Why the Government Must Control the Internet

It wasn’t too long ago that that we had three sources of national news: ABC, CBS, and NBC. Print media were limited to the daily newspaper and national news magazines like Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report. No more.

The media gatekeepers are few and far between today. The last gate – the biggest gate – is the internet. If it can’t be controlled, the people can’t be controlled. That’s why governments around the world are working to implement ways to control it. A nation like China just does it, but here in the United States the pretense of a legitimate legal remedy must be found.

Congress got slapped down with an all-out internet frontal attack that shut down their phone lines. Republican Senator Everett Dirksen (1896–1969) explains what happens when sustained pressure is put on Congress: “When we feel the heat, we see the light.” Gary North comments:

The Good Old Boys learned that they cannot conduct business as usual any longer — not when Internet autonomy is concerned. The Internet can mobilize millions of voters in hours. The Good Old Boys had not yet figured this out on Tuesday. They are slow learners.

Al Gore didn’t realize what he had invented.

Even the leftist New York Times understood what happened. Of course, they’ve seen the effect of the internet on their industry through a drop in subscription rates and ad revenue:

And for all the campaign contributions, Washington parties and high-priced lobbyists the old economy could muster, nothing could compare to the tentacles the new economy can reach into Americans’ everyday lives through sites like Wikipedia.

The most encouraging aspect of the protest was the action people took. What politicians count on is a short memory and activist exhaustion. These guys won’t stop. Harry Reid has postponed a vote on the controversial laws. He’s waiting for the outcome of the 2012 election. This is from the “Techdirt” site:

Think the blackouts were just a “publicity stunt” that didn’t wake up the American people to a serious problem with the legislative process? Wikipedia has now revealed that an astounding eight million people used its tool to look up their elected officials’ contact info. It’s not yet clear how many actually called, but some information on calls is starting to come out, and it sure sounds like a lot of people called.

We heard from multiple Senate staffers that the phones — both in DC and back home in the district offices — were ringing non-stop with complaints about the bill. Our own calling widget, care of Engine Advocacy, got a tremendous amount of usage — including over 2,000 phone calls per minute at peak calling times. Meanwhile, Google’s online petition scored 4.5 million signatures… and that’s the number that was reported earlier in the day. I’m sure it was higher by the end of the day. Anyone think this isn’t a mainstream issue yet? More importantly, can anyone explain why various Senators still want to move forward with this bill?

The battle’s not over. Keep a sharp eye and keep the heat on. Your congressman is counting on you to fatigue of “eternal vigilance.”

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  1. Under SOPA, you could get 5 years for uploading a Michael Jackson song, one year more than the doctor that killed him.

    The music industry shot itself in the foot when it went after it's own customers. Never a good move. Now they (along with others) are trying to use fascist, erm.. excuse me, "legal" means to go after people. The sad thing is, this isn't going to end up for uploading some idiotic song or film. It's going to be used for uploading something the government didn't want you to. These sort of laws always start out "beneficial" until we see them in use.

    It's unfortunately not just the music and film industries. The numbers used to quote losses due to piracy for software companies are typically bogus as well. While I agree piracy is a problem and ethically wrong, it's not right to fudge the numbers. Typically they use a weak math model to estimate the number of times a given software package is pirated. (They have to do this because they simply don't -know- nor can find out how many times something is stolen.) From there, they take every single estimated piracy act and claim the individual would have bought the software/content (at full price) had it not been so easily pirated. The end results are hugely inflated losses due to piracy. Though, those same numbers can be used to "cheat" Uncle Sam from stealing more money so it's not all bad in the end – from their point of view.

    1. Fully agree with you. Some intellectual property law can be a good thing … but there is great wisdom in the statement that "The road to hell was paved with good intentions." Anything that gives gov't the ability control us more than it already does is a bad thing these days. If gov't was less involved, there would likely be more private means of dealing with it which would work out far more lucratively for the owners of the IP. The federal gov't is about 10x too large at this point and virtually every expansion had a legitimate purpose. Until we stop relying on gov't and learn the value of individual liberty … we will continue the march to totalitarianism.

        1. My Congressman, Keith Ellison, joined in the blackout. Senator Al Frankin was opposed to the legislation also.

        2. Well said. I also agree with both statements, since the protection of intellectual property is in the Constitution.

        3. MR2 and MikeC711, we still need to deal with and get rid of OBAMA, David Rockefeller and the two organizations which both belong to: Council of Foreign Relations & Trilateral Commission who control everyone in the United States. They are all EVIL.

        1. For sure> The Government does not need to run the inter net!! Look at all the other government run agencies. I rest my case!!!!

    1. The title is correct. To survive all governments that are too big must control the press and they must also control education. How can you tell when a government is too big? When it spends time infringing on the many many many rights of its people. I only wish the NDAA 2012 had gotten so much negative reaction from the populace.

      Then again Obamacare did and they passed it anyway.

    2. Congress had better stop and SMELL THE ROSES BEFORE THERE ARE NO ROSES TO SMELL that means they had back off because we are the ruller of the Internet whether they like or not.

      You really made my day so complete Thank You Thank you.

  2. The title describes the issue from the perspective of "government." The government MUST control the internet because if it doesn't, it loses the one thing it has had for millennia — the control of information.

    1. I think this has to be looked at with a perspective that control of the internet by Government is not the answer but the factions that exist which steal through pirating or from banking institutions and credit cards users. Federal and Sate agencies should have the law on their side to go after these people without taking the free flow of information that exists on the internet.
      This administration feels much the same way about the cable network and is trying to shut down those who disagree with their
      with them so it is fair to say their true intent involves more than just those using the internet to steal.

    2. When the government can control free speech what are really controlling is free thought. Your thoughts are not your own because your free speech has been disabled.

  3. Why The Government Must Control the Internet

    1. . This will bring us on step closer to THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST
    2. This will bring the government one step closer into the control of "We The People" then we will be, "We Were The People"
    now we are " Prisoners of The Government!"


    1. This doesn't have a thing to do with the nearness of the coming of Jesus. People have been making such predictions for centuries. Jesus wants us to get to work and stop the tyrants. If Christians actually got involved in this world and stopped using the return of Jesus as an escape hatch, we could turn this nation around in two years. Read the books" Why the End of the World is Not in Your Future," "Last Days Madness," and "Is Jesus Coming Soon?" They can be ordered at http://www.AmericanVision.com

      1. That is correct, people have always been saying that very thing. If you read Matt. 24, Mark, 13 and Luke 21, among the other scriptures in GOD'S WORD, you will find, exactly the condition of the world, just before JESUS comes back. This is the first time in all history that the world is exactly, as it is described in these scriptures. Only GOD'S people realize just how close it is. One Biblical statement comes to mind, "HE will come as a thief in the night." The world will not be looking for HIM.

        This control of the internet is only part of the loss of our freedom, therefore only a small part of the reason for JESUS return, but still a part of it. It all has to come to pass as predicted in GOD'S WORD. When we lose our freedom, we will lose our right to worship HIM even to claim HIM. There will be vast persecution of HIS people. The only thing HIS people can do is, "BE READY"

        1. I don't think you understand how your repeating the same old "the rapture is soon" theology , then everyone observing the opposite, will continue to reduce your credability. This is especially true when you combine it with the fatalistic "everything will get worse to the end" eschatology. Not a real good way to motivate people to get out there.

        2. I have no intentions, at all at stopping the quoting of GOD'S WORD, as long as I live and I will repeat it over and over is a promise. It is my duty to promote GOD'S and it is your right to ignore it/not read it or to do with it whatever you see fit.

        1. JESUS CHRIST is not a was. HE is living, today in heaven with GOD and he walks with HIS own everyday.

    2. you said it correctly,we will be one step closer to Jesus coming,he will come and take back his children.God definitely isn't going anywhere.And all that know him and beleive in him he will stand beside for eternity.He and he alone is in control of everything.God created and man is destroying everything little by little,its a shame.

    3. Im setting here trying to figure out why you think that giving that corrupt bunch in goverment more controle over the people is goint to help the people in any,in case you havent noticed yet ( the largest criminnal org. this world has ever known is the U.S. Gov. ) Its time you woke up and smelled the roses

      1. I dint give them anything, they took what they have by force. The only thing I did give them is credit for what they have done by telling the ways that they have damaged America.

  4. Of course the power-hungry government must control the Internet:
    Whoever controls the guns
    Whoever controls the food
    Whoever controls communications

    That explains the gov's moves to control all 3.
    We will NOT let that happen.
    We MUST NOT.

      1. When I was a kid I made a crystal radio and a tuner with wire wrapped around an oatmeal box. Obama couldn't control communication even if there were no internet. We are fed up and resilient.

        1. The point you have missed is that he will control what you will be allowed to hear as facts. In otherwords your information no matter what you recieve it on will be tainted and you will be led to believe a LIE!

    1. Screem: your take on this is absolute and it is on the mark and we must stop it for all of our liberties are at stake and the lives of millions upon millions more than any other time in the history of mankind are at stake. That we can bet our lives on!

  5. I can see it all now….A huge meeting held in a major hotel:
    AT&T, Verizon, SW Bell; Time Warner, Comcast as well as any other major internet companies striking back at this deliberate attempt at free enterprise.

    Verizon saved us all about a year ago when they fought back. I hope all the corporations get together to stop this insanity.

    1. I can agree with some of your remarks here.! But the government can control each and every Company which you named or order anothe of these Companies to buy out the non-compliant one! You see Government via taxation and rules of law controls all of these that you have named. Trust me I worked for one of them for 30 years The one that you praised the highest as a matter of fact before they became Verzon They were GTE (General Telephone and Electroncis) Bought out bye New Jersey Bell one of the 7 Bells after Government break up! With their purchase which was approved approximately 3 years after I retired The New Jersey Bell system became the largest (at that time) Cellular Network in the US. Then AT&T did some buy outs to pass them and so on and so forth it went and Now Verizon is back on Top for now!

    2. Upaces88….The problem is…when they do all get together….a secret backroom deal will be made for them if they shut up….or a "deal they can't refuse", or threats of bankrupting them through lawsuits for Holder's corrupt DOJ (or even worse by using some of Holders Fast & Furious guns???)
      Sad times we live in.

    1. Obama could never do it alone. The rest of the government is in league with him. We need to toss 'em all out with the rest of the garbage. But they already control the schools, have for years, so they'd be back in power practically overnight.

      1. Just remember they have a very limited receiving range and are very sensitive to jamming,harmonics and electrical interference,so don't stake your life on a CB unless you're withing a couple of miles of another monitored radio. Probably HAM radio would be a better option,but they're significantly more complicated and expensive to set up mobile. Might be easier to beat the Government down on internet control….

        1. A two – way radio is a two-way-radio regardless if it’s C.B. or Ham Radio. The setup is no different. The only difference is the licensing. The H.F. is much harder to set up in some cases but there’s more to Ham radio than that ie or UHF. Not a whole lot of difference than setting up a C.B. A little programing anyone can learn yet.

    1. C.B. [ Citizens' Band } radio is too slow and short range. Here is a better idea: Vote OUT all those jokers that thought it was a good idea to try to " control " the internet. Freedom America !

      1. And if there is a hint of voter fraud cast them all out of the nation onto a little island where they can try to rule each other.

  6. The question I have is why the Republicans we "think" understand the Constitution and the need for the internet were "for" shutting it down. Why would Robio among many others be in the Left majority? I fully understand why the Left wants the ability to shut the internet down. They start with something like this attempt (to stop the stealing of music and movies" but the next time it will be something else and eventually a "kill" button from a radical President like Obama. Did the REPUBLICANS even READ the bill?

    1. They probably didn't read the bill. Few members of Congress actually read a bill before voting on it. That's what staff members usually do. There are so many bills pending at any one time (Sometimes up to 10,000) that it would take several months just to read them, much less actually study them. Congressional staffers do the reading and studying and report to their boss about the ones that need immediate attention.

    2. Rubio and pulled his support of PIPA, Check out his facebook page.
      I was really surprised to see that he would support it in the first place.

    3. There are already plenty of rules, codes, regulations and guidelines that our Public Officials do not follow in maintaining the Law of the Land. Go to the source of the illegal input, not the innocent people. The internet is very valuable for research and for shut in's.

    4. Please realize all but about 6 Republicans are nothing more than a front, and are RINO members of the same club as the Democrats!! That is why every time there is a bill they think the "idiot" masses don't understand or know about they pass it with the rest. They changed our product patent process to match the failing one in Europe just like the health care they won't fight against. They gave the President the right to gather up citizens without due process, like a trial, and now he can start filling up FEMA camps with "terrorist" Christians and right wingers while they teach Sharia law and soialism/communism in public schools. It's only separation of Christ and state if you're any other "church" there is a place for you in any public place especially if you're Muslim!
      Pay attention and see that John Q public has no friends in Washington except for lie time every 2-4 years! That's the truth.

    5. Paco….I said the same thing about Rubio….I can't tell you how pissed off I was to find that this freshman I liked SO MUCH as a fellow Republican (like Allen West) co-sponsered the Senate version of SOPA (PIPPA)…..I wrote to my reps and posted on his FB page how disappointed I was in him…..

    6. They take the junior Guy and in some cases pistol whip him into submission via if you want to get anything done while you are here you will play our game or your constituents will see you as a do nothing and vote your butt out! The DC troops all pitch and catch amongst themselves. You never heard of politicians make strange bedfellows! They call it compromise but the reality of it is they are trading away your rights,your tax money, your liberties et al. This crap about Gingrich while I a sure some of it is true for they all do it and then at such convienient times they use against each other! barry scumbag obama has already gone against his own statements as a Senator himself and yet he still has support! That jerk should be at less than 5% of voter support for all he has done and none of it good for the people save maybe 2 very small issues to save face! Is this one alright Administrator you whimp!

  7. Its like piracy on the open seas of the coast of somalia, it must be stopped so freedom os speech, freedom of commerce, freedom of ideas can flow freely to create more jobs in the US. Stealing stealing music movies and intelctual property is costing 'US jobs. I dont.t see how any body can be against it. Unless your also aginst traffic lights, stop signs and speed limits on the highways.

    1. Your analogies of traffic lights, stop signs and speed limits just don't work. First off, the streets are a publicly owned infrastructure, the Internet is not. Second, driving a vehicle is a privilege subject to the absolute authority of the state, Is it your contention that the use of the Internet requires (or should) a government license? Perhaps you want the government to control the on and off ramps as it does to the major highways… that's certainly consistent with the idea that only "government approved" press has free-speech rights on the Internet (as suggested by Cass Sunstein) or that government has the absolute right to control the ingress and egress of information at its borders (long the position of the UN as explicated through UNESCO). However, in such an event, you can forget about freedom of speech, the press or (virtual) assembly. I do know there are some who favor such a totalitarian model but most here in the western world oppose it. A further problem is that using authorities questionably applicable and not otherwise available to the government without due process, private citizens are being denied the use of their property and even having it seized and, in most cases, these folks are not "pirates" but merely host sites where the general (unwashed and uncertified) public can share information. Do you think it incidental that major Internet hosting sites such as Google, Wikipedia, Facebook and Utube fought this bill. Please explain the applicability of such governmental behavior to your analogies.

    2. You miss the point! Piracy certainly must be punished (analogous to being fined for running a red light). But imagine if the government had the power to freeze all traffic lights to red… the nation would be paralyzed. The government already has the power to punish offenders, so why the need to control and cripple the operation of the Internet? Also SOPA and PIPA would give the government the de facto power to punish (and thus CONTROL) innocent poeple.

    3. @amtman: We already have very strong anti-piracy laws. PIPA and SOPA are nothing more than a power grab by an out of control government that wants total control over every aspect of our lives, from birth to death. The Internet is our last bastion of freedom, and must remain free of regulation.

    4. What an idiot, I will not buy music, I will not go to a movie. I refuse to contribute to Hollywood, and the crap they call entertainment. Most of them are elitist morons, who have no clue what life is really about, they are hypocrites, and traitors.

    5. There are a few problems with this sort of thing. Censorship just has a very bad track record and regardles of the original intent and best of motives the end result is not to anyones advantage unless their stock in trade is restriction of freedom. Now if I buy a book, how many people should I allow to read it when I've finished it? How many people may I allow to listen to the new CD I just bought. How many people should comment on the passage of some new law some of our public masters want to force down our throats. If Time Warner or Sony really wants to insure it retains absolute control of and access to it's "intellectual property, perhaps they should simply refuse to allow any public exhibition of it.

    6. The proposed law is about as much about intellectual property as it is about dairy products! Under this legislation, "piracy" will become the pretext to shut down any site that speaks against "our glorious leader" (whoever that shall be at the time). Links to illegal material will be placed in comment sections in a false-flag action against political sites and social media profiles. Once all opposition sites are shut down, the government will control communications (the broadcast and print media are already government mouthpieces, as long as that government is politically correct). That's the goal behind this, and I am shocked that such a blatant attempt to strip Americans of thier rights is such a small issue that only 8 million people called their congressmen. There are at least 100 million Americans of voting age, aren't there? I figure that less than 1 in ten did anything! Pathetic!

    7. It has DANGER signs flashing all over it. It just takes one step at a time and you lose your freedoms. This government is the most dangerous one this country has ever had. It's like a copperhead hiding underneath the leaves ready to strike the unwary.

  8. King Obamir and his minions like what they see happening in places like Venezuela. The country, and the world for that matter, needs a king like him. At this rate it will be interesting to see if there even is an election in November. Election or not, this imposter must go.

  9. Reid has postponed a vote on the controversial laws. He’s waiting for the outcome of the 2012 election.

    I wonder how much longer Reid will hold the other job making Bills 20 plus of them before bringing them in front of the Senate, that the Republicans passed in Congress to create more jobs.

    1. Reid will postpone as long as King Obamir tells him to do so . If the Senate actually goes to work, it will make the King look bad, having nothing to blame.

    2. Congress doesn't create jobs, people in a free atmosphere create jobs. Cut the rediculous regulations and obscene taxes and free people will create jobs.

    1. The internet is not protecting our children from predators and destroying lives. Don't thank God for the internet. He's got nothing to do with it.

  10. @screem, actually I refer people to the quote by Mayer Rothschild of the old money that led to creation of the Federal Reserve, “Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws.”

    1. Good point Pepper. We will have to go back to the ways before the internet. What will the government do then, shut down the schools so people can't read?

      1. Are you kidding? The government already controls the schools, and they teach most Americans to think correct thoughts while they attend. This isn't about shutting down the internet, it's about controlling who has access to the internet.

    1. That makes no sense at all. Anyone can rip a CD/DVD or scan & OCR a printed book and post it without the author doing it or even knowing about it. In fact, most of the book scanners use pirated software to pirate books.

    1. Good question. This site censors your responses if you use the word Soc—ism claimanig the word is connected with a prescripotion drug.

    2. There is this concept of responsible speech…

      Not to say that you are or were irresponsible.

      Such is the conundrum of free speech and how easily censorship can/is abused.

      1. So much for replies thru IntenseDebate??
        My original comment was no more, nor less in line with what every other irate commenter writes, but in my own style!! I didn't say any of the 'sacred' words that the pc garbage fear, or that the admin urges should NOT be used!! I DO KNOW what should be acceptable, after years on blogs and forums all over the net, on many and varied topics!!
        Thanks for your support!!

        1. I understand and fear as well.

          Who knew that Newt Gingrich would "invent" a new racist word. You no longer may utter/write the word "J u a n". You must use the term "J-word" as in J-word Williams…

        2. Newt didn't invent it, the idiot libturd media blew it out of proportion, as always! Who cares what you call JW, he's an idiot libturd too, why even use his name at all?? Can't stand him, either!!

        3. Of course he didn't invent the word – it was the hypocritical media that "invented" the word. Note the " " marks – a sometimes indicator of sarcasm.

          If we start to use the term "J-word" Williams, it will call attention to the absurdity or so-called "codewords".

    3. I have one good reason. The Progressives, [ commies in sheeps clothing, ] aloud to tell lie after lie distortion after distortion all to undermind our form of government. As an example; Everyone on t.v. etc. calls our Constitutional Republic a democracy. This is a lie and should be censored. If we still had our Constitutional Republic we wouldn't have all of these problems we face today. We would have sound money [ gold standered ] no income tax, [ copied from the communist manifesto ] and a government confined to the Constitution. It is this magic democracy conjered out of thin air that has brought us all this trouble. Think about it.

      1. Thanks, EVERYONE for your support!!
        I have thought about it and I don't need a history lesson, the short answer is, 'it's all pc B/S!!'
        No matter how you dress a pig, it's still a pig!!

    4. Anything I disagree with, should be censored! Anyone who disagrees with me should be suppressed. I and only I should determine what you should read, believe, and enjoy. That is the universal feeling of power hungry officials. We need strict term limits badly!

  11. Don't worry folks, the replacement is already in the mill : HR 3782 and S. 2029 were just introduced. Haven't read them yet, so no telling how bad they are, but the likelihood is that they contain blanket clauses that will still penalize the many because of the actions of a few, and that it does contain the usual idiotic government garbage that will not be an improvement on the SOPA and PROTECT bills.

  12. Yeah! We used to have 3 sources of information, now "We the People" have none! All the main sources are simply communist/facist criminals!!! None of the sources can be trusted, they are ALL criminals … !

    1. Now we have one branch of Goverment its called 'WE THE PEOPLE' we are about to drain the rest of the swamp in November. Brace your selves things are going to get really ugly. This goverment is getting ready to eat there own just like the POS LEFTIES are going to do. We are going to have to shove and shove hard.

  13. Remember , the congress is just trying to help you. the government MUST control the internet. It only makes sense that if you don't know you can't object.

  14. Is the world about to return to the "dark ages" when governments (likely a one-world government and single ruler) will shut down the internet and have only one global communication stream approved by that one-world government? Likely so.

  15. Yeah, the flash from this latest outrage by the govt singed their eyebrows, so now they are going to let it lie in the corner until things cool down. Then, they merely re-title it, disguise it with a number instead of a name, and tuck it into a 2000 page 0bamacare type bill that none of these fools will even read. TaDa! Done! Americans once again screwed by their professionial politicians that want total control of the population.

    Click the name, prepare now!

  16. What's interesting is that the establishment 1% attacks the "elite media" 1%. The 1% elite media just doesn't "get it." They take it personally because they don't understand and say we always report the news but they don't. They report the news from the eyes of the 1% not the 99%. The 99% don't trust or believe anything the 1% reports because it doesn't apply to them (us). The 99% have basically lost everything, from doing what's right by working for the best grade to working for the best job to working for the best family. But all of that has changed (actually never existed but that's another subject) because it's the "elite" 1% who have taken everything and left nothing for the 99%. If I go to Las Vegas and lose all my money including my retirement, my house, my very way of surviving and then come home and tell the government I lost everything but it's not REALLY my fault. Things just worked against me. The government will then give me a blank check to make my self whole again. That is not the way it works. But for the 1% that is the way it works. The banks and wall street went to Las vegas, lost everything, then tells the governement to bail them out. And it did at the cost of the 99% who did everything "right" but that doesn't matter. Why is a "safety net" necessary for the poor? It's because the 1% has everything and feels they should give something to help out the less fortunate. If a mentally or physically disabled child is born to the poor it can't survive by itself and needs a "safety net." But if that same child is born to the 1% then there is no problem, that child will be taken well care of. We are taught life is unfair but in reality it only applies to the 99% for the 1% it is more than fair. If bad things happen to the 1% it's a "curse", it it happens to the 99%, it's "life is unfair." For once the 99% are realizing they are getting the shaft and are to say the least, tired of it.

  17. I look around today and see many young people who don't know who their Senator or Congressmen are in their state, yet they can tell you who has the hottest hit out right now, does this not scare the holy hell out of anyone, and yes congress is relying on the fact that most young people just ( Don't Know ) When you have Government run ( Acorn) go out and have thousand's sign up voters who can't tell you who they are voting for i.e. college kids most who can't even explain what is in are Constitution, the freedom of speech, only if face book was sincer would the young wake up to what is about to happen to freedom of speech. Government run schools are not teaching are Constitution and that America is the greatest Nation in the world because if are Constitution, so before we lose this next generation to Socialism, I ask you talked with your child about what they are about to lose forever. Maybe just maybe then they will say OMG is this really happening…………..

  18. I believe obimi is trying to take the internet,the republicans have to keep eye open this goverment want to take over every litle thing we have,they want to destroy liberty,freedon the chance to become somebody ,thats why we dont see good jobs and they said we better be prepare for other jobs ,like construction ,becouse those jobs are goin to be the only thing for the medion class people,we have to open the eyes and stsr goin to school for somthing like,bussines,drs,ingenier,banking becouse with the new gov.we will need plenty people for tha jobs,please vote republican,we need every vote on this one,so be prepare. God bless America

  19. If you think this is going in a bad direction, how about the next step? To keep your papers secure you will need to use encryption. From there the tyrant will use the good reason of National Defense to tear open the letters from honest citizens.

  20. Reid was thrown under the Bus by BHO when BHO told people do not go to Vegas. Reid still supports him for he Gives him Millions.

  21. I tell you why the government wants to control the internet……………….WE GET MORE INFO FROM THE NET AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT, THAN ANY NEWS ORGANIZATION!!!!

  22. I believe is some sort of control. Property rights should be protected and people should not be allowed to steal. But, I admit that I do not know how to do this fairly. Help me. I truly believe that the social medias are dangerous. What is happening to privacy?

  23. INTERNET = INTernational NETwork

    The Chinese tried to stop the flow of information into China and lost the battle. Billions of people will find a way around anything the “Public Servants” dream up to stop the flow of information. Hell these fools can’t even keep viruses out of their own “secure” air-gapped networks.

    The copyright crap is a civil court matter not a federal government matter.

  24. Look up "ACTA" – new GLOBAL bill that makes the US version look stupid. It is a worse threat – and will be tied into treaties.

  25. I have a bumper sticker from cafepress.com that says, “Trust me, I’m from the new, UNconstitutional, Godless, secret government.”

  26. Who in God's name really thinks al gore invented the internet.
    He can barely keep his stories and bullsh_t straight about global warming.

  27. The global arrests of folks involved with MegaUpload proves that they don't need SOPA or PIPA – that we have sufficient laws in place already.

  28. This is one more way the ruling class can control our lives. They want to tell us what to eat, where to eat, and when to eat. The next thing on their agenda is how much water and air we are allowed to use.
    The Revolutionary war was against this, and the Constitution was written to stop this sort of Monarchy and class warfare.
    The two party system will destroy us and elevate the ELITE of the ruling class.

  29. The internet = THE VOICE OF WE THE PEOPLE. Yes it has trash but other parts os society have trash; even school and Church. More and more people are begining to understand the power but most of all HOW FAST IT HAPPENS. I strongely believe in total and complete CONTROL OF THE INTERNET BY PARENTS; ONLY. I don't care if they are 8 or 18 or 28; if they live in the Parent's home; then the parent has the right of CONTROL. Corp America like DC powers CONTROL. I am not about to give up any of my FREEDOMS to protect CORP AMERICA. let them suffer; They especially Holilywoodie has made us suffer and IN OUR FACE attitude. Perhaps Hollywoodie will lose a TRIDON DOLLARS this year. Let them eat cake. These FAKES have trodden our MORAL STANDARDS FOR YEARS; now they want us to protect them for MORAL RIGHTS. LOL; I say gitt a lone little doggie. They have course of LAW; without destroying our FREEDOMS.

  30. There needs to be new regulations concerning the “Bar Association” and how the people are treated by these Corporate lawyers! Jail time wouldn’t hurt, oh but wait – only lawyers are allowed to become “Judges”!

  31. If they can't control the internet they are no longer able to control the people and they might actually have to start doing the job they were elected to do or get voted out !

  32. Should say, not long ago we only had one sided brainwashing propaganda from the 6 sided star media mashines ABC NBC & CBS , And 'PLEASE !!!!!!! DON'T LET THE MEDIA SWAY YOUR VOTE, ANYONE BUT RON PAUL IS A DISASTER TO OUR RIGHTS WHICH IS (OUR CONSTITUTION).

  33. The government can't control itself…why should it be allowed to control the internet??
    The whole idea of founding America was "freedom", not "control."
    Government never has done anything right and never will. If government made toilet paper, it would feel like 60 grit sandpaper, it would be rationed, and it would cost over $20 per roll !!
    Restrict, limit, control government. Never let it restrict, limit, control freedom in America.

    1. OUCH! to that toilet paper comment!…..lol.

      Those in power don't like to relinquish that control so it always involves a fight.

      "Those who have been once intoxicated with power and have derived any kind of emolument from it can never willingly abandon it." — Edmund Burke

  34. In her autobiography, Dale Evans Rogers tells about an incident which occurred to her when she was just becoming involved with show business. Dale had written a song which all of her family and friends enjoyed and many of them thought the song had commercial potential. They persuaded Dale to contact a local song publisher and see if he would publish her song. Dale made an appointment and went in to see the song publisher, and sang her song for him. The song publisher assured Dale that she DID show promise and might, one day, become an accomplished song writer and singer. However, he ALSO assured Dale that this particular song did not really have any commercial potential. Dale went home disappointed, but determined to keep on trying. A few days later, Dale was appalled when she heard her song, with only a few words changed, being sung on the radio! Dale's friends and family, who had heard the original song when Dale first composed it, heard the song as well. The song publisher whom Dale had contacted turned out to be a shady character who had stolen her song and left Dale holding the bag! Unfortunately for all of us, the Entertainment "industry" has been controlled by people like the shady song publisher whom Dale Evans Rogers met during her early venture into show "business" – and those shady characters have controlled the Entertainment "industry" for decades now. So, perhaps the "pirates" are stealing someone else's intellectual property. However, by the same token, it could ALSO be true that the Entertainment Industry giants who are making such a fuss likewise stole someone else's "intellectual property" to begin with – in just the same way that the shady song producer stole the first original song of Dale Evans Rogers. (Today, that song would probably be worth a LOT more if it still carried the name of Dale Evans Rogers as the original songwriter!) In my personal opinion, a bunch of crooks are asking the whole world to protect them from some OTHER crooks! In the meantime, the REAL victim in this entire mess is the right to freedom of speech which every American is guaranteed by the Constitution! This particular law is too vague to be helpful and too broad to be anything other than dangerous beyond imagination!

  35. They have been wanting to get rid of the 2nd amendment. Now the want to get rid of the 1st as well. IF, they get rid of either, the other one will follow. ARM YOURSELVES!

  36. Welcome to the information era and if you fail to use it properly, it will use you, eat your lunch and then spit out your broken body and then problably step on it as it seeks yet another victim…makes you either feel powerful or somewhat insignificant, can help or harm you if you let go the reins.
    Goverment is a tool, we try to make it serve us but government is also a plague on mankind, it too will grow and eat you alive, the internet is a item that can cripple the beast within and government likes to exercise minute control to preserve it's growth status, we beings are capable of controlling both misleading info and gov growth, it requires thought, perseverance and maintenance. Ignore these items at your peril and you will be consumed, tread upon and left behind…..

  37. As long as citizens remember the Constitution and that Five Freedoms, the USA will be OK, with or without Obama.
    Freedom of Speech covers the Internet, and also if you construes tweeting as "assembly" in some way, everyone has the right to free assembly too, so these internet laws really are not written with much clear understanding of the Rights of citizens Rights NOT to be impinged!!
    Cheer up everyone, not long to November!!

  38. Obama oposes this law. It is probably the one thing that he does not support that is a correct position. Having the government in control of the information that flows freely over the internet is a dangerous thing. The public is entitled to the truth , the whole truth, and nothing but the truth the instant something happens. That is the only way for a people to stay free. Those who want to control the news will be doomed to get only news that is slanted the way those in control want it to be slanted. Once we no longer have the truth, we are not free. Losing this freedom is more dangerous than losing our rights to guns……….There is a reason why our founding fathers made freedom of speech the first amendment and gus the second amendment. Freedom of speech is our most important freedom.

  39. The permanent political class and its relationship with mainstream media is the reason we have bloated government and incumbents who are difficult to remove from office. It's interesting to note that establishment R's are still afraid of a conservative message because for generations they have relied on MSM to deliver their message, and its gotten to the point where MSM shapes the message so any move to enunciate founding conservative principles becomes a hazardous undertaking. "Moderates" are a fiction of the MSM …. Reagan proved moderate Americans believe in conservative principles and the Internet has facilitated a conservative revolution again …. removing power from the permanent political class and MSM … so SOPA and PIPA are not about protecting copyright etc., …. there are already laws on the books that do that ….. it's a stealth play by an entrenched political and media class to prevent to continued erosion of their power to shape elections and retain power … the rise of Palin, Gingrich, Paul and others is because they can speak directly to Americans without the filter of MSM … throw the bums out!!

  40. Usually the reasons they give are not the issue. The reasons were either contrived or will be used for the purpose. But I dont think it has anything to do with keeping us safe, once again. When will people wake up. This is just a poster issue to use to take over your communication with others. They dont like those free people talking. It threatens their power.

  41. Please remember this.There are laws already on the books about copyright enfringe ments,we don't need anymore.I also finf it amusing that the same people who are screaming about lost revenue from the internet,are the same ones screaming about taking YOUR money and re-distibuting it to some one else

  42. we must keep the fuc#*ng government out at all cost! they are afraid after what happened with the 2010 elections! the democrats were swept out like the cockroaches that they are anf hussein obama knows this will end him and his fat ass swine wife and their multimillion dollar vacations on the tax payers backs! the internet allows everyone to send every illegal, immoral thing that obama and reid and pelosi have done so that people will hopefully make an informed decision in 2012 instead of voting for a catch phrase or trying to be stylish by voting for someone for the sole reason that they are black!

  43. The Internet is the LAST TRUTHFUL media available to us. It scares the heck out of government that insignificant American citizens have access to the truth instead of the BS they feed us.

  44. Do you all think we can muster our armed forces to wage a new Revolutionary War? The way His Majesty King Obama treats the U.S. Military he will have no friends there. I want to believe our troops will defend us, the people, from the dictator in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, DC. but am wondering how HRH will schmooze the higher ranks in the military to force them to NOT defend us.

  45. All are goverment are criminals the left and right we need to get rid all them they cant stand it that we can look up there records.. They love that money and power years ago they could lie to the people and get by with it now we have them over a barrel and that scares them they want to stay in there cassle and no leave

  46. I want to see less interference in our lives by government. I can't think of a single area that they have stuck their nose in that was the right thing to do and was successful.
    If the right thing was done, probably half of the departments in Washington should be shut down. From Education, The Fed, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the EPA, and on and on. None of those have been anything but a disaster.

  47. I see this as why government should be denied all control over the internet – and all public media. While government should be able to be a user – Defence Dept communications, voter registration department, and other legitimate useful use should be maintained – I see no place for or need for a Big Brother watching everyone's use of the Web – or any other aspects of our private lives. Actual incidence of piracy and theft, for example massive sharing of copyrighted scanned literature or high resolution cinema and music, especially for financial gain – should be prosecuted under existing laws; we don't need additional government garbage to do that. We should prosecute the biggest pirates in music – the RIAA – as well and untangle the MPAA's malfeasance with copyright scandals.

    I'll continue to get my news via international list of newspaper websites, not just local papers or slanted TV. The government should not control people, only guide the total civilisation and punish actual criminals.

  48. We The People must seize control over the DC politicians that want total control over us. These morally bankrupt sorry so & so's crave power and money. Patriots, let's clean out the rat's nest on 11-6-12.

  49. Having control of the Internet, is one lady in the takeover of America. Diaper head Obama has set everything up for a total takeover of America in the year 2012. He doesn't really care whether he wins or loses the election because he has no intentions of leaving office.
    The mainstream press for some reason has been in his pocket since day one. It's as though he is their Lord and Savior even though at the drop of a hat he will remove the First Amendment. After all he can have anyone out there speaking badly of him, or questioning his judgment.
    The Internet is the only Free Press left in America. Is the only place that the average American can communicate with other Americans and get their views and their thoughts on what's happening. Without the Internet individuals can be cut off and isolated from whatever is happening in the government. Once control of the Internet is achieved the next thing will be cell phones and the other social networks.
    Look at what old diaper head has done already: he has basic control of the banks, the flow of currency, flow of information through the Free Press which is a free, he has his own private army in the form of homeland security which answers only to the White House, he has control of fuel supplies in the form of diesel and gasoline which will curtail the shipment of goods by truck and train, he has a troublemakers in place because of a national emergency in the form of the occupied movement, and has conveniently arranged that all of the US military forces are best generals and dedicated men and women are out of the country.

    If this doesn't sound like a takeover bid I don't know what does. Whatever happens this year this will be a turning point for America. This could very well be the last free election ever held in the United States.

    I know I sound like an extremist, a conspiracy nut, and a little paranoid. But stop and think if I'm only 25% right, what is going to happen. All I can say is God help America and all over free people because were going to need all the help we can get.

  50. The government keeps trying to gan more and more control over everything we do, and this is just another example of the way they do. A little bit at a time. If they get away with this, they will start on other parts of the media, newspapers, radio news shows, television shows, and the movies we watch. They are already trying to make us believe that our bitter enemies, muslims and communists, are really not so bad and will never do any thing to harm us. if piracy on the internet is such a problem, why do they keep putting things on the net where they can be pirated? What about petty theft, bank robbery, etc? Are they going to enact another bill outlawing such things, when they cannot enforce the laws already on the books?

  51. In an emergency, there should be some form of order. The Intermet's tantamount to the Wild West. We need a sheriff in town.

  52. The GOVERNMENT DOES NOT NEED THIS POWER.. Their main job is to PROTECT the American People. Let us take care of the rest.

    Besides, I do NOT trust this Government ONE bit, They do not deserve the trust because they have not shown that they can
    handle it. They only want FULL CONTROL over us and everything we stand for. DON'T let them …

  53. …the remaining post WW2 NAZI-trained Senators who still persist in this…do it merely as an inane reaction -due their NAZI/Eurasian socialist brainwash, cranium-scrubbing they received back in college…from NAZI/5th column/Eurasian socialist professors…there were literally, tons of 'em stinkin' around America post WW2…avoiding Europe -who knew them all for what they had done- Then, to poison the minds of young American students…because no one knew them -or what they had done…
    NOW, do the flowers of late 19th&early 20th Century Euro-Socialism(NAZI/Vichy/Fascism/) bloom… HERE! They are Constitutional -AND the Constitutions'("WE THE PEOPLE" [NOT THE "POLIT"]) enemy!!!
    To whom does "The United States of America"s' name define: "We the People" or that Alter-Nation named, "The District of Columbia"?!

  54. Ve Kannot allow you to have freedom of speach! It is counter to our vill to control you. The internet and you vill komply!!!
    Got it? Stand up and voice your outrage. Or be silent, rounded up and put in a cage. For the "Final Solution"

  55. Aside from the internet, We need a reliable wireless transmission system for the public nationwide, so WE THE PEOPLE may stay informed, and to be able to send a message to all on the wireless network in cases of emergency , not controlled by any government at any level. Anyone out there able to recommend what radios are feasible?

  56. If a record is played on the radio and I tape it there's no problem. If its played on the internet there's a problem if I copy it – why?

    If you want to stop piracy, stop charging people to listen to music on the internet – it should be as free as radio and just as free to copy the songs you want to have.

    I know, the artists have a right to be paid for their work, but, once the song is out there, there's no stopping it from being copied. And this is not like the 1950's where artists were so poorly paid – these days they are multi-millionaires overnight.

  57. Basic Dictatorship 101

    1.Gain control by whatever means available of all means of communication, i.e. the news media and every other means of private and public communication.
    2.Take promptly total control in/of all areas of banking, finance, et al
    3.Totally disarm the general population; allowing only the ‘government’ to be armed thus establishing total dependence on the government by those of the population who are ‘law abiding’ our of fear or for whatever reason, while seeking to convey what is actually a totally false sense of safety and well being.

    This course of action/instruction approved by Hussian, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hun Sen, Kim Jong-II, Chairman Moa, Chavez, Castro, Mussolini, as well as all others of similar ilk.

    Benito Mussolini

    Note the stance and especially the head position.
    Does this remind you of someone?

    The Mother of All Stats

    The Human Cost of "Gun Control" Ideas
    The Genocide Chart © JPFO.org 2002
    GovernmentDatesTargetsCivilians Killed "Gun Control" Laws Features of Over-all "Gun Control" scheme
    Ottoman Turkey1915-1917Armenians
    (mostly Christians)1-1.5 millionArt. 166, Pen. Code, 1866
    & 1911 Proclamation, 1915• Permits required •Government list of owners
    •Ban on possession
    Soviet Union1929-1945Political opponents;
    farming communities20 millionResolutions, 1918
    Decree, July 12, 1920
    Art. 59 & 182, Pen. code, 1926•Licensing of owners
    •Ban on possession
    •Severe penalties
    Nazi Germany
    & Occupied Europe1933-1945Political opponents;
    Jews; Gypsies;
    critics; "examples"20 millionLaw on Firearms & Ammo., 1928
    Weapon Law, March 18, 1938
    Regulations against Jews, 1938•Registration & Licensing
    •Stricter handgun laws
    •Ban on possession
    China, Nationalist1927-1949Political opponents;
    army conscripts; others10 millionArt. 205, Crim. Code, 1914
    Art. 186-87, Crim. Code, 1935•Government permit system
    •Ban on private ownership
    China, Red1949-1952
    1966-1976Political opponents;
    Rural populations
    Enemies of the state20-35 millionAct of Feb. 20, 1951
    Act of Oct. 22, 1957•Prison or death to "counter-revolutionary criminals" and anyone resisting any government program
    •Death penalty for supply guns to such "criminals"
    Guatemala1960-1981Mayans & other Indians;
    political enemies100,000-
    200,000Decree 36, Nov 25 •Act of 1932
    Decree 386, 1947
    Decree 283, 1964•Register guns & owners •Licensing with high fees
    •Prohibit carrying guns
    •Bans on guns, sharp tools
    •Confiscation powers
    Political enemies300,000Firearms Ordinance, 1955
    Firearms Act, 1970•Register all guns & owners •Licenses for transactions
    •Warrantless searches •Confiscation powers
    (Khmer Rouge)1975-1979Educated Persons;
    Political enemies2 millionArt. 322-328, Penal Code
    Royal Ordinance 55, 1938•Licenses for guns, owners, ammunition & transactions
    •Photo ID with fingerprints
    •License inspected quarterly
    Rwanda1994Tutsi people800,000Decree-Law No. 12, 1979•Register guns, owners, ammunition •Owners must justify need •Concealable guns illegal •Confiscating power

  58. People should be very afraid. Read the Nuremberg Laws instituted by the NAZIS. Remember that they were Socialist Fascists. Now substitute "citizen" with "Jew" in those laws and compare the effect of those with the import of the laws Congress has passed in the past year. The government now asserts that it owns us, can kill us, imprison us or God knows what else. Only now, there's no one saying "Oh it's only happening to the Jews. We are all Jews now under the Congressional Nuremberg Laws and our Fuhrer Barack Hussein Obama.

  59. Lets put it this way.

    If the gov succeeds in shutting down or severely regulating the Internet and other modes of communication, never fear.
    The history of mankind has shown that where there is a will, there is a way.

    Whether we have to transmit using generators, CB RADIOS and the triangulation of coaxial cable strung thru trees, or go back to using CARRIER PIGEONS, we WILL find a way to disseminate information about the enemy and proclaim the people's voice for LIBERTY.

  60. Man that was faster than a speeding bullet! I spoke only the truth! Or has he already taken over the enternet? Okay, there are many million reasons against his takeover. They are legitimate Patriotic citizens. There is a judge in GA who might set him straight on why it is just not playing fair to try to take all the marbles!

  61. Obummer is truly afraid of the power of the internet. This power is what keeps (sometimes) our government in line! Our current government is so far out of the citizens wishes or the Constiution requirements (CONTROL). For some reason they DON"T LISTEN to the people that elected them to office! Apparently they have more smarts, more knowledge than "WE THE PEOPLE" have. This government is no different, no smarter than us! Sometimes I feel that our elected officials think they "KNOW WHAT IS BEST" for us. That we don't know anything. That we are dumb, stupid idiots. The only thing we are good for is paying our taxes so the government can spend it all on what THEY want (Garbage Programs that don't work!

    Come On Congess. Wake up. Start doing what is right. Listen to the peoples voices. We know what is best for us, not you!

  62. Isn't it wonderful to put the fear of the God (and the people) into the hearts of all of these little wannabe dictators? Remember, guys, remain vigilant: Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, most Congressional Democrats and some of the RINO's all want to shut us up with SOPA, PIPA, the Fairness Doctrine, Net Neutral, NDAA and whatever else their little deceitful power hungry minds might be able to come up with. This ain't over. Stay alert.

  63. The internet is the spotlight on the cockroaches. The media once did this job, but decided to abdicate their responsibility because they fell in love with the roaches. Has anybody heard about the Obama subpoena in the mainstream news? Only online.

  64. thank god there are people smarter than the government idiots that think they run this country. hackers that can shut down this government. by hacking their computers.

  65. I have worked in a large state gubernatorial administration and I can tell you that you should never legislate a power to the government no matter be it local, state or federal.
    I do not care who is the sitting President at the time, once the the government has the legislative power to do something the public is at risk.

    We already have copyright and patent laws which are to protect against infringement by anyone covered by those laws.
    Foreign infringement ,which is going on ,will not be impacted by this law and it seems only a statute to negatively effect the citizens of this country.

    All these congresspersons should spend some time legislating an assurance that no federal, state or local privacey law is violated when hospitals, labs, financial institutions etc. offshore work to other countries.

  66. I wonder what Paul Revere would be saying today, it wouldn't be "the British are coming" but something very scary is comeing… that's seems certain!

  67. Lets set the record straight on one small item. Al Gore didn't "invent" the Internet. He wasn't involved in setting it up, which was done when International Business Machines, the first provider of Computers in this country, began supplying computers to the govt, Universities, and govt think tanks. In order to communicate with each computer, regardless of location, AT&T got involved and set up the beginnings of what we know today, as the Internet. Al Gore did NOT invent the Internet. Get it right.

  68. The government can not do anything correctly so why should you think they should control the Internet? We need less government in every instance never more government. With Obama as President we never need government we only need to face and proclaim his daily lies and expose him for the fraud he is. He says one thing e.g. "the republicans won't pass my jobs bill" when in fact the Senate rejected his jobs bill by a vote of 97 to 0! The republican congress has brought over 30 jobs proposals to the Senate and Harry Reid has not brought one up for discussion. If Obama were serious about anything other than destroy America through debt, he would have demanded Reid vote on these bills. Obama also would have approved the Pipeline to Texas with it's 20,000 immediate jobs and another 100,000 jobs waiting for accessory functions. Obama is a fraud.

  69. Liberty or dearh was the cry of our fore-fathers, and they won the liberty we enjoy today. If you are not prepared to die for liberty then you will be a slave.

  70. Hey Barack, dump your special interest groups and start acting on behalf of the people. We've had enough of your cushy misleading speeches. We poor slobs (the 50% that pay taxes and pay for EVERYTHING, while the others freeload off us) might find a cartoon on the web and like to sent it to a friend for a laugh, and you and your bum buddies want to stop a small pleasure? Come on! Approve the XL Pipeline too, we've had enough of you pouring $BILLIONS into the pockets of your solar panel buddies-SPECIAL INTEREST CAMPAIGN DONATORS! The Mid-East could close the oil spigot, but Canada wouldn't!

    1. Your pleas are falling on deaf ears. He has no interest in doing what is right…..only what is politically expedient so it would not surprise me that tonight he will OK the pipeline, saying that he's now had the time to review all of the eco information about it and sees that it will be good for jobs. but really it will only be a political move he can point to and say, Look at me…I helped the jobs problem. Elect me for another term.

  71. What is this?
    Due to the word "Socialism" containing the name of a prescription drug, all comments containing the word "Socialism" get flagged for moderation. These comments have to be manually approved so they will not post immediately.

    Ok, from now on we'll call it Sokism or let someone else come up with something better. You want code, you get code.

  72. While individual rights and free speech are very important, the internet has opened up a Pandora's box that, ultimately, will cause one problem or the other. On the one hand, with government control, the user is constrained by what Big Brother decides can be watched, read and listened to. Government-driven censorship moulds the user into the individual (or, rather, non-individual) that the man in power wants him to be. In the 1984-like scenario, the same people that would constrict and totally control the flow of information are the same people that would have no qualms about stopping free elections and declaring themselves dictator with an end to lifetime rulership. Not a nice scenario.

    But the flipside isn't much nicer. A totally free and open internet – to which everyone has access – is just as dangerous. Forgetting, for the moment, about all the filth that practically validates the (economic) existence of the 'web, the cacaphony of voices, views and lies passed off as truth leaves the reader at the mercy of his own lusts – or at least limited knowledge. What voice do you listen to? What is true? What is a lie? And the constant barrage of degrading news (e.g. the general public reading the details of the Penn State scandal) has its effect as well. We are told that the love of many will wax cold BECAUSE INIQUITY WILL INCREASE. Whose iniquity? Just your own? Or do the actions of others (and being privy to the sordid details) have an effect on a bystander? Over time, it serves to numb the conscience – especially as these "news" stories come out on a more regular basis. By slowly wading into the cesspool, our definition and sense of sin becomes more and more dilute – until at last we are approving what we once abhorred. So the moral compass AND clarity of truth will both suffer in an unrestrained internet. In that scheme, moral and political anarchy will be the rule of the day. And anyone in power will have (more or less) free reign to do whatever they want – and even release news reports about it – since the moral outrage of the public will be obliterated (and the truth of any statement will be countered by SOMEONE on the internet). Pilate's question is being begged on a large scale.

    We are told that there is to be (or is?) a day in which anyone who wants to buy or sell must have the mark of the beast or be killed. That understanding of "buying and selling" goes well beyond the business transactions. Even Jesus told us to "buy the truth and sell it not". The buyer and seller in Ezekiel 7-9 has a broad application to any transaction of any sort (intellectual, economic, political etc…). So could it not be that the mark of the beast involves control over every aspect of the lives of men? Doesn't that fit the "beast" known as the internet? The identity of the beast may not be technology, but the mark of it may well be technological control (at least in this age). And unless you are willing to buy only with plastic/numbers and get your views from the internet, you are not really involved in today's society? Are you? How many people AREN'T on Facebook? How many DON'T have debit cards?

    I'm not saying that this is the interpretation of Revelation, but it deserves some thought. Babylon is described as being the hold of every foul spirit and the cage for every unclean bird. If that isn't true of the internet (though certainly it doesn't have exclusive claim on that), then it isn't true anywhere on God's green earth.

    So when God says "Come out of her my people…that ye be not partakers of her SINS…" (not just judgment, but the sins themselves!) ….. well, I'll let the reader draw his own conclusions.

  73. I have one good reason. The Progressives, [ commies in sheeps clothing, ] aloud to tell lie after lie distortion after distortion all to undermind our form of government. As an example; Everyone on t.v. etc. calls our Constitutional Republic a democracy. This is a lie and should be censored. If we still had our Constitutional Republic we wouldn't have all of these problems we face today. We would have sound money [ gold standered ] no income tax, [ copied from the communist manifesto ] and a government confined to the Constitution. It is this magic democracy conjered out of thin air that has brought us all this trouble. Think about it.

    Read more: Why the Government Must Control the Internet http://godfatherpolitics.com/3293/why-the-governm

  74. @ Eliwhit:
    Sorry I couldn't find you! I am having to respond here instead of your original responding to me as I mentioned that there are so many internet providers who I believed will fight back for us.

    Thank you for responding; and sadly, I think you have an excellent point that they

  75. this fight is just beginning. sopa and pipa are stalled so there is an international treaty in the works to do the same freaking thing. the statists never rest. i believe this one is another u.n. stinker but am not positive on that yet.


  77. In light of this article and those responding to it, is it not ironic that of all the Republican candidates running for president in 2012 Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who will fight FOR the people's rights under the U.S. Constitution, the law of our land? Neither Romney, Gingrich or Santorum, all big government politicians, will do that. They will maintain the status quo, which is why Ron Paul is being shunned by both the media and the Republican establishment. The majority of politicians in both parties want power and control for the sake of self-preservation and not for smaller, less invasive government. Only WE THE PEOPLE will determine who wins and who loses. If things don't change very soon, the big losers are going to be us, the people.

  78. @ Tripped01…Do you realize what would happen if we allowed Obama to have control of the internet?
    We would NEVER hear the truth about anything unless “it pleased him.”
    He had a Priest arrested today for praying on the streets outside of the WH. A PRIEST!!!

    He just SOLD 7 islands to Russia off the coast of Alaska.

    He GAVE eminent domain to the Chinese of a stand-alone city to be built in Idaho and Texas.

    He just allowed 80,000 Muslims to find refuge here while Christians are being slaughtered daily and he turns his back on them.

    We WOULD NEVER be able to know about any of this on the TV News.

    Yet, you think it is best to GIVE control of the internet to the Government.

    1. Did you hear about the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order Obama signed on Friday, March 19, 2012?   This enables the president to declare martal law, providing him with dictatorial powers over the United States and the American people whenever he chooses to implement it.  This virtually provides Obama with his very own ace-in-the-hole, guaranteeing him a pass should he lose the 2012 electrion.  Something else that is disturbing . . . no radio commentator will openly discuss this issue with me.  Does this take the heat off of government control of the internet?

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