Whoopi Goldberg Wants Communism

Whoopi Goldberg thinks Communism is a “great concept” and “makes perfect sense.” Why not, after all? She hasn’t been in a concentration camp; and none of her family has been there. Her houses and her bank accounts haven’t been confiscated. She hasn’t been reduced to wait at long lines for a piece of bread. (Although, I admit, it may help her a bit.) She hasn’t been forced to grovel before Party officials to get a job to feed her family. She can actually have her own business and her own investments and her servants and even her cars!

So why not try Communism? It can’t be that bad. After all, Whoopi doesn’t need to read all the testimonies of those that have been through it. Who would want to know what these people have been through? All that matters is that it sounds like a great idea. To Whoopi.

This is the greatness of America and of the free market capitalism: a person can be the stupidest fool on the planet, but as long as they have talent in one thing, and they are industrious and entrepreneurial to make the effort to apply themselves to work, they will become rich and famous.

The only problem is, of course, that when they become rich and famous, they are invited to give interviews where they can show their foolishness.

I can live with that. As long as there is liberty, I can ignore the fools. I couldn’t under Communism.

What would happen to Whoopi under the “great concept” of Communism? We can tell from the story of an American actor and singer who also believed that Communism was a “great concept”: Dean Reed. As talented as he was, Reed was a fool. He hated the capitalist West with its freedoms, and he loved Communism. Eventually, at the age of 36, he moved to East Germany, and offered his talent to the service of the Communist masters of that nation.

He was quite privileged, compared to most of us. He had a spacious apartment, generous income, he could travel freely around the world. He was free to make movies and concerts, all financed by the money of the Communist government. He had more than anyone in Eastern Europe could have; except, of course, the Party elite. Dean Reed must have been very happy to live in his newly found paradise.

It took 13 years for Reed to grasp the reality. Or, rather, to act on it. In 1986 he committed suicide. So much for the “great concept.”

It’s not too late for Whoopi. No, I don’t wish her what happened to Reed; far from me to wish Communism even to my worse enemy. But she can still move to North Korea if she is so inclined. They’ll be happy to accommodate her there, oh yes.

But she should read Reed’s biography before she goes there. It may save her life. And cure her from her foolishness too.

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    1. This hideous looking freak with the brain of a gnat would do better in a circus side show. oops, she has already got a seat in a circus side show. "THE VIEW" Why is it people think that Hollywood performers are exsperts on world events? Nuts like Penn, Damon, Golberg, Fonda and Baldwin to name a few.

    2. Whoopi its ok to be stupid, i mean it has to be all right, because you can't fix stupid,So if you want your stupid ass to live in a communist life style, just get on a plane and haul your big stupid ass away from here.

  1. If she loves it so much, she can pack her belongings and move to another country. I can name a few key people in government she can take with her, too.

    1. Cuba will welcome her along with Chavez in Venezuela. Perhaps she will love eating beans and rice every day, not have running water or having electricity most of the time. If she enjoys standing in line for bread and toilet paper, it should be ideal for her to go down there. How about working for $50 per month. How does that sound Whoopi? I am sure they can put you to work cutting sugar cane 12 hours a day.

      1. Whoopi should be in seventh heaven pretty soon. Obama is bringing Chavez Communism to America. It would do her good to wait in the long bread lines.

    1. Yea, I guess she is blowing wind out of the other end now…after her breaking wind episode on "the spew" even Befart wondered what was going on…

  2. Thecristiansolution – your runt is exactly what was used in communist propaganda in the Communist Russia. Wake up from dreaming antisemitic dreams. The world is much different that you think.

  3. Government employees live a basically Socialist life style, They produce nothing and get paid well over the average pay of a non government worker, Especially when benefits are included

  4. I would give Whoopie a nice sendoff if she would go to a country where communism is alive and well… say, N.Korea, perhaps. I would suggest she explore the real/true meaning of communism, but that would not fly because the meaning of illegal got lost in the 21st century shuffle and obviously for some the meaning here is lost. No, she definitly needs to take a trip to the Land of N.Korea and follow the yellow brick road over there. Bye Bye Whoopie. Some people don't learn a darn thing unless they walk in another man's shoes. What a twit!

  5. This marxist pig should walk the talk…either move to Russia where she might retain some of her Capitalist wealth or give it all up and show she believes in living like the poor…

    1. She should move to Cuba or Venezuela to get a taste of Real Communism! Russia is becoming more capitalistic just like China. Besides she'd be in good company with Sean Penn…another communist sympathizer who has plenty of money & doesnt have to live like the real people in those sorry countries! Castro is one of the richest men on the planet, but you dont see him sharing with his people who are still living back in the 1950's!



  6. "and cure her foolishness too"?
    I don't think there's anything that can cure that loud foul-mouthed person from foolishness. The only time she opens her mouth is to change feet.

  7. This is not new news that holiweird is filled with commie liberals. These fools were exposed in the 1950's too by then Senator Joe McCarthy. McCarthy rightly knew that most of hollyweird and a great percentage of our government was infested with marxist dupes and even full out spies. The news media of the day and the liberal spin machine went into high gear to discredit and villify him. Their tactics worked but all the commies went underground or otherwise slowed or stopped their activites. History and the Venona intercepts have all but proven that ole Joe was telling the truth. Our government is again filled with marxist or communist types starting from the top down. This time the media and liberal spin machine are using the race card in an attempt to hide from scrutiny and discredit anyone who would expose them.

    1. If I remember right, the House On Unamerican Activities brought down the "Hollywood 10" not Joe, he was a junior Senator at the time and hadn't started on rooting out the Communists. Of course the Democrats tried to lay that on Joe. No put down, just for your info.

      1. Don't forget Joy Behar, Chris Matthews, David Letterman, and a host of others. At least Letterman is funny, if you can learn to ignore his funky liberal bias.

        1. I'll try to respect your opinion of Letterman being funny but in my opinion he is NOT. It is his "way" of getting his opinion across. He is a total smart a__ right along with the rest of them.

  8. The Christian Solution is just a racist anti-Semite, hiding behind the guise of Christianity. He is just an idiot… a "useful idiot" to those same people who profess to like Communism! What they REALLY like is to control others!
    It does not matter whether such control is done nicely, or whether it is done by the barrel of a gun; it is STILL CONTROL!
    I think she should move to Cuba or Venezuela with Sean Penn, and the rest of the Hollywood dipsticks who profess to like murderers and rapists! Probably like the women enslaving Taliban, too!
    Traitors All!
    In the Spiprit of AMERICAN Liberty,

  9. Whooppi has not made a good movie in years, I now can add her to my list with Sean Penn and their ilk not to see any movie they are in or support. Her appearances on the View shows just how anti American they are, I hope she is dropped and pays the price for her stupid views.

  10. I'm truly surprised (maybe I shouldn't be) that you don't know that Whoopi Goldberg is a STAGE NAME!!!! Her real name is Caryn Johnson. Real jewish name, that, huh? Moron. And an anti-semitic moron, to boot. What, pray tell, do you think Jesus was, hmmm?

    1. Yes Jim, a real Jewish name – read the following: "She adopted the traditionally German/Jewish surname Goldberg as a stage name because her mother felt the original surname of Johnson was not "Jewish enough" to make her a star." – that's straight from Wikipedia, so stuff it! Also, the name 'Goldberg' (or anything like it) is not in any way 'traditional German', it's uniquely modern Jewish. As for Jesus being a Jew, you're equally ignorant. Jesus was a Judean, the term Jew was invented later as a shorter term for Judean. Another history lesson, the Judeans of Christ's time are not the same blood line of what are referred to today as Jews. They are of totally different genetics. So, no, Jesus was not a Jew as we know them today.

      1. Hey RebelRich76… Where does it say she converted to Judaism as the OP stated? So, you stuff it yourself. And FYI… Jesus was a Rabbi… also, research your genetics/religions a bit more and don't rely on the haters for your incorrect information on biblical history, and stop spreading your ignorance to others. And, I'll just add this for the OP, Jews do NOT love communism. Yet another idiotic statement!

        1. I should have been a little more explicit. Obviously Whoopi is African American and not ethnically Jewish nor is she of the Judaic faith that I am aware of. Verification here: http://www.jewornotjew.com/profile.jsp?ID=42

          However, there is the association besides taking a Jewish name that makes her in the Jewish camp. One of the biggest examples I can think of is her mocking of Roman Polanski's rape of a little girl by saying that it was not "rape-rape". All the Hollywood Jews were defending this child molestor for the mere fact that he was Jewish and Whoopi was in their crowd defending this criminal. I don't consider her to be a defender of moral Christianity.

          Jesus could not possibly ever be a Rabbi because Rabbis do not believe in Jesus.

          Jews do love communism and always have. You cannot make a serious case by saying that all the Jews who love communism are not Jews and therefore and hencewith, Jews do not support communism. I can just as well say that all the Christians who support the Republican Party are not true Christians – (and many may agree with me)

  11. Whoopi has never impressed me, not as an actress nor as an individual. She isn’t overly talented or intelligent. Her beauty is what has got her by. LOL As a member of a free nation she has the option and wealth to move to Cuba, N. Korea, China or other communist nation where she can live happily ever after. It would make a lot of us happy too.

  12. Whoopee! Whoopi wants COMMUNISM, then send her ass to Cuba, or Red China. Best place, move her to North Korea. Here is a perfect example of the kind of people who have a very nice life. So she thinks communism would be good for all the OTHER people. Most people don't realize that in the biggest communist country, the former Soviet Union, THEY TOO HAD CLASSES OF PEOPLE. There was the "high ups" who lived in grand houses, mansions, BIG cars, plenty to eat, never wanted for anything. Then there was the majority, who had to wait in line for hours to get a loaf of bread. Who had to share a two bedroom apartment with two other families. They wanted for just about everything. Now guess WHICH life style Whoopi would enjoy under communism. Of course she would like communism………………..lets hope she keeps voting Democrat, after awhile she'll be PAYING HIGHER TAXES, she's rich, perfect target for her chosen political party. Can she be that stupid?

  13. Whoopi says it makes perfect sense? Only if you begin with a premise that man is a creature of the state and has no individual rights. Logic without true premises reveals all kinds of nonsense. It does no good to apply logic without a complete picture which means premises that are not faulty. This is how many bought into a system that didn't work and never will.

  14. Communism is not what any person with a brain wants. This shows that Whoopie doesn't have a brain or at least one used regularly. We don't need people like her able to make any decisions for the rest of us. And she is also a shallow person only interested in trying new things including drugs or anything else 'popular'. She no doubt thinks Communism is just another neat way to live like having a summer home or something only she probably thinks it's like a block party.

    1. But Wait,! communisim is GREAT,–till all the wealthy folks money runs out , then EVERYONE(except the Politarit ) starves equelly !!!

  15. Yes – here we have old Whoopie making whoopie and opening her bif fat ugly black lips to spout a lot of Communistic BS. It is her ilk that I hate loathe and detest with a passion, in fact all the Hollywood rubbish should be exported to Russia and all their wealth confiscated and given to the poor like her imam hussein wants to do. Come on ugly Whoopie be first in the line to hand over all your wealth.

  16. I can tell Whoopi where she can go to find a place that is TRYING to make a go of Communism. I don't think we would miss her at all.

  17. Whoopi has hurt a lot of people by her stupid remark and should apologize to the many people living in the U.S. that used to reside in Communits Nations.

  18. Well Whoopi may want Communisim but for sure she could really use a new face and a tighter bod. I know this is not political correct but the woman is just butt ugly! My bad?

  19. Then, let Whoopi doopie move. She doesn't have to think we need or want communisim here. When you go Whoopi doopie, take obummer with you!!

    1. Some get away with saying a whole lot more than I said and I was the one deleted! Freedom of speech is gone from this cite too. I only said the d word/.

    2. Yeah I know I just wrote that Dems go thru this crap about taking away medicare every elections and they wouldn, print it. I begging to this this Blog is leberal.

  20. I think you are delusional. Ask any Jewish person who came from the Soviet union if "most Jews love Communism". I'll bet none do. I realize that some Jews were complicit in helping the rise of Communism, but perhaps they were also trying to stay out of Hitler's concentration camps – Different times sir. Sometimes necessity makes strange bedfellows.

    Also, the Nazi's and the Communist's/Socialists are the same in outcome, it is only the path to get there that differs slightly.

    1. I realize that some Jews were complicit in helping the rise of Communism, but perhaps they were also trying to stay out of Hitler's concentration camps
      The Jews had been agitating to overthrow the Christian Czar since at least the 1970's. Stalin's judeo-gulag camps came before Hitler was even in power. The Red Scare was from the late 1910s. Judeo-Commisar Lazar Kanganovigh was starving the entire counry of the Ukraine during the harsh cold winter of 32-33. Hitler came to power in January 1933, just weeks after the first of 7 million starvation deaths.

    2. Jewish Commissars ordered all the Polish officers slaughtered they captured when Judeo-Communists invaded Poland at the same time Hitler freed Germans in former German lands then under Polish rule. The Katyn Forest massacre was to be a Nazi atrocity, but instead was a Judeo-Communist atrocity.

    3. I will agree with you on one point. No one should want to admit they were a supporter of Stalin any more than anyone would want to admit they were a supporter of Hitler. But the fact remains that Jews called for a world wide economic boycott on a nation dependant upon exports. You cannot declare war and not expect someone to fight back. Same goes when the rage among Jewish circles in New York City was to have all German men, women and children Christians neutered.

  21. I agree with most of what Ron Paul said. Except I do not think she is pretty. I think she is uggly. I would not watch any program she would be in. She can leave the USA anytime. I would even help her pack.

  22. It seems since Obama took office and installed radical Socialists with deep ties to Communism throughout his administration; the professed communists and their supporters are coming out of the woodwork like termites. It must be that they think that they now have the strength to operate openly. I hope this is a wake up call for America. If not we can kiss our country goodby.

  23. I hope Woopie finds a communist country to move to and soon… I hope she will be happy there, I know many of us will be happy she is happy there and not here anymore… by by Woopie, by by…

  24. Perfect example of the Hollywood Elite mentality. They became mega rich super stars on capitialism and then want to wonder why we are not under communist rule. Pack your bags with every other righteous Hollywood elite and pick a commie country.

  25. hey you who speak of what you know nothing about. I heard her comment she said on paper that its sounded wonderful but when you try and put it practice with human is when it doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!
    don't mis quote her. I am not crazy about all that comes out of her mouth but get it right will you guys

  26. I am NOT a fan of Whoopi Goldberg, but, she did NOT say that she WANTED communism. She SAID that it's an idea that looks good on paper, but which does NOT work in reality because of the nature of HUMAN BEINGS. Although I do not agree that communism looks good . . . . . . even on paper . . . . . . that is no justification for anyone distorting her ACTUAL words.

  27. Nothing is keeping Whoopie from experiencing this "great concept" right now. There are thousands of "true Americans" who would be more than happy to buy her a one way ticket to the communist paradise of her choice. These blow hards never "walk the walk."

  28. Whoopi Doopi Goldberg apparently knows very little about communism, and has never read the Communist Manifesto. She doesn't realize that communists leaders do not allow public ownership of property, or whe may know that, but she is tired of all the hassle of taking care of you own property. She may just want some kindly sould to take care of her, thell her what to do, and when to do it. Maybe she thinks that under the communist system she would be one of the elite, living off the labor of the hoi polloi. I have always been of the opioion that Whoopi was just another loud mouthed member of our royalty, the entertainment industry, and actually was as dumb as an ox.

  29. It seems I remember boehner walking out on President Obama during budget talks and now that once again the congress and once again the house is dysfunctional under boehner's leadership wants President Obama to again do boehner's job and unite the house into voting for a solution. I believe President Obama has enough on his plate that he doesn't need to add boehner's and the republinos' incompetence to it. Another of the amazing and unbelievably mind boggling events in the world of politics is republinos continue to vote for republinos. Wait and see, boehner will get reelected along with enough republinos to continue to cause harm to not only our country but the whole world.

  30. I wonder if she would be willing to give up her millions to share with the poor. Poor dope never lived in a communist, socialist country.

  31. "humble and loving as Ron Paul" ??? You, sir are what we call in America a MORON… So go back to the middle east, grab your favorite camel and do what you guys do best.

    1. I am not a camel jock as was said in my college days. I would fully support a Russian Christian reoccupation of Constantinople that was denied the Russians by the Jews in the Crimean War. In retrospect, given all that has gone on in the Middle East, Ronald Reagan did more harm than good to give Muslims in Afghanistan stinger missles to shoot Russian Christians out of the sky. I objected streneously to Clinton's bombing of Christian Serbs to protect Kosovo Muslims. (As well as Clinton's shock troops shooting up a Waco home filled with Christian women and children.)

    2. I object to Judeo-Kissinger's "shuttle diplomancy" where he traded Turkey's july 74 invasion of half of Greek Christian Cyprus in exchange for the Muslims to allow Israel to keep territory won in the Oct 73 Yom Kippur War and Richard Nixon's massive airlift of aid to Israe.

      The Greek side has traditionally blamed the U.S. administration of President Richard Nixon, and in particular Henry Kissinger, for supporting Turkey before and during the Turkish military invasion, following a decision by the U.S. National Security Council in May 1974 to bring an end to the Cyprus problem.

      — Wikipedia — Turkish Invasion of Cyprus

  32. Let's not stop with Whoopie,,, all progressive liberals, including the current admin, can leave. If they dislike the USA so much, let them go live elsewhere,, one way ticket please. These people can't think they would escape the horrors of communism do they? Do they expect to receive special treatment because of who they are?? I bet so… Such loosers,,,,

  33. Who pays attention to that knappie haired woman? It is absurb for a rich person to promote communism because they have the most to lose. That news belongs in the comic section.

  34. Some people suggested whoppie should go to different Communist Countries to live, she should go to Russia, they are still Commuinist and fooling the world that they are not. In fact all the dummies that are actors and mostly movie actors who don't like it here should be taken away and made to live in any Communist Country of their choise, if they don't like the USA. That would mean good by to 3/4 of the a–holes who are rich beyind their wildest dreams. We the real people shoiuld boycott all the Movies and the directors, like Speilberg who gave millions to the #1 Jew hater of the world Obama.
    There was a story once when I was a little boy about a guy wwho hated the United States of America, he was put on an American sailiong ship and was never allowed to set foot on American soil again, He died broken hearted because he gave up his freedom.

  35. Isn't it much easier to just go to a country where communism is already established? She needs to leave NOW and leave the rest of us to live the way we want to. FREE!!!

  36. Isn’t she supposed to be a comedian? Does anyone remember even one thing she ever said that made you laugh? No? Me either!

  37. Whooppie hates whites, thats one reason I never watched her show.One more Obama has brain- washed.She can moved to any communist country any time she wants to.It would be good riddence.

  38. I saw the clip. It didn't sound like that to me. Here's the full quote: "Communism makes perfect sense on paper." She's right.
    It makes perfect sense on paper. The truth? The Pilgrims, those paragons of virtue, tried communism. It failed miserably and they switched to capitalism. Who else? The settlers at Jamestown. They, too, failed.

  39. She can act, somewhat, she can talk somewhat and even think, somewhat, but act, talk and think responsibly is something she has never been capable of, so whatever she says isn't even funny anymore, it's the verbal waste material she flushes routinely to cover the otherwise foulness of her life and beliefs, not to mention a horribly deficient intellect, like Obummer and all extreme liberals. She has my sympathy, as all those who have little talent, are spiritually bankrupt and think the only way to square their lack of character and intelligence is to support a state that smears their crap on everyone else to sort of average out what is good from that which is bad. She is so lacking in historical and current events, she thinks communism actually worked somewhere . . she needs to go to ANY previous Soviet block country and check their opinion of her's. I Have!

  40. The blacks all like communism because they think that's the way that they'll get their reparations from the white man. They are all pushing for communism.. I knew obama would turn out to be a communist long before he was elected.

  41. Maybe Whoopi should move to that communist paradise North Korea and commune with its latest Kim Il . The new Kim would love to have her possessions. Under communism they would belong to Kim. Please move there soon Whoopie!
    Take Sean Penn with you!

  42. It is obvious poor Whoopie doesn't know what really goes on in communist dominated countries. If she did, she would wash her mouth out with soap. If she does know then she mistakenly thinks she is so important that eventual communists would allow her to keep her wealth.

  43. Unless she's part of the politiburo, she better be prepared to hand over all her millions to the state. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need (or needs)" – Karl Marx

  44. Those who think Communism is great, simply live in a fantasy world. Whoopi is plain ol' chock full o' nuts. I just shake my head in disgust and dismay everytime I hear some rich celebrity expound on the wonders of communism. Do they really think their riches would be safe? I guess they think so. She's just one more of them who have no idea how lucky they really really are!

  45. I don't know what Whoopi's problem is but she should remember that she became famous and wealthy through a Capitalistic system. Let's see how tolerant the commies and is lam would be to her. The commies would strip her of her wealth and the mooz ies would strip her of her head because she is gay. I did so enjoy her performance in 'Ghost' and other movies. It's baffling why she has an attitude!

  46. I find it strange that one who would scream and carry on about past slavery would think this was a good idea.
    Yeah, slavery for EVEYONE.

    These liberals are giving Lowes a hard time about pulling their ads from that Muslim in America show, I am thinking of doing the same to companies that advertise on ‘The View’. If I were on that show, I would have spoken up, and I would have gone to the producer and said “she is entitled to her idiot opinion, but I am not going to sit on the same stage as a commie sympathizer”.
    My mother came here from Cuba when Castro was gearing up, she was pregnant with me and had married my father when he was stationed there. She was divorced from her first husband, and was forced to leave her daughter from her first marriage behind thinking she would be able to bring her here after becoming an American citizen. She did become a proud Amrican, but was never allowed to bring my half sister here and my mother died at the age of 32 never seeing her first daughter again.

    Whoopie Goldberg, you are WRONG. Wrong, WRONG, WRONG. And you should be on your knees thanking God that you live in this country.

    I’ll tell you, those commercials about her “leaking” on herself really turn my stomach, I can’t change the channel fast enough. She already makes me sick, then she wants to tell me about her lack of urine control….heebie jeebies. Disgusting.

  47. I was in Russia ,right after it opened up to the rest of the world, and I am sorry Whoopie did not see the devastation that existed in that country after 70 years of Communism. Any sane person would not wish that on any country much less one that has given her the opportunities she has had in the United States. If she insists on being stupid, she should keep it to herself. "The View" is the most dangerous, ill informed program on the air and should be taken off. The sponsors should stop supporting it.

  48. More on Whoopi. Can't get enough of the LIBTARD POSTER CHILD! Her Sphincter Muscle and Cranial Cavity has been wired to each other for thinking processes.

  49. Another multimillionaire beneficiary of Capitalism and democracy, wanting to destroy it in America. Has she, or MIchael Moore, got a brain? Another idiot able only to memorize script is given the public spotlight. No one should care about her wishes.

  50. Whoopi needs to stay in acting: it fits her PERFECTLY: a fake! Every actor is a fake, NONE are what they act as: So whoopi (Not her real name..see a fake, just like her buddy Obama). Incidently: EVERY country/Govt. business etc is capitalistic in nature, and IF Whoopi had any sense she would see that! Capitalism is every business having capital, and selling or bartering it or making it available in some form…What Whoopi the fake didn't realize was that the ONLY diffeance between Capitalism and Communism and Socialism and Facism is only ONE differance…i.e. the "OWNERSHIP" That's it, who owns the capital is the differanc! Here is a lesson in Business, Communism=the govt owns it all Capitalism=the people own it and run it and make it work thru supply and demand, facism = thecapitol is partly owned by the govt and partly by the people. Big Business the govt owns and small business the peole own, but the govt still has some say what small business does! The ONLY one that TRUELY works is Capitolism!! All others fail!! Got it??? OH: Socialism= the monety arm of Communism and ONE ususally follows the other! Class ends now!! STUDY Class!! Test to come!!

  51. I'll have to admit I'd never heard of Dean Reed until now. But his story should serve as a cautionary tale for people like Whoopi and other Useful Idiots who've never lived under such dangerous conditions.

  52. Hey Guys, NOT understanding why MY comments could not appear on site, NOW? Why must I be screened? I have NOT cursed or demeaned anyone, ONLY I told the truth and gave a small business class to someone who does NOT understand economics! I thought I had the right to voice my thoughts, as long as it wasn't yelling fire in a movie theatre or such like! Hmmmmmm

  53. WOW, My last comment made it on the site right away!! Whoopi Goldberg is still wrong, good actress but still wrong about communism and Busines!

  54. Hate to say this, but That dumb B-i-t-c-hisn't the only one in America believes that, Look at the Government and ask yourself WHO the He// voted for these Dirtbags???. This country is FULL of Commie Scum-Bags. they go by the name "Progressives now. Joe McCarthy tried. but didn't get enough help. We have to weed the POS out and get rid of them. "Semper Fi".

  55. I believe we can get the money to send her to the commie land any day. Back in WW2 there were a few folks in hollywood that were in the same boat . So we can expect the same in this day and age. She is wlcome to go and we don't want it here anytime.

  56. Whoopie needs to move to Cuba or North Korea and enjoy all the benefits of the communism she thinks is such a great concept. I wonder what she'll look like after starving!

  57. This coming from the same idiot that said "there's rape and then there's "rape rape". I wish there was a petition to get her butt kicked off of The View.

  58. WOOOOOPI is just mad because she resembles an ape with a curly top so much !! she , joy big rear , janie fonda, michelle osama , cathy grifford ( ugh .. makes sick to mention her ) and some other sweethearts ought to just a very long ,very speedy plane some where …and just stay there …forever !

  59. Whoopi and the rest of her hags on the show need stop. i hate the hollywood types that live one way and tell the others how we should live.

  60. Communism IS a 'great concept'. The fact is though, Communism has never actually been practiced in any scale to speak of on this planet. There is the form of government that has been called 'Communism', but it only hi-jacked the name & left the ideology on the curb, as it went on to become a despotic dictatorship that attempted to fool people by calling itself Communism.
    I don't personally take an active part in any form of government beyond observing and making occasional comments. There truly isn't any GOOD political government on this planet, only certain ones that are somewhat less evil then others & what we have in the US of A definitely isn't at the top of the heap of 'Least Evil'.
    The Bible is right on the money in Ecclesiastes 8:9 {{man has dominated man to his injury}} I could say & quote more, but will leave it at that.

  61. It would be nice if people had a clue about what they spout off about.
    Very Apparent by the comments made that almost no one here has the slightest clue of what the premise of communism really is. Just a bunch of opinionated, ignorant persons spouting the propaganda that they have been raised with. Those countries that are being referred to as being 'Communist' are all despotic dictatorships. They took the title of communism, but there is none of the actual ideology of the concept of communism being practiced in those countries.

  62. Does anyone here care that her comments were taken out of context and that it may benefit the author to include the full statement, or is that too strenuous? That doesn't get people riled up enough? In a nutshell, she said "(communism) doesn't work." I'm not a fan of hers,but the author of this article spent Zero energy into including full context. I expect to receive learned, sarcastic responses, of course.

  63. i stopped watching the view cuz i couldn't stand looking at this stupid, ugly woman. she is so unladylike…sits down with her legs apart…like a fat,old man.

  64. Why is it that the left wants to stay here changing life here? They simply can move to another country where policies like communism have "flourished".
    I'd really like to see wannabe entertainers like Whoopi put their mouth where their money is by seeing how far their "talents" would take them in the film industry under communism. With her mouth, anyone smell a gulag for her like I do?

  65. The best way to shut woo-pi up is stop supporting her. Don't watch her commercials, in fact write the sponsors and tell them you won't the buy the product with that she taunts, don't watch the view, don't go to any of her movies, don't do anything that might put a penny in her ugly pocket. It might not be much money to her but if everyone who does not follow her beliefs did this it would eventually hit her bottom line. Her ignorance has been evident for years. I am thankful that what goes around does eventually come around. Because of the freedom we currently have in America she can spout her crap but that does not mean we have to support her.

  66. Unfortunately, Whoopie represents over 90% of the Black American population, including many born-again Christians and ministers, who would vote for Obama again even though he is collapsing our economy and taking away our liberties and jobs. . I think 70% of this population lived in fatherless homes, drop out of junior high and depend on Obama’s welfare and crime for their living. ..So how many pearls of wisdom can you expect from this bunch.

  67. Whoopi was paid real big, not by US but by Big Business….
    aka the corporates…. and Big Business will be instructing
    the silly woman to talk communitarianism under cover
    of protection from cosa nostra banksters.

    Guess who wins? (but only if We the People allow it)

    It sure ain't US

    Read more: Whoopi Goldberg Wants Communism | Godfather Politics http://godfatherpolitics.com/2742/whoopi-goldberg

  68. Talk is cheap and it's easy for her to emote and emit profoundly stupid rhetoric because there isn't a chance she will back up her thoughts with action and move to a country embracing the ideology of her choosing.

  69. Whoopi is a fool. She is also stupid. But it is the public who gives her power by watching her movies and on The View. I have never seen a Whoopi movie and never will. She will get no power from me.

  70. I hope Whoopi moves to a communist country. I would like to make a bet with someone on how long it takes Whoopi
    to commit suicide also. I love it when idiots take their own lives. It leaves more oxygen for the rest of us.

    1. or Sean Penn and Madonna, the rich/elite bored want so much to sit in the Collesium and watch the poor serfs, (us), suffer, what a rush, too bad we the people have made you all rich, so be it.

    2. LOL problem is, Fidel’s brother is now opening up markets and allowing capitalism back into Cuba. He stated that when the government does everything, it takes the incentive to do better away from the people…(duh) and there are more and more entrepreneurs springing up throughout Cuba. When Chavez dies, Venezuela will toss their government to the curb too. Communism doesn’t work, and it took Cuba 60 years to realize it. Germany is moving to private healthcare because socialized medicine is too expensive. All of the FREE stuff looks good on paper, but it doesn’t work.

      I’m willing to bet that Whoopi would be the first to scream about the government coming in and taking her house, money, cars, clothes (ick) etc and put her in the same cubicle as everyone else. She’s almost as stupid as Joy Behar.

  71. Doesn’t she beat all? I used to like her. She also thinks that 9-11 had nothing to do with Muslims, and she thinks she is an expert on what it is like for a woman to live in a Muslim country. She should try both scenarios. Try Saudi Arabia, my dear, and see how they treat women, especially black women with money (hint: you don’t hear much about that, do you? Wonder why?) Talk about social justice!! She would be stripped of her ridiculous wardrobe, her cars, servants, freedom, bank accounts, and her civil rights. Probably stripped naked and whipped in public, because of her personal beliefs on sexuality, Then, if she were lucky, she would be shuffled off to some type of reeducation camp to emphasize to her how she is supposed to think and behave under a male-dominated, totalitarian hell-hole!!

    1. Whoopi Goldberg is just a stage name, unless she has had it legally changed. I forget her real name, but it is nothing like Goldberg.

  72. Whoopi….please contact me for a one way, all expenses paid ticket to the communist country of your choosing! If you don’t love America and our freedom, then GET OUT! No one is keeping you here and our nation will be better off without you! Take the rest of your “The View” friends with you! Why is it that only loud-mouthed, stupid liberal elitists seem to think that communism is so great? Funny that most citizens of former communist countries don’t agree! This obnoxious twit makes me want to hurl!!!

  73. what a fool, but then what do you expect from someone who was a regular star on a tv show that promoted a communist ‘utopia’.
    I’m talking about Star Trek of course.

  74. She should move to a commie country nobody is stopping her, everyone should encourage her to move we don’t need people like her living among us, they just cause problems.

    1. Funny one!!!

      I once had the opportunity to chat with her while waiting at the airport. What a ding-bat wacko! Let’s put it this way, her elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor. She appeared rational at first but then took a very hard left.

  75. Too bad Whoopi Goldberg missed the opportunity to participate in Mao Tse Dung’s “Cultural Revolution” (an estimated 60 million dead for communism) or Stalin’s purge (an estimated 22 million dead before the rise of Hilter’s Germany)
    She may have been pleased to have received a personal invitation from North Korea to supervise a concentration camp personally for a few weeks that brought on her Jane Fonda style rant, which notoriously was “If you knew what is was to be Communist, you’d get down on your knees and pray god to make you a Communist.” (Cir. 1969)

  76. Whoopi is free to move to the communist country of her choice. She does not need to foist it on those who believe in individual freedoms, those that our Constitution ensures. Communism is just another form of slavery, you are forced to work for the benefit of someone else, whether you want to or not.

    Those Constitutional freedoms, to dream and reach for success, have allowed the progress seen in medical discoveries and technology, over the past 250 years, that the older, more repressive, societies were unable to achieve in thousands of years.

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