White Alabama Man Beaten By Twenty Blacks – No Sharpton, No Jackson, No Hate Crime

Ever since the Trayvon Martin shooting, more and more reports of black on white crimes are being made public.  And the one thing they all seem to have in common besides blacks attacking white, is that no one sees them as being racial hate crimes as they did with Trayvon.

In one of the latest incidents of black on white crime occurred this past Saturday in Mobile, Alabama, when Matthew Owens confronted a group of blacks that were stealing items off of people’s patios and front porches.  Owens’ sister Ashley Parker observed the blacks criminal activity and told her brother.  He confronted the black youths and asked them to stop stealing and to go back home and bring their parents so he could talk to them.

A short time later, the black youths returned with reinforcements and attacked Matthew.  Nearly twenty of them hit him with baseball bats, a chair, a can of paint, brass knuckles and anything else they could get their hands on.  Ashley feared the black mob were killing her brother and when they finally stopped the beating she found him lying on the ground unconscious and covered in blood.

According to a black neighbor, a basketball belonging to the black youths rolled into Owens’ yard, igniting him into a furor of swearing and name calling using the ‘n’ word.  It was then that they attacked and beat Owens’ to within an inch of his life.  The same neighbor described Owens as a racist and a drunk.

On Tuesday, police did make an arrest of one of the blacks involved in the beating and it just so happens that he lives in the same house as the black lady who blamed Owens for the attack.  The 44 year old man was charged with first degree assault.  The police also stated that they believed the attack was committed by only four people and the others just stood and watched, but this is being contested by Parker who said they were all involved in the beating.

Although there are conflicting stories as to the cause of the beating, only one thing has been verified in the attack.  During the attack, one of the blacks involved hollered that this was for Trayvon.  The racially motivated statement was heard not only by Owens sister, but by other witnesses.

With the reference of Trayvon being used by at least one of the attackers, coupled with the overwhelming number of assailants makes this a hate crime.  However, in typical fashion, no hate crime allegations are being made against any of the assailants and you don’t see or hear Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson flying down to Mobile to defend a white victim of an obvious racially motivated hate crime.  They only see racial hatred when it looks in one direction and not any other.  Their hypocrisy, silence and inaction only pours more fuel on the race fires that they keep burning.

If they really want to stop racially motivated hate crimes, they need to be fair and speak out against it regardless of which color is attacking the other.  But by not doing so, in my book, makes people like Sharpton and Jackson to be the biggest racial bigots in the nation and perhaps they need to be investigated and charged with racial hate crimes themselves.

197 thoughts on “White Alabama Man Beaten By Twenty Blacks – No Sharpton, No Jackson, No Hate Crime

  1. I believe whenObama was elected many blacks vicariously felt empowered and were instantly emboldened, having decided that it was going to be payback time for whitey. So…we”ve seen an escalation in black-on-white crime which has been ignored by the media,and generated no outrage whatever from those loud protestors of ”hate” crimes.

    Within the black community, the sentiment that no black person can ever be racist has been reiterated and reinforced by the divine Ms Oprah-the-Wise, who embodies all things black and powerful, and a complicit media which refuses to honestly report the facts.

    Expect more of the same….especially during and after the Zimmerman trial…regardless of the verdict.

    1. Blacks felt vicariously empowered?? Anyone who reads newspapers, happens upon left-wing blogs or watches TV and movies can absolutely attest that the feeling of empowerment in the black community is REAL. While in decades past TV and movies had a standard of beauty — whether black or white — that was almost unattainable in real life, nowdays there isn’t a single commercial. or series where blacks no matter what they look like, are spokesmen, heroes, wise professors, successful investors and role model wannabes. This, of course, is fine as far as empowering blacks by idealizing them in fictitious roles. However, the movers and shakers of H’wood always argued that the uglyness, violence and degraded morals they otherwise imposed upon the viewing public was nothing more than a mirror of the culture at large. So… are we stupid, or is there a deliberate pushing of hypocrisy? Visual indoctrination? Engaging in wishful thinking?

      If a true portrayal of most black communities were actually made, especially those ruled by black politicians such as Detroit, Harlem, the South Side of Chicago, South Central LA, Compton, etc… one would see what ‘black reality’ really is. The sad part is that even the politicians that lord it over them — like Sharpton, Jackson and o’blah-blah — are either incapable or unwilling to effectively help their own people. Their power and dominance over them would end if they actually led the out of the plantation. So their solution is to seek naked, overwhelming power (like Holder, the unelected Czars, or the stuffing of the Supreme Court with equal minded connivers) to gain the upper hand over those they wish to control, then crush their aspirations and bring them down to their own level of mediocrity.

      America, if you don’t wake up you will witness the process of your own demise!!

      1. ChillaKilla I do not believe for one moment that Sharpton, Jackson and Obama are incapable. I believe they are totally unwilling to help. It is so obvious what these terrible black politicians are doing…Because blacks will not listen to anyone but them, they are doomed. Obama, Sharpton and Jackson along with their cohorts are nothing short of criminal they way they are enabling and keeping their people in bondage. They will never let them off the plantation because it keeps them in power.

        1. You are absolutely right. When a respected legal mind like Alan Dershowitz says that justice is being perverted in the Zimmerman/Martin incident, I tend to believe him, and I pray that he will become involved in his trial. Especially given that Martin’s family attorney has sicced a forensic accountant on Zimmerman and is demanding money from the defense fund that has been established to help pay his legal expenses.

          This is a travesty of justice. You don’t seek justice for one person and not the other. You seek justice for the sake of JUSTICE. Evidence was deliberately left out of the affidavit charging Zimmerman, and the case was horrifically overcharged.

        2. This just illustrates how stupid some Blacks are and that they really don’t need a reason to show discrimination. George Zimmerman is a Hispanic not a White person. You will notice no Black leaders are outraged by this crime. Where’s Mr. Holder, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or for that matter, Obama? The POTUS is of mixed race, and he is the President, and yet he isn’t giving his two cents on this crime. I guess he’s the President of Black United States.
          It’s wake- up time people. We are headng for destruction with this administration. Mike Tanco

        3. You have to remember that holder said that he would NEVER prosecute a discrimination lawsuit against any white person, as the whites have not suffered like HIS PEOPLE did!
          That shows his racism plain and simple!! He is a walking hate crime!!

        4. I tend to be suspicious of that charge, and the way it was written up. I can’t help but wonder if he was purposely overcharged to appease the crowd, knowing it won’t hold up in court.

        5. But because they did overcharge and go for murder 2, he will get off. They may have had enough evidence for manslaughter, but not murder 2. So they can thank their own stupidity for this one.

        6. They are all still in the jungle!!!! Just look how well the Africans “take care of their “people”.

        7. Please don’t fall into the trap of painting a very large number of people with one brush. Lots of blacks, like every other color, take care of their own. As usual, it is the loud activists that we all hear. If I were black, I would hate that Jesse and Al pretend to represent me.

        8. I think we should ship them all back to Africa, with the exception of the educated and well mannered ones. There in Africa they will see how good they had it in the USA. You can’t miss something until you dont have it. I am tired of supporting these low lifes…they are so lazy and get everything FREE.

        9. They like the bondage. As long as they stay in bondage the gutless white cowards are doing what the blacks tell them to do! It’s the coward way! The filthy whites are always looking for someon to save them! Looking for Sharpton and Jackson to help! Why don’t the stupid whites get some backbone and help themselves! Who cares if they think your a racists! The cowards way! The blacks know exackly what they’re doing! It’s the whites that’s tooooo stupid and afraid! Now go sit down somewhere in a corner and keep your mouth shut! The whites are tooooo stupid, gutless, cowardly to govern themselves!!!!!!!!

      2. I have noticed since BHO’s election that there ARE blacks in almost every TV commercial. Blacks represent only 12% of the population. There is a MUCH higher percentage of Hispanics in the U.S. but You never hardly ever see them in commercials. Oh, me – I’m a cracker!

        1. I too have noticed this. It is important to note not so much as a black/white issue, but more how television, including the commercials seek to subtly influence us. It’s important if you watch tv or the movies or other forms of media to be aware that they are actively engaged in this all the time.

      1. you bet we should be ready….Lock and Load is what needs to be done. Of course, this is just what Ovomit wants so he can call martial law and stay in power. Jackson, Sharpton, and Holder should all be locked up. They are nothing but racist and trouble makers.

        1. One way to stop the government even if Martial Law is called by Obama is for everybody to ignore Martial Law and defend your life, family, property as you normally would. Martial law can only be enforced if people abide by it, otherwise Martial Law is a useless invasion of our lives which we can stop if people stick together and refuse to allow any arrests by the police or soldiers.

      2. If the truth be known, you people get your little pop guns out and they will stick them up your butts and turn you into a pop sickle! You kids, grandkids, women and lets not forget your trusted neighbors will tell where you have them hid! The foreigners come in, illegally, you morons educate, feed.house them. They feed your kids drugs, rob, rape even kill you morons and you’re even stupid enough to pay them to do it! Doesn’t sound like people that’s smart enough to govern themselves to me!!!! Go back to sleep, your country is lost! Soon you people will be on a resorvation! Wonder if the American Indians still feel the same way about immigration?

        1. We all gotta go some day, and if that means I go protecting my family and my rights, then so be it. But I won’t be alone.

    2. I have a Black friend who, when Obama was elected, said, “We don’t have to sit at the back of the bus any more.” I asked her when SHE had ever had to sit at the back of the bus and she admitted she never had….Too many Blacks would rather gripe about history than live AND work in the present! She also said that Obama ran to take care of Black people. Well, she is worse off now, financially, than she was before he was elected. And, I told her at the time that he didn’t run for HER, he ran for himself! It hasn’t taken long for her to realize that White people have done more for her than Black people ever did!!!

        1. That’s another thing, you people really think that your vote counts! Delusional!

      1. You know, I think people of every color have been in bondage and slavery at some point in the past. Every color has been used and abused, and used and abused others. It is one nature of man. There are countries all over the planet that are still run by tyranny. There is still slavery going on in South America. Blacks are being brainwashed into resentment when they certainly live in a beautiful country.
        You know, they talk about the racist south. I spent time in South Carolina over the last few years, and I noticed an attitude among blacks I have been largely unfamiliar with up here in New York. They don’t seem acutely aware at all times that they are black and you are white. They just act like ordinary people and are clearly accustomed to treating and being treated as simply an ordinary person by others. Here it so often seems to be an immediate distrusst of sorts when encountering strangers in public.

    3. A cop friend of mine, shortly after Obama was elected arrested a drunk black guy who put his car through the front window of a busy store. The black guy, protesting his arrest said “Barack gonna hear bout dis” There are a-holes in every race so I don’t mean this to be typical.

  2. Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson both showed up in California for Michael Jackson’s death. They left after they found out that he had a Black doctor, Conrad Murray.

    1. I know for fact that Blacks are more racist than the Whites. Please don’t think for a moment that there are no good Blacks, because there are good Blacks [ Mr.West] as there are good Whites.[ Mr.Daniel Pipes]

  3. This just proves, if nothing else does, that all this Trayvon Martin stuff and Zimmerman is nothing but politically motivated. Sharpton and Jackson don’t care about anyone’s death, it’s all just about getting back at the white community for what they think they deserve. Get the blacks stirred up, again, get their anger going and they will all come out in mass and vote for Obama so they can stay in power. I am so sick and tired of everything being politically motivated. It’s all about power and greed and money.

    1. It is much worse than just voting for him. Jackson, Sharpton, and the muslim panthers along with the OWS will be more than happy to commit mass violence in order for him not to win but, make sure that he can not lose. Sandford was a dress rehearsal for Nov.

    2. You are right on PMDavis. Ovomit wants this to happen so he can put martial law into place and not have an election. This is all in the plan of George Soros. I suggest everyone read up on this evil man and see what he has helped do to other contries. It is happening to America now. God help us all if this evil man gets his way.

    3. There are not enough black votes to keep him in power. Romney will win. I do not even think it will be that close.

  4. An obvious hate crime. Let this be a lesson America- give ’em the Zimmerman treatment If you dont protect yourself- who will?? We dont wish for violence, but we are going to be prepared for it and respond appropriately. You can call it racism, profiling, or a hate crime-we dont care. We know YOU LIE! We are the ones who will decide the truth since you cant! (or wont)

    1. I’m ready, but not happy about it. If there is going to be trouble, let it come in my lifetime so my children don’t have to deal with it.

      1. Why is it. That the stupid black people don`t realize a race war would last maybe two hours? Of course they never heard of Custer. He didn`t play basketball.

        1. I agree with all the comments above! While these morons have been playing with their “baby’s mama” and watching the NBA on a stolen TV, we have been preparing. You can bet they are about as prepared for war as they are prepared for everything else. I do not want any violence- I have many black friends who are good people and I dont even consider them as black- they are just my friends but I too am sick to death of having it all crammed down my throat.

      2. I for one am very tired of having blacks or any other race shoved down my throat for any reason. I to am ready, willing and more than able to cut whoever in half and give them their own unregistered gun which they will have pulled on me making it legal for me to cut them in half. I fought for my freedoms as well as the freedoms of every other REAL American and now having to stand by and watch our freedoms being taken away and the US Constitution dismantled by a President that should not even be in office in the first place. People WAKE UP our country is being systematically flushed down the crapper by the people we put in office.

    2. I would also add that he does not need to be calling out racial epithets to children, regardless of them being thieves. Being a thief does not equal being black–look at the case of the white girl in Alabama who just got shot while committing burglary. There’s just no cause to use those hateful words–if he did in fact, use them.
      He did ask the kids to go get their parents, though, and that’s what would have happened in my neighborhood. If my kid was accused of stealing, you’d better believe I would be in contact with those doing the accusing. If their story was weak and appeared unfounded, I would leave them with some memories about falsely accusing someone. If it looked like it was true, they would get sincere apologies and my kid would have some serious consequences, including possibly mowing my neighbor’s lawn for awhile. That’s what a neighborhood is about.

  5. Sharpton and Jackson are exactly where they were when Reginald Denny got beaten by blacks and almost died from his injuries…no where to be seen or heard. And that’s okay with me…who needs them? We
    all know the truth about these beatings and about these two race baiters. They are masters at that…
    it could be said they are master baiters!!

  6. Why is this racist card suddenly exploding in the news media? Perhaps it is because Obama wants to play the racial issue to garner more votes.
    Racism is man’s gravest threat to man – the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason. ~Abraham Joshua Heschel


      1. Dear Globalzionistkiller, You are one, sorry sack of sh*t! I hate people like you. I have no idea where you received your mis-information, or maybe you just made it up in your own mind, but you are pathetic. God won’t take a second on deciding your place for eternity.

        1. Umm… and you are playing God telling this person (Globalzionistkiller) where he will spend eternity? I suppose you think God will be happy with your remarks and obvious hatred. You didn’t even have to say it. Shame on you.

        2. No, shame on you for falling in step w/this Nazi! READ & UNDERSTAND what “Global” is spouting…his lies on top of his hatred of Jews does not make him an endearing individual to me nor to my God. I am defending the Jews (Gods chosen people, remember) against this onslaught of abuse. Next he will start lambasting Christians, American citizens, Buddhists, women, etc. for the ills of this world. Yes, I hate. I hate people like “Globalzionistkiller” who wouldn’t know EVIL if it poked them in the eye. And because he doesn’t recognize evil he spreads it. He wallows in his ignorance, and you encourage him by defending his hypothetical beliefs. I pray that you have a library card & know how & where to use it. You need to start educating yourself. God bless you.

      2. You definitely have an anger issue as well as a social issue with people. You are in need of some serious mental health treatment as an inpatient at a facility with professional treatment counselors, (if that would help you). If not, then be careful what you may wish for.

  7. The blacks need to get over their black selves. They cause more problems than any other color. Most, but not all of the time, they are the ones causing the problems!!!

  8. Under Fla. Law there is no way that Zimmerman will be convicted. Thanks to Revs. Jackson & Sharpton, whose only talent is throwing an outboard motor in the cesspool, there may be riots. While I pray there will not, some can only be pushed so far. May God help us.

    1. Right, Marv. If there ARE riots, Jackson & Sharpton and their followers must bear the responsibility and make amends where needed. Also: let’s see what transpires after CNN’s RE-broadcasting of the “Randy King beating” (as they have tabbed it) on Sunday night. What other reason is there for this blatant ‘rabble-rousing’ other than inciting riots? All of these people who constantly stir up trouble are, in my opinion, bordering on sedition…I thought sedition is against the law! Too bad we don’t have a truly effective Department of Justice anymore…maybe we should add Holder’s name to this outrageous group.

  9. And liberals wonder why anyone would want to ‘pack heat’? Think this pack of cowards would have even THOUGHT of attacking if the old man had been armed?

  10. Sharpton and Jackson had the opportunity to quell the violence resulting from Trayvon Martin’s death, but they were strangely silent when angry blacks were raising money for the capture of George Zimmerman, DEAD OR ALIVE! At that point, Sharpton and Jackson should have spoken out against taking revenge. Perhaps this attack on Matthews Owens would have been avoided.

    Sharpton and Jackson have a duty as representatives of Blacks to speak out against retaliation. Shame on them for remaining silent.

        1. I wish someone would hurry him to the throne of God! Nothing that an ounce of lead couldn’t take care of.

      1. If Jackson is a Christian, then I am an Alpha Centarian! There is an old axim:
        If going to church makes one a christian, then standing in your garage makes you a car.

      2. There is a lot of difference between a Christian and a Black Christian. It seems that most of the blacks in the public eye call themselves reverand. 99% of them are nothing more than crooked racist thugs looking for easy money. revOLTING sharpton and jackson wright are prime examples of the dregs of society that have infested the country. I say they should all be snt straight to hell.

        1. He will stand before Jesus in judgment one day. He will be in for a rude awakening when he finds out that the race card will not work for him and all the money in the world isn’t going to help. It will be too late then.

    1. Their silence, when they should speak, tells the whole story! They are nothing but rabble-rousers. This type of action borders on sedition, in my opinion…why aren’t they charged with inciting riots? (Oh, yeah – I forgot how efficient our current Department of Justice is…let’s include Holder’s name in the future)

  11. If Owens had defended himself, say, with a 12 guage, then it would have been a hate crime, since it was all blacks he was defending himself against. The situation with this is so stupid. Drop that hate word and use the appropriate term. It was a crime that all of those people were beating up one man with weapons. Color doesn’t matter. What matters, it was a crime!

        1. Thank you. I am not a gun person; I don’t have a steady hand or good eyes. However, I thank my many friends and kind strangers that do carry and would likely defend me were I to encounter the wrong kind of trouble. I am good at making pie though! (wait, was that sexist?)

    1. Well put, Candyman! A crime is a crime…period! Let’s stop all this embellishing – it is unnecessary. Just apply the law and its process with NO blurring the lines with ‘color’…Get ON with life!

    1. The media that reports the facts should be praised and supported. Look at what percent of reporting today is done from the Liberal’s Point of View. Makes me sick … as a guy who tries to look at both sides.

  12. This reminds me of when Jackson showed up in Decatur , Illinois to protest the suspension of black students for beeting other students at a high school football game. he was all over it with accusations of racism, and on and on, What he never mentioned is that the Superintendent that suspende them was black and that the students were 19 yr old sophomores. Further investigation revealed that the beatings were gang related retaliation for whatever. Jackson faded away without a word leaving heightened racial tession, frayed nerves and tattered reputations. No apologies.

  13. The rationale is that it is white’s with the power, therefore they cannot be victims. Those who had the power in this instance were the blacks, however. They were, therefore, guilty of racism and hate crime. It’s time political correctness is erased from our society and reality stands.

  14. If enough unrest can be created between now and the Nov. election; there will be no need in bothering to try to vote because there will be no election. With the passage of the new amendment to the rules governing public gatherings where the Secret Service is present; their would be no opportunity for any PEACEFUL gatherings to oppose the President. It would be very simple to declare Marshall Law to “quell” the unrest and “illegal” gatherings; the stroke of a pen is all it takes. There would be NO election; the President would simply remain in power as long as he choses to. Under Marshall Law, ALL civil rights are suspended and ALL control falls to the President and his private army. All privately owned weapons would be confiscated leaving us at the mercy of the Presidents private army. It took only 30% of the population for Hitler to succeed; why should we allow less than 15% of our population to bring this Country to its knees? They are outnumbered 6 to 1. That is pretty good odds if you ask me. The primary obstacle to this plan succeeding, is the fact that the “enemy” is scattered around the Country and concentrated in the major population centers. This is known as a logistics nightmare. It would require a well coordinated operation Nation wide to succeed, but it’s not imposable; just very difficult.

  15. Please release the name of the man arrested. It is only “fair”, and Pres. Obama is always calling for us to be “fair”.
    I only want to congratulate him for being a whimp who needs multiple friends before he attacks one man. Real manly there. So please, tell us all his name as you have told us the victim;s name.

  16. It is sad; the press and the black leaders who have the most press coverage, are the ones who continue to keep racism alive and well by not telling both sides of issues. When the Black Panthers put a $10,000 dead or alive reward on Zimmerman’s life, (which by the way is against the law) there wasn’t one peep of that on the news or from the White House. Silence sends a loud noise!

    1. I`m thinking about putting a100 dollar dead or alive wanted poster for sharpton and jackson. How long before I hear from that boy in the justice dept?

      1. If you had left out the “boy” part, I would have agreed with you. At least show some respect even if they are low life scum sucking Liberals.

        1. What would you call our illustrious Atty. Gen. a girl? Last time I looked he does look like a girl and he sure doesn’t act like a man . He was a man he would own up to the things he’s done wrong and accept responsibility for them but he has. So by the cut of his pants you have to say that he is male and since it is not a man is a boy get over it.

  17. the liberal mainstream media, as the mouthpiece and puppet of the socialist left, has spewed their politically correct, anti-white message across America for several decades. If you are white you should feel guilty, whites should apologize for being white, all white men over age 50 are racist, whites are responsible for all problems faced by minorities–therefore all whites deserve to get the **** beat out of them, After all, they derserve it, right?

  18. The day is coming when the majority will have to wake up and realize that this so-called President and his AG Holder are both closet racist, who will use the hatred of the radical blacks to get back into office. Obama has used ( and still is using) the Rich against the Poor, The old against the young, the American citizen against the illegals to enhance his minority groups into a counter act the majority in America. If Obama wins 9 or steals) the election in November there will be no stopping his Socialist reconstruction of the Republic into a twin of the European failure. The Republic will be gone, the Constitution will be shredded and revamped to mirror the Socialist Progressive believes that government knows more and the average citizen is too dumb to make their choice. So either the Republic will stand and survive or it will have to again be restored in blood no one wants another Civil War on our shores.
    So the choice in November will set the path for generations to come, either Freedom, Individual Rights, the Republic or into anarchy, Civil strife and the end of what our Founding Fathers fought & died for.

  19. [email protected] says:

    The white man made a big mistake. He should have been carrying a Glock.
    Hooded americans are very brave when they have large numbers.
    You have to level the playing field.
    The media drove the Trayvon story. It turns our Zimmerman is white,black.,
    hispanic etc. NBC has a lot to answer for. They doctored the 911 tape.
    Sharpton,Jackson and the congressional black caucus will go down in

  20. While they are hiding from the media so as not to get egg on their face,someone should tell them to stay right where they are…out of the media and out of the public.They breed only hatred and push false accusations but dissappear like a coward when the facts come out and prove them to be on the wrong side….again

  21. Dem negros hate us white folk. My cracker family never had no slaves so why day be hatin me? If I had my way Id offer them all a free boat ride to whatever White hating country they wanted to go too. Problem is they may have to actually work.

  22. Where is Nancy Grace, CNN, HLN, and all the other democrats that have been having their bogus trials?
    Now who is the hater? I say CNN should be sued for hate crimes.

  23. Sharpton & Jackson do more to heep the “race card” playing than any one in the USA, including Louis Farakan.If blacks & whites suddenly started liking each other & getting along, they would be unemployed.I do not say there haven’t been cases of racism, but seems to me it shouldn’t be from either side,black or white.I run in to & work with some blacks,seems to me they are the ones who are just looking for something to cry racist over. If they could get over the idea that the government is suppose to furnish their every need, & look within themselves to see where their talents are & pursue that, they could probably make life better for themselves.This is still a land of opportunity, there are people who would loovvve to come here & take advantage of the freedoms we take for granted.I think if someone is of sound mind & works & applies themselves, they can make it here, if not in the USA, WHERE?

  24. They are race baiters. They would hope that all “whiteys” would get beaten up by their kind. They take no responsibility for the actions of their kind…only bait, bait, bait. They are the lowest of the low.

  25. All of my ancestors were from Italy. I have been associating with blacks since 1968. I have dated black women. I am not what you would call a rasist. I have a message for my black brothers and sisters. THINK. I know many of you weren’t taught well in school but you must know basic math. Blacks make up about 14 to 17 percent of the population. With the high rate of single parent households and the high rate of imprisonment of adult males that means you don’t have a high percentage of war capable males in that small percentage. So, in an outright war most of you would die and you would lose. This is what the “powers that be” want. Their goal is to wipe out 6.5 billion people on this planet and they don’t care how. Race war is just another way to kill off the people so the “elite” can live in their perfect environmentally sustainable world. WW3 with Iran, North Korea, Russia and China is another way. So, don’t buy into the garbage. DO NOT BE FOOLED, PEOPLE WHO PROMOTE RACE WAR ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS, THEY JUST WANT YOU DEAD. I’m telling you this out of the love of God. Please do not fall for satans lies.

  26. Sharpton and Jackson are nothing but rabble rousers that line their pockets off the misery of their actions and inflammatory rants. They have been doing this kind of crap for over 40 yrs. now. Tawna Brawley, Miracle Valley, Az. Shoot Out, etc, etc. are just a few of their achievements. MLK would be ashamed of both of them. All I can say is that if they come to my neighborhood and try doing this stuff, they’ll go out in body bags. Along with any punk azz Black wannabe Panthers that want to join them. Here in Az, Homey don’t play dat shi-!

  27. At a Judiciary Committee hearing on April 3, 2008 Sen. Patrick Leahy(D-VT) asked Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, himself a former Federal judge, if he had doubts that McCain was eligible to serve as President.

    “My assumption and my understanding is that if you are born of American parents, you are naturally a natural-born American citizen,” Chertoff replied.

    “That is mine, too,” said Leahy.
    Obama is a co-signer of this resolution. So, I guess he too agrees that one needs two American parents to be eligible for POTUS.

  28. The bottom line is: The MSM is racially biased; hate crimes are a sham; race baiting in the MSM media has done nothing but back fired and racially divided the nation and set race relations back 50 years!

  29. The Satanists (wolves in sheep’s clothing) infiltrate every group and incite hatred, anger, suspicion of race against race, religion against religion, culture against culture, neighbor against neighbor, nation against nation. The criminals in government positions thrive and profit from contention and war.

  30. Black on White hate crimes are as “important” to Jackson and Sharpton as Black on Black crimes. Neither incident would give these two ‘wannabe-MLK, Jrs’ the esteemed level of notoriety or publicity they both pathetically crave and desire.

  31. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Sharptongue or Jesse Somedaddy to come and speak out about this latest injustice. Nor will Eric Blowhole have anything to say about this, other than maybe boys will be boys.

  32. As a retired Corrections Officer, 16 yrs. Florida, I can tell you that Blacks Never give anyone a “Head Up Fade”, that’s a One On One Fight! A Fair Fight, unless the Black is Bigger than King Kong, and the other guy is a Runt!! It’s ALWAYS as many troops as they can Muster for the occasion!! In other words, against any other Race, It’s a replay of the movie, “ZULU DAWN”!! If the altercation is all Black, it’s a Home-Boy, or a Gang Related Fight.

    1. Bad news for the would be martial law. They cannot confiscate all the weapons. And we don`t wear hoods anymore. In all 50 states.

  33. If Sharpton, Jackson, et.al. trigger the race war they want, they may discover that it’s a dangerous strategy for a minority.

  34. sharpen and jesse jackson are racist they have to be called out by not so makes us that is okay for them to say whites are racist but there are blacks who are enough of this garbage.

  35. Have you even read the police reports?
    Black on white? Yes!
    Hate crime? Yes!
    Just not the crime you just described…

  36. Did Mathew Owens get a call from OBAMA ? Definitely not.. This is a CAMPAIGN STRATEGY to incite ANGER from the blacks so they would vote against a WHITE CANDIDATE. NEVER let a crisis go to waste and if the CRISES isn’t there – CREATE ONE.

  37. They are the biggest racists and don’t leave Holder and Obama out of the mix… No statement and their sience makes them as guilty as the crime itself…

  38. Soon as 0bama was in office, this ’empowerment’ idea took root and they began to think they can get away with anything. Which appears to be the case, eh?

  39. If the blacks keep this up the Klan will return with a vengence. White America is the group that is sustaining the Black Communities. If they cant understand that then 3 generations of affermative action have been wasted on idiots. White America will not tolerate black hate crimes.

  40. Whites have allowed Blacks to lie too much in the past: Martin Luther King is the best example of Black extremists foisting off fakes. http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Wolves/mlk_jr-exposed.htm
    Trayvon Martin is another fake, and this time Whites need to refuse to allow themselves to be used by the Blacks. Blacks need to be told that rioting, destruction of property, and other egregious misbehavior will get them shot, not patted on the head. We should have no tolerance whatsoever for that kind of behavior. The game has gone far enough. Blacks are now trying to get Whites to accept Black criminality, even beatings by them as “NORMAL” innocent behavior unworthy of self defense. Hurting Whites doesn’t bring the little hoodlum back. Zimmerman did his duty, both to his neighborhood and for himself. The crime that is being committed here is persecuting Zimmerman by prosecution and destruction of his reputation. Whites are going to need to start confronting Blacks in mass, both in defense of Zimmerman and in defense of private property. Whites are going to have to stand up to the Blacks. Our government should have handled these issues, putting Blacks in their place during the riots years ago. Since they didn’t, the problem has escalated, and it is certain that White citizens have to handle the problem themselves. Our Police State is only for the purposes of spying on and harassing ordinary innocent citizens, not for protection of private property.

  41. This whole hate crime idea is crazy. Skin color should not be a factor in human relations. MLK was right about that. When someone is beaten it is hate even if both are black or both are white. The media is just creating a race problem by always putting things in black or white.

  42. I have notice one thing about Obama, when he is speaking to more blacks he wears darker makeup, when he is speaking more to whites he wears lighter makeup. Just something I’ve noticed more than once. Let us NOT FORGET OBAMA IS NOT BLACK OR WHITE, HE IS BOTH.

    Go Ron Paul…all the way to the White House 2012

  43. They are racists and liars and don’t care about black on black or black on white crimes. Oh and where is ob on this do any of these kids look like they could be his son?

  44. It is only a hate crime when the victim is black or gay. It is perfectly acceptable to beat a white man up for being white, it happens everyday. The media fails to report most of the instances because 1) it happens so frequently that it is not deemed newsworthy and 2) it does not advance the liberal agenda. What was particularly heinous was the 13 year old white boy in Kansas city who was doused with gasoline and set on fire last Feb. two black thugs. Google it if you haven’t heard about it.

  45. “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” ~~~George Washington

    1. This is absolutely true but if you look at it the way the current powers that be see things it doesn’t matter if it’s right because George Washington was white and had slaves so therefore anything he says or does doesn’t matter.

      I heard a black commentator the other day stating that the reason the black can do anything they want in a line of violence is because their suffering from delayed slave syndrome. I kid you not guys name was Dr. Hill. What is a Dr. of not sure but I think it might be stupidity.

  46. When are you going to realize that it is perfectly okay for something like this to take place. More than likely this white guy had it coming after all there’s no such thing as a good white person. That’s why only white people and Christians can be charged with hate crimes.

    Now isn’t that the most stupid statement you’ve recently read? The sad thing is that it’s not that far from the way many people think now. You can bet that there’s not going to be any federal investigation of this the DOJ has been ordered by the White House not to investigate any crimes committed by blacks against any other race.

    Then you have people like Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and our fearless leader Dirty Diaper Head Obama. For some reason these people seem to think it’s a good idea to stir up as much racial hatred as possible. They’re only doing this for their own personal gains they don’t care who gets hurt or why. With these men are doing is setting things up for an all-out civil war. The one thing you can count on is that when the first shot is fired these vermin will be the first ones to scurry back into their holes underneath some rock and laugh themselves silly. These men should be held legally responsible for these despicable crimes and actions and assume all liability and costs. They should also be charged inciting a riot.

  47. It should be understood, whatever was achieved during Dr. Kings civil right movement is being totally erased during these many hate crimes instituded by two idiots…Names…Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton…Im sure both of them were probably failures in kindergarten…Blacks has a whole will never achieve any status in the US, as long as the most of them have learned how to draw on federal money for their existence…This will continue as long as America is totally blinded by Obama, and the biggest criminal ever, Eric Holder…It is time people of substance stand up and show the liberal media, the truth as to what is really taking place in this country….25% of all blacks go to prison, and the remainder, try all they can to get on some form of welfare…Now with Obama not protecting our borders, and allowing illegal Mexicans and Muslims to enter this nation…It eventually lead to the destruction of negros, as the illegal Mexicans will take the jobs negros will not take…If you think negros are ousted now from the work force…Hang on Obama will soon be putting his own people in a position of never getting jobs…You talk about riots coming from Mexicans and Negros…Wow you have seen nothing compared to what is coming…All we need is an administration saying negros need to go to work…and the jobs will be taken by illegal Mexicans…Boy can you see where America is headed…

  48. we the people demand justice for mattew owens,we want an apology from ovomit,holdup,sharpton,jackson and dike lee.this is a hate crime,and demand justice.if i had a son i would want him to look like mattew owens

  49. The Congressional Black Caucus in our Congress are riding high these days as “one of them”, as they see it, is in charge and their time has arrived. They are in denial of the huge problems within the Black communities and their role in actually facilitating the growth in dependence on government of those living there instead of working their way out of it and becoming more self sufficient. These Black politicians all stick together first for themselves, then their constituents, and somewhere down their priorities are the American people at large. And, if a Caucasian gets in their way, so be it, because they know black on white crime gets a pass in today’s liberal America. They use “race” as a political weapon all of the time.

  50. Too bad someone doesn’t perform a hate crime on sharpie and jackie. These two race baiters don’t even belong in this great country. They are all complaining about their ancestors being brought over and treated as slaves; how about we give them all a free ticket back to where their relatives came from? They may have
    a different view of things if you offered them that. Black racists (sharpton, jackson, obama, holder are blacks own worst enemy. Racism is perpetuated (t-shirt word) by black only groups like black panthers, naacp, BET,
    congressional black caucus. Can you imagine the vile spewing of hatred if there were white panthers,naawp, WET, congressional white caucus? Give us a break. Wake up America. These few race baiters and black groups are ruining the country for the majority of us. Oh, by the way, I am a black guy too. My heroes are
    Allen West & Charles Payne; now THERE are a couple of great black American roll models!!

  51. If I were that guy I’d be joining the Klan and going “hunting” right after I got out of the hospital……we’d see about that.

  52. The real cause of this travesty rests on the media–blood on the hands of our lying media. If anyone has any doubts on the so-called “news” media acting on concert, how they have all acted in cahoots in misreporting and lying about and twisting this entire Trayvon-Zimmerman episode proves they are all in lockstep. Nothing could be clearer and the blame rests strictly upon them–blood on the hands of the media.

  53. Woe to America when its citizens are beat and not defended because of the color of their skin. Martin Luther’s dream was for a colored blind America. Under Obama and the socialist we have descrimination because of being white, being Christian and being wealthy. These groups are now the target of hate and ridicule. These are stepping stone to all out persecution. May God intervene and save our country. Those who were discriminated against in the past, now discrimate with hate and great intensity. Woe to America for you are a divided land. The parasites feel they are entitled and wish to destroy you from within.

  54. I have viewed many photos of Trayvon as a sweet darling child, and many of George in the worst light possible. To all American citizens, be they Hispanic, Caucasian, Oriental, black, white, or yellow.
    Keep this in mind, if a ghetto dweller is beating your head into a sidewalk, call 911. The police are only minutes away, when seconds count.
    There has been a lot written about George Zimmerman and his parents past history. Would it not bring fairness to the situation if all knew a little more about Trayvon and his parents?

  55. I am a business owner and I have colored people who work for me and they are the older generation in their 50’s and they all say the same thing that their race got lazier when Obama took office and it was the worst thing that could of ever happened, but we as Americans need to wake up before its to late it is not just Obama’s fault our country is in the peril it is in Congress and the Senate are to blame also we as Americans can pass a law with term limits all it takes is a petition and they cannot overthrow it!

  56. We are waiting for the big ‘o’ to come up with his ‘he looks just as though he could have been my own son, but, how come he is white?’. Maybe his teleprompter is hooked up yet or the Secret Service is using it for their own entertainment, seeing how they have to stay away from the hookers for now. +JMJ+

  57. This is the change we are getting. You will never see the apes of the black race standing up against whites being beat or killed. If these so called men of god were true they would speak out on all crime.

  58. Because this (one of many black on white beat downs recently ) is not considered by them as a hate crime but a forgiveable pay back. It only works one way you know.

  59. At least they could do the beat downs one on one. But due to the mentally the more that partiicipate the more can get felony arrests and be kept from owning a gun. Yeeaa.

  60. Another incident (murder) happend about the same time as the Tyron…-Zimmerman fiasco. One Tyron Woodsomething, 22 years old, broke into an elderly couple’s home, beat the crap out of the 90 year old man and raped the elderly lady, killing her. Did we read anything about that in the news or was that a big story for the Media? NO. Jackson and Sharpton and Obama didn’t care about the elderly couple or that Tyron. Starting to get the picture?

  61. Remember the black panthers that stood outside a voting place, and the justice department turned a blind eye, JUST WAIT FOR THIS NEXT ELECTION TO GET COMPLETELY OUT OF HAND, SOMEONE WILL DIE THIS YEAR, I SURE HOPE NOT. BUT THOSE A-HOLES WILL BE THERE—–PROMISE—-LETS BE CAREFUL WHITE FOLKS——–

  62. They should all be charged with mob action. Arm yourself if Obama is thrown out as he should be you will have to defend your family. And the racist in the White House say blacks can’t commit race crimes that’s why the New Black Panther Party is allowed to threaten voters and put bounties on people. I live in IL and the blacks claimed that Obamas old Senate seat is a black seat now Jackson Jr should be in jail with Blago for trying to buy the seat but it won’t happen they fear the black backlash.

  63. OK folks…isn’t enough just about enough??? America has literally bent over backwards for blacks in the form of welfare, affirmative action, and trillions of dollars in various programs to create a subculture of crime, family disintegration, and animal-like conduct. Oh, golly!! I guess that sort of thinking makes me a racist. Then so be it. Thanks to the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, and Barack Obama, I’ve been treated to a continuous stream of “hate whitey” speech and actions…including the nonsense described in this article. What else should they expect?

    From now on, the “N” word is in my vocabulary and it’s not a racial or skin color thing… It’s an attitude. If you display that attitude…then that’s what you are…… I’m sick of seeing my tax money flushed down the
    toilet only to get spit on for my trouble. We’ve tried to reach out and help but it seems to be a waste of time. To hell with them until they straighten up and start acting like decent people.

  64. Being the great great granddaughter of a slave, I find the black community to be disgusting. Yes, I am the descendant of a slave. A WHITE slave. She and hundreds of thousands of other white Irish people were captured by Great Britain and sold to the British west Indies and U.S. They were called indentured servants, but if you have studied your history, you know they were bought and sold for far less than the Black Slaves.There are bad among all of us, But the black people have such a disproportionate number of horrendous activities per- capita I cannot think otherwise of them. I have been called every name in the book by them because I was in retail management for 30 years. If I was upholding the companies policies, I was racist. If I did not do exactly what they commanded of me, I was….. fill in the blanks, they have called me those names. We are legal carriers and keep our guns with us whenever we are out.

  65. The Party of Lincoln freed the slaves (Republican), the Democrats enacted Jim Crow laws to keep them from voting in the South after they were freed… and it is Republicans who are out to destroy them? Gullible and violent are not a good combination.

  66. black on white viloence cannont be racist blacks and mexicans are not raceist only whites, we have to defend our selves …

  67. With Obama as President and Holder as Attny General, It will be very difficult to see either one of them stepping in during a Black on White violent crime to urge patience or without implying either guilt on the White person or justification for the Black. Holder has shown his true “colors” when he refused to indict those members of the New Black Panther party who clearly (on video, no less) harrassed and prevented white voters from entering a polling place. Obama has shown his true colors when he called a white policeman stupid and when he made reference to Treyvon Martin looking like he could be his own son. Instead of urging patience or telling people to let the justice system handle things, they fan the flames and in doing so, seem to give the green light for further injustices.


    Submitted by RonPaulHemp on Sat, 04/28/2012 – 17:48inDaily Paul Liberty Forum
    I’m at the Louisiana HQ right now. 
    It’s confirmed…Ron Paul won Louisiana!!!

  69. Did you really expect those two neo nazi’s,fascist commies to say anything!!??? what a big no shyt that is, and old hayburner next door is what!!! of course the old black broad is going to say he’s a drunk and a n…….er hater, every since this 50% white trash was elected(he’s more white than black) it’s only 5% black……..guess they think they can do as they please and get away with and will, since the 50% whitey, doesn’t call for cooler heads, he just ignites it more!!!

  70. I carry a 9mm and have never shot anyone but if I’m in battled with 2 or more there will be evidence for the facts. The first strike of a mob, the little bitches will being laying dead in their own blood as mine runs freely but alive and will not discriminate..
    Obama’s administration and his little bitches Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the Black Panthers want to divide a nation, I say separate the head of the snake before it bites.
    The Black people are not involved, its the lowlifes who sold their people to the corrupt democrat s the true KKK. These henchmen and Obama are traitors to the American People and an embarrassment to our country.

  71. and no obama saying, “that could have been my half brother, from the White side of my family (similar to his “that could have been my son” comment)

  72. “Sharpton and Jackson to be the biggest racial bigots in the nation and perhaps they need to be investigated and charged with racial hate crimes themselves” plus New black panther & I agree.
    I’m not a white person & I can see the true is white people are VICTIMS because racist black can beat or kill any race, special white, they will never be charge for HATE CRIME but any race or white eventhough just by accident to kill black, they will be charge for hate crime if not it will be a RIOT like Roney king’s case. I’m sure this man if he survive he will never can come back normal like before. I feel sorry for him or any human or animals have to go through horrible like he did.

  73. “If they really want to stop racially motivated hate crimes, they need to be fair and speak out against it regardless of which color is attacking the other.” This is never going to happen. Sharpton, Jackson and their ilk are the biggest racist, hate mongering, and un-American filth in this nation. They have been stirring up racial hatred in the U,S, for decades, what makes anybody think they’re going to stop and start defending white people?
    The rest of us, white, black, Asian, etc. all need to denounce racism yet, at the same time, be prepared and remain vigilant over our own and loved ones safety. The racial divide in America has only begun, it’s going to get much worse and we will all need to defend ourselves against it.

  74. What is it when Blacks take over a neighborhood, village or city and their population reaches 30%, it is a tipping point for violence, theft, crime, robbery and outlaw behavior that even leaves many good Black Americans aghast. It is time for the Leftist Liberal Population to Stop Blaming the White Man and for the White Man to stop accepting the Guilt Trip that the Libtards drive on us.

    America will become another Rhodesia or South Africa if we continue to allow such Thuggery to exists in our midst. Black folks who accept such criminal behavior must be removed from the general population and incarcerated until such time they evolve into decent citizens or leave the planet and meet their maker. This happens to White Folk, why not Blacks too?

    White people do not accept Criminal Behavior of outlaws. It is commonly accepted in the Black Community because there is a False Sense that the ‘Man’ had it coming to him and Blacks are accepted as ‘Victims’. After all, the Liberal Press keeps feeding this Victim-hood Raw Sewage to America.

    Liberals and Leftists will NEVER let the Racial Wound in America Heal. Let’s get rid of the cancer that they are.

  75. The viscious beating of Matthew Owens by 20 Twenty Black vandals or theives has been the worst possible PR gaff in history. Those of us in the moderate black and white communities have both been set back several of hard won notches. I am also aware of the kidnapping, torture, mutilation, rape and murder of a hapless white couple by 5 black perpetrators. This incident was so horrendous in scope that even hardened crimminals are stunned. If this continues, and becomes a trend in progress Obama will have won His goal of inciting Racial unrest that could end with tragic results for all concerned.


  77. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson make money fanning hate when it involves white on black crimes. To speak out against black on white crimes as hate crimes might cause them to lose money!

  78. Speaking of . George Zimmerman, Sharpton says that Zimmerman is a “White Hispanic”. It has come to light that his grand father or great gran father was a black man that married a Peruvian women. How is Sharpton going to deal with that bit of info??

  79. Not only are those racists Jackson and Sharp-tongue responsible for this, but the main responsibility for such attacks rests upon our lying so-called “news” media: MSNBC, NBC; ABC; CNN; CBS and such as NY Times. Their hands are dripping with blood, with the way they have lied, twisted facts, misreported and incited blacks to riot.

  80. Where are all the liberals now????? you never hear from them when the blacks beat or kill any white person, why do you suppose they are so silent now??? Why don’t the Republicans say a word about any of this? I know the news media will never talk these stories up the way they love to never give up talking about the poor black (boy) man….

  81. 1) Unless you’re black never use the “N” word. Don’t use the word “boy” either. Any address, even if you call someone by his first name, can accelerate hostility. Find something else, if you feel you must call a trouble maker or potential attacker some name. Better to use no name at all, just speak calmly with authority if you have to or choose to confront potential attackers or trouble makers.

    2) If you can afford one, get a cell phone that has video capabilities. Had Ashley Parker had one, she might have been able to produce evidence to back up her brother’s version of what happened.

    3) Better than #1, is to call 911 to start with. If you’re already involved and the situation looks as if it’s getting out of hand, have a witness call 911. The police are better prepared to handle these sorts of events than any civilian.

    4) Don’t waste time thinking about the reverends Jackson and Sharpton. They have an agenda, and what happened to Mr Owens troubles them no more, no less than what happened to people in Kansas, Missouri, or Oklahoma who have lived through a tornado.

  82. I believe if you put Sharpton and Jackson in a sack you don’t even have to shake it up, guess what you pull out – you are correct, you get nothing but sh. . . . .
    Is there anyone who believes that Trayvon was not racial motivated? How come the fly by media don’t show the real picture of Trayvon, his real size and his real weight? instead we only see the little innocent boy. Why not being fair, why not throw racism out the door, somehow we don’t know how to do that or we want.

  83. If there ever was a hate crime, this was it! I amazes me that the MSM has completely ignored this attach. Then there is the crazy black nurse who shot the white new mommy dead with her new baby coming out of the hospital to go home and she stole her baby! There was an absolute media frenzy over the tragic Treyvon shooting, but nothing on these horrible events!

  84. Oh, and how about the hundreds of young black young men dying every day because they are shooting each other!!!??? Doesn’t anyone care about them???!!! This is crazy!

  85. Where were Al Sharpton, (who wrongly accused a white policeman of raping Tawana Brawley), and Jesse
    Jackson? Nowhere.

  86. My wife and I were attacked in Detroit once just for being white. The police called us idiots and told us to get out of the neighborhood and never return. O)f course, we had to go to the hospital first, but that was our fault for not paying attention to the fact that we were white people in the wrong part of Detriot.


  88. Everyone should realize by now that “hate” crimes are only committed by whites, never blacks. Blacks may do exactly the same things to whites that are done to them, or worse but because they are black it is never a hate crime. Don’t expect fairness from the “news” media. You will wait for a shrimp to whistle before you get that.
    Al Benson Jr.

  89. The fact is that most young blacks are murdered by young black males, not by racist white people. Why don’t Comrade Obama and the Revs. Wright, Jackson, and Sharpton respond to the many murders of black youths by other blacks instead of inciting riots over the few murders of blacks by white people???

  90. I wonder which one or how many of these Black street thugs would look exactly like OBMA’s son, if he was fortunate to have one , or does he ?????????? I wonder why, even their Parents hasn’t steeped forward to show remorse and see that all of them are punished. Their parents should have taught them some time or other “Do unto other as you would have them do unto you” . So, The next time ( and if they get away with this one ) and their will be a next time for them, it will be more severe and maybe some smart guy or girl will be carrying a gun and permit for self defense and take most, if not all of them out. Then Al and Jessie and these parents will come running. God (Jesus) TEACH THESE PARENTS TO BE RESPONSIBLE AND RAISE THEIR CHILDREN IN THE FEAR OF GOD. BRING (TEACH) THEM UP THE RIGHT WAY WHEN THEY ARE LITTLE AND THEY WILL NOT STRAY FROM THIS TEACHING WHEN THEY BECOME Adolescent OR Adults . Otherwise these situations will get worse day by day.

  91. I am so disgusted with REVERSE discrimination….AND I am worried about a racial war very near…..nobama is divided the nation instead of uniting same. He is a vicious and malicious POTUS (Pretentious of the United States…

  92. The historical failure of the United States consisted in not deporting all Negroes and their half breed spawns at the time that slavery was officially abolished in the US!
    The contunuing absence of sufficient political will at the present time to rectify this problem guarantees that the social costs to the US Taxpayers in Welfare ,entitlements, crime in the so called black communuity, racebaiting by so called black preachers,crime of blacks against whites, the decay of the inner cities, white flight, will continue to escalate!

  93. Do these people, yes I said it, these people, want to return to pre ’60’s ways? Because that is where thy are taking themselves.

  94. I find this amazing that “race crimes” whatever the color make the news as some sort of revelation. I was brought up in a predominately poor Hispanic neighborhood and race on race battles were common: white versus Hispanic, Hispanic versus black, white versus black was an everyday occurrence. Racial epitaphs always accompanied these confrontations. This was in the 1950s. And of course in my neighborhood, Hispanic on Hispanic crime was predominant. Just as in black neighborhoods, black on black crime predominates, or in white neighborhoods, white on white is the norm. I got in attacked by Hispanics and blacks just  because I’m white and nothing else. I got in fights with other whites just to prove I was tough.  I joined the Navy, in 1962 and and saw rampant racism from all sides including against Asians. Nevertheless, I also saw both as a child and in the Service many instances of acceptance and comradeship amongst the races. It is a choice yet it seems that often politicians and those who lead want to keep the racism alive at any cost.

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