Why President Obama Will Lose in a Landslide

Wayne Allan Root is a former Libertarian Vice-Presidential nominee and a Las Vegas oddsmaker. Root states up front that he won’t vote for either Obama or Romney. Being a Libertarian, his first choice is Ron Paul, but since Paul is not running as a third-party candidate, Root’s going to vote for Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson. Even so, Root thinks Romney will win in a landslide.

He presents some interesting historical facts that he says point to “a resounding Romney victory.” In 1980, Root points out, “Reagan was losing by 9 points to Carter. Romney is right now running even in polls.” Root offers the following on popular voting blocks to back up his landslide claim:

1. Black voters. Obama has nowhere to go but down among this group. His endorsement of gay marriage has alienated many black church-going Christians. He may get 88% of their vote instead of the 96% he got in 2008. This is not good news for Obama.

2. Hispanic voters. Obama has nowhere to go but down among this group. If Romney picks Rubio as his VP running-mate the GOP may pick up an extra 10% to 15% of Hispanic voters (plus lock down Florida). This is not good news for Obama. [Editor’s Note: Obama’s latest immigration ploy could affect the Hispanic vote. How Romney responds will make a difference.]

3. Jewish voters. Obama has been weak in his support of Israel. Many Jewish voters and big donors are angry and disappointed. I predict Obama’s Jewish support drops from 78% in 2008 to the low 60s. This is not good news for Obama.

4. Youth voters. Obama’s biggest and most enthusiastic believers from 4 years ago have graduated into a job market from hell. Young people are disillusioned, frightened, and broke — a bad combination. The enthusiasm is long gone. Turnout will be much lower among young voters, as will actual voting percentages. This not good news for Obama.

5. Catholic voters. Obama won a majority of Catholics in 2008. That won’t happen again. Out of desperation to please women, Obama went to war with the Catholic Church over contraception. Now he is being sued by the Catholic Church. Majority lost. This is not good news for Obama.

6. Small Business owners. Because I ran for Vice President last time around, and I’m a small businessman myself, I know literally thousands of small business owners. At least 40% of them in my circle of friends, fans and supporters voted for Obama 4 years ago to “give someone different a chance.” I warned them that he would pursue a war on capitalism and demonize anyone who owned a business…that he’d support unions over the private sector in a big way…that he’d overwhelm the economy with spending and debt. My friends didn’t listen. Four years later, I can’t find one person in my circle of small business owner friends voting for Obama. Not one. This is not good news for Obama.

7. Blue collar working class whites. Do I need to say a thing? White working class voters are about as happy with Obama as Boston Red Sox fans feel about the New York Yankees. This is not good news for Obama.

8. Suburban moms. The issue isn’t contraception; it’s having a job to pay for contraception. Obama’s economy frightens these moms. They are worried about putting food on the table. They fear for their children’s future. This is not good news for Obama.

9. Military Veterans. McCain won this group by 10 points. Romney is winning by 24 points. The more our military vets got to see of Obama, the more they disliked him. This is not good news for Obama.

Add it up. Is there one major group where Obama has gained since 2008? Will anyone in America wake up on election-day saying “I didn’t vote for Obama 4 years ago, but he’s done such a fantastic job. I can’t wait to vote for him today”? Does anyone feel that a vote for Obama makes their job more secure?

Forget the polls. My gut instincts as a Vegas oddsmaker and common sense small businessman tell me this will be a historic landslide and a world-class repudiation of Obama’s radical and risky socialist agenda. It’s Reagan-Carter all over again.

But I’ll give Obama credit for one thing — he is living proof that familiarity breeds contempt.

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  1. Hopeful article. From his mouth to God’s ear.

    Indeed, familiarity breeds contempt. Had the media done its job of vetting Obama 4 years ago and informed Americans about his nebulous past, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in today. Instead a whole new narrative was created which lionized and elevated the poser to the position of hero-savior.

    Therefore, the media is, in part, culpable for the state of America today.

        1. Not me but, i heard all about it on my buddy Mark Lavine’s radio show last night, this is the reason my tv does not go to any of the 3 big networks or their affiliates…..

    1. The media is not ‘ in part” culpable.—-They are the main cause that the country is in the shape we are in. If they would have told every thing about him, he would have had no chance of winning.

  2. Romney was a poor choice. His own party does not support him. He is running on the “I’m not Obama” platform. That might get him votes, but no way will this be a landslide. I’ll take that bet Godfather.

    1. Best strategy yet……”I’m NOT Obama!!’ You’ve got my vote! I’d vote for a pair of worn out sneakers before I’d vote for the poser-n-thief!!
      What an atrocity Obummer is!!!! I can’t believe he is giving Holder Executive Privilege! He’s fricking DONE now!!!

      1. this November we will SEE IF America steps up to the plate, we won 2 world wars and brought down the Soviet Union to Defend our way of life, if obama gets re-elected WE DON’T HAVE IT IN US ANYMORE… and America will DESERVE the TYRANNY and MISERY to come. i Pray we WIN this battle.

    2. None of the Republican candidates were a perfect choice, but ANY of them are 100 times better than Obama. That is the real choice

    3. Most Americans are aghast at what Obama has been doing to this country. While Republicans are luke-warm on Romney, they are energized in their avid opposition to Obama and his Marxist policies. I don’t know that this will produce a landslide in Romney’s favor, but I am very hopeful that it will result in the removal from office of the “Destroyer.”

    1. From what I hear from political commentators who have interviewed him. he is a nice to your face person. (BUT…”The Bigger the Smile; the sharper the knife”..Hilary J. Bader, Ferengi Rule of Aquisition #48). Perhaps his forte would have been as a basketball coach for LaPetite Academy

  3. Evil and Depraved – Corrupt and Character-Less – Narcissistic and Moral-Less;
    No president has ever been so openly anti-Christian..
    We have earned this miserable slug by apathy and tolerance in allowing evil to be called tolerable and good.
    With-out our country turning in mass to our Creator Yeshua (Jesus), we will continue to circle the drain.

    1. Obama demanded that the Cross be removed from Georgetown University for his speech and no Christian would ever demand that. I heard Obama his tell George Steponopoulus on ABC Tv about his “Muslim faith” and he bowed to the Saudi King in the muslim tradition.
      I don’t know if Obama is a shiite muslim or just a COMMUNIST.

        1. You are correct, Obama can be a muslim and a communist because they use similar tactics. Obama was elected in 2008 because our media hid his muslim background, marxist sympathies and black power loyalties and that HE hated women as much as Lenin and Stalin hated women.

  4. If it is so, it’s only because the Elites got TIRED of obama doing NOTHING and they figure that they’ll put in a new PUPPET, romney, to see if he’s more “capable” of fulfilling their AGENDA

  5. Anyone who “No Votes” for Romney or votes for some 3rd party candidate will in effect be voting for OBAMA.

      1. Between today and Nov. 4 I will continue to ask GOD to guide me in my decision to vote or not to vote. HE is the one that I will go to for advice. And don’t think for a moment that GOD does not have a plan, we will win IF WE PUT IT INTO HIS HANDS.

        ii Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will her from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land

        1. Evermyrtle, I am a pastor. It is important that you vote against obama! Obama has supported every wicked program brought before him. He supports the murder of God’s innocent children through abortion. He supports gay marriage: he has divided our country along racial lines; I could go on and on. We need your vote! At least Romney is against these terrible sins!

        2. Evermyrtle, we all love scriptures and deep thought, but as Mary correctly pointed out above with the list of evil this President and Administration hangs their hat on, I believed God says ” vote and vote for Romney”.
          nuf said . . . .

        3. @Cramer, I guarantee God is not telling anyone to vote for a Mormon. To vote for a Mormon is to insult Jesus Christ. I am not voting for an Islamic and I am not voting for a Mormon. It is time for a 3rd party with American values.

        4. Now there is a great Christian attitude…..NOT! Looks like bnmoore threw the first stone. What does Jesus says about throwing stones? Who needs a righteous attitude like yours? Stay home November 4th if you vote for a 3rd party. You’ll be backing a loser anyway!

        5. Last time I checked Mormons were Christians, just as much as Baptists, Roman Catholics, or any other denomination. I have had Mormon friends in the past and they were just as Christian as anyone else. The same is true about Amish and Mennonites. Jesus said “He who believes in me shall not parish but have everlasting life,” not he who belongs to this or that church. I’m not a Mormon, but I believe Romney will be light years ahead of the Muslim that is in the White House now.

        6. Jesus also said you must be “born-again”…not just a pew-sitter(like I was for 28 years)…are you? The very “religious” people who put Jesus on the cross, were VERY religious…followed the Law to the letter, prayed to God all the time. But Jesus said “you are of your father, the devil”. Not a good thing. So don’t let Satan fool you with religion folks. He wil inoculate you with religion, so you don’t catch the REAL thing (Christianity). Go 3rd party! And if we’re lucky, Obummer will BE in a landslide.

        7. White falcon: do some serious research about Mormonism. They are NOT a born again, Bible believing bunch. Their doctrine is false. Don’t say they are Christians when they clearly are not.

        8. ort: I am not Mormon, but what I have seen of Mormonism, they are as Christian, if not more, than many who claim to be Christian. An area of fault that I see is that many denominations keep slamming other denominations, over “I am holier than thou” because my Church is the true real thing. Christians need to understand “together we stand, divided we fall”.
          In 2008 the American Voter got caught up in the ‘hate Bush’ agenda. Don’t get caught up in the ‘hate Mormonism’ tempest in a teapot in 2012. You have seen what Obama and his Administration has done to the Country. Vote and make it a good one . . . . And you think Obama is Christian??

        9. Xman: I’m sorry, but there is no compromise on this one. The Mormons believe Jesus was a created being and is the brother of lucifer. They teach that God the Father is nothing more then a man who attained godhood. I could go on, but I don’t need to. NONE of this nonsense is in the Bible, which is the innerant word of God.
          The apostle Paul said in Galatians “even if we, or an angel from heaven preaches another Gospel other than the one we first preached to you, let him be accursed.”. He repeats it again, because it is that important.
          I suggest that you study your Bible because the Lord said to ” take heed that no man deceive you” and Paul says to put on the whole armor of God, which is His Word, so that you know the truth from a lie. And this is exactly why Mormonism is a cult. Period.

        10. You too need to do some research. “Mormon” is only a nickname for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You don’t know their doctrine if you say it is false. They follow more of the Bible than any other religion. How long have you answered to the nickname you had when you were young?

        11. Mormonism and Christianity are not compatible. They teach contrary doctrines. Only one can be right, the other is a false religion. To say that Mormonism is Christian tells me you probably don’t understand the doctrines of either one. This is a very important issue. What you believe about God will determine where you spend eternity. You don’t get to make up your own rules, which is what Joseph Smith did. Joseph Smith will be held accountable for having led many people away from God, not to Him.

        12. WhiteFalcon: You have it right. I have know, and worked with many Mormon
          people thru the years. I have found them to be more religious and down to earth,
          than many other so called religious people. I think that Govenor Romney will
          be a great president, remember what he did for the 2002 Olympics, they were
          going broke, when he came in and saved the day, they finished making money.
          A vote for Romney will save this country from going over the CLIFF.

        13. Jesus paid a terrible price by being crucified on a cross that He would become the sacrificial lamb that would take away the sins of the world. Mormons don’t believe that. They dishonor God’s son and the price He paid to make eternal life available to them. If you suffered and died a horrible death to save someone and then that someone snickered at what you did for them, how do you think your father would feel about it and you? Stating facts is not throwing stones. Those who understand the price Jesus paid will understand what I am saying, others may not.

        14. This is why you need a third – Evangelical Party. You need someone who will govern with a WWJD attitude and give the church everything they want. Convince Santorum to get back in the race!!

        15. Carljr. You could not be more wrong. We do not need the church to run this
          government. That was done for many years it was called the “Dark Ages”.
          If you look at history you will find that out. Just vote for the person you want
          to win, but don’t tell others how to vote.

        16. I just want the evangelicals to leave the Republican party. They have allowed the crazies to be their voice. They are the embarrassing family member you are constantly apologizing for. Keep the government out of our sex lives and healthcare!

        17. this homosexual abomination president has forced me to side in with romney-of course I hate to-but I know this bullcrap must stop the surest way outside of violence

        18. It is a shame that “Christians” draw conclusions as to what God is or is not telling someone else. Your reasoning, Xman3, seems to imply that you are playing God. The Holy Spirit speaks to each born again Christian individually. When “Christians” take on the role of the Holy Spirit, they are then guilty of distorting the word of God. Think about Ron Paul and his lack of support for the Jews. What is God’s view concerning a nation or individual who turns their backs to His chosen people. The Bible says in Genesis 12 that we must be very careful how we treat the descendents of Abraham. He is going to bless those who bless them and curse those who curse them. We do not need Ron Paul to continue what Obama has started here concerning the Jews. Just look at history from the beginning of time. Once we abandon Israel, God will abandon us. Why should he treat us any different than He has treated all those who have gone against His chosen people. You my friend are thinking from your secular point of view and not a godly one at all.

        19. Amen! Obama is the incarnation of everything that has gone wrong in our country, especially our slide into Sodom and Gomorrah! May God deliver our nation from his power and all the Democrats in Congress who support him and cling to his beliefs. Start praying now for an Obama-Democrat defeat in November and ask God to have mercy on our country.

        20. Agreed, and vote against every Democrat to make sure the House stays and the Senate falls under Republican control. Dem’s just voted en mass to give Holder a pass in spite of his overwhelming contempt for the legal process being applied in the F&F scandal. This administration is a shameful excuse for leadership, or lack of it, for the American People.

        21. You do realize it took a lot of Republicans to renew the Patriot Act, and pass laws like the NDAA and CISPA. When are you people going to wake up and realize the Republican and Democrat party establishment are merely two sides of the same coin. Their is really only one party presenting the illusion of two parties, and ttheir goal is to keep the American people divided along party lines and a false left-right paradigm. Our government has been hijacked by corrupt politicians and neither party serves the interests of the American people. They serve their own selfish interests and that of the global elite for a one world government. Evil is still evil no matter which political party it represents. Therefore, voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil, and I refuse to vote for evil of any kind.

        22. Obama being in office is symptomatic of where Americans are at–how could the worlds greatest nation—vote for a con man like this…because of their insatiable desire for foolishness. Watch TV–switch to channel, after channel, after channel—where do you see a message of wisdom? Few and far between. Americans need to change and the leadership will automatically change. Seriously.
          If my people….
          Go to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read the Word!!!!!!!!!!!!

        23. That is the reason I canceled cable… It was all trash and much of it still is.. Hardly a sitcom or show that does not included some sort of sex act. and most now include some kind of homosexual message… It mocks marriage and family…It portrays as women as having no morals and behaving like men… one partner after another. Even the shows like the Simpson’s and Family guy, etc. make a mockery of Dad and the family… when the cable company asked why I was canceling my service, I told them it was because there were no longer any shows with any moral value.

        24. That is why I went from cable to DIRECT TV. At least I have many choices to
          choose from. And the price isn’t bad either. There are many Christian channels
          to choose from along with the FOX NEW channel, which is better than the other
          news channels that slant liberal to worst.

        25. Me too I have no TV–don’t need it. Got rid of it like two years ago. But I am having a great time reading through the New Testament. The more you read the more you know about God. An you have more time for the important things- vs the distractions….

        26. Me too I have no TV–don’t need it. Got rid of it like two- three years ago. But I am having a great time reading through the New Testament. The more you read the more you know about God. An you have more time for the important things- vs the distractions….

        27. Me too I have no TV–don’t need it. Got rid of it like two- three years ago. But I am having a great time reading through the New Testament. The more you read the more you know about God. And you have more time for the important things- vs the distractions….

        28. Me too I have no TV–don’t need it. Got rid of it like two- three years ago. But I am having a great time reading through the New Testament. The more you read the more you know about God. And you have more time for the important things- vs the distractions….

        29. Romney says he’s against them but his voting record doesn’t clarify that! Yes, his voting record isn’t as bad as Obama but let me ask you one question, would Jesus vote for Romney if he were here in human form once again and eligible to vote? Would Jesus cave and say he was voting for the lesser of two evils?

          This election worries me terribly and for now I will vote for Romney because I fear all will be lost if Obama gets four more years. I pray God will show me his will before election time!

        30. Not to blaspheme, but this would be my guess: A man stands before you pointing a gun at your head and says, “Drink one or I’ll kill you and drink one in your stead.” One container holds a quart of a mixture of bile, molasses and seaweed. The other container holds a quart of a mixture of motor oil, sulfuric acid and cyanide. You will cough, hack, roll around on the ground and puke your guts out, but you will drink the bile, molasses and seaweed mixture in order to survive.

        31. Take the bullet…you will be in Heaven….IF you’re “born again”, and not relying on your relious beliefs. Your so-called survival will only put you into slavery. Or the slave ship called Romney. Anyone with half a brain can see the evil in the Big House, but can you see the “leven” in the lump? Just be “born-again” and ask God to give you eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart that understands. Go Ron Paul.

        32. Romney says he’s against them but his voting record doesn’t clarify that! Yes, his voting record isn’t as bad as Obama but let me ask you one question, would Jesus vote for Romney if he were here in human form once again and eligible to vote? Would Jesus cave and say he was voting for the lesser of two evils?

          This election worries me terribly and for now I will vote for Romney because I fear all will be lost if Obama gets four more years. I pray God will show me his will before election time!

        33. Rob, what voting record of Romney? Tell us please where we can get, see, read his voting record. In what office does he have a voting record?

        34. Rob that link gives no Romney voting record. As far as I know Romney has no voting record the public can see, only one like yours, private as it should be to any voter in any election.
          Most if not all of the link is about abortion – murder of babies – 9x or so more horrendous than the WWII Holocaust slaughter of Jews in Europe.
          Without more effort from you, like posting a few words rather than a mere, irrelevant link of primary debating against Romney by failed candidates, at least one – Santorum – who now endorses him, maybe Gingrich too. As far as I know only Ron Paul does not endorse Romney at this point, but Rand Paul, Ron’s son, the Senator, does, I cannot get where you stand on the one issue – abortion.
          It appears then you are trying to avoid my question to you; surely not. I have never met a brave Virginian who would do that.

        35. Sorry I didn’t have time to find specific voting records but it’s common knowledge that he has “supposedly” had a change of heart on abortion. He does have a voting record as governor of Mass. He has also been quoted in his early political career as pro-abortion (those quotes can be found too). He doesn’t support gay marriage but does support “civil unions” for gays. Just a different name with the same rights and privileges. All of this is common knowledge and with a little research can be easily found.
          I personally abhor abortion. As you said, it’s nearly 10 times worse than the slaughter of Jews in Europe! What civilized nation can do this to the most innocent form of human life? I am also adamant that homosexuality is wrong as scripture says in several places in the Old and New Testament. If God spares the US, he should surely apologize to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah!

        36. Rob, I’m telling you, you will not find a Romney voting record. He has never held an elected, public office to have a public voting record.
          Common anything is not really common at all. Practically everyone I know has had a change of heart on abortion – murder of babies. I am Pro-Life and have been all of my life so far, but I am not stupid about it.
          There is only one circumstance in which I would even consider abortion an option – the baby AND mother are 75% or so likely to die during attempted childbirth. That standard would likely reduce abortions to 1% or less of the slaughter that has occurred, damaging all of us as a civilized society since the evil Roe v. Wade ruling led by Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
          Romney did not support gay marriage or unions. The MA legislature did against his most fervent wishes. For God’s sake man, Romney is a Mormon Christian. In addition to the Book of Mormon he reads and understands the Bible the same way I do, you too maybe.
          Given our present state of sin as a nation I doubt God has any intention of sparing the U.S. As a matter of fact I believe the Obamas may be a punishment of God on us. That is the best conclusion I can reach for the “perfect storm” that allowed Obama to be elected and maybe re-elected.
          I have researched Romney and all the other Presidential and other candidates for national, state and local office where I vote this year. I intend to vote for Romney unless he commits murder or engages in pedophilia between now and the time I vote.
          You sound as if you will not vote for the possible redemption of our nation but rather be party to Obama getting re-elected. If that is the case you are my enemy, not a friend.
          Now, like Forrest Gump, “that’s all I got to say about that.”

        37. Sorry I didn’t have time to find specific voting records but
          it’s common knowledge that Romney has “supposedly” had a change of heart on
          abortion. He does have a voting record as governor of Mass. He has
          also been quoted in his early political career as pro-abortion (those quotes can
          be found too). He doesn’t support
          gay marriage but does support “civil unions” for gays. Just a different name
          with the same rights and privileges. All of this is common knowledge and with a
          little research can be easily found.

          I personally abhor abortion. As you said, it’s nearly 10 times worse
          than the slaughter of Jews in Europe! What civilized nation can do this to the
          most innocent form of human life? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y2KsU_dhwI

          I am also adamant that homosexuality is wrong
          as scripture says in several places in the Old and New Testament. If God spares
          the US, he should surely apologize to the people of Sodom and

        38. Not only abortions but also if the child is born during abortion, he voted to actually KILL THEM.

        39. cramer, I dont think he is, no doubt that he will allow this to still happen, romney and sotero are the same,
          and Americans need to get this through their heads! really want to stop abortion and gay marriage then we need to vote for the Constitution party

        40. @noelle 2011 yeah just like we needed to vote for Ross Pierot. He swung the election for the Democrats and that is exactly what will happen again. Romney is not the greatest our Country has to offer but he is billions of miles ahead of soretoro. We must get this fool out of the White House so we can get the rest of the Chicago cooks out of the President’s Cabinet. Please do not vote for a third party. You will insure Barry’s victory then woe to us. Soros is trying to rebuy the W.H. so they can complete what they have begun in the U.S.

        41. @noelle: The Constitution party is not on every State’s ballot and no one really knows who they are promoting for the Presidency or what their platform is…if you don’t have the information, you can’t vote for their candidate. If that candidate had any smarts, he/she would be campaigning in every State asking for the folks to write them in on the ballot…as it is, there is nothing but silence. I agree, we do need a Constitution Party that is active in all States; hopefully, there will be by the 2016 election campaign.

        42. Pastor: I thank you for your post. I too am a GOD fearing man who will vote
          against evil as I see it. And OBAMA is about as evil as I have seen in many
          years. I will vote for Gov. Romney in November. He was not my first
          choice, but I will vote for him instead of the evil one (OBAM). May GOD
          bless this great country the United States of America.

        43. Excellent.j dare.God has instructed me to grasp, and hold onto my faith in America. Obama, will be repudiated , and will make as fast an entrance, in 2008, and much quicker exit in 2012. Good riddance to our Muslim in Chief, and his Socialistic,Marxist,underlings. When I see Obama speak, I suddenly visualize, a black Hitler. I think the Socialist gene pool is totally corrupt. They need to try another tactic.

        44. you are sooo wrong “Jdare”.. so wrong indeed.. We ALL NEED God our Father who art in heaven’s guidance at this moment.. each and every one of his children needs to get on their knees an beg for forgiveness for this land,, not to mention you get to know the most loving entity around..

        45. Evermyrtle when you quote Gods word maybe you should find out what it is saying and to whom. The quote is not written to you unless you are a Jew “my people”, you see? You can’t “insert your name here” with scripture. Vote for Romney unless God tells you otherwise. PS stop saying God will guide you He gave you His Word just do it.

        46. VOREASON perhaps you missed the part where Gentiles were grafted into God’s grace. If you intend to challenge people about what the Bible says it is a good idea for you to read it first with at least some comprehension.

        47. RonMar not only does the “challenge” stand but I would like to know how you cut and paste “grafted In” to what I said? The Lord was speaking to Solomon in Ch 7 about “my People” for the record, Israel. Don’t Back Date grafted in. I suggest reading Jeremiah, I like 23 ch but throughout it says “my people” and He (Gods word to the prophet) is not speaking to you or I. I now refer you to Matt 7 6.

        48. NOREASON it might be helpful to know first if you are a Hebrew/Jew by bloodline or in faith belief.
          If you are a Christian you seem to want to throw out the OT as irrelevant to you, since you seem to be saying you, a Christian, do not belong, are not one of God’s people.
          I reject that as great misunderstanding on your part.
          Then you refer me to “Matt 7 6,” forcing me to guess you mean the Gospel of Matthew chapter 7, verse 6 aka Matt 7:6. If so, I must ask, are you nuts are just mean as you can possibly be? I must also reject you, pending your answers to my two-part question.
          I will also appreciate your answers to these questions if we are to continue in adult conversation about the Holy Scriptures: What denomination do you claim? What church by denomination do you attend regularly, participate in school on the sabbath and Bible Study? Are you a member of a church or a synagogue? Do you believe you are saved by grace through faith and have a personal relationship with the Lord, God, Jesus the Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit? Do you do daily Bible study and spend devotional time with God? Are you a graduate of or attendee at a seminary, Bible college or some such institution of higher learning? If so is it denomination-affiliated, and what denomination?
          Awaiting your answers. Thank you.

        49. RonMar Too busy to reply sooner. No, I am not a Jew nor am I in anyway anti Semitic. Nothing whatever I wrote “throws out the OT” the word of God is the word of God period. Let the lesson begin. The Scripture written prior to the book Matthew was delivered to the “good seed,or the seed of the woman” later to Abram who became Abraham and by descriptions such as “a great nation”, “my people”,”chosen people”, and the nation of Israel were They called. I said all that to say followers of Christ are not in there the way you and many folks believe. You should read and “not fall into the same example of unbelief” (my words). The Lord spoke that same message (unbelief) of His people through the words spoken by Prophets many times. The OT further lays out the Christ in detail for Israel. No the OT and the New are the seamless word of One God delivered “to the Jews first then the Gentile’s” which is why Paul always went to the synagogue first when traveling. We are “grafted in” after Pentecost and that grafting is spoken of in the OT however: our grafting does in no way change the position of Israel and the position that is to come for them and the position they should have been but chose through unbelief not to be which is “kings and Priests”. The Word of God must not be “stolen by murderers” or become “void” when used in a way it was not meant to be used (cut & paste theology). As a friend likes to quote “let silence be your wisdom”. I will address the mean Matt 7:6 with asking you what you think that verse means. I also will direct your attention to the many times Jesus, JTB, and the others referred to the Jews as vipers etc. gotta go

        50. NOREASON, take your time please. I am not at all interested in any more of your Bible interpretations or theological claptrap, except as examples of what those who purport to be Christians should not be doing, until you answer these questions:
          “If we are to continue in adult conversation about the Holy Scriptures: What denomination do you claim? What church by denomination do you attend regularly, participate in school on the sabbath and Bible Study? Are you a member of a church …? Do you believe you are saved by grace through faith and have a personal relationship with the Lord, God, Jesus the Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit? Do you do daily Bible study and spend devotional time with God? Are you a graduate of or attendee at a seminary, Bible college or some such institution of higher learning? If so is it denomination-affiliated, and what denomination?
          Awaiting your answers. Thank you.”

        51. “I will address the mean (sic) Matt 7:6 with asking you what you think that verse means.” – No you won’t NOREASON. I will have your meaning of Matthew 7:6, your explanation of why you posted it to me and an explanation from you, including answers to all my questions, as to why you decided, not knowing much at all about me, to assume you can teach me anything about anything, including especially the Bible. How utterly silly and arrogant of you.
          In the meantime I will teach you what busy means – Brought Under Satan’s Yoke = BUSY, and that’s exactly where you seem to be.
          Now please for your own benefit and good health, slow down, think a bit and try to focus on the right things, remembering the time Jesus the Christ visited with Mary and Martha.
          Now awaiting your answers and civil, Christianlike response. Thank you.

        52. For “Evermyrtle”: For the past half century the so-called silent majority sat quietly while evil pushed ever forward, all the time waiting for God to give them a sign to do something. God expects us to be proactive and do what is right. What greater sign do you need than to look at the sexual immorality this administration does to promote it as to decide how to vote? The immorality this administration promotes is the ultimate in idolitry: It’s the sin of men worshiping men; literally. If you and others sit this election out waiting for a sign, then the next sign you’re going to see is that of the “state” kicking in your door in the middle of night as they drag you away.

        53. Reminds me of a story I heard some time ago where a man sat on the top of the roof of his house during a flood and the water was already at the roof line, when some men in a boat came by and ask to man to get in, he responded “God will save me go away”, well the men left. A little while later the water was up to the mans neck and he screamed “God why won’t you save me? God replied “I sent a boat for you!”

          Sir, you need to get in this boat called “Romney” !!

        54. Love this!!!! This is great!!!! I would have to say there are lots of people who would have preferred someone other than Romney, however, he is the other candidate, he is the one who needs the votes to get rid of Obama….be smart, don’t be hardheaded and arrogant about your beliefs, God would want you to “make a decision”. He knows someone will be elected, and so does everyone else…..so pick the better of the 2 and it’s ok, if while he’s in office, you wished you hadn’t of voted for him….I’m sure that has happened to a lot of us….over the years.

          Thanks again Norris this was great!

        55. Love this!!!! This is great!!!! I would have to say there are lots of people who would have preferred someone other than Romney, however, he is the other candidate, he is the one who needs the votes to get rid of Obama….be smart, don’t be hardheaded and arrogant about your beliefs, God would want you to “make a decision”. He knows someone will be elected, and so does everyone else…..so pick the better of the 2 and it’s ok, if while he’s in office, you wished you hadn’t of voted for him….I’m sure that has happened to a lot of us….over the years.

        56. Love this!!!! This is great!!!! I would have to say there are lots of people who would have preferred someone other than Romney, however, he is the other candidate, he is the one who needs the votes to get rid of Obama….be smart, don’t be hardheaded and arrogant about your beliefs, God would want you to “make a decision”. He knows someone will be elected, and so does everyone else…..so pick the better of the 2 and it’s ok, if while he’s in office, you wished you hadn’t of voted for him….I’m sure that has happened to a lot of us….over the years.

        57. God has nothing to do with it. Get off your butt and spread the word that Obama needs to go.

        58. I agree with you, Evermyrtle. God will direct us in what we should do, but it is our job to listen to Him. As the Word says, “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. ” Romans 13:1 I firmly believe that God put Obama in office. Obama has done a lot of good in his tenure. Look how many Americans got off their butts for the first time in generations, to stand up for our Country and what it stands for. We have had our rights taken away from us slowly, one at a time. Obama has tried to take them all away at once. The “Sleeping Giant” was awakened from its slumber. Obama wanted to “fundamentally change” our country and he has done so, but not in the way he intended. Never before in my life, have I seen so many turn out to protest what is going on in Washington. We have become a nation who no longer just accepts what our “representatives” do, but have started demanding that they actually start representing those of us who sent them to Washington or we will replace them, regardless of which letter follows their name.
          Yes, God is in control. He gave us this evil ruler, so that we might see the direction we were headed, take a stand for goodness and turn our country around so that we may once more be the place of hope that the whole world turns to. The United States once represented righteousness, justice and hope to the people of the World. United, we can return to the greatness we once held.

        59. I kinda think God is throwing these recent problems at Obama and the Dems, so he can show folks with a little intelligence that Obama is bad for America.

        60. Get a clue! You’re not helping this country at all if you don’t vote. God’s answer is already Romney.

        61. People need to really wake up, don’t sit back & NOT vote, or vote for the 3rd party, as then Obama will get re-elected. We all need to vote for Romney, whether we like him or not, as he is the only way we can get rid of Obama. If our spineless congress had a spine (or balls) they would have gotten rid of Obama long before now, with all the things against him, illegal, thumbing his nose at the constitution, & could go on & on with all the lawlessness he has done & the govt lets him get away with it, as they are Spineless. or just plain idiots.

        62. Ever myrtle: if you seriously think that God endorses Obama, then by all means sit on your hands and do nothing during election time. (extreme sarcasm).

      2. This is a very well written and in-depth analysis article, however if the author votes for a third party that has a zero chance of winning, thereby enabling in effect a vote for Obama, I say he is dumb.

        1. I’d say its because he is that confident that Romney will win that he will vote for a third party candidate. Just making a statement. I wouldn’t be that confident of anything now understanding how this administration works. They will pull out all the stops. It’s going to be an entertaining/horrifying few months until the election. I have the feeling Obama has some tricks up his sleeve.


        3. hopefully not “too many” voters vote to make a statement. Their statement might put obama back in???

        4. How is voting for the person of your choice, according to your principles going to be a statement that might put Obama back in? A vote for the person of your choice, other than Romney or Obama, a third party or not voting for either Romney or Obama has no effect whatsoever on the outcome between Obama and Romney. This false-assumption has no basis in logic or fact and is completely without merit.

        5. IT SURE DOES!!! If we Don’t vote for who we want, it’s an automatic vote for who we don’t want

        6. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going to vote for who I think will uphold his oath of office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.” and protect our liberties.

        7. @MrChuckster007…it’s called “splitting the vote” and it’s the equivalent of voting for bama who will be pulling out all the stops when it comes to cheating. Bama is a desperate man and will stop at nothing to stay in the white house. Do NOT vote for a third party! Vote for Mitt Romney to get bama OUT in November! This is not a dress rehersal. We won’t get a second chance to get it right.

        8. Romney will doom this country just as sure as Obummer will. Unless we pull a miracle out of our hat and elect someone other than the two NWO bankster stooges we’ve had it.

        9. I agree, Romney is no better than Obama. I cannot understand how people can vote for either one. I have heard people express that “well Romney is not as bad as Obama,” and “it’s a vote for the lesser of two evils.” I contend, even if you vote for the lesser of two evils, you’re still voting for evil. Personally, I refuse to vote for evil of any degree.

        10. I agree completely. Eileen. Romney will probably be put in at this time to lull everyone back to sleep. I guess it’s going to be our job to keep everyone awake and continue to wake people up.

        11. Mr Chuckster, you are asleep at the switch. If the race is close, the Paul supporters alone could swing the vote to Obama, by taking away, say just 5% of the votes that could have gone to Romney. Such final tallies in the past have done just that. Now is not the time to be voting for “the one you like”, be a mature adult and vote for the one that will beat our setting president—pure and simple–and that, my friend, is logic, deductive reasoning and plain common sense and has significant merit—-I am waiting for you to say, “oops”. But then, on the other hand, I suspect you are a Paul supporter and you and your sore looser candidate would rather see Obama win than Romney, just out of spite. The fate of this great country is at stake and this is not the time for a childish “take my marbles and go home” attitude.

        12. good job dondhoff call names and alinate another voter for Romney. Obama would read this and would take heart. If you listen to Ron Paul you might have a change of heart in his message,maybe not. But we libertarians have skin in the game too and we for the most part will support Romney. I hope Republican can take heart in knowing that Libraterians are conservative and indiviual freedoms. I responded to you because i thought you had a great argument but calling somone imature and sore looser sounds a bit like school boy tactics. I can understand the frustration of Republicans with the liberitarians since RP ran as a republican and I too hope he gets on board with the party. Lets work together to get rid of Obama. Your in the drivers seat, yur candidate has won. Just learn to be a bit mor Magnanimous. The best Generals always consoles after a victory. You won. Now prepare for the next battle!!!!!!

        13. George, I am guilty as charged. I lowered myself and used ill advised words, something that I object to every day. However, I have been significantly involved in the political issues for several years, and I fully understand the Libertarian platform. They have many very good ideas but most all are overshadowed by their extreme position on our military and international involvement. The U.S. inherited the position as leader of the Free World after WW-II, perhaps even WW-I. The “Libs” are by far, too extreme in wanting to bring home our military and diplomatic people. That in effect, is “circling the wagons”. Once we do that, all “they” have to do, is “wait us out”. Those bombs going off in many places oveseas, would soon be going off in our shopping malls, airports, train stations and on your front-door steps. Also. to close our overseas bases and bring our troops home would require major adjustments in our treaties and agreements with long standing allies, such as Japan, Germany, England, Australia, ect. Then they alone would be subject to the very forces we have been dealing with and as history has revealed, most smaller countries get quickly overrun by the “bad guys”. It cannot be denied, that our many overseas bases, provide both tactical and strategic time and distance factors that deter many NWO and Muslim groups in their efforts. Those dispersed time and distance factors are critical to our self-defense in this day and age of intercontinental missles and WMD—-with an overall far cheaper way of accomplishing our goal of world peace. Also, always keep in mind the CFP slogan, “…Because without America, there is no Free World!”—and that is an America, who has forces widely dispersed throughout the world. Anything and everything we do on the international scene must include that slogan as part of the equation.

        14. A very profound and intelligent comment dondhoff, I have been expressing the same for quit a while. The libertarian party would probably elect their candidate if the would just restrict their extreme (Bring everybody back home and just worry about ourselves) platform. We all want peace. We all want our country to be as great as it has always been. But the only way to achieve that is to get the government down to size and get their burdensome regulations out of our lives and businesses.

        15. i feel so lucky to read such intelligent, well thought out explanations and so well explained. i gave up the newspapers because i felt they were biased and bought. i am going to vote for romney cuz i get good vibes from him. i didn’t vote for bee oh cuz the name turned me off and he wasn’t raised by loyal americans in this country.

        16. I like Romney because his expertise is in turning big businesses around. This place will be the biggest mess he ever took on by a long shot….but I guess he feels up to the challenge.

        17. dondehoff you are a propagandist for the Military-Industrial-Complex bull$hit. Republicans peddle warfare through fear and Democrats peddle life destroying greed through welfare. When coupled with the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service we are coerced into serfdom.

          The last legal declaration of war was WWII, wars since were un-Constitutional.

          There are +/- 190 nations on the planet and we have U.S, soldiers based in +/- 130 of them. As a Libertarian I know that we are not isolationists as you state above. We are however respectful of the sovereignty of the individual and every foreign state to govern their own affairs without our armed intervention. Nonintervention is not at all the same as Isolation. Read George Washington’s Farewell Address To The Nation where he warns against a standing army because it would become a threat to our Republic. He warns about favoring one nation over another. He warns about government debt. He warns about the divisiveness of establishing political parties. He warns how all these things will lead to dividing citizen against citizen and nation against nation. Sadly, George Washington could not get elected today.

          Remember Jim Jones and the Jonestown Massacre? Those people were followers too… look how that turned out.

        18. CQ4U, you are living in the dark ages. Today, wars can be started on a moments notice, and intercontinetial missles are but moments away. In the “old” days, it required a great amount of time and resources to muster an army or navy and weeks and months to move them around. Likewise for communications, prior to the telegraph in the the middle 1800rds, it took weeks and months for just messages to travel. Then we did not need “standing armies”, as we had time to muster our own forces. Now, with our forces at various distant locations with instant communictions, we have a significant tactical and strategic advantage over many potential enemies. Libertarians refuse to accept we are now a “global community”, and we must keep our diplomatic and military “finger” on the world situation. I note you skirt the issues of this great country being the lynch-pin that is preventing several NWO (including the Muslims) groups from expanding their efforts to take over this country and then the rest of the world. The CFP slogan, “…Because without America there is no Free Word!” applies —and that is an America that has its finger on the world-wide issues. We could not perform that essential tool of survival if we brought all of our troops and diplomats home. Then, there is the very important various mutual support treaties that we have with many long-standing allies—to bring our troops home would, in effect, abandon them and expose them to possible “take-over” by those forces, who insist they are going to control the world. And Sir, please remain civil, use logic, reason and plain common sense and we can continue this dialog and perhaps something constructive will come out of it. And Sir, I believe I am far from ignorant, and I will rely upon the readers, “likes”, “thumbs up”, and other indications of acceptance of what a say. I trust you will do the same, or am I and all of my followers, in this “marching formation” all out of step , except you? I can recall in basic training (I am a retired USAF officer, up through the ranks), during a marching formation, we had one poor guy who had two left feet. The drill instructor gave the command, “everyone, except, Jones, Change step, Ho”—there was quite a chuckle but a point well made. Sir, how many “left feet” do you have? Note, “Jones” finallly learned how to “keep in step” and went on to become a full Colonel.

        19. dondehoff, here is that logic you were seeking.

          A) 193 U.N.
          Members. How many of these nations are
          run by tyrant dictators? +/- 75%? That means +/- 25% are “Free”?


          B) The United
          States of America & 14 other nations are currently FEDERALIST Republics; +/-
          7%. Of these several are shams like
          Pakistan, Russia, Ethiopia and Nigeria)


          C) Since 2000
          about 95 percent of U.N. member states that receive U.S. assistance (aid) have
          voted against the United States most of the time in the U.N. General Assembly
          on non-consensus votes.


          D) As of June 23,
          2012 the World Population is 7 Billion.
          US Population is 313 Million. 6.69
          Billion are NOT U.S. citizens. Assume
          +/- 3.5 Billion citizens in China, India, Russia & and several smaller
          countries are not protected by our military.
          That leaves +/- 3.19 Billion foreigners that are directly or indirectly
          protected by our military.


          E) There are 313
          Million US citizens & only 138 Million pay income taxes & 175 Million
          pay NOTHING.


          F) 2010 Department
          of Defense budget was $680-Billion. Plus
          the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are funded through supplementary spending
          bills outside the Federal Budget, so they are NOT included in the Military Budget
          figures. The supplementary spending for
          those two wars adds +/- $135-Billion.
          Total 2010 Military Cost = $815-Billion.
          That works out to approximately $6,000.00
          per year, per U.S. taxpayer. If
          every citizen in every nation we protect paid for their protection it would
          cost $255.49 per person. Foreigners
          would cover +/- $780-Billion and Americans +/- $35-Billion, our “Fair” share of
          the Defense budget. This sounds
          reasonable but is still unconstitutional. We are not supposed to police the World. The U.S. Military is for the protection of
          the U.S. and should only be used for that purpose when authorized by Congress
          and the Constitution. There are legal
          means whereby we can work together to protect our allies but we are grossly
          exceeding those boundaries.

          http://costofwar.com/en/ &

          G) The U.S.
          currently borrows $1,600,000,000,000.00
          ($1.6-Trillion) annually and pays interest on that debt. The U.S. economy is doing poorly, plus the deficit
          spending is causing rating agencies to downgrade America and its ability to
          repay the borrowed money. This will
          result in an increase in interest rates we pay and result in the need to borrow
          even more money to pay the higher rates due.
          If this continues foreign governments won’t buy our debt. Foreigners have already cut back dramatically
          and as of 2011 the U.S. Federal Reserve is buying 60% of our debt, in essence
          we have become cannibals devouring ourselves.
          How long can we sustain this fiat charade? How long before the lender forecloses on the
          U.S. Government? When the funding disappears
          what happens to the U.S. Military? Won’t
          this leave us vulnerable to our enemies?
          Will the greed driven Military-Industrial-Complex donate the war
          machines we need? Will our soldiers
          fight if we cannot provide them paycheck? Will China strong arm the U.S. into allowing
          them to build military bases here in an attempt to protect their
          investment? Will our “friends” around
          the globe come to our rescue? Will our
          allies fight wars for us? Will America
          finally fall? Any rational and thinking
          person knows this is unsustainable. We
          are the last bastion of FREEDOM and we are jeopardizing everything for the
          warmongering profiteers. We have tried
          it their way for decades and it is NOT working, we need a fresh new approach
          modeled after “George Washington’s Farewell Address to the Nation” and the
          warning reiterated by Dwight Eisenhower in his “Farewell Address.” http://www.earlyamerica.com/earlyamerica/milestones/farewell/ & http://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?p=dwight+eisenhower+military+industrial+complex

          H) dondehoff
          wrote: “The CFP slogan, “…Because
          without America there is no Free Word!” applies —and that is an America
          that has its finger on the world-wide issues. We could not perform that
          essential tool of survival if we brought all of our troops and diplomats home.”

          Where did you ever get the idea that Libertarians are
          about withdrawing from world affairs, we are NOT isolationists. The media intentionally distorts facts about
          Libertarian political and social views.
          We are about Liberty, including foreigners in their own country. Their affairs are their business until they
          choose to interfere in my affairs and then I can take steps to correct their
          trespass, until then I should mind my own business. Perhaps my position can be better understood
          if you look at it in a more personal way.
          Let’s try looking at this from another angle. Here we go.

          Imagine how you would feel if Nancy Pelosi came to your
          house with armed soldiers and begins telling you how you should live your
          life. She might want you to eat certain
          foods or go to bed at a certain time or get up at a certain time or change your
          job or pay or dictate your medical care or tell you how many children to have
          or who to marry or if you can marry or if you can have children or force you to
          stop smoking or drinking or force you to drink or smoke or tell you what car to
          drive or stop you from driving or control what you read or watch or listen to
          or… where does it stop? The list is
          endless!!! What Nancy Pelosi is doing to
          you is called intervention and Libertarians do NOT want to intervene in your
          life unless you want us to. We can be
          very aware of the world around us, just like we may know about our next door
          neighbor’s life but we keep our nose out of their business. Nation states deserve to be left alone as
          long as they leave us alone. If Iran
          decided the U.S. should not have nukes and convinced the U.N. to enforce harsh
          sanction against us would our rhetoric and actions be friendly or
          confrontational. Would we consider this
          an act of aggression?

          Don’t believe in the Left’s welfare scams or the Right’s
          warfare schemes… both are designed to control the masses through two of mankind’s
          greatest weaknesses – GREED & FEAR. Come out of the Matrix Copper-Top.

          I) dondehoff
          wrote: “Sir, please remain civil, use
          logic, reason and plain common sense and we can continue this dialog and
          perhaps something constructive will come out of it.”

          I was civil & logical in my last comments and you
          accused me of living in the “Dark Ages.”
          I once believed as you do concerning America’s military power, but
          research and logic opened my mind to the truth about how things really
          are. America did save the free world in
          WWII and we did it bravely, honorably and constitutionally. Every war since WWII was and is illegal. To clarify my position, I am against the Military-Industrial-Complex
          and for the military personnel. The only
          constructive thing that can come out of this posting is for people to see how our
          “good” intentions may be paving the road to Hell. Maybe it’s time to stop doing “good” and do
          what’s “right” then see how that works out.

        20. It sounds like you may be drinking someone’s Kool-aid yourself GQ4U.
          I do understand and even agree with most of what you are saying, but George Washington did not have to deal with or could have he ever conceived what the Nazi’s and Imperial Japan were capable of. Then you step up to ICBM’s and now the kind of evil that will walk into a crowded market place, full of women and children, and blow themselves up.
          Trust me, I worked in the intel field and there is so much out there that you can not even begin to imagine. We can not let our guard down, not for one minute. We are only free because we are ever vigilant and standing ready.
          Please consider that if you don’t have the total picture, you should not take such a strong stance, especially on matters of our country’s security.
          I would be a Libertarian if it were not for their views on our military and foreign policy. Not saying that there does not needs to be some major changes, but we cannot be child like in this matter. 95% right on target, but that 5% could get us all killed.
          I hope you understand, I am not trying to put you down, not at all. I just need people to wake up to the scary truth on this matter. Thank you for listening.

        21. EyeWideOpen wrote: “…George Washington did not have to deal with
          or could have he ever conceived what the Nazi’s and Imperial Japan were capable
          of. Then you step up to ICBM’s and now
          the kind of evil that will walk into a crowded market place, full of women and
          children, and blow themselves up. Trust
          me, I worked in the intel field…”

          If George Washington or Thomas Jefferson are too stupid to
          understand the “NATURE” of mankind and only modern day wisdom has the answers,
          try searching among contemporaries for real answers… “The Truth Is Out There.” The Founders had just recently cast off the
          yoke of oppression and understood that “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.”

          I am amazed at the number of sheep who do not understand
          this simple fact. Need proof, go to the
          airport and watch as the TSA fleeces the willing flock. This is your Military-Industrial-Complex at
          work. Greed equals Power, Power equals
          Control, Control equals serfdom and all this is done to us by steeping us in F-E-A-R,
          a very dangerous four letter word.

          You stated “Trust me,
          I worked in the intel field.” U.S. Government
          Intelligence is suspect at its best.
          Have you forgotten Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction? Remember how our “leaders” used that FEAR to
          start a war where none was warranted.
          Why, to nation-build at a great loss of blood and treasure? Iraqis still hate America, hate Jews, and
          still advocate Jihad. We accomplished nothing
          but loss and now we withdraw weaker than when we invaded. Stupidity and ignorance that could have been
          avoided by recalling the lessons learned from Kennedy’s war; Viet Nam. The Military-Industrial-Complex made a
          fortune and 50-Thousand + U.S. soldiers paid the price. Was it worth it? More secure?
          Did we spread democracy? Did we
          defeat communism? Did we make the world
          safer? Or did we just increase the profits of the Military-Industrial-Complex? Or did we simply increase the size of
          government? Did Lyndon Johnson use the
          war as a distraction while he pushed his “Great Society” agenda? How many Presidents will fire missiles at
          our perceived enemy when they are caught with their pants around their ankles
          in the Oval office? How many Presidents
          will invade a nation because they made idle threats against your dad? How many times must we be fooled before we
          actually do have our eyes wide open?

          Military Industrial Complex montage:


          Dwight D Eisenhower:


          Presidents Eisenhower And Kennedy Warning Of A New World


          Search these phrases:

          1) John Kennedy
          military industrial complex

          2) Dwight D. Eisenhower
          military industrial complex

          Both of these men were in the military.

          Both served with distinction.

          Both became President of the United States of America.

          Both had access to information forbidden to the common

          Both warned of the backroom power of the military
          industrial complex.

          Both witnessed the advent of modern day war machines,
          jets, missiles, satellites, nukes…

          Both understood the power of the press and its ability to
          inform & misinform.

          Both knew we could not be isolationist and recognized our
          need know.

          Both knew the Republic would fall if the
          military-Industrial-Complex became too powerful.

          Both knew that secrecy was paramount to growing the “Complex”.

          Both knew that deception would be needed to get public

          Both knew that rumors of war would make the “Complex”

          Both knew that rumors of war would make the “Complex” powerful.

          EyeWideOpen wrote:
          “Please consider that if you don’t have the total picture, you should
          not take such a strong stance, especially on matters of our country’s security.”

          Advice I agree with and you should follow it yourself
          until you have the “Total Picture” which obviously you do not.

          EyeWideOpen wrote:
          “I hope you understand, I am not trying to put you down, not at all. I just need people to wake up to the scary
          truth on this matter. Thank you for

          Ditto your last comment.


        22. It sounds like you may be drinking someone’s Kool-aid yourself GQ4U.
          I do understand and even agree with most of what you are saying, but George Washington did not have to deal with or could have he ever conceived what the Nazi’s and Imperial Japan were capable of. Then you step up to ICBM’s and now the kind of evil that will walk into a crowded market place, full of women and children, and blow themselves up.
          Trust me, I worked in the intel field and there is so much out there that you can not even begin to imagine. We can not let our guard down, not for one minute. We are only free because we are ever vigilant and standing ready.
          Please consider that if you don’t have the total picture, you should not take such a strong stance, especially on matters of our country’s security.
          I would be a Libertarian if it were not for their views on our military and foreign policy. Not saying that there does not needs to be some major changes, but we cannot be child like in this matter. 95% right on target, but that 5% could get us all killed.
          I hope you understand, I am not trying to put you down, not at all. I just need people to wake up to the scary truth on this matter. Thank you for listening.

        23. GQ4U,While you may be correct in your assessments stop and think for a moment what the United States would look like if the political arena was dominated by republicans and libertarians instead of republicans and democrats. The only way for that to come about is to destroy the democrats totally and for good. The republicans and libertarians will have to work in unison to accomplish that lofty goal so why not start there, since we have to start somewhere. A journey always requires that first step.

        24. The DNC & RNC are both dominated by progressives, so eliminating both might serve the nation best. Washington warned us about the divisive nature of political parties. The founders realized that Freedom required we live on the edge of anarchy or the Republic would fail. Look where we find ourselves today; so divided that suspicion rules our discourse and not our commonality. This is the reason that FEAR makes more decisions in our lives than logic. FEAR is the reason we have Romney carrying the day… anyone but Obama!!! What fools we are.

        25. Yes, we agree on the point that the RNC is twisted and has been taken over by progressives. The only thing we do not agree on is the timing. Now is not the time to vote for the right candidate, because there is no right option that can win. Voting for Washington or Jefferson may make you feel good but it will only weaken the position that many of us have taken to defeat the democrats first. We cannot defeat both of the main political parties at one time so we must chose to defeat the worst of them first and then work on changing or defeating the other. Your voting for a third party candidate will defeat neither and will only serve to help one or the other of the corrupted parties now in power.

        26. I voted for Schwarzenegger, the lesser of two evils during the election to recall Gray Davis. The result was catastrophic for California. People do not learn from history because they fail to know and understand it. I also had the privilege of voting twice for Gov. Reagan who turned the state’s economy around to the point we were receiving tax refund checks due to surplus revenues. He did this even though his predecessor, Pat Brown, had run California deep into debt. Reagan did wonders in his 8-years as gov. but the voters couldn’t see the benefits of his policies so they elected Pat Brown’s baby boy, Jerry, to be governor. Since then California has had Democrats and Republicans as governor and you could barely tell the difference. California is morally, psychologically and financially bankrupt. Need proof? The ill-informed idiot voters recently elected “Governor Moonbeam” for a third term.
          Do you believe the nation at large is much wiser than Californians? Hopefully you can see that electing Robama or Obomney is such a small difference that there really is no difference! We need leaders who will put their political scalpels away and pull out their machetes. We need leaders who are what they say they are, not some hack who changes his position just to get elected. John Kerry hasn’t flip flopped as much as Mitt… must be a Massachusetts disease. When America fails under Romney the GOP and conservatism will be blamed and the next President could be even worse than Obama. We are facing total economic collapse. We are hemorrhaging money and politicians offer band-aids. We had a chance to elect a doctor who had the right prescription to help us recover but the media, DNC & RNC fear his policies so they destroyed him. We missed a rare opportunity to have a true statesman in the Oval Office and most voters don;t even realize it. Obama lost 40% in one primary to a prison inmate in Texas and 40% in another state to “Other” so why is it tat Mitt, who has spent Million$ campaigning, can only get 45%?! This is not my fault or the fault of Paul supporters. It is the fault of the primary voters who fearfully chose the anybody but Obama candidate. Study serfdom, its here to stay.

          PS: Ron Paul has supporter from both sides of the political and he may attract as many voters from Obama as Romney, much like Ralph Nader drew more Republican votes than Democrat votes. You didn’t know that did you?

          My advice to America… learn Chinese.

        27. My decision to not vote for the lesser of two evils has nothing to do with being a sore loser. In fact, you are the one who sounds like a sore looser and Romney hasn’t even been defeated by Obama, yet. It’s not my fault you and the GOP establishment chose the wrong candidate as your nomonee. My reason for not voting for Romney is a matter of principle. A vote for the lesser for two evils is still a vote for evil and I refuse to vote for evil of any kind.

        28. MrChuckster, A vote not given to Romney is a vote against him and will be used to help keep B.O. in the Whitehouse.

        29. Your claim that a “vote not given to Romney is a vote against him” makes sense. However, your claim that my vote “against Romney will somehow be used to help keep Obama in the White House is based a false logic. A vote for Romney is a vote for Romney and a vote for Obama is a vote for Obama. A no vote for Romney is a no vote for Romney and cannot magically become a vote for Obama unless I vote for Obama.

        30. MrChuckster007, you don’t or are not willing to comprehend the meaning of “cause and effect”. Also, you insist upon trying to confuse the readers with meaningless words. Voting for someone else other than Romney, (a “no-vote”) who cannot win the election, effectively means support (a vote) for the President—-once again, “cause and effect”. I all too frequently see this nonsense being put forth only by Paul supporters and someone in your organiztion should be held accountable. I suspect that person is Dr. Paul, himself. Adhering to that philosophy surely could result in 5% of more votes that could go to Romney, will in effect support the President—-and that is narrow minded and loses sight of the objective of getting our setting President out of office. That, in turn, forces me to question Dr. Pauls real intentions—is he “sailing under false colors” and part of the Obama problem?

        31. I understand the concept of “cause and effect” very well, thank you. Gee, I’m sorry if I’m confusing anyone, for that was not my intent. However, I think that if anyone is confused it has nothing to do with anything I stated. Besides, it’s not me, but you making confusing, nonsensical and outrageous claims, like this, “Voting for someone else other than Romney, (a “no-vote”) who cannot win the election, effectively means support (a vote) for the President—-once again, “cause and effect”. Your hypothetical has no logical correlation to “cause and effect.” If Romney cannot win the election with his own supporters and without the votes of people who choose to vote for someone other than him or Obama, or to not participate at all that can only mean the GOP establishment and those who voted to nominate him chose to nominate the wrong candidate; that is an example of “cause and effect.” The only ones spouting nonsense are those like you who want to blame Ron Paul supporters if Romney doesn’t win. I can assure you no Ron Paul supporter will ever vote for Obama and the GOP will be very lucky if 5% vote for Romney, so how would that support Obama? Obviously, my objective and your objective are not the same, but I guarantee you mine is not nearly as narrow minded as voting for the status-quo and expecting a better outcome than we had with the last puppet in the White House. There is no need to question Ron Paul’s intentions because he has stated it very well: restore the Constitution, and our liberty; promote a free-market economic policy through sound money; end the wars and bring our troops home, and instead of having them patrol along the borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan’s have them patrol our borders; stop policing the world and nation building; end all unnecessary foreign aid and spend the money here at home, instead; cut spending, one trillion dollars his first year in office; and audit and or eventually end the federal reserve, etc..

        32. MrChuckster007, it appears we are at a stalemate. I will leave it up the the readers and commenters to determine who is correct on this 3rd party voting issue. Let us see who gets the most “likes” “thumbs-up” or whatever. I notice you did not address my comments concerning our inherited “world leadership” role, and our need to remain involved internationally—again I say, we must follow the Canada Free Press (CFP)slogan, “…Because without America, there is no Free World!” This great country is far from perfect, but if were not for us, the entire world would be under Muslim/Islamic domination, or some other socialist form of government. Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Why President Obama Will Lose in a Landslide

        33. Chuckster is a bamabot in disguise. He has nothing in common with Dr Paul, especially logic. He is here to divide us and accomplish the very thing he denies is possible.

        34. Please, provide an example, not merely a claim or statement, to illustrate exactly how and why, “any vote other then a vote for Romney gives it to Obama.” I contend that whenever you add zero to any other number the number stays the same. Therefore, adding a no vote (0) for Romney and a no vote (0) for Obama cannot in itself affect the outcome. I understand and I agree that a no vote for Romney is a vote against him, however, unless that vote is cast for Obama it cannot benefit him. Therefore, your claim that “any vote other then a vote for Romney gives it to Obama” is mathematically impossible.

        35. dondehoff, I’m beginning to suspect the chuckster and like minded paulbots really have nothing to do with Ron Paul. Ron Paul would never approve their logic. In fact he is already behind Romney. I suspect now the ‘paulbots’ are actually part of bambams campaign to assault, through any means possible, the morale of anyone with common sense. If they came defending the usurper, we wouldn’t be as alarmed, and brush them off. But this way, they create a stir and a sense that conservatives can’t unite.

        36. Obviously, you don’t know Ron Paul, and for you to suggest that Ron Paul has endorsed Romney is ludicrous and you know is an outright lie. How can you speak of common sense and support Romney, another corporate, globalist puppet, jut like Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obama. If you so-called conservatives had any common sense, you would have united behind the Constitution and the only candidate who supports and defends it, Ron Paul. How can anyone call themself a conservative and not support the only true conservative candidate?

        37. Basic math where 2 Libertarians waste vote on Gary Johnson:

          1,000,001 votes +Obama = 1,000,001 votes for Obama the winner.
          2 votes +Gary Johnson = 2 votes for Gary Johnson the guy who can’t win.
          1,000,000 votes + Romney = 1,000,000 votes for Romney the loser.

          Basic math where same 2 Libertarians vote for lesser of evils:

          1,000,001 votes +Obama = 1,000,000 votes for Obama the loser.

          0 vote +Gary Johnson = 0 vote for Gary Johnson the guy who still can’t win.

          1,000,002 votes + Romney = 1,000,000 vote for Romney the winner.

        38. Please, provide an example, not merely a claim or statement, to illustrate exactly how and why, “A vote not given to Romney is a vote that can be used to keep B.O. in the White House?” I contend that whenever you add zero to any other number the number stays the same. Therefore, adding a no vote (0) for Romney and a no vote (0) for Obama cannot in itself affect the outcome. I understand and I agree that a no vote for Romney is a vote against him, however, unless that vote is cast for Obama it cannot benefit him. Therefore, your claim that a no vote for Romney somehow magically interprets into a vote in favor of Obama is mathematically possible.

        39. Your “sticking to principles”, just might result in our President getting reelected—There are principles within principles”, i.e., The overriding “Big Picture”.

        40. I see the big picture, but I do not believe it should override my principles. Maybe if the GOP establishment and those who voted to nominate the wrong candidate had any principles, we wouldn’t be having this debate. It will not be my fault if Obama is reelected. It will be the fault of those who chose Romney as their nominee.

        41. Please, provide an example, not merely a claim or statement, to illustrate exactly why and how my “logic and deductive reasoning” are less than precise. I contend that whenever you add zero to any other number the number stays the same. Therefore, adding a no vote (0) for Romney and a no vote (0) for Obama cannot in itself affect the outcome.

        42. MrChuckster, obviously we are not on the same wavelength. I believe your argument is meaningless and is but “dragging a red herring across the trail” to take our focus off the the real issues at hand. The political equation is and always has been; If someone knowingly votes for an unelectable (third party?) candidate, instead of the one that has a chance of being elected, the voter has “in effect” voted for the opposition guy, which in our discussion, is our setting President. You admit to being a Libertarian, and I do not hold that against you, as you are entitled to your opinion. Without judging you further, your argument (perhaps unintentionally) follows almost to the letter, that of the Alinsky 101, camp followers. I sense someone has planted this idea in your mind, in order the swing the vote results, just to make a point. We are now at a point wherein we should not be necessarily voting for “the one we like”, but instead voting for the one that will get our setting President out of office. I too had other candidates in mind (Huckabee, Cain and “Newt”), but they have all fallen by the wayside. I made a similar mistake a few years ago when I voted for Ross Perot. And while Romney is not my favorite (the one I like), he is the one that gives us a chance to get our President out of office—and the future of this great country is at stake. I don’t profess to be an expert on these issues, but I do look at the “likes” , and “thumbs up” notations by the readers, which I believe clearly supports my position that we should be voting for the candidate that can get our setting President out of office. Now, let us stop this debate and let us finish the far more important task at hand. The final vote-count between Romney and the President could be quite close and the 5 percent who would “like” to vote for Dr. Paul, could well determine if this great country is going to go down the tubes. As Perry Mason (for you “old timers”) would say, “Your Honor, I rest my case”. Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Why President Obama Will Lose in a Landslide

        43. I agree we are not on the same wavelength. However, my argument is hardly “meaningless’ or “dragging a red herring across the trail” to distract from the real issues. I just happen to disagree with your faulty “political equation.” Furthermore, it appears that you are the one promoting a red herring. In my previous post which you are replying to here I requested that you please, provide an example, not merely a claim or statement, to illustrate exactly why and how my “logic and deductive reasoning,” which you claimed are less than precise. Instead, all you provide are more sweeping generalizations of circular reasoning which is a non-sequitur. The idea that somehow voting for the candidate of your choice rather than the candidate a political party dictates assumes you agree with the party’s platform and their selection of that nominee. Well, I don’t agree with the GOP’s platform, as it is implemented today, nor do I agree with the GOP’s presumptive nominee on any of the important issues. Therefore, I will not vote for Romney.
          I believe it is your logic and deductive reasoning that are “less than precise,” and completely without any inductive reasoning, like facts which will substantiate your claim. Instead you resort to fallacies and hasty generalizations in an attempt to deceive others who may be reading your argument. For example, you claim that I admit to being Libertarian, but I have never made such a claim. Why you presumed I was a Libertarian I’m not sure. Never yhe less I do not claim any party affiliation. I’m an Independent voter. It may be because I don’t support Romney or Obama. Regardless, you made that hasty generalization without sufficient evidence to draw such a conclusion. You really should not assume to know something when you don’t and then draw upon that assumption to make a false claim. In addition, you make hasty generalizations by begging the question and inferring that my argument although “(perhaps unintentional) follows that of Alinsky 101 camp followers.” You continue to beg the question, when you infer by your statement, “I sense someone has planted this idea in your mind, in order the swing the vote results, just to make a point” that I’m incapable of thinking for myself and drawing my own conclusions. I assure you I’m perfectly capable of thinking for myself and drawing my own conclusions based on facts. Your entire argument thus far is post hoc. You’re attempting to establish an unjustified link between cause and effect. You’re claiming we should not vote for “the one we like, but “instead vote for the one that “will” unseat Obama. This argument is nothing more than either/or fallacy because it assumes that Romney can unseat Obama. It also assumes that no other candidate can unseat Obama. In addition, this argument presumes I’m voting for a particular candidate because I like the candidate rather than for the reason everyone should be voting for a candidate because he is the most qualified for the office.
          Therefore, we should be voting for the most qualified person to occupy the office of President. Neither Romney nor Obama are the least bit qualified to occupy the office of President. The mere fact that Obama usurps Congress and claims to have executive powers not authorized by the Constitution more than demonstrates he is not qualified to be President. The case can be made that Romney is also not qualified to be President, By endorsing several of Obama’s policies and declaring that he too would have signed the NDAA bill, as passed by Congress, which included the unconstitutional provision allowing for the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens, alone, establishes that Romney is not qualified to be President. The most qualified person to occupy any political office is the one who will honor their oath of office to uphold the Constitution. Therefore, the most qualified person to occupy the office of President is one who will honor their oath to “faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
          At this point it appears you were actually undecided about which candidate was the most qualified. You claim to have had several other favorites, Huckabee, Cain, and Gingrich who are no longer in the race. You implied previously that I was unable to think for myself and make my own decisions, yet you’re the one allowing someone else (GOP establishment) to make your decision about which candidate you should vote. You further imply that I’m making a mistake because you voted for Ross Perot instead of the GOP candidate, George H.W. Bush. Again, this is post hoc because you’re using an unjustified link between cause and effect. I understand your premise, but again it is begging the question because it is debatable whether your claim that Romney is the candidate who will give us a chance to unseat Obama is true. In fact, there is no evidence to support the confidence you have that Romney will be any better for the future of the country.
          I don’t claim to be an authority on this issue either. However, I’m not foolish enough to fall for an argument to ignorance. For example, your claim that my sticking to principles “just might” result in Obama being re-elected. Regardless, I’m certainly not going to allow my decision about who is right or wrong in this debate to be influenced by “likes” and “thumbs up” by readers of this article who you claim noticeably support your position. In addition, I’m not going to jump on the band wagon just because you and those who support your position believe you’re right, based on opinion rather than fact.
          Instead, I will continue to utilize my critical thinking skills by employing both deductive and inductive reasoning, supported by logic, specific facts, observations and experience to draw my conclusions and make my decisions. However, you and those who support your supposition are welcome to continue to use illogical fallacies, and circular reasoning, to make sweeping and hasty generalizations, determined by either/or fallacies, thus, treating the issue as though there are only two choices, and justify your conjecture post hoc with unjustified links between cause and effect, and when that doesn’t work throw in red herrings to change the subject and distract from the issue, or beg the question by stating a debatable premise as if it were true. Then, if none of that works, use an argument to ignorance by saying something is true because it cannot be proved false, Finally, when all else fails, use the old tried and true bandwagon to establish something is true because everyone else believes it is true, or ad hominem, attack the person instead of the issue. Again, stating a debatable premise as if it were true is begging the question. Your claim that the 5% who would prefer to vote for Ron Paul could determine the future of this country is not a fact. Therefore, it is not true. This statement is also post hoc because it is trying to establish an unjustifiable link between cause and effect

          In my opinion your entire argument (case) is a non sequitur because your asserted conclusion does not logically follow from what comes before. Therefore, I propose we just agree to disagree, and end this debate.

        44. MrChuckster007, a very lengthy post and I will comment only on one point. You state you have never claimed to be a Libertarian. Looking back through this pile of political mumbo-jumbo, i see a post from you that, in part, states, “Yes, I support Ron Paul and I have stated that in several of my posts”. DISQUS posted that comment “5-days ago”—-verbosity does not make up for logic, deductive reason, common sense and objectivity. I am sure you have those skills, but you have lost your focus. Let us stop this verbal jousting so that we can all get on with the real problems of the day.
          Subject: [godfatherpolitics] Re: Why President Obama Will Lose in a Landslide

        45. I don’t deny I support Ron Paul, nor do I deny that I have stated I support Ron Paul in previous posts. However, just because I support Ron Paul does not make me a Libertarian. Again, I have never claimed to be a Libertarian. I am in fact an Independent, not a Libertarian. Besides, Ron Paul is a Republican, not a Lbertarian. Just because Ron Paul campains for the cause of individual liberty, freedom and the Constitution does not make him a Libertarian. If anything it makes him a Constituionalist or Constitutional-Republican. You appear to have a very strong tendency to assert a debatable premise as if it were true, begging the question, establishing an unjustified link between cause and effect, post hoc, all to justify a false analogy that because things are similar in some ways they are similar in other ways. I assure you I have not lost my focus and I’m prepared to debate any real issues you care to debate. However, you will never convince me to vote for Romney.

        46. That’s just a hair to extreme. The choice is between two parties with different and diverging agendas. But voting for the one you prefer over the other is common sence.

        47. I have news for you, the so-called Democrat-Republican party merely presents the illusion that we have two major parties. Watch how they vote because they always come together when it has anything to do with screwing the American people. For example, consider how these unconstitutional laws were passed: the Patriot Act, which should have been named the remove the 4Th Amendment Act, NDAA, indefinite detention for American citizens and CISPA, etc.. No my friend, we do not have a two party system.

        48. The vote for the lesser of evils is still the LESSER of evils.

          When you get chemo for cancer that’s the LESSER of evils.

          When you got to the dentist for root canal that’s the LESSER of evils.

          You refuse to vote for evil?

          How is voting for a guy who has a snow ball’s chance in hell of winning, when it could help Obama get re-elected, not a vote for evil?

        49. I was going to respond to your question from the last line, but I won’t dignify such an absurdly presumptive question with what should be the logical answer.

        50. i would like to share. “george washington did not want a party system thinking (that) political parties like the democrates and republicans would contribute to “mischiefs of spirit” and agitate the comnmunity with “ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, “kindling” the animosity of one part against another”. well, george was not only a great general but also a wise prophet. i’m sorry i cannot provide the source as i copied it for my own use.

        51. Too late, you already did dignify my question, by telling me you weren’t going dignify it by responding to it, which actually was a response & then not responding to my question.

          Another example of how Libertarians who vote for Gary Johnson miss the obvious.

          Wasn’t Ayn Rand an atheist. Talk about missing the obvious.

        52. Too late, you already did dignify my question, by telling me you weren’t going dignify it by responding to it, which actually was a response.

          Another example of how Libertarians who vote for Gary Johnson miss the obvious.

          Wasn’t Ayn Rand an atheist. Talk about missing the obvious.

        53. So, because you know Romney, any information I have about him has to be false, right? Why ask me to share my information if you already have the pre-conceived notion it is false? In my opinion, neither Romney nor Obama have any understanding whatsoever about the concept of ethics,. Do you? I suppose Romney did not state, when asked during one of the debates, whether he would have signed the NDAA bill, as it was passed by Congress, he did not say, “yes I would?” That alone is reason enough for anyone, in their right mind, not to vote for him. It certainly is reason enough for me. I could provide you a long list of reasons how he and Obama are two sides of the same coin, and reasons why I would never vote for him, but since you know him you should already know. Besides, you have already concluded that any information I have is false, so why bother. His support for the NDAA will have to suffice.

        54. Your opinion is your own & you certainly come across as brainwashed! Where are Obummers TRUE colors! Listen to the rest of Romneys statement about the NDAA! As far as I’m concerned you are not worthy of any more comments! Enjoy…somewhere else!

        55. You’re right my opinion is my own. However, just because I don’t view things the same as you do and tow the party line, doesn’t give you the right to label me, “brainwashed.” To the contrary, I’m perfectly capable of thinking independently and do think for myself. Maybe, if more people did more thinking for themselves, instead of going along to get along, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in, now. I think we all know where Obama’s loyalties lie and there not with the American people or the United States. If we had more politicians, like Ron Paul, who followed the Constitution and rule of law, Obama would not be occupying the Oval Office in the White House. I assure you, I listened to Romney’s entire statement about the NDAA, and it made me sick to my stomach. If you are able to read and comprehend what you read, you should read the NDAA bill as passed by Congress. Then, maybe you would understand why I would never vote for Romney or Obama. You cannot defend the indefensible. Obama signed the NDAA into law, but Congress with a House controlled by Republicans should not have passed it with the provision that included indefinite detention for U.S citizens (Section 1021) in the first place. Now, please explain why Romney said, if he was President, he would have signed the NDAA, as passed by Congress, into law, also. Personally, I cannot accept that any President who swears or affirms to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution” could even consider signing a bill with such a provision into law. In fact, it disturbs me greatly that a Republican controlled House of Congress, whose members also take an oath to uphold the Constitution, would pass a bill with such a provision. I couldn’t help but notice that your rant, “As far as I’m concerned you are not worthy of any more comments! Enjoy…somewhere else!” sounded very much like something Nancy Pelosi might say. I was taken aback so much by your rant I wasn’t sure I was on a conservative website. I had to check to see if I accidently logged onto a liberal website. Anyway, I hope you feel a little bit more like you do now than you did while ago. Good luck!!!

        56. I’m not ranting just replying to your post and supplying a few facts. You can take it or leave it, but Romney is not what you think he is. I noticed you don’t seem to debate the facts. I don’t know if Romney is going to win or not, but I do know he’s not the GOP nominee, yet. We won’t know for sure who the GOP nominee is until after the convention in Tampa, FL. If he does become the nominee, I hope he does defeat Obama. However, I don’t think things will change very much with Romney. He will just move the globalist agenda along at a little slower pace until the everyone is lulled back to sleep and the globalists regroup. Stay safe!!!

        57. The lesser of two evils??? I’d vote for a circus clown before Obama, its as plain day, he doesn’t get his way he sulks like a little baby and goes and pulls stupid crap like Fast and Furious and gets a boarder patrol guy killed then backs his liberal buddies on banning guns, but he can give hundreds of guns to a bunch of terrorist and gangsters then make it ok for illegals to cross over here and stay.Meanwhile, unemployment isn’t high enough so bring over 1.1 million mexicans to take away jobs(even if they are low wage) after they get free education, free college “YOU” pay for then there goes the higher paid jobs. Nice, real nice……..

        58. Mcchuckster, the term “the lesser of two evils” is just a term. Not absolutely really evil. You have to put it in context. We are talking about two ideologies. One leading to free enterprise and the other socialism. You have to agree there is a clear difference. Which would you prefer? I don’t the choices are perfect. But I do know what I don’t want and will do whatever I can to block it. This is the most important election in my forty voting years. I couldn’t live with myself knowing the consequences of not getting Romney elected. I major problems with Ron Paul or even Gary johnson. If either of them had the best chance to win, I would vote for them. But they don’t. I am voting for my consciense and for my kids.

        59. Excuse me, but the term “lesser of two evils” is not merely a term. Maybe you don’t believe good and evil exist, but I do. From my perspective everything is perfectly clear. Furthermore, I think I’m putting it in the right context, as I’m sure you think are. Therefore, there’s no need for you to lecture me about context. You may view it as two ideologies, but I don’t. I see only one ideology, and the goal is power. No, I don’t agree there’s a clear difference. Romney and Obama are both wanna-be fascist dictators, who want to set up a tyrannical police-state, shred the Constitution and establish socialism in this country. When Obama said he was going to “fundamentally transform” this country, most people had their own perception about what he meant, but I knew exactly what he meant. Again, when I watched and heard Romney declare, “Yes,” with no reservation whatsoever, he would have signed the NDAA bill, as it was passed by Congress, I had the same sick feeling in my gut that I had when I watched and listened to the hoards of people on TV chant, “O-ba-ma, O-ba-ma, O-ba-ma, O-ba-ma.” So, which fascist dictator would you prefer? I think the choices are far from perfect. In fact, the only choice I see between a Romney dictatorship and an Obama dictatorship is whether we want to plunge into a fascist-socialist-dictatorship or do we want to slide into it. Do we want to go hard or easy. Personally, I will not submit to tyranny, but resist it whenever and wherever I am confronted. I know what I want also, and it certainly isn’t Romney or Obama. You are right! This is the most important election in my lifetime, too. However, since the GOP establishment nominated the wrong candidate, I’m sorry to say, unless a miracle happens, I will have to opt-out. I applaud you for voting your conscience. However, I cannot in good conscience vote for a candidate I know to be just another puppet for the corporate, global elite. I could not look my children, grand-children, and great-grandchildren in the face and tell them I voted for slow tyranny rather than fast tyranny. I do not understand what you meant by this statement, “I major problems with Ron Paul or even Gary Johnson. If either of them had the best chance to win, I would vote for them. But they don’t,” but it doesn’t matter. As I stated previously, I applaud you for voting your conscience and all I ask is that you will allow me the courtesy to do the same. Finally, I hope you feel a little bit more like you do now than you did awhile ago. Good luck!!!

        60. How ignorant are you?

          If Stalin were the RNC candidate and Tse Tung was President and the unpopular third party candidate was George Washington, who should we vote for?

          According to your logic a vote for Washington is a vote for Mao.

          I love America too much to vote for the lesser of two evils. Most of you are as blind as Obama supporters were in 2008. You are controlled by fear and anger and will vote for a sack of dog poop if the Republican establishment nominates it.

          We may end up with Romney but he will be pressured into being a more constitutional President due to those whacked-out-Paul-bot delegates at the RNC convention. The media distortions and lies about Ron Paul are no less harmful than the media distortions and lies about Obama The difference is they lied to make Paul look nutty versus their lies to make Obama look normal and the electorate believed the lie and acted accordingly. Good luck America!

          2012 – Robama vs Obamney… is there really a choice here?

          2012 – Both support NDAA indefinite detention of Americans. (Stalin/Mao?)

        61. i feel that romney is an american and was born here. he is a successful business man who did it himself. he raised a beautiful family and i feel comfortable with him. when i think of the demos with pelosi, frank, reid, schultzie, boxer, axelrod, finestein, holder, frankel, bite me, and maxine…i’ve had enough and want some fresh air. i won’t go into the corrupt ones who died.

        62. Mitt was born in the U.S. but his dad, George Romney was born in Mexico in 1907. “…Mitt
          Romney is NOT a Natural Born Citizen unless he can prove that his father, George
          Romney gained citizenship from naturalization prior to Mitt’s birth in
          1947. I have found no records showing this to be the case.” http://sonoranalliance.com/2012/01/08/oh-now-this-is-interesting-george-w-romney-was-not-a-natural-born-citizen/

          Only a “Natural Born” Citizen can legally be President; Article II, Section I,
          Clause V, as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court in Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1875) which clearly states that both parents must be U.S. citizens at the time of their child’s birth. Marco Rubio, Bobbi Jindal & Barrack Obama are also ineligible. Obama is a usurper and should be found guilty of treason. Willard Mitt Romney is attempting to become a usurper.

          I am amazed at the gullibility of the American electorate.

        63. Mitt doesn’t have to ‘prove’ anything. Any ALLEGATION to the contrary must be proven by the person making the allegation; innocent until proven guilty and all that basic stuff. Also, the SCOTUS decision cited above is NOT what is in the Constitution (the Law of the Land). Obviously, huge numbers of the founders, including early President’s, probably would not have met this SCOTUS critiria. The Constitution itself merely asserts that the CANDIDATE for office be born here, again, regardless of the SCOTUS decision. (SCOTUS is often wrong, as it’s many decisions allowing gun control demonstrate). Also, both Romney’s parents were citizens (again, unless you have DEMONSTRABLE evidence to the contrary); the fact that some of his family returned to Mexico has no bearing on his being born here.

        64. The Founders did not have to meet that criterion because another clause “grandfathered” them into eligibility. As to Romney’s “natural born” eligibility, I don’t have the information; I do believe that Rubio, Jindal (and Obama) are NOT eligible.

        65. SCOTUS is the final authority of the law and their decisions are not ones I always agree with, but they are final until we legislate new law to supersede the Court or a new case alters their previous decision. Your opinions do not change these facts. As for your other comments do your own due diligence and decide for yourself. Lazy uneducated responses are useless. Read the Constitution, research the law, cite facts not rhetoric.

        66. eve, please put down the Kool-Aid.

          1) Mitt was born here, but both of his parents may not have been U.S. citizens at the time of his birth as required by Article II, Section I, Clause V and defined by the SCOTUS in Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1875). Like Rubio, Jindal & Obama that would make Romney ineligible to be President or Vice-President.

          2) He’s a successful businessman who’s father, George Romney, was a governor and ran for President, not your typical poor boy makes good story, Mitt is a “Silver-Spoon” self made man who’s dad had powerful & rich friends. 😉

          3) The progressive Democrats you mentioned are very bad for our nation but so are progressive Republicans like Romney. He is the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing and the only politician who out flip-flops John Kerry.

          4) You won’t get any fresh air from Mitt Romney he is as narcissistic as Obama. Both know whats best for you and both are eager to control your life. ObamaCare or RomneyCare??? Both support the 2012 NDAA which gives the President the power to use the military against Americans and indefinitely detain / imprison them without habeas corpus, a phone call, a lawyer or a trial. This violates the Constitution by allowing suspension of the Bill-of-Rights which amounts to altering the Constitution without the legally required legislation followed by the mandatory 39-State ratification. Eve, you’ve had to much forbidden fruit if you can’t smell the Progressive stink coming off Romney.
          As I stated above… there’s NO FRESH AIR here!!!

          Robama or Obomney… flip a coin. :-(

        67. GQ4U. Not only will Romney be forced to be pressured by the Paul supporters but the actual conservatives also. There will be a larger group of conservatives elected to the house and senate that will force Romney and the rinos to act more constitutionally as well. We are not enemies and should stop acting as though we are. I personally do not like Romney or the fact that he was forced upon us by the RNC but until we can change the RNC more to our conservative liking (hopefully by 2016) we will have to support what they put forward in order to slow the progress of our countries ruination.

        68. Again I say: “If Stalin were the RNC candidate and Tse Tung is President and the
          unpopular third party candidate is George Washington, who should we
          vote for?”

          Don’t be fooled, if we support the RINO candidate with our vote we prolong their power and the progressive win again! However, if we vote for the candidate that’s best for America we exemplify our heritage by voting for the person we believe can lead us to a small & constitutional government. If Romney is the nominee then we really have no choice over Obama. I refuse to vote for anyone who thinks they can live my life better than I can. I refuse to vote for anyone who believes its alright to suspend the Bill-of-Rights and use the 2012 NDAA to detain Americans indefinitely.
          Obama and Romney are both narcissistic, big government, un-Constituional, dictatorial minded leaders. 2016 may find those of us who protest these men imprisoned in one of their FEMA detention camps… or dead. Remember Joseph Stalin or Mao Tse Tung had no use for opposing views from their citizens.

          Exercising freedom of speech and casting a vote for whom one wishes, does not make us enemies. It simply means we still have some freedom. I hope I have helped persuade some to stand for what is right and NOT the lesser of two evils.

          As for me, I am voting for Washington or Jefferson and other like minded candidates.

        69. Sometimes, (especially THIS contest, with an opportunity to rid ourselves of Obama) it is DEFINITELY in our best interest to vote what you say is the “lesser of two evils”!
          The lesser of 2 evils, (Romney) is a far less lethal vote than voting for Obama, which WILL BE FATAL TO THIS COUNTRY, if he gets 4 more years. You can stand on principal, and be very DEAD with Obama, or go ahead and vote for your “lesser of two evils”, and live to fight another day. Obama is fatal, Romney is not! Your principles will kill you Bot!

        70. No one will listen to, be aware of, even notice the existence of those nutty, whacked out, senile, naive, stupid, race baiting, isolationist, slimy creatures known “lovingly” as Paulbots, at the convention. You have no majority, very little constituency, and zero authentic candidate status at the convention. Ron Paul is nuts, old senile, crazy, and did I mention fruity? Go home, you are understood! And because main stream republicans understand you, WE REJECT YOU! GO HOME WHACK-POTS!!

        71. fort, you can’t reason with these whackos. We try to be nice to them but then they come back calling us nasty names because we don’t agree with them. They spread their lies about Romney and GW Bush but if you say anything about Ronnie they are fit to be tied. I’ll be so happy when Romney wins the election and we won’t have to put up with these Paulbots any more. Would you honestly want to see these whackos in power.? A scary thought, huh? These people belong to a cult much like Jim Jones’ Jonestown cult. These loons have also been sending death threats to Rand Paul. They remind me of the Hitler Youth. Thank God that Ron Paul will never be President.

        72. Boy aren’t you special. Your insults have won me over, I MUST vote Romney or people like you won’t like me and they’ll call me names. LOL

          You optimize the reason we have to settle for weak candidates like Bush-1, Dole, Bush-2, McCain and the new darling of the GOP —- Romney. Thanks so much for making me see the light… I’m all better now.

          You’re an idiot!! :-)

        73. Your input here is convaluted. Stalin and Tse Tung were both dictaters. Paul is no Geo. Washington. Here Obama is basicly a dictater, and Romney is not. As far as the sack of dog poop goes…it could be used to plug the hole in the dike. If RP was the Republican nominee, I’d vote for him all day long. Obama has got to go!

        74. RomneyCare / ObamaCare, both seek to control our lives through Big Government Mandates. Both say its needed for the collective good. Both believe they know whats best for you. Convoluted? Really? Both seem dictatorial to me.

          You seem to hate Obama but you obviously don’t understand why, if you did you would never back Romney.

          Paul’s positions are very similar to George Washington. It seems you don’t know these gentlemen either.

          Read “Washington’s Farewell Address to the Nation”

          “plug the hole in the dike” you’re going to need truck loads of dog poop.

        75. If the man you vote for is not in the running then your vote is as good as somone who stays home. No democrate expects to get the Libraterian vote. They will not change their stance to attract that voting block. If you think Republicans ,if they loose will try harder to get the Libraterian vote your mistaken. They will just move more to the left to try and get the fringers. I would love to see ron paul as president, but it ain’t happening. So how do we best help the libaterian cause. Get the process moving that direction. Especially on local levels. Lets insist that Ron Paul has a say at the convention. On a platform where all republicans will be listening he will be able to make the best sence of the way things should be to get this country on course. The truth of smaller government is making a mark. Even in Europe you hear small voices making statements about europe needs to be the way the US was. Some one in the Check Republic even made a statement about the character it takes to have good government and they wondered if the US could show the character needed to vote Obama out. Implying that US needed to start the movement to what we use to be.
          I really wish Ron Paul was the candidate for the republicans, but even he knew to effect a change he needed to start where there were the most conservatives as a whole. even if they didn’t get the real big picture.
          A win for Obama is diastorious, A win for Romney can be a start.

        76. When MSM / party is your source with their poll control electability, you may never accept the basic revealing truth of their purpose to elect, not who you choose, but another of those chosen for you. Those that never look back are doomed to repeat their mistakes. Perhaps there is one you could name with the exception of Regan that has lived up to your expectations. I can’t.

        77. Fox is not very good at revealing the truth lately, either. Yes, I can actually name two, Harry S. Truman and Dewight D. Eisenhower.

        78. Hey MrChuckster, can you add? If you don’t vote for someone that vote can’t be counted for them. Adding zero to a number adds nothing! If you want B.O. out of the Whitehouse, positive numbers need to be added to his vote! 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1

        79. Hey Jo, sure I can add, can you? Apparently you do understand the concept that a no vote for someone is a no vote for that person and that adding zero to any number adds nothing. Therefore, how does my no vote for Romney and my no vote for Obama somehow, magically benefit Obama, when you know that 1+0=1 and 1-0=1;. Hence, 0+0=0 and 0-0=0. Did you happen to notice that adding zero to zero and subtracting zero from zero did not change the logical outcome any more than it did when I added zero to one or subtracted zero from one. You cannot take a vote away from a candidate and give that vote to another candidate unless you vote for the other candidate. Therefore, if you do not vote for either candidate neither candidate can benefit over the other. This has been a ploy of the two party system for decades used as a means to discourage and prevent a third party from interfering with the Democrat-Republican establishment’s little monopoly. It has worked pretty well too, just like their phony liberal-conservative, false left-right paradigm devised by both parties to keep the American people divided along party and ideological lines..

        80. That has been my strategy since the 60s in hopes that the slow fall to socialism would be accelerated enough to draw attention past all the media / party whitewash and omission. The proud uniformed never cease to blame others for their egotistically reluctant inability to get out of the two party media muck and join the morally vigilant upright with pure patriotic intent.
          By their obvious continued trend they have yet to get past the media mind control and simply repeat the lines copied from either corrupt party.agenda.
          The vigilant still hope that party echos will succumb to common sense or at least compose an epitaph for their tombstone explaining their inaction. Their refusal to acknowledge the advantage when a true patriot offers his documented record for consideration to serve can only foment tyranny in the generation of their progeny. Whatever evil they choose I can suffer with the best in the knowledge of truth and the parting words of Patrick Henry. Dont cry over a single misinformed vote. They’ll be with us until the sources of misinformation have been financially silenced.

        81. Jo.. let me make this real simple for all that think a vote for Paul doesn’t do any damage to the effort to remove Obummer… Let’s say, 4 folks come out to vote.. O gets 2, Mitt gets 1, Ron gets 1.. Who the hell won?…. I kept the numbers really small to make it easy to digest… If libertarians are serious about removal of O.. a non-romney vote IS A VOTE FOR O!

        82. I suggest you campaign hard for Romney, so enough people vote for him because I’m not voting for Romney or Obama.

        83. This is the most uninformed illogical comment I have ever read. Can this person do basic math? Or is he a visiting obot- using twisted logic – as so many were intruding on comment threads in 2008?

        84. Sure I can do basic math, can you? Try this for a basic math problem 1+0=1 and 1-0=1. When you add zero to any number you get the same number you started with, and when you subtract (take away) zero from any number you get the same number you started with. So, how does a no vote for Romney and a no vote for Obama somehow benefit Obama. I contend that my no vote for Romney and my no vote for Obama cannot possibly benefit either candidate, or as CJH claims magically become an “automatic vote for who we don’t want.” Furthermore, I think you may be the one intruding here.

        85. Mr. Chuck – no, I don’t think Tom S’s comment is without merit. Two really good reasons. One year, our state had a pro-life candidate running for governor along with the Democratic and Republican candidate. The Republican candidate lost by 1.5% to the Democrat. Oddly enough, the pro-life candidate had garnered 1.5% in the overall election. So, we got stuck with a governor who gave us our first State income tax and also got into a tax war with a nearby state.

          Secondly, Ross Perot virtually handed Clinton his first term as President. Sadly, I can’t blame Perot for the second term, but I sure can lay the blame at his doorstep for the first round.

          There are several other examples, but those two are the most glaring examples I can think of quickly.

        86. To blame another candidate for your candidate losing an election is disingenuous to say the least. There is only one reason a candidate looses an election; because they did not convince enough people to vote for them. Your examples clearly demonstrate that Clinton was able to convince enough people to vote for him and the others were not. There is no scientific proof that the people who voted for Perot would have voted for another candidate had he not been a candidate. In fact they could have just as well voted for Clinton giving him an even greater victory. I will only vote for the candidate I feel will do the most to serve the country and the American people. If more people did that, we probably would not be in the mess we are in, now. The problem is too many brainwashed people have been conditioned like sheep to tow the party line, and have forgotten to think for themselves.

        87. MrChuckster007 – Well said.
          You seem to posses an uncommon wisdom that is sadly lacking in America today.

        88. While I have to agree that not all the voters who voted for Perot would have voted for whoever the Republican candidate was (I think it was Robert Dole, but it’s after midnight here and I just got home from a meeting, so I’m exhausted), I do in fact know that the 1.5% of the voters that could have changed our state election would have gone to the Republican. I was told that by both the candidate and the campaign manager.

        89. @Taquoshi:disqus
          Ross Perot entered the race to prevent H.W. Bush from election. This gave the election to Clinton!

        90. Your omission of a proposal to Perot that he could not refuse involving his family certainly justified his action but does not address failure of either party to select a patriot as their candidate to be sacriiced at the stake of media assault. The winner of that election was hand picked by a socialist Arkansas senator and escorted through state politics and multipal damage control deaths covered over by the same DOJ on trial today. Try some new sources in an effort to catch up with reality.

        91. So, you apparently know more about what happened in my state that I do? How interesting. By the way, which state am I living in? (And no, it’s not the State of Confusion)

        92. just like voting for nader cost the democrats the election protest votes by voting for 3rd party canadates to satisfy ones selfish hedonistic needs in no contibutes to our voting process and shows total lack any basic common sence

        93. .What would you know about common sense or the lack thereof? You can’t even spell sense correctly! Obviously, you have no understanding whatsoever about the concept of common sense, so how could you possibly know how to determine the indicators necessary to determine a lack of common sense. Do you want to know what really shows a lack of common sense? Continuing to follow the same defective programming and each time expecting a better outcome are indicators that there’s a lack of common sense. Another indicator for a lack of common sense is the false analogy that one candidate of the two major parties did not win the election because of a third party candidate. This analogy is totally erroneous and absurd. Still another strong indicator for determining a lack of common sense exists is continuing to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, and expecting a different and more desirable outcome. In fact, that is also a strong indication of insanity. Finally, it’s obvious that your own desire for your candidate to win the election is far more selfish and hedonistic than mine. I hope you feel a little bit more like you do now than you did awhile ago. Good luck!!!

        94. At this late date are we about to commit the same mistake in electing someone who is not qualified to run. Isn’t this a basic, not to be forgotten rule, until it is changed. Maybe this is why we cannot get those in DC to take the evidence provided and run the usurper out of town? Maybe they are afraid it is too late and they just can’t get the guts together to face the big problem of eligablity. How hard could it be to find a knowlegible, educated, honest, man or women who doesn’t have a big ‘ugly’ in their closet who can deliver a heart-felt speech without a telepromptor and who can only inspire others to hitch their money wagon onto theirs (because they don’t wager their own) and who has a real American mother and father. Maybe they should start with the last part first and who is in charge of doing that before we get so far down the river of no return and so much money is spent on electing someone who shouldn’t be an option in the first place.

        95. Mr Chuckster, you’re kidding, right? NO effect? PLEASE PLEASE go to the library and check out a basic math book. PLEASE do the addition & subtraction exercises.
          When you can add & subtract, PLEASE do your voting calculations again.
          Or are you a bomabot trying to give the impression their is no sense left in America.

        96. Its already been decided who will occupy the oval office, yes George soros did bring in puppet illegal obama, also, it was decided in the bohemian grove that bill clinton would be president, so don’t hold your breath on the election to see if your candidate will win, its already been decided, the media will tell us who supposedly won, remember the reagan bush contra arms deal, as soon as the media told the election results, the hostages were released, looked very good didn’t it, remember when bush had his buddy hinkley’s looney son attempt to assassinate Reagan, any of you remember one of the secret service with his gun in hand being held up in the air by another agent?? think about all this,you vote either way will not change anything.
          who you voting for satin or the devil, we have lost our government to people like soros, bildebergs, rockefellars and the list goes on. nwo has almost complete control.

        97. You ever hear the word CHEAT? That’s what O and the democratic party will do (which they do best)….!

        98. And have you listened to those Democratic die hard’s defending Obama. Don’t bet you boots that many Democrats will vote for Obama in spite of his record, simply because they are Democrats.

        99. Maggie, when I die, I want to be buried in Chicago. That way, I’ll still be able to vote.

        100. An intelligent discourse might prove to him that you are correct. Name calling will just further alienate him. Perhaps more of us can smarten up a little. We NEED to do everything we can to beat o’bummer this election!

        101. @88man: obummer? Sheet man, to ovomit that is a compliment. Are you totally unaware of the horrible epithets he has earned for his title?

        102. If you dont flush the senate just what will you accomplish? Yobama has done all he could to unelect himself.

        103. Perhaps the Electoral College will go against the popular vote as they have in the past, meaning that they would put the EC choice into the Oval Office (and that just may well be obama). Furthermore, having our votes counted by a foreign country (Spain) because soros owns the company may just have a bearing on the outcome as well. The American public is not doing much to protest who will count the 2012 votes nor are they complaining much about the possibility of soros having the voting machines rigged to make it appear that obama is the popular vote. As a maatter of fact, even the honest news reporters aren’t saying anything…I have little faith in the media and zero for our government.

        104. I googled that a while back.. Spain will not be counting our vote..each state has it’s own board of elections and it is responsible for counting the votes. The machines were used in trial to see if it would help the overseas military vote. but that contract is over. at least that is the info I found…

        105. I hope your information is correct. I have not been able to verify it. I do have a good suggestion for military and other “write-in” votes. They should be counted first or at least intermingled with vote counting from the walk-in voters and the write-in count should be required to be completed before the walk-in traffic is completed. That would eliminate those lost or uncounted military and other write-in votes that seem to occur in many states.

        106. According to Webster and the computer “search engines”, a delegate to the Electoral College, is supposed to represent their state’s citizen constitutents and I see no provsion that permits any delegate to just “vote their conscience” as one’s inner senses can be influenced by many things, such as money, sex, job offers, threats and who knows what else. Also, to not honor their citizens wishes make the process a meaningless sham (similar to no-ID voting). The only latitude they should have is either vote “winner take all” of each states votes or just a proportionate share, but again, only as dictated by the state and its constitutents. Everyone should get a good dictionary or ask Google, for the definitions of “delegate” and “representative” and insist those defintions be adhered to.

        107. Please explain the logic behind your statement, “if the author votes for a third party that has a zero chance of winning, thereby enabling in effect a vote for Obama.” A vote for a third-party candidate is a vote for that candidate. It has no effect whatsoever on the outcome between Obama and Romney, just as a no vote for neither Romney nor Obama would have no effect on the outcome between Romney and Obama. The only way a person’s vote can effect the outcome between Obama and Romney would be if a vote for Romney could be cancelled out by a vote for Obama and visa-versa, or if someone who wasn’t eligible to vote cast a vote for Obama or visa-versa. Your claim appears to me to be without any basis in fact and totally illogical.

        108. Chuckie, if you are thinking that Obama is an absolute horror, and Romney is pretty bad; I’d better vote for someone else, you are throwing your vote away. Some third party candidate is not going to win. By not voting for the pretty bad candidate who might unseat the horror, you are, in effect, enabeling the horror to be reelected. I too, am not happy voting for “pretty bad”. But I am not going to pass up my opportunity to help unseat the horror.

        109. I don’t think Obama is an “absolute horror.” I think both Obama and Romney are two sides of the same coin, just like the Republicans and Democrats. Therefore, they are both an “absolute horror.” I would rather throw my vote a way than vote for Obama or Romney. As I have said many times, a vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil and I refuse to vote for evil of any kind.

        110. It is often a valid theory that if you enlarge the problem; the solution is more evident.
          A second Obama term will start the revolution which is the ONLY way that the US will change.

        111. Sir, once again your logic and reasoning left me at the starting gate. If the election is close and say 5% of the non-democrats vote for a unelectable third party, when they could have voted for Romney,doing so will surely affect the outcome. About half of your comment is based upon trying to prove a negative—again, you sound like one of the brainwashed Paul supporters. If you are a Paul supporter, say so, as I have high regard for your loyalty and tenacity.

        112. It’s not my fault the GOP establishment nominated Romney, any more than it was my fault they nominated their other loser McCain. None of my comment is based on trying to prove a negative, but yours sure is. Yes, I support Ron Paul, and I have stated that in several of my posts. However, I’m not brainwashed like those who vote along party lines regardless of the nominee. That’s why I have no party affilliation with Libertarians, Republicans, Democrats or any other political party.

        113. MrChuckster007: Vote for the most Constitutionally, Conservative, Christian candidate who has the best chance of willing, at all levels of Government – Presidential, Federal Congressmen & Senators, State and Local Representatives.

        114. Therein lies the problem with Libertarians.
          Like John Stossel, they make so much sense, right up to where they pick up a baseball bat & hit themselves in the head with a vote for the snow ball’s chance in hell of winning Libertarian, ignoring the perils of the re-election of the most anti-American, anti-Libertarian, dangerous President in America’s history.

        115. I lean towards the Libertarian viewpoint on several issues. However Ron Paul and Rand Paul can do much good In and for their respective States and the Country where they are. Their ‘real strength’ is to lobby Romney towards Libertarian points “for their support” of his candidacy. This is also true for Tea Pary leaders to influence Romney and participate in his Administration.
          It also is extremely important to vote for the most Constitutionally, Conservative, Christian candidates at all levels of Government – Federal, State and Local.

    1. And then we’re stuck with obummer for another 4. We can’t let that arrogant, lying, self-centered, dummicrat donkey and his lying administration back in the WH. Get out and vote people and use the brains God gave you when you do. Enough of this stuff.

      1. WE ARE DOOMED IF HE SOMEHOW GETS RE-ELECTED! I’m sure he will cheat the best he can AGAIN!. Didn’t vote for him the last time and WILL NOT vote for him this time.

    2. A vote for anyone other than Romney or Obama is just that, a vote for someone else by someone who votes their conscience rather than out of fear. If more people would do that, we’d get better candidates than the ones chosen for us by the establishments.

      1. Voting your conscience is one thing, all things being equal. This is not that time. Its a vote for our country now, there really is no choice. Obama has to go and that means a vote for Romney. He, at least, loves his country, believes in capitalism and freedom of choice. Give me greedy capitalism before greedy government any day.

        1. Give me liberty or give me death. Oops, someone already said that long ago, but it applies now.

    3. then give me a candidate I CAN vote for. Romney just came out saying he won’t need COngress to go to war. Fine…. hs Second Ammdnement record is not pretty. He’s big government, big spending. Isn’t topo conncerned about our rights as people.. so, what’s the difference?? No matter WHIVH one wins, we’ll have “four more years”, maybe even eight. We HAD a candidte with a plan to deal with the big issues.. debt, mostrous government, wars everywhere, world’s policeman, empolyment, getting government’s huge and growing nose OUT of our daily lives….. but he’s “unelectable”.. so says the media, and the good ol boy Repuyblican party. If I give Romney my vote this time, HOW will the GOP ever get the news they need to turn out their old cronies and give us a candidate with some Constitutioinal values? Its business as usual, once more. GOP have not learned a thing since last time, its power politics all the way. They forget about WE THE PEOPLE. I REFUSE to give my precious vote to a guy with Romney’s values and track record. They took Paul way by subterfuge…. so now what?

      1. If America doesn’t vote AGAINST oBAMA, it is voting for SUICIDE. I would vote for a chimpanzee if it ran against obama.
        He destroyed our economy, our healthcare system and our future. he MUST BE STOPPED.

      2. Tionico: Who’d you like to see replacing the aging Supreme Court judges?
        There are two folks, one of them will do it??

      3. The Senate seats and House seats are vital to our Liberty. Work hard to put the right people in those offices. The Senate being controlled by Reid has enabled the actions of tyrrany.

    4. you are absolutely right Shasphil. I find it sort of Immature that someone would do this. It’s like a kid when playing w/friends and they want to play w/a certain toy and the other kid won’t let him have it so he says “FINE I’m not playing!” How pathetic is that. So if Obummer wins we have Wayne Allen Root to thank

      1. We’ll need to thank the Paulbots, too. All they’re interested in is causing chaos and sabotaging the elections in favor of Obama.

        1. Edward53: Your statement: “We’ll need to thank the Paulbots, too. All they’re interested in is causing chaos and sabotaging the elections in favor of Obama.”
          Hasn’t Ron Paul endorsed Romney? Or was it his son Rand? I think the Paul supporters will come around and vote for Romney, if they haven’t decided it already. There is no other choice.

      2. Read my post above in response to Shasphil. My priorities are simple: God first (and I took my oath before Him), country second, and parties and people after that. I cannot violate that oath. Now Romney is not my pick for the top slot, but if he’s the nominee, I’ll vote and barf—but NOT if he picks an ineligible running mate, which is to say Rubio. I have nothing against Rubio, but he is not a natural born citizen as required for the VP as well as the prez.

        So if anyone has any pull with Romney, tell him not to pick Rubio for that one slot. Anything else is fine—just not the VP.

    5. Never let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Romney is not my first choice and I would prefer a libertarian or objectivist in the White House. But that isn’t going to happen and another four years of Obama will destroy this country. At least it is unlikely that Romney will continue the damage and he might actually do some good.

    6. I predict that Romney will win in November with 51% of the vote and that is still a victory. Our Kenyan tyrant will be gone and the fat communist lady( “America is a mean country”) will not be running around anymore in the White House telling everyone waht to do. I will be free and I will dance in the streets.

        1. I hope that you are correct that Romney will win with 63% of th vote. Obama obstruction of documents this morning about Fast and Furious looks like he is hiding someing BIG. Nobody was hurt over Watergate. This is an outrage and it will hurt Obama and maybe Holder will resign. Holder knows where all the Obama bones are buried, and when he sings the Kenyan despotic rule will be over.

        2. O&G…I sure hope you are right. When you are running against the corruptocrat D party, the ineligible to vote crowd will switch about 6 percent of the vote from Romney to Occupier. The ONLY way for Romney to win is to actually win the HONEST VOTE COUNT by at least a 57-43 split. Mark my words, they will cheat, lie and steal at least 6 points in November. FWIW though…I have now been moved to kind of agreeing with your prediction. I THINK despite the MSM’s incessant campaiging for the Comrade in Chief, he will lose by 5 to 6 points nationwide. BUT AMERICANS MUST NOT BECOME COMPLACENT!

      1. When buying fireworks for the 4th of July, be sure to get some extras to save for Election night. I feel we will have a great celebration that night.

        1. Thank you for your comment. Stand up for America, and call you newspaper, TV station and family and friends and tell them that Obama’s classwarfare and hate the rich is right out of Lenin’s songbook. Then stand tall and watch the fireworks.

      1. Yes, you are increasing the odds that it could go to Obama and that is a chance that you should not be willing to risk. I am not a Romney backer but I’d much rather “reason” with Romney than Obama….the bottom line is that Romney is the lessor of the two evils (unless you are a Communist). Romney may choose a TEA party candidate for VP (ie Rubio, West) which would go a long way to sway Independents, Libertarians, all Conservatives. We must take back the Presidency and the Senate as well as keep the House. We must start lessening the dependency of the people on the Government….the more they give you, the more they can take away. The word “progressive” is such hypocrisy. The Democrat/Communist party are enslaving us all by removing our personal and fiscal responsibilities and liberties.

        Don’t Tread on Me

        1. If he chooses West, he’ll get my support even if he is a “lesser of evils” candidate, but if he picks Rubio (favored by a lot of people who clearly don’t understand the Constitution), then I have no option but to vote third party or write-in. BTW, I met Allen West a few weeks ago and told him, as I shook his hand, that I was pulling for him as VP.

      2. Romney is the underdog and it is imperative to beat Obama. A vote for Obama or a 3rd person just takes away a much needed vote that we need to reclaim our country. Many times in the past, when it wasn’t really all that important, I would vote for someone else to show my displeasure with the choices, but not this time. Every vote for Romney is important.

      3. That’s one less vote for Romney……duh! The man with the MOST votes wins. I don’t know of another way to put it…….where is the ignorance now?

      4. Have you forgotten about the Clinton elections? He never took more than 41% of the popular vote…and look at what we had to put up with for 8 years. Don’t be stupid…again!

        1. History lesson: Yep, Ross Perot was the spoiler then and took away the Republican votes so Clinton won.

    7. I call BS that is just a scare tactic. Romney voted yes on the NDAA, he invented the montrosity healthcare law and he is not that much better than Obama. A vote for the lesser of two evils is still a vote for evil.

      1. A lesser evil is still a BETTER choice! I hate the taste of coconut and the taste of Clorox. So I choose the coconut because at least it won’t KILL ME!!!

    8. NO WE ARENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      THESE 2 MEN ARE NOTHING BUT PUPPETS FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      WE HAVE A RIGHT TO VOTE FOR WHOEVER WE WANT, AND I HATE ROMNEY & SOTERO! THEY ARE THE SAME!!!!!!!! they are BOTH for bigger govt, more spending, more wars and less freedoms and the shredding of the constitution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      i want this govt cut and the spending cut way down! and EITHER of these losers will do this!

    9. WE are now a Nation of DUMMY’S! My sons teacher has Obama 2012 on her rear window! I thought School Teachers were supposed to be smart!

      1. Marine223: Every time I see an Obama bumper sticker I want to puke and wonder what they are thinking? America has a number of ‘intelligent’ brain-dead citizens and even more un-intelligent citizens, unfortunatly.
        If you vote for a Democrat (or RINO) at any level of Government — Federal, State or Local, you may be an idiot.

    10. The NWO folks are making such suckers out of all of the ‘anybody but Obama’ folks. You people just don’t get it. They are on the same track heading in the same direction. You are still voting for a socialist, big government, ‘progressive’. The only way to see America really change directions is to start a third party with true American values. The republicans are selling us out every time.

    11. Yes, but what do you do when you’re between a rock and a hard place? I hold an elective office. When I was sworn in, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, but if Romney picks Rubio as a running mate, he will be choosing someone who is merely native born and not natural born (as required by the 12th Amendment, last sentence), and thus I will not be able to support that ticket. That leaves me no choice but to vote third party or do a write-in. I cannot violate my oath.

      I’m not opposed to Rubio for any other reason, but he just isn’t eligible. Give him any cabinet post or other honor–just don’t put him on the ticket!

    12. Only an idiot takes the low road and throws away a vote. I agree a none/thir party vote is still a vote for Obama and we don’t need another 4 years with him.

    13. Please explain the logic in your claim that, “Anyone who “No Votes” for Romney or votes for some 3rd party candidate will in effect be voting for OBAMA.” A vote for a third-party candidate or a no vote for either Romney or Obama has no effect on the outcome between Obama and Romney because it would neither add nor take away anything from either Obama or Romney. Therefore, I contend your claim has no basis in fact and is totally illogical.

    14. A 3rd party is long overdue. It’s the old Two Party Double Shuffle that has gotten us into this mess. Every president since Reagan has been a NWO puppet that has sold us down the river. Romney will be no change and no hope for a Constitutional Republic that listens to We The People.

    15. that’s the reason why I’m not doing a write in. I don’t really want to vote for Romney but since if I don’t vote for him I might as well voted for Obama so I have no choice.

    16. Did anyone know Obummber had a Gay Reception at the White House & photos were taken in front of the REAGAN portrait of them giving him the finger! I am OUTRAGED at the disrespect of this President & the people who showed their true ignorance! OMG…how dare they!

    17. Could this writer be trying to make people think obama does not stand a chance so, we will not bother to vote? Don’t take a chance GO VOTE get this muslim fraud out of our WH.

    18. EXACTLY ! Many of the libertarian ideas of Ron Paul are getting more attention today because of the exposure he got during the debates. Many of his ideas are gaining favor. They just aren’t quite there yet. Keep it moving forward by getting rid of that which could put an end to our freedom to make these changes. Don’t pick up your ball and go home, vote for one who can defeat O and give us a reprieve so we can work on promoting more of the libertarian ideas. This isn’t 1992 or ’96. The third party messed things up then but we got another chance, we might not get one this time.


    20. You’re right. It frieghtens me to think that some people are going to do just that! Hey, the guy who wrote this piece is voting for a 3rd party candidate.

  6. now lets hope ovomit the treasonous communist trader,gets indicted for treason and his head racist a/g holdup,and both go to prison on rockpile,god bless ron paul/mitt romney,sheriff joe and cold case posse,chuck norris,and all american veterans/citizens.one nation under god

  7. As I posted on my Blog last July…..Obama is toast … only because the personal pain of utopian socialism cannot be long hidden … fuel/inflation/housing/jobless/debt/food stamps …
    IMHO he cannot steal enough votes, use enough distractions or tell enough bold lies and smears to hide reality…no matter how much he smiles and tries … a billion dollars cannot change the data…neither can all the media changing OzBama diapers…the personal pain, the reality is the game changer.

    1. You seem to forget that too many people don’t even know what socialism is. They haven’t beeh taught history and the evils of it. I know a woman who is voting for Obummer because he has a nice family. Face the facts – STUPID PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO VOTE!

      1. you are so right,A majority of the voters out there are oblivious and will choose obama for a lot of senseless reasons!! Lets hope there are more intelligent folks voting than the obama followers who appear to be brainless nitwits.

      2. Most of his votes are “earned” by his race, followed by his charisma drooled over by homely middle age lonely democrat women, then popps up the gay vote which he has been stroking 😉 for the last 3 years, and now he plans to grab the hispanic vote by illegally declaring their children legal. Oh and the die hard democrats who would vote for Goofy if he was running on the democrat ticket…. but wait… THEY ALREADY DID IN 2008!
        I knew retired middle class folks around here voted for him in 2008 because they believed his “Hope and change” slogan. Now one neighbor is worried because his GM retirement health insurance has been changed and he’s getting less and paying more under Ozombie’s rule. I asked him how he felt about that “Hope and change” now. Then I reminded him that “I TOLD YOU HE WAS A LIAR” in 2008 and not to vote for him. Gosh I wish I had been wrong… but we all know I was right about that imposter… how sad for America.

    1. I believe I have figured out obama’s plan:
      1 – When Zimmerman is acquited, fan the flame of racial hatred;
      2 – When the riots occur and patriotic Americans defend their homes and families, he will declare Marshal Law.
      3 – Once Marshal Law has been declared, he will cancel the elections.
      4 – Patriotic Americans will defend their country against the illegal in the WH. A Million Snipers can’t be stopped for long.Biden will be an equal target.

      1. I don’t think our military will support Marshal Law, not under this president.

        And think of all the ex-military people that would rise up against the people who would enforce Marshal Law.

    1. some people with a conscious won’t vote for either of the two political hacks,both are bought and sold by the bankers.the lesser of two evils is still evil.say what you will but i’m not voting for goldman sachs!

      1. You are so stuck on your own choice that you are not capable of logic. You need to pull your head out and get some oxygen.

  8. The Obama team are masters of deception. Just wait until we get closer to the election. We will start seeing fantastic economic numbers that “prove” the economy has recovered….. of course they will all be adjusted downward once the election is over.

    1. I think you may also continue to see gasoline come down to the lowest you’ve seen in a long time, around October,but if he wins,then he will feel even more empowered to put his “green energy” plans into practice,You could see it go to $7 or $8 per gal.Let’s just HOPE & PRAY that Mr Root’s predictions do come to pass.

  9. I’ll take that bet. Not an Obama supporter in any way shape or form but do understand his ways and hope no one is surprised at what he may pull to stay in the WH.


  11. Dick Morris warns under 2nd Obama term our income taxes are going to go through the roof.
    Capital gains taxes on sale of home will double.
    Dick say’s to circulate this video far and wide:

  12. What has America become?

    Has America become the land of special
    interest and home of the

    double standard? Let’s see: If we lie to the Congress, it’s a felony

    and if Congress lies to us it’s just politics. If we dislike a black person,

    we’re a racist and if a black dislikes whites, it’s their 1st Amendment

    right. The government spends millions to rehabilitate criminals and

    they do almost nothing for the victims. In public schools you can teach

    that homosexuality and lesbianism is ok, but you better not use the

    word God in the process. You can murder a child in the mothers womb,

    but it’s wrong to execute a mass murderer. We don’t burn books in

    America, we now rewrite them. We got rid of the communist & socialist

    threat by renaming them progressives. If you protest against Obama’s

    policies you’re a terrorist, but if you burn an American flag or George

    Bush in effigy, it’s your 1st Amendment right.

    You can have pornography on TV or the
    internet, but you better not

    put a nativity scene in a public park during Christmas. In America,

    criminals are now called sick people. The government takes money

    from those who work hard & gives it to those who are lazy. Parenting

    has been replaced with Ritalin & video games. The land of opportunity

    is now the land of hand outs.

    § And how
    do we handle a major crisis today? The Government

    appoints a committee to determine who’s at fault, then threatens

    them, passes a law, raises our taxes, then tells us the problem is solved so
    they can get back to their reelection campaign.

    1. and WE THE PEOPLE LOVE TO HAVE IT SO. If we did not, we’d change it. A few are mad about this, but nowhere near enough. Maybe next time around……. not this one. Two peas out of the same pod…..

    2. WOW!! After going thru your most intelligent and right on target criteria,I suddenly realize just what a mess This country is in and how swiftly it has changed from the country I grew up in to a country run by idiots who think they know what is best for everybody,Wonder if it will ever be the same again!!!!!

  13. wow… 3-1/2 years into the “Messiah’s” term as president of these United States of America, and people are waking up to him, realizing who he is, in reality… the ANTICHRIST! He’s a muslim, and came out of nowhere, as a child. We idolized him 4 years ago, and those who are not in the know of biblical eschatology voted him in. That just tells me just how many true believers we have in this country, let alone in the world. When God tells His Son, Jesus, “go get your bride (the Church… aka true believers)”, this country, and this world, is in for a hellacious trial.

    1. there is no one antichrist, it is the spirit of the church age, that that stands against Jesus the Christ and His Church. Else John ould not have written “even so he is in the world today”. that was 2000 years ago, and antichrist is still here. Obama is certainly one manifestation of that spirit, his track record is impeccable along those lines.

      If you are standing about waiting for the rapture to take us all out of here, then YOU are part of the problem….. we are to OCCUPY until He returns.. that means, to take dominion over the entire earth, bringing in the kingdom of Christ. Voting for the likes of this kinyun pretender, or even his putative competition Romney, who are both evil and corrupt men greedy for power and NOT serving the God who made all this… is furthering that spirit of antichrist and NOT furthering God’s kingdom.

  14. Anyone who would vote for a third party candidate is a moron! Doesn’t anyone remember what happened when Ross Perot got into the mix in 1996 – – and pulled Republican votes away from Bush? That’s why we got Clinton. If this happens again – – if people either don’t vote, or vote for a third party guy – – then we will get 4 more years of the Obamanation. No one but thugs and criminals could survive that!!!!!

    1. Anyone who votes out of fear is a coward and anyone who votes what the establishment chooses for them is a moron. “If” the third party candidate is the better candidate than those who vote for the “Establishment’s Choice” are the real morons.

      1. While a third party candidate would probably be better than these two,, he would get a few more votes than I will, but neither of us would do any good in an election, so why not vote for the person who has a real chance to beat Obama?

    2. when the Republican Party fields candidates worhty of MY vote, then they will get it, and not a a moment sooner. These two politicians are about as alike as two peas in the same pod. We had a man with the values and track record to back them up, who has a plan to address the main ills of this nation. He was rejected by the media and the GOP in favour of this Romney character. I did not like him when he was governor of Massachussetts, I haven’t seen any improvement since then. He has no plan to fix these problems, address the main issues with the Federal Government. So why shoulod I vote for him>

      You people who try and shame me into voting this rotten Republican ticket are part of the problem. WE ALL need to hold the feet of the GOP to the fire and force them to abandon their “business as usual” “its all about the party” thinking, and give us a candidate I CAN vote for. Until then, GOP will not get MY vote. I will NOT vote for trash, and that’s their offering.

    3. Well said! Voting for a third party is like trying to survive a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head…you KNOW you won’t make it, but you’re going to try anyway???? That’s just dumb!

  15. Who writes this stuff? The political markets such as Intrade see the race as pretty tight. Either candidate could win. The game has yet to be played. In sports, who dares to call a game before it’s played? Yes, Joe Namath and Muhammad Ali.

    But the race is not always to the swift, as somebody once wrote. Anything can happen. And one thing that can happen is that Casey lets pitches one and two go by, confident that he’ll hit the third one. Airy overconfidence has led to humiliating defeat more than once.

    1. You are correct,We should NOT become over confident< Heaven forbid that he should win the election! perhaps we should make disaster preparations just in case!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !

  16. If Obama does lose, we’d better hope it’s by a landslide. If not, the scumballs that voted for him will feel slighted and start burning cities.

    1. I live in the country, lret them burn their own neighborhoods. If they come into my neighborhood, they will die.

    1. everyone who voted FOR Obama in 08 “because he is black” (he’s not , he’s mulatto) is a racits. Everyone who voted AGAINST Obama in 08 because he’s bladk (he’s not, he’s as much white as he is black, so WHICH half were you voting against?) is a racist. Nothing’s changed since that election………. don’t let race determine your vote one way or the other.

    2. Well,This is true,Tho I think being called a racist would have been the better of two evils secondary to the fact that it has proven they are fools !! Kudos to your comment! It has merit.

  17. I hope and pray this article is right. I believe it is right and also with all the scandals and contempt charges with Eric Holder don’t help. The only thing that can throw a wrench in the mix is if Obama tries some martial law or some disaster happens, which it could. I keep hearing and reading about some things going on that nothing would surprise me. I just hope Romney can stand the pressure and not fold or do something stupid. He just needs to stay on the economy and jobs and the losses the American people have endured since Obama has been in office and nothing is better, it is worse.

  18. Frankly, I am insulted by this breakdown. He has lumped all suburban moms into the category of contraception concerns. Holy cow!!! I am a suburban mom and think beyond my reproductive concerns. I am concerned about the czars, executive orders, EPA over regulation, the socialist agenda of this administration… Must I go on? How about executive privilege being used to block Fast & Furious information and protect Holder? Come on, we are well read and informed.
    I hope Mr. Root is correct in his prediction but he might need to stay in Vegas setting odds. If he is going to vote for Gary Johnson, he is a spoiler and just might upset his odds. I can’t take him seriously.

  19. How about not voting for him for theses reasons:
    He is a liar
    No one knows his background
    He is a liar
    He has no accountable credentials
    He is a liar
    He has NO birth certificate
    He is a liar
    He has NO legitimate social security number
    He is a liar
    He does not qualififyfor the position
    He is a liar
    He is an illegal, lying Kenyigar!!!

    1. Nottakenyan, I obviously agree with you 100%! You gave me a great chuckle this morning. Thanks for that! You might want to add some other outstanding reasons to not vote for the Imposter in Chief, because he is a narcissist, Muslim plant, Marxist, Communist, Socialist, and a “composite” person.

  20. Facts and history reveal that both parties have failed as our Congress and special interest grow more self serving every day. Someday I will probably leave the Republican Party and go independent, however this is not the election to do that. No Libertarian or Independent has a chance at winning anything, but they do have the opportunity to give Obama four more years. So just remember when you go to the polls and vote other than Republican you will most likely give Obama four more years.

  21. ANYBODY but NOT obama!!!!!I would vote for my swimming pool,my old car, our cats, our grandogs,the mice in our field,all my dead relatives, and WOULD NEVER VOTE FOR obama….!

  22. And these statistics are bad for the country for what reason? Obama should have been impeached long ago for his treasonous acts against this nation. He has the majority of the media in his pocket, so we Americans are being misinformed.

  23. He is a crook…liar..Non American….Racist…Marxist…Socialist…Anti Christian….supports the muslim brotherhood….If he is re elected than America as we know it….will be destroyed….

  24. Pass on this little tid-bit of information, and it’ll add nails to Obama’s coffin. Did you know that Obama’s daddy isn’t Obama Senior? It’s Frank Marshal Davis, the communist porn director. Yes his Mother was a porn queen, but to cover this all up, Stanley Ann Dunham married Obama Senior to throw everyone off Dunham’s past. Thus, Obama is the son of a communist porn producer, and a porn queen. This can be seen in the book tails of my real father through WND. I’d advise those who really want to know all about Obama to read this book. After which I’d like to know your feelings about Obama!

    1. It is my opinion without reading the book,Obama is the worst president the UNITED STATES has ever had and I can only hope and pray That satan will go back to wherever it is,he came from.Please note: obama=satan one and the same

  25. I think Obama knows he’s toast–which is why he will probably pardon everyone in his administration on his last day!

  26. Too many civil servant workers, union members along with educators and add in the people on the government doles to imagine a landslide.. all the money spent in the world won’t change their mines…. just wondering if there is enough voters left for a Romney victory at all…

  27. WAYNE ALLEN ROOT…here’s a math lesson for you. Obama will get at least 40% of the vote which leaves 60% for Romney and a 3rd party. Split that 60% in half , 30 for Romney and 30 for 3rd party. Who wins the election??? Might it be the one with 40% of the vote???? Wake up and die right!!! GEEEEZZZZZ!!

  28. WOW. How many people would bet against a Las Vegas odds maker? Although whomever colored the states forgot to keep California Blue. Most of our state is as blue as Pelosi.

  29. Any Ron Paul supporter that doesn’t vote or votes third party is in effect voting for Obama. We have two choices, like it or not, that’s our system. Please all of you think very hard. Do you want another four years of Obama. Romney may not be what you really want but he’s all we’ve got and he’s better than Obama.

  30. Is Root a fool?! A vote for anyone other than Romney, at this point in the game, is a vote for BHO! Good grief, what a nut-job this guy must be! I can assure you of one thing, I won’t follow his advice on odds about anything!

  31. About time somebody told it like it is….This mess in the Whitehouse is going down hard. I’ve been saying it all along, and trying to figure out how ANYONE actually thinks he has a chance to win….and if he does win. I am selling out, and getting the hell out of this country, because I can’t live amongst a majority of hopelessly stupid, and pathetic people that could support such a perfect example of how to be a horrible American president…….. and try to enjoy life at the same time.

  32. BO is a lying, slimy low life that has destroyed the myth to always respect the office of the President. No more. This idiot has seen to that.

  33. You are forgetting a group. The people in Northwest Wisconsin automatically despise anyone who comes from Chicago. Al Capone built a summer residence there.

    Many Chicago hunters automatically wave their guns in your face when they get told to get off posted NO TRESPASSING land…

    That is why the local land owners automatically call the Sheriff before going out to confront these trespassers ARMED.

  34. Like last election,I did not vote for McCain,I voted to keep INSANITY out.I see no reason to change that strategy this time

    1. MAP!!! Your comment has really given me a lift! what a great comment ,and as we all know THE DEAD did VOTE in the last election. Kudos to you!!!!!

  35. The Libertarians have to grow up and defeat Obama. Johnson is not going to win. The Libertarians should instead go to the RNC Convention and be included in the Platform agenda. No votes for anyone but Romney and the Pubs will go to defeat Obama and the Dems. That Root statement is just absurd. So, Reagan Dems, Liber, Indies must unite to vote out as many Dems as possible as well as for Mitt to make sure the Dems lose big time nation wide. Voting for anyone else but the GOP only allows Obama a chance to win. And the Catholic vote is really the only vote which will be a correct application of a landslide. Jews may or may not vote for Bama but they always support Dem in down ticket races. As to Blacks. Please They are monolithic and Hispanics will give Bama a majority of votes.

  36. This is legit. Check it out at https://www.iardc.org Stands for Illinois AttoRegistration And Disciplinary Committee. It’s the official arm of lawyer discipline in Illinois; and they are very strict and mean as hell. (Talk about irony.) Even I, at the advanced age of almost 65, maintain (at the cost of approximately $600/year) my law license that I worked so hard and long to earn.

    Top of Form
    Bottom of Form
    ARDC Lawyer Search Results from the ARDC database last updated as of May 4, 2012 at 9:00:00 AM: for the following terms: Last Name: Obama, status: All, Country: all

    Date Admitted



    Authorized to Practice?
    Barack Hussein Obama

    December 17, 1991



    Michelle ObamaFormer name(s):
    Michelle Robinson


    Big surprise.

    Former Constitutional Law Lecturer and U.S. President Makes Up Constitutional Quotes During State Of The Union (SOTU) Address.

    Consider this:

    1. President Barack Obama, former editor of the Harvard Law Review, is no longer a “lawyer”. He surrendered his license back in 2008 in order to escape charges he lied on his bar application.

    A “Voluntary Surrender” is not something where you decide “Gee, a license is not really something I need anymore, is it?” and forget to renew your license. No, a “Voluntary Surrender” is something you do when you’ve been accused of something, and you ‘voluntarily surrender” your license five seconds before the state suspends you.

    2 Michelle Obama “voluntarily surrendered” her law license in 1993. after a Federal Judge gave her the choice between surrendering her license or standing trial for Insurance fraud!

    3. So, we have the first black President and First Lady – who don’t actually have licenses to practice law. Facts.

    Source: http://jdlong.wordpress.com/2009/05/15/pres-barack-obama-editor-of-the-Harvard-law-review-has-no-law-license/

    4. A senior lecturer is one thing, a fully ranked law professor is another. Barack Obama was NOT a Constitutional Law Professor at the University of Chicago.

    5. The University of Chicago released a statement in March 2008 saying Sen. Barack Obama(D-Ill.) “served as a professor” in the law school-but that is a title Obama, who taught courses there part-time, never held, a spokesman for the school confirmed in 2008.

    6. “He did not hold the title of Professor of Law,” said Marsha Ferziger Nagorsky, an Assistant Dean for Communications and Lecturer in Law at the University of Chicago School of Law.

    Source:http://blogs.suntimes.com/sweet/2008/03/sweet_obama_did_hold_the_title.html ;

    7. The former Constitutional Senior Lecturer (Obama) cited the U.S. Constitution the other night during his State of the Union Address. Unfortunately, the quote he cited was from the Declaration of Independence … not the Constitution.

    8. The B-Cast posted the video: http://www.breitbart.tv/did-obama-confuse-the-constitution-with-the-declaration-of-independence/

    9. Free Republic: In the State of the Union Address, President Obama said: “We find unity in our incredible diversity, drawing on the promise enshrined in our Constitution: the notion that we are all created equal.

    10. Um, wrong citing, wrong founding document there Champ, I mean Mr. President. By the way, the promises are not a notion, our founders named them unalienable rights. The document is our Declaration of Independence and it reads:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    11. And this is the same guy who lectured the Supreme Court moments later in the same speech?

    When you are a phony it’s hard to keep facts straight.

    Keep this moving – educate others.

  37. As an auto worker I am glad Obama was president instead of Romney. I wont forget, if Romney was president this country would not have an American auto industry and I would be looking for a job or unemployed. It was Romney who said,” let Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors go bankrup.” I feel I owe Obama big time. Part payment of my debt will be to vote for him.

    1. Actually, GM did file for bankruptcy on June 1, 2009, nine days after receiving its first major bailout of $25 billion, if you care to search it online. Ford never took federal bailout money. And President Bush provided GM its first bailout loan, a bridge or temp loan, before Obama did. December 2008 the Bush administration provided a “bridge loan” to General Motors with the requirement of a revised business plan. I happy for you that you have a job, but understand that it came at enormous cost to taxpayers and especially, those who held GM stock or bonds, including my grandparents and parents who’s 401K’s were invested in GM and lost money because of it. Be aware that while your job to you is very important, so is the financial health of the US in general. We all have to make sacrifices.

    2. Yooper!And pray tell,what makes you think obama had anything to do with anything other than playing golf?obama likes to talk but does not follow thru,I suggest you check his track record and see what it is he had done for this country.His accomplishments are zilch,tho he talks a lot.he does nothing ! Better wake up and check him out as you may regret your choices later.

    3. Yeah, it sure was great that us tax payers had to bail out a dead corporation like GM and that we’ll never see a return on our investment. You’re just another teet sucking union worker that has his hand out to Obozo and Big Government. All you’ll be doing is contributing to this country’s downfall.

      And if they went bankrupt there would have been some industrious entrepreneurs to pick up the valuable pieces to start a new thriving company. Get a clue union worker!

  38. I will vote for Romney,all though I do not trust him. I do believe that if Obama see he loosing the election
    He will declare marshal law and that will be the last election. Check what Hitler tried in WWII. Obama is trying the same.

  39. If people like this writer stay home or vote third party because their candidate didn’t get the nomination then Obama will win. Think hard about not voting for Romney. He may not be your first choice but he’s better than another four years with Obama. Vote Romney people!

  40. Correction: Obama will only win if he engages in a big war. The Arms dealers will suddenly love him and contributions will come in from all the Hawks and banksters. Why?…Because the GOP will be able to blame Obama and the Democrats for getting the US into the war when things go bad.




  42. He has been appealing to minorities groups to get votes. He now supports gay marriage and wants to give amnesty to illegals, next he will want to make drugs legal to get the youth vote.

  43. My prediction is that if Obam sees or thinks he cannot win, l will declare martial law, if there is any way possible, He has already cleared the way!! I usually want to be right, this time I want to be wrong..

  44. Yea, I don’t believe the polls. What people do behind the curtain is many times different than what they claim they will do in public polls.

  45. Watch out! His people know he is in serious trouble. They will do anythig to win and the media will look the other way.

  46. A common sense and laid-back analysis, looking at the forests that comprise the voting landscape rather than the trees. You are right on the money. Let me just add that its not only the catholics that Obama made war on but the entire christian faiths with his gradual curtailment of their beliefs. With Holder, Pelosi, Biden, Maher, Letterman, Beher Joy and similar liberal-thinking vocal supporters, the general public is just turned-off. The question on his being a natural-born citizen is collapsing also on the legal front. It is actually a house of cards that is on its way down, this early.

  47. Those who vote for someone who cannot win such as Ron Paul or Gary Johnson are voting for obama sad to know they think more about their party which is next to none existence than of this country.
    obama has almost four years to just about destroy this country and it’s time we turn the job over to Mitt Romney who was not my canidate but I could never in all my life vote for a democrat with a clear conscience.

  48. I pray this is true and Romney can win big for certainly if it’s close, Obama and his minions will steal it.

  49. Unfortunately the main stream networks are very powerful, they want a minority president and continue to give Obama a free ticket. Of the three networks NBC is the worst, with Brian Williams and Andrea Mitchel being extremely biased reporters, I can understand their low ratings, they need change.
    Obama will get 99% of the black vote, obiviously not for anything he did or accomplished, simply because he is black. The new Acorn will get the blacks to vote and as many dead people as they can get. In the mean time Obama is the handout president, ie to Gays, Women(conterceptaves), illegal immigrants, etc. I live in New York State and will not waste my time voting, the state is so Democratic, Romney has little or no chance to win, we need to abolish the electoral collage.

  50. You are all over looking an Obama achievement while in office. The only achievement that I can see is that he has played over one hundred rounds of golf since he has been in office and that must mean he is improving his golf skills. Now that is an achievement !! I will think real hard to see if there are any others. So far only radicals rejoice with him as our president.

  51. A vote for anyone but Romney is a vote for Obama. So get over any self-righteousness.
    The only thing we have to fear from Romney is failing to put a Constitutional Conservative majority in both House and Senate. Focus on your local elections and we can celebrate November 7th.

  52. Please, let’s not lose our prospective, it’s not only Obama, he
    has behind him, the likes of, George Soros, Valarie Jarrett, Rahm Emanuel, Axelrod,
    the czars that he’s appointed, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Debbie Wasserman
    Schultz, need I go on? He has not only
    infested our government with the most vile cast of characters, this country has
    ever been infected with, he has polluted the waters of our Democratic-Republic,
    it will take years to straighten it out!
    Generations of our young, will be paying
    the interest on just the debts he has, incurred, it just three and a half years
    in office! He has ignored our
    Constitution, since the day he was sworn in and has done all he can to destroy
    it! If we are ever going to regain our
    true place in the world, we must rid ourselves of the mentality, that he has
    tried to make prevalent, through his, “Running Down,” of our
    leadership in this modern world! Let us,
    “Shake Ourselves Free,” of this, “Negative Force,” called,
    Barack Obama and the Marxist’s behind him!

  53. Perhaps besides being a textbook narcissist the following may help answer the underlying question of why he does what he does and why he treats everyone around him as a subservient.
    “People with antisocial personality disorder perceive the world differently than most people do and may not have the range of feelings that others have. Because they cannot relate to others, they have no trouble lying or violating the rights of other people in order to achieve their goals. Some of these people are very charming and adept at manipulating others, while others may use violence or intimidation to get what they want.”

  54. Sadly, it appears that Romney will just be “more of the same”. HE is even
    duplicating akaObama’s tactics! When there was VERY REAL questions about his
    ELIGIBILITY, Romney produced a copy of his Michigan STATE issued “Birth
    Certificate” last January and IT ONLY gives the NAMES of his parents — NOT
    their nationality / citizenship which WOULD BE SHOWN on the Wayne COUNTY Birth

    Romney’s father was born in Mexico and was a Mexican citizen which
    DISqualifies Romney from meeting the Constitutional requirement of being a
    NATURAL BORN citizen — UNLESS the father had become a naturalIZED American

    It would have been JUST AS EASY for Romney to have produced a certified copy
    of his WAYNE COUNTY Birth Certificate — and he would not do so … probably
    because there IS something on that document that he finds embarrassing, at the
    least, or, possibly disqualifying him absolutely,

    akaObama said: “The only people who will not disclose the truth are those who
    have something to hide.”

    Come on Mitt — show us that BOTH of your parents were American citizens AT
    THE TIME of your birth.

    Voting for the lesser of two evils: akaObama OR Romney; STILL makes the
    Bilderbergers and the CFR the election WINERS. THEY control the vote counting so
    don’t accept the illusion that “your vote counts”. The GOP is every bit as
    corrupt as are the Dems when it comes to election fraud.

    1. All you need to do is research Mitt Romney and you will see that what you are saying is only Ron Paul propaganda.

  55. Wow. Uppercut. It’s true. There’s a minor group who’s numbers are on the upswing for Obama. Guess? Gays. Fortunately they are a minority. Now the only issue worth seriously responding to is a cornered Obama and his martial law capability. Anyone care to wax eloquently on that one?

  56. I am Catholic and can not believe Catholics voted for O overwhelmingly in the first place. O believes in infanticide.
    I have a new bumper sticker coming in bright yellow and black that reads:
    Does God Hold You
    Accountable for Your
    If we can not wake up people that believe in God, this country is in serious trouble. Where are the Churches? If Churches of all denominations do not wake up, we will be a third world country with a dictator.

  57. Obama will lose in a landslide because at the recent meeting of the Bilderburg Group in Chantilly, Virginia it was decided to drop Obama who had bungled things and was likely to lose the election, so now Soros and the whole bunch of elites that decide the fate of America are putting their money and efforts behind Romney, who will become their next puppet — he will be easy to manipulate, he will be willing to compromise and dance to the tune of his masters, who will buy him. He may be even worse than Obama, if that’s possible. He is already bullying Republican delegates to the RNC and demanding they vote for him. Romney is NOT the Republican candidate, not yet, he is only the nominee. If enough Republicans had the guts and the patriotism and the savvy, they could start a movement to draft Allen West, or maybe Sorell, or Bolton or Bachman and cause a wave of enthusiasm to wash Romney out of the convention, out of the runnung and, God willing, out of the country, and bring a real fighting patriot into the White House after it has been fumigated. I don’t trust Romney, he has no integrity, he is always thinking of his own personal advantage. We need a public servant who loves the Constitution and will cherish it and enforce it and place American citizens under its protection..

  58. BEWARE –
    When the Spanish online voting company SCYTL bought the largest vote processing corporation in the United States, it also acquired the means of manufacturing the outcome of the 2012 election. For SOE, the Tampa based corporation purchased by SCYTL in January, supplies the election software which records, counts, and reports the votes of Americans in 26 states–900 total jurisdictions–across the nation. As the largest election results reporting company in the US, SOE provides reports right down to the precinct level. But before going anywhere else, those election returns are routed to individual, company servers where the people who run them “…get ‘first look’ at results and the ability to immediately and privately examine vote details throughout the USA.” In short, “this redirects results …to a centralized privately held server which is not just for Ohio, but national; not just USA-based, but global.”
    And although the votes will be cast in hometown, American precincts on Election Day, with the Barcelona-based SCYTL taking charge of the process, they will be routed and counted overseas.

  59. In addition to the total lack of plusses for “O”, we must keep reminding all voters that the Senate is in major need of a total overhaul. Please, check out your senator and see if he/she is voting the way you want, or if he/she is supporting the socialist/UN/global government side. All issues should be checked out, like: did the senator vote for obamacare? vote to confirm Kagen for supreme court? vote on budget issues (Oh sorry, thanks to HR, our senate hasn’t produced a budget in over three years, in violation of their legally assigned duty to do so! We need a senate that will do their job, or cut off their pay until they can perform! If you are not enamoured with Romney, at least produce a vote against “O” and give the country a senate to be proud of for a change!

  60. The beloved leader is beginning to panic and like a cornered animal, that is when they become most dangerous. Expect some “emergency” to happen conveniently before the elections.

  61. look if you hate romney it does not matter obama must go we must get rid of him . vote romney or go to cuba . ron paul can not win do not throw away your vote and this country romney is just a little better. we can work for a libertairian next time but can not take a chance with obama ,he must go.

  62. I will vote for Romney, all though I do not trust him. I look for Obama to declare marshal law if he sees he is loosing the election. That will be the last of the elections. Check what Hitler did in WWII Obama is doing the same.

  63. You’re right! Runaway inflation started with Carter! Carter signed everything that the Congress wanted. Reagan came up to bat and destroyed Carter!

  64. Why is it we have 50 contestants for miss America and we are suppose to believe these two goof balls are the only two Americans who could run this country? No I did not say RUIN this Country.

  65. There is one huge category of American voters totally missed by this classification: People Who Are Stupid. They didn’t go anywhere. And that may change everything.


  67. Let’s just follow the example of Iceland (which is well hidden by the main stream media). They simple ousted all the corrupt politicians and elite bankers. The corrupt big bankers actually fled the country … before they were arrested. Unfortunately, Romney is a member of the New World Order “elite” who has to go with his compatriots on Wall Street. Ron Paul is still the only real alternative. Pray for a brokered convention … then he is very likely to get elected.

    1. Ron Paul is not going anywhere and he never will. Some of you Paul supporters have already sent death threats to Rand Paul and are calling him a traitor. What a peaceful movement Ron Paul has going. He is supported by CAIR, Hamas, Hezbollah who are all terrorist organizations. We all know who Ron Paul would be working for and it sure wouldn’t be the people. You all sound like Democrats to me. And you’re all trying your best to get Obama reelected.

  68. Today is more proof that Obama can not be trusted. He uses executive powers to keep the gun walker papers secret. That means Obama had knowledge of the operation. Obama spends over 2 million dollars to hide the truth about his birth. Obama signs an executive order to invoke martial law in peacetime. Come on America. Wake up before it is too late.

  69. Once again, thanks to GOP power brokers, we are face with having to vote for the lesser of two evils. Let’s face it. Regan may have been the last truly conservative candidate for the presidency. Romney is no Regan, not by any stretch of the imagination. It will be tough to get Mr. Obama out! All conservatives must show up and vote this incompetent bum out, so we can install a less incompetent leader. Make sure to vote out the left in Congress! This is perhaps the most important vote you ever make!

  70. I think the whole election is a big mess. Obama is terrible and the powers that be, whoever they are, are not happy with him. Romney is now their guy. You can’t tell me that there isn’t a better, more patriotic, more qualified person to be a candidate for President of the U.S. of A. There are some who talk a good talk but are not willing to step up to the plate. I wonder why!? I believe we all need to get down on our knees and pray to God for the direction of our country because we are in serious trouble.

  71. Barry Soetaro AKA Barrack Hussein Obama is not now and never was a legal president. He has, with the blatently illegal aid and abbettance of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, STOLEN the Presidency and he commits TREASON every day he remains in the White House. EVERY executive order is another count of Treason. EVERY ‘Czar’ he has appointed is another count of Treason. Both his USSC appointments are illegitimate and 2 more counts of Treason. The ONLY reason that Mr. Soetaro AKA Barrack Hussein Obama is not in prison awaiting trial for Treason is that he has BOTH the House AND Senate packed with enough of his fellow communists (of BOTH parties) that they REFUSE to OBEY THE LAW and FOLLOW THE US CONSTITUTION.

  72. I WILL vote for Romney, with any luck he will appont Allen West for VP, Ron Paul to head up the Fed, Sarah Palin as secretary of Energy, Sheriff Joe Arpaio as Attouney General, General Patrieus as secratary of State……

  73. Even if nobody voted …Obummer will get reelected ….with 51.7% of the votes ! In fact he was reelected back in 2012 ….

  74. I’m not able to understand why ANY Jewish people would vote for Obama. He is going along with any plans the Mid-Eastern terrorists have to wipe Israel off the map.

  75. Ahhumm…. let me clear my throat…… there isn’t going to be a Novemeber election. Hitler could not win a 2nd time either, so he killed those who wouldn’t vote for him.

  76. This article was about a landslide victory, DON’T BELIEVE IT, it will be very close. Do not get over confident, if you do we will lose this election

  77. I wish this was true, but we have also been told that our votes will be counted by scytl, ( not sure of the whole name) a spanish company with ties to/owned by soros. And lets not forget if it looks like he is losing some have suggested that that he might try to cancel the elections and declare martial law. Remember the line about not letting a crisis go to waste, I sure they’ll think of something. I will be more surprise if 1 or these 2 things don’t happen!

  78. He left out one very important voting block that Obama and the democrats win every time and will win again in 2012. Do not under estimate the Dead People, Animal Voting block. They tend to vote democrat 100% and from the numbers have quite a large voting block.

  79. Forgot to add in Americans who are seeing what a dismal failure this president has been. He promised so many things and has done the complete opposite.

  80. one problem of the liberal left commie/democrats is when god was passing out brains they thought he said trains and said no thanks i’ve got one. As we all know these people don’t believe in god just like their comrade obama

  81. I agree with your statements in principle, however you are leaving out one big unmeasurable factor: The main stream media who seem so enamored with Obummer that he simply can do no worng and when he does, NBC,ABC, CBS fail to include it in their news programs. I am amazed at the number of people who state they are voting for Obama, but when pressed for a reason, they are either silent or make some dirogatory statement about the GOP. AS for you voting a third party line, thanks for throwing your vote away! Any vote not on the Republican side is a vote for Obama.

  82. Root was a classmate of Obama in college and he knows who he is and what he is about. He spoke of Obama’s Marxist activity while in college.

    I find it hard to believe he would cancel his own vote by voting for Johnson since he was a Republican nominee just like Romney. Is it because Johnson is a Libertarian as well? Don’t get me wrong, I have the highest respect for this man for he understands what is wrong with this administration and Congress and has the answer to resolve them. He realizes Libertarians have to choose a party as they can’t pull the numbers for a third party win. I believe that will change by the time the next general election rolls around. Canceling out his vote through makes no sense other than being faithful to his candidate.

  83. There is one major group who will be voting for Obama–the welfare recipients. These are the people who pay no taxes and live, sometimes very luxurously, off the hard-earned tax money of others. They will vote for Obama because he promises them more of the same.

  84. I thank you, Mr. Root, for your take on the up coming election. I am concerned about the direction our country is heading. I have spent a good bit of my life living outside the US for my job with my church. It breaks my heart to see how the rest of the world sees the United States of America today. When I visit with hundreds of friends in the USA it is obvious that a great majority of the American population have no idea how the world now views the USA. If most people could see how much the world has come to doubt us, doubt our economic strength, military strength, our religious freedom….if millions of Americans could see how the world now views us, they would be shocked. We are no longer seen as a beacon of hope, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Rather we are seen as a once great nation on the a fast tract to ecomomic and social distruction, faster than any nation in the history of the planet. News programs on TV and radio as well as the printed press raise the questions that the US media has never investigated. What does “change you can believe in” really mean? If you really believe that we have seen positive change in the past four years, you will give your vote to the sitting president. If you don’t believe that the changes you have seen are something you can believe in, then you will go to the polls and vote for another canidate. One thing is certain, it is time for us to unite as a nation and determine the path we will take now and in the near and distant future. If you don’t vote then you are allowing others to determine that path for you and for you children and their children. Enough of the name-calling and berating of Democrats, Independants, Libertarians and Republicans. Cast your vote based on your convictions. And if you don’t know what you believe just now, then it is time to do a little soul searching. Because the people we elect this November will either place our nation on the path that will bring healing, hope, and change that you really can believe in, or they will allow us to implode from within. I hope that, when the American people go to the polls to vote in November, they will vote for congress, senate and presidential canidates that will return us to our Constitution and use that as the light tower for guiding our nation in the future. It is not just the presidential canidate that we need be concerned about. We need men and women of integrity who will also hold the president accountable to uphold the constitution of our country. If our representatives accomplish that much, we will begin to see America emerge as the world power and the world standard that she once was….and you will begin to feel good, once again about the future for you and your family. May God guide us and may we be wise in casting our vote in November.

  85. Gary Johnson and Mr Root should be tried for treason. ANYTHING or ANYONE who detracts from beating the marxist Obama in Nov, 2012 must be deplored. Obama is more of a threat to the sanctity and preservation of the American way of life than Osama bin Laden ever was.
    Obama must go and Mr Johnson should withdraw his name from the ballot.

  86. screw romney and sotero! we do not need these 2! they both are traitors and need to go! RON PAUL OR ANOTHER CANDIDATE IS THE RIGHT VOTE TO STOP THE SPENDING AND CUT THIS GOVT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND TO YOU THAT THINK ITS A WASTED VOTE AND IT WOULD BE FOR SOTERO NO ITS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. That’s pretty funny since the notorious (left wing, ha! Ha!) Bloomberg Poll shows him up 53-40 today. The Rasmussen Poll, a conservative polling organization, reflects the race dead even as does Gallup. Nate Silver of 538.com gives him 290 electoral votes and rates Obama with a 66% chance of winning and 270.com another polling group rates his chance of winning at 99%. The above analysis certainly is as spaced out as 99% of the comments posted here. The Jewish vote varies from 66-95% democratic and he’ll be some where in between. it is concentrated in the Blue States and only in Florida would it be a “possible” liability. Catholics are rated as more liberal then the general population and the nuns stance against the Ryan budget has picked up traction all over America. Most Catholics disagree with Rome and the Bishops on many issue. As to the Black and Hispanic vote, I see record turnouts with very high percentages for the president. As Asians, the fastest growing group in America, they are far from the xenophobic policies expressed by the flat-earth evangelicals.

    Women will support Obama and the Democrats in great numbers and their true vote is under counted because of the fear of expressing themselves in public or on the job. Currently the most recent poll shows the Democrats with 49-41 Congressional polling edge. As to young people, the pollsters never can assume that vote, because few have landlines. Other than the tattooed red necks with their shot guns and Bourbon in the Red States, I know of few young people attracted to Romney or the Republican Tea Baggers who will support them in November.

    After the DNC’s convention with gasoline in the low $3 range, the market staying up, housing starts and permits increasing, and the full extant of the Romney record and flip flopping revealed, he and the Tea Party will be toast. Romney cannot run from his support of the Mass Healthcare Plan, his right wing statements on immigration, education and race, along with his dull style and personality.

    He is not Mr. Excitement, his common touch is non-existent ( just listen to him extolling on his recent visit to WaWa) and his life-style belies any connection to the average American swing voter. He’ll get the board room crowd, the golf club members, the middle west white males, and your group (flat-earth extremists). But when his tax plan and spending cuts are revealed, even the seniors on this site will run for cover.

  88. This is good news and I believe it too. I have good friends who are Republicans who actually voted for Obama because they bought his “hope and change” campaign. This time, they know who his is and are not voting for him again!

  89. I’m greatly incouraged by Allen Roots prognoses, however, even if we win with a landslide, this is only the beginning. We cannot stop the purge until every collectivist in government is replaced by an individualist. From then on we need to insist on purging our education establishment from top to bottom.

  90. RON PAUL 2012. Mitt Romney is Barack Obama.i won’t waste my vote on either of them.that way i’m not responsible for the actions of either of them.I know most of the lame brains here won’t understand what i just said,so let me close the same way i opened: RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. I hope the clown, his idiot entourage, and all his brain-dead followers get a clear message come this November. America has seen what the closet commies want. It’s time to get serious again.

    1. Hey Lou, I’m a half-Hispanic Vet and I feel the exact same way you do! The thought of Obama winning another four years makes me sick and scared! Thanks for serving bro!

  92. He won’t lose if the Libertarians put up Gary Johnson, who I think would be a good candidate, but a vote for him will be just like what happened to the Republicans a few years ago when Ross Perot ran as a third party entry! Voting for Johnson would be just like voting for odumbo! Gov. Romney needs every vote he can get because WE MUST GET ODUMBO OUT, either NOW before its too late, or for sure in November! Gov. Romney will do a great job especially with the economy and with everything else, he couldn’t do worse than what this present bozo is doing!! I don’t understand why people think he will be a Morman advertiser! He hasn’t done so in Mass.!! After all, we all have the right to worship as we chose, including that muslim president we have! However, this anti-American is doing everything in his power to negate Christianity! Like I said above, this socialist muslim must go NOW before its too late or for sure, he must be defeated in November if we want America to remail a solid country recognized as such by the rest of the world!

  93. I try to respect other peoples views but when a JackAss like Wayne Allan Root says he will not vote for Romney then I not only lose respect for him but all Libertarians. Yes, I’m an equal opportunity bigot.
    “5% of the people have hemorrhoids & 95% are perfect Aholes.

  94. I am soooo disappointed in Romney! I feel he is just a total pawn of the GOP staff! He bumbles his way around the country with no real values given! My neighbors know I am active in our local Tea Party Patriots and ask me how I can vote for him… I tell them I am not sure that I will!
    I will not just give him my vote because he isn’t Obama… He has to have some of our values and proposed programs! I will write in or vote for anyanyone but these two.. I will write in Ron Paul or anyone who surfaces with ideals between now and election day!

  95. Correction: Obama got 99% of the black vote in 2008. The Corrupt Leftist Media and the RNC count a lot of whites who voted Republican as “black Republican” voters, because these voters reside in so-called “all-black” districts or wards or precincts.

    Technically, many of these areas are NOT entirely “all-black,” and their vote totals often include those of whites who have lost the equity in their homes and cannot get out, but who will continue to vote Republican so long as the blacks vote “Democrat.”

    This explains the disparity between 99% and 95% black support for Obama.

    I am not suggesting, however, that Obama hasn’t lost some support among those blacks possessing three-digit I.Q.s and who can think for themselves…

  96. The bottom line is that if you vote for Obama there is something wrong with you. Period! Obama supporters cannot supply you with one good reason to vote for him – try asking them to find out this is true. If you are a communist, a socialist, an anarchist, an anti-capitalist, a typical mindless Democrat (those who say “Republican bad, Democrat good,” without further thought; those who cannot think a complete thought and take it to a logical conclusion), those on the government dole (not unemployment or SS retirement), the environmental lunatics, trial lawyers, those who see Obama’s celebrity status and “coolness” as a reason to vote for him, etc. etc. will vote for him and I contend there is something wrong with each of them. This election may end up gauging our national mental health.

  97. Fellow patriots, we need to get our country back and we can’t tolerate 4 more years of socialist destruction. We also need to keep the house and win over the senate! We need capitalism revived and restored! All of the Democrats and RINO’S who voted lock step with Obama must be voted out!!! Old school, good ole boy Republicans aren’t much better. We need a working government, not a federal country club!!! Spread the word and educate those mush brain Obama supporters!

  98. Just educate yourself on the issues and the candidates then VOTE. I would think that is what GOD wants you to do.

  99. I too do not understand the compulsion for these third party folks to totally waste a vote, which in effect is a vote for Oblaima! They may think they are being true to a candidate but if they are risking getting rid of the current train wreck, they are playing a very foolish game! And, yes I know we are once more stuck with voting for the lesser of evils, but until we rid the house and senate of Rino’s and Commies, we will continue to be stuck with the Rino’s candidates! At this point it’s ABO!

  100. what a joke, americans never learn. more liars show up every 4 years claiming wealth and freedom for the voters and as soon as they are voted in the lobbist with the biggest pocket book gets a new angle on propaganda and a boost to their pocketbook. All promises by the lieing B!@#@$ds are forgotten. Although the mormon would be better than the musilim, any one that gets in office is a puppet for the elite. Lets all worry about running down and voting for a non believer. Whoever gets in will be pushing-one world govt, one world religion, stealling second amendment rights and more UN control.GIVE ME A BREAk!

  101. If Bork Obunga is re-elected, it’s basically over, there will not be any pieces lying around for somebody more conservative or anything like that to try to pick up and put back together four years down the road. We’ll be looking at another dark age, basically one of those periods of two or three or four centuries for which there is no archaeological evidence. Not voting for Romney is basically irresponsible.

  102. GREAT! BUT, he has done SO MUCH Damage to this nation ,it will take 10-15 years to straighten it out! ALL while he and his Band of Thieves collect Pensions! THEY SHOULD (ALL) BE IN PRISON!
    Then, we can only HOPE the other Communist (80)are caught and thrown out!

  103. Voting for Romney is just voting for Obama lite. While Romney doesn’t hate America like Obama and his merry band of communists do, Romney is a big government RINO.
    He won’t destroy America as quickly as Obama but his love for big government will destroy this nation just as effectively.

  104. What is Nullification?

    What Is It? State nullification is the idea that the states can and must refuse to enforce unconstitutional federal laws.
    Says Who? Says Thomas Jefferson, among other
    distinguished Americans. His draft of the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798
    first introduced the word “nullification” into American political life,
    and follow-up resolutions in 1799 employed Jefferson’s formulation that
    “nullification…is the rightful remedy” when the federal government
    reaches beyond its constitutional powers. In the Virginia Resolutions of
    1798, James Madison said the states were “duty bound to resist” when
    the federal government violated the Constitution.
    But Jefferson didn’t invent the idea. Federalist supporters of the
    Constitution at the Virginia ratifying convention of 1788 assured
    Virginians that they would be “exonerated” should the federal government
    attempt to impose “any supplementary condition” upon them – in other
    words, if it tried to exercise a power over and above the ones the
    states had delegated to it. Patrick Henry and later Jefferson himself
    elaborated on these safeguards that Virginians had been assured of at
    their ratifying convention.
    What’s the Argument for It? Here’s an extremely basic summary:
    1) The states preceded the Union. The Declaration of Independence
    speaks of “free and independent states” that “have full power to levy
    war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do
    all other acts and things which independent states may of right do.”
    The British acknowledged the independence not of a single blob, but of
    13 states, which they proceeded to list one by one. Article II of the
    Articles of Confederation says the states “retain their sovereignty,
    freedom, and independence”; they must have enjoyed that sovereignty in
    the past in order for them to “retain” it in 1781 when the Articles were
    officially adopted.


  105. I tried to post a comment but I don’t seem to see it. I guess this is just another form of censorship! What good does it do to have a comment section if comments are censored?

  106. Lets hope this fella is dead on. I think Americas future depends on getting rid of Obama in Nov.
    Obama and Holder are the lyingest duo in American history. Why most Dems can’t see this is
    beyond me. Of course Pelosi and Reid should already be in nursing homes in Cuba. Biden just
    doesn’t have enough brains to come in out of the rain so we can understand why he is going
    along with Obama. Can we get some honest Democrats (if there are any) stand up to Obama
    and tell him America has had enough of his destructive ways.

  107. 2 – If Romney picks Rubio for VP, I will NOT VOTE.. I will not vote for an ineligible candidate.. and so I probably won’t be voting this November..

    I cannot bring myself, one who has always been a “birther’, to vote against my conscience, and the Constitution of this great land.. And if anyone votes for either Romney/Rubio or the ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA is not a PATRIOT AT ALL….

    and that is why I do not think this country has a chance, ,, The Republicans will do nothing about the ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA, because they want their “INELIGIBLE” CANDIDATE to run as well..

    not in my book… Do the right think Romney and choose an ALL-AMERICAN SUCH AS COL. WEST…. We need someone with Strong morals.. and I think he will make a great Pres in 2016 or 2022

    1. Natural-born citizen

      Who is a natural-born citizen? Who, in other words, is a citizen at birth,
      such that that person can be a President someday?

      The 14th Amendment defines citizenship this
      way: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the
      jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State
      wherein they reside.” But even this does not get specific enough. As usual, the
      Constitution provides the framework for the law, but it is the law that fills
      in the gaps. The Constitution authorizes the Congress to do create clarifying
      legislation in Section 5 of the 14th Amendment; the Constitution, in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4, also allows
      the Congress to create law regarding naturalization, which includes

      Currently, Title 8 of the U.S. Code fills in the gaps left by the
      Constitution. Section
      1401 defines the following as people who are “citizens of the United States
      at birth:”

      Anyone born inside the United States *Any Indian or Eskimo born in the United States, provided being a citizen
      of the U.S. does not impair the person’s status as a citizen of the
      tribeAny one born outside the United States, both of whose parents are citizens
      of the U.S., as long as one parent has lived in the U.S.Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is a citizen and
      lived in the U.S. for at least one year and the other parent is a U.S.
      nationalAny one born in a U.S. possession, if one parent is a citizen and lived in
      the U.S. for at least one yearAny one found in the U.S. under the age of five, whose parentage cannot be
      determined, as long as proof of non-citizenship is not provided by age
      21Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is an alien and as
      long as the other parent is a citizen of the U.S. who lived in the U.S. for
      at least five years (with military and diplomatic service included in this
      time)A final, historical condition: a person born before 5/24/1934 of an alien
      father and a U.S. citizen mother who has lived in the U.S.

      * There is an exception in the law — the person must be “subject
      to the jurisdiction” of the United States. This would exempt the child of a
      diplomat, for example, from this provision.

      Anyone falling into these categories is considered natural-born, and is
      eligible to run for President or Vice President. These provisions allow the
      children of military families to be considered natural-born, for example.

      First, Rubio’s parents naturalized, as most Cuban immigrants did, he is a natural born citizen.

      John Bingham, Judge AG who tried the Lincoln conspirators and Ohio
      Congressman, was the principal author of the 14th Amendment. The 14th
      Amendment had nothing to do with natural born citizenship, but for
      completeness, Bingham clarified the meaning of the term in his address
      to the House promoting his 14th Amendment:

      I find no fault with the introductory clause [S 61
      Bill], which is simply declaratory of what is written in the
      Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the
      United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen….

      Second, here is reasonably recently cited (1939) Supreme Court
      definition of natural born citizen. Because citizens have every right
      that natural born citizens have, from the famous and confusing Wong Kim
      Ark decision, the only right denied a citizen is not a guaranteed right
      at all, but is the privilege of holding the office of President and
      Commander in Chief. Chief Justice Morrison Waite in his post 14th
      Amendment decision on Minor v. Happersett:

      “The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall
      be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain
      that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the
      Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born
      in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens,”

      “There’s nothing that I’m aware of that says you have to have two American parents,” said Gary Kreep, executive director of the United States Justice Foundation. “My understanding of it is if you’re born

      in the United States, you’re a natural-born citizen, period.”

      Floyd Brown, head of the Western Center for Journalism who has
      actively sought the impeachment of Obama, told WND that he, too,
      considers someone born “on the soil” a natural-born citizen.
      A consensus on the correct definition of “natural-born

      citizen” has eluded lawyers and scholars for more than 200 years. The

      Constitution’s silence, the absence of definitive Supreme Court rulings and a wide

      array of opinions through the centuries have only further confused the

      question of what “natural born” actually means.

      Most legals scholars say the biggest argument resides in the part that says a US born candidate must have two parents who are citizens, since it doesn’t specify how (birth or naturalization?) and when those parents had to be citizens; at the time of birth or anytime after birth. It just says must be citizens.

  108. He made some good points but is wrong on some too. Okenya did lock up a lot of Hispanic votes when he criminally declared amnesty for doG only knows how many illegals. Also Marko Amnesty Rubio is no more eligible to run for VP then the usurper is eligible for the office he currently infests.

  109. A very thoughtful, intelligent analysis. I like Wayne Root, and find myself usually agreeing with his thoughts on a lot of things.

    As to voting for someone else is voting for Obama…I say the following: I live in Massachusetts, so it makes little difference who I vote for, Obama is probably going to win here, but when it’s not a critically-close election, and I suspect this one might not be, vote your conscience, even if it’s a third-party candidate. You’ll be able to sleep better at night.

    If it is critcally close, hold your nose and do the right thing…your city or town, state or nation may depend on it.

  110. Could be all deixis a flat, round piece of cow dung. Be diligent there are only two choices: Communist Globalism or Capitalism Globalism . What ever happened to just the U.S.A.?

  111. Root says “I warned them that he would pursue a war on capitalism and demonize
    anyone who owned a business…that he’d support unions over the private
    sector in a big way…that he’d overwhelm the economy with spending and

    But he’s going to vote for Gary Johnson who has no chance at all except to take votes from Romney. What a dumbass considering his quote above. Gee….thank a lot Root! Looks like you’re doing a heck of a lot for capitalism and your small business huh?

    I like Ron Paul too, but if Obummer makes you sick, Romney is the only one to vote for in November!

  112. I too really like Johnson, probably more than Romney, but am not as confident as Mr. Root.(excellent analysis—but) I will be a Mitt all the way guy. We have to overcome all the crooked votes Obama is already busily putting in place, perhaps my vote will cancel out the dead dog the Dims just registered

  113. Democrats have finally shown what they truly are all about in the last 3.5 years…look at the Senate, what have they done, oh lets see there is Obama Care, now that is really good for all of us..mmmm lets see there are 22 spending cut bills that have not been brought to the floor for a vote…they did vote for open borders…Yes, we do now finally know what the democrats really stand for…Question how can any body belong to this party that is for a free America…

  114. The strongest argument against Obama is his duplicity. He never produced a credible birth certificate; he never made public his college records; he refuses to admit he’s a socialist, yet his policies indicate that he is. There is at least one reporter who claims Obama’s a Muslim, because he removes his gold jewelry (wedding band; watch) on Islamic holy days. We’re not even sure of his real name! It seems to me that our President is hiding behind many masks, and I find that terrifying. I hope I’m wrong!

  115. Foolishness runs rampant at the poles here in America. It has for Decades. The Rationalization of Voting for a “Lesser Evil” can never change the fact that a “Lesser Evil” is still EVIL ! The reason America has two arms, Democrat and Republican, of a virtually single party is the CONNing of the voters by the Media and Establishment Parties. America has been suckered election after election into believing the Establishment Parties are somehow fundamentally different. They are Not. Until the Voters wake up to that simple fact and actually vote third party they will never be offered a candidate worthy of voters support. Why would anyone offer you Steak and Lobster when you willing accept Hotdogs and Hogwash.

  116. Tell all your libtard friends the election is Nov 7th-Barack Kardashian Oblamo-a scandal a day keeps the media from talking about the economy

  117. B.O. can not win unless he cheats somehow. Which is how I think he got the job in the first place. Did we REALLY elect a man with that name only 7 short years after 911? I think he cheated then and I think he will cheat again. And if he really did convert from Islam to Christianity, why didn’t he take back his original Christian name? Why did he keep his Muslim name? “You lie” mr. president.

  118. Look I hope you are right. I pray you are right. I want you to be right.

    But the polling I’m seeing is very close. http://www.political.com/ThankYou.aspx?g=096a3f9a8f3342339683dd55a6994206&se=54
    According to the response I see America is very naive…still believe in rhetoric vs substance. They are afraid they might have to do the ‘right thing’ instead of following their self gratification entertainment leaning. Again I hope you are right. Remember 911 –people were so shook up they went to church for 1 week. Not a real hunger for Gods help in their life. We’ll see; I think it will be a fight–not a landslide…better get out your prayer rug.

  119. How can someone be so ignorant as to think they can vote for neither candidate and make any impact whatsoever? If there has ever been a time that we as Christians need to fall down on our knees and pray it is now!! Mitt Romney is the only chance we have to get barack obama out of the Washington for good! GOD HELP US ALL!!!

  120. Just Vote, stop with all the religious propaganda and the weak reasons for voting or not voting. Vote Obama out and then charge him with treasonous acts against the country.

  121. Obama was a farce from day one, but tons of Americans voted for him – and Democrats most probably had a kilo of loyalists checking the newspapers for folks who died in the last 4 years, and then had the loyalists fill out ‘Absentee ballots” for all the dead folks. Who knew how many Blacks and other Minorities would “come out and vote” for a Black man? Nobody! so the election was “ripe for fraud!”

    Now most folks from ALL socio-economic conditions have “wised up” to Obama, but who knows how many blacks and other socio-economic folks will continue to vote for him – he still focuses on paying-out more to them.

  122. Wayne,
    I love your article, but I’m not so sure you are right. Don’t underestimate the power of those who control the voting machines. And if things get really desparate for Obama, will there even be an election?

    1. Yes, that’s right Roger. Obama will call in the military (who apparently hate him, but will still obey him?) and declare martial law so nobody gets to vote him out. Seriously?

  123. UPDATE 6/13/12 WARNING!!! Do NOT seek medical help under Obamacare!
    The whole system is nothing more than a HUGE, organized crime
    RACKETEERING RIP-OFF SCAM! The Satanic criminals in congress and Satanic
    bureaucrats set up the system to rake in billion$ and to dole out,
    relatively speaking, nickels, dimes and pennies to the so-called
    “beneficiaries”. If the RACKETEERS do not get their expected “due”, they
    will lighten the load of “beneficiaries” through murder. They have a
    very well stocked arsenal of biological murder weapons that make death
    look like “natural causes”. Bacteria, parasites, spirochetes, viruses,
    poisons, dangerous/deadly drugs, ultra high doses of radiation etc. make
    up their arsenal. Their fellow RACKETEERS/ORGANIZED CRIMINALS/SECRET
    SERVANTS OF SATAN acting as doctors, nurses, pharmacists,
    coroners, morticians, judges, lawyers, health care professionals, news
    reporters, congressmen, teachers, sport coaches, car repairmen and many
    more will assist in executing and covering up the murders. They are also
    very expert at “suicides” and “accidents”. These organized criminals
    attend secret seminars, meetings, classes, retreats to learn efficient
    ways of murder, theft, bribery, extortion, and every conceivable
    criminal method of operation. They secretly call themselves “Us” and
    “Satan Worshippers”. They have remote viewer satellite computer,
    surveillance equipment that can watch anyone, anywhere, anytime and can
    tell if you have pain, nausea, itching, any sensation (internal or
    external) can can even diagnose diseases etc. and can analyze your
    emotions. It seems that they CAUSE most, if not all, diseases either
    directly or indirectly through the above list of biological weapons,
    Genetically Modified Foods,
    herbicides, pesticides, chemtrails, flouride and 38 other toxic
    chemicals in the water supply and etc. They especially watch for fear,
    because through fear, they know your weak points and how they can “get
    you”. (“Get you” means corrupt you, hurt you, destroy your life or kill
    you.) They also look for what is the desire of your heart, what you
    really, really want and they can trade you that for your allegiance to
    the Kingdom of Satan and your soul. They own and control the music and
    entertainment industries. They have taken over MANY positions of power,
    control, leadership, ownership and governmental positions at every
    level in every nation of the world. They have evil honed to an art and
    a science. This is NO JOKE.
    The Satanists get control of
    nations through communist/socialist/economic dictatorship/dole out
    programs to get
    people dependent on them so as to grow their own power and wealth. I
    hope people will soon wake up and wise up to recognize the “wolves in
    sheep’s clothing” who do great evil while pretending to “do
    good”. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barrack Obama, Eric Holder are just a
    few examples of the wolves in sheep’s clothing who pretend to do good,
    while ripping off and destroying the American people.
    Ron Paul
    has a 100% constitutional voting record. If America had been following
    the constitution since 1812, the criminals would not have been able to
    steal, plunder, corrupt and destroy throughout America. The
    international bankster-gangsters/secret servants of Satan/global
    organized crime syndicate/Bilderbergers/Committee of 300/Council of
    Foreign Relations/International Monetary Fund/World Bank/Federal
    Reserve/IRS/Department of Commerce/Dept. of Interior/Dept. of
    Energy/Dept. of
    Education/HUD/Dept. of Homeland Security and MANY other Satanic
    organizations would not be able to get away with their money scams and
    their grand theft of America’s wealth; control of businesses and
    industries; indoctrination, corruption and dumbing down of America’s
    The Satanic IRS has forced all churches to become
    501.3c religious corporations under the jurisdiction of the Satanic
    IRS. If any church leader speaks out against Agenda 21 or any of the
    plots and conspiracies of the Satanists, they lose their tax exempt
    status. This is, plainly and simply, loss of Freedom of Speech through
    Obama is a lying, communist con man and a puppet of
    the international bankster-gangsters/Kingdom of Satan/global organized
    crime cartel. The same bankster-gangsters that are financing Obama’s
    campaign are also financing
    Romney’s campaign. Romney will say whatever he has to say to whoever
    he has to say it in order to be elected. He has not said anything about
    what he plans to do to correct the many wrongs and criminal activities
    going on in America’s government. The bankster-gangsters know that
    Romney’s ambition makes him their perfect puppet. Mitch Daniels was
    invited to attend and did attend the recent Bilderberger (Satanic)
    meeting. It seems that the Satanists are thinking that Mitch Daniels as
    Vice-Presidential candidate would be effective in fooling the Tea
    Partiers. The Kingdom of Satan does not care which of their puppets
    (two evils) is elected. The Satanists will be behind the scenes and
    pulling the strings if either of them is elected.
    Ron Paul is
    the honest, rule of law, constitutional candidate. If America had been
    following the constitution (based on God’ Laws for civil government in
    the Bible) every American would so wealthy that healthcare, retirement,
    college, homes, cars, vacations, business start-ups would be easily
    affordable WITHOUT “LOANS” or credit cards. The nation that obeys God’s
    Laws will be blessed, protected from enemies, freed from the plundering,
    economic tyranny and dictatorship of the IRS and Federal Reserve and
    MANY other bureaucracies and prospered abundantly.
    “The Bible and Ron Paul” 13 short videos discussing the issues and
    showing how Ron Paul’s policies, 100% constitutional congressional
    voting record, house bills, books, speeches and writings are consistent
    with God’s Laws for civil government as written in the Bible. Are the
    American people righteous and wise enough to deserve a righteous and
    wise president?

    The IRS, itself, is a fraudulent
    organized crime institution. The 16th amendment was never legally
    ratified by the states. (See “The Law That Never Was by Red
    Beckman.) According to the Paperwork Reduction Act, all government
    forms must have an OMB number assigned to them. The IRS forms do NOT
    qualify for OMB numbers because nowhere in the massive, confusing,
    deliberately deceiving so-called “tax code” is there a law that requires
    an American citizen to pay income taxes on income earned within the
    USA. (Such a law would be UNconstitutional and ILLegal.) So, the
    fraudulent, criminal, Satanic IRS just put fraudulent “OMB” numbers on
    its fraudulent forms. See: freeenterprisesociety.com and get their
    free catalogue. Order the DVD by Robert Lawrence which shows how he
    inquired in tax court to the IRS attorney about OMB numbers. The IRS
    attorney pleaded the 5th amendment and dropped the IRS’s case against
    Robert Lawrence. The IRS’s so-called “income tax” is actually the
    biggest heist in the history of planet earth along with the Federal
    Reserve. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you
    free”. American people must wake up and realize that we are living
    under the criminal plunder, economic tyranny and dictatorship of
    organized crime’s IRS and the Federal Reserve which were both set up by
    members of organized crime in congress in order to fill their own
    pockets. The Federal Reserve and the IRS are both ILLegal,
    UNconstitutional, criminal, racketeering, grand theft, Satanic
    organizations. This is just one of the MANY ways that the international
    bankster-gangsters (the so-called “shadow
    government”/Kingdom of Satan/global organized crime cartel) have
    corrupted, plundered and are fast destroying America. By paying the
    so-called “income tax”, the hoodwinked American people are actually
    financing the Kingdom of Satan and all their genocides, assassinations,
    plunder, war, abortions etc. worldwide. How do you think that the
    Super-Rich got so rich?

    Meyer Rothschild, original founder of the
    international bankster-gangsters/City of London, said, “Give me control
    of a nation’s money and I do not care who makes its laws.

    Jefferson said, “If the American people ever allow a central bank to
    control its money, their children will wake up homeless on the land that
    their forefathers conquered”.

    The Federal Reserve Act was
    passed by the criminals in congress when the good congressmen were home
    on Christmas Vacation. (This is a great example of
    the Kingdom of Satan in operation).

    Woodrow Wilson was
    indoctrinated by the global crime cartel to pass the Federal Reserve Act
    before he was put up as a candidate for president by the
    bankster-gangsters. In his later years, he expressed deep regret as he
    realized that he had destroyed his country.

    It seems to me
    that NOW is the time to overthrow that international bankster-gangsters
    (Kingdom of Satan) who own and control both the Republican and
    Democratic parties.

    Ron Paul is the perfect third party
    candidate to succeed in the overthrow of the murderers, war-mongers,
    liars, thieves and tyrants who are plundering and destroying
    America. Ron Paul wants to ABOLISH both the Federal Reserve and the IRS
    that are financing the Kingdom of Satan and all their evils
    worldwide. I sincerely believe in THE RON PAUL
    REVOLUTION. America desperately needs a true REVOLUTION FOR FREEDOM,

    The only
    reason that I can imagine why the Constitution Party, the Libertarian
    Party, and every other small party is not behind Ron Paul 100% is that
    they are infiltrated by the Satanists who infiltrate every organization
    to corrupt, confuse, divide and conquer the true patriots. The
    presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party, Gary Johnson, said that
    he hopes Ron Paul wins the election, so… why in the name of Heaven
    and Earth is the Libertarian Party running a candidate against Ron
    Paul? Virgil Goode, the Constitution Party candidate, has an almost
    identical platform as Ron Paul so…why in the name of Heaven and Earth
    is the Constitution Party running against Ron Paul? United we stand,
    divided we fall.
    The Satanists are EXTREMELY CUNNING AND
    DECEITFUL. They play with us and against us as though we are their
    pawns on a chess board. Jesus said, “Be as wise as the serpents and as
    Pray for God-Wisdom,
    God-Power, God-Discernment, God-Courage, God-Protection, God-Victory
    over all the evils of the secret servants of Satan. We are in a battle
    of life and death, freedom vs slavery, truth vs lies, peace vs war,
    prosperity vs suffering/poverty. Almighty God and the Great Angelic
    Host are on our side but Eternal Divine Law requires that we
    MUST ASK for their Divine Help!

  124. The last time I checked Mormons were Christians just as much as Baptists, Roman Catholics or any other denomination. Jesus said, “He who believes in me shall not parish but have everlasting life,” not he who belongs to this church or that church. Mitt Romney, I believe, will be light years ahead of Obama as President of the USA. I have had Mormon friends as well as known Amish people and Mennonite people and they are all as Christian as the rest of us.

  125. When you look at what Obama supports and then you hear a moderate or conservative say that he is a nice guy that does not make sense to me?

  126. somebody may get up one morning and think voting against Obama just aint enough-I want to personally show this turd how pissed off I am-hello mister president let me shake your hand-i mean break every bone in your hand pull your arm out of socket and fling you into six secret service

  127. Pardon me for interrupting this celebration, but is the Godfather completely unaware, or is willfully ignoring the fact that Rubio is not a natural born citizen, and therefore not qualified by the Constitution to be Vice-President?

  128. Although I did not, nor shall I vote for Obama, don’t count on him losing. Romney isn’t the answer, nor is he the lesser of the two evils. But he’s the only main contender. The choices just aren’t good.

  129. Don’t forget, in 1980, Reagan ran not only against Carter, but also John Anderson, a former Republican
    Senator from Illinois, who ran as an independent, and only got 7% of the vote. Reagan won.

  130. Rubio should not be VP because he cannot be president. “Natural born to rwo citizens”. — He is not. I like him but I like the constution more.

  131. evermyrtle God will not tell you if you should vote or not but He does tell you not to vote for Obama. Obama is anti-Christian, anti-American, pro abortion, pro homosexual, pro redistribution of wealth, by the way redistribution of wealth is a forced taking from one who has earned it and given to one who is not willing to work for it. Sharing with those who need is a volunteer thing that comes from the heart of good people not forced distribution that comes from big government. Please vote and vote your Christian values. God Bless America

  132. To be sure Obama does not get a second term, one must vote for our great pro-business, pro-growth almost nominee, Mitt Romney, a good family man, very wise, and who loves our country. MittRomney.com

    Latinos should not vote for the man whose administration allowed Fast & Furious to happen with $10 million in Stimulus funds, hurting and killing hundreds of Latinos in Mexico. And those guns are still there.

  133. Not voting for Romney because he is Republican makes about as much sense as voting FOR Obama because he is Black.

  134. “Obama’s latest immigration ploy could affect the Hispanic vote. How Romney responds will make a difference.”

    Perhaps if Romney were to point out that the LEGALLY immigrated Hispanics (as do US citizens & the legal immigrants from whatever point of origin) are also getting negative impact due to the ILLEGAL crowds, he could also then push for further policies that would strengthen Voter ID verification processes. In this way, Romney could shore up support from LEGAL voters & even set a trend for stronger enforcement on Immigration Laws as well.

  135. Choosing Rubio as his running mate may get some Hispanic votes, but that would put Romney in the same category as obama, thus making him a shill. Neither Rubio nor Jindel are eligible to run as President or Vice President because they are NOT natural born citizens as defined by the US Constitution. Romney has many other contenders to choose from that will help him secure the Presidency . Allen West, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, et al…he would be wise to select Allen West or Herman Cain. If he does select Rubio as his running mate, I will not vote for Romney; I left the democratic party because of their shenanigans and the promoting of an illegal alien for the Presidency and I will not support the republican party for pulling the same tricks.

  136. If you are voting for a third party, I doubt your assertion you have “common sense”. Your vote for Libertarian Party is a vote for the worst man to ever hold office in the White House. Thank you for nothing.

  137. SO SO happy & glad to hear that Ron Paul is NOT supporting Romney. WTF is Rand Paul thinking??? This will happily cement my choice for president. The alternative was going to be the Constitution Party.

  138. What kind of logic is it that contends a no vote or a vote for a third-party candidate would be the same as a vote for Obama. A no vote or vote for a third-party candidate would neither add or take away anything from Romney or Obama. I find this claim has no basis in fact and is completely without merit.

  139. A vote for someone other than the ones running is a wasted vote. You might as well vote for Obama. Great article, I really hope your right….but I question your intelligence when you take the time to vote for someone who is not ever going to win. If everyone who didn’t like the ones running or “neither one is worth my vote” attitude…..people who think this way might as well vote for Obama.. I say put your big boy/girl panties on and pick the better of the two……make your opinion count. I personally don’t like Romney either, but I will vote for him.

    1. “3. Jewish voters. Obama has been weak in his support of Israel. Many Jewish voters and big donors are angry and disappointed. I predict Obama’s Jewish support drops from 78% in 2008 to the low 60s. This is not good news for Obama”

  140. Everyone I know is writing in Ron Paul, be them Dem’s or Reps.
    Any Vote for Romney is the same as a vote for obama or Bush..same money backing him/them and it would be the same agenda as what we have now and had from Bush. Romney votes for Dismantling The Constitution with things like Patriot Act and NDAA.

  141. For those bringing up War or Racial Tension need to remember that obama used these to help his cousin overthrow the Kenya Gov’t and take control. now we have media adding to it with mike tyson stating “Its a disgrace Zimmerman has not been shot”. we have media lying about 911 calls and making Zimmerman look white, we have many pushing this Tension and it helps the Corrupt keep our focus on everything but the puppets running America for the banking Cartel.
    “We The People” need to do as they did in Iceland.

  142. Obama will lose, not by a landslide, but by a TSUNAMI!! Anyone who votes for this blithering Communist idiot is, well, BRAINDEAD! For those undecided, suck it up and vote for Romney to save this country! I have a strong feeling that Romney will surprise us all and actually be a really good president!!

  143. Romney is in the perfect position to “come to America’s rescue” and make his positive mark forever in US history! Who in their RIGHT mind (no pun intended) would waste a golden opportunity like that???
    : ) GO MITT in 2012!!

  144. When the time comes to fight for the very existence of our country and its constitution, it is important to vote for the candidate who can and will oust a person who on many occasions has deliberately caused great harm to our country. Anyone who votes for a 3rd party and is not happy with the Obama administration in effect votes for him. If Obama wins the election there is more at stake here than we can imagine at this point in time. Four more years of tyranny and King Obama will completely destroy all hopes of recovery. He must be defeated and all who are concerned should vote for Romney. I don’t particularly like Romney but there is no choice, Romney or Obama, I mean really.

  145. Anyone who wants to know and learn more about Obama should read “The Amateur’….very informative reading about the mystery man sitting in the White House.

  146. I have stated the same facts- As a small businessman, a lot of my friends voted for Obama out of sympathy to appease the “white guilt” complex that the media has conditioned Middle America to accept.. that’s long gone- he has made shambles of a very bad economy due to two wars that syphoned off resources. Our energy policy sucks big time– People are not willing to give up their standards of living when they see oil prices going through the roof and we are sitting on gazillions of barrels of oil in this continent and we CAN’T drill for it?? What – is the govmn’t. nuts.
    I agree with you- WHOLEHEARTEDLY..

  147. It is a crime that those who die and get maimed for US sometimes do not even get their votes counted ….for the very nation they are defending. Deplorable!
    This must change! If anything, their votes should be counted FIRST!

  148. It looks like the only viable choices are a muslim (obama) or a cult member (Romney). This is truly a choice of the lesser of two evils. A principled man votes for a 3rd party candidate, but a PRUDENT man holds his nose and votes for Romney. Then pray like crazy that Mitt sees the light and gets Born Again!

  149. What about the dead people voting and the ones who Acorn manages to get to vote several times? How about the panthers at the polls? You’re all saying vote him out, but you may not get a chance to vote. Mr. “wonderful?” may declare martial law and stop all voting and declare himself king of America. Than what are we going to do? Rise up? Then the military will be turned on us. Have you heard about all the concentration camps in this country??? Waiting for us???

  150. He forgot 3 important groups!

    Group 1: The folks from ACORN will have many busloads of illiterates who are being paid to vote in multiple precincts,
    Group 2: The illegal immigrants who will vote for Barry in droves
    Group 3: All the dead folks who are registered will vote for Barry

    Then you throw in the votes that will be found in someone’s trunk days later, the votes counted by voting machines where there is no ‘hard copy’ of the votes, and all the other ways the DemonRats will falsify the results, leaving us in a heap of trouble!

  151. I stil don’t think there will be an election. Obama is putting together too many scenerios in a bid to declare martial law. If he can find a reason he will declare it and suspend elections and the constitution. This is no joke – many other countries have used this ploy to instill dictators over the past few decades.

  152. Romney has the ability to be another Reagan~! Obama has had 4 years to shown us what he’s got “0”.
    Hail to a new chief~!

  153. Please dear God for the sake of this wonderful country, please give us a chance to undo all the harm this America hating president has done.

  154. Blacks will still vote 95%+ for Obama, gay marriage won’t change that, the stance on illegal immigration should but it won’t either. The Hispanic population that votes democrat as a result of their opinions on illegal immigration, will never vote republican anyway. In both of these population groups, the best you can hope for is that they will not show up at the polls.
    Jewish voters are a TINY voting bloc, any shift of less than all of them is insignificant.
    The Catholic vote is, in large part, the Hispanic vote. The Catholic hierarchy will still be democrat leaning, the collection plate and the numbers in the pews are dependent on a continuing tide of illegal immigrants…Romney could sway that, were he to sell out his base…but then, how many of the base would stay home if he did that? Picking Rubio, an Hispanic of Cuban extraction, will do nearly nothing to sway ethnically Mexican/South American voters…there’s a great deal of strife in that relationship.
    That said, Romney will likely win by the skin of his teeth. Enough voters of all persuasions will be turned off by the economic climate and the divisiveness they’ve felt directed at them. W-VA will go to Romney, NC will too, FL is also likely Romney’s. WI and even MI are on the table, OH is a toss up…

  155. We need to vote Obama out with big noumbers. This guy has bad judgement and too many things in his pass that are unamerican plus seem to be criminals acts. He was dope head and his action in the pass three years show that he may be still stuck on his bad habits………………Climit change a big fraud……http://www.mrc.org/articles/heartland-institute-warming-skeptics-victimized-fraud-still-blamed-environmental-reporter-r
    Obama ,Wife on the take of our dollars.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sawN7uJ8s8s&feature=b-vrec……
    government miss guiding all of http://townhall.com/columnists/taddehaven/2012/02/12/report_govt_spending_does_add_to_economy

  156. Obama’s ace in the hole could be Harry Reid. Remember Reid was behind Sharon Angle in the polls just before the Nevada election? Yet Reid won big. Isn’t it a bit strange that the union that strongly backed Reid was in charge of maintaining the voting machines? I won’t be surprised if Obama wins in a landslide.

  157. I hope by November the American people will open their eyes and truly see what type of person Obama really is. He is a combination of Huggy Bear and Heidi Fleiss…a pimp and a whore, wrapped up in a little narcissistic package. He’s a pimp because USES people (e.g. Blacks, Hispanics, the poor, elderly, gays, and women) for his political gain. And he’s a whore because he SELLS HIMSELF OUT to the highest bidder (e.g. celebrities, Unions, Soros)
    Four more years of Obama will only bring more Bush bashing and Bush blaming, more lies, excuses, and hypocrisy, more hatred towards rich (White) people, more lavish vacations for him and his family, more golf games to add to his record 100 rounds….all courtesy of the American taxpayer…the people he hates.
    What Americans WON’T see in four more years is more jobs, less spending, and a stronger economy.

  158. Well put. I am a dispassionate meh voter, dispite working on a congressional campaign two years ago, who thought that it was a toss-up. This article throws some weight and goes a long way towards convincing me otherwise.

  159. Comment just below is accurate: not voting for Romney IS a vote for Obama. Dumb. Anyway this optimistic analysis leaves out one sweeping critical factor: More than 40% of the U.S. population now relies on some form of government assistance. This must be redressed for both our fiscal crisis – and to restore American spirit. However, those on the dole may, in large part, vote for Obama – to keep the hand-outs flowing.

    in addition, the level of vote fraud (especially supported by the “undocumented”) will be unprecedented.

    Those 2 factors are not taken into account in this article and they will both impact the Electoral Vote.
    (Look for the impact of the government workers in fear of losing their redundant jobs and/or padded benefits – plus the role of fraudulent padded votes – particularly in critical swing states in the Southwest and others with large city populations (where fraud is also easiest and most widespread.)

    It is not the popular vote that counts – it’s the Electoral vote, remember.

    And all of this only applies at all, if we actually make it from here to November to hold an election
    (bearing in mind the numerous factors Obama has set up for any excuse to declare Martial Law before then.)

  160. I have a feeling Obama is going to win. Especially since our votes this year will be counted in SPAIN.
    SCYTL is the company that will be counting our votes in SPAIN. Look into it. I do not know why the news has not been talking about this.

  161. SCYTL this is the company that will be counting our votes in the 2012 election. Our votes will be counted in Spain. George Soros is involved with this company. Obama will win in 2012. The race is fixed.

  162. #2. Could be a problem with the Prez. The immigration give-away could get him some votes until people read and understand what he really said. On the other hand the hiding and stonewalling of the gun walking information could loose him a lot of votes. The guns provided by our gov’t were used to kill innocent people in Mexico.

  163. For those who would vote for a third party, or would not vote at all, consider this: Obama’s goal is to destroy the American way of life and establish socialism. If he succeeds, we Americans probably never will enjoy liberty as we have for the past 300 0r so years.
    If you vote–or not vote–to make a statement, you are helping Obama to reach his goal, and you’ll probably live to regret it.
    Please, please reconsider, for the country’s sake, your own sake, and your children’s sake. Please…

  164. Great story!! Finally someone that writes a positive article!! Now, if we could convince the rest of the voters that Obama is only looking out for himself and all the other crooks in America, we will be able to get our once great country back on track!!

  165. Obama has to go and Romney is our knight in shinning armor. I like Ron Paul but he dosen’t have enough clout. Obama has had his chance, now its time to move on. He has nice teeth and can lie with a straight face but his brain is wired all wrong and I don’t trust someone who does not have much of a past or a questionable one. I want to know where my President came from and with Obama, I just can’t tell.

  166. Might it possibly be that the guy who wrote this article is a mole for Obama, with the aim of giving us a false sense of security?

  167. topcoat Come on you guys.Stop snickering over Romney and Obama, The Congress of The USA must be straightened out. The demo rats have had it too long and the repubs that are called “rinos” should be gone. We can take back our country if Congress is going to do what the people want. Vote out those who are not for the USA. Vote more for men like Rubio, Rand Paul, etc.

  168. Anticipating the possibility of losing the election, Obama is trying to push several irrevocable treaties through the Senate which will place the USA under UN control. The LOST Treaty is being sheparded through the Senate by Sen,. Kerry. It will result in our loss of control of the oil, gas, and mining activities in the offshore, It will futher obligate us to give 50 percent of all future royalty income from oil, gas, and mining to the UN! Giving away Trillions of dollars in future income. Only a lunatic would ratify such a treaty. Tell your Senators to oppose ANY treaty ceding our sovereignty to the UN. He is going to try the same trick with the enviroment, by granting control of our enviroment to the UN EPA.
    Save our Republic, VOTE for Romney.

  169. I can see what this is going to do for this country. We need a winner and we do not need to split the vote between Romney and anyone else. I understand that you do not want Romney, but, gads, man, you are simply helping Obama by voting for anyone else than Romney. He is not perfect. He is different that what we have and he is more conservative and that is what we need. Do not split your vote for that is treason for our country right now.

  170. Me thinks that most who argue for Obama has never lived in a socialist country and have nothing to compare it with, and no idea what they are talking about, there has been NO country like America, for all its warts. There is no such thing as a perfect country … I know democracy promises utopia on earth which is a path to hell, as for those who have travelled out of the states must know that all countries are socialist in some form … and people have no way to vote the people out of office. Even being conservative does not mean much in those countries … mainly there are NO checks and balances and they’re not a republic where the individual rights are protected.
    I actually do not see the this election being the lessor of two evils. The divide is philosophical.
    – and there are really only two views … Socialism as in domocracy vs Conservatism as in republic.

    So the question is NOT to vote is not really being true to what you believe. In my view not to vote, is to vote for socialism in this election if that’s what you’re against. At least you don’t have to throw rocks against some army. Libertarians should still vote for one or the other. I know we would love to live in peace … history tells me there will never be peace as long as man lives on earth. I sincerely hate wars, hunger and all the things wrong with society. So until there is no divide philosophically speaking … try and just save what you have. Even the poorest here in America is better than being poor in another country.

    It is also highly amusing that those who vote for socialism are always prone to be dictators. The rich who knock America as being an evil nation, … have made their money in this supposed evil country … and based on their belief system should give all their money to the socialist so they will not be accused of being rich, that way they don’t have to look and say stupid things. I guess we are still looking for our KING so that we can become slaves once more. Oh well, I guess I am as confused as Obama.

  171. I have always thought that Romney WOULD win by a landslide because the American people wiil&have woken up to Obama’s radical agenda&thuggery tactics, Holder is his sidekick. This is the worst administration ever since I have been alive 57years. Obama Hates America&the patriotic people. He wants one world order,dominance over people,and wants to be worshiped!!!!NOT BY ME…Good ridence. VOTE Mitt Romney to get our country back….

  172. Latest Bloomburg poll showes Obama ahead by 13 points, 53 to 40. Bloomburg pools have been calling it right for the last 4 ellections, the voters a tiered of Repbublican propaganda, rewriting of history and and the war against the middle class, all paid for by big Oil, Health insurance and Wall street BAnkers.

  173. Frist of all let’s get the numbers right.It’s not the 1% and the 99%.It’s more like 1% Rich ,50% Middle Class and 49% poor.Let’s use African American for this example.I’m sure African Americans would say that 49% poor is much higher.But I’ll keep it on the low end.Now I have one Question for the 49% poor African American?Did Obama make it easier or harder for you to make a living in your own country by granting over 1,600,000 legal and illegal immirgrants just in 2012 alone into your country.And this is just a preview of what he (Obama) will do if he is reelected.Because as sure as i breath oxygen he will grant amnesty to the rest of the 10 to 11 Million more illegals that are in this country.How will that your effect your chances of getting any kind of Job.

  174. Here’s what YOUR President did …you won’t hear it on the MSM!! Did anyone know Obummber had a Gay Reception at the White House & photos were taken in front of the REAGAN portrait of them giving him the finger! I am OUTRAGED at the disrespect of this President & the people who showed their true ignorance! OMG…how dare they!

  175. No loyal Constitution-abiding United States citizen will vote for Obama. Any citizen who does is either not a citizen or a fifth columnist … we must rid our Republic of such filth. Senator Joe McCarthy was right.

  176. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~ Phil 4:8
    Finally, brethren,
    whatsoever things are true,
    whatsoever things [are] honest,
    whatsoever things [are] just,
    whatsoever things [are] pure,
    whatsoever things [are] lovely,
    whatsoever things [are] of good report;
    if [there be] any virtue,
    and if [there be] any praise,
    think on these things. ~

  177. When Owebama-care gets shot down, Holder gets jailtime, and the Kool-aid slurper Sheeple realize they’ve been had AGAIN by the Dims like with Carter, BJ Bubba Clinton and their gang of progressive / socialist / marxist / maoist NWO clones, then they will pull the right lever! Provided that Romney bashes the crap out of this Kenyan poseur and commie ‘manchurian candidate’!

  178. This is exactly what I have been saying for months!! This gentleman is right on target. I don’t plan to sleep that night anyway as I plan to PARTY!!!! I have lived thru many elections, but none that I felt were as important as this one. I love my country, my son dedicated his life to serving our country, and I look forward to an America where we can pray as we want, sing our anthems when we want, display our flag when we want, all the things we did and were never criticized for!! Keep praying.


  180. I think you forgot SENIORS…..he’s taking $500 billion from Medicare for his crummy obamacare, and Medicare is running out of money anyway and……… his crummy obamacare will have a non-medical “panel” of bureaucrats deciding what procedures individual seniors can have……….I’d say that may cause him to lose a “few” votes in NOVEMBER!!!! Hopefully millions of votes…….

  181. Any citizen who does not vote does not deserve to live in this country. Any citizen who does not vote should not be allowed to complain about the administration or Congress. Any citizen who does not vote should be a shamed ot themselves.

  182. Third party votes are a vote for the incumbent…………………Romney is not my choice either. BUT I DEFINITELY WILL NOT VOTE FOR ODAMA THE DICTATOR

  183. I’m LDS, but I’m not a big fan of Romney. I’m a Libertarian, but every time I vote Libertarian, we have a weak showing. If we force the agenda, meaning that we force conservatism on him, he’ll tow the line; he knows that this bloc is going to get him elected. He himself may not be a conservative, but he’ll do whatever it takes to win this large bloc. Personally, most conservatives get on my nerves (way too much sanctimony, especially in the Christian groups…), but that’s the first step back to constitutional government, ie Libertarianism!!!

  184. This is the election where votes need to count not be offset … our whole way of life is at stake I would recommend everyone who thinks that voting philosophically will provide peace of mind reconsider

  185. Good article, however, one should never take anything for granted and vote for a third party candidate, especially when dealing with Obama/Soros. Read something recently about the votes for OUR November election will be counted by a company in Spain. A company with Soros money behind it. Does that raise a red flag for anyone else? I even called my Secretary of State’s office in my state and asked the question. To date I have not received a reply.

  186. [email protected]
    Message flagged
    Friday, June 22, 2012 3:07 PM
    Legalize drugs! The bankster-gangster global crime syndicate has a black market monopoly on drugs. All their competitors end up in prison. (Remember prohibition?) The bankster-gangsters also own the prisons and get prison slave labor for all their other projects which happen to be very profitable. The American people, I hope by now, are aware that organized crime is running, plundering and destroying America. The bankster-gangsters are backing both Obama and Romney as pres. candidates. With Obama, the criminals can enact communist/socialist/Satanic/rip-off/dole out programs that will enrich themselves and impoverish the American people. With Romney, the criminals can have their much desired world war lll which they will
    use to sell their armament$ to all sides in the war. (This is the Satanic criminal military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about). These globalist criminals MUST BE OVERTHROWN. These very wealthy criminals have undermined America’s constitution by all their fellow criminals in congress who have enacted communist/socialist/Satanic/grand theft/rip-off/”dole out” programs such as Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Department of Education, Department of Energy, HUD, Department of Interior, Department of Commerce, Federal Reserve, IRS and MANY thieving bureaucracies, agencies, departments etc. so that the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Does anyone beside the criminals know where the social security money disappeared to?
    This is the way that organized criminals in government manage to STEAL taxpayer money BIG TIME. Yes, spending needs to be reduced. Yes, taxes need to be reduced. But most of all the size and scope of government needs to be reduced to put a damper on all the GOVERNMENT CRIMINAL STEALING that is PLUNDERING AND DESTROYING destroying America.
    America must return to constitutional government ASAP in order to survive! If America had followed and enforced constitutional law for the last 100 years, every American would be so wealthy that healthcare, retirement, college, vacations, business start-ups and everything else would be easily affordable WITHOUT USURY, WITHOUT LOANS, WITHOUT THE BANKSTER-GANGSTERS RUNNING AND CONTROLLING OUR LIVES AND STEALING OUR MONEY. Many UNconstitutional laws MUST BE REPEALED! Obamacare, the Federal Reserve and the IRS must be abolished! I hope that a REPEAL congress and a REPEAL presidency will be elected to UNDO all the evil laws, bureaucracies, departments, agencies, mandates, organizations, rules and regulations that are destroying freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, freedom to travel, freedom to keep and bear arms, habeas corpus, property rights, rights of privacy. We need a REPEAL congress and a REPEAL presidency to get rid of the many UNconstitutional, ILLegal, tyrannical, menacing, threatening, plundering, stealing, criminal activities of the organized criminals who are holding governmental positions.
    Gary Johnson is running as a presidential candidate on the Libertarian Party. His plans and policies are like Ron Paul’s. He wants to return America to a LIMITED small CONSTITUTIONAL government by getting rid of all the laws and bureaucracies, agencies that are plundering America’s wealth and destroying America’s freedoms. Gary Johnson is a former well loved and repected 2 term governor of New Mexico. He is intelligent, well informed, honest and capable. He wants to return America to CONSTITUTIONAL government.
    It is high time for another American Revolution to OVERTHROW the international bankster-gangsters/the shadow government/the Kingdom of Satan/the globalist crime syndicate who are running America behind the scenes using Obama as their puppet, and who also are backing Romney. They really do NOT care which of their puppets gets elected.
    The way I see it, now, is that the forces of the wicked are DIVIDED between Obama and Romney. If the children of God who want Freedom, Justice, Prosperity and Truth and Honor in government get UNITED behind one candidate, the good people in this nation can elect a presidential candidate who will restore America’s constitutional government, restore Freedom, restore Prosperity, restore Truth and Justice to America’s government. It seems to me that there is not a better time to overthrow the gangsters who are running both the Democrat and Republican Parites. It is high time for a THIRD PARTY to get into political offices. True Patriotic Americans MUST UNITE! UNITE! UNITE! and overthrow the criminals who are destroying us. United, we will stand and prosper; divided, we will suffer tremendously! Please support and vote for Gary Johnson!

    1. Underdog candidate Abraham Lincoln won by being in the right place at the right time.
      Don’t give up on Ron Paul yet, wait until the court battle over convention delegates is over.
      Paul has a large well informed and growing constituency that will take over the GOP and force it to be constitutional. Perhaps not in 2012 but soon. The experiment that was America is making a comeback… freedom is popular.

  187. I’m very saddened to see how brainwashed we’ve become to only accept the 2 people that are given to us when in reality, there isn’t much of a difference between them. We no longer think for ourselves, but only the ridiculous paradigm that we’ve been fed our entire lives… if you don’t vote for the lesser of the two evils than it gives the “greater” evil the winning chance. People wake up!! Evil is evil. Even George Soros agreed that there isn’t much difference between Romney and Obama. You act as though if Romney gets in that is somehow better?!?!? They have the same foreign policy, they both believe in mandates, they’re both for big government, they have little respect for the Constitution, they do not base their opinions on their principles, but rather what their advisers advise them. Sigh!! When will the sheeple wake up!

  188. This is right on the MARK! Barack Hussein Obama loses by a LANDSLIDE. Then put in Jail for pulling the biggest CON JOB in History !!

  189. Gary Johnson might be a better candidate, but he hasn’t a Chinaman’s chance of winning if he were to run. It would be exactally like what Ross Perot did a few years ago when he ran as a 3rd party candidate and kept the Republican from winning the election for president. So I hope he decides not to run and gets behind Gov. Romney because he will be so, so much better than that anti-American, socialist muslim we now have!

  190. Given Romney’s record of support for Big Government, anyone who votes for Romney “will in effect be voting for Obama”.

    Jeff D.

  191. It’s not always the popular vote that elects the President, but it is always the electorate vote that elects the president.
    A Ron Paul state could cause Romney to lose.

  192. …and what a contemptible person he is. My birthday is in November and it would be a great gift to defeat Obama.

  193. To all those who hold a third party voter like Mr. Root as betraying America, consider his position as stated in the article! According to him, the election will not be close. This is not like 1968 where a third party (George Wallace in that case) has a chance at even one state. Neither is it like 1992 and 1996 where Perot siphoned off enough votes so that the Clinton won with less than a majority of the vote. According to his argument his vote is on principle, but he knows it will make no difference.

  194. And this folks is why if obama is declared the winner this year then you can bet it is as crooked and rigged as the Pacquiao/Bradley fight decision.

  195. There is one group who will overwhelmingly come out for Obama … as if they didn’t already back in 2008. That’s GLBTs. He just won all kinds of points with not only his gay marriage position, but for hosting a party for gay radicals at the White House to celebrate their perverse lifestyle and giving them free run of the place where they took the opportunity to ‘flip off’ Reagan’s portrait and plaster it all over the internet. The community thinks that’s just great and they’ll reward him for this.

  196. I can go along with all but #3. Most Americn Jews are not really Jews except by birth. They vote socialist every time they get a chance. Why do you think Hollwood is full of Obama lovers and a constant, guaranteed, solid source of left wing support for the Democrat Party every election cycle?

  197. There isn’t one iota of difference between globalist, war-mongering Obama and globalist, war-mongering Romney. I’m voting for Ron Paul, no matter what, and if he doesn’t pull an upset at the GOP convention, I’ll write his name in on the general election ballot. I WILL NEVER AGAIN vote for the lesser of two evils, because this is why we always end up with an evil cabal pandering to the globalists’ plan to usher in the New World Order and depopulate the planet. No thanks! Screw the GOP!

  198. I cannot disagree more!! While I am TOTALLY against Obama being president, I don’t know of too many solid, conservative Republicans who are happy with Romney. The GOP is moving to the left with him and I think that the “Reagan base” is going to stay home in droves. I will vote for Romney, because the alternative is what it is, but I have thought about writing in someone for the first time in my life. I think that it will be much closer, but Obama wins handily.

  199. What about Gov. Bobby Jindal as VP! Former Governor of Louisiana. He did an outstanding job of rebuilding after Katrina and the oil spill disasters! This man has got heart and character! He knows how to get the job done and face problems head on. Face it we are loaded with more problems than ever today! We need all the help we can muster!

  200. But OBAMA has an ACE up his sleeve, in the next few months leading up to the election, he is going to declare war on Iran, and this stratergy will swing the mindless voters into his favour…………..I say MINDLESS VOTERS, cos that is how the American voters vote……they never use their brains???????, they always vote with that dicks.
    The average American voter needs 3 other people to help him vote, one to drive him there, one to lead him in the right direction….the smell comng from MacDonalds just across the road is always tempting……and the third person is the most important, to help him read and be able to write…………as many Americans are lacking in brain cells to do these things……………think that covers it…………

  201. Is there anyone who would agree with me that the establishment media is quite complicent in defrauding the American people re their collective refusal to subject their wonder boy to even the most rudimentary vetting that virtually every Presidential candidate (especially a GOP candidate) has had to undergo! They have been in lock-step in their jealous protection, including blatant misinformation, distortion and concealing of important issues from the American people….to say nothing about the unbelievable arrogance which permeates their motley ranks! Who do they answer to? That’s right….nobody! That is SO messed up and UNAmerican, and it is high time they are compelled to answer for their total dishonesty and unapologetic corruption!!

  202. The news is out. The democrat party wants Sarah Palin to turn democrat and run for thePresident instead, of against him.

  203. I dont see how you figger a 3rd party voter is voteing for obambo but i am sure you must use lib math to figger thay I rather think its the gop dont want to win is why they put another lib like romney up so they leave only 3rd party for a real conservative Be cause romney for sure isnt a conservative with his healthcare and gun laws and his lieing pac that do so for our tax dollors

  204. Best bumper sticker I’ve seen yet to that says it best…

    “I voted for Obama in 2008 to prove I’m not a racist….I’m voting for Mitt in 2012 to prove I’m not stupid!

  205. What the auhor leaves out is voter fraud, martial law if riots can be started in the big cities, theb illegals voting, and every other corrupt thing that Obma does. So for me, I will wait and see. If Obama does get in, it will be bcause of voter fraud.

  206. The truth hurts, Obama is totally incompetent, he couldn’t
    run a hot dog stand let alone a country, Jimmy Carter can give a sigh of
    relief, he is no longer considered the worst President ever, and Richard Nixon
    is no longer considered the most corrupt president that title now belongs to
    the Community organizer, Campaigner-in-Chief, Obama! The Hope and Change is
    just Hype and Blame. If you are an American and care about the future of this
    country and the children who will be left with this mess than do the right
    thing and vote this Blamer/Complainer/Campaigner-in-Chief out of office!

  207. There are big differences between Obama and Romney, stop listening to
    the idologs and do some homework and you can clearly see the differences!

    Jobs. In general, Obama’s plan for creating jobs relies on temporary
    tax breaks, federal spending to hire teachers, cops and firefighters, federal
    backing for new infrastructure projects, and subsidized retraining for those
    chronically out of work. Romney prefers less direct spending by the government
    and instead favors looser regulation, lower taxes on business, more free trade,
    and a faster permitting process to boost domestic energy production. He would
    also pressure China to change its trade practices in ways that might make
    Chinese goods more expensive and U.S.-based manufacturers more competitive.

    Income taxes. Both men have called for comprehensive tax reform. Obama
    wants to raise tax rates and reduce deductions for individuals who earn
    $200,000 or more, and households that earn more than $250,000, while keeping
    current tax rates intact for everybody else. Romney wants to keep all tax rates
    where they are, while eliminating the estate tax. He’d also eliminate taxes on
    dividends, interest, and capital gains for those earning less than $200,000.

    Analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center shows that the bottom 40
    percent of earners would pay lower taxes under Obama’s plan, while the next 40
    percent would fare roughly the same under both plans. The top 20 percent of
    earners would pay less under Romney’s plan. If Obama got his way, the average
    American’s annual tax bill would fall by about $1,373, compared with the tax
    rules now on the books (which include the expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts
    at the end of this year). Under Romney, the average decline would be $3,566.
    Voters should be skeptical of any proposed tax cuts, however, because they
    would add to the mushrooming national debt and Washington can scarcely afford

    Corporate taxes. Without giving a number, Obama has said he’d support a
    reduction of the 35 percent corporate tax rate, if it were accompanied by the
    elimination of tax breaks for certain businesses and other reforms. He has also
    proposed some temporary tax breaks to boost hiring. Romney says that lowering
    the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent is a “day one”
    priority. He also supports a few other corporate tax breaks meant to encourage
    more investment and stronger growth in the United States.

    Government spending. Obama has proposed about $1.2 trillion in spending
    cuts over 10 years, including nearly $600 billion from defense, $300 billion
    from Medicare and Medicaid reforms, and the rest from an array of smaller
    programs. Romney supports the “cut, cap, and balance” plan that’s
    become a Republican staple. He’d cap government spending at 20 percent of GDP
    or less, shrink the federal workforce by 10 percent, and pursue a
    balanced-budget amendment that would restrain federal borrowing, and therefore,

    Debt reduction. Obama’s overall plan calls for cutting the national
    debt by $3 trillion over 10 years, with one third of it coming from new tax
    revenue and two thirds coming from spending cuts. Romney hasn’t established a
    debt-reduction target, with his proposals for reining in the debt limited
    mostly to spending cuts. The Tax Policy Center, however, found that Romney’s
    proposed tax cuts would increase the national debt by about $600 billion per
    year, which theoretically would require even deeper offsetting spending cuts to
    be debt-neutral.

    Obamacare. This landmark 2010 reform, meant to expand healthcare
    coverage to most Americans, will undergo a key test this year as the Supreme
    Court decides whether a core “individual-mandate” requirement is
    constitutional. If it isn’t, the whole law may have to be overhauled. Romney
    signed a similar law in Massachusetts in 2006, when he was governor, but now
    says that Obamacare should be repealed. Instead of a federal plan to expand
    healthcare coverage, he says states should choose whether to do it on their

    Tort reform. Obama’s huge healthcare law contained no provisions for
    reining in medical malpractice lawsuits and other types of litigation that most
    experts believe drive up prices. Romney supports reforms that would prevent
    “spurious litigation.”

    Medicare. Obama would preserve Medicare in its current form, while
    making “modest adjustments” to lower costs, such as encouraging
    better use of digital medical records, requiring wealthier seniors to pay more
    for their care, and giving the government more power to force down medical
    costs. Romney would revamp Medicare in a way that keeps the existing structure
    intact for current beneficiaries, but eventually replaces that with a
    “premium support” plan that gives seniors a fixed benefit each year
    that they can use to purchase private insurance. Lower-income seniors would get
    a more generous benefit than wealthier ones. Romney hasn’t provided details for
    what the benefit structure might be or when it would go into effect.

    Social Security. Obama has said virtually nothing about reforming
    Social Security, one of the costly federal programs that will need some changes
    in the future to stay solvent. Romney has suggested several changes, such as
    raising the retirement age or reducing benefits for wealthier enrollees. He
    also insists there should be no new taxes to help pay for Social Security.

    Medicaid. As with Medicare, Obama would keep this program that provides
    healthcare for the poor largely intact, but change some rules to save about $7
    billion per year. Romney would be more aggressive, converting Medicaid into a
    “block grant” program in which fixed payments from Washington are
    managed by the states as they wish. Romney claims that eventually, this could
    save Washington $200 billion per year.

  208. I’m not sure how obama won Catholics and the military in 2008. His views on abortion have been sharply anti-Catholic since he was a state senator. For whatever reason the military supported him then, they certainly don’t support him now, especially after kowtowing to homosexuals.

  209. The empty suit has to go!
    I have never seen a president in so far over his head.
    His performance at the G-20 summit was stunningly pathetic.

  210. I wabt to agree with Obama losing. But it’s June, and O didn’t open his bag of tricks yet; especially on the uninformed and the uncaring, where there are lot of votes. Let’s not get too giddy yet. AND probably. ^/25, SCOTUS and snake Kennedy will announce their ruling they made after Obama intimidated them publicly, that Obama’s ACA, and mandate WILL STAND. I will hate that day, and, eventually, so eill all America. A giant boost for his reelection, also.

  211. Don’t you get it? Obama’s not a fair fighter. If he senses a loss, he will scream MARTIAL LAW – election held off indefinitely. I certainly hope he won’t stoop that low, but given his past actions. What is a man to think? Let’s hope he has at least some decency left in his heart to let the American Citizens have the helm. After all, Jimmy Carter took his lickin and went on with his life and did well with his support of Habitat for Housing. The only real problem with Jimmy is his lack of lip control. Other than that. I kinda like the guy.

  212. [email protected] says:

    I truely hope you will change your mind and vote for Romney. I do not believe it will be a runaway election and O’bama has his very smart and tricky group from Chicago. They are great manipulators and I am sure they have more stuff coming and we need every vote we can get. i plan to make sure I get at least one other person to the polls to vote. Hope everyone else will do the same. My slogan is just get 1 to the polls.

  213. We can’t survive another four years of Obamanomics and the need for a moron to do our thinking for us. How does a candidate believe by stepping on so much so quickly that they will survive in politics just because you hold the highest office in the world does not make you bullet proof. We voters will help him commit suicide. He has no votes of any demographic we have seen and heard of, if he has supporters they are hiding in the shadows; I see his group of people he uses to fill the seats at these fundraisers and TV spots, take time to look at them, he’s bussing them in so he shows us he’s filling the seats; I’ll bet he’s paying them to come out.

  214. I don’t care for Mr. Romney, however I’d rather have a rattle snake in Washington D.C. then an imposter, Idolator and socialist Czar there anytime.

  215. Ya gotta love the moron who thinks he’s making a grand political statement by not voting. Are these people supposed to be adults? You may want to vote for a candidate because he calls himself a “LIBERTARIAN”, but you must use your BRAIN and realize he hasn’t a chance in hell of winning an election. “Wah, wah, wah – my “Libertarian” candidate isn’t on the ballot so I’m staying home”… and we’ll watch the Muslim usurper stay in office for another four years. GROW UP.

  216. I cannnot believe I am saying this, but as the Ross Perot debacle illustrates, voting for a third party candidate can, literally, cost the better person the election. Therefore, sadly, I would say that voting for Ron Paul “on principle” IS like casting a vote for Obama, the very last thing we want. Also, in fairnes, as a veteran, I am in complete disagreement with Paul’s isolationist military view of our troops. Those of us who have ‘seen what’s out there’ know, in a way many cannot, that America and its military IS needed to stand as a bulwark against evil. (Despite the monetary objections, for example, G Bush spent more on education in America than was spent on Iraq). He also spent more on AIDs help for African nations than any President before or since (including the current POTUS, who was born in Africa.

  217. I remember the day I woke up & found out “The Peanut Farmer” was our new President! That was the last time I thought my vote didn’t count! I didn’t vote because I figured there was no way on God’s green earth that could happen…..but it did. I could tell he had that “nutlessnes” about him that is the kiss of death for this country. Especially at this juncture, we cannot afford another lame idealogue. What about the “entitlement” group? That sure has grown. Those people are going to vote to continue getting their check. I read in the Sun Sentinel (Ft. Lauderdale) 2 months ago that 48% of American households are getting a goverment check of some kind NOT including social security! This is the group we need to be concerned with.

  218. I Want to Say It Right Then and There,i’m Officially Throwing My Support For Former Massachusetts Gov.
    Mitt Romney R-Belmont,M.A. For President of the United States Of America To Repeal Obamacare Bill
    Permantly Across america Now.I’ve Got 8,388 Letters For Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential Campaign Across America I’m Dead Seriuos About To Make Obama A 1 Term President Just Like Jimmy Carter In
    1980 With Ronald Reagan As Our 40th President and With Mitt Romney As Our 45th PResident Across
    America.I’m Crying Out For Faith,Freedom,Liberty,Peace,Justice To Protect Our Constitution and To Stand
    With Israel and The United states Of america With Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ To MAke america a Blessed Nation Again.To Get the XL Keystone Pipeline Built From Canada all the Way To the Gulf Of Mexico With Canadian Oil With Offshore Drilling Drilled In America To cut off The 34 Year Dependency On Foreign Oil From The Mideast Permantly To Lower the Gas Prices Down to $1.25 A GallonAt All Gas Pumps At all Gas Stations Permantly Across America To Bring Jobs back To America To Get Our Economy
    Growing Again and again Permantly Across America To Have All Abortion Clinics Like Planned Parenthood
    DeFunded,Shut Down Put Out Of Business To Protest All Babies Born and Unborn especially With Autism,
    Disabalities,Down Syndrome Permantly Across America With Adoption drafted in the Consitution,Passed In Both Ailes Of Congress and senate And Signed into a new Law Permantly Across America.

  219. Another 4 years of Obama will be the end of our Republic, as we know it. A second term for this Megalomaniac will make him brazen enough to double-down on every rotten Socialist policy he has dreamed about and he will continue to flaunt his disdain for our Constitution and Rule of Law. He HAS TO GO!
    Let’s dump this loser and hire a REAL LEADER who loves this country and has a great track record for success. Go Mitt Romney!

  220. Anyone who votes for anybody but ROMNEY is a vote for OBAMA. MARCO RUBIO IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO RUN for VP or PRES. Just like OBAMA, JINDALL, Nikki HALEY ARE ALL NOT ELIGIBLE. Parents are non-US citizens when they were born.
    So please stop vetting Rubio. He will invalidate the GOP ticket.

  221. Why would Libertarians who claim to love Constitution waste vote on Libertarian candidate who CAN’T win & they know it, when the ONLY person their vote can help is Obama, the most Constitution bashing, lawless President ever?
    Why would Libertarians, who claim to love Constitution, deliberately do that which would ONLY help Obama get re-elected & select our next anti-Constitution Supreme Court Justice?

  222. A non-Romney vote can ONLY help Obama the most anti-Constitution candidate & the
    person who would pick next anti-Constitution Supreme Court Justice, if
    Why would anyone who truly loves the Constitution not vote for less Constitution abuse?

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