Why Women Should Not Vote For Barack Obama

Since the start of the 2012 presidential campaign, Democrats, including Barack Obama have done their best to convince the women of America that the Republicans have declared war on them because of the GOP pro-life stance.

However, who has really declared war on women?

To start with, the current Democratic administration continues to support Egypt’s new government run by the extremist group, the Muslim Brotherhood.  Imposing strict Sharia law, women become subject to torture, beatings and humiliation by the men.  Their status is not much different to that of slaves, cattle and chickens.

Then there are the attacks made by Democrat Hilary Rosen saying Ann Romney has not worked a day in her life.  I would think this would offend every stay-at-home mom in the country.  Various studies over the years have proven that stay-at-home moms often work harder and longer hours than many women and men in the work force.  Then consider that Ann Romney raised five boys, which any mom will tell you is a tough full time job.

What about one of the Democrat’s poster boys – former President Bill Clinton?  We could just mention the Monica Lewinski case which did reveal that Clinton had oral sex with Lewinski in the Oval Office while he was married to Hillary.  However, according to Michael Isikoff, author of Uncovering Clinton: A Reporter’s Story, the former president has been implicated in at least five instances of rape, including the rape of former Miss America Elizabeth Ward Gracen.

One of the Democratic Party stalwarts for years was Senator Ted Kennedy.  Many of the younger generation may not know about his involvement with the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.  Though exonerated by local and state police, the facts of the incident do not add up to the innocence he has claimed.  I suggest you read more on the subject.

More recently, a number of feminists and chapters of the National Organization for Women have condemned the Democratic National Committee for their policies concerning mothers with children attending the upcoming Democratic National Convention.  According to Lindsey Horvath, president of NOW Hollywood, babies and children are required to be credentialed but then the DNC turns around and denies the credential requests from moms that are unable to leave their children at home or are breastfeeding.  This policy basically stops any mother of young children from being a delegate and participating in the convention.

Or perhaps the Democrats should have Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee speak at the upcoming convention on anti-bullying.  She is well known for her bullying of staff members, which has led to her having the highest turnover in office personnel in Washington D.C.  She throws around the ‘f-word’ at staffers along with objects, causing them to duct, cower and quit.

And if you want to talk about the top female Democrats representing their Party’s finest, you have Rep. Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader, who is so out of touch with reality that she hasn’t a clue what’s really going on.  Then you have Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz who is running a close second behind Pelosi on the loony scale.  Now add Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who is married to an accused serial rapist and whose closest confidant and advisor has known ties to Muslim terrorist organizations.

There are also the controversial figures on women and unemployment that Mitt Romney has bantered around and while some may argue over those figures, according to FactCheck.org, women have a net loss of 683,000 jobs since Obama took office.

I think the clincher on how the Democratic Party feels about women is the lack of defending traditional family structure and values.  They stopped enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act, even though both Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder swore to uphold all of the laws of the land.  Their endorsement of same-sex marriage only further destroys the important role of wives and mothers.  Lastly, are the administration’s policies that force America’s women and men to go against their religious faith in the name of progressive healthcare.

If any political party has a war on women or a history of abusing and mistreating them, it’s definitely the Democratic Party.  I would think that most women want to be treated with respect and decency instead of an object to use and abuse.  Yet I don’t understand why a majority of women continue to vote Democratic.  I just hope and pray they finally wake up and realize who and what the Democrats really are.

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  1. da taligare….Great article and you can’t argue with the facts.

    When you throw God, family, unborn babies, and traditional marriage under the bus…cast a blind eye to rape…and champion a religious system known for its misogyny….what more can you expect but the war on women.

    As for Clinton and Lee: these are worst of abusers who have never met their match. One day, they will meet their Maker…..and Judge.

    1. But make sure you bury Nixon you liberal dogs ! All he did was spy on the dimocrats during their convention. And their attacked a good man & president as if he was Hitler !! Screw all them the pieces of garbage!!

        1. LOL! It is the regime we have in POWER now that are sympathetic to the terrorist you idiot! Where have you been? No wonder Dr. Rossiter, a veteran psychiatrist, after studying the liberal mind for 10 years finally concluded liberals do, indeed have a mental disorder. The clown above, is proof positive of a delusional human being who actually thinks the party of Lincoln, the party that are Patriots and put the military on a pedestal and believes in a strong defense are the crazy ones. Poor pathetic excuse for a human being and this nut case will go vote for the impostor, pathological, narcissistic, dictator again. God liberals are senseless and just plain crazy.

        2. You are a classic example of what’s wrong with this country. The terrorists are not whacky……they are sneaky despicable american hating people that your liberal moronic president sleeps with.

        3. Actually, we are far better educated, have marketable skills, watch what is going on, and certainly care a lot!

      1. Nixon makes this Commie impostor and Watergate look like Kindergarten. If a Conservative pulled any one of the thuggery tactics this regime has been able to get by with, the libs and the Commie media would have their jaws flapping 24/7 from the fake birth certificate, to the sealed transcripts, to why the Hell did BO go to college on foreign aid, to his Indonesian citizenship and Muslim heritage, to his fake SS# and much, much more! I am just as angry at the mealy mouthed Republicans aside from Allen West for not calling out the 77 members of Congress who belong to the Democratic Socialist Party of America, to circumventing Congress and the Constitution whenever it doesn’t suit the dictator’s Socialist Agenda! Liberals shouldn’t be allowed to breed, they are ruining the country our Founding Fathers fought to create so that we may live forever without fear of tyranny. Now, the Kenyan, Arab lover is trying to secure his future as America’s First Dictator. I wish all liberals would leave the country the way our Founding Father’s intended and go to Cuba, Russia or China where their form of government is just what they are looking for.

  2. Who cares a flip about Egypt, except in the abstract?

    Democrats/liberals today CHEAPEN womenhood, put the sexual rather than any other quality before all others in the news, in the cinema, on the internet, pimping the beauty for the moment in news.

    Go on HP/AOL, see one headline after another: Vicki shows her headlights, Diana’s Dress too transparent, Brigitte in a Bikini, Hillary’s Wardrobe Malfunction (there’s a scary one), it’s all ONE LONG PIMP ON WOMANHOOD.

    1. Thanks for your comment, I agree with you and it will only get worse when the muslims take over. Let’s hope and pray that doesn’t happen.

    2. You BETTER care about Egypt…….President baboon has alligned himself to the muslim brotherhood and will embrace their takeover of our rights.

    1. And without ROOSTERS and HENS there would be no Chick-fil-a. You cannot make chicken with ROOSTERS ON ROOSTERS! Well, so much for the “natural” being same sex marriage!

      1. This is so true… but just try explaining this concept to a Demon-cat! I couldn’t believe some of the looks I got, as though they thought you can “make a chicken with ROOSTERS ON ROOSTERS”. Absolutely, disgustingly unbelievable.

  3. Poppycock–anti-women policies of the right, now embedded in their national platform, confirmed by the Akin incident, MS personhood moves, VA vaginal probing, anti-Ledbedder voting, NE Planned Parenthood isolation, anti-Affordable Healthcare voting (33 times) in congress, education cuts, retiree threats to medicare/social security, state rejection of medicaid are ample evidence of who’s against women’s self-determination and healthcare. Everything else you cite pales in comparison.

    1. Dr. Lemoine, Since there is a Dr. in front of your name, I presume you are an abortionist – probably from NE. Is that why you are upset? When you finally figure out that life is more important than money, I hope you will seek God’s forgiveness. Why are the Democrats so adamant about killing children. No man (or woman) has the right to kill someone just because they don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions.

      1. Your mistake is ‘children’. Who are you to define child as any fertilized egg? There’s no standard in the bible to excuse your acting in place of God. All will face Judgement in the end, but you want to pass judgement here–not in the bible. Jehovah said vengeance is mine, not my people. Women are competent and rightfully decide for themselves, not you or the government your people want to regulate with vaginal probes and personhood legislation. Get into your prayer closet and read the bible.

        1. You, “doctor”, are a certifiable idiot. If a fertilized Human egg is anything but Human, what do you think it is? A slug? You are blind to the fact that “abortion” is murder in the first. At ANY stage of development. You say “Pro Life” and “Pro Choice”, because “Pro Death” is such a buzzkill. The TRUTH is, an “abortion” is only an excuse to fornicate without consequences. It’s ALSO true that a woman has a choice with what she does to her body – but here’s the kicker – the “choice” is whether or not to copulate, and not a “choice” about what to do afterward. A woman DOES NOT have a RIGHT to a “Second Choice”. Go to YOUR Bible, and do some reading.

        2. Blaineiac, rhymes with maniac, it’s your opinion that fertilized eggs are human, nothing more, no biblical evidence, no medical evidence–just opinion. Fornication–your playing God again to define what’s private between consenting adults; just an opinion. Cite me any chapter or verse that defines what you claim. . .

        3. My argument is not only logically correct, it is also impeccable …as any normal person can understand it. Common sense often does not need “Chapter and Verse” to establish what is right. If you do not understand that abortion is evil, and a lead-pipe-cinch abomination before God, you will undoubtedly have all the time in eternity to appreciate the distinction – as I suspect your immortal soul is in danger. You need to seriously re-think your worldview. Start by believing there IS a God, and that He, through Jesus Christ, created everything there is, including US, in His image, and that so-called “evolution” is a lie.

        4. You can’t at the same time prescribe the bible which Gospel describes women as equal to men and have government intrude into the most personal decisions of women. There is no chapter or verse as you may know by your response. I don’t condone abortion but it’s not my decision, nor yours. BTW your ‘soul’ comment shows misunderstanding or lack of biblical knowledge including separation of church and state, God and mammon. It’s Judgement Day that women look in the face when they decide, not the impartial face of government in my world. Do you substitute state or federal government for God, yourself for the Master?

        5. I can recall reading somewhere about a reclusive tribe in the Amazon basin that had not made the connection between the “act”, and childbirth nine months later. Today, that “connection” is up front in society as never before – Satan’s lie, “you CAN have it in the here and now”. Years ago, when there was far less “moral turpitude”, unwed parenthood was something to be ashamed of, and the value of abstinence until the wedding night was appreciated. But you’re right…it’s NOT the governments’ decision. But the government is fully culpable, from the time “progressives” took over the education business, and threw out God and Morality from their new “indoctrination centers”. There is no “separation clause” in the Constitution – but the result of fools thinking there is gives us “Roe v. Wade” and a POTUS that doesn’t want his daughters “punished with a baby” (implying Federal approval of immoral behavior). The results are as predictable as they are tragic. And as for a Biblical understanding of Church and State, it boils down to this: if the Church takes over and runs the State, it is dominated by Satan, as Satan is running things here now. If the State takes over the Church, it ALSO is controlled by Satan. Public prayer on public or government property does not mean there’s a danger of a “State Religion” or a “Theocratic State”, but a lack of absolute moral values and absolute truth has brought the understanding of Christians to the fact that EVERY problem the world has today is a DIRECT result of not doing it God’s way!

        6. You are a colossal ignoramus! Get out in the air, find a gal and shack up. It will do you good. But Bible-thumping Elmer Gantry’s like you are often discovered to be hidden perverts and abusers. Why else would you think and write your tripe and crapola. Your era should have ended with the Scopes’ Trial in the 1920’s, but, lo and behold, there are still troglodytes like you hanging out in the alley. Were you fondled by an older sister or a cousin when you were little?

        7. I must agree with the doctor. A dividing cell, or a zygote just is not a human being. However, I would be horrified if the fetus has formed, and then gets taken out.

        8. DrBill: Since you seem to all on board with abortion as somehow being a right to be practiced solely by women as some sort of legitimate action absent any other repercussions it may have upon a civilized lawful society as a whole, just what is your policy toward the blatantly brutal, and incredibly inhumane treatment of newborns who have survived efforts of illegal late term abortions that lead to live birth abortions? Are these still some sort of non-human slug as an earlier poster alluded to?
          Society isn’t measured by the number of rights it assigns to members of it’s citizenry or it’s willingness to be consistently swayed by either a vociferous minority or even a well meaning majority. A society is measured by the wisdom of it’s choices and how well they protect the minority as well as the majority from the sometimes excessive and often erroneous urges of that society to rebel against often hard choices that must be made in order to continue to function at a level higher then that which might be required to live in a jungle of constant Darwinian survival of the fittest.

        9. It’s up to the woman as final arbiter of her own mental, physical and emotional health. That’s biblical and practical–nobody wants an abortion but it’s definitely not government’s role to interfere with such a private and fraught decision–maybe a husband or partner or parent for the under aged child. Where’s all the protestation about smaller government when VA intrudes on every pregnancy, and the federal government may if Romney/Ryan get elected? What about relying on women in consultation with their OB GYN physicians instead of male-dominated government? Post-birth is another matter defined as murder. And what do you say to the Indians who put baby girls out in nature to die of exposure just for being born female? What do you say to the orphans which nobody wants to adopt? What do you tell the doctors whose professional opinion is far more important to the woman than cold law? You can’t realistically refer to society’s fertilized eggs as minority members–walking, taking participating, viable people. Unless of course, you are on a power trip–get off the dope.

        10. DrBill you try to sound as though you have read the Bible – perhaps you have, but you sure don’t understand what you have read

    2. Please be specific – you make many claims – but tell us for example WHAT part of the “Ryan” Medicare plan attacks current retirees? Shall I answer for you? Not a single bit of it. Nothing, NADA – Ryan’s plan excludes current retireees from ANY changes.
      And it is voluntary to go into a voucher system – the word V O L U N T A R Y is key. Nothing about Obama’s “Affordable Healthcare: is voluntary. Canada has “free” health care,( I lived there, waited three months to have a mole looked at on my leg) – you want to wait 3 months to see if you have a cancerous growth? Or do you want the peace of mind afforded by the US System where you see the doctor you want. Sure you pay for it, but you buy anything else you want, don’t you? Or do yo ugive your “Dr” servies for free?
      Anyway, please explain how you claim Republicna plan threatens retirees – just explain ONE of your many claims, just one. But you can’t without lying.

      1. One simple example, understandable if you know economics. At home you buy large quantities of a product that reduces its cost per unit. In medicare a larger participant pool reduces costs likewise. Ryan would reduce the pool effect by cutting off the under 55 contributors. Ergo, over time medicare expenses grow without retirees able to compensate by working more, or longer. Costs rise making participants either choose between medicare premiums or food on the table, or dropping out, i.e. dead in many cases. Similarly any retiree voucher would lose value over time through inflation or inexorable healthcare provider increases also yielding the same effects on retirees unable to cope in old age.
        Your issue about timeliness of appointments is irrelevant. With Affordable free screenings, your cancer won’t get beyond the treatment point, and cancers generally grow slowly anyway. I’ve got my chosen physician (is the correct term) and he treats me whenever and regularly. You have no sympathy for the millions who live in poverty or low income who have few or no options??? What a guy. . .Right now millions have coverage Ryan would deny, free screenings, more prescription coverage than before, young adult children on their policies, cost containments, rebate checks for excessive provider administrative costs, and the list of benefits is growing. What does Ryan say about those issues–nothing, without lying.

        1. What pure B/S. Ryan
          does not cut off the under 55’s from anything. First, they will continue to pay
          their Medicare tax deductions just as their employers will. They can, once
          having reached retirement age decide to continue to be covered by the same form
          of Medicare coverage that those still on that plan will be receiving. They can
          also, upon retirement choose to get a plan in which the government will
          subsidize their medical coverage up to the level of the second lowest quote
          from the insurance companies. This is essentially what is now occurring under
          the Medicare Advantage Plans enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of current
          retirees that has had the added benefit of reducing costs by 8%+ and that has
          come in 40+% below annual costs estimates. A plan that President Obama’s
          Obamacare law now has ended in 2013 and that will affect current Medicare
          recipients 65 and older.

          This plan is also very
          similar to the current Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit in which the
          retiree gets a specific # of government dollars with which to buy drugs and if
          you want a better plan with lower deductibles or coverage of more expensive
          drugs then you pay the difference just as you would when shopping for home or
          car insurance. You have the option of getting quotes from hundreds of
          government qualified insurance plans from dozens of competing insurance
          companies and you can do it every year to keep them all honest.

          So you simplistic economic example is wrong on all counts except
          for its ability to misdirect people about a crucial problem that is facing this
          country. One to which Obama has NEVER made one signal suggestion as to how we
          should fix it. Unless of course you think his Obamacare, which is for those
          pre-retirement citizens can somehow be expanded to also cover those who are
          about to retire. Why not, since Obama has already taken $716 BILLION from
          future Medicare funding to help fund Obama care for its first ten years!! I
          wonder where he expects us to get that money for the next ten years and the ten
          after that and after that.

          What pure B/S. Ryan
          does not cut off the under 55’s from anything. First, they will continue to pay
          their Medicare tax deductions just as their employers will. They can, once
          having reached retirement age decide to continue to be covered by the same form
          of Medicare coverage that those still on that plan will be receiving. They can
          also, upon retirement choose to get a plan in which the government will
          subsidize their medical coverage up to the level of the second lowest quote
          from the insurance companies. This is essentially what is now occurring under
          the Medicare Advantage Plans enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of current
          retirees that has had the added benefit of reducing costs by 8%+ and that has
          come in 40+% below annual costs estimates. A plan that President Obama’s
          Obamacare law now has ended in 2013 and that will affect current Medicare
          recipients 65 and older.

          This plan is also very
          similar to the current Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit in which the
          retiree gets a specific # of government dollars with which to buy drugs and if
          you want a better plan with lower deductibles or coverage of more expensive
          drugs then you pay the difference just as you would when shopping for home or
          car insurance. You have the option of getting quotes from hundreds of
          government qualified insurance plans from dozens of competing insurance
          companies and you can do it every year to keep them all honest.

          So you simplistic economic example is wrong on all counts except
          for its ability to misdirect people about a crucial problem that is facing this
          country. One to which Obama has NEVER made one signal suggestion as to how we
          should fix it. Unless of course you think his Obamacare, which is for those
          pre-retirement citizens can somehow be expanded to also cover those who are
          about to retire. Why not, since Obama has already taken $716 BILLION from
          future Medicare funding to help fund Obama care for its first ten years!! I
          wonder where he expects us to get that money for the next ten years and the ten
          after that and after that.

        2. Republican shill. Just where in the Republican platform, or Romney’s 59 economic points, or Ryan’s budget is any of this spelled out? I don’t believe Rush, or Beck, or Fox as sources as you seem to. No sense in wasting time on semantics when yours are spurious and mine are fundamental economics. BTW time to clean your hard drive.

        3. “No sense in wasting time on semantics when yours are spurious and mine are fundamental economics.”
          And should we all bow down to your “superior” reasoning? Or just continue to think for ourselves? Personally I am thankful you aren’t my doctor. BTW have you read all 2000 pages? I haven’t – but your assumptions disagree with most others on this site.

        4. You’re a pathetic debater even by high school standards and I doubt a Dr. of anything. You understanding of economics borders on the neolithic and you obviously haven’t read any of Ryan’s plan if you’ve been looking at the RNC platform or the Romney 59 points since it was written well before either of those was even thought of and also expresses the thoughts of Congreemen Ryan and Widen.
          You also failed to address in any way shape or form what your President has planned to salvage Medicare since he’s had almost 4 years to study the problem. And don’t say Obamacare or the absolutely vile claim that he’s already fortified it by stealing over $700 billion from it, which he gave to help fund Obamacare.. Excuse me, perhaps the DNC platform or somewhere in Obama’s campaign plan(s) that he has written I can find a copy.
          Oops, I forgot, Obama hasn’t laid out any plan at all on anything, the Democrat controlled Senate hasn’t even passed a Constitutionally required budget for over 3 1/3 years, and the DNC is way too busy loading their platform up with pro-abortion and gay-marriage support to be worried about the current fiscal shape of this country.
          You maybe able to go on the boards and blogs and mis-lead and confuse those who can be swayed by scare takes and mis-leading rhetoric but those people you are still honestly looking for answers and some help aren’t so easily taken in and know that with a few simple Google searches there are a vast number of sites where they can find any number of opinions as well as transcripts of the original documents if they want.

        5. (1) I’ll take Geithner/Bernancke economics any day over Rand and yours.
          (2) The platform was just written this week.
          (3) The medicare savings comes from fat cat providers, not patients.
          (4) The budget has been presented yearly; it’s congress can’t pass it.
          (5) Your bigotry shows with hatred towards LGBTs; what’s hiding yet?
          (6) Congress rejected jobs bills, their avowed election campaign promise to voters broken.
          (7) You apparently don’t know misdirection and prevarication when you see/read it proving Lincoln right: you can fool some of the people all of the time.
          (8) The final reasoning and opinion is always my own and I vote accordingly.

        6. “I don’t believe Rush, or Beck, or Fox as sources as you seem to.”
          I believe you have explained your source of ignorance.

      2. It threatens retirees by a voucher system which could cost thousands and would force elderly seniors to seek out insurance companies to cover them. Who would determine their ratings, their premium their ability to chooses a company? Who would help them? Insurance companies parcel care out daily! They hold up payments to benefit from the float, they cancel policies, they raise rates and they deny coverage. Currently seniors go to a doctor who takes Medicare and they collect on assignment, plain and simple. No hassle and the system works. Where it doesn’t is because greedy doctors commit felonies and rob the systems.

  4. People love to hear lies and flattery. There is your answer. When will people stand up for TRUTH? Proably it will be too late when they do. Don’t be one of THEM!

  5. partial birth abortion supporters
    that should have said it all.
    Most SANE societies would have called them out as loonies the second they heard that double speak for INFANTICIDE

    1. Liberalism is truly an unfathomable worldview; how is it possible for “infanticide” to be judged a particularly heinous murder, but sucking the brains out of a Human Life during an in-progress birth , if the torso is still in the “birth canal”, ok from their political standpoint? Anyone voting for this despicable form of murder should be arrested and charged as a “willing accomplice”, and tried, found “guilty”, and executed. I have someone in mind.

      1. I agree with you. Anyone who is a party to the killing of a baby during the late term abortion, as you said, let the head come out and kill it (that’s legal as long as the rest of the body doesn’t come out) should be hung by their toes. Anyone participating in this killing should be fearful for their own lives as GOD knows who they are and what they’ve done.
        I would never use a doctor who participated in this type murder of a baby.

    1. We’ve been duped! Most of us knew it from our hearts that the words he used were to confound and confuse. Words devised by those type people to say one thing, but mean something else.. Oh, he’s good at it and the ones who fell into the trap are still lapping at his controlling words like Hitler used to deceive the people, as they were led into the Gas Chambers, still thinking everything was all right, that they were just gonna get a shower.


      1. right………the morons………should reelect Barry Obama and his clown Biden, so we can dig the hole deeper. Only and idiot would want to continue the plans of this marxist, no jobs, no business, no energy, no army, no savings, no pensions, lots of illegals running the open border. Run up the debt a few trillion more so that the next 5 generations can go broke. This inept racist is just a manchurian candidate “monied up” by Soros, muslims, china and all the elements that want to drain the US and its people of their resources, wealth and security. Only stupid libs want to bring the nation down to a 3rd world status. They feel guilty that they live better than others, but refuse to move to cuba, china, mexico, greece or any of their beloved socialist holes. Even some of the stupid women are waking up and not voting for Obama……..but for most of them “stupid is a permenant disease”. Obama is an embarassment, insult and destructive.

  6. Nobody should vote for Mr. Obama because we still do not even have proof that he is eligible to be POTUS. There is more evidence to suggest he is not eligible. His name needs to be removed from the November 2012 ballot and Congress and The Senate need to do their job and investigate. Must be something a Liberal
    has to explain to me. Maybe if I beat my head on the wall for a half
    hour or so I might get it.

        1. Wow, what a reply! Soros has his cheeks spread, run along, mindless troll, you don’t want sloppy seconds.

      1. Oh, you two must be partners, how sweet! Now crawl back to your basements, pull out your Soros pics & do what you do best.

    1. There are still people, Americans, I presume, who want to keep in office a man whose origin is still “unknown”,
      -Whose upbringing and education was basically Marxist, bordering on Communist, who on his own admission has used drugs,
      -Who “experimented with gay sex”,
      -Whose college records are hidden because someone else paid for his time there,
      -Who was sued by 2 male coworkers at the Harvard Law Review for sexual harassment (who were both paid off by the college),
      -Who has no writings of record either in college or in his state or national senate tenure, who was labelled “the most Liberal senator in the U.S. Senate”,
      -Who will not salute our American flag, who disrespects our National Anthem,
      -Who takes or attempts to take powers to himself regardless of our laws and Constitution,
      -Who WASTED almost $1 BILLION in a failed “stimulus plan”,
      -Who wants to socialize our national healthcare despite the fact that it has failed miserably elsewhere,
      -Who supports gay marriage,
      -Who supports killing LIVE babies in the womb,
      -Who sends billions of our dollars to support our enemies-the Muslim Brotherhood,
      -Who disrespects one of our “best” and few friends in the world-Israel,
      -Who has pledged to take the side of Islam in any dispute,
      -Who wants his wife to be paid (for what?), and who has 22 staff (all other First Ladies had one only),
      -Who doesn’t care if illegal criminals including murderers and drug smugglers come into our country wrongfully, and
      -Who is presently preparing a gigantic vote fraud.

      1. That is the $64K question, why? How can so many be taken in by him, how can so many see him caught right and left in lies and still believe each new lie he spews?
        I truly boggles my mind, either they are crazy or I am.

      2. I have told several people about the 2016 movie & not one was interested in finding out anything about ObaMAO’s background. They are too busy indulging themselves or working. We are the MINORITY, MOST Americans do not have a CLUE how much damage this p o s has done to this country nor do they know about the sickening CORRUPTION of this administration. The Marxist PROPAGANDA MACHINE MEDIA, Hollywood, the music & art communities, our public schools & colleges have done a fantastic job of covering up & LYING for this radical, racist little dictator.

  7. Women should not vote for Balack Obama because he is a Marxist fraud.

    But actually he’s not. He warned us he was out to fundamentally change America, and we were STUPID enough to elect him anyway.

    (I am not one of the We but does it matter We are stuck with the Disaster.)

    Now he is in the early stages of fundamentally changing America.

    Are we STUPID enough to give him 4 more years?

    1. “But actually he’s not.
      Really? He’s a “Marxist”, and he’s a “Fraud”, therefore that makes him a Marxist Fraud”

      1. I saw through this fake from the Rev. Wright fiasco on. BO has proved me right, the man doesn’t know the meaning of telling the truth and the Commie media continues to protect him and are Hell bent on getting him reelected. I shudder to think what will happen to America should we elect the first dictator in American history. This may well be the last free election this country will see.

        1. Probably because Obama went to an Islamic school in Indonesia where he most likely was sodomized by the bigger boys and later he sodomized the smaller boys. This is typical in Muslime countries and Obama is a Muslime. He probably feared that they would speak about his homosexual encounters.

          Any woman who votes DemocRAT should undergo Islamic female genital mutilation so they will know what it’s like living under Muslim Nazi Sharia law. Maybe that will deter them (if they have any brains).

        2. Beck and Hannity both tried to EXPOSE these marxists but were waved off as nutcases. Beck explained every step of the CARBON TAX and where it all began and their plan to rape and pillage the US to give other countries our wealth. Almost 4 years ago. Beck started explaining how Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Hitler and other dictators began their reign of terror. It’s all matching up now but its worse b/c now we have Izzlam mixed in with the Socialist Party, Communist Party, Nazi Party and Marxist Party. Marxine Waters and those those 3 other WHACKOS from CA are pushing for Sharia Law there and will probably achieve it with the marxist governor they have.

        3. I know……none of this bodes well for our beloved America. And now with the DOJ preventing states from removing non citizens from voter registration rolls. According to a state senator at a poll worker workshop today, States do not have authority to require proof of citizenship. We have the most vile, partisan DOJ we’ve ever had. If the 1.7 million immigrants obama is allowing to stay here get drivers licenses, they can vote according to this source.

        4. It doesn’t matter about the ID’s Gramdaisy, La Raza and Meche and LUPE, and the likes take care of the voting by illegals, I see it every election here in deep south texas. They go to the nursing homes, they vote for the infirmed, those with alzheimers, those that can’t read or understand english. Hell they, in the last election/primary went RIGHT IN THE BOOTH WITH the voters, which isn’t supposed to be allowed, and all that was said was these people were nervous voting. Those people that were nervous ALL WORKED AT THE PUBLIC SCHOOL. And there is no punishment when they are caught. Last election a woman caught filling out the mail in forms said she just knew these people for whom she was filling out forms for would want only democrats because they were the best. What happened to her NOTHING. The women she got caught filling out the forms for were all infirmed, or had no idea what the stealer of votes was even talking about. And the likes of Maxine Waters, who claims if you are against Sharia Law then you are a bigot. How isn’t she in jail? How is it that Eric Holder isn’t in Jail? How is it that more than 50% of the current administration isn’t in jail for perjury, and aiding and abetting in the murder of BP Agent Brian Terry. HOW?

        5. I’ve been to Houston to True the Vote Symposium and attended another this weekend in Ohio, so I am familiar with a lot of what goes on in Texas. Plus, get updates from TTV so see what’s been going on in nursing homes. I’ve always worrried about nursing homes. On one stat from TTV, 1/3rd of dead residents that were still on the voter roles had voted since they died. This is how obama gets re-elected. I’m afraid that those paying attention started paying attention way too late because this is THE election. Unless Romney can win really big. We as citizens can continue to work on voter issues in the future, but if obama gets in again, I truly do not believe any of it will matter. We need finger prints or eye recognition for all methods of voting and only for citizens.

        6. gramdaisy: “We need finger prints or eye recognition for all methods of voting and only for citizens. ”
          It is a sad day for something like that to happen. Heaven help us if THAT information should be highjacked.
          What’s a person to do?

        7. What, just what could anyone do? We who try to give warning get ridiculed, and dismissed as fools!

        8. You can observe at the polls. This will be helpful in the swing(purple states of Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio). Otherwise as in Connecticut(my state, which will go for Obama by 10%+), there is a lot less that you can do to effect real change. I am supporting Linda McMahon for Senator but shell probably lose by a large margin also.

        9. @chester1818, That’s what I do I vote then go to a different polling place and sit and observe. The poll workers know me so it’s not a problem. I usually go to a precinct where it’s minority majority (in other words poor precincts) and in 2008 I pointed out seven return voters to the polling place, their ballot requests were denied but they were never arrested.
          Best thing to do as an individual if you move call your last voting clerks office and personally tell them you moved and to remove you from the voter rolls, don’t rely on your state officials to clean up the voting rolls.

        10. Kathi……..that is scary. I believe it goes on all over the place these marxists and their hacks abuse the system and the handicapped. They should be arrested. Nobody is supposed to “help” another vote in the booth…..only a parent might take a kid in the booth. Waters is a disgusting pig, along with Pelosi, Reid, Jackson Lee. These people are anarchists who infiltrated the system to unravel it. To suggest sharia law be incorporated into anything we do, should be viewed as terrorism. Waters is a racist, who got into office to impose as many anti white, anti American customs, culture and history. They denegrate everything, but offer nothing new or good to fill the void………hence anarchists.

        11. This is correct, I have two friends that moved to Arizona and New Mexico 5 and 7 years ago… They have confirmed this and are both APPALLED that illegals can vote in national elections…
          Way too many people either don’t believe it, thinks it’s not possible or just choose to ignore it.. BUT it is FACT!
          We are headed for social and financial disaster in this country if current policies continue… I say ‘MR PRESIDENT YOUR TIME IS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        12. Why else is this jerk not only refusing to take any steps to control our southern border, but additionally to CLOSE some of our border control stations already there? he is out to ruin this country, and has made a good start. He needs to go–sooner rather than later.

        13. I don’t understand why more politicians don’t stand up to him and tell him he is not up holding our laws. Since the cowardly politicians won’t do anything then we must get more people out to vote for Romney and get Obam-ass out of office before he destroys America.

        14. Go see “2016 ” and you will see WHY he is doing what he is doing and it provides proof that Obama is NOT a bumbling idiot in over his head, he is a genius setting in place the perfect plan to “transform” the USA!!!

          Time to go BLOWBAMA!!!

        15. Arizona is not going to allow illegals to get drivers licenses I think Jan Brewer recently announced. But Georgia says they will allow. Sheesh.

        16. The written test given in English only I hope !! Even the road signs in the border states are in English and anyone with a driver’s license should be able to read them without pressing “1” !!

        17. I said from the beginning: Impeach and convict. Why, after four years of high treason, had no action been taken?!

        18. I know this is true. I personally know a person who registered to vote because she was embarrassed to let friends know she was not American. She received a voter registration card, but she said she never voted because she knew it was wrong to do. Sad thing is not all who do this think this way. They do vote. You can hear it on the Spanish Media. They are always talking about voting on these stations and how they have “rights” but they are here illegally.

        19. They still do not have the right to vote at least not legally… You must be a citizen of the USA in order to vote… That is why I am so in favor of voter ID picture identification… I work the polls and it is ridiculous what you can use for identity in OHIO …. you need photo Id to buy cigarettes, beer and cash a check… I personally do not see a problem with it… unless you don’t mind illegals voting????

        20. Well, I got trained to clean voter registrations but because my email wasn’t connecting with TTV and ohioVIP, got trained too late to make a difference for this election. Will continue after election….not sure if I will if o’s elected because I’m going to be sooooo disheartened. I am making calls for Romney and getting training to be a poll watcher in our early voting center. What are you doing. Anita Meincroff made a comment yesterday I thought was really cute. The Left is saying poll watchers intimidate blacks from voting “Yes, 3 whites in a room full of blacks is going to intimidate blacks!” What are you doing? Just got back from seeing the movie by the way.

        21. You call being against 0bama’s destructive policies hate? Are you kidding me? 0bama is out to destroy the US because of his radical marxist ideals, he has just about destroyed the economy, almost half of the people are getting some kind of govt. assistance, NO JOBS, people are no longer trying to get a job, gas, groceries, and utilities are going sky high at a time people have lost or are losing jobs, personal wealth is taking a nose dive…..but you call that hate??? Get out of mommy’s basement, get a job and try to live on your own…..see what the real 0bama world is like!

        22. I can spell Islam—it’s spelled “Destroy America”. Do I hate Muslims? No–but I am not blinded to the truth. I have read the entire Koran–and it is NOT a religion of peace, but rather, one of conquest and the destruction of anyone who refuses to become Muslim. Muslims are instructed to “kill the infidel where you find them”–and the infidel is anyone who does not believe as they do.

        23. This word “hater” has become another liberal byword or label. If you are against abortion then you are a “hater” of women. If you oppose homosexuality then you are a “hater” of homosexuals. I hate child abuse, animal abuse, thievery, rape and murder to name a few. I love people, animals, a safe society to name a few. If you don’t hate evil, you cannot truly love good.

        24. exactly, just as they are now trying to wave off Denish DSouza as a nutjob because of his Movie 2016. This movie shows 0bama as he really is. I hope everyone sees this movie!

        25. Dsouza’s book, “Roots of Obama’s Rage” was excellent , read it about a year ago, now his movie is based on some of the books info. The lib hacks hate truth, but some like Dsouza are heroes taking the risk to expose the rotten Obama crew……..the czars, his cronies and mentors who hate the US…….period. Dsouza is far from nuts…….he is an excellent researcher, writer…….yet Obama in his own book exposed his own drinking, drugging, but ……that is a big “nevermind” to these demolib morons. It’s completely a double standard.

        26. I loved Beck when he explained the CCX. My husband and I were sitting there going “OMG, OMG”.

        27. Hi gramdaisy

          Ya, Glenn had it all figured out. I would listen to radio and tell anyone who would listen that Clintons/Algore etal were going to try and bring down oil and make us dependant on air and sun. But they just rolled their eyes. I started Twitter 4 years ago today and now have a large number of great people who I follow and they follow back. We all sure do get a lot of steam out everyday on Twitter. Thank goodness for a great place to vent. My dad passed away June 2009, (worst year in my life so far). He was an AF vet he and I used to sit for hours talking politics, trying to figure out a way to stop the crushing of teacher’s union thug leaders who have dumbed down our kids for two generations and no teachings of America’s history. Many kids in these generations don’t even know who Hitler, Mao, Lenin, Stalin were and what communism is. Well, I guess they may be finding out a little too late. I pray to God I’m wrong. Beck was really the head of the snake who gave us all the idea of the 9.12 project and Tea Party. My gosh, the COMMUNIST DICTATOR came into office in Jan. 2009 and the tea party was born in March of 2009. But of course, you know how those tea partiers are, racist and bigots and they destroy property and beat people up. They can call me whatever they want to call me because My God knows what’s in my heart. It used to bother me some but they have used the race/bigot card so much it just makes you want to kick them in the shin. We have izzlamists coming into our borders from every direction. Hence, Fast and Furious and all the ammunition they are buying up in my opinion. Eric ‘the lawless’ Holder makes me sick whenever I look at him and we’ve had over 20 years of Hitlery and Billy Boy Clinton ruling our lives.

          President Reagan was my first time voting when I came of age. I watched him on a talk show one afternoon. Of course, by that time in 1978-79 I was married and working 2 part-time jobs. I used to get my blood pressure up each time I would see how much the govt. was STEALING from my checks. Anyway, Mr. Reagan said if he was elected president he would LOWER TAXES and I just fell in love with his gentle, kind ways. And so I remembered that and I voted for him. That was while I was basically still ‘wet behind the ears’ and my dad hadn’t gotten WISER quite yet and I, too, rolled my eyes while he tried to teach ME. So when he asked me who I voted for, he was REALLY PROUD of that. I miss those days that SEEMED to be less hectic. Maybe they weren’t but I know we didn’t have all this email and everything and I loved working hard.

          Anyway, sorry to make this so long. I got carried away. Just pray for the Nation and that Obamabots wake up and smell izzzylam.

        28. Wait until Hitlery is told thaqt under Sharia Law, she can’t leave the house without her OWNER, Bill.

        29. Good letter , so sorry about your dad,,I too voted for Reagan, he was a good honest man,and he told the truth,I have been worried since Obama was elected, and now im just plain scared, ever since i recently read that the Islamists will be at the DNC.I say if they want to pray , they should go to their Mosqes. I have never in my life, and iv`e seen enough conventions ,seen anything like what may take place ,next wk.Why would the Bishop want to say the prayer invocation there anyway ,

        30. Hey let them be put on Sharia Law and let them have their clitoris hacked off, so they can’t enjoy themselves. Many women over there have that done to them as female children per their father’s wishes so that they will not enjoy sex and want it and possibly become prostitutes because of their desires. There is much more to the operations that are often done in the home and not a hospital, that I won’t explain here. Just say that the wedding night is incredibly painful for these women, as is childbirth which requires additional procedues to be done before the baby can be delivered through the natural birth canal. Also under Sharia law women can be stoned or put to death for various things if the husband thinks the women has done it, even if he has no concrete proof. They should be made to marry the Muslim men that are like this if they want Sharia Law.

        31. Yes. Women in this country better wake up. OPRAH, the OBAMA butt kisser, had a show a few years ago where she had a guest on that went over to those countries and ORCA WHIMPY was ALL for saving all those poor females getting basically castrated in their homes. But ORCA sure helped get this muslim in the White House. Unbelievable. I’ve been trying to sound the alarm since 2008 and I just hope I may have reached one mind and changed it. I predicted this outcome. I KNEW what he was. Too many gullible airheads that wanted FREE gas, FREE mtg., FREE food, FREE phones, FREE utilities,FREE healthcare (which they may recieve 150 healthcare cards but good luck finding a dr.to treat them). NOTHING IS FREE. Unless you have been brainwashed to believe that since you are here, it means WE take care of them. ENTITLEMENT frame of mind. They think if they don’t get ODUMPY elected again their FREE stuff runs out. Well, I got BREAKING NEWS for them: FREE stuff runs out if ODUMPY is elected. Cuz the NWO chiefs have drained all our $$$$. And then some.

        32. Yes, female mutilation is real, the muslim men are sick people. i don’t understand the liberal left women in this country. And there will be more voter fraud in this election than ever before. We have tolerated too much in this country and will lose it. We have reverse dicrimination and a lot of blacks are no better off (sad) , mexicans who come here to get out of their ratholes and want ot turn the place they came to into a rathole, and now muslims will be demanding their culture be put into play here. We would be imprisoned if we tried this in their countries. It’s time to shut it down.

        33. k9mainden: It appears that Obama and the major media are losing he public and the figures, not the polls, show Obama is fading in popularity with the public mostly due to the economy but also the lies told that have been exposed by those agencies checking truth versus lie.
          The signs are all there, even though the media continues to say it will be a close election, what I see is a landslide win for Romney and also in the electoral vote by over one hundred. Check out the electoral breakout and how states are shaping up in this and you will see it doesn’t bode well for Obama.
          Even when Obama loses the election, it will be a long and difficult road back for the United States as he created an unbelievable crises with help from the Senate and the Federal Reserve which is too lengthy to get into on this blog.

        34. He may not win the election, but he will still be president from November till January. The scary thing is, what destruction will he do in those few months. He is not going to go out peacefully. He is a snake in the grass and full of EVIL.

        35. Agree 100%!! I knew who Obama was from the very beginning, but people chose to look the other way when all these little facts and information came out about his connections with unsavory people. They voted for him anyway!! Now we all will pay the price for their ignorance. It will not be a pretty world if Obama gets back in office in 2012. God help us all!!

        36. I do believe you are right that if he’s re-elected that it will be the last free election the USA will see. I also believe so many of us will be put into locked and guarded camps for expressing our opinions, if not put to death.

        37. There has been a black cloud(no pun intended, he has hardly any black in him) all over the world since he got elected. All kinds of destruction.

      2. ME TOO!! When that piece of garbage said those DOZEN words, “IN FIVE DAYS I WILL FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” I thought no way would the American people vote for this unpatriotic, nasty, vile, commie/marxist wannabee dictator!!! boy was I wrong, he is filth folks, pure evil filth, and so is the she beotch next to it, don’t kid yourselves it and it want to totally control all aspects of your live, while the she beotch flits around the world on our dime, which will becoming thinner and thinner………till we are exhausted have no more money for it to confiscate, then you really will see what North Korean people really live up close………we WILL become nothing more than another 3rd world country, this sob will have striped it bare!!!

        1. people there is NO WAY ON THIS GREAT EARTH….THAT a country of over 300 million freedom loving american citizens…will stand by and watch this NEGRO destroy our country……NOT ON MY LAST BREATH

        2. He has hardly any black in him. Just a little over 4%. He is 50% white and the rest ARAB. Just enough black in him to vamboozle the uneducated blacks and whites.

        3. obumbler has no direct American Black blood in him. His lineage is African Black.
          Arabs are different colors, and some are darker, just like obumbler.

      3. Doesn’t matter who voted for whom– The Electoral College chose the President. There has been times the Popular vote & the College did not go the same way.

    2. [email protected] says:


      1. Love to see the government get cleaned out as the Kremlin was in Russia! A lot of our “leaders” need to get their asses kicked, badly!

    3. So we know WHY Obama told Russian prime minister Medvedev that he’d have more “flexibility” after the elections!!! Therefore, without doubt, sounds like he’s DEPENDING ON A “FIX” THAT’S ALREADY IN THE BAG FOR HIM! They are planning on left-stream media PROPAGANDA PRINCIPLES, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD. It has nothing to do with “we the people” who don’t want him re-elected. He DOESN’T WANT OUR VOTES TO COUNT AT ALL. He’s making OUR votes NOT count. Either way, Obama CAN’T HONESTLY win by honest votes, or on his policies; to win, he must community organize a national ruse of voter fraud. AGAINST OUR CONSTITUTION. OUTRAGEOUS, and we cannot afford any of it!

    4. Your wording is correct !! While “we” is meant as a whole people, some of us have never respected him. i respect to office but will never respect the man that props his feet up on my furniture like it was his personal property !!
      If you voted for him the first time to prove you weren’t a racist, don’t vote for him again to prove yourself an idiot !!

        1. I was in the AFL-CIO for 37 yrs so I worked with several idiots !! I did learn that they hated to hear the term independent almost as much as conservative !! Or “vote for the lesser of the two evils” !!

    5. I pray daily for more Americans, regardless of sex or ethnicity to wake up to the reality of the disaster Barack Obama truly is, and that more of them will vote not to reelect him.

    6. amazing to me is that stay at home moms have no days off and no holidays and they still do a great job. Yes job, hard working women should be proud.

    7. you are right……….but I was not part of the “stupid” voters……..I tried every way in my limited power to convince 20 yr old somethings and soccer moms that Obama was a nightmare………but THEY were so stupidly impressed with this empty suit, so brainwashed to install an “affirmative” action president………and couldnt stop babbling “awesome” to everything the marxist ranted.

    8. you are wrong.. HE IS A FRAUD… He has defruaded the American Government and WE THE PEOPLE by being born in Kenya, and trying to pass off a fraudulent BC.. Also he is fraudulently using a dead man’s SS number…
      You make the call, but in book the ILLEGAL-ALIEN BORN IN KENYA does not deserve to be a citizen of this great land, much less the POTUS (fraud or not)

    1. Yea…….that’s when PP was born and abortions became fashionable. Women were suddenly ‘unchained’ as O’Biden would say!

  8. Can that many women really be that ignorant? The Democrats are crushing them along with everyone else in the U.S…..I think many of the College Students have caught on to Obama’s lies and promises not kept but we should still be worried about the women’s idolization of Obama……why?????????

    1. I am a woman and I don’t idolize obama, I can’t stand him. Each time I see his face on my computer I cover it with a picture of Jesus. The trouble is his face is all over the webb. I am sick of seeing him and I don’t see anything fascinating about him. Make you feel better?
      GOD says if you love me follow my commands. obama threw his arms around and said if you love me vote for me. Maybe he is the antichrist.

      1. thank GOD they changed the angle of his picture. the old one had me and all others looking up his nostrils. i hate the guy.


  10. republinos not only want to control every aspect of a female’s life such as health care, birth control, abortion, defining rape as different levels of difficulty, and how much money they make, but also want to control how they vote. Women everywhere must really appreciate what the republinos are trying to do to them and for them.

        1. I am sure most Democrats from the Blue State, where the better schools, healthcare, jobs, pay, benefits and lifestyle would disagree with you lowlife rednecks!

          Speaking of the “Red States” where
          they exert so much political clout and legislative influence, in the November’s
          Vanity Fair magazine (please access
          the following site: http://louisvilledivorce.typepad.com/info/2006/11/red_state_blue.html
          ) one can read about the “real” national statistics on morality. The “Red
          States” lead in violent crime, overall crime, divorce, illegitimacy,
          infidelity, multiple sexual partners, rape, incest, teenage mortality, drug
          abuse and incarceration. One should ask why?

          As to illegitimacy rates, according to the National Center
          for Health Statistics, of states with the highest percentage of births in 2003
          to unwed mothers, 9 of the top 10 are “red” states. The rate for teen mortality
          by suicide, homicide and accidents, despite their state’s reputation for
          family, religious and moral values, was much higher in the “red” states. In
          fact the top ten states regarding that statistic are “red,” and the bottom ten
          are “blue!” Not only that the top ten states in alcohol dependence and abuse,
          are “red” states. The incidence of venereal disease is 40% higher in the “red”

    1. I am a conservative woman, including being Extremely independant having left home at 17 in 1970 – the republicans represent FREEDOM to me much more than the controlling dems who want to legislate every part of my life and my parenting!

        1. Obama is very generous wanting women to be paid the same wage as a man doing the same job, but he doesn’t have to worry about fulfilling that promise if he is re-elected AS THERE WILL BE NO JOBS TO BE PAID THE SAME WAGE!

        2. There were eight million jobs lost because of the Bush 43 Meltdown and Crash, more than 4.5 million have returned- clod brain!

        3. I will be the first to admit that President Obama has made some mistakes along the way, not holding wall street and the big banks accountable, and taking too long to realize congress wanted him to be unsuccessful at the cost of the economy and jobs. However, I do give him credit for trying and he has put forth a lot of good ideas that congress won’t consider. Let’s step back a minute and think what happened. Mistakes by both parties helped the banks and wall street crash our economy losing jobs. In the Great Depression no one blamed the unemployed for being unemployed but today the “1%” has successfully convinced too many people that because of the union workers’ benefits and the laziness of the unemployed on welfare, unemployment, and food stamps, that they are causing the huge budget deficit. Wall street and the big banks are enjoying the fact that business is back to normal but main street is far from normal. No, try to remember who caused the financial collapse and then not blame President Obama for not having congress work with him to correct the mess.

    2. Nope, Republicans just want to respect life from conception, and quit murdering innocent children, for the sake of convenience. Democrats are the murderers, because abortion is in their official platform. To show you how barbaric, and murderous, abortion is, check out the abortion law in New Jersey, where you can abort a full term fetus, and NOT give it any aid to survive. Just throw it in the garbage. THAT IS CALLED INFANTICIDE!!! MURDER!!! And this is the official platform of the democrats! Anyone who votes to keep people in power who suport this policy of Infanticide, will answer to God for that vote. Oh, I forgot, democrats don’t believe in God either. Boy are you in for a shocker on the day you die! Ever consider how long eternity is? Just think, in 100 trillion years, you ain’t even got started yet! Democrats, you may pull it off here and figure “you won”, but YOU CANNOT LEGISLATE TO GOD! Better to think about it between now and November, than to have all eternity to think about that one little vote!

      1. Rednecks like to go to family reunions looking for a wife. They say incest is best because it produces the best kids. And women enjoy and look forward to having a baby by rape from a stranger never to be heard from again. Who needs a family unit when strangers can produce the same if not better results? Who cares if the mother dies as long as she can have a baby, but how many more can she have?

  11. i heard that king obama wants all women to look like queen obama with big booty but and then king obama is going to send wild bill to toss up states whell ladies hide your daughters because you know what big bill can do. he will try to get anytime any place

    1. Even Big Bill would pass on “Moochele”! Don’t be so hard on Bill. Just take a good hard look at Hillary! I can’t blame the guy! Whoa!!!

        1. It is the libtards who are most likely to be queer. We conservatives value our women and children, and find homosexuality to be an abomination!

    1. No true! Blacks were the target for Margret Sanger when she started Planned Parenthood, Obama’s fiercest supporters.

  12. If he should be re-elected by his cronies, I wonder how long it will be before he
    sets up his Sharia Law? Less than 6 Months I’ll guess.

    1. America and Sharia Law are NOT compatible! America is the land of the FREE and HOME of BRAVE!! Obama and zombies can’t change that!

  13. If O bas turd actually thinks American women will be subservient to his Muslim Brotherhood buddies and go along with his Sharia Law BS then he has SERIOUSLY underestimated the intelligence, power and strength of America’s women!!!! Maybe he can reflect on this while he is doing his PRISON time!! SAVE AMERICA!! R & R 2012!

    1. I plan to cling to my God, my Bible and my Gun before I’d ever be submissive to those people who treat women worse than they treat dogs. Life isn’t worth that.

  14. Women vote democrat for the same reason blacks vote democrat – they’re naive and they’ve been told/fooled by the liberal media that democrats are “for” minorities and women. You’ve just provided the tip of the iceberg regarding the truth on democrats’ treatment of women. Now, let me share with the readers the truth about how democrats are on the subject of race. It’s astounding that any black would ever vote for a democrat if they understood history:

    Contrary to popular (aka naive) beliefs and propaganda spread by liberal media, democrats aren’t now and never have been supportive of blacks. Yeah, really! Don’t roll your eyes – the only reason you may believe otherwise is because you don’t know the facts.
    Read below – I promise you’ll learn something:
    The democrat party has consistently favored racial discrimination, it just switched which race should be discriminated against (they started by discriminating against blacks, now they discriminate against whites – in order to “buy” the votes of the blacks and hispanics)It was the Democrat Party that welcomed former leaders of the Weather Underground and KKK and Black Panthers into their party.Every segregationist who ever served in the Senate was a democrat.The Republican Party was founded for the express purpose of opposing slavery.It was Republicans who passed the Thirteenth Amendment, granting them citizenship; and Fifteenth Amendment, giving them the right to vote.It was Republicans who sent federal troops to the Democratic souh to enforce the hard-won rights of the freed slaves. The Ku Klux Klan was originally formed as a terrorist group to attack Republicans who had come to the Democratic South after the Civil War to help enforce legal equality for free slaves.It was Republicans who passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866. Republicans kept introducing federal civil rights bills and Democrats kept blocking them over and over and over throughout history. Republicans passed bills to protect black voters in the South in 1890, antilynching bills in 1922, 1935, and 1938; and anti-poll tax bills in 1942, 1944, and 1946. Meanwhile, when Democrats won elections, they promptly re-segregated the entire South. In 1913, Democrat Wilson instituted segregation in Washington DC, and summarily dismissed black officials from their federal jobs. President Wilson’s racist policies were fully supported by Democrats in Congress, and angrily denounced by Republicans.It was republicans who overwhelmingly introduced, promoted, and passed every civil rights act from the end of the Civil War right up to and including the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which incidentally, Al Gore’s father voted against.The Senate vote on the 1960 Civil Rights Act was 71-18. Every single vote against it came from a Democrat. Lyndon Johnson voted against every civil rights bill during his tenure in the Senate.Democrats only came around on civil rights when blacks were voting in high enough numbers to make a difference at the ballot box – and then they claimed credit for everything their party had ferociously blocked since the Civil War.
    It baffles me that we’re taught that Democrats are the civil rights champions. They are absolutely the opposite.
    First of all, the Republican party was created to be the party against slavery because the Democrats were pro-slavery, and good people knew it was un-Christian and morally wrong. Lincoln was a Repblican, and not in “name only” as so-called scholars are teaching on campuses across the country. You’d never know it by how Republicans are portrayed now, but we were THE anti-slavery party, and we still are.
    The very first Republican president freed the slaves and was hated for it. He was consequentially murdered by a Democrat!!!!. How many people know that? It’s been suppressed from history books! I bet you could do a survey of metro Detroiters and not have a single person know that fact. The Republicans also gave the freed slaves 40 acres of land and a mule to work their land..Yep, you guessed it, the Mighty Democratics came along and took back the land and the mules, and returned all of it to the ex-slave owners….From Maggie’s Notebook, an email to her from David Lemon, and :Astonishing History of Democrat Racism at nodnc.com: The Klu Klux Klan was created by the Democrats for the express reason of terrorizing blacks and Republicans in the South to prevent them from voting, and that every known Klansman that were members of Congress have been Democrats.
    Further, the first grand wizard of the KKK was honored at the 1868 Democratic National Convention, no Democrats voted for the 14th Amendment to grant citizenship to former slaves and, to this day, the party website ignores those decades of racism….
    Three years after Appomattox, the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, granting blacks citizensdhip in the United States, came before the Congress: 94 percent of Republicans endorsed. “The records of Congress reveal that not one Democrat — either in the House nor the Senate — voted for the 14th Amendment…Three years after the Civil War and the Democrats from the North as well as the South were still refusing to recognize any rights of citizenship for black Americans. [David Barton]

    1. You need to share this info with many of the talk show hosts, if they will listen. Sharing the truth will shed light on darkness any time !

      1. Thanks. Ya know, I’ve tried… sent it to O’Reilly, Hannity, and The Detroit News. If the media/schools would do their jobs, this would be common knowledge. Instead, a pathetic 95% of blacks vote democrat – because they aren’t informed.

    2. Do y like not know anything about history and politics. The Democratic party of the south was greatly against civil right. The southern Dem party slowly move to Republican. Why do y think the deep south is predominantly Rep. This party reflects their still to black stance. That is oh so we’ll known. Wallace, etc. racist Dems because that was the predominant party. Those eastern liberal commies Dems are the one that got civil right legislation passed. Amazi g how much y pretend not to know.

    3. Yes this sound good if it was still in the early 1900, but you need to read more about this when the kkk’s changed parties, in the 1930’s. the Republicas do not care about no one but themselves. this David Barton needs to get out of the past. The time is now we talk about God we need to love one another for God. We are to help one another we should be thankful for what we have, and no worried about what we don’t have, my granddaughter wants to be a lawyer and she 17 years old, I don’t go around saying that the government taking from my grandbaby, there were government at the beginning of time, but God said to save for your childrens, childrens. When ever people talk about this as david barton you all still live in racism, and i do not care how many black friends that you have, and who ever thank like this is stupid.

    4. thank you for this well written comment. most of it was news to me. keep blogging it on other sites so more people will get to read and know of this history which was never taught in school. no wonder history in school was such a drag…

    5. The problem with our hypothesis is the than Democrats were all southernes, to day these old democrats are now Republicans. The Democratic south went Republican in 1964 when segregation was outlawed under President Lyndon Johnson of Texas, one of our great Presidents. When I was traveling through the south in 1956 I was just amazed at the segregation of bathrooms, buses, restaurants and hotels I had no idea as a young 18 year old that this was still going on. This was not something I was used to in Cleveland Ohio. The south was almost all democrat antill 1964. Johson knew very well that he would loose the south for the democrats. That is when the south joined the Party of the hated great emancipater Abe Lincoln who freed the slaves. By 1963, the party of Lincoln had become the party of the rich. I wonder if the editors of this posting will let this trough.

    1. Exactly. Too many don’t care if this country goes to the dogs as long as they get their freebees. He’ll pay their food bill, their rent, light bills, beer & cigarettes. And if they’re lucky, all the dope they can get.

  15. One detail the article missed;
    the Democratic National Committee just admitted that Muslims participate officially in the festivities during their convention in Charlotte NC.
    Every female in the world knows that they are sold by their parents at the ealy age of five as SLAVES TO THE FIRST SHEIK that comes along.

  16. Two guys are sitting around talking about politics.

    One of them asks the other, “So why are you a Republican?”

    “Because my daddy and granddaddy were Republicans,” was the man’s reply.

    “What if your daddy and granddaddy were horse thieves?”

    “In that case, I guess I’d be a Democrat.”

    1. Still no thoughts? Silly stories about as effective as this article. Think you’ve lost the women’s vote. YOU BETCHA. get a cohere t thought, Ray

      1. Marinemom which I doubt you are. A person is known as much by their friends as by their enemies. You compliment all with whom you disagree. If women wish to vote for those who associate with people that would like to see Sharia imposed or tolerated in this country then they are all able to do just that. I prefer my wife independant, educated, and free to associate with whomever she wants to. But then I guess that is too conservative of me isn’t it?

      2. If your name is authentic then I would suspect your son/daughter opposes your view. This creep in office has done nothing short of shredding our military and using them as pawns in his war with his constituents. I don’t know of a single service man who has a decent word for him.

      3. Marinemom – I do not know who you are but don’t ever say anything against what Raymond says – He is everybody’s god around here. It matters not who gets hurt over it. It brings the bullies out in droves.

        1. i like raymond too. he always says something worth reading. after awhile you get to
          know these scribers and look forward to more posts from them.

        2. This clown Raymond is a lying SOB who spends his time inventing crapola. He’s a hater and a bigot, plain and simple!

        3. I love his hatred, bigotry, and rants. This is because I agree with all of it. It is a reflection of how I think and feel!

        4. Bullies, you mean like publishing the names & addresses of anyone who disagrees with your pathetic agenda & getting your crew out to vandalize, intimidate & a ssault them?

        5. thismustend – I do not have and agenda – with the exception of living a life as God laid out in His word. I do not bask in others praise of me, and I do make mistakes. But when a mistake is made, it would be nice if I was corrected in a civil and godly manner rather than an arrogant hateful tone of bullying. You and many others here have misjudged me and I am asking the Lords direction as to whether I should even be a party to such undisciplined selfishness from Christiansans and Non-Christians alike.

      4. If you are really the mother of a marine, he must be a follower of Islam—or else your marine would be ashamed of you! Raymond researches a lot of stuff–and when he brings it forward, folks like you call it lies. here’s one for you–a bumper sticker that tells the truth–because of it, my truck has been vandalized a few times— Pray for Obama (first line) next lines:Ecclesiastes 10:2–(NIV) The heart of a wise man is inclined to the right, but that of the fool to the left”——Never is this more evident than during these past, and now this current, elections.

    2. I take it you know about Harry Reids’ great uncle. He was in the cattle business until the bottom fell out. He got caught.

      1. 1954 Presidential candidate Senator Adlai Stevenson from ILL. in speech said,Republicans , if you stop lying abaut the Democrats, I promise, we will stop telling the truth about the Republicans.

        1. Apparently you should check out Harry’s tree and see who shakes out. I mean why lie? This was too funny and so was the longwinded explanation. I like democrat/progressivess they never let the facts get in the way of a good narrative.

    3. It would have fit your image better if you had told me the story about the Obama bumper sticker was not true. I had to learn that from another. These little ditties that you come up with are all fine and good until you stomp another into the ground for misunderstanding the truth of the matter.

  17. Magic lamp:

    Barack Obama finds a magic lamp. He rubs it and out comes a genie.

    The genie gives Barack one wish.

    Barack pulls out a map with many red marks onit and says “I’d like world peace.”

    The genie says “You are asking too much of me.Even I can’t bring peace to all the world.”

    Barack says “Ok. Well just make my wife beautiful.”

    And the genie says “Let me see that map again.”

    1. Raymond – This has nothing to do with the above article or your present post. But I would like to have you go back to the article about Obama and the spelling of the word OHIO. Read the latest that I wrote to you and to “joanc” about 5 hours ago. And also read what “nan1” wrote to me and then my answer to her. I will say little more here except to remind you of Matthew 12:36-37 that says, “And I say to you, that every careless word that men shall speak, they shall render account for it in the day of judgment. For by your words you shall be justified, and by your words you shall be condemned.” Now I realize there is a question as to whether this is the Judgement Seat of Christ or the Great White Throne Judgement before God. Regardless, I believe it should give us pause as to how we use words toward others. I do not know joanc’s spiritual heart, but you have made yours clear and yet you agreed with her in her every word, along with a few of your own. I am sorry that I gave you cause to parse words as you did and also was so ready to chime in with others who did the same.

      1. This Raymond clown is a disgrace to the uniform in his picture and if he ever really served he disgraces every time he writes his filth!

        1. Why don’t you just go back to your libbie sites where you can worship lord Obama to your heart’s content? Sqawk at raymond all you want–to us it just shows how blind you truly are.

      2. normac:
        “Regardless, I believe it should give us pause as to how we use words toward others.”
        If this election on November 6th is significant–and I truly believe it is–I believe people commenting on this, and other such posts, should cut out the name-calling, and just present cold, hard facts. There is a reason films like 2016, and books like “The Amateur” are so popular.Their makers have tried to methodically gather information without the hysteria.
        I appreciated Reagan’s attitude to agree to disagree. Cooler heads need to prevail.

    2. I never seen you and hope i never will, but you are just as stupid as your mother was when she had you. Stop talking about some one mother.

    3. You need to remove this stupid comment, do you like people talking about your mommy, if you don’t remove you just as stupid as the rest of those re-pub-last.

        1. Take that picture of you in a uniform off the site- your bigoted tripe is an insult to the uniform and the country!

  18. The most important reason that women should not vote for Obama, especially if they happen to be mothers, is because of the damage that this little community organizer has done to the futures of their children and grandchildren. It is unfathomable to me that women who have had the privilege to grow up in the most benevolent, vibrant, and economically stable nation in world history would not want to afford their children and grandchildren the same opportunities that they have had. Obama’s goal is to downsize us as a nation in order afford other nations in the world who have chosen a socialistic system an equal footing. He has no respect for hard work, ingenuity and faith which are foundational components of American success.

    1. What children? Obama is encouraging them to use contraception and not be punished by having a baby. Should they unfortunatlely become pregnant he provides abortions on demand through his pals at Planned Parenthood!

  19. Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Jackson Lee, Maxine Watters, Debbie WasermanSchults, and other Leading Women in the Democrat Party are worse PIMPS than many men in the profession

      1. Pelosi and Maxine? They are uglier.
        And Ms Lee could take the role of Chita in any Tarzan movie. Well……No… This belongs to Michellu

  20. I will never understand the Hypocrasy of it all , Black people vote for the Party of the KKK , Where have all the American Patriots Gone ?? There was a time when we had smart well informed People in this country that did their research , Liberals and Democrat/Communists have been very succesfull at dumbing down the populous in the last couple of decades ,There was a time not long ago when we had great men and women that where smart and Patriotic ,Just 20 years ago The illegal alien Communist from Kenya would never have been allowed to commit voter fraud with his Communist Criminal Cronnies and been elected to the Senate , In the last 20 years the Democrat/Communist Party has so degenerated into a gang of A-Moral Communist Dirtbags that Lie inccesantly ,I consider myself an Independent because of LOU DOBBS ,He started the Independent Revolution ,Now I hear that some Independents are supporting the illegal alien Communist from Kenya ,Women in this country need to wake up and drink some Coffee and see the truth of it and the big picture ,Anyone !! Black ,,Brown ,Yellow ,Red or white ,Male or Female ,Rich or Poor that goes out and supports and Votes for Comrade Obama is committing an act of treason against their country or is just plain Stupid

    1. You see this is the reason we got in this mess, when you people voted for Bush, you let other people thank for you and tell you what to do, who to vote for, if for some reason uninformed Romney win the election wat will you get out of it. Now you like listing to people let me tell you what you will get(NOTHING), in which you will get abetter undersanding from President Obama and that a fact.

      1. I would rather receive nothing, but keep all that I earn. I also want to be left alone, and the government kept out of my life!

    2. my son visited china (communist) with his church group. people there live in tall apt. buildings and a bus loads them up in the morning and they go to work. they are
      loaded up and away they go. return in the evening. the shopping for food is in the
      basement level of the building. that’s it. i asked about the people who did not live
      in the building and go to work. my son said they live on the streets and forage for
      food like a dog. i can see why the govt there wants to dummy down the people. the
      products made there sell for very little cause the people are not paid. they are given
      a place to live and food to eat. my son was told not to give money to anyone for any-
      thing. it is not allowed. ( talk to people who travel and ask questions.) course, people
      do not visit china. it is not a tourist haven. trump says to break china we should
      place a tax on incoming goods to bring the price up to our price and that’s it. don’t
      know how this would work as we owe them so much money… if anyone knows some-thing more or different please correct me and/or educate me. [email protected]

  21. Most of the folks who comment here would help our, the conservative, cause more if they would just keep quiet until after we have won the election. Where do all these crazies come from? We need to thank them for voting Republican. But, we don’t need them displaying their embarrassing ignorance. Did Ronald Reagan really do us a favor by letting them into the GOP?

  22. One big thing I failed to mention is the destruction of our kids and grandkids futures that is directly the fault of the Democrats’ policies. Not a single one of them knows or cares how our grandkids will possibly cope with a $16 Trillion debt expected to increase to $25 Trillion by 2025. Obama and the Democrats are spending our grandkids futures buying votes today. It’s despicable, and its hard to see how any mother can condone it. The Republicans are not blameless here, but the last year that the Republicans controlled the entire federal government, the deficit was $161 Billion (too much) compared to the trillion dollar deficits during every year of Obama’s reign of terror.

    1. they don’t give a damn because they won’t be here to see it when it happens. You know the old saying….out of sight, out of mind…..and DEAD is as out of sight as you can get !!!!!!!

    2. Here are some facts wayne, check them out like I did, Carter left in 1980 a National Debt, N.D. of $930.2,Billion, in 1988 Reagan left a N.D. of 2.684 trillion, in 1992 Bush one left a N.D. $4.177 trillion, in 2000 Clinton left a N.D. of (8 years) of $5.662 trillion. Ind 2008 Bush one (8 years) $10.699 trillion N.D. not counting the 630 billion that Clinton left him with a surplus. After all the bail outs to save economy from going over the cliff , as of the second quater of 2012, the ND under Obama is $15.125 trillion. Had the banks, the middle class tax cut and the 240 billion stimulus not been implemented by Obama, we would have gone into a 1929 like depression instead of the great recession that we are just now comming out of. Economists who studied the depression of 1929 ,presided over by the Repulicans who refused to pump money in to the economy to save it 1929. Had they done that in 1929, the depression would have been a recession instead. It took WW II to get us out of the depression some 11 years later , when the Gov. started to pump billions of $$ in to the edconomy for the war efford. The economic lesson of WW II was that when you have yourself a nice big war, you get a automatic stimulus package that creates millions of jobs without calling it a stimulus package, Could the Iraq and Afhganistan wars been GW Bushes stimululs program to goose a faltering economy in 2001. And now Romney and Ryan want to increase the military budget by billions as their stealth stimulus package.

    3. That debt had little to do with Obama. Most of it is caused because revenues had dropped as a result of the Bush 43 Crash. Why don’t you jerks open your eyes and read a little. What do you think Obama went ahead and wrote the checks himself? Read the following!

      Another myth promulgated by the anti-government, flat-earth
      Tea Bag Brigade. Every day these sites come up with most fantastic insanity to
      get their lunatic-fringe base riled up over another non-issue. What else is
      expected by kooks?

      On top of the specious
      issue of the “birthers,” the lack of an education (only made the President of
      Harvard Review, taught law for ten years at the University of Chicago Law
      School), and he never had a job (had his pick of any big time law firm). But,
      the lunatic fringe claims he is pro illegal immigration (more people deported
      in 3.4 years then his predecessor in eight years), not strong on national
      defense (getting rid of Bin Ladin and almost all of the top Al Queda leadership
      with the use of drones, not the blood of American soldiers, arming and
      assisting NATO to get rid of Khadafy, with little expense and no American

      Obama spending binge never happened

      Commentary: Government outlays rising at slowest pace since 1950s

      May 22, 2012|Rex Nutting, MarketWatch

      WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Of all the falsehoods told about President
      Barack Obama, the biggest whopper is the one about his reckless spending spree.

      As would-be president Mitt Romney tells it: “I will lead us out of this
      debt and spending inferno.”

      Almost everyone believes that Obama has presided over a massive increase in
      federal spending, an “inferno” of spending that threatens our jobs, our
      businesses and our children’s future. Even Democrats seem to think it’s true.

      But it didn’t happen. Although there was a big stimulus bill under Obama,
      federal spending is rising at the slowest pace since Dwight Eisenhower brought
      the Korean War to an end in the 1950s.

      Government spending under Obama, including
      his signature stimulus bill,…

      Here are the facts, according to the official government statistics:

      In the 2009 fiscal year — the last of George W. Bush’s presidency — federal
      spending rose by 17.9% from $2.98 trillion to $3.52 trillion. Check the
      official numbers at the Office of Management and Budget.

      • In fiscal 2010 — the
      first budget under Obama — spending fell 1.8% to $3.46 trillion.

      In fiscal 2011, spending rose 4.3% to $3.60 trillion.

      In fiscal 2012, spending is set to rise 0.7% to $3.63 trillion, according to
      the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of the budget that was agreed to
      last August.

      Finally in fiscal 2013 — the final budget of Obama’s term — spending is
      scheduled to fall 1.3% to $3.58 trillion. Read the CBO’s
      latest budget outlook.

      Over Obama’s four budget years, federal spending is on track to rise from
      $3.52 trillion to $3.58 trillion, an annualized increase of just 0.4%.

      There has been no huge increase in spending under the current president,
      despite what you hear.

      Why do people think Obama has spent like a drunken sailor? It’s in part
      because of a fundamental misunderstanding of the federal budget.

      What people forget (or never knew) is that the first year of every
      presidential term starts with a budget approved by the previous administration
      and Congress. The president only begins to shape the budget in his second year.
      It takes time to develop a budget and steer it through Congress — especially in
      these days of congressional gridlock.

      The 2009 fiscal year, which Republicans count as part of Obama’s legacy,
      began four months before Obama moved into the White House. The major spending
      decisions in the 2009 fiscal year were made by George W. Bush and the previous

      Like a relief pitcher who comes into the game with the bases loaded, Obama
      came in with a budget in place that called for spending to increase by hundreds
      of billions of dollars in response to the worst economic and financial calamity
      in generations.

  23. Well, that just about says it all! Lets face it…they are either blind or deaf and I don’t mean that to be offensive toward blind and deaf people. It’s just hard to believe that anyone thinks O is doing a good job toward helping our economy. And seriously, why would we want to “build up” the the welfare unless we want to keep those folks, including women, down. Talk about slavery!!! And lets not even talk about partial birth abortions and the toll that takes on the woman that get them.

  24. I wonder if “Michelle Antoinette” will allow her daughter’s private parts to be mutilated when her hubby has allowed islamic sharia law to rule the land… Just sayin’…

  25. the main reason women should NOT vote for this idiot…is because…unlike alot of men WE HAVE GREAT BRAINS..AND KNOW BETTER!!!!!

  26. Anyone who thinks the Republican position on abortion is radical, “The baby should live”, hasn’t taken a look at the Democrat position, “The baby should die, if the mother, for ANY reason, doesn’t want it”.

  27. The Dems have made a living waging war on segments of our population and yet with the help of the media convincing everybody that they are champions of these groups’ causes.

    I’ve written about various aspects of this in the past.

    In one article I discuss Dem-darling Planned Parenthood’s “sure we’ll kill your baby girl so you can try for a boy” policy: http://bit.ly/NprHMX

    In another I shine a light on their Gender Pay Gap Myth: http://bit.ly/NX0B0V

    The bottom line is that the power=people in the Dem Party are hypocrites who will exploit anybody for their own gain.

  28. Remember the National Lampoon’s first annual? It was pulled after three days! A picture of a VW Beetle floating in a pond of water (beetles actually did float) and the caption “if Teddy was driving a VW, Mary Jo would be alive today!” Classic!

  29. And America have the chance to vote for Romny and bring the country back,is time for mens and womans to see whats happens now in America and if we give this men a second chance he will destroy every trace left to us from the other generetion,he keep doing the dream from his father all the american going to sufer ,he dont care with the white people becouse he want revench ,he want all the worl to be equal,i like you to go to the movies and check the movie 2016,dream from my father and if you dint make your mine you will.God bless America…..

  30. Just listing to yourselves, you all are stupid you voted for Bush a 2nd time. The only reason
    that you don’t want to vote for President Obama is and always will be his race.

  31. Woman don’t vote Democrats, because they want woman to have equal rights in pay,woman get 65% of what men get paid,woman pay more for health insurance than men,keep the right to their bodies, insurance paid birth conrol pills, men get insurance paid Viagra, woman need a law that will protect them from getting fired for staying out more than 2 weeks to give blirth from work.New law should give woman workers 6 weeks paid leave of absence like other developed countries (Canada). These are all good biblical reasons woman not to vote for Democrast

  32. Democrats war on women. Thanks for the Republicans they get to vote.
    May 21, 1919Republican House passes constitutional amendment granting women the vote with 85% of Republicans in favor, but only 54% of Democrats; in Senate, 80% of Republicans would vote yes, but almost half of Democrats noAugust 18, 1920
    Republican-authored 19th Amendment, giving women the vote, becomes part of Constitution; 26 of the 36 states to ratify had Republican-controlled legislatures

  33. Why should women and men everywhere not tolerate Obama? My logic is very simple. A caring human should never, ever support the taking of an innocent life which begins at conception, not at birth. I am so sorry to see this travesty take place under pressure to fall in line with murdering helpless children by women, who are for the most part, manipulated by circumstances and convenience. Bravo to da Tagliare for this stance of calling out this embarrassment of a president that reflects ill on all of us as the people who put him in power. It is now up to us to take him out of power in November with our votes. Don’t waste them. Please vote him out of office!

  34. Well said. America, especially vulnarable women and minorities, please pay attention and read in between the lines. Obama, is using you, as he did everybody else in 2008, with all his promises and lies, painting you a pretty picture just to keep his job. We can do better, we had 4 bad years, lets vote for Romney in order to restructure and build our future.

  35. I think that most women in America will outweigh their freedom to irresponsibly engage in promiscuous unpretected sex, and then dodge the consequences by paying a “hitman” (obstetrician) to murder her baby, over the threat of Shariah Law. American women (especially middle class women of European descent) have been indoctrinated for decades now that sex is their greatest means of empowerment and control over men and that as long as they use sex as a means to an end, they can get whatever they desire. Unfortunately, because the majority of these types women today have been bred and raised to be extremely self centered and self gratifying, this will be nearly impossible to change without reversing years of brainwashing and re-education, and absolutely dooms any hope of saving the future of ALL European races, both American AND European. This is why the combined birthrate of all Europeans and those of European descent is a mere 1.3% History has shown that the bare minimum for a culture to barely survive can only be at the absolute very least, 2.11%, while anything below 1.8% is literally IMPOSSIBLE to reverse.In other words, all Eurpean cultures are guaranteed to be extinct by 2050, just as the globalists have planned and hoped for all along.

  36. How appropriate that the impeached disbarred felon Clinton will introduce the Mullah Obama, that marxist Muslim from Kenya, to the Democrat Convention.

  37. I wish people who are catching on to Obama and his plan to destroy America stop finishing their statement, but he’s a nice guy ????? What is nice about a man who voted to leave babies that live thru an abortion to be put aside and let die. A President that throws the Constitution aside if he does not get his way. spends the tax payers money like water to do his vacationing and his play time and what ever he wants to do. He does not lead the USA he abuses our Country and people still call him nice, perhaps that is to keep from someone saying they are racist. Grow up – his skin color is black – his insides are evil. If he were any other color his insides would still be evil and we need to get him out of our White House.

  38. I do not, can not, understand the fear, of somebody being against women. At 82 years I have fared very well as a woman and have never been made to feel inferior or threatened. It does not bother me, in the least that man usually is running ahead of us. I feel like it is nice to have men looking out for us, as they look out for themselves and our children. I do not believe that they are working against us. THE PROBLEM is totally beyond my
    understanding. I have been a widow for 25 years and still am doing well, with men still giving me the help when I need help. I am still holding my own.

    1. i totally agree with evermyrtle. i like being a woman. men have always been nice to
      me. course sometime you find a drunken one or one with problems but that’s life. not all women are the sweet, gentle things you dream about. men walk away… we should too. women make so much noise over everything.

  39. A homosexual male who will marry a woman to shield him from the consequences attendant upon his potential constitutency finding out what he actually is makes Ted Kennedy (rest his soul) look like St. Augustine.

  40. There ain’t no way in this life, that I would vote for Obumbo. Why the great controversy? I have never needed to have anyone to tell me who to vote for. I was born in the 20th century and was blessed with a margin of intelligence, and do know what is going on around me, and all of the country.

  41. I am a woman and I am definitely NOT voting Democrat, and, I did NOT vote Democrat for at least 30+ years. All of my women friends don’t vote Democrat, either, and none of us would vote for Obummer!!!!

  42. You must have missed the 22 point turnaround with McCaskill now leading Akin by 10 in Mo. Also please note Obama is climbing in that state, is locked into 292 electoral votes and is currently leading in Va, Fl, and Iowa. Looks like Obama could win with 337 Electoral Votes with 10 more of Missouri one’s in play. Akin and Ryan are the Siamese Twins of personage and look what happened with that ballot initiative in Ultra Red State Mississippi! It crashed!

    1. He will win only by fraud, lies and Mickey Mouse and all the Disney characters voting with all the dead and their pets!

    2. Dope smoking pollsters have no idea how totally ticked off we flag waving Americans are.

      And our President chooses not to wear a flag pin because it might offend some. Whaaat?

  43. Let’s see now: obama is being introduced by a known rapist and womanizer, Bill Clinton, and a failed comedian (?) Al Franken who had a skit about rape which he thought was funny (NOT!), to a party that not only condones but encourages rampant sex with anyone and everyone and if you “get punished with a baby” (obama’s own words about his own daughters)……….murdering that same HUMAN BABY for any reason at any point in time from conception up to and including moments before a live birth………………….and this is the party for women? Are they that evil or that stupid? Or are their sycophants the same?

    1. people think obama is going to give them something and/or take care of them. we are having big money trouble. the indigent do not understand money or how to get
      it or keep it. obama is floating money now…when it runs out the poor suffer first. there will be fighting in the streets. i fear the future. we need a money man who knows how to run a business and a country. any business mitt romney ran made money. oh yes…did you know that when poor obama leaves the white house he
      retires on $450,000 a year (for life) ? poor widdle guy.

  44. The DNC firmly believes women are only interested in killing their unborn child for any reason whatsoever. NOTHING is more important to the movers and shakers on the fringe Left than to convince American women it is their inalienable right to engage in a promiscuous, irresponsible lifestyle and kill their baby out of convenience afterwards. Those on the Right give women far more credit than the Left because more women and their families are affected by the lousy economy, lack of jobs, the high cost of fuel, the impending jump in taxation and opportunities for their children in the future. All women are born with a uterus and, to the chagrin of the Left’s thinkers, they also have brains. Some will fall for the Left’s tripe, but I am hopeful many more women will vote with more important issues in mind.

  45. Bain Capital Document Dump Affirms Dodd-Frank Act

    August 23rd, 2012 10:39 pm Jason Sattler

    On Thursday
    Gawker released a trove of 950 pages of documents related to Mitt
    Romney’s dealings at Bain Capital. These papers reveal that Bain is not what
    most Americans would think of a as a conventional business. Instead it’s “an
    intricate suite of steadily proliferating inter-related holding companies and
    limited partnerships, some based in Delaware and others in the Cayman Islands,
    Luxembourg, and elsewhere, designed to collectively house roughly $66 billion
    in wealth in its many crevices and chambers.”

    One revealing document
    shows that Romney’s retirement plan includes holdings in a company that wasn’t
    created until 2002, in the heat of his campaign for governor. This confirms
    what a Bain employee revealed to Chris Hayes on MSNBC’s Up
    With Chris Hayes earlier this summer: Romney remained
    CEO of Bain until 2002, three years after he “left,” in order to maintain
    leverage as he negotiated his retirement package. This fact is crucial as it
    implicates Romney is some of Bain’s most controversial layoffs — including
    those at GST Steel and KB Toys.

    Bain Capital Document Dump Affirms Dodd-Frank Act

    August 23rd, 2012 10:39 pm Jason Sattler

    On Thursday
    Gawker released a trove of 950 pages of documents related to Mitt
    Romney’s dealings at Bain Capital. These papers reveal that Bain is not what
    most Americans would think of a as a conventional business. Instead it’s “an
    intricate suite of steadily proliferating inter-related holding companies and
    limited partnerships, some based in Delaware and others in the Cayman Islands,
    Luxembourg, and elsewhere, designed to collectively house roughly $66 billion
    in wealth in its many crevices and chambers.”

    One revealing document
    shows that Romney’s retirement plan includes holdings in a company that wasn’t
    created until 2002, in the heat of his campaign for governor. This confirms
    what a Bain employee revealed to Chris Hayes on MSNBC’s Up
    With Chris Hayes earlier this summer: Romney remained
    CEO of Bain until 2002, three years after he “left,” in order to maintain
    leverage as he negotiated his retirement package. This fact is crucial as it
    implicates Romney is some of Bain’s most controversial layoffs — including
    those at GST Steel and KB Toys.

    Another gem is a 2010 Powerpoint
    presentation from Sankaty Advisors LLC, the credit affiliate of Bain
    Capital. A slide called “Market Opportunities/Altered Landscape” says
    “Regulation will improve liquidity and transparency.” The regulation this
    document refers to is the Dodd-Frank Act, the Democratic banking reform law passed
    in response to the financial crisis.

    But Romney now promises to repeal Dodd-Frank. His website
    says, “President Obama’s expansive agenda has brought the costs of
    excessive regulation into high-resolution focus. A number of his major
    initiatives like Dodd-Frank and Obamacare represent a quantum increase in the
    scale of the regulatory burden on the American economy.”

    This directly contradicts Bain’s own finding in 2010.

    Romney left Bain in approximately 2002. He loves to claim credit for any
    good they did long after he left or Bain sold a company. But you won’t see him
    taking credit for this sensible presentation.

    More on how Romney and his buddies game the system and rip off the average
    American. I know you don’t care about anything but “birther issues,”
    education records and race, But open your eyes!

    Bain Capital Document Dump Affirms Dodd-Frank Act

    August 23rd, 2012 10:39 pm Jason Sattler

    On Thursday Gawker

    released a trove of 950 pages of documents related to Mitt Romney’s

    dealings at Bain Capital. These papers reveal that Bain is not what most

    Americans would think of a as a conventional business. Instead it’s “an

    intricate suite of steadily proliferating inter-related holding companies and

    limited partnerships, some based in Delaware and others in the Cayman Islands,

    Luxembourg, and elsewhere, designed to collectively house roughly $66 billion

    in wealth in its many crevices and chambers.”

    One revealing document

    shows that Romney’s retirement plan includes holdings in a company that wasn’t

    created until 2002, in the heat of his campaign for governor. This confirms

    what a Bain employee revealed to Chris Hayes on MSNBC’s Up

    With Chris Hayes earlier this summer: Romney remained

    CEO of Bain until 2002, three years after he “left,” in order to maintain

    leverage as he negotiated his retirement package. This fact is crucial as it

    implicates Romney is some of Bain’s most controversial layoffs — including

    those at GST Steel and KB Toys.

    On Thursday Gawker

    released a trove of 950 pages of documents related to Mitt Romney’s

    dealings at Bain Capital. These papers reveal that Bain is not what most

    Americans would think of a as a conventional business. Instead it’s “an

    intricate suite of steadily proliferating inter-related holding companies and

    limited partnerships, some based in Delaware and others in the Cayman Islands,

    Luxembourg, and elsewhere, designed to collectively house roughly $66 billion

    in wealth in its many crevices and chambers.”

    One revealing document

    shows that Romney’s retirement plan includes holdings in a company that wasn’t

    created until 2002, in the heat of his campaign for governor. This confirms

    what a Bain employee revealed to Chris Hayes on MSNBC’s Up

    With Chris Hayes earlier this summer: Romney remained

    CEO of Bain until 2002, three years after he “left,” in order to maintain

    leverage as he negotiated his retirement package. This fact is crucial as it

    implicates Romney is some of Bain’s most controversial layoffs — including

    those at GST Steel and KB Toys.

    Another gem is a 2010

    Powerpoint presentation from Sankaty Advisors LLC, the credit affiliate of

    Bain Capital. A slide called “Market Opportunities/Altered Landscape” says

    “Regulation will improve liquidity and transparency.” The regulation this

    document refers to is the Dodd-Frank Act, the Democratic banking reform law

    passed in response to the financial crisis.

    But Romney now promises to repeal Dodd-Frank. His website says,

    “President Obama’s expansive agenda has brought the costs of excessive

    regulation into high-resolution focus. A number of his major initiatives like

    Dodd-Frank and Obamacare represent a quantum increase in the scale of the

    regulatory burden on the American economy.”

    This directly contradicts Bain’s own finding in 2010.

    Romney left Bain in approximately 2002. He loves to claim credit for any

    good they did long after he left or Bain sold a company. But you won’t see him

    taking credit for this sensible presentation.

  46. Romney and Tax Evasion! Open your eyes and read!

    On the same day that Mitt Romney cracked his birther “joke,” new evidence
    indicated that he and his partners at Bain Capital have used
    questionable methods to avoid federal taxes – including a scheme
    that transforms corporate stock into untaxed offshore “derivatives,” and
    a practice that converts management fees into capital gains, which are taxed at
    a far lower rate.

    While nobody has asked to see the Republican candidate’s birth certificate,
    as he said at a
    Michigan rally on Friday, everybody has a renewed interest in
    examining the tax returns he continues to withhold.

    The complex and tricky tax shelters used by Bain Capital continued to emerge
    from as lawyers and other experts examined the hundreds of pages of previously
    confidential company documents uncovered by
    the Gawker website in an exclusive series this week. The
    authenticity of the documents was confirmed by a Bain spokesperson, who said
    that the company deplores the public posting of its proprietary materials.

    In a sense, the latest revelations about how Bain protected its vast income
    from taxation are scarcely surprising to anyone familiar with the world of
    private equity where Romney made his fortune, estimated at $250 million or
    more. Avoiding taxes is among the most important attractions of that industry
    for the wealthy clients it aims to attract.

    But several experts who have looked over the new Bain documents have warned
    that dubious legal tactics may have been employed by some of the company’s
    investment vehicles, including several that are listed on the partial returns
    that Romney has already released. Those experts, such as Victor Fleischer, a
    law professor at the University of Colorado, and Daniel Shaviro, who teaches tax law at New York University’s law school, have raised
    questions about both the equity “swap” and fee conversion maneuvers.

    Companies like Bain make money both from investment income, which is taxed
    at the lower capital gains rate, and from management fees, which are taxed as
    ordinary income like wages. If the firm can somehow transform its management
    fees into capital investments, then it can avoid the 35 percent top federal
    income tax rate, and pay the 15 percent capital gains rate instead. That is
    what Bain evidently does to keep its partners’ taxes low – around the 13
    percent rate that Romney admits to paying. But critics like Fleischer say this
    is an abusive tactic that cannot be justified by law, even though the IRS has
    never attempted to stop companies that use it.

    “Unlike carried interest, which is unseemly but perfectly legal, Bain’s
    management fee conversions are not legal,” the Colorado professor wrote on his blog. “If challenged in
    court, Bain would lose. The Bain partners, in my opinion, misreported their
    income if they reported these converted fees as capital gain instead of
    ordinary income.”

    Equally troubling is the use of offshore accounts to avoid taxation on stock
    holdings. This tactic is called a “total return equity swap,” because it
    involves swapping real equities for derivative paper investments that provide
    all the same dividends as the stock itself – but aren’t subject to federal
    taxes. According to Shaviro, this practice was sufficiently blatant to elicit a
    warning from the IRS two years ago. He wrote
    recently that those who used it over the past decade “were coming
    perilously close to committing tax fraud, in cases where the economic
    equivalence to direct [stock] ownership was too great.”

    In the complex territory of tax law, precise boundaries aren’t always clear.
    What makes the “total return equity swap” potentially perilous for Romney,
    however, is the use of foreign accounts to avoid taxes, which is what many
    Americans suspect him of doing. Despite the accounts that he has maintained in
    Switzerland, the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Bermuda and other tax havens,
    Romney’s campaign has repeatedly denied, with little credibility, that his
    wealth was invested abroad to evade taxes.

    The proof may well lie within the tax returns that he is so determined to
    conceal. Wisecracks about the president’s alleged foreign birthplace may not
    distract concerned voters from the overseas accounts where Romney’s money has
    been hidden.

    1. Why are you so concerned with what Mitt Romney does with HIS money? You better start worrying more about what Barry is doing with YOUR money. This is a long rant that really says nothing of any importance in the face of a horrible economy a staggering unemployment rate, immigration issues, threats of terrorism, etc. Hmm, me thinks you might be a Paulbot

    2. There is a distinction between “tax evasion” (illegal), and “tax avoidance” (legal – and everybody does it!). If Romney has LEGALLY transferred, “hidden”, or obfuscated his wealth, so what? It’s HIS, not the governments. I’m sure he had/has a plethora of CPA’s and Attorneys to ascertain all was/is above board and very Kosher. I would rather know how he intends to handle OUR money, than how he handles his. Looks to me like the Left is impeaching him even before he gets inaugurated.

  47. The Dims think women aren’t capable of controlling themselves, nor of buying their own birth control. They think the government knows more about their bodies than we do! Hussein talks down to women, doesn’t look them in the eye, as he is superior and is only wasting his time because he has to. For a woman to vote Dim, she wants to be treated like a slave to men. Women are to be used and then have their guts ripped out when what Hussein calls punishment happens.

  48. NOBODY should vote for him, man OR woman!!! I can’t see the evidence of the “Republican war on women”…..where is it??? Conservatives and a lot of Independents are pro-life, supporting the non-murder of infants….how is that a “war on women”??? Religions that don’t believe in contraception are at war with women??? How??? Insurance doesn’t pay for your food, why should it pay for your pills??? It’s not a disease!! The “war on women” charge by liberals is phony and an attempted distraction because they have no record of accomplishments in the past 3 1/2 years to talk about. Every day the dictator attacks Romney/Ryan for what they say!! Is that boring, or what??? We need to give R/R a chance!!! We are voting for CHANGE on November 6 and we HOPE it works!!!

  49. O/T….Just came back from viewing 2016 the movie. It is a must see. I had to google 2016 to find it. It will scare you. the 1% 99% thing!!! it means 1% America 99% THE REST OF THE WORLD. if he gets re-elected get ready for the new world order. America will be a third world country. SEE THE MOVIE. google 2016 to find it

  50. here are some reasons women should not vote for democrats……bill clinton….anthony weiner….eliot spitzer…..ted kennedy….and john edwards……..need i say more

    1. Would like to see it, if I had the time. As an OTR driver, I have little opportunity to go to a theater. Still, for me, ” tell me something I do not already know”

  51. As far as women voting for Obama goes, haven’t you noticed that their pro-Obama arguments almost always have to do with sex; i.e., abortion, contraceptives, and nothing about the future of America.

  52. Just listing to yourselves, you all are stupid you voted for Bush a 2nd time. The only reason
    that you don’t want to vote for President Obama is, and always will be his race.

  53. Don’t they get it that having the Muslim Brotherhood there are the convention says that they are DHIMMI TO Islam? Shariah is death to any woman who crosses the line. Not just beating but more like cutting off ears, noses,HONOR KILLINGS– acid in the face ugh -It goes on and on about how many ways can a woman be abused. Sick cultural belief system – and bho sucks up to this stuff!!

  54. Hell dumbocrat women love slime balls and muslim terrorist because ODUMBA is one of them,, single unmarried mothers see uncle SAM as their husband supporting them with everything they need but sex and they can pick that up at the bars ,,,,,,,,,

  55. Well, Dems not just pander to get a majority needing gov money, but dem divide and support groups, no matter how far from normal, until they have a majority of people under their wing. So what group of normally opposing interests will they bring in next. Once these normally having no common interests,

  56. obama is declaring war on right wing americans by arresting without warrants and brainwashing with drugs many americans…he needs to be stopped or what is next?..holocaust?

  57. Obama does not pose any particular threat to women in the sexual sense of the word. He does share His Muslim Sharia law views on the proper way to deal with disrespectful wives, and women in general. But Judging from the closeness to The Most Reverand Jeramiah Wright and the capers associated at the Down Low Club in Chcago with Rahm Emanuel, one might assume that the spindle set may be favored over the distaff set.

  58. The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to an electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails us. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

    1. Obama truly is the Prince of parasites and we as taxpayers are paying for his agenda. Our children and grand children are going to bear this burden as well. It is truly a serious long term problem that few recognize. Your post should be presented nationwide. A metaphor now would be children screaming for a bigger piece of the national pie, in a few years it could be soup and bread lines.

  59. just saw 2016……..vote republican………send barry back to kenya………..part of his scheme …get rid of all of our nukes…..get rid of isreal….1 huge muslim nation syria egypt iraq……get this a*hole out of office so we have our freedom

    1. mizer, The movie presented the information in a manner that allows viewers to get the big picture. It also showed how many topics were missing from the national media so called news reports. Although many of us already knew most of the information, it was a logical presentation that put the pieces of the Obama agenda together and clearly showed how serious the situation is. We still have a short time to get our nation back on track.

  60. In the near future, the unionized, hijacked,
    communized, multi cultured, infantacidal
    and anti American democrat party will be
    forced off the stage; while sane men get
    about rescuing their nation.

  61. If women eventually wish to dress in Muslim garb and risk being killed because of some Sharia law, go ahead and vote for Obummer.

  62. Here is the best reason most women should not vote for this Marxist. Any women who have children or plan to will be saddleing them with massive debt. The women in the WH are paid less than their counterparts. Look how the greatest beloved Dems. like Clinton and Kennedy treated women and their wives. I’ll take Romney and Ryan who love their wives and children and who not cheat anyday.

  63. Republican’s WAR ON WOMEN is one of the themes of the DEMOC RAT’S CONVENTION. What hypocrisy ! There will be 20,000 MUSLIMS attending – the most oppressive people against WOMEN and PHILANDERER BILL CLINTON is their prime SPEAKER.

  64. This is a good artical and it should make all women shy away from Obama and his staff. They are not good for the women best instreast. American women need to wake up and see through Obama and all his lies and miss guided statement. Obama is an enemy to americans. It easy to see all the damage he done to all americans. He seem to be fighting with every body. He suiting too many states instead of helping them. He killin g too many jobs intead of helping business. He trying to tax us more through the back door of Obama care and lying to us all the time saying he wants to cut taxes. I wish I could fire him today. Congress need to impeach him for his criminal conduct. OBAMA BOY FRIEND AND FELONY PASS WITH DOPE ””””http://liberty.com/content/barack-obama-used-cocaine-had-gay-sex-1999 >> Obama must be defeated.******SHARE THIS WITH AMERICA !!!!***** http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/trojanhorse.asp****

  65. They say it is ok to kill babies in there platform that is enough reason not to vote for them. I thought women love babies and love to care for them and nurture them. I don’t know if some women really understand what choice really means. An abortion could prevent them from ever having a baby let alone the trauma that is experienced from the loss. That is the real war on women.

  66. No matter how you spell Islam I spell it like this asshole’s they are and if you don’t like that spelling so be it. dumb ass

  67. “Since the start of the 2012 presidential campaign, Democrats, including Barack Obama have done their best to convince the women of America that the Republicans have declared war on them because of the GOP pro-life stance”


    This article is insane. It just goes to show “if you dont have anything nice to say, make something up”. The comments that follow are just as lame. Marxist…unAmerican? Born in Kenya? How freakin’ unpatriotic to think he wasnt fully vetted BY THE AMERICAN SYSTEM before being allowed to enter the race.

    You would be wise to get your information from some other source than Glen Beck, and Faux News. Your brains are shrinking!

    1. Teri, Do you really believe that Obama was vetted by our “American system”? The national media merely ignored any inconvenient topics, The DNC and democrats have provided basically distortion and deceit. Their agenda is nothing but pandering to parasites. No need for me to list the other ways that this administration has caused long term damage to out country, apparently you are oblivious to reality. Keep watching MSNBC, The Huffington Post and the other radical liberal media. Don’t forget to maintain your claim that our brains are shrinking….

  68. When the democrats parade a woman like Sandra Fluke out as an example for them to follow does everyone realize this nitwit is in Georgetown University Law School and paying $40,000/ year to be there and will earn over $140,000/year upon graduating and she wants free contraceptives for what? Why isn’t she celibate being a student? Why must I pay for her sexual romps I paid for those of Jane Fonda and Nancy Pelosi in the 60’s and I am sick of funding their abortion as birth control platform. 45,000,000 abortions, 35% black, and the Democrats cry “war on women” if the democrats are killing the babies of women they are killing their souls with lies. No woman can feel good about killing a baby, can they?
    Dnesh D’Souza says in the movie 2016 Obama will destroy America through our debt and he has raised it from 9 trillion to 16 trillion and it will be 20 trillion by 2016 and America will be Greece! That is the Obama plan to bring down America and give our wealth to more deserving nations like Brazil, Columbia, Sudan, Kenya anywhere but America. I suggest everyone see this movie as Mr. D’Souza has done a great job of analyzing Obama. D’Souza is a College university President and unconcerned about democrats or Republicans but he is concerned about anti-colonialism of Obama.

  69. He is a Muslim, raised a Muslim, they are not christian and have no christian values….they believe in raping of women, stoning of women, genital mutlation of women, marrying babies……really woomen of America, really you are going to stand for this garbage in the United States of America…this is not the United States of Islam, this is not their heritage period….time for all Real American women to demand their removal from our nation in order to preserve and protect our heritage…..period.

  70. Did 9-11 not teach us anything, why are these still here, why are our borders not closed to them and other invaders who are trying to destroy our heritage and our homeland…the time is now in order to protect the greatest nation to ever exist to demand their removal from our shores, we can help them in their homeland, but this nation does not belong to them period……

  71. The differing views on abortion are amazing! One by law is permitted to terminate the life of an unborn human being. True the baby has not yet been born, but clearly is alive. I see this decision to terminate the life of a child as the ultimate child abuse. Yet many who agree with abortion disagree with the death penalty and necessary wars. All democrats do not favor abortion and all republicans do not favor the death penalty or necessary wars. Another way to look at this is to believe that selfish people don’t want to be bothered raising their child or defending their country. I personally believe that exceptions to abortion should include the health of the mother, rape and incest. I also believe that each of us who is able, owes our nation at least two years of some type of national service.
    Our nation is a nation of laws, our traditions and customs must be considered and our laws must be followed. Freedom depends to a large degree on self reliance. If one is willing to give up their self reliance they will eventually lose their freedom. When you vote this year, vote for our country, not for yourself.

  72. What possibly do any women see in Obama? If your are a committed marxist…..then sure it makes sense, but if you are the average American woman with all the issues to deal with in life……..Obama is the antithesis of your needs in life. His divisive politics and disgust for all things American works against women and their desire to succeed as well as have those around them succeed. Be it male or female, children, spouse, parents, friends etc. If those around the women, besides the women themselves suffer because of Obama’s mad ideas, the same women will suffer. The preponderous negative facts of Obama’s design for the US are so numerous, that only an idiot can ignore the truth. While all politicians have negatives and none fill our plans thoroughly, this one is 100% on the wrong side of American survival and security, success or fullfilling the aspirations of its citizens. If such a large number of citizens still approve and/or vote for Obama under these circumstances, then either the education system is a complete failure or we have many deranged people in our midst. Everything he touched was either wrong 180 degrees or destroyed, rather than be applied to improve the nation. Literally nothing he has done has improved any aspect ot this nation. Only the sheer will of people to go to work, pay taxes, apply their skills has this nation endured the wrecking ball of Obama. He hates US history, the culture, the customs and any of the long tried prescriptions of this kind of democracy/republic. His domestic and foreign agenda was designed to bring down the US……..why you might ask…..simple ………he lives in an ideaology formed by the mentors of his youth …….mostly radical haters who are racist, marxist cranks and diabolical anarchists. Obama’s mindset was formed years ago and he has no comparison or belief in alternative means of governance or social order. He is a completely created marxist operative. You could compare this strict ideaological practice to many of the past fascists……from Hitler, Mussolini, Castro, Mao………all who reject any deflection or rethinking of their plans. Obama just hasnt yet gotten total control to kick in doors with brown shirts yet……..but give him 4 more and watch it start……….Dump him and his roaches in November.

  73. I don’t think women who voted for him had any idea of the true “change” he intended for this country. If they vote for him again, they just might find themselves relegated to the status of property by 2016. This man is out to turn this country into something we don’t want–and we’d better get him out of office before it will take another civil war to make it right again!

  74. Women are voting against their own interests when supporting Obama and most Democrats. Obama has a strong affinity for Islam and supported the regime change in Egypt as you discussed. Your points on Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy should be researched by any woman considering a vote for the Democrats. The so called right to “Choice’ has led to the choice to abort a female fetus while keeping a male fetus even in Western countries at a growing and alarming rate. With the two pronged attack of Sharia and abortion, women can expect to be in the minority in the United States and have curtailed rights.


  76. In reference to sex selective abortion, I think we have to state that Obama voted for it as a senator, and has not recanted, in the 3rd trimester. Democrats are sick, and Democratic women are just dumb. Maybe in the next life, God in his ultimate mercy will have all that support murder, then they be born female, aborted, or born Muslim. Sick, Sick.

  77. Women have always been the stupidest voters out there. They, for the most part, tend to vote on looks and personality, and not on ability to do the job. Just look at Clinton. Women voted overwhelmingly to put that idiot in office because he was pretty., Turned out he was just pretty stupid.

  78. This is the most fundamentally, incipient load of ignorance and bigotry I have come across in a very, very long time.

  79. Most of the women I know, however, are more interested in what make up to buy and what shoes to wear ,I know of only a few that care about our country .Women as I see are followers and if one woman of renown says obomas is cute then they fall in lock step with the girls .Ladies please dont get upset at what I wrote ,I write the truth as I see it

  80. Obama represents everything that is not American. He is a fake president who managed to fool millions of Americans and a danger to our survival as a Republic and leader of the free mation. Women need to wake up and stop pretending that Obama is going to be on their side. He dangles the carrott with slick speeches,mostly via teleprompter, something that in itself should signal that what he is saying is does not come from his soul or core values.

  81. While we are talking about voting, remember that some states have decided they would give all of their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the national popular vote. This could put our elections into a crap shoot for sure. According to 2011 article provided, we were half of the way there. California has just voted on this and are waiting for governor’s signature. Make sure your states don’t let this get through if they are considering. Unless there have been others, don’t think this will effect this election. But it could subsequent ones. This would be like mob rule.

  82. Democrats are World Class Hypocrites! The real War on Women is Created by and Supported by the Leftists Democratic Party. What is MOST Scary is that Democratic Women actually do NOT see the Truth of this War being waged by the Liberals. It is though the Dems simply tell a Lie often enough that even the brightest women believe the Bizzarro Crap! Lenin, Hitler, Mao and Stalin were right…Tell a BIG Lie Often Enough with good speech, diction, false sincerity and sense of Outrage…and fools will begin to believe that Lie. Obama has Lying down to a science. Why is the White Guilt Driven Media still afraid to call this Fraud out on those LIES???

    When will our vaunted US Media wake up and take on the Liar, Racist, Fraud and Fake in the White House? What are they afraid of?

  83. Let us stick only to the FACTS: For the working women of this Nation unemployment is UP for women. For Women who work in the home, food prices, utility prices, clothing costs, gas prices have all “skyrockted” as Obama promissed. Now the reality is Obama has not been good for anyone except the entitlement society.

  84. Those women should watch the movie Sally Field starred in titled “NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER.” Even in that case it was mild in comparison to what some non-Muslim women go through when they marry into that faith. Some have to go into a life time of hiding if they do get away. I’m not saying all of those men treat their wives that way, but they do have a different perspective on the equality of women and the women’s place in life. Crazy how the Muslims get to do a prayer thing at the Democratic National Convention and talk about their needs here. Why don’t Christians get to do the same thing either before or right after the Muslims do? I don’t believe the Muslim faith supports abortion either.

  85. I am very ashamed of the women that would vote for Obama for reasons of birth control and abortion clinics. The democrats have created the need for abortion clinics and birth control with their “have more” philosophy so you can get more welfare money and get them hooked on the handout. It’s a vicious cycle that has been perpetuated for a number of years. Have more illegitimate kids and we’ll take care of you and them. That’s all they are promising the women and they are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

  86. I am a women and there is no way in god’s green earth would I ever vote for that idot and didn’t for him the first time around because I thought he was an idot then and least he didn’t prove me wrong.

  87. The Democrats real war is on God, Jesus the Christ and his chosen! We gladly suffer for Christ name sake, knowing God will have the last say/vote on human history. For us to live is for Christ, to die is for gain. The first time God came to the world as the suffering servant, the next time he will come as a warrior. The murderous sword of Antichristism will be turned to vapor in less than a second at his return. Are you ready for his return sinful man?

  88. Since the Democrats had their way with Roe vs. Wade, they have murdered over 25 million female babies in the Democrat Party controlled and funded concentration camp abortion mills. I would say that’s a war on women, wouldn’t you? And that’s not to mention the over 25 million male babies they murdered during the same time. Lets pray God will open the minds and hearts of the ice cold Democrats and luke warm Republicans to the truth before November 6th 2012, otherwise there will be hell on earth under Obama and his Father Satan.

  89. This so called war on women is nothing more than a liberal propaganda tool to conquer and divide. The liberal left is using every tactic they can muster to cause division and strife between Americans to keep the focus on inconsequential issues rather than substantive issues such as the devastated economy. When you have no record to run on, you must attack your opponent and try to convince every voter that he is a felon, a criminal, a murderer, and someone who would throw granny over the cliff. Thankfully, Americans are intelligent enough to see through these distractions and will take the appropriate action to elect a President who will be a positive approach to restoring our great country to it’s proper place in the world.

  90. bho is not for America he is a fraud, a lier, a marxist, and not qualified to be president. Just one simple question for the women and men of America. It is on the record that bho or bs which ever name he used (it probably was bs) attended college on a foreign exchange student grant, so, the question is, how can he be eligible to run for president if he is a foreigner. This brings up another point, if he is not a foreigner then he lied and took grant money fraudulantly. This is just one of many un answered questions about bho or bs, do WE as real Americans really need this kind of president? I think not. no more of his hope and change put this dope in chains. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  91. And now Obulshiss drags out the biggest Womenizer and Chief… Bill Clinton. No doubt he loves women, but I seem to remember he doesn’t have a whole lot of respect for them.

  92. If women vote for democrats they are out of their minds. In the unaffordable healthcare/tax act 15 year olds will be sterlized w/o parental consent. This sort of goes with the Agenda 21 with UN and the child act thing they have, simply that children will be handled by the government when they reach school age and parents lose their rights.

  93. wow, women are you really that dam stupid? i am a women and i knew twhat obuma was when running in the primaries. i thought us women were much, much smarter then that!


  95. You can take the half and half out of Chicago corrupt politics, but can you take Chicago corrupt politics out of the half and half African /Indonesian?

  96. Most of us women are responsible for paying the bills, budgeting the money to be spent on food, gasoline, necessities. I don’t know how others are doing that, but this administration has made the costs I have to cover go up 10-15%. I got a raise last year, and expenses have already erased that raise and put us back 6 years because of gas, food, electricity, and taxes. I work hard, my husband works hard, and we’re no where near the security that my raise should have given us. We should have been able to put that away for an emergency, now, financially, the emergency is every week. That is the big war on all of us. Costs and expenses that the policies of this administration have put into place.

  97. The National Organization for Women supported Clinton the rapist and now, of course, Obama the Pro-Abortion knucklehead in 2008 and probably 2012. Even now, N.O.W will not stand against Muslim / Sharia Law which enslaves women. What is up with the NAGS ?

  98. Another reason that women should not vote for B.O. is his Muslim sympathies. Muslims are bent on replacing the Constitution with Shari’a law. That means, among other things, that any female who talks back to any male has just signed her own death warrant.

  99. As a Democrat, I will share with you that I am a middle class working woman who has reached middle age years. I am a Christian who embraces all beliefs, I believe that each individual has to wrestle with God and their own answers will be clear. I believe this administration is focusing our tax dollars where they should be focused. I do not believe there is a Muslim take over plot in the works. I believe that Mr and Mrs Romney are honest God loving people – I do not believe at this time a change is needed.

    1. If you are a true “Christian who embraces all beliefs”, then how can you support someone who believes in the murder of innocent babies?  My God does not condone those actions! 

      If you don’t believe that Muslims (including Obummer) are trying to take over this country, then you are wearing blinders!  CHANGE is very much needed in this country and you are part of the reason we are in the mess we are in.

       Obummer has a ruthless quest for power.  He did not come to Washington to make something out of himself, but rather to change everything, including dismantling capitalism.  He has a heavy hand and wants to ‘level the playing field’ with income redistribution and punishment of the achievers of society.  He would like to model the USA to Great Britain or Canada.  Obummer doesn’t really see himself as President of the USA, more as a ruler over the world.
      His apology tour in Germany and England was a prime example of how he sees America , as an imperialist nation that has been arrogant, rather than a great noble nation that has at times made errors.  This is the first President ever who has chastised our allies and appeased our enemies!
      The current level of spending is irresponsible and outrageous. We’re spending trillions that we don’t have. This could lead to hyper inflation, depression or worse.  No country has ever spent themselves into prosperity. The media is giving Obummer, Reid and Pelosi a pass because they love their agenda. But eventually the bill will come due and people will realize the huge bailouts didn’t work nor will the stimulus package.

      Good luck with that hope and change crap!

  100. Not anymore, when the dems tried to take God out of the democratic platform at the Democratic Convention in 2012 that was it. I will never be a democrat again. I am not a republican either. Watching the dems as an outsider looking in the last eight months I am disgusted with this hidden agenda that the dems operate under, between lesbian evil Hillary and two faced sneaky Bill and fraud Al Gore and treasonous Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz I wouldn’t want to be in the same room with this filth let alone have them running this country.

  101. Repugnants must have a self awareness problem..reading through this article …I nearly laughed myself to tears. But disgusted by the comments of how totally misogynist, racist and bigoted you all are and don’t even realize it,Especially the Women. I also love the “god” people with their truly venomous distorted idea of what a Christian is. Yes spewing Hate is just what Jesus ordered, I’m sure. But of course the bible IS the most misogynist, racist, bigoted piece of work ever written, so I guess that really explains you All… Thank you for reinforcing my firm Liberal Democratic Beliefs once again

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