them with Lock-Jaw just in case!

    5. I would guess that a majority of African Americans are Christiabns – probable Southern Baptist or Baptist, so If the President doesn't do anything to prevent this murder, then what kind of message does that send tio the Black Communiuty? If those persons suervive all this, it will be because Christinas all over the world will invoke prayers that will become actionable.

    1. he should pack himself and his reloading family up and rush to Libia where he can be their new leader. Since he is already in the muslim brotherhood he should fit right in. I'll help them all pack, hell i"ll even contribute to there airfair (coach ofcorse). OH HAPPY DAY

    2. Yes he did, AND that is his plan by the look of it. When he went to Indianapolis in 2009 he went right to the Mosque when he landed.

    3. Of course BHO will side with Muslims. By his own admission is is a Muslim. October 2008 in an interview with George Stephanapolis O referred to his Muslim faith. Oh the look on Stephie's face. After the election O took a trip to Egypt and spoke to the Muslim students at the University of Cario. His opening comment was…:I am one of you." OK we get it BHO, you are a Muslim. I believe you.

      1. Tommy, You and I believe him, but you'd be amazed at the number of gullible 'sheeple' that I've talked with insist that he's a Christian, ( I believe that these people would call Obama a liar, if he told them he is a Muslim to their face..

    4. That's true, Nancy. "I WILL STAND WITH THE MUSLIMS SHOULD THE POLITICAL WINDS SHIFT TO AN UGLY DIRECTION." That's the words that is always in my mind what obummer wrote in his book, Dreams From My Father.

      1. Jeep Grand Appache " Do you got proof hes a muslim? Or are you just mouth breathing." What planet are you living on? You must be so naive that you will not know the time of the day. see http://www.youtube.com/watchpopup?v=tCAffMSWSzY#.. or type in " obama admits he is a muslim " It is shame on people like you who are asleep and are not even aware of they president's religion. Is there any wonder America is going to the Dogs. see http://www.blip.tv/file/1382254

        1. surj1936, I posted before, that there are individuals, for reasons only they know, would call Obama a liar, if he came
          up to them and said…. I'm a Muslim..

      2. Obama has been seen on video when he was a senator talking about the Bible as opposed to the Koran. He was critical of the Bible as he took passages out of context calling Christianity a violent religion. Almost in the same breath he noted how, in contrrast, the Muslim religion promotes peacefulness. He has also made statements about the fact that the Muslim call to prayer is a wonderful sound to his ears.

        1. "One of the prettiest sounds on earth, is the Muslim call to prayer at sunset".
          Barrack Hussein Obama as Quoted by Nicholas D. Kristof in the New York Times – March 6, 2007

        2. Thank you – I knew I had not quoted it correctly and I am so glad that you were able to come up with Obama's exact words.

    1. II Chronicles 7:14 "If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then…I will forgive their sins and heal their land.' This is the answer. We are not doomed…unless we allow it to happen to us. We must, however, turn from our wicked ways…like abortion, homosexuality, worship of false gods, lying, murder, sexual behaviors outside of marriage, theft, fits of rage, unkindnesses, selfishness, and such. The kind of president we choose is very important. Our leader must be a true Christian, not a hypocrite who just says he is. Of all of the candidates, which of those lives by the Constitution? Of all of the candidates, who truly lives by God's word? It won't be someone who is a Bilderberg member or a RINO. This election is the most important one of our history. Vent each one thoroughly. God Bless America!

    2. It is doomed if we all believe that . I believe good will come out of it. The next prez. will have less power andwe will have more say in what goes on. nobama is the last prez who will have all this power. Remeber keep the evil open so you can see what you are dealing with. Now that the cards are played he can't hide.

  8. Why was my last post denied? Everything I said was truth. Obama is an Un-American, Liar, Faker, Taker, Racist PUNK. There are other things too. He is JUNK. Kinda rims with PUNK. He has to GO.

    1. You are absolutely right on target. I only hope that I personally live long enough to see him tried for treason. I won't be surprised to hear that one day in the not too distant future, someone will step from the shadows and pay him back for destroying America.

    2. You are correct. BO is a fake, an illegal, a Marxist and a Muslim! In fact Berry is EVIL and anti American. BO lies and distorts so much he cannot remember from day to day what he said. America has a bunch of weak mined poorly educated people or they never would have fallen for BO's BS in the first place. We have our selves to blame for putting this empty suit into the WH. 2012 had better be different or America is doomed in more ways than one!__
      My recent post Welcome to will.com

    3. Right on Larry. You hit the nail on the head. Obama is soooooooooooooo pathetic and YET millions still follow. I am sure he is going to try to rig the elections with the Black Pathers, Acorn etc. We all need to get out and be vote counters and vote protectors. Good WILL prevail over evil.

  9. Why are the lives of two hikers more important than a Christian pastor? This is an abomination that reveals the Obama's administration's interests are only that of political expediency and reflects a deeply embedded animosity towards the Christian faith. Where is Bill Clinton? And what of the United Nations silence? Is this not a violation of Human Rights? Aha! They use selectivism in their alleged 'defense' of human rights. Christian churches, Catholic churches, the Pope! SPEAK UP AND DEMAND THAT THIS MAN BE RELEASED NOW!

    1. If you believe they were hikers, I own a bridge that goes across the Pacific to Hawaii that I will let you put a toll booth on. They may have been hiking, but their knapsacks were serial numbered by the C.I. A. Nobody in their right mind would have been hiking in that part of the world without an M-1 Abrams, fully combat ready.

    2. The two hikers reflect "political" correctness while the Pastor reflects moral correctness. America is blindly divided by a person who speaks out of the side of his mouth.

    3. Because the three hikers set up to document American atrocities in the war zone. There were not there for site seeing expedition but with a goal of under mining the American efforts in Iraq. Even Iran knew this and let them off lightly with only a few months served rather than the usual punishment for spying which is beheading (de-heading?) The three hikers were useful idiots.

  10. Obama cares not for us Christians.
    I do not expect him to do anything to help pastor Youcef Nadarkhani.

    1. My friends, please be careful in what you say. We don't want to be found guilty of the same brutal hatred that Islamists are guilty of. It may be hard to believe, but not all Muslims choose to be Islamists. Yes, they all have been brainwashed by the teachings of the Q'oran, BUT, not all of them choose to live by that horid book.

      To my fellow Christian believers, we have been given the law of love by Christ Jesus. This is a language and lifestyle that is foreign to the Islamic people. YES, Obama has opened the door wide to the Islamic Regime by denying that America was founded on Christian and Biblical principals. And YES, we as Americans need to fight to keep our freedoms…HOWEVER, we need not stoop to their level. Let us fall to our knees in confession and repentance of our sin against Almighty God who is gracious and pray that Obama will be voted out of office. And then sign every petition that is coming down the pike to over turn all the damage he and his administration are doing. And finally when voting time comes around……VOTE biblical vallues, not party line vallues. We can still turn this nation around if we choose to humble ourselves before the LORD of hosts.

    2. It weems that all of Christianity seem to follow the rule of turning the other cheek BUT Jesus said as his last command "vut now i tell you buy a sword because I send you as sheep amoung wolves and we know that when a wolf is hungry (Nazi Germany) the only thing they understand is real power! SO what the persecuted church needs to do is buy their charges in all coountries is a bible and an ak 47/W ammo!

      1. sorry my typing is not god since my fiingers are numb and I have only one eeye but I still shoot straight frm Army days.

  11. When will people realize that Muhammad was a killer. You either converted or you got the sword. Every bad practice Muslims follow is in the Koran. So what do you expect? I try to be respectful to the good things in the Koran but let us face reality. Look at Iraq and other Muslim countries. They are killing themselves. More people died in Iraq because of suicide bombers than because of warring solders. Yet they still blame Bush for all the deaths. Wake up America.

    1. I try to be respectful to the good things in the Koran…

      There is no good things in the Quran. There is a sentence where Mohammed is ordering, that if there is conflict between older chapters and the new, new must be followed. In the beginning he was laughed out and he had to run away. So his teaching was peaceful till he commanded band of murderers and started to kill everybody, who did not agree with him and did not turn to Islam. Obviously, they followed new pages of Quran, superseding the old teaching.

  12. A time will come when Brother rises up against Brother and Fathers turn in their children….. crisis is here and politicians pontificate…… death and destruction will be epidemic worldwide before the soon coming of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior and soon coming King! Pray that the days of Armageddon be short and Jesus will come

    in the clouds to take us up and away with him! Even so come Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen

    1. The RAPTURE will come before Armageddon. God will not allow us to suffer through that destructive phase. the ones that are TRULY SAVED will be "caught up' in the twinkling of an eye! The ones who will suffer through Armageddon are the sinners who will NOT accept Gods redemption and saving grace! AND those who KNOW about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but have not committed their lives to him! We will be on our way to Heaven before the DEVIL even knows we're GONE!

    2. I would like to live longer,and travel to beautifull places in the US!!!!!!!! The National Parks in the US, are some of the most beautifull in all of this world, made by the hands of God,that is my Savior,I'm positive of that!!!!!! When he comes,I'm prepared,and will live in Heaven for Eternity as promised.The non-believers are in for a rude awakening.I refer to them as the Muslims,filled with hatred for Christains,Jews,and anyone else that does not believe in the Koran.I will be ready for Jesus,if it happens tomarrow.The Anti-Christ Muslims,like Obama,will eventually find out what the Lord has prepared for all people that have betrayed him,as Satin,and his followers have!!!!!!!!!

    1. yes i agree and he travels with his pack adding more wolf to our government hes corrupted our courts judges plus many more agrencies hes oath of offices is zero he doesnt uphold the constitution at all plus i still question his right to be president as only 1 parent was a USA citizen and she was well known for being a communist as her parents too –so who raised obama muslims and communizim he was endoctdated as a child adulthood didnt change him he is and has been bad for america his whole life is full of hate america or worse reason hes got to hide all his records from the public plus it would show hes not legaly suited to be president of the USA

    2. What frightens me is Obama is a wolf in wolf's clothing…nevertheless he was put in as president of our nation. How did that happen??

  13. Have any of you ever read the Koran? It is not a book of peace. Some of the things in there are incredible. This is a religion of violence. It is spread by the sword. It is intolerant. It cannot survive where other religions flourish. Isalm is the enemy of Christianity. They cannot co=exist. It is only out stupid politicians who cannot understand this. Musilims will not stop until we are all gone or we convert. It's that simple. How dare they call us "infidels"… we believe. We just don't believe in what they believe in.

    1. Have you ever read the Bible? It is not a book of peace. Some of the things in there are incredible…….

      It's just the same you clowns

      1. I am going to tell you the same thing I told the other idiot who compared Catholics w/muslims.
        When you die you better have your fire-proof undies on.

      2. Chris, Some of the things you atheists post, are incredible….Has anyone tried to force you to become a Christian ?
        And if you don't believe as we do, you'll be minus your head ? It really doesn't make any sense to discuss anything
        with an atheist, I've tried it for years, and I've seen others do the same, and it's like you're talking to them in some foreign language, they take what you said and twist things around and claim you said things you never said, and with
        their 'selective memory,' deny that they said some of the things they said.. one day when someone reminds Chris about the statement, where he called us ' clowns ', and he said there is no difference between Christians and Muslims
        and after he's thought about how stupid that statement is, he'll deny he said it… because how will you be able to prove
        he said it…Chris, you seem to be ignorant of the FACT, that the Muslims' objective is to make Islam the world Religion,
        by the Sword.

        1. Chris you would be killed if you did not believe in Allah their moon god? Yes ,we have one God but he is not Made up like Mohammed made up. Told people if they did not submit you would be holding your head in your hand. When was the last time you heard a Pastor Christian, telling anyone if you do not believe in Our Savior Jesus the Christ (Messiah) we will Kill you? Never God has given us all the Choice to except him or to reject Him, Allah has not Died for Muslims but they have died for their little god, Christian died everyday for their Believe in Yeshua Our Messiah have lost Families Property their Monies. Chris wake up before you will have to make a decision on which team you want to be on I can only say and repeat God's word He loved you so much that he gave his only begotten Son whom ever Believe in him would be saved Christianity is a Relationship with a Personnel God the way God wanted. Chris we will be here for you. Pastor Carmen.

        2. Ranger WW2, " …that the muslims objective is to make Islam the world religion" You are right. It comes from Quran Sura 2:193" Fight against them [infidels/kafurs] until idolatry is no more and Allah's religion reigns supreme." And that is exactly what he muslims have been doing from the times of mo-ham-mad .If not killing one another then killing non muslims/infidels/kafurs. see http://www.blip.tv/file/1382254

    2. One small correction if you please Malachi……You state they will not stop until we are all gone or we convert. May I suggest that it will not be us that is gone, BUT THEM. As it stands now, I would have no problem in helping a muslim go to allah. As one Marine so succinctly put it, " they want to meet allah and we are here to facilitate that meeting".

  14. Obama is a lying hypocrite. He knows better than anyone that there is no tolerance among his fellow backward barbarians and the final determinant of every debate is the sword. It is truly God's will that will prevail and I will pray that He will intervene in a glorious fashion to give courage and hope to His people all over the world.

  15. Obama loves it! He is a muslim, He will rot in Haites like the rest of the non Christian Vermin. He will not help just because a black was executed in Georgia, would not be fair to his race and religious PALS and his King over in Saudi.

  16. Obama sure is showing his true colors now. We have never had such an anti-Christian, anti-American "President." God help us!


  17. Where is Carter, Jesse Jackson, and the UN? Texas executed a murderer and look at all the international out cry about it. Where is that out cry in this case?

    1. They are too busy condemning Israel to bother with anything else. The starving, people of the "wrong" religion (like the pastor), etc. – they don't care unless they can get money or something else out of it.

      The U.S. paid I believe close to a million dollars for the hikers. The pastor needs someone or some organization to put up money. I will contribute if anyone knows of a place to donate (as far as I'm aware, there isn't one).

  18. He's probably on the campaign trail or on vacay. He steers clear of anything that would smack of "leadership" especially taking a stand against something as important as this.

    1. Obama is a perpetual liar and hypocrite and his narcissism prevents him from ever doing the right thing for America and in international matters!! His true Islamic faith prevents him from intervening in this messy stand-off. He's is and always will be a f..king fraud, that duped the American electorate (easily achieved I might add), and an illegitimate president, not qualified to lead this country!!

    1. He didn't have it when he was sworn in as President EITHER! But the stupid, clueless, gullible, egg-suckin' Loony,Liberal LEFT didn't care!

    1. You don't have to tell a soul that you are a Christian, as the Greatest Book in the World states, it will be determined in the manner in which you present yourself before others. It will be noted in your Humility to others.

  19. In islam (lcit), lying is a sin ONLY if you lie to another muslim. When glorious leader said "islam is a religion of peace", he lied; plain and simple. He can't help it because his religion allows lying to non-muslims. (Note: READ the koran and hadith and prove me wrong on this.) Does anyone really believe obama, raised a muslim, is today a Christian? If you do, I have some beachfront property in northern Montana for sale with a beautiful view of Hawaii. Now, were this some muslim cleric about to be executed in a Christian nation, you can bet the farm glorious leader would blare to the world (via "Mr. Teleprompter") his "outrage". No, he won't say doodly over this.

  20. Now I am not clear, as the article does not even mention the Nationality, of the pastor. Is he a US citizen?? While the article does state that he is a Christian, it does not tell us what the national origin of the man is. So unless he is an American, why is it an American problem. I understand that he is Christian, as am I. But it is not good policy for the US government to meddle in another countries internal affairs.

    1. It's also not good policy for the USA as well as the UN to meddle in the affairs of Israel and dictate what Israel can and cannot do.

      The issue here is not the pastor's nationality. He is Iranian. It is human rights. Christianity has embraced democracy and freedom of religion. Islam has not.

      1. We are in total agreement there. And I agree that it is a human rights issue. And it should be addressed as such. As an Iranian citizen, we have no leverage with Iran, except through the international courts. And sadly, there isn't going to be any action that would save this one individuals life.

  21. What else would one expect from the Muslim in Chief? Religion of Peace? Yeah, right! Until every one of those towel monkeys rot where they belong, this will continue.

  22. Those who voted for Obama are guilty enough but the ones who still support him and think he's great will need a ton of soap
    to wash the innocent blood from their hands. We in America will survive Obama but will we survive those who voted and still support him? Have we been reduced to a herd of sheep, my God where is the America that stood tall and crushed Germany, Japan, and Italy in World War Two, 66 years ago. Mark

  23. the only way to save this country is to put god first,the left has drug this country to its knees,they are brain washing our kids in school,God bless the usa

  24. obama has decided that all christians are to be exterminated and this is his way of expediting the process, silent and covered up.

    coward and waist of a good suit.

  25. I am not alone! At the very least Obama is a muslim sympathizer! _He is not a Christian. He hears the calling of muslim prayers in his ears.

  26. Posts keep admonishing 'wake up America'….if we are NOT awake at this point, and I do believe not enough of us are, there's no point. We have become dumb , cowardly sheep over several generations of 'government schools', assinine, mindless , filthy ,' entertainment. 'We have been CONDITIONED, TRAINED much like dogs in our responses. When we were admonished to 'make love not war' we bought into it…except the 'love' referenced was NOT that of the BIBLE but rather the FREE LOVE of the communists/socialists. . It's hard to see the path when lost in the forest. ….Thank you Woodstock Generation…especially you women who participated. It is WOMEN who civilize..hold the line. Women have failed us miserably. Health statistics tell the story: 'we' women are paying the price for our 'choices' and our behavior….as it should be. And still we will not listen to voices of decency and reason. It was a handful of miserable, mentally disturbed, dysfunctional Lesbians who planted the seeds of our destruction. Maybe only a handful of DECENT, RIGHT THINKING, REAL WOMEN WILL SAVE US…GIVEN THE CHANCE.

    1. Bless you Granny! Women are the gate keepers of our sexual mores and behaviors. You have the power! It manifests in two major ways: 1.You can withold sexual activity until marriage and, 2. You raise the children and have a huge influence over their attitudes and later behavior. The young women of today truly need to understand their immense importance for guiding civilization. They need to see how they have been short-changed and robbed by cheap promises of self-importance and self-indulgence made both by the group you so accurately described and also by an army of market forces that prosper greatly by targeting them with propaganda telling them they are incomplete without rampant consumerism in the service of filling the great void they are taught to feel.
      I know it seems unfair to pile all the sexual responsibility on a woman but until men have been taught by women to be "DECENT, RIGHT THINKING AND, REAL MEN" beginning with early childhood training they will be incapable of righteous behavior that leads them on to learn how to function in concert with their wives to forge children that will attain the good life for themselves and families.
      I agree that we desparately need women like you describe if we are to survive and further a good society. In practice, very few women can do this without a great deal of help. I sincerely hope it is available when needed.
      I think it may be necessary to have a pretty tight and disciplined early family life while the kids are coming up in order to be successful. We have seen many examples over time of organized approaches to achieving successful outcomes. The information is available to provide a "literature" to study. Hopefully, it can provide families with support for their own quest. To me, it seems as though we are at a watershed time. I believe that we need to include a couple of variables in any successful approach to bettering our society. One, an attitude of thoughtful accomodation and two, an approach rich in caring and love. It has to be consensual and without physical force and coersion. It is so hard that a family needs to focus the work on themselves and not try to force anyone to do it their way. If your way is right; if it it successful, then other folks might take notice.
      In defense of the "Flower Children", it can be said that many of them had little or no training in how to become righteous men and women. Their foundations were absent or damaged and they were lured with lies and feel-good solutions. Many were severely weakened by substance abuse and false doctrine. Not a few were just plain suckers. Others were just plain bad. Oh yeah, they were human beings…
      Don't it just succulate that by the time many of us have seen enough, done enough and, learned enough to get half-a-handle on it we are too tired to do anything about it?
      By the way, I sure hope you have a plan.

  27. This disaster called owe-bama is a result of allowing stupid people to vote. Blacks can only see color. They still will vote for him even though he has been a nightmare to their livlihoods. Dumb minoities and even dumber white college kids who should be tested to see if they qualify to vote, put him in. But let's not forget the stupid white liberals who are scared to death to be called racists. Well, ha, let me clue you dumb a–s in because you probably don't know this, but the most racists group of people in this once great country are blacks. They see color first in all cases because they were brought up thinking that whites have kept them down. They haven't, but they were told so. Not the Africans that come here and work hard. They make our home grown ones look bad. What Owebama has done is set the black race back 20 yrs. or more. Because true intelligent blacks, like Herman Caine, Congressman West from FLA., or Alan Keys etc. won't have a chance now.

  28. Sec. of State Clintonhas lodged a protest to the Iranians. or would like to start another war over this. There isn't mucjh you can do with autocracy like Iran.

    1. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on your part but I have read several articles on the case of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani and I have not seen one indication that the Obama administration has specifically addressed his plight. So I don’t know where you are getting your information. Besides, it may take more than Clinton lodging a complaint. Obama is going to have to put teeth into his speech against Iran and do a show of force with our Navy.

  29. The American people got what they voted for. I just can't believe so many were fooled into voting for this man. That being said… God is the one who sets up kings and deposes them so perhaps we are just reaping what we as a country have sown by turning our backs on God (as a nation). Remember, our President said we are not a Christian nation. It's sad but I believe there is more truth to that every day.

    1. I sometimes think that the majority did not vote for Obama bin Iblis. (Arabic for son of the devil) With the polls being rigged, with double and triple voting people being bussed from town to town, dead people voting, illegals voting…it only appeared that way so they gave him the presidency.

  30. What does everyone expect him to do? Wake up America, we elected a Muslim, lair, and raciest , and put him in the white house. All the facts were put in front of the public and we still elected him. Maybe the American people will wake up and see what they have done. One more thing, Our little half black pig just appointed two devout muslims to assist in running Home Land Security. Just what we need….

  31. Wake up America He is a Muslim and has proved it from the beginning. Remember he refused to be sworn in with a bible. He used the Koran. He is illegal and Not a Natural Born citizen. IT is unbelievable That congress will not look into this and take him out of office. Charge him with treason and high crimes. He is trying to destroy and Bankrupt America that way he can change America to a Muslim state. His wife need to be charged with High crimes also as stealing Americans money for outrageous vacations. Wake up America. If you dont You will be in danger right here on American soil if you stand up for our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

  32. Obama is a Muslim, he can deny it all he wants but he is biding his time till he can come out of the closet and put Michell back in a Berkka. If you expect him to stand up or get involved in any thing that would save a Christians life in Iran you
    are barking up the wrong tree. That never gonna happen and the media will sit in when it does and never report it to the

  33. We have to remember that the hikers represent political correctness while the Pastor reflects moral correctness. In this country if it is not left leaning politically correct it is the right spewing unamerican rhetoric. What do we expect from a leader who speaks out of the side of his mouth.

  34. It is time to take the war to Iran. In this I do not mean attack Iran directly but where ever they are in other countries covertly take them down nice and quickly. It would not take long for them to get the message(have the Spec-Ops people leave disinformation at the sites like Hamas was here) Al Jeeeezra and the rest would be so confused they might convert (I know wishful thinking). Have somali pirates attack there ships cripple them silently with out a word. Many ways to fight with out declaring war because they already have

  35. I don’t think Muslim is a religion. I think it’s a cult. What kind of a religion has a Bible that tells its followers to kill infidels (those of other religions) because they don’t believe in the Muslim religion. I think they are a bunch of Murders & watching the replays of the 9/11 horrors just further instilled my belief that they are just low life murders!

    Every time I see documentaries like 102 Minutes That Changed America or other shows/interviews of the 9/11 holocaust it makes me want to slap every kool-aid drinking American who voted for Obama Been Lyin’. Do you really think he’s a Christian?

    What kind of religion encourages their followers to sever the heads of Americans while they are alive & video tape it, then put it on the Internet for all to see?

    What kind of demented scumbags spend years contriving ways to commit mass murder just because Americans don’t believe in their religion?

    Well, I don’t believe in their religion! I don’t believe anyone is going to get 27 virgins (or even 1) after their suicide mission of murdering innocent people that don’t believe in their Muslim religion. I mean, how stupid is that?

    And I certainly don’t believe in murdering people because they don’t believe in my religion!

  36. this in bred musliun dog of a president me are stuck with will never stand up for america, that would go against his in bred muslium brothers, and he would a an outcast at family reunions…………….

  37. Now I am not clear, as the article does not even mention the Nationality, of the pastor. Is he a US citizen?? While the article does state that he is a Christian, it does not tell us what the national origin of the man is. So unless he is an American, why is it an American problem. I understand that he is Christian, as am I. But it is not good policy for the US government to meddle in another countries internal affairs.

    1. christian means christian, if you are a christian as you say, is this guy not your brother……do you not stand up for your bros…..

  38. Carter is trying to find his living room and Jesse is looking for another women. UN is Muslim controlled and the only time they ask or help the USA is when they need money " LIKE A NEW BUILDING" that we will pay for.

  39. where is obammi, he is on television campaigning to school children and here in san antonio it is a mandantory formation for k-12 that is wrong he is after the 18 year olds that havent voted yet.

  40. I will say this and all you that believe that Islam is a Peaceful Religion I have a bridge for sale in the middle of no were cheap It was made up by a Rapist Thug who wanted nothing more then to kill people, Mohammad worshipped a moon god Allah, he wanted to convert Jews and Christian's into it so he used parts of Judaism and Christianity. koran is nothing but lying and Killing this is not my words read it for your self, A lot of Muslims want nothing to do with it but are afraid to say they became Christian knowing that it is a death sentence for them and their Families, sharia Law is nothing more then a ticket for radical Muslims to do what they want in raping killing of others in the name of Allah whom they will never be able to see, It at best is nothing but a hoodlums Religion for submission of its Leader's to spew out their hatred for all who appose it I will be praying for the Pastor and his family. America it is coming soon to America also Killing Christians will be Fun for the lefty looney's that Hate God.

  41. Here we go again. Islam is right no matter what happens. The Christian is wrong no matter what happens. The world keeps on spinning and everyone has the answer to the world problems. It is quiet simple the Islam,and the Christian believe that their let us call it Good Book tells them to live in peace, Love and forgive all, Their GOD is Great, all though we each teach there is but one GOD. The GOD of Islam teaches to believe in HIM only if you don't we will have to kill all of you. This is not totaly true. Only in those that wish to use that point of view to their advantage. Now if the Christian taught this what would we be??The LIVING SON of the one LIVING GOD teaches us to forgive those who transgress against us. For the most part we do just this, But we are not to lay down and play dead. Only if we are attacked do we show any kind of a war like defence of ourselves. While in Islam if we are not an Islam believer we are wrong and the death card is played out. We as a Christian Nation do not kill because you are not a Christian,or you do not live as a Christian. You have the right to believe what you may, but do not tell me what I have to believe. Christians and the JEW have lived together for years yet we do not kill one another in our belief,even though it is not the same things we believe in. There is only one GOD even to you in the Islam world. Does your GOD teach you to kill if you are not of the Islam belief? If so I think that I would not have a god that teaches love and forgiveness. Is not your GOD the GOD of Abram? Mine is.

  42. I think I know where he is! He is out there trying to get re-elected! As he has done for the last 3+ years. i'll you what, I didn't vote for him the last and I sure will not vote for him now!!
    BTW this is on my prayer list and at the Throne Room of God right now!
    With much love DG

  43. Are any of us surprised? The Media are fulminant commies who couldn't care less if a Christian man is going to be executed in Iran…they wil probably have a party if he is killed! And obama, Mr.666, is probably in agreement with Iran in his heart of hearts because he is islamic himself. He is ALL words and NO SUBSTANCE! The biggest lie ever spoken by obama is that " Islam is a religion of peace". We are all familiar with the Islamic sword! Islam allows people to LIE BIG so that Islam as a religion can prevail. Obama is the biggest LIAR that I have ever heard. Everything he utters is a lie! He LIES so naturally! He says he is a Christian, but ,of course, we know that he is LYING! The One and only True God in Heaven will help us. Dearest Father in Heaven, please save Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani from execution! In Jesus' name we pray, Amen!

  44. OBAMA is NOT NOR ever has been a Christian. but he is a liar and a fraud! he proves this every time he opens his mouth! So man of you were fooled by this "Smooth Talking" so and so and also because we need to give the man a break, he is part black!! BULL&%$# he's all liar!! This is a man from Kenya and he is a MUSLIM and he believes in "TAQIYYA" (practice od lying for Allah) and he is a Socialist (which is the monetary arm od communism) People this has to stop!! What about our children and g-children and our old folks etc what about our women being treated like a possession etc I will NEVER submit to Muslim rule etc To hell w/ the religion of peace BULL&%$# again!!! Sens Muslims packing to where ever they came from and send Obama w/them! LET'S RIGHT THE WRONG!!! NOW!!!

  45. When a FEW good SEALS can take out Bin Laden, How about a carrier full of them?
    Then continue on to their capital to get those RADICALS who are in charge.
    Maybe next even start on some radicals in OUR CAPITAL.

  46. When a coward is in a place of substance, he becomes a bigger coward when pressed. obuma is so far the biggest coward ever to make it to the position the press(?) has ever put anyone

  47. Have you heard about the "bunker buster" bombs the US sold to Israel. The article didn't say how many but you really don't need that many to convince all our Arab "friends" it's not going to be business as usual. How long will Israel be threatened before they say enough is enough? For those of you that aren't familiar with the Bunker Buster, it is a bomb made out of modified retired 105 Howitzer barrels and fitted with the newest and bestest explosives available and are guided to be sure they hit within about 3 feet of the target. The best part though is they are capable of ,and intended to, penetrate 20 feet ,plus or minus mostly plus, through anything that get in front of them and are capable of penetrating Akmudinajerks nuclear facilities and taking care of any current threat. I understand the sale of these weapons was negotiated by Bush and consumated just recently although I might be wrong on the time frame.

  48. Why do you allow this garbage on here, Administrator ? Or do you enjoy this filth . I had two of my posts rejected because
    they were a little to long… but there was no foul-mouthed language in them…

  49. If they execute the Christian pastor, burn some mosques until we feel "closure" The pastor will be martyred and go to be with God, They will burn in everlasting fire.

  50. islam is NOT TOLERANT in any sense of the word. It also shouldn't be callled a religion, as it is nothing more than an EXCUSE for VIOLENCE. It is more of a political idology than a religion, stuck in the Middle Ages for over a thousand years!!!
    islam is NOT TOLERANT of women
    NOT TOLERANT of Christians,
    NOT TOLERANT of Jews
    HARDLY TOLERANT of each other.

    1. Within 3 years of Jesus starting his “new religion” he ressurected from the dead at least 1 maybe 2 or more people from the dead, cured thousands of sick and lepers, on at least 2 occassion fed tens of thousands of people, condemned violence, called for peace, and set into place the theological and philosophical ideas that changed the world for the better for the next 2000 years.
      Within 3 years of Mohamed inventing his “religion of Peace” he chopped off the heads of 800 Jewish men for not converting and sold their wives and children into slavery, built an army of rapists, murderers, and thieves, and set out to kill and plunder their way all over the Arabian pennisula, and produced nothing in the way of advancing civilization, murdered millions and produced nothing but death and violence.

      If Mohamed started his cult today he would be called Jim Jones or Charles Manson.

  51. Hal Lindsey recently reported of the UN supporting a Palestinian state that would be controlled by __ a government to incompetent and corrupt to uphold its own constitution.____The same being true for the US government is most alarming.____Ovomit is the accumulative result of our government and media being controlled and protected by Satan, the prince of this world (who’s time is very short).__The impunity they are mysteriously given from their evil and illegal deeds, is a testament to biblical prophecy currently being fulfilled.__Time is so short to make the right decision, __So: __HOLD ON TO YESHUA (Jesus) FOR DEAR LIFE PEOPLE____ At the time of His soon return will the state of our eternal destiny be imputed :____“Death in our sin or Life by Pardon in Christ” ____Romans 10:9__ 9That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Yeshua, and shalt believe in thine heart that Yahweh hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. __ 10For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness

  52. FACE IT, Muslims want us DEAD. Maybe we should take the initiative. Get them BEFORE they get us.
    Pres. OBAMA is the reason for this hatred.
    Muslims are overrunning our country. ACORN, BLACK PANTHERS and others. How about a "bounty".

    Now lets see if OUR government labels me a terrorist.

  53. obooboy is a muslame and he will do nothing to upset his murdering muslame brothers. It has been said oblamo is the anti-Crist. He is a muslame and they do not believe that Jesus Christ is our salvation. They worship mohamud as their lord.

  54. Obama is not a Christian, so he does not care. He is financing radical Muslim rooted groups like ACORN and hundreds of other groups using taxpayer dollars. He does only what is in his best interest, not ours. His base is crumbling, even the blacks are becoming disenchanted Complain often and loudly to your representatives in the Congress. Let them know you are fed up with this tyrant and the damage he has done to the country. I think thery are ready to listen now.

  55. If this country was going to execute an Imam for murder, there would be outrage all over the planet because we must not offend them. Obummer is a closet Muslim who will lift no fingers to help a Christian or Jew. What a fraud we have as a leader.

  56. Obama would never help christians any where in the world. People he is devout muslim and fooled american people. Im sure he is aware of the situation of Christian pastor execution. He wd not do any thing neither Hillary. Watch and main media wd just ignore it.

  57. Islam shall vanish from the face of the earth by 2030 christianity shall be dominant religion in the world. How many innocent people they are going kill does not matter christianity is the fastest growing religion in the world. They cannot stop it.

  58. From what I just read I don't understand what the man was doing over there. He broke a law that has the death sentence. We execute people here all the time. last one had 6 of the witnesses against him say they were threatened by police to make statements against him and still we did not seek the truth, we killed him. Why should we expect them to change their laws when we won't. He was in a foreign country and commited a crime that holds the death sentance. Right or wrong we hold foriegners to our laws and they do the same over there.

  59. Winston Churchill Had it Right, over one hundred Years Ago

    Winston Churchill On Islam

    A quote from an 1899 book by Winston Churchill, “The River War”, in which he describes Muslims he apparently observed during Kitchener’s campaign in the Sudan


    How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

    Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen; all know how to die; but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science – the science against which it had vainly struggled – the civilisation of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome.

  60. Read Genesis chapter 16… It is about the birth of Ishmael… He was born to Hagar, the Egyptian woman, and Abram… Sarai didn't believe God when He said she would have a son… So, Sarai told Abram to go in unto Hagar and father a child by her. So, he did….
    That was the biggest mistake that Abram ever made… He listened to his wife instead of listening to God and trusting Him…
    Look at the 12 verse of Genesis 16… It says, "And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren." This wild man is Ishmael, this is where the Muslims came from…

    And that is what we have today folks…..

    If only Abram had not listened to his wife, there would not be any muslims today….

    Dr. "J"

  61. Christian means to be Christ-like. How many truly fit that definition? Paul said to associate with believers but to pray for non-believers. Vengence is mine,i will repay! That is not the American way. Not waiting on God but taking matters in our own hands. so the US killis five million men, women and children since the Vietnam War. It is for peace. Never mind that the wars were for money, natural resources, bases and nation building. We as a nation have turned from God? 2 Chronicles 7:14 I don't believe God would approve of the genocide the US and the UN did in five middle eastern countries in the name of peace. http://www.rense.com/general76hiro.htm The Massacre of Withdrawing Soldiers on the "Hiway of Death." deoxy.org/death The truth is most Americans have learned to love wars. The neocons and Zionist love those people. http://www.countercurrents.org

  62. Obummer does not care for the christian pastor about to be executed he is a muslim and he is listening to the sweetest sound of being called to prayer.

  63. Hussain Obama should be forced to read these comments. Then he should be exchanged for that pastor.

    We should demand that the Pastor be extreadited to America. If BO can bring in thousands of Somalies and Kenyans to live on welfare on Christian should not be a problem.


  64. Pray,allyou want, it will do about as much good
    as it did when the Jews in the Gas chamber
    were praying, and boy, you know they were
    praying. God has killed more people, than all the
    dictators put together, and that includes Hitler

    1. Ray Gillespie====The devil can't wait to get his hot hands on such a losing non believer such as you are. Prayer is the only thing going to save this country as it has in all the past wars. God has not killed anyone, men have killed. Remember Hitler was not GOD. Thus GOD will save us from this dictator in the WH.
      My recent post Why Punish China? Punish the Federal Government

  65. Islam literally means "submission" not "peace". It isn't only Obama who is responsible for this possible outrage to take place, but also most Americans as well. Most of us do not take the time to find out exactly what another religion teaches or espouses. We assume that it's the same as Christianity or Judaism. To most Americans, "American Idol" is more important than a Preacher getting executed for his Faith. Islam is anti-Christ, and remember that, not because I said so but because you should read it for yourselves! If Obama does get involved in helping Pastor Youcef, it will be because a photo op presented itself, not for concern for the Pastor!

  66. We can't properly "interrogate" a Muslim terrorist without the libs and media calling the USA barbaric, but the libs and media will not dare to call these Muslim sociopaths what they are….COLD BLOODED MURDERERS!!!!

  67. I wonder if korans and mosques were threatened with burning muslims would pull back?
    Maybe we should try an experiment. Tell the muslim world you do this we will do thus.

    Worth a try if it saves lives.

  68. It's bull<BLEEP!> that in muslim countries,it's "ok" and "right" to imprison and
    execute any confirmed Christian(unless they recant),but in this country,it's considered,bigoted to do the same to muslims who are devout islamists and who use their mosques to plot our downfall! So,islam is not only a cult of hate and violence,but also a cult full of HYPOCRITES!

  69. Boy, can’t wait for US to finish the GLOBAL TOTAL RACIAL HOLY WAR. The world in FLAMES because GOD/JESUS WILLS IT!

    His will be done! DEATH TO MAN SO GOD CAN LIVE!

  70. Of course it's Bush's fault ! What else can the Democrats come up with ?? If Ol butthead woukd have produced his 'REAL" birth certificate ,we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. God Bless America !!! God will save the believers that know him and follow his words,,Wake up

  71. I met with a Muslim who is a former professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Cario Egypt. He told of his former beliefs and eventual break with Islam. He is now being sought by Muslims to enforce a death warrant because of his leaving Islam. To make a long sorrowful story short he stated that there is no such thing as Muslim Terrorists. The terrorists we commonly refer to as radicals and extremist are actually following the commandments of the Quran. Every thing Islamic Muslims are doing today is to fullfil their destiny of taking over the world and to murder all who refuse bow to Islam. The Quran states that it is every Muslims duty to kill the infidel using any method or strategy available. To kill an infidel, that is you and me, is the only Islamic act that will guarantee that a Muslim will go to heaven. Faithful Muslims are not guaranteed they will go to heaven. However; if they kill an infidel they receive the guarantee, thus the suicide bomber. Islam had to make it difficult to get to heaven and demanded these violen murderous acts inorder for Muslims to make it to Heaven. Islam even promisses 72 virgins if Muslims murder innocent infidels. Islam a loving peaceful religion?

  72. This is the first I have heard ot his, but I will pray for this man, his family, his attorney and his attorney's family every day. Obama may surprise us, he needs the votes, and has politicized everything else from our food to our futures. Who knows how all of the twisted logic will work in this case. May Almighty God show Himself mighty in this man's behalf. His Kingdom is expanding, too, we just don't hear about that.

    God have mercy on and bless America.

  73. Well, how about it Obama? I guess it's going the way that you want it to, else you would be saying something. I really hate that religion of yours.


  75. Obama does NOT care about anyone professing a faith in Christianity or his ACLU would nott b persecuting the religious pactices of all Christianty including celebartaion of CHISTMAS in Traditional fashio while promoting the Muslim holidays and ignoring the savagery of Sharia Law and all of Isdlam by comaporison with christian tenets. Women are less than dirt with no rights; even in "moderate," Muslim homes where a man can kill at will a wife ort any female as a matter of HONOR! There is none in Islam and the word in not in Obama's lexicon, Either.

  76. And why would Obama do that. He is a Muslim and Muslims have permission to lie to infidels right out of thei quran Allah will bless them for it. Disgusting.

  77. It is okay for Muslims to lie about whether they are muslims or not…it is part of sharia I believe…But I felt that way about the middle easterner muslim people anyway…or for that fact even the ones that live in the USA…It is so apparent that they are lying….WAKE UP PEOPLE….DONT LET YOUR SELF BE FOOLED….AGAIN….

      1. I’ve tried both links offered here Bev, but to no avail. Colonel West would indeed, make a fine President. I’d devote 10% of my annual earnings to support his campaign.

  78. People wake-up you were the dummies that drank the kool-aid and voted for him.Get off your ass and kick him out of office now before it is too late.


  79. A handfull of posts here refelect just a small number of Americans who rightfully have it right regarding Obama. No person should be killed because of there christian faith, regardless of where they may reside. However Ameri9ca needs to come together in that of changing our leadership and in the way they govern America forever. The Constitution is a great start !
    America is near the end of her Glory as a world leader, a free nation with liberty for all…

  80. Obama is & always was a Muslim that religion bring's Death & Hate,the Muslim want us to be tolerant of then, they go around Killing who every they will,LOW LIFE RAT,S.( Christian & JEWS ).

  81. the reality and truth is, muslims are just following ALL OF THE QURAN!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA YOUR NECK IS IN THE NOOSE!!!!! CAN'T YOU FEEL IT??

  82. Islam is nothing more than a Stephen King novel. They are a bunch of cowards who kill innocent civilians. Their dude Mohammed king of the rug kneeler killed millions who would not conform to this make believe religion they invented. Thousands of years of being Brain washed over a book written by crack heads and camel jockeys. Their mosques are satans house. Time to declare war on all Muslim countries and wipe them out like the insects they are Amen to that

  83. Please America wake up,it's as plain as the nose on your face he and his wife both hate AMERICA and he is a muslim and a communist,his goal is to take down the U.S.A.,and rename it the muslim states of america.Once again my fellow Americans,keep your powder dry. GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.

  84. The President is a fraud. He will side with the Muslims every single time, and the communist media will give him a free pass on everything. Even the Republican elite want him elected one more time so their handlers, the bankers, can make more and more off our national misery.

  85. where is the united nation when this person this christian is in Iran ,waiting for execution and the only crime was becouse he is a Christian?where is Obama ,to talk with his friend to let this poor men free,he have done nothing bad,he has wrights too, like any human he has the right to pick his religion,to freedom ,and persue of happiness ,like any other person,whats wrong with thath president from iran ,remember GOD will take care of you satan .to mr. Roucef god protect you from evil,and i hope somebody see this and come to your rescue soon ,i will pray for you.

  86. obama is a liar. the first thing any person needs to understand about liberals, communists socialists , all totalitarianists ..is this ..they all lie !! they do not believe people can be true. honest and decent. they do not understand why other people can be happy and productive because they never really produce and are never happy in a victim/ taking life. lying is second nature to this kind of person. the ends justify their means. muslims are also in this ilk. read their documents , it is authorized in writing to lie and deceive.this kind of person does not even know how evil they really are , what horrors their ow ideology lead to ,very few people learn their history enough to truly comprehend the evil ends these people are cabable of. read the horrors of the bolshevic revolution,mao's revolution,kamaya rouge,pol pot, kim jung il,catro, obama

    only free men and productive decent people understand happiness and honesty. this is partially my opinion and i will be happy to debate these concepts on any forum with anyone,because our future depends on it.



  89. He is a Muslim and he will REJOICE and DANCE in the Oval Office when this man is executed. An he will start finding ways to put other Christians in danger everywhere in the world because he HATES AMERICA AND CHRISTIANS!!!!!

  90. Barak H Obama, aka Black Hitler Obermeister, will make white Hitler look like an angel if BHO gets re-elected next year. If he does, he will continue his Chicago Thuggery, and get increasingly violent against ALL Americans that disagree with him. Why are thousands of foreign troops in the USA "training"? They are training to arrest and kill Americans who oppose the marxist government that wants to implement Sharia law. Ever since an executive order from BHO allows ANY Interpol agent into the country, WITHOUT question or scanning of his/her luggage, etc… Hillary has already stated that the USA will take away ALL firearms from people "for their own protection" in accordance with UN regulations… maybe even seize all precious metals. I say to that "come on over, and you can have my precious metals. Lead first!"


  92. If he gets in for another four years we will not have Christmas. Look what was started July fourth what the libs said that the parades were only right wing dummys.

  93. Obama will not do anything to save this pastor because Obama is not a leader. He is not one to stand up for what is right. He does not want to get involved because it might offend his brothers in Iran. What a shame……no wonder our country is looking for a real leader.

  94. Obama is a piece of muzzelem crap who will do anything to destroy America and it's Christian beliefs. Don't trust any muslem. they are only out to take over America. Beside it's not a religion but a political movement. sooner or later we are going to have to go war here in the USA with these ######.

  95. Where is Obama? His head is on the ground toard the qibla and his hoadie is facing the moon, so do we really expect him to stand up and speak up for a Christian? Oh, America, President Zero is the biggest mistake this country has EVER made — and boy are we paying the price. What burns me is that I didn't vote for him, but I'm suffering the consequences of his policies, yet some I know who voted for him have just managed to go on with their merry little life. THEY are the ones who should be paying the price, not me, and not any of my family or friends who did NOT put this corrupt PC narcissist in the White House. Angers me!

  96. When Obama made those statements in Egypt he was lying to us, the Muslims in Egypt knew it and they knew how Obama really felt about Christians.

  97. Do you really expect Obama to intervene for a Christian? He is a self-avowed Muslim. People need to get their heads out of their As_es and admit the truth. YOUR PRESIDENT IS A MUSLIM!

  98. Islam doesn't claim to be, as indicated in this article, "a religion of peace." Rather, it claims to be "THE religion of peace." Now would be a perfect time for them to show the world that their actions match the rhetoric. I pray that this pastor is freed. Where is Obama? Where is the press? Where is the UN? Now is a good time for the liberals to show that they really do care about rights and freedom. Odd how the only ones covering this story are the alternative conservative press.

  99. Instead of being angry, we should fast and pray. I do not agree with Obama, nor did I vote for him, but we cant change the fact that he has blinded the masses. They choose to believe what they will and are afraid of the truth. Being angry wont help anything, don't be distracted! Pray, pray as though your very lives depend on it because they very well may! We should always stand up when we can, but most of the war is fought on our knees.

  100. Obama is an adult male of the human race, nothing more. He certainly is not a man. An awkward fool that the Congress is allowing to kill America.

    "We The People" need to get on our congressmens backs for immediate IMPEACHMENT, REMOVAL, PROSECUTION AND PUNISHMENT of obama and all his henchmen. Remove all appointees of obama as they are in place only to do obama's bidding and that is to destroy America.

    Otherwise keep your guns and stock up on ammo.

  101. Obama would go against his Muslim faith if he came to the aid of the pastor sentenced to die at the hands of the Muslim savages. They are savages, they come to this country and refuse to assimilate and fit in. They push their beliefs and won't take no for an answer. At least the religious people that come to my door will take no for an answer and go away but not the Muslims. They stick to their laws abusing women and expect us (Christians, Jews and atheist) to accept their law and follow it. Some pretend to assimilate but do they really? If it came to armed conflict whose side would they be on, they certainly wouldn't stand in the door of a Baptist church but in the door of a Mosque.

  102. When will Americans realize Obama is a Muslim and will help his Muslim brothers whenever and feed Israel to the lions? If Obama is reelected, and his aides have already said as much, Obama will support Palenstine for statehood. Wake up Jewish people and quit feeling sorry for a Black Man who would rather send you to hell than protect Israel. Don't make the mistake of underestimating the Obama doctrine as the Jews of Europe did in the 1930's Hitler era.

  103. The peoples house in washington is infested with communist cockroaches with obama being the head cockroach america hater he hates America so much he could 'nt care less about our beloved brother in christ he just hates America so much he can't stand it that is why he is spending all this money he truely wants to break and destroy this country before he is booted out onto the gutter where he belongs, that s where trash blows to.

  104. I like to know who put up the million $ bail for these hikers,i just had an operation in the hospital,an their hounding me to death about it! I cain't go back to work for another month,so i guess i'll loose everything i worked so hard for,but if i was from over seas,say Iran or Iraq,or muslim born,i'd gotta done for free!!!!!!

  105. It is not any mans problem to save this person,especially Obama.GODS(YAHWEHS) will shall be done.If this man is to die as to show his love for his savior so be it.If not, then he shall be spared.All we can do is pray for these men but to call upon man, in any form.President,pope, the churches ,whatever, is an asinine thought.

  106. There is no good things in the Quran. There is a sentence where Mohammed is ordering, that if there is conflict between older chapters and the new, new must be followed. In the beginning he was laughed out and he had to run away. So his teaching was peaceful till he commanded band of murderers and started to kill everybody, who did not agree with him and did not turn to Islam. Obviously, they followed new pages of Quran, superseding the old teaching.

  107. Note that Obama said that Islam has demonstrated the POSSIBILITY of religious tolerance and racial equality, not that Islam DOES tolerate them. Obama’s administration should have been on top of the Youcef Nadarkhani situation and should have appealed immediately. I applaud Speaker Boehner for doing the president’s job.

    Perhaps the most effective thing we can now do as a nation is to send up prayers for Mr. Nardarkhani, his family, and his brave lawyer.

  108. No matter what you say this Presidant will not come to the aide of any Christian…He is a follower of black liberation theologie of the rev. wright..also his muislim roots have shown bright and stand forefront in his distain for Chritanity….He is onlymouthing (carnaly) that he is a christian…..His folowing of Saul Alinsky who he holds in high regards..who dedicated his rules for radical to (Lucifer) shows that This pres. is really a luciferian with muslim and marxists agenda..to destroy this country no matter what he says ….Maloto man speak with forked tongue….Just one mans opinino

  109. Score:
    Obama – silent.
    UN – silent
    Jesse Jackson – Silent
    Al Sharpton- Silent
    Rev. Wright – Silent
    Nancy Pelosi – Silent
    Harry Reid – Silent
    The silence is deafening.

  110. It's not our place to meddle in the affairs of a sovergn nation. Yeah it sucks that this guy is about to get killed over some nonsense magical sky daddy, but that's the way it is. He should say what they want to hear, and leave the country as soon as he is able.

  111. I thought bummer told us that islam was a peaceful religion just like Christianity. Then why are they willing to make one of their own (Obama) a liar by taking the life of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani for being a Christian. The Islams are no better than the lowest scum on this earth, and that would be the devil and his followers. When are the idiots in Washington going to get rid of the Obummer Administration. Oh well, when the Lord comes to take all the Christians home, you people who decided to follow the devil will be extremely sorry for making the wrong choice. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  112. i read about this pastor on the Bare Naked islam website. thank you Godfather for bringing this to light. unfortunately obama will as usual do nothing.

  113. Obama will not lift a finger to help this wonderful man and his lawyer as he is a Muslim. We must all offer up prayers that God will deliver these two men from this evil.

  114. We forced him to kill his man, Osama, so now one of "ours" has to go as retribution. How else can Obama hold his head up in the world of Islam?

  115. Obama will never rise to the occasion; the stick he carries is too little to qualify as anything beyond a twig.

    Tip toe through the tulips with "Twiggy."

  116. Hiliary madea statement on this this morning. Will be waiting to see what Obama has to say. Being a muslin by birth he may keep his trap shut.

  117. Surprise surprise; Obama would rather slide half a billion dollars under the table to Nasty Pelosi's brother-in-law then to waste time on a Christian on the verge of being executed for not being a Muslim. Today started with good news that waki al awaki has met his fate on the business end of a special delivery Hellfire Missle delivered by a drone.Waki has moved to his next spiritual assignment in Hades. Obama will be joining waki al awaki in the not too distant future. Adios Barry Soetoro

  118. Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again just how many levels of stupid do you need to be hit with to awaken to the truth about what Obama is?
    Not long ago he made a speech while on his new campaign trail about how we all should be ready to embrace all the great wonders of enlightening things the Islamic world has brought all of us? " Only a Muslim would promote something like to a Christian nation!"
    When have you ever heard such a thing from a US President? "How About Never Before!"
    Obama has yet shown a valid Record of Birth and the BS coming from the Supreme Courts are they will not hear cases of challenge because it would be an embarrassment to the President and the country.
    It's my belief that Obama can never bring forth such a document and for that matter can not even prove his legal citizenship.
    I hope you feel like I do and say for as much of an embarrassment to the country has been who cares if he's embarrassed by needing to prove his eligibility to our nation and the world.

  119. Do not be suprized when its near time for the election in 2012 that some kind of diaster doesnt happen pre planned and Obama stopps the election to stay in power.

  120. I was reading an article the reporter says that Obama exhibits no signs of being a christian. For example, he canceled National Day of Prayer, because he didn't wanted to 'offend' anyone. Then on Easter, he ignored the day, but he has had several prayer events with muslim leaders. So yea, he is a christian.. it shows..

  121. The only GOOD MUSLIM is a DEAD MUSLIM. I am ISLAMOPHOBIC , so are a lot of people. MUSLIMS planted BARAK HUSSEIN in the WHITE HOUSE. How else would you account for his METEORIC RISE without any qualifications.

  122. I'll be brief. Only a man whould say the Muslim religon is a good religon. I'd like to put a birga (not sure of spelling) on a man in 100 degree weather and see how long he keeps it on (or likes it). Good grief! You have to be brain washed to think the way the treat people is good.


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