Why There Won’t Be Gun Confiscation in America

When some loudmouth spouted off about how he was going to do so-and-so to this guy or that guy, a guy who was really tough would often say, “You and who else?” or “You and what army?” An opposing force is only as effective as its ability to win battles.

“In the waning days of WW II, during a discussion of the future of Eastern Europe, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill cautioned Joseph Stalin to consider the views of the Vatican. To this the Soviet leader responded, ‘How many divisions does the Pope of Rome have?’”

It’s not enough to make a threat; you’ve got to be able to back it up with force.

The majority of Democrats and the anti-Second Amendment bullies have a problem. While Congress may pass the Feinstein gun bill (unlikely), tens of millions of gun owners will ignore it. They will engage in an act of civil disobedience, probably for the first time in their lives. Of course, they will not see it as disobedience but an act of faithfulness to a document that birthed this great nation.

They’ve seen films like Schindler’s List, The Killing Fields, and The Pianist. They know what can happen when governments that claim to have our best interests at heart enact laws to “protect” us by confiscating weapons. “It’s for your own good.” Where have we heard that before?

Millions of Americans don’t trust their government. It’s not that they believe the United States will turn into Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia in the next decade or two. Gun owners in America will keep and bear arms as a symbol of protest against a government that spends their money into oblivion, propagandizes their children in government schools, and taxes their wages and property in a hundred different ways while their lawmakers retire on government pensions fit for kings. It’s no accident that the most prosperous counties in America are those surrounding Washington, DC.

Engaged American voters detest the hypocrisy of government officials who create laws for everybody else and exempt themselves. The Feinstein gun prohibition bill exempts government officials. When New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was asked by Jason Mattera, “In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?,” the mayor was tongue-tied.

The more laws are passed restricting gun ownership, the more guns are manufactured and sold.

Dr. Gary North writes:

“I do not think the people who have become active on this issue in the last month are likely to be willing to surrender their guns unless there are policemen at the door with a warrant. There will not be. There are not enough policemen to enforce anything like a comprehensive gun ban. Furthermore, there will be resistance in smaller counties, in both the South and Midwest, to any such enforcement. Police chiefs do not want to antagonize the local voters.”

The battle over guns might revive governmental localism as states and counties stand on the sovereign ground of the principle of the interdiction of the lesser magistrate. The lesser-magistrate principle states that a civil government that has less authority (state government) than a higher magistrate (national government), the lesser magistrate has the right to oppose unconstitutional or unjust laws of the higher authority.

For a comprehensive study of returning jurisdiction authority to the local level, see Joel McDurmon’s Restoring America One County at a Time. Paperback and eBook versions are also available.

290 thoughts on “Why There Won’t Be Gun Confiscation in America

  1. I think the Progressives will work on trying to disarm this nation ‘little by little’. They may not secede now but make no mistake about it. They are filling up this country with like minds from the 3rd world and likewise this has been a work in progress since the mid-60’s to take down this once great nation and destroy it.

    Each generation get’s successively dumbed down and get’s reprogrammed in progressive schools to be in tune with the progressive agenda. After this last election it doesn’t say much for the average dumbed down voter either. I hope the next generation proves me wrong but I’m afraid the America I knew as a child no longer exists.

    1. Mary…You’re right. Our America is slowly being replaced by another culture. It’s disheartening to watch because it is being helped along to its grave by half of America which thinks its all just fine.

      America…… Land of the duped and the home of the slave.

      1. And if they sit on the sidelines and become complacent as they have become, they will become full fledged slaves if they lose their right to bear arms.
        No guns and no free speech. Might as well as roll over and die!

        1. guns, gun collections, ammo etc will be passed down through the years from one generation to the next. whoever has the most guns will survive and as of now Americans own approx 1.2 billion firearms, endless stocks of ammo, knowledge of how to care for and repair their guns, and most if not all know how to aim and hit a target. so I have bad news for any corrupt government of the future and our Liberal friends. guns are here to stay and so are free Americans. PERIOD !

        2. It will end in a Civil War – obummer and his liberal friends against those of us who believe in and will fight for the Constitution. It is sad but true what this arrogant, lying, idiot has done to down grade our country. I hope everyone who owns a gun will fight for those rights and tell this dummicrat j^**a$$ to go to H E double hockey sticks. To all my fellow citizens who helped make this possible by voting for this inexperienced radical, unaccomplished shell of a candidate, I hope you are happy with yourself now that you can see what he is doing to our country!

        3. I think he wants to start a civil war. All of those executive orders he’s signed have given him the right to control: energy production, energy distribution, water supplies, food supplies; has given him the power to put citizens into work squads and all kinds of scary crap. Then the other day when the head of the FBI was asked if the President would have the right to kill American citizens on American soil he said “he’d have to check” because he “didn’t know if that had been discussed”. REALLY??? Shouldn’t the answer be a simple “hell no”? And there was the “reading” of House bill HR8791 the other day. I say “reading” in quotes because I don’t think the guy got through an entire sentence that wasn’t interrupted by “CLASSIFIED”. But in the bits and pieces was eliminating up to 80% of the population. Scary times, my friends.

        4. You are so right Gina. This guy should be impeached and given a life sentence, never to see the light of day again. And, you know by his answer, “He’d have to check.” that he definitely would say yes if he though he could and get away with it. Scary times is right and we better get down on our knees and say some extra prayers. Just be sure we pray for an end to his reign, send him back where he came from and I mean Kenya not Hawaii.

        5. You can’t impeach someone when they are not a citizen of a state in the United States. He can be tried for treason against the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES and the CONSTITUTION.

        6. We can always go with “OLD SPARKY!” :)
          perhaps we could strap Chris Matthews onto his lap. That will give him a real tingle up his leg! :)

        7. the other comment didn’t stay.I mentioned putting morgan on the other side for a sandwich.by the way obamas friend “john”is on minutemen news about the Irish(legal) immigrant.he’s on his soapbox again spewing more bile.

        8. Grandpa always told us, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” And, Gina, all those accumulating executive orders are a smoking pile. It seems that the media is trying to give Obummer a reason to act by its frantic publication of every violent act in every stray corner of this country by every deranged weirdo. There’s too many strange people coming out of the woodworks all at the same time. Something’s up. Something bad.

        9. It won’t end in a civil war, some public minded citizen will take out the instigator prior to that.

        10. Sorry, it’s more than just the Kenyan fascist. They have a large and efficient machine which must be totally destroyed. Bozo is just a part that can be replaced.

        11. True, but if a public minded citizen DOES take out the instigator it will likely give pause to a successor, having witnessed the fate of the instigator. And that will be all that is needed to begin cleaning out the mendacious nest of vipers. But, I am not fooled into thinking it will be easy, for either side.

        12. Oh, I think they are please as punch with themselves. For a free Obamaphone, they are willing to betray their country and fellow countrymen.

        13. I got one of those “free phones”. There is one problem with it. The number you get to use as your phone number, is recorded with Homeland Security, so any call you make, is automatically recorded by Homeland Security. And it doesn’t matter who you call, you still get recorded.
          I still have the phone, but I don’t use it. I found out that the battery used in that phone, will fit in my other phone; so when I began having problems with my current phone, due to a bad battery, I took the battery out of the free phone and put that in my current phone. My old battery went into the “freebie phone”. I wonder if I can get a replacement from the maker of the phone?

        14. Gee, I don’t know about a replacement. Have you tried going to a radio shack or other electronics store? I recall seeing a site on the web who’s sole business is selling batteries. They too may be able to help you out. :)

        15. The number of firearms is about 300 million owned by about 100 million persons.This number does not include military,law enforcement or illegal.

        16. that’s only 3 guns per owner,some people are slacking & they aren’t me.myself I think there are probably a lot more,hopefully with plenty of ammo for when obama quits giving out free phones & the leeches come door to door wanting more we can chase them off.

        17. Yes we absolutely DO have an obligation to protect ourselves and our loved ones. The reason is life came from God and He wants us to live freely. Losing the right to self-defense means we lose the ability to defend our life which destroys God’s plan for all of us. It is therefore essential that we retain our right to self-defense using any and all weapons that are available.
          Before some dimwitted liberal goes ballistic, nuclear and biological weapons are NOT defensive and therefore not necessary for self-defense.

        18. Mike T, I don’t want to sound stupid, but, biological weapons are super cheap, freely available, and horribly hazardous. The North Koreans might have nuked themselves. Its a shame that their supporters in Congress weren’t observing.

        19. Patriot
          Not your fault. I probably could have explained my last point better.

          What I meant by adding the nukes/bios was to prevent some liberal from claiming that I advocated we should have the right to those tools. I do not advocate that position as they are offensive and far in excess of what is needed to defend oneself of ones loved ones. Hope this makes sense.
          For God, Country, and Freedom!

      2. Don’t be so alarmist. America is going through generational change, and it’s a natural process. Think what the people in charge said about the 60s generation, and maybe you’ll get it.

        1. What cave have you been living in? It is not alarmist in the least as Ovomit and company have already proven they are trying to destroy America which is what he had planned when he said he would “radically transform” America. He just did not specify into what he would transform us though we now know it is a communist/muslim dictatorship.

        2. Why would America elect someone who has “proven” he was going to destroy America? Your logic is circular, dude.

        3. l. murphy….

          1 Because they were blinded.

          2.Because they too believe in the same ideology.

          3.Because they were too lazy to vet him.

          4.Because they want to believe in and idealize him, just because he is the first black president.

          Where were your reasons?

        4. There are many reasons I guess, but since I was too intelligent and informed to vote for the traitor, I really cannot speak for those people, alive, dead, citizen, illegal, real or made up.

        5. Americans did not elect him. He stole the election by fraud. Facts are facts so look them up and you will see numerous counties in multiple states had “voter” turnout in excess of 100% of registered voters. That is impossible making fraud a foregone necessary conclusion whether you admit it or not.

          Hate to burst you little bubble “dude”, but your feeble attempt at obfuscation will not work.

        6. l.murphy….Spoken like a true believer.

          The ”generational changes” that occurred in America over the years were something completely different from the push that Obama is making toward Marxism.

          Only someone who has not done their homework believes what the Liar says.

        7. I lived through the 60’s and yes there were problems, protests, Kent State, but it was nothing like this. No one was trying to disarm citizens. This, is much more intense and quite honestly, scary. We should have paid much more attention back then, when Congress passed the 1968 Gun Control Act. We should have said No back then. This is not just a generational change unless we have raised a bunch of people who dont care about independence, freedom, individual accountability or our God given rights. Hmmm, you many be right.

        8. I lived though the 60’s as well and you are absolutely right. They were nothing like now. This is part of their plan that has culminated in a nearly 100 year plan. It’s not generational it’s an agenda!

          If you haven’t seen “Grinding Down of America” Google it and check out the video.

          When you’ve watched Obama and listed to him since his days working with ACORN, it doesn’t take long to come to the realization that this guy just isn’t right in the head! He just doesn’t share American values. Folks, he just isn’t one of us.

      3. Its true what you say – just go on to a college campus in NY. The faculty and most of the students don’t think the government does enough – it should do MORE and be BIGGER in their opinion.

    2. They will go after ammo, and may move to require liability insurance and that is the most dangerous of the possibilities because it does so much all at once and would allow for the insurance inspectors (no warrant requirement) to see your weapons and how you store them, and give the government all the records of who, what and where they could ever dream for.

        1. That’s what I’ve been thinking. A bunch of cottage industries popping up to supply the demand. At least we would have some jobs being created! :)

      1. to hell with their insurance,put the blame with the criminals that stole them.only liberal democrats would go after the innocent to pay for what the bad guys do.just as they take our paychecks to give to the ones on welfare that won’t work.

      2. Shhhhh…. don’t give them any good ideas. Bullets have a very short path between manufacturer and user, and would be much easier to regulate than guns, which can endure for generations if kept properly. It’s also how we informed people will know when Obama is deadly serious about very restrictive gun control, despite what the talking heads all say.

        1. How true, but we still say “receiver” in America. Hopefully Obama won’t try to change that, too, although I’m seeing evidence of it everywhere…

      3. People, revisit the facts surrounding Ruby Ridge and Waco. Trumped up gun charges used to justify what the government did. (Were these people whacko, probably, but they had NOT threatened anyone!) Think these situations will come again in mega vision shortly. ATF shot Weaver in the back, and shot his wife in the head! She was holding her baby, and held no gun. This was after they killed his 14 yr. old son who encountered people in the woods that shot and killed their dog. In Waco, they willfully burned women and children to death after opening fire FIRST. Explore the facts that are known. There is NO EXCUSE for what transpired. Both situations are terrifying when examined as UNNECESSARY government killing and tyranny. The government murdered American citizens, and they are prepared to do it again. 7000 automatics and a billion bullets for the DHS, is anyone questioning why they need this?

        1. Maybe it’s you that needs medications adjusted.

          Flashback: Obama Administration Pushes UN Resolution That Bans Criticism of Islam

          Obama Moving To Criminalize Criticism Of Islam

          DOJ Suggests Criticism of Islam Could Be Criminalized

        2. LOL! Look at your sources. They’re laughable. When the Obama Administration forcibly closes down the first mosque in Dearborn, Michigan, let us know. Until then, don’t pester us with your nonsense.

        3. Oh I suppose slate would be a better one for you?


          Look jackoff, you don’t have to believe me. All you have to do is look up resolution 62/154 yourself. Pick any leftist idiot publication you like.Hell, go read it at the UN yourself for all I care. As for your problems with the sources, it’s not as though infowars wrote anything on the link I provided. The video with the DOJ official’s testimony is right there for you to see & speaks loud & clear all on it’s own. You would have known that if you even bothered to look.

        4. Murphy:

          My thinking on this is that the US diplomatic community (and to some extent, the financial community too) is fearful of further alienating the Muslim world, perhaps for fear of another 9-11 or perhaps something even worse (which I won’t go into here).
          You and I both know they have some rather pernicious beliefs over there – for example, telling any lie is acceptable so as it undermines the “infidels.” (aka. “Taqiya”) It’s important to also understand that Islamic radicals have little respect or use for Barry Obama, despite him having a middle name of Hussein, so whichever policies he might seem to enact here have little effect with them.

          In my homeland, it has been necessary to fight a decades-long battle against the forces of Abu Sayyaf. We know we can never rest, because even if we were to kill all of their current members, more will surely take their place. Unfortunately we have no choice, if we do not want to be overrun.

      1. Got a source for that accusation? Now obama HAS attacked the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments in just his first term. But, I’ve heard nothing about a preferred religion, that just sounds ridiculous.

        1. Hmmm… why don’t you explain to us the part of the Constitution that gives the President the power to alter that document?
          Nevermind. He can’t change the Constitution. Only an Act of Congress can. He can disagree all he wants, but it takes a lot to make a change, and it doesn’t involve him in any step of the process.

          Sorry… replied to the wrong person. Meant for Mike_Travis.

        2. Congress cannot change the constitution,a constitutional convention must be convened,any changes suggested must pass by a two thirds vote of both houses & must then be ratified by three fourths of the states.

        3. “The Constitution provides that an amendment may be proposed either by the Congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the State legislatures. None of the 27 amendments to the Constitution have been proposed by constitutional convention. The Congress proposes an amendment in the form of a joint resolution. Since the President does not have a constitutional role in the amendment process, the joint resolution does not go to the White House for signature or approval.”

          Source: http://www.archives.gov/federal-register/constitution/

          You will find that my statement is factually correct.

        4. I don’t know about the validity of that claim but Obama has publicly vowed that if Islam is attacked, he would side with them. That sounds like an endorsement of religion to me even though Islam is both political and religious. He cancelled our National Prayer day and was eager to slip his shoes off to kneel on a prayer rug and celebrated the Islam Day of Prayer!
          Just saying…:) There is plenty in Obama’s background to give pause and cause one to scratch their head. Obama has no one but himself for any judgments being made since he is the source.

        5. What?! Obama “publicly vowed that if Islam is attacked, he would side with them?” Where can I find that? I’d love to read what he said.

        6. In “Audacity of Hope” obama writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

          Take what you will of the meaning of ugly direction.

        7. Nope. That’s not what he said at all. Go back to the book. Look more carefully at pages 260-261. Then try to come back and tell us that he was talking about standing with Muslims instead of Americans. Be sure to wear your clown suit when you do.

        8. Sorry, that should have read “Muslim” instead of Islam.

          “In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should
          the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from
          page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.”

        9. Thanks. I found it.

          There’s something wrong in your version of the book, however. Maybe something went awry at the printer’s. Here’s the quote I found (also on page 261)

          “Of course, not all my conversations in immigrant communities follow this easy pattern. In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific reassurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

          It’s pretty clear to me that he’s talking about American citizens here. The clues, I think, are found in the words “Arab and Pakistani Americans,” as well as in “they need specific reassurances that their citizenship really means something.”

          Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Patriot. It’s always great to have independently verifable facts. That way, anyone can test the veracity of anyone else’s claims about what Obama said simply by looking on page 261 of that book. Imagine that! I think we’re on to something here… Good work!

        10. Thanks /.murphy,

          I don’t know how many printings or revisions there may have been. I don’t engage in buying/supporting books of this nature. I googled it and found several postings of the same quote. Are you reading from the paperback edition? I assume you have the book? Is there a revision #? I for one, don’t particular care for Ayers writing style.

          As a matter of course, I generally do not put much faith in any so-called “independently verifiable” facts. I generally watch what people do over a period of time and not what they say and then formulate my opinion!

        11. I pulled a copy off the shelf of a local bookstore. There apparently have been no reprintings or revisions. It’s not what I would call a simple read; Obama is a fairly sophisticated (and verbose) writer.

          No matter where you stand politically–Left or Right–you should always insist on verifiable facts. That makes it nearly impossible to mislead you.

          I started doing that with Obama after he issued his very first Executive Order. All kinds of things were being said about it. I didn’t listen to either side; I went and read it.

    3. Mary it is the intent of the liberal media to deceive, lie and promote the propaganda of Obama and his minions. This last election was won not because people were head over heels to vote for BO but because of massive vote fraud all across the swing states.

      1. You speak as though you have the solid proof that most people want to see. Don’t just sit there! Get it on the NEWS! Make it public!
        This may be a big opportunity for you! At the very least, it’s your very own personal put-up-or-shut-up moment…

        1. The Supreme Court is looking at many facets of this now.
          The fact that Obama has used multiple names (although he lied and said he hasn’t)
          The fact that he is using a Social Security number from Connecticut which was not issued to him.
          The fact that he still hasn’t come up with a legitimate birth certificate (the White House came out several days after the release and said that it was a fake)
          The fact that there was massive voter fraud: in some counties in Ohio and Florida, Obama received more than 100% of the registered vote (up to 118% in one county) and in those counties Romney recieved no votes at all (a statistical impossibility).

        2. The Supreme Court does nothing without a Case Number. Got one? Looks like you might be getting your “moment,” too.

        3. Copied and pasted directly from SCOTUS website:

          No. 12-736Title:Montgomery Blair Sibley, Petitionerv.Barak H. Obama, President of the United States, et al.Docketed:December 14, 2012Lower Ct:United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit Case Nos.:(12-5198) Decision Date:December 6, 2012
          ~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dec 12 2012Petition for a writ of certiorari filed. (Response due January 14, 2013)Dec 12 2012Motion to expedite consideration of the petition for a writ of certiorari filed by petitioner.Dec 19 2012Motion DISTRIBUTED for Conference of January 11, 2013.Jan 14 2013Motion to expedite consideration filed by petitioner DENIED.Jan 14 2013Waiver of right of respondents Barak H. Obama, President of the United States, et al. to respond filed.Jan 16 2013DISTRIBUTED for Conference of February 15, 2013.

          ~~Name~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~Address~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~Phone~~~Attorneys for Petitioner:Montgomery Blair Sibley4000 Masssachusetts Avenue, N.W.(202) 478-0371Suite 1518Washington, DC 20016Party name: Montgomery Blair SibleyAttorneys for Respondents:Donald B. Verrilli Jr.Solicitor General(202) 514-2217United States Department of Justice950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.Washington, DC [email protected] name: Barak H. Obama, President of the United States, et al.

        4. Hey there /.murphy, I was confident someone had the information you were looking for and it looks like DontTreadOnMe11 came through. Good look.

        5. Yes, he did. I checked it out. The case was not in the Supreme Court, as the original poster claimed… it was in the Superior Court for DC.

          It looks like the case was dismissed December 19, 2012.
          I’m not surprised; I read the original filing, and knew instantly that it would never get close to the SCOTUS. http://civilforfeiture.com/blog/QW2Dismissal.pdf

        6. Some districts in Philthydelphia had a 100% turnout & zero votes for Romney.And I have a bridge over the Delaware River for sale if that happened

        7. His lie about his name was in fact a crime. It’s called perjury!
          His SSN was likely stolen by a relative working in the Hawaiian SSA Office and had access to the deceased mans SS Records.
          Numerous experts in various fields have attested that his BC was a fraud.
          Let’s not forget the voting machines by Diabold is a company owned and controlled by GEORGE SOROS! Many complaints were tendered indicating that upon casting a vote for Romney, a vote for the racist Arab queer was cast instead.
          It goes on and on and on and on.

        8. Obama’s own attorney’s during a court argument admitted as a defense, that Obama’s BC was bogus!! Hello folks. What more proof do you need?

        9. Mr Murphy, I can give you first person testimony as to demorat voter fraud attempts at my poll site. The little old ladies who were running the site are an honor to both parties. I walked in and the farce slowed down. Two retired cops were walking right behind me. One lady who didn’t have the ID that was right in front of her left without voting. So did the driver of a bus full of mentally handicapped people. The purple people beaters didn’t stay once the cops got there either. Pretend that there wasn’t rampant voter fraud. I didn’t pick the time that I went to vote. Just imagine the rest of the day.

    4. Mary, what you are saying, I have been saying for some time; we are seeing the slow process of balkinization of our Republic. Our Founding Fathers, through their infinite wisdom, created the greatest experiment in human liberty, in the history of the world. This came through much pain, suffering, and death, to create the Republic our ancestors gave us. Should the time come when our Republic is brought to the brink of destruction, through amnesties for tens of millions of illegal aliens, we will be no different than Yugoslavia, after Tito’s death, there will be ethic cleansing and civil war.

      Leftist have been trying to take us farther and farther toward a system of government that is totally foreign to us, Communism. This is, in large part, being done through our school system, thanks to the Federal Department of “None Dare Call it Education,” John Stormer, Liberty Bell Press. This is a book everyone should have.

      This is definitely not the country I grew up in and I graduated in 1954. Even rural areas are not free from crime, this is why most are armed, and many have CCW permits.

    5. It’s the way they do things. It’s called incrementalism. It’s also known as the camels nose under the tent. Most of the left-wing nonsense we’ve had imposed upon us over the last several decades were all a result of incrementalism.

    6. Hey Mary:

      Are you seriously saying that if someone is an immigrant (especially from the “third world”) that person cannot be trusted to stand for the values that they came to the US for in the first place? You would be talking about me, perhaps you don’t realize.

      It will be a serious mistake to alienate those who might end up being on our side. I cannot understand why more Asian-Americans (by ancestry, not allegiance, so don’t anyone trot out some of that hyphenated nonsense) don’t see the need to vote against the Dems, who take them for granted. My working hypothesis is that they don’t feel particularly welcomed by the Republicans. (And I could say much the same about Latins.)

      But we are hard-working, educated, disciplined and successful. Does that sound like a natural Democrat to you? Doggone it, I am doing all I can where I live to spread a message of opposition to this left-wing paradigm. The one thing we have going for us is that they are cocky and complacent (they always talk about how “smart” they are, which is a sure sign you really don’t believe it). I won’t give up and neither should anyone else.

      1. Hey Melia Sese, we should all strive to judge people by what they do, not what they say. We should judge based on a person’s character, not were they are from. To many of us have forgot that little test. I suspect that is why we ended up with Obummer!

  2. I too believe that Obama’s gun-grab has resulted in a revival of patriotism as people re-familiarize themselves with their Constitutional rights. We’re seeing it in small towns and cities all over America.

    The gun stores in my area are just about out of stock. Guns have been flying off the shelves like toilet paper after news of Ex-Lax being dumped into the water supply.

    If Obama thinks for one minute that people are going to acquiesce to his will, he is sorely wrong. He has never really met a genuine Bible-hugging, God-fearing, gun-clinging Patriot…but he is about to.

    Bloomberg hasn’t either.

    ”The Feinstein gun prohibition bill exempts government officials. When New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was asked by Jason Mattera, “In the spirit of gun control, will you disarm your entire security team?,” the mayor was tongue-tied.”

    I’ll bet he was.
    What a little Napoleonic maggot he is and why he is tolerated by New Yorkers is beyond me.

        1. I guess there are a lot that can be bought cheaply,we don’t need those kind of rats running around,send them back to where they came from & take obama with them.


        3. Nah… I think Obama’s idea of a Muslim grave is the bottom of the Mediterranean. Just ask bin Laden…, if you can.

        4. Dont think that was binLaden.Search Benazir Bhutto/David Frost interview online,listen closely as she mentions binLaden’s murder.This interview was late 2001 or early 2002.

        5. Exactly. I have it on fairly good authority (one of my closest financial industry friends, whose mother was a close friend to Ms Bhutto) that OBL “bought the farm” as long ago as 2001 in Tora Bora, Afghanistan.

          Ever since, the CIA has propagated the fantasy that he was still alive (via various faked videos and recordings – how many here would be interested to know that they have been able to alter human voice for the past forty years?), until Barry Obama needed a bump in his approval ratings going into 2012. Voila! – he got it, and has been milking it ever since.

        6. You’re going to have to do a little bit better than that to get your all-expense-paid interview with the Secret Service, but don’t let me dissuade you.

        7. Hey, David your Cold! :)
          Have you ever seen a human corps whose genitals have been eaten away by hogs? Not a pretty site!
          Don’t get me wrong, your suggestions is very befitting! :)

        8. actually I was being nice,mostly I suggest hanging,tossing out of planes,dropping him overboard or similar.I should go see a shrink for my illness today but then they wouldn’t let me buy any more guns or ammo.I apologise!!

        9. I agree with you. Obama’s subversive actions in government amount to Treason, but when none of the worthless “representives” in Congress or the Senate are willing to do anything about it, then what? There is only one option left, and that is to have a bloody revolt and get rid of all of ’em! That’s why the treasonous anti-Constitutional Socialists / Communists (read: Communists) in Washington really want your guns. Don’t forget, many years ago Nancy Pelosi was overheard saying to Howard Metzembaum, “Socialism cannot succeed unless we get the guns.” Washington is permeated with anti-Constitutional self-serving politicians who don’t give one damn about the Constitution.

        10. Nah! Just shove a log of Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage up his “kee” before doing an “Il Duce” on his a$$!

        11. Perhaps. Socialist and Commies may be the flip side of the same coin but they are much more dangerous and dedicated than the usual Obama rift-raft! :)

        1. Pronunciation tip: The two “Ss” should be spoken as one would the sound of steam escaping (or a snake hissing) for approximately 1.5 seconds…followed by a verbal explosion of the word “scum”. Quite appropriate for the “snake-in-the-grass” politicians, media types, so-called celebrities, and other scoundrels who would destroy the greatest socio-economic system ever devised!

    1. a broader question might be why are ANY of the liberals,including obama & his crew are tolerated.are the voters trying to prove they aren’t racists? we know that a lot are on the public dole & don’t want to work but surely there are enough left to vote these jerks out.where are they? I know everyone votes in my place,& we didn’t vote for the snakes but this state usually votes conservative anyway.screw the libs.

      1. As for the bamster – I know here in some counties in Ohio he received up to 118% of the vote – with Romney not receiving a single vote – a statistical impossibility. The Supreme Court is looking into it now. This also happened in Florida. In my county we have to show a photo ID (it went to Romney).

        But I saw a graphic online this morning that there are several states where the people on public assisstance outnumber the work force. . . Maybe you should have to have a job to be eligible to vote. . . you used to have to be a property owner.

        1. Docket numbers aren’t handed out or assigned until the Complaint is officially filed and all filing fees have been paid. I’m not sure but what may be referred to might be a closed door hearing which is scheduled for sometime in February.

        2. There is an ID on everything they do, including things they “look into.” I’m merely asking for that, so that we may all do our own research. If she has that information, it had to come from somewhere…

        3. Don’t look at me :) I just gave you what I read last week. I believe it was on this board when I mentioned that I didn’t recall the date. Then a poster supplied the date as well as a link to the actual case call document. Sorry, I can’t give you anything more.

        4. I for one believe that in order to vote, you must have skin in the game! No skin? No vote!

          Min 25 yr old requirement
          Property ownership or business ownership
          Active or retired military / families

          Active or retired clergy / families
          Retired citizens
          If your on public assistance /no vote for you.
          Former or current convict / no vote for you.
          If you can’t supply the name of the vice president, speaker of the house and at least one member of congress, no vote for you.

          When asked who did we fight during the revolutionary war and you answer “CANADA”. / NO VOTE FOR YOU!

          That should be a good start!

        5. Former felons?….you should know that just because someone broke a law and paid his debt to society and now is a more productive citizen than the majority deserves just as much a right to vote as any other. You mention land owner, business owner, ect… Well not everyone started life an angel but they certainly end it with some serious positive additions to society. Once a person paid their debt to society they are still a citizen. Felony is too wide a scope these days.

        6. Bull $hit! Should have thought of that BEFORE they DID THE CRIME! Unless they have been “expunged” by a judge IN COURT, NO RIGHT TO VOTE FOR FELONS!

        7. What happens when they decide to make Patriots like you and I felons for speaking out against government injustice? Will you still feel the same way about losing your right to vote?

        8. Thanks! It’s funny how that works out isn’t it? :)

          I suspect it would straighten out a lot of our societal problems. It would definitely go a long way to straightening out our politics.

          I was chastised a while ago for saying if you were a former felon you would be excluded from voting. OK then, if your a former felon and have kept your nose clean for 5-10 years you would be considered eligible.

          I know the charges of racism will fly, but I would like to add, if your on welfare for more than 5 years you are excluded and have no voting rights. That would also include anyone on section 8 housing for the same period of time. It’s one way of paying back for societies compassion.

        9. I’ll go for all of those,and more.illegals,non-citizens(get naturalized)mentally unfit(should cover the democrats!)

        10. Is it the Feb 15 Taitz case or is there another I have not heard of? They make reference to 1.5 million CA invalid voter registrations.
          To all Truth Seekers, be it known that “Chief Justice John Roberts Schedules A Case Regarding Obamas Forged IDs to be Heard in Conference Before the Full Supreme Court. The case titled Noonan, Judd, MacLeran, Taitz v Bowen provides a mountain of evidence of Barack Obama using a last name not legally his, forged Selective Service application, forged long form and short form birth certificate and a Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425 which was never assigned to him according to E-Verify and SSNVS. Additionally, this case provides evidence of around one and a half million invalid voter registrations in the state of California alone. ObamaForgery gate is a hundred times bigger then Watergate. More corrupt high ranking officials, US Attorneys, AGs and judges were complicit, committed high treason by allowing a citizen of Indonesia and possibly still a citizen of Kenya Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barack (Barry) Soebarkah, aka Barack (Barry) Soetoro to usurp the U.S. Presidency by use of forged IDs and a stolen Social security number.”
          For more information on this and other cases please, go to web site OrlyTaitzESQ.com.
          Now to find out if SCOTUS is as corrupt as many other courts and politicians. Will the facts be heard, will questions be answered to the satisfaction of doubters or will the case be dismissed on ridiculous technicalities??? WHO and WHAT is he, other than what he claims?????

        11. If it makes you feel any better, the nation wouldn’t be any better off with Romney in charge. The Democrats and the Republicans are but two heads on the same serpent. That serpent is the Federal Reserve Bank, The Rothschilds and the international bankers and corporations. As George Carlin said ‘they are all part of the same club – and you aint in it’. Bush and Odumbo were polar opposites, but Odumbo basically grabbed the Bush torch and ran even faster with it. That cycle will not stop until we stop it. The entire government is corrupt beyond measurement, the congress has sat back and watched the illegal usurper in chief chip away at the Constitution for 4 years. Now he has nothing to lose and instead of chipping he will be using a jackhammer. Don’t expect your representatives to stop him. Just enough of them might ‘try’ just to put on a good show for us, but the illegal will get his way, and we will keep losing our rights one by one

      2. Its beyond logic Patriot, but here in NY there are plenty of people (that I have debated with) that not only worship Odumbo, but they think they are not printing enough money at the Fed. Most of the sheep are beyond help and will never wake up as long as the river of free stuff paid with someone else’s sweat, continues to flow. Oh, and none of the people I mentioned above were black, and I debated with them on a college campus…….its pathetic really

    2. People are getting back to their roots and have come to the realization as to what’s at stake! It happens anytime this country is under attack!

    3. Exactly right!!! I may have to put my Bible down to reload, though. I love the line, “unless there is a policeman at the door with a warrant”. The only thing that will accomplish is to get the shootin’ war started. The Founders were clear that our rights, enshrined in the Constitution, come from God and cannot be removed by a lesser power. While I am well aware that politicians, like Obama and Cuomo, consider themselves to be all powerful, I vehemently disagree. History is about to repeat itself. See you all at Lexington Green.

    4. Meemee, et al:

      I’ve been telling everyone who would listen what a colossal mistake it would be for the Democrats to shift into gun-grabbing mode. I say this for several reasons …
      1 – Many Americans are disillusioned and see no reason to vote, as they don’t feel they really have any choice offered to them
      2 – Now, as if by some heavenly deliverance (please do not think I am referring to the Newtown massacre in this case) there is an issue guaranteed to illustrate that, yes, elections surely do matter.
      3 – Now we see the Dems furiously back-pedaling in an attempt to say “we didn’t mean take away ALL guns, just the ones we don’t like!”
      4 – And you know where that leads … ? Ring-a-ding-ding, that’s right – how can we trust them? They are known to say just about anything they think will work.
      5 – You see, I wasn’t born yesterday. I fully understand the likes of Feinstein and Bloomberg (and this has nothing to do with them being Jewish, just so no one gets the wrong idea) … they are surrounded be sycophants who tell them just what they want to hear – and that is a fatal flaw, because it leads to a misreading of the public mood.
      6 – They seem to be under the impression that, because they have near virtual media control, that can always manufacture the opinion they want. But the critical miscalculation here is they are fooling around with the safety of the people – the very concept that they took an oath to protect.
      7 – Yes, I hear all those from the South and Midwest who will not follow blindly and turn over their means of protection. Count us in South Florida in too – we worked hard to gain a nice slice of life in this country, and we’ll be damned if we’re just going to hand it away to a bunch of lying charlatans.

      So here we are – the means to take back the Senate (already Harkin and Rockefeller are stepping down) in 2014 and hold the House, which will make Barry a lame duck.

      1. Sorry, but I disagree. You’re still thinking thinking in terms of voting (not crooked) and due process (which no longer exists if it is unable to obtain correct results). If enough Americans are not willing to kill and die for their rights and freedoms, they will be lost to our children and grandchildren. You must ask yourself “Is life so dear or peace so sweet?” America’s future hangs, once again, in the balance.

        1. And it will always be in the balance, because there will always be those in the world which want to DESTROY the near perfection granted by the Constitution.

          And as President Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation fro extinction.” I like the small portion of Patrick Henry’s speech you quoted. Here’s one from one of his contemporaries, “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude
          better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace.
          We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which
          feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget
          that ye were our countrymen.”– Sam Adams

        2. So what are we talking about here – violence? That is a fool’s errand. They will easily pick you off one at a time, indeed they will relish the opportunity to remove the “troublemakers” in the process.

          The reasons some of us lose is because we are holding positions that are not all that popular. In that case, you have two choices: (1) change your positions (which may be necessary, as few I’ve seen can actually articulate what they believe anyway), or (2) persuade others to see it your way. Acting like you want to rip someone’s head off will do far more harm to you than anyone else.

          I know this stuff is hard. It was never meant to be easy. My children and yes even my grandchildren (when they get old enough) weren’t taught to cut and run and take the easy way out – which sounds more like an aggressive form of suicide.

        3. You do that which seems right to you.

          AS to articulating what seems right to me, it’s simple. I believe in the principles set forth in the Declaration, that we have the right to life, liberty and property (changed to “pursuit of happiness” to avoid endorsing slavery, btw), that, as was the case with the Constitution and the Bill or Rights, governments are instituted to insure those rights. That following life, which includes the right to self-defense, comes liberty or “freedom” which is the right to spend or invest your life for the things that you personally value and to enjoy the rewards or vicissitudes of doing so based on your personal performance, abilities and effectiveness, provided that you not interfere with anyone else’s right to do the same. A simple creed for a simple man;-)

          Churchill said: “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

          We’re well past the first two conditions at this point. In 1967 I enlisted in the Marine Corps ready, willing and able to kill and die to keep the great collective and its spawn as far from my homeland as possible. Today, it’s at my front door. I know my answer to Patrick Henry’s eternal question and I’m as ready and willing (albeit older, slower and somewhat less able) today. At the time when I went to ‘Nam, the odds of returning weren’t great but I determined to extract as high a price for my life as possible. I’m not willing to sacrifice my rights, freedoms or the fruits of my life against the possibility of a future conversion of the powers and parasites that support the Kenyan fascist. I prefer that the Republic go out with a loud Bang, rather than a whimper or, as predicted by Spielberg, “amid thunderous applause”.

          Be well.

    5. Where are the crazies, you know the ones that feel like they received a message from space about killing a bunch of innocent people?? Will someone please post the address of these treasonous bastards along with directions of how to get there so these Crazies won’t get lost..!!

  3. All that needs to be said regarding guns, Molon Labe. As for the civil disobedience…………..I am hoping this leads to civil disobedience to everything coming out of DC, period.

    1. Here’s an idea … If they don’t want a ‘civil disturbance,’ why in the hell don’t they quit disturbing us?

    2. “When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

      Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

  4. Note that various journalists are already on record as dismissing the constitution. This is SO informative as to the true state of affairs. There is a rather large subculture of extremist academics who believe America is responsible for most of the world’s problems and the best thing to do is destroy America. The fact so many America-haters could get so far up into the chain of authority in America actually proves those very haters wrong; yet these creeps care not about such errors in logic. They stick to their ideology while accusing their opponents of being ideologues. You can gain an accurate insight into how these creeps think by simply reading what they accuse their perceived opponents of.

  5. This article is a brilliant, succinct, bottom line summary of where we are today as a nation.

    From a broader perspective, what I think – and hope – this quest to grab guns from the populace will lead to: A widespread decentralization of authority.

    This can put us in a position to exercise far more local control, in the process, contracting an overbearing federal government that has too often served their own interests and those of big corporations, at the expense of ‘we the people’.

  6. Obama has enough sycophants who would be willing to accept the federal check to go out and do their Gestapo routine on fellow citizens. It would only be after a significant number of them didn’t come home after participating in an Obama Raid that there could be some reductions.

    I never heard that there were recruiting problems for the Gestapo, NKVD or any of their tyrant’s state security apparatus. They were fully functional to the bitter end – and then some.

    It never fails. So why are allowing this tyrant to get away with what he forces upon us?

    1. History shows that tyrants always employ thugs, barbarians, and psychopaths. They are more willing and easily persuaded to commit the tyrant’s atrocities than normal people.
      What they need to understand in no uncertain terms is, as Mike Vanderboegh says, “There will be no more free Wacos.”
      How many are they willing to kill, and how many federal agents are they willing to sacrifice? Do they not understand that, once the atrocities start, the people will consider THEM fair game for retribution?

    2. I may be wrong but I think what is planned is to use UN forces here. They know they will not have enough willing citizens to go against their fellow countrymen. It is not a good prospect because it means they will have a never ending supply of troops, Unless enough our allies realize Obama is a dictator and tyrand and go against him which is what I am hoping. But make no mistake whatever happens is not going to be pretty. Tyrants like Obama have no sense of right and wrong, are immoral and don’t care if it cost childrens lives. Look how many bombings overseas he has done ki ll in g children. I think he may be the anti Christ talked about in the bible. If he is not he is sure close..

      1. The second a UN troop steps of his UN boat, or his UN plane, or his UN chopper, that will signal the start of the 2nd Civil War, and Obama and his minions are doomed.

      2. After they are handed their first 100 dead they will surrender and move on! After all, next to raping, isn’t surrendering what they do best?

  7. Sadly, I believe the government will move to confiscate guns in the most liberal areas first, where there will be the least resistance. It will move like a cancer, eventually attacking even the strongest supporters of the 2nd Amendment. Just hope the young and able are really stocking up, would love it if all our neighbors had enough to equip a small army before they come and try to take them.

    1. That why the Local sheriffs need to reconstitute the Continental Army, to protect and defend the constitution and the people.

      1. Penny, longer than usual discussion on this thread.  Don’t know where this comment fits in, but there are several.  Just wrote another re Waco and Ruby Ridge.  Beck revisited it today, mortifying facts.

    2. They thought they would be able to do this in NY but the New Yorkers ( at least upstate NY’ers) are refusing to register their guns. I think this is where the Second Civil War will begin in our country.

  8. Too many, waaaay too many people say they will have to peal their gun from their cold…dead..hands… The dilemma I see, and talking to local police, that 1) the police are not going to go door to door and demanding someone’s guns, it is not practical, and it would be inherently dangerous… They know that they will be wearing bullet proof vests, but those that are crazy also know that they do not wear bullet proof face-masks. 2) there will be a disconnect from the feds to the local levels to actually get them to comply, this has already been stated by many Sheriff and local police that say that they will not comply… It does not mean that none of them will comply, but a large enough number have said that they will not comply that it should make the feds take notice… 3) This goes to the next possibility, that they would use military action to confiscate those evil guns… The problem that will create is a few years back, around 2008 or 2009 there was supposedly a questionnaire given to generals in the military and whether or not they would go after the citizens of this country if ordered to, out of the ones questioned, only one said yes..

    I have never talked to a legal gun owner that said that they would simply hand over their weapon if they were forced to give it away… In my county alone, we probably have 500,000 guns, it is an estimate as that is about our population, 1 in 3 or closer to 1 in 2 households have guns, so out of that number say 250,000 people have weapons, and for grins, say half of those people are crazy enough to fight back… That means you would have 125,000 angry voters, with guns that will not surrender their weapon… There might be 1000 policemen in all of the precincts, State police, and sheriff deputies in the entire county combined. So they are out manned at least 125:1… What policeman in their right mind is going to think that they will end up on the winning side if they are that outgunned? The only thing that govt has is bigger guns IE tanks, and fully automatic weapons that are not available to the general public.

  9. “There are not enough policemen to enforce anything like a comprehensive gun ban.”

    Yeah, right. Two things, Dr. Y2K:

    1. The police enforcing an arrest warrant don’t HAVE to know what it is all about. They would just follow orders, being told “this person is known to have weapons, so serve your warrant with guns drawn.” So only the DA and top folks in the department need to know what is going on, thus minimizing the number of folks who are needed to be faithful enforcers.

    2. Even if the officers DO know what a warrant is about, don’t EVER underestimate the power of a steady paycheck and a nice pension. You think that officers would choose patriotism over these? Think again. They might “feel” bad, but not as bad as having their wives on their asses for losing their jobs and pensions just because of their “stupid beliefs.”

    I wouldn’t count on this one bit. I live in New York. You haven’t heard about any NY Sheriffs refusing to disobey enforcing what is now actually a law, have you? I didn’t think so.

    1. The quislings won’t last long.
      And, “I was just following orders didn’t work out too well of a lot of Germans.”
      Most cops and military take their oath seriously and realize it is to the Constitution, to to Obama, Cuomo, etc.
      Hopefully, at the first sign of another regime atrocity, they will take the instigators into custody and end it.

    2. Confiscation will be the signal for hundreds of thousands of Americans to go to war, literally. If 1% of gun owners (about 800,000 people) are willing to fight for their guns, it is still 97% higher than the number of insurgents we faced at any one time in Iraq, a country about the size of Texas. Once the confiscations turned violent, then it would push many otherwise peaceful people over the edge.

      There are also only about 700K cops in this country, how many of them would side with the gun owners? All the gun nuts, that’s for sure. Also, as to the military, where to you think the majority of the US military falls on the political spectrum exactly? There’s a reason Mitt Romney won the military vote by over 40 points.

      So the real question the anti-gun, ban and confiscate, crowd should be asking themselves is this, how many of your fellow Americans are you willing to have killed in order to bring about your utopian vision of the future?

      The left’s totalitarian brand of “gun control” has nothing to do with controlling guns – or bad guys. Rather, it has everything to do with controlling – disarming – the law-abiding masses. It’s not about protecting the innocents. It’s about rendering the innocents defenseless. This may sound messy, but human history often is. Fortunately, the knowledge that Americans can respond with force, if pressed, often makes the U.S. one of the most stable and peaceful places to live.

      1. The second amendment has protected this nation in the past better than it’s nuclear weapons have. Many rogue nations fear the armed citizens more than its armies.

    1. Why does it take a Chinese man to explain to natural born Americans the importance of gun ownership as being the true meaning of individual freedom?
      Those who came to this country to escape tyranny know full well what too many of us are throwing away for a free handout from these tyrants. Welcome to America, we all need you!

  10. They ( Government ) won’t take your guns? Does anyone remember Concord, Wounded Knee, Waco, or Rudy Ridge? They won’t come to take your guns?

  11. The author is right that millions of patriotic Americans will defy any further infringement on our right to keep and bear arms.
    He is wrong, however, when he says we not believe that the US is turning into a tyrannical dictatorship. It is, and it’s accelerating day by day and week by week.
    DHS and other alphabet agencies have recently purchased over 1.8 BILLION rounds of hollow point ammo – enough to shoot every man, woman, and child in the country 5 times or more – ammo that’s illegal for military use under international law, how does anyone with the capability of rational thought escape the conclusion that our government is preparing for a war on its own citizens?

    Feinstein, Schumer, Obama, Holder, Bloomberg, Cuomo, and their whole gang are tyrant wannabes. To them, anyone who does, or might, oppose their control over every aspect of our lives, is “a criminal” because they said so.

    To quote a few of their heroes, with explanatory comments in ( ):

    “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” – Mao
    (They revere Mao and the way he ruthlessly grabbed power in China. The fact that he murdered about 100 million Chinese to do it is, to them, a “feature,” not a “bug.”)

    “If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall disarm it ourselves. … The only real power comes out of a long rifle. … Everyone imposes his own system as far as his army can reach. … We don’t let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns? … The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.” — Joseph Stalin

    “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed the subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty.” — Adolf Hitler
    (These psychopathic sociopaths in our government – and THEY ARE PRECISELY THAT, never make the mistake of doubting it – believe that they are anointed to be our rulers and that we are the equivalent of Hitler’s “subject races.”)
    Don’t tell me, “It can’t happen here in America.” To borrow a quote from Mike Vanderboegh,
    “Anyone who tells you that ‘It Can’t Happen Here’ is whistling past the graveyard of history. There is no ‘house rule’ that bars tyranny coming to America. History is replete with republics whose people grew complacent and descended into imperial butchery and chaos.”
    Hitler disarmed the Jews and others, then murdered about 15 million.
    Stalin disarmed the Russians, them murdered about 40 million.
    Mao disarmed the Chinese peasants, then murdered nearly 100 million.
    The Turks disarmed the Armenians, then murdered 1.5-2 million.
    Pol Pot disarmed the Cambodians and murdered millions.
    Rwanda disarmed its ethnic groups, then murdered millions.
    The list goes on … about 262 MILLION people murdered BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENTS in the 20th century – AFTER they allowed those governments disarmed them. See: http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/20TH.HTM
    They ALL thought “It can’t happen here” – until they were disarmed and it started, then it was too late. Don’t make the same mistake. Don’t EVER let your government disarm you.

    The Founders knew that government, if not constrained at every step, will continue to accumulate power and control until it becomes tyranny. That’s why they feared standing armies and insisted that the “right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    1. If the gun control proposals could demonstrate that they have anything to do with protecting the schools, we might give some credence to their position, but they don’t. Gun control has everything to do with constraining our ability to protect ourselves. Thus is our fear creating the reactions which you state here.

    2. You’re correct. That’s what I see happening as well. And what these gun grabbers fail to recognize is that the reason we have the world’s longest standing constitution is because our founders were such geniuses they gave us the 2nd amendment which has resulted in the gov’t fearing the people.. It’s what’s kept us free from tyranny on a massive scale this long. Of course now with Obama in office those days are long over. Anyhow I thought you’d be interested in the recent news on what you were bringing up here..
      Obama Administration Repositioning Homeland Security Ammunition Containers

    3. uhhhh…. hey, quotedude… that quote from Hitler was really said by him, but you’re using it WAY out of context. When you go check the original conversation, you’ll see he was not talking about his own people, but the people in Eastern European territories that the Wehrmacht took.
      Sometimes when you get one major thing wrong like that, people won’t bother with what else you have to say. Just sayin’.

  12. Feinstein joins Obama and the otherc liberal nuts who disregard the Constitution. Who allowed these elitests to dictate to WE THE PEOPLE ???? They work for US !!!!

      1. yeah im gonna take the optimistic road over all these pessimistic posts that have already given up and say that it will not happen here for these very important reasons.first we have a bill of rights that have remained unchanged from its beginning and this current administration has found out very quickly how unpopular they become when you screw with our rights.second we have the NRA which has stood strong against all the threats to our second amendment rights and gets stronger with every victory they win for us.third we have a great many law enforcement officers who have stated that they will not honor any laws that infringe on the peoples right to bear arms .fourth we live in a global world where news is spread over cyberspace in a heartbeat so as soon as one person was informed that they were to turn in their guns it would spread like wildfire and their hand would be tipped and people would mobilize and refuse to comply.fifth obama has lost credability with even his staunchest supporters and is being given much more credit than he deserves.maybe if newtown had happened in his first year when he had a super majority in both houses he might have got his background check law through but now he is pretty much powerless to stop a senate take over and a dismal second term as far as getting anything done to hurt the second amendment.For all these reasons and more i believe the u.s will never see registration let alone confiscation but we must be vigilant and stay focused and stay awake and above all join the NRA in this fight .with a 10 million member NRA on our side politicians will not dare to infringe on our rights.JOIN TODAY AND JOIN THE FIGHT ‘ DONT STAND ON THE SIDE LINE AND WATCH.

  13. A Russian political scientist predicted a few years back that this nation would break apart into I think it was 5 regions. I think this is correct. This gun grab in my estimation will result in a second civil war.

  14. as i have been saying since he took over. the brownshirts of obummer, the private army he wanted is TSA. look at them most are misfits, blacks and hispanics with attitudes, Thieves and some are even illegal. His kind of folks

  15. If i owned a gun or bullet manufacturing business and Obama would try to close me down I would move to Mexico or Canada and smuggle the guns or bullets into the U.S. Doesn’t the numbskull realize that this would happen. And the butt kissers say he is so damn smart.


  16. Finally, the silent majority have awakened to just who and what is sitting in our White House!
    They are probably some of the ones that passed voting duties on to the next guy, well, I hope they’ve learned their lesson. King Obozo will start a revolution with the first confiscation order given by the Fed, a State or local yokel…it doesn’t matter who actually does it, Obozo will get the “credit” for it. We are not giving up our rights to a two-bit dictator narcissist pretender or to his cronies. Hear that your Dems? I include you buffoons with cronies! This is one where you are either with us or against us! No in-between stuff. One or the other. We had better hear your voice loud and clear if you are with us. We don’t trust you any longer and the same goes for you RINOs. You are worse than the Dems. Party doesn’t matter in this fight.

  17. ” Police chiefs do not want to antagonize the local voters. ”

    Uh, more likely, the “police chiefs” don’t want to be dragged out and hanged.

    1. That’s what will have to happen to police chiefs. They are basically political hacks. They are or shouldn’t be equated with the rank and file police officer.

  18. Osocolist and his gun grab moon-bats can try and pass what ever they want but to try
    and enforce any such action would result in a very unplesant suprise for them. I do not
    think that even the gun hating left wing mindless liberals from the Northern or far wacked
    out left coat would make that mistake. The results would be more than they could
    survive and they do not want to be thrown out of office on their fat arse rears. They
    would lose to much and have nothing to show for it except all the guns that would have
    been taken away from them and oscummers civilian army.

  19. Don’t be so COCKY.

    If they can put in an illegal and unqualified skinny Kenyan negro as president do you not think they obey ANYBODY OR ANYTHING!!!

    Look, now they want to put in another traitor and murderer – Hillary Clintion! Her name should not even be whispered in this country.

    The only thing that is preventing total collapse and annihilation of America by just a few very dirty and corrupt people is the minds of patriots and American citizens to IGNORE THEIR LEADERS and start looking to the Constitution for guidance.

    1. “Yep, that’s right. Everything your supposedly elected leaders have been
      doing was DISOBEYING the Constitution for over 100 YEARS and you WENT
      RIGHT ALONG WITH THEM!” ??? I’m not a day over 95! :)

      I think it all started with FDR and WILSON. Two racist progressives! I think they set the wheel in motion.

  20. So sad I’m glad I’m 65 and wont be here to see all this come to pass. I so long for the old days when you trusted your police and our government. When you were free from all there rules and laws they have made up in the past 40 years. May God help this country but I’m afraid he has looked down and seen us turning into God hating sick and perverted nation and has removed his blessing from us. Just makes you want to cry for our children and grandchildren who cant even go outside to play with out the fear of them being killed or sexually attacked. Now even the Boy scout are going Gay. God Help us !!!

    1. I am shocked at how much gays you see working as nurses and doctors. I especially notice more and more of them in the ER rooms. It’s strange and I wonder why?

  21. For more than 100 years you Americans have been fooled left and right on your Constitution and gun laws.

    Did you know that it forbids Congress to limit weapons and ammos or regulate them in ANYWAY? Did you know that???

    There is NOTHING in there that allows them to do that. NOTHING!!! It is not in their ENUMERATED powers!!!

    It is obvious from the Federalist papers the 2nd Amendment was put in
    there to PREVENT a tyrannical government from EVER harming the people.
    So the 2nd Amendment was left untouchable. Cannot be INFRINGED!!! AND
    they declared it came from GOD, and thus, an INALIENABLE RIGHT! No man
    can touch it!

    So all laws by Congress that relate to weapons and ammos and the
    silly BATF are illegal and do not have to be obeyed. SHOCKING! You
    have been fooled for DECADES. You tax dollars was used to support a
    bunch of illegal self-important look-at-me-I-have-a-badge agencies for
    YEARS!!! LOL!


    You should have had them impeached a long time ago. When you did not you only embolden them to TRICK YOU even more.

    I repeat, they have committed criminal acts and you all fell in line
    and believed them much to your own hurt and self-induced oppression.
    Educate yourself on the Constitution and FREE YOURSELF FROM THE
    TYRANNICAL LIARS that you tricked yourself into voting for and bending
    at the knees like an idiot.

    Look at that, getting scared of an old ugly lady that’s gonna limit
    you to pea shooters and ass wipers. Silly Americans. Scared of old
    ladies, old Uncle “Fart” Joe and so emboldened by your stupidity and
    timidness they even managed to pull the wool over your eyes with an
    illegal skinny Kenyan negro as your “offical” ruler.

    Ohh, how they have tricked YOU! They have NO POWER OVER YOU IF YOU READ YOUR CONSTITUTION and see what LIARS THEY ARE!!!

  22. Talk about Obama improving the economy, just look at all the gun shop owners, and gun show participants he is making rich. Obama is the big black Santa Claus of the gun industry. Obama needs to keep on flapping his jaws on other subjects. How about him threatening to confiscate all gold and silver? My portfolio could really use the boost.

  23. Obama doesn’t have to make guns illegal….just bullets. Not everyone has access to a reloader and the supplies necessary to make their own. The next thing on Obama’s list will be compound bows, then slingshots, knives, baseball bats, tire irons, rebar, sticks, rocks, hands LOL

    I’m waiting for the media to wake up.

      1. The fact that they are fair and balanced is the reason he hates them so!
        He also dislikes RUSH, because unlike others, he tells it like it is and was among the first to expose this little racist man-child Arab!
        I suspect Mark “The great one” may be just below Obama’s radar.
        He’s tagged this racist, Arab for what he is!

  24. Hmmm… Readers should approach this article cautiously: the “quote” from Stalin via Churchill is bogus. Stalin actually said, “The Pope! How many divisions does he have?”

    What’s even more important is the context: Stalin said it in sarcasm to French Prime Minister Pierre Laval in 1935, not after the war, as the author claims, in response to Laval’s joke whether the atheist Stalin could do something with Russian Catholics to help the Leftist Laval win favor with the Pope.

    But I’m not asking you to believe me… you can check the original citation right here: Winston Churchill, The Second World War (1948), vol. 1, ch. 8, p. 105.

    If an author deliberately makes a “mistake” like this, what else do you think he may be trying to do?

  25. The blog said, ” It’s not that they believe the United States will turn into Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia in the next decade or two. ”
    Decade or two? We have an ineligible usurper sitting in the White House, we don’t need to wait a “decade or two”. Yes it is our belief. It’s happening right before our very eyes. The “it can’t happen here” mentallity is what has put us is this situtation.

  26. WHEN o-bumbles oversteps far enough (and he will) there will be a bloodletting. The government is drunk with power and stolen tax money. The welfare ‘gimme-gimme’ slobs don’t care but the INFORMED Citizenry is FURIOUS with o-bumbles’ and his minions’ outright ignorance and blatantly ILLEGAL disregard of the US Constitution. The congress WILLINGLY aids and abets his TREASONOUS violations of the law. The fuse isn’t alight YET,… but the matches are in o-bumbles hands.

  27. “surrender their guns unless there are policemen at the door with a warrant.”
    That is the reason behind the registration efforts so they can come to your door with a warrant

    1. That’s exactly why they want registration. Just like uncle Adolph!
      I wouldn’t be opposed if they did on-site registration. You simply supply the info at the guy dealers they run the background check. All information upon passage is destroyed in front of you. Not kept in any database! Mission accomplished!

  28. I will not comply! We the People are the biggest army. They will probably shut down the internet, so we must figure out another way to communicate. Ham radio, CB radios, FMRS, may work. And, if they shut down the internet, many people that are too scared to take up arms will be mad at the government for doing so. More people coming to our side.
    After listening to obamas speech about immigration today, he may think all the illegals will follow him to kill Americans or guard the FEMA camps. We may need to be concerned about U.N. troops, but most are not trained very well, and will be on OUR turf. “We shall never surrender.”

  29. The only good thing Obama has done is revitalize the gun industry…even the smallest manufacturer of AR’s is making a boatload right now…it’s the 1st time in his presidency he hasn’t done something that further damaged the economy…granted if we are being honest, this economy is awful because of his policies and the policies of Progressive (Communist, Marxist, and Socialist traitors) left…I would take GWB’s economy over this any day…funny everyone forgets the left took the House and senate the last 2 yrs and that is when we went from high 4% unemployment to 7.8%…but that would put the blame where do…don’t get me wrong, GWB was a tool but the economy was much better…he was wasting a ton on needless wars but Obama has continued everything GWB did that was bad but times 10. He has become the Super Bush…and a complete hypocrite. I would love to see them try confiscation because the cops that would try enforcing it are the ones who shouldn’t have badges and then we could get rid of them once and for all…while the ones that stand by the people are the ones who understand their purpose.

  30. The reason they won’t get my guns is this: if they try, I’ll shoot them until I run out of ammo (4 time combat vet — I won’t hesitate at all and won’t miss often) then I’ll club them with it until they kill me. I won’t be alone, and with a few reports of this kind of activity going on they’ll back off or get replaced by someone more sensible.

    1. Their job is to pass laws. They are useless unless they are passing laws. So they engage in creating bad law so they do not put themselves out of work!

  31. Gun control followed by total confiscation WILL happen unless we stop Ovomit and company. He has already violated the Constitution and established law so many times it is hard to keep track, so how could any reasonable person conclude he is going to stop going in the direction of a dictatorship?

  32. Well…while it is TRUE that Obumma and the Lib-SOCIALIST A-wholes have seemingly revived some Patriotism…. it will do NO GOOD unless you have the guts to stand and fight should the day ever come when there’s a ‘knock’ at YOUR door…

  33. Support your local Sheriff if he supports the right to keep and bear arms. The office of Sheriff is the oldest and only elective law enforcement office.

  34. The constitution itself states that ANY law that violates the constitution is NO law at all. Blomberg and ALL the other lawless politicians who ignore the constitution need to be arrested and tried for sedition and treason.

    1. You’re right. There is strength ONLY in numbers. We the people need to be united at the SAME time. But our only ways to communicate are being monitored every which way.

    1. A lot of citizens will revolt. Learn the principles of asymmetric warfare. Send a lot of the dummies who undertake this fool’s errand to join allah.

  35. from people like Feinstein, to Nancy Pelosi to Harry Reid those old croanies need to suck a huge one or get laid since it’s been so long that these boring old prudes are trying tell us how we should live our lives! They live under rocks and think just becuase they are who they are they need to rule the American’s! Bring it on! The inner war is brewing and they better wake up! I would like to know where they will be when their doors come knocking down with patriots who are starving for food and water and they come to their home? Will they hide under their beds? Or will they surprise you with their assult weapons in hand? They are hypocrits and for the idiots who keep voting them in you are just as dumb as them!

  36. If Obama doesn’t get Sen. Reid & Co. on his side, he won’t even dare to force gun control, but assault weapons are a different matter. There is universal distaste for these types of guns by the majority of Americans.

  37. It isn’t so much that Americans don’t trust the government, as it is Americans have every reason to distrust the government/

  38. I hope you’re right. A return to government from the bottom up would be welcome. Somehow, though, I just have a sense none of this will be happening peacefully.

  39. Local law inforcement could come to your door and ask for your guns. I dont think their numbers are the only reason they will not do it. They do get paid to take risks and deal with armed people. Going door to door and demanding you to turn over your guns would fall in to that cattagory. But to do it for A law every gun owner knows is unconstitutional would put them at an exstream risk. If the United States goverment put every officer and millatery serviceman in the same groop to collect guns they would still be out numbered by 8 to 1. Yes they may get A lot of guns but there would be none left to finnish the job. Basicly its A suicide mission.

  40. Ok, and thats all good and fine and necessary and proper to restore the supreme rule of law instead of allowing a debate on it……..but the constitution and all of its amendments were not written to be open for debate ! They were written ABSOLUTELY!
    It wasn’t designed to be debated unless you want to call for a constitutional convention and attain 75% ratification………it isn’t open for debate or for regulation………..It is ABSOLUTE AND WRITTEN WITH ABSOLUTE TRUTHS AND THE VERBAGE THEREOF ………
    The Tenth Amendment……..
    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
    That last party there above……..that would be us …….the people …….whom the power and authority was reserved to……….Wake up Folks ……….we are supposed to be the Fourth branch of government ……..personally i would go further and say we should be the fifth and God should be the first……..and the other jokers in between……..well…….we know who they are and what they are!
    They stand on the graves of children and preach protection of them then throw out tax dollars and cause complicitness to the citizen aborting unborn citizens!
    The reason they stand on graves and stir controversy is because they have no authority or power reserved to them! to regulate or infringe upon it!
    like frustrated little socialist poop monkeys they are the devil strums his fiddle and the organ grinder cranks along and they sing their socialist songs which don’t mean jack didley squat!……..all it means is they are what they are ! SOCIALIST POOP MONKEYS!

  41. obama and his whole enclave of brain dead supporters (including maggots in city, county and state politics) and appointees can just go right straight to hell. Right now, not later.

  42. I have to disagree with this article. What do you DHS and the U.N. are preparing for? It is not going to be your local police coming into your home with a warrent to take your guns, it will be foreign troops under the authority of the U.N. gun treaty that will come into your by force and taking your guns, and if they have to pry them from your cold dead fingers, they will. The U.S. government has been sold out to foreign interested years ago. Today it is your guns, tomorrow it will be free speech, and after that your personal property. Welcome to the U.S.S.A.! Get used to it!

  43. I shall willingly give up my gun as soon as all politicians, and the police force give up theirs.
    As soon as the pres gives up his bullet proofed limos, his secret service escort etc.

  44. I really don’t think that Barry and the Pack really thought that this discussion would really get this far. This whole issue is just a “straw-man” to distract us all, and we ARE distracted, from the two issues that could significantly shut down Barry et al.: Benghazi and “Fast and Furious” Stay focused guys. Make Congress get back to the real issues here.

  45. Progressives need this discord. They need liberal Americans to focus their loathing now on gun owners to remove the focus on the fact that even they are sinking under the weight of Obama’s bloated federal government regulations and “fundamental change”. obama would love to stamp us all out in one move, but he can’t. So he will nibble around the edges. DHS buys millions of bullets so we can’t; Emmanuel threatens banks to cut off gun mfg’s so they knuckle under; Feinstein bans hundreds of weapons which are predominantly legally owned and most if any have never been used in a mass shooting, some have never been used in a criminal shooting ever…and always look at Obama’s other hand – while you watch his left hand wave at you, his right hand is plunging the dagger further in to your back…

  46. So, instead of rising up and toppling Obama’s socialist takeover of America, you’re going to just sit around and assume that they won’t come and take your guns away because it might be too hard for them?

  47. I will never give up my firearms, if they are to become weapons let them become weapons against a goverment that wants to opp
    ress the free man

  48. First, let’s do the math. There are at the very least, 90 million legal gun owners. There are only about 14,000 FBI agents, 2,400 BATF agents, and a few hundred in other possibly-related agencies. Of course, if they “draft” Border Patrol, DHS, and other agencies, those numbers will increase.

    Up to a million or so, under the worst possible scenario.

    That’s still a 90:1 ratio.

    Now, what the feds are counting on, is the cooperation from local & county law enforcement. They simply do not have the # of agents to go door-to-door and confiscate/arrest/suppress… but police departments might.

    However, this is where they stumble. Over 200 Sheriffs and 2 statewide Sheriffs’ Associations have openly declared their support for 2nd Amendment, and their advance noncompliance with unconstitutional federal firearms actions.


    Sadly, this is only 200 out of 3100+ US counties. Why isn’t this number FAR, FAR larger???

  49. This moron surrounds himself with the likes of Bill Ayers, Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, and others and the Mr. DeMar says they don’t think the U.S. will turn into Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia? Has he not watched obama’s actions during the past 4 years?

  50. You are FOOLS to think it can’t happen here. My Navy Vet friends 1958, registered .22 pistol was taken in 1966 by the FBI. 2 yrs later it was found in a cache’ of guns the Black Panthers had in CA. Yes, they can and will take your guns!

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