Wyoming Lawmakers Try to Head Off Federal Gun Grab

Rather than wait and see what the Obama Administration and a complacent Congress choose to foist on American gun owners, Wyoming legislators are proposing a Firearms Protection Act.

The proposed legislation would protect gun owners from any federal bans on assault weapons or large-capacity magazines by making federal laws against semiautomatic rifles and clips unenforceable within the state.

The proposed legislation would go as far as making any federal agent who tried to enforce a federal anti-gun law within the state subject to a felony. It would also allow the Wyoming Attorney General’s office to defend state residents.

One of the legislation’s sponsors said the law is a message to the Obama Administration. “It says that your one size fits all solution doesn’t comport to what a vast majority of the state believes,” state Sen. Larry Hicks said.

Hicks said his constituents have been worried about an impending federal gun grab but that he’s received even more calls since Vice President Joe Biden admitted the Administration was considering using executive orders to limit gun rights.

What we need is more state leaders willing to stand up to the feds on this issue. The federal government can legally override state laws when they conflict with federal law, even though the federal government lets some cases slide, such as with states that have legalized marijuana.

But if states would band together, they could force the feds to back down.

There is no justification for the current pressure to ban guns and related accessories. Gun and ammo bans wouldn’t have stopped Adam Lanza from shooting up Sandy Hook school, and they wouldn’t have stopped any of the mass shootings in recent memory.

But liberals see the murders of children as a political opening for passing their longtime totalitarian dream of getting rid of guns.

All Americans should oppose the despicable exploitation of dead children as cover to steal our freedoms.

311 thoughts on “Wyoming Lawmakers Try to Head Off Federal Gun Grab

  1. Wish other states were as smart as Wyoming. But of course, every liberal hates that state due to it being “uncool”. But they have brains, which is more important than apparent image.

    1. There is no need for these states to do this! Just hold up the “DICK ACT”!!!

      1. I’m going to be the devils advocate here, because I agree with you on the
        Dick Act. If the Dick Act cannot be overridden, why haven’t all the gun laws been rescided? Why are there still federal laws that prohibit fully automatic guns, of which, were enacted after the Dick Act. Why? Because the gov’t is going to do what IT wants to do no matter what laws are in place.

      2. I don’t know if you have noticed or not…but the rest of us have….the Feds no longer give a damn about the Constitution or laws unless those laws work in THEIR favor. They just ignore the laws they don’t like and don’t enforce them. And they sign executive orders to make new laws and they ARE enforced. Sorry…but if you are looking to “the law” to save us, forget it, those days are over. The Marxists control our 3 branches..especially the Justice Dept. We just have to learn from them….and ignroe the laws that are inconvenient for US now.

    2. What people don’t understand..let him use his “executive order”…people don’t understand that that’s not law!! For him to make it a law..it has to be in his “perview” of powers!! And it’s not!! He can’t change the constitution..he can’t make laws!! It’s against the constitution..he can do it..but it doesn’t make it a law we HAVE to live by! Think I’m full of it..ask any lawyer schooled in constitutional law!! I HAVE!! Do your homework now!! Don’t wait til later!! A good place to ask is the Heritage Foundation! DO IT!!

      1. Unfortunately, he’s a constitutional lawyer, as well, and knows the loopholes to go around everything. And with idiots such as the constitutional lawyer at Georgetown University spouting off that the US Constitution is out of date and needs to be replaced, and getting MSM coverage with his statements, thereby making the American people think that the majority of their countrymen agree with the idiots…

        1. No Executive Order is Constitutional. There is no provision in the Constitution that allows E.O.’s It doesn’t matter even if an E.O complies or not, they are still unConstitutional and not law. There is no authority to enforce them.

    1. Not so fast Deej S, if you are in Illinois, especially Chicago, as long as you are a criminal, you can carry your gun when or where ever you want.

      1. Right Gman…..and always remember; Chicago is famous for THREE things:
        1. Criminals
        2. Crooked Politicians
        3. Pizza
        Barecrack Osambo is NO pizza ! ! !

        1. Eddie, you forgot Chicago is not famous for THREE things its famous for FOUR things: your mentioned things and the other one is the FACT that its now famous for being the MURDER CAPITAL OF THE USA (IL.).

          US COMBAT VETERAN: Vietnam ’68 – ’69; Door gunner, 1st Cavalry Division (AM)

        2. Hi there, Viet Vet…. I am Aussie now…. but served my country here… are USA Forces troops dedicated to serve the USA OR the President? – Being as they may not be serving the one and same principle of defending the USA from foreign aggression. (As B.O. is known to have a fake Birth Cert, amongst other illegal stuff, he may be the best weapon against America that Al-Quaida has ever produced, since he was born a Muslim, and nOT in Hawaii, but in Kenya according to his Grandma)

        3. We do not have a “king’s army” (…yet). Soldiers and Marines swear allegiance to defend the country, not the Commander-in-Chief. Our government is not the country. We are a people with a government.

          Obama is a secular humanist and racist (aka “black liberation theology). Have you seen the videos of his “pastor”? Neither Muslim nor Christian. Just a hater of liberty and America. (He apologized for America today AGAIN to Karzai of Afghanistan!!!!!)

        4. He also acquired the legal name of Barry Soetoro when he became an Indonesian citizen in order to be admitted to the Muslim schools of Indonesia, Reportedly that remains his legal name and BHO becomes the pseudoname of an illegal alien.

        5. He does have quite a sense of humor, though. No doubt his dog is a citizen? He’s been laughing at us since Columbia.

        6. Yes Becky’ and none of our powers that be have the balls to confront the issue and get rid of him legally. So we suffer and know there has to be someone other then the people that could get the ball rolling to get rid of the fake’

      1. Nottakenyan….you are probably right. LOL
        I know you can NOT say anything slanderous about Barecrack Osambo, as it will be deleted in about five minutes………Mmmmmm, could possibly be monitored by George Soreass.

        1. Yeah,I never capitalize any of these liberals names.It is my way of showing ALL the dis-respect I think is due them.

        2. Hell, I won’t even capitalize the office of the president anymore! At least not until we get a real president!!

    2. Time to MOVE Deej………..Out West where we honor & respect our Right to Bear Arms & No Liberal Foreign Dictator is gonna take ’em!

      1. That isn’t the case in Colorado anymore. Upon leaving Viet~Nam in 1970, I was reassigned to Ft. Carson w/TDY @Fitzsimmons Army Hospital in Aurora. At that time the huge influx of liberals leaving the west coast, the east coast and the midwest was beginning. I married the love of my life. She was from a semi-rural area south of the Denver metro area. The ranchers & farmers she had known all of her life were beginning to pass away. The kids that had moved from that area inherited those properties & began to sell them to developers. “Ranchettes” began to spring up everywhere as the libs began to move in & bring their utopian ideas & lifestyles with them. Now Colorado is a ‘blue’ state, mostly along the eastern slope. In 1976 there was a campaign to prevent the Winter Olympics from staging in Colorado. The common bumper sticker of that time was “Don’t Californicate Colorado”~!~It is pretty screwed up now~!!!~I don’t miss it a bit~!!

        1. The mountain people have been stocking up for the 2013 July 4th deadline. That will be a surprise for the GIMMEDATS from the Californicated Denver/Boulder corridor The Tanner Gun Shows have been packed to the walls several times already. PTL&PTA….

        2. The lefties did that to Nevada too thanks to everyone fleeing California because of the tax & regulation tyranny here. Maybe all the Conservatives need to do the same thing to the Blues states…move there en masse and change their demographics. All Conservatives…come move to CA and CO!

        3. Most of the illegals moved there from CA too. But who do you think drove up the housing boom In Las Vegas? People moving there from CA. Can’t say I didn’t get a smile or two thinking about how they took a big $$ hit with all the real estate they bought up, price-inflated and then crashed.

        4. Yes,but I know people that live there,worked hard before that happened and they can’t sell now and have no choice but to stick it out. Thank God,they are S.S. age and don’t have to work’ No jobs’ I love Nevada,lived there 8 yrs. One of the best run states I’ve lived in’

        5. I have a good friend who lives there and I visit from time to time. I lived in AZ for about 14 yrs. For the last 20 in CA. Orig. from NJ. I prefer AZ to all of them…but even AZ is changing.

        6. I used to live in LV. I worked at a non-union casino. (long time ago now) But I am union today, and most of those I work with are like-minded with myself about the state of the union today. But then, unions have heirarchies. We are in the union which does all the work. There are two more unions–they hold all the cards and tell us what to do. As usual, the workers are conservative, the people in power messing around and making policy are blue.

        7. That’s funny. That’s exactly how the Mormons of old became public enemy number one wherever they went. They always moved en masse, and those they moved in on first worried about their voting base and second human considerations. I can’t help but think the huge movers and shakers of the left have been doing this (as have the muslims) for a long time. It’s time for some of our big guys to start sponsoring these moves. (just a thought) However, we still have to overcome the cheating of the big cities.

        8. funny I new some clown would somehow fit inaccurate asinine gibberish about mormons into the discussion.

        9. Mormons are human too. A person’s religion does’nt enter into the fact of being human and having common sense. (P.S.,I’m not Mormon’)

        10. Clown, yes I’ve been called that before. Inaccurate? Asinine? Gibberish? Why would you expect Mormons to enter the discussion? At the beginning of the Mormon religion they had a notion that they needed to stick together. Something about staying on message? Each town, each new place they moved to, they added a significant enough to the local economy/population/etc that even those sympathetic felt threatened. I understand the sentiment–the small town I live in has been ‘threatened’ with a sudden influx of a religious population of more than 10% of our current–it’s a little scary.

          Now. My comment was a natural extension of the current conversation. It was relevant, it was accurate, and it was a response to a suggestion made to another poster.
          If, as you say, you expected to hear about Mormons as a response to the previous post, then you know this, and negate your own insulting comments.

          Too bad none of your ‘man’ involves gray matter.

        11. Alright, then I apologize, perhaps I’m a little too sensitive, after listening to anti-mormon crap for the last eight years, most of it from people who haven’t the foggiest notion of what they are talking about.

        12. Mitt Romney is a Morman. and has more moral value than Obama has in one finger. It bothers me to no end that he and Paul Ryan did not get elected. The whole country would be humming along by now. My husband actually got fired from his job because he spoke to someone about it. He was working as a service writer who had 2 degrees from college. The fool has no idea what he is for now!!!

        13. Sorry I came on a little strong too. I actually thought you were being anti-mormon. I have read the book of mormon and the doctrines and covenants. Still, I can’t be a cookie-cutter person, which is what I call them. I’m just different. I do not criticize them, I find the whole subject vastly interesting, and I think the idiots talking abut planets and multiple wives are just being ordinary jerks. Sorry I lashed back as I did.

        14. Believe me when I say, I’m no cookie-cutter, I was born mormon, but no mission, 20+ years military, raising hell the whole time, etc. Mormon hero – Orrin Porter Rockwell. I’m really starting to study now and realize where they come from, and what they have to offer. I get so sick of the anti-Christian / cult diatribe. There are a whole lot of motes in people’s eyes concerning Mormons.

        15. I call them cookie-cutters affectionately, and they are some of the nicest people there are. Period. They still drop by occasionally and offer their assistance and/or a word. I agree with you. The stupidity against Mormons is huge.

        16. Rachel,Good idea,but I for one will never live in Calif again. Alturas (northern part.) was the best town in Calif I ever lived in. The rest,??? Let the Mexicans have it’ THey want it,are destroying it,I would’nt give you 2 cents for any of it’

        17. I understand completely. I lived in Laguna Beach for a few years and that was paradise. Then to Redondo Beach…also nice. Now I live in the Valley…the PITS.

        18. Hey Rachel’ I lived in Torrance as a child,my Mom (who just passed away last week at 94} took me to Redondo Beach most of my childhood. My family had businesses in Santa Monica. I went to Gardena High, Compton High and Santa Monica High. L.A was good in the 50’s, Orange groves,dairies,etc. THen it turned to B.S. The valley was always a different crowd. I’ll save you a spot in God’s country (MT.) when you retire. You’ll think you are in heaven compared to Calif’

        19. Hi Mt. High. So sorry to hear about your Mother’s passing. No matter if they are elders, it’s still hard to lose them.

          I’ll bet CA was heaven in the 50’s. It was even great in the 70’s when I used to visit here. And in the early 90’s when I moved here it was still really great…but I lived in Orange County then…alot nicer than Los Angeles. Oh well….liberals always ruin things….everywhere.

          Thanks for saving me a spot in God’s country. I’ve heard it’s just beautiful up there and must be sane by comparison to here. But after spending the last 35 yrs in SoCal weather, I don’t think I could survive a Montana winter. But hey….you never know. So keep that spot open for me!

        20. Same thing has happened to Idaho and Montana… California refugees they call ’em! I’m from the San Francisco bay area, but left in 1991… went back for 1 week in 2004, and realized, “it ain’t Kansas, anymore” and won’t go back, except for business purposes (overnight, maximum). Now I live in North Dakota (where my mother was born and raised), and because of that connection, and my conservative values, I’m accepted as a member of the local community and a native.

        21. HAHA’ Very True’ But most states put up with the B.S. and don’t know how to send them packing. After all,every one has rights to live where they want. Does’nt mean we have to like tham or put up with their B.S. I just ignore them and ignore their BS.

        22. Same with me Rhonda’ Born and raised in L.A. but got lucky when it started to get bad in 67 and got out’ Been in Mt. for over 30 yrs and it is definately the “Last Best Place” after living in several Western states,this is truly the Best’

        23. Use to live there when it was “The Good state” now,every state has outsiders that are trying to turn where they moved into ,into the state they left’ If they’d all just go home to where they came from,we’d all be better off’.Same with foreigners’ GO HOME’

      2. I want to know where, out west, on the WEST/ LEFTIST coast, there is a state that actualy is not full of herds of sheeple with a mouths full of I want and hands full of give me’s. Where that to protect the poor criminal entity goes WAY further to protect the purpitraitors than the honest peoples option to protect themselves rather than the typical average typical wait time of 20 +/- minutes, usually much more, for the Police are able to get there just to sweep up the ashes/etc.?

        1. Arizona…but it too is starting to be influenced by the influx of Kalifornians fleeing tax & regulation tyranny.

        2. I live in the West’,not on the coast’,but the coastal people are movig in like locasts and trying to change us like where they left. We don’t like it,but it’s always the powers that be,(just like our Govt. people). that rule. Yes,I could run for office locally, but I’m over the hill big time,and nowdays,they think that women that speak their mind and are agressive are crazy etc.
          I feel guilty for not sticking up for my beliefs and fellow Conservatives,but I’ll leave it to the younger set. Hopefully there’s one out there that thinks like us old timers do’

        3. Hmmm. I’m trying to figure this out. How does it happen? Rich Californians are what keep the illegals coming, no?(add upside down question mark at the beginning) At least if we believe them when they claim to ‘do the jobs Americans won’t do’ and conveniently leave out ‘at that price’. So rich Californians are fleeing the state so they don’t have to pay for the stuff they have been publicly advocating. Along with them come their staffs, and their staff’s families. ahh conjecture.

      3. Yeah, west…the easterner pines for you. While this country is beautiful in virtually every state (I’ve only missed 2-3) the west is simply something that gets in your heart and never lets you go. I am afraid I’ll have to wait until retirement (not that long) and then I’m there with you guys. I’ll see you then if any of us are still alive by then.

        1. Renellin’ Come to Montana,I’ll save a special spot for you,if you have common sense,love your county and stand up for your rights’

        2. Thanks for the welcome! Montana is one of the few states I have not visited, although I should have. The vehicle I was driving was too heavy to make it into the state so we went around. My brother lived there at one time. It sounds fantastic, but perhaps not in the winter? Southern Utah, like Cedar City in the winter? Or Tempe? Or maybe a really good winter coat?

      1. Did you hear Cuomo’s anti-Second Amendment rant to the New York State Assembly? I am quite serious when I say he was channeling Hitler!

      2. I live in NY, and wrote to Cuomo and told him his laws are good for NYCity, but to stay the He!! out of the UPSTATE area. We Don’t like Large Metro areas, dispise most lame a&&ed politicians, and most of us are HEAVILY armed. Don’t think about treading on OUR rights. You want to play politics to be president…find another way !

      3. Cuomo sounded like he was drugged or drunk…what an idiot…wait until he tries to take guns from the hunters in Western NY and the Amish counties.

        1. We are forced to put up with it because we have Taxation Without Representation. No one speaks for We, the People anymore. They have taken all of our power away. And we can’t even have a tax revolt, because they were smart and instituted the automatic payroll deduction long ago. We have no control over our tax payments.
          The only recourse we have left is civil disobedience and worse.

        2. I prefer to call it Taxation With Misrepresentation, that was evident when Pelosi said “We have to pass the bill to see what is in the bill”.

        3. One can mitigate the tax somewhat by claiming an extra exemption or two. takes a pay period or two to impliment it but can be done.

        4. That’s right. Actually my tax guy told me to increase the exemptions to 25…it’s legal and at least it deprives the Fed vampires of their life’s blood til the end of the year.

        5. good, now if millions of American wage earners would do this and save the money to pay at the end of the year it sure would put a crimp in the “budget” of Washington…they wouldn’t know what hit them..but they would probably enact yet another law to prevent it.

        6. Yeah,that is what needs to happen to all these “know-what’s best” crowd of liberal,radical,socialists,commies,who think because they graduated from some top Ivy League University,they must show us ignorant,uneducated people what we need to do.We need a liberal,radical cleansing in this country.Bring on another Revolutionary war,then we will rid the country of this scum once & for all time.

        7. These idiots have been around for ever and keep breeding like rabbits and keep the liberal (socialist) agenda alive.

        8. Yeah hpinnic We need to rid ourselves of the Ivy league University,s and their Liberal Professors . that is why all the Students are following these Commie ideas. The don’t anything about the Constitution or the Bill of rights as they were never taught about them. What a world we have in store for us!! It is very scary!! They are supposed to be the leaders of tommorow?

      1. When is sanity going to prevail? I see no evidence of that happening. So what good are guns in a long distance location when you need one?

    3. Dee we haven’t lost our freedom to move. Pack-up, sale what you don’t want to take or need, then get out. Most all of us have relocated and began anew~!~You don’t have to be a victim~!!

      1. At least one can move now…before Agenda 21..look it up folks…they want to control where you live, how you live, whether or not you can have a car, what you can eat , and if you can recieve health care even if you can afford it…us oldsters are not “sustainable” and it is not a good use of resources to keep us alive.

    4. Why fret? This administration LOVES illegals. Just hold illegally, like all the bad guys do. Turns out they are the smart ones…off the grid.

    5. The Peoples Republic of Illinois, we call it here in West KY. I can see Cario, IL from my dad’s back door, who lives across the river from Cario, IL. Trouble is Southern IL is pretty conservative, outside of Cario itself. and the Chicago area! I advocate IL being split into North and South IL! Southern IL folks would be happier, as all of their state taxes, for the most part go to the Chicago area!

    6. Will pass this email I received on to you:

      Wow, is Illinois and Chicago great or what?

      Perhaps the U.S. should pull out of Chicago ?

      Body count: In the last six months 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago .. 221

      killed in Iraq AND Chicago HAS ONE OF THE STRICTEST GUN LAWS in the entire US.

      President: Barack Hussein Obama
      Senator: Dick Durbin
      House Representative: Jesse Jackson Jr.
      Governor: Pat Quinn
      House leader: Mike Madigan
      Atty. Gen.: Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike)
      Mayor: Rahm Emanuel

      The leadership in Illinois – all Democrats.

      Thank you for the combat zone in Chicago .

      Of course, they’re all blaming each other.
      Can’t blame Republicans; there aren’t any!

      Chicago school system rated one of the worst in the country.
      Can’t blame Republicans; there aren’t any!

      State pension fund $78 Billion in debt, worst in country.
      Can’t blame Republicans; there aren’t any!

      Cook County ( Chicago ) sales tax 10.25% highest in country.
      Can’t blame Republicans; there aren’t any!

      This is the political culture that Obama comes from in Illinois ..

  2. You want to see criminals? obama and biden. Public enemy 1 & 2. They can go f..k themselves. No executive order trumps the Constitution. They will be the cause of a lot of trouble in this country. Already, they have divided the low info voters with brainwashing class envy. No leadership here folks. This is moving towards a dictatorship, pure and simple. We will put our feet down, hard and what a shame if the brain-damaged biden and the fraud dooooche bag Muslim imposter get trampled in the stampede.

    1. You are so right, Obama and Biden are truly underestimating the power of “we the people”. If they want another American Revolution, just start messing with doing away with the 2nd Amendment, and the constitution, and see what happens.. The “silent majority” will at some point rise up and be accounted for. Obama is a dictator want to be, but he will never be able to fully pull that off. His “executive orders” will at some point fail to be recognized by the majority of law abiding Patriots.

        1. I agree with you because they are jews. Thanks for the backup.
          Here’s who runs Obozo and the UN.


        2. No matter how you attempt to portray yourself and justify your un-Christian – and frankly un-American – views your bigotry always exposes itself.

    1. Raymond You are exactly correct.Look at Fast and Furious that backfired on everyone including the ones who warned the Feds this would happen. I wish we could get him and his entire group of cronies thrown out and Impeached. There will be a civil war if they try to take our guns away!!

  3. good luck on that one biden..but the liberals have no concerns about aborting 2000 babies every day..no this is not about protecting children its about tyranny and control of the people..BRING IT ON SCUM BUCKET GUTTER TRASH DC LIBERAL CROOKS..cival war soon..I CANT WAIT.. tired of these dc PRICKS telling us what we can and cant do.. THEY CAN GO FTS

    1. Unfortunately, liberal hypocracy knows no limits. Remember how the left cried foul when Dubya used 9/11 to cram through the “patriot act” including those parts of it that infringe on the rights of all Americans? Now, Obama has not only renewed that piece of garbage but also signed the NDAA and seems ready to trash the Second Amendment by executive fiat and leftists are all mute. See, it’s all fine to step on the rights of citizens as long as you are their favorite dictator wannabe.



    1. “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.”

      James Madison, 1787

    2. I think you have it backwards, but clearly there may be additional litigation if Obama presses forward. It would be helpful if at least 5 other states would chime in. If not for the press being completely in bed (like a homosexual marriage) with Obama, history would consider among his legacies the government that spent the most time fighting its own states.

      1. Biden would take his orders from the same six point blue star CULT. However Biden can’t read their teleprompter like Obozo can.

    1. How long have you been drinking the cool aid? The (so-called) Supreme Court has already bowed to ovomit’s health care bill, you think anything is going to happen to obam’es forged documents other than the supreme court giving ‘o’ whatever he wants? The inauguration will go on.

      1. Well, it’s possible that this is what Chief Justice John Roberts was waiting for, to override Obamacare. If you remember correctly, in his ruling, he stated that there were other constitutional issues that needed to be resolved, that would take care of this monstrosity. Myself, I am glad that Orly Taitz got it all the way to the Chief Justice’s office… he’s the one that decided that SCOTUS was going to hear it… either way, it will settle the issue once and for all.

    2. bronzestar I hope you are correct I don’t trust the Supreme court any more when they said Obamcare is okay it is considerd a Tax? Now we getting taxed out of existence. I hope to God it gets through so we do not have to put up with him and the rest of the crooks ruining this great country we have had for many years.

  5. The Bill of Rights, the best tool the laboratories of democracy, the 50 US states, have to combat the one size fits all policy of the intrusive Feds. It also explains why the Feds and the big government supporters would love to shred this document along with the Constitution and continue with the Magna Carta, the Rights of Englishmen and every fought for contention to employ inalienable rights known to mankind…

  6. The name Jackson Hole is a metaphor for Wyoming as the national hole for lawlessness and wilderness in a civilized nation. International criminal VP Dick Cheney rules the state. He’s an example of irresponsible gun play having shot a hunting partner in the face. If ever there was a reason for gun controls, it’s WY pols opposing gun regulations, screening and safety. I’ve never been to the state; Cheney had to leave to fix his heart; it’s going to be ground zero for the super volcano eruption someday; it’s once again a poster state for unreasonable gun legislation/action.

    1. Dr, I heard your needed at your assigned fema camp. Don’t worry they will pay you for services rendered. Free tents for professionals.

    2. Jackson Hole is the exact opposite of the rest of Wyoming. It is the only part of the state that votes Democrap. The morons from Kalifornia moved in. And the few Republicans there are RINO’s . You say you have never been to the state, if that is the case continue to stay away. Why don’t you go the the Peoples Republik of NYC and meet BloomingIdiot.

      1. My apologies; though I don’t see what the CA transplants see, there may yet be hope for the state. See your WY moron and raise you half a CA emigrant–about equal. Your RINO is Democrats new member and voter–good deal. I’ll continue to visit Teluride and Snowbird for skiing.

    3. The best part about the super volcano: it will no doubt blow Kalifornia into the Pacific, so we can unload a $h#tload of Socialists like Lemoine!

      1. lol. That makes you the equivalent radical to Barry Goldwater who wanted to saw off the eastern seaboard to preserve his nuclear threats to China, now our friend, and the Birchers who wanted to abolish fluoridated water, now saving everyone’s teeth. Another crazy to keep from getting guns.

    4. you haven’t been to the state? that’s unfortunate,run your mouth here & you’ll find out there are plenty of places you won’t be found.you or obama otherwise stay away because we don’t have much time to spend on morons.

      1. Patriots I associate with don’t threaten others; no wonder you go anonymous. No retaliation online that way. I have no desire, nor ever had to visit Wyoming. No time–are you fending off grizzlies like that gal from Alaska who proved a dud?

  7. Of course each county can also do the same thing by having the sheriff make laws against the intrusion of either federal or state forces coming against the people of the county. The sheriff holds more power than any fed or state law enforcers.

  8. Wow.. The looney’s get crazier.. Try arresting a federal officer following federal
    Law.. Reminds me of just how crazy the South tried to do the same thing in the 60’s.. It just shows the idiocy of the wild Wild West.. Must be something in the water that’s makes these idiots do stupid things..

    1. Hey–we in the middle of the USA are not all idiots! The Queen of the Cowtowns is Dodge City, Kansas and it’s a good place to be. I am sad that treasured guns are being taken away from law-abiding citizens. It will destroy the Pheasant hunting season here and leave a hole in our economy. People come all the way from out of state just to hunt pheasants…hotels, motels, restaurants, grocers and retail stores will take a hit and all of the Southwest part of the state will not prosper because guns are illegal. It takes more than a shopping mall to make a great economy.

    1. Not every state. I live in New York. Maybe you have heard what Little Mussolini is planning here. Even Pat Cadell, a died in the wool democrat, has made the comment that our country is in pre-revolutionary mode. I am beginning to feel that we should just get the shootin’ war started. I, for one, am sick and tired of being threatened by the despots at all levels.

  9. One unique historical move that would thwart any gun grab by the Federal Gov’t from outlawing the possession of firearms would be to enroll each states “to be unlawful gun owner” into the fold of State Voluntary Militia’s. This will prove to be a security asset when the Government Military become hollow figure heads unable to deal with upcoming civil unrest when they break out when the Federal Gov’t Socialism runs out of everyone’s money.

  10. The feds have a choice, either stop this tomfoolery in taking away the 2nd Amendment and our guns or face the consequences of a possible civil war/revolution (which frankly is past due) with the despicable lack of leadership from those who wish to destroy and remove The Constitution at all costs. Any wonder why obama passed the life-long secret service protection for him? How dare he. Pay for it yourself. In fact, start paying for it now if you think you need it.


  12. When someone reaches out to take my gun, that’s how I’m gonna leave him laying,,,,
    “REACHING OUT”! an armed man is a Citizen,, An un-armed man is a Subject..!

  13. By executive order, Obama can put in place a Some Gun policy for public schools. Allowing teachers and administrators to carry concealed if they so choose. This alone would deter most insane criminals seeking to harm our kids.

  14. Obama was elected and re-elected by “illiterate American masses”, comprised of blacks, latinos, illegals, aided and abetted by voter fraud. The only way to combat these “domestic enemies within” is by state laws. The 2nd amendment is ignored by the majority of congress, (high treason) who are complicit and complacent unless it comes to voting for pay raises! Can America survive! We’ll see! Won’t we! Wyoming deserves support in their endeavor to keep the feds away, permanently!

  15. some politician with a back bone neeeds to stand up to obama but thats not going to happen.. being as i live in california, our ” govenor, senator, and congessman” are all democrats and so close to obama that they look like a second skin.. california is screwed all the way around. california residents forgot all the tax hikes that gov moombeam brown forced down our throats his first 2 terms as gov. ca has no one to defend our rights at all.

  16. Every State needs to file such an Act. I cannot believe we now have to protect ourselves from the BO – what gall this m f’r has!!! I don’t know one sole who will register or give up any guns they own right now, assault or otherwise

  17. I’ve just got done loaning all of my guns to my cronie buddies at the neighborhood ice house, or was it that I had a few beers at the neighborhood ice house and forgot whare my guns are stored, or did I bury them in the woods, or do I still own any guns? Hmmm!
    Great move Wyoming, perhaps the Texas legislators will wake up, grow some balls and begin crafting a couple dozen laws pertaining to the ‘few’ million guns in this RED state!

  18. All of this talk about gun control is just a slight of hand trick, to get our attention off the money problems that the government doesn’t want us to think about. IF you want the real news, don’t bother with the front page. The real news, if it’s in the media at all, is a little paragraph on the back pages, below the fold. Thus it has always been so.

    1. Your comment reminds me of the statement made by Charlton Heston(actor, activist and star of “The Ten Commandments”. He said that they will have to come and take his gun out of his “cold, dead hands”. Unfortunately, he is deceased now. Great actor and person as well.

  19. We should all remember that our Constitution’s Bill of RIghts, Amendment 2, clearly and unequivocably, GUARANTEES every American citizen the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS!!! Why then should ANY law passed by ANY state be necessary, and why does anyone believe that any such law would be recognized by a federal government determined to abolish the 2nd Amendment!!! We don’t need another law by any state to give us the right to bear arms. What we need to do NOW is to REMOVE every federal legislator who has demonstrated their favoring abolishing the 2nd Amendment either by their word or deed. If you live in a state represented by a federal legislator (either House of Reps or Senate) who falls into this category (they want to take our guns!) then start a petition to have the sorry rats re-called and another person elected to fill their office who will vote to suppor our rights under the Constitution!!! The person(s) who are re-elected should also be found to support Mr. Obummer’s impeachment!!! It’s time to rid Washington of ALL the rats who have clearly shown they intend to destroy America and our rights under our Constitution. May God have mercy on America and come to our defense.

  20. So how has the federal government managed to tyrannize the people since the states lost the civil war? Well, with money of course! Once they cemented their ‘taxing’ powers, they derive their control via funneling money to state legislatures. This bill will go about as far as Arizona’s ‘birther bill’ because once the federal money is cut off, they will capitulate as expected.

  21. I never thought of it like that. But exploiting the dead children is EXACTLY what they are doing. Makes them even more dispicable!! Also, they want to publisize the addresses of all gun owners, pistols, rifles, shotguns, you name it. Gee, why don’t we all just put big signs in our yards that say , “Criminals, guns for your stealing inside!” Now some dumb A S S liberal congressman is introducing a bill to do away with the two term limit. I told my spouse years ago that they would try to do this. Face, we are doomed. Those of us that would be willing to rise up and pick up arms are now too old and not able bodied. The young people think they are going to live in some sort of Utopia.

    1. Criminals may be stupid, but they are usually not suicidal.
      Knowing there are guns and trained people inside is a reason to go elsewhere, like the address next door that is NOT listed in the newspaper and where there are 14 year old girls for the taking.

  22. Seems like the only places that have shootings like Sandy Hook are states that have strict gun laws and full of liberals! Don’t hear much from states like Texas, Montana, and many more that are “right to bear arms” states…….

    The people that “are scared” of guns are the one’s that believe they will be safer if there are no guns. Guns equal freedom – period. Don’t believe it, then just look at any country that has gun control and how “free” those people are. (China, Russia, Etc.)

  23. Our Founding Fathers and our Constitution intended for the States to have the power, not the federal government. If the 30 States with Republican Governors would stand united, the federal government would have a very difficult time overriding them.

    1. “[T]he powers granted by the proposed Constitution are the gift of the people, and may be resumed by them when perverted to their oppression, and every power not granted thereby remains with the people.”

      James Madison, 1787

  24. As with Obamacare the States must apply nullification to any gun-oriented Obama executive order and gun-banning federal legislation. Wyoming has already pointed the way with a bill to declare any new federal gun dictates null and void within the State. For a century and a half – since the Civil War – nullification has been considered a matter of history, something never to be revisited since the restoration of the Union and acknowledged supremacy of the Constitution. Now the Obama administration comes with draconian executive orders and bastardized legislation challenging the most sacred and cherish rights of United States Citizens and giving rise once-again to talk of nullification. This has occurred ONLY when the States and people believe without doubt the federal government has overstepped the limited authority afforded to it by the Constitution. Actual nullification has been used only once in United States history by a State legislature. It truly is feared by the feds simply because it DOES work; for precedent research the Tariff of 1829.

  25. I am very glad to read Wyoming is doing something to protect the Rights of the People of Wyoming. It is so sad that here in California our “elected” could care less of the Will of the People. Just imagine Feinstein got 90k letters opposing Obamacare and she still voted for it. Only thing people of CA can do now is buy up the guns and ammo still available.

  26. RICK PERRY GREG ABBOTT; TEXAS is waiting and watching..

  27. To everyone reading this there is Wisdom within these words pertaining to everything. Consider them well!

    And both these kings’ hearts shall be to do mischief , and they shall speak lies at one table; but it shall not prosper : for yet the end shall be at the time appointed.

  28. It’s amazing how the “dicks” here like to cite the “The Dick Act” but fail to realize that other laws have been passed that does supersede the Dick Act.. So many people here are just pure delusional..

  29. Illinois? Try California! Diane Feinstein has been fine-tuning her brand of confiscation for years! Make no mistake – this Administration has had gun-grabbing legislation waiting in the wings for years. They’ve simply been waiting for the “right” crisis…

    1. MikeM….you are so right. DF should be grabbed by the YOU KNOW WHAT and have the YOU KNOW WHAT shaken out of her. She is a ROYAL BUTCH (misspelled on purpose).

  30. Spread the word. let your state legislators know you want the same kind of action out of them. Enough of being dictated to by Washington liberals.

  31. This is all a master plan to strip Americans of weapons and make it easier to implement Obamas master plan Agenda 21! Anyone who thinks this is about deaths by guns in schools and such better wake up and realize he wants to control America. This man is the most dangerous and diabolical leader of all time. The people that voted for him don’t realize what they have unleashed on America, but they soon will have their eyes opened?

    1. Obama was Selected to bring down America financially, to disarm the population and usher in the New World Order/One World Government/UN as the single one world government, with a one world currency. That is what his job is.. Don’t think for a minute that the Rockefellers will allow a half breed mutt to be dictator, since the Rockefellers have been wanting an trying to become dictators since David R bought his way into government.

  32. The “gun show loophole” that the government “hates” is right now you have the ability to sell your guns to anyone you want without going through the government for permission to buy or sell. So sell eveyone you own. “wink wink”.

  33. Thank God there are only 19 Democrat Governors. States need to start fighting the FED on our behalf…since our “representatives” in DC don’t represent anyone but themselves.

  34. Yeah, what about the 333,450 children murdered in Libera arena’s through abortion clinics? Uh? what about those killings of child in the womb? Life does not begin in the womb, it is merely transplanted there by one person to another, already alive!

  35. this administration and it’s members are ALL Violating oaths of office, and ALL are subject to dismissal and jail time….now all we need is people with the balls to enforce these laws…..

  36. May I encourage us to take advantage of an official FEMA discussion forum where we are attempting right now to work out protocols on a national forum:

    hotel tango tango pappa slash slash tinyurl (dot) com/ad8h8rw

    Mr. Wayne, .a..friend of mine sent in this idea for for militias. I know little to know about the subject myself but you folks seem to be the experts and should participate. Anyway, Mr. Wayne says his post has not been published … yet on their site and it may not be if they don’t like his comments. But it is a national site and you folks seem to really be experts in the law. Here’s the post from my friend not yet published:

    Take care of you and your’s first then expand your efforts outward to the community. CERT members swear allegiance to uphold the US Constitution. You have a constitutional right to confront external force with resistance even if that requires the formation of a local well regulated militia. But beware.

    There is no law that prohibits you from forming such a militia ahead of time if that is your particular set of concerns. But beware.

    —- The command structure of the militia must fall under “well regulated,” which generally requires a pledge to follow (a) lawfully issued orders that are (b) Constitutional in scope.

    —- CERT functions should only be supported by militia and not combined. It will only prove counter productive to the goal of saving lives to combine the two functions. Keep them separate. The humanitarian focus inherent in the role of CERT should place it into the role the lead agency not the militia. Even if martial law is declared, the support of CERT’s functions should remain primary as lead agency as long as practical, with militia in support. CERT Incident commanders predisposed to running the militia should make a choice as to what hat they are wearing. Either — Or , but not both.

    —- At some point early on, if you are attempting to create a militia here are things you need to consider.

    —- Don’t call yourself a militia. You and your local residents and guests can defend yourself and a neighborhood base camp without all the legal falderal of calling yourself a militia.

    —- if you call yourself a militia you imply a willingness to escalate your power into aggressive “war making” to any confronted authority. You will not be considered “well regulated” if your “militia” has no relationship with local police, sheriff or state Governor’s office. You will instead be considered in all likelihood an “unlawful enemy combatant” unless you are simply protecting your own property in a defensive only posture.

    —- The now famous scene of the Koreans sitting atop their own store-building with semi-automatics during the last LA Riots, where protecting their own property. Lord save them if they had fired the first shots at a perceived threat into the LA Streets as they would likely have been run up on charges unless they were under fire first …. and they could prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

    If you are going to form a “well regulated militia” in your community, you may find yourself legally responsible for the actions of everyone you set in motion. Think of a scared, untrained 19-old (not seasoned vets) shooting someone a 400 yards out from a position in broad daylight from a posting assignment you sent them to.

    Without a tie-back to your local police, sheriff, and governor’s office, you would be foolish, in my book, to form a community militia. Don’t do it.

    If you are this concerned about the complete collapse of law and order, such as the famous New Orleans Katrina after math scenario with cops leaving town and not patrolling, you do not need a militia to project yourself. If necessary form temporary armed supply trains and temporary armed camps and get supplies in and out with a specific mission, out and back. Don’t call it a militia, it’s not. Be prepared to them turn over security to “a well regulated militia” or police, or sheriff when they arrive on scene.

    On the other hand the concern that government itself will act un-Constitutionally against it’s own people by using its own cops, sheriff, and armed forces personnel or visiting foreign troops on US soils, can be addressed differently.

    Redirect your energies to educating law enforcement personnel on what constitutes lawful orders and appeal to their patriotism and offer them a well publicized list and plead with their better angels to enforce the following list on your behalf:

    1. Do NOT obey orders to disarm the American people.

    2. Do NOT obey orders to conduct warrant-less searches of the American people

    3. Do NOT obey orders to detain American citizens as “unlawful enemy combatants” or to subject them to military tribunal.

    4. Do NOT obey orders to impose martial law or a “state of emergency” on a state.

    5. We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty.

    6. Do NOT obey any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps.

    7. Do NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext.

    8. Do NOT obey orders to assist or support the use of any foreign troops on U.S. soil against the American people to “keep the peace” or to “maintain control.”

    9. Do NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies.

    10.Do NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

  37. Two things Californian is good for Bring up Liberals taxing them to death so they move some place else and bring their Liberalism with them.

  38. This will go a long way into restoring our states rights and the people:

    I read something of interest yesterday.
    We should repeal the 17th Amendment of the US Constitution. This
    would return the appointments and election of all Senators back to
    the individual states in accord with Article 1 Section 3 of the US
    Constitution. Woodrow Wilson (D) US President in 1912 authored the
    17th Amendment in 1913 along with the 16th Amendment on the Personal
    Income Tax. Repealing the 17th Amendment will put the power of the US
    Congress back to the states where it belongs and the 10th Amendment
    on Nullification will gain some strength along with the power of the
    people. Wilson knew what he was doing in trying to construct a big
    central government and weaken the power of the states and people. It
    took 100 years folks and Wilson was successful. Now the 2nd Amendment
    is in the way of the progressives and the threat of the government to
    take away our defenses is at hand. Without the 17th Amendment none of
    this would have been possible. We must repeal the 17th Amendment of
    the US Constitution.I read something of interest yesterday. We should
    repeal the 17th Amendment of the US Constitution. This would return
    the appointments and election of all Senators back to the individual
    states in accord with Article 1 Section 3 of the US Constitution.
    Woodrow Wilson (D) US President in 1912 authored the 17th Amendment
    in 1913 along with the 16th Amendment on the Personal Income Tax.
    Repealing the 17th Amendment will put the power of the US Congress
    back to the states where it belongs and the 10th Amendment on
    Nullification will gain some strength along with the power of the
    people. Wilson knew what he was doing in trying to construct a big
    central government and weaken the power of the states and people. It
    took 100 years folks and Wilson was successful. Now the 2nd Amendment
    is in the way of the progressives and the threat of the government to
    take away our defenses is at hand. Without the 17th Amendment none of
    this would have been possible. We must repeal the 17th Amendment of
    the US Constitution.

    Under USC Article 1 Section 3 The two
    US Senators from each of the states was subject to the will of the
    governor and state legislature of the state from which they were
    appointed. The US Senator could be recalled by his states governor on
    issues not in agreement with the state and the Senator would report
    to the Federal Congress his states position on the issues and vote
    accordingly. This goes hand in hand with the 10th Amendment of the
    USC known as the States Rights Amendment.

    1. And this would change the make up of the senate how? Senators are already elected in their individual states by popular votes cast by the very same majorities that elected their respective state assemblies and state governors. Use my state, Calipornia, as an example. “We” (Los Angles County/San Francisco and the Bay Area) just elected Governor “Moonbeam” and also put a veto proof democrat majority in charge of both houses. Think they’d throw out Di Fi or Babs? Oregon and Washington have similar control by their major urban areas as well.

  39. I read something of interest yesterday.
    We should repeal the 17th Amendment of the US Constitution. This
    would return the appointments and election of all Senators back to
    the individual states in accord with Article 1 Section 3 of the US
    Constitution. Woodrow Wilson (D) US President in 1912 authored the
    17th Amendment in 1913 along with the 16th Amendment on the Personal
    Income Tax. Repealing the 17th Amendment will put the power of the US
    Congress back to the states where it belongs and the 10th Amendment
    on Nullification will gain some strength along with the power of the
    people. Wilson knew what he was doing in trying to construct a big
    central government and weaken the power of the states and people. It
    took 100 years folks and Wilson was successful. Now the 2nd Amendment
    is in the way of the progressives and the threat of the government to
    take away our defenses is at hand. Without the 17th Amendment none of
    this would have been possible. We must repeal the 17th Amendment of
    the US Constitution.

    Under USC Article 1 Section 3 The two
    US Senators from each of the states was subject to the will of the
    governor and state legislature of the state from which they were
    appointed. The US Senator could be recalled by his states governor on
    issues not in agreement with the state and the Senator would report
    to the Federal Congress his states position on the issues and vote
    accordingly. This goes hand in hand with the 10th Amendment of the
    USC known as the States Rights Amendment.

  40. Gee I go to the sporting good store and all the guns and ammo are so out, now why would American’s invest $$$$ and obamacommie and monkey joe thinking they are going to knock on these folks door and they are going to surrender them. This is another plan of obamacommie to destroy America , yes this is the plan 100 yearplan of the muslim’s to take over the world. Good job American voter.

  41. Considering the 2nd amendment that protects our right to bear arms, the 4th amendment that protects our right against unreasonable searches and seizures, and the 10th amendment that reserves the powers not delegated to the United States and prohibited to the states (the 14th) to go to the people, the government should just back off of this topic.

  42. We must never allow the government to take away our right to bear arms. I pray that the states will ban together and make a stand for freedom.

  43. Yeah for Wyoming!!! If it wasn’t for the bitterly cold winters and high cost of living… I would seriously think about moving! LOL! Now if Texas would do the same… I can deal with their winters, just no Spanish skills! LOL!

  44. “The federal government can legally override state laws when they conflict with federal law,”

    I thought the 10th Amendment covered this and states have sovereignty?

  45. If Reagan, JFKennedy, Lincoln, Washington or a real Patriot were POTUS this would be a mute issue, but since we have a socialist…

  46. there is a web site that has plans on how to manufacture a weapon yourself from using ordinary plumbing parts and fittings and some plate steel. You could make a weapon that is not manufactured in a factory and can be made in your garage with a minimal of tools, In fact it is well known that in Pakistan and Afghanistan they manufacture weapons in more primitive conditions and tools available to Americans. They have taken an ak47 apart and copied the parts and replicated them and from what I understand it is quite simple. I am not suggesting anybody do this, but there are a myriad of resources available on the net. Best get the info before they shut it down

  47. We should change the guns name to a hammer. I have hammers, but no guns that are used on nails. Nails go in the hammers.

  48. While places like Illinois, California, and New York, wouldn’t join, we need to put pressure on all state legislatures and governors to follow Wyoming’s lead and nullify any new federal gun control before it even comes into being. We also need to pressure our congressional reps and senators and let them know that their constituents are completely opposed to any new gun control and that their reelection depends on their respecting that fact. We also need to pressure anti-gun businesses and organizations by not spending our money with them any longer, and letting them know why they have lost our business. Only then, when the message is delivered in terms of votes and money, will Washington listen.

  49. Remember when Tennesseans and other came to the aid of Texas in that “Republic’s” fight for independence? Time for that again! If Wyoming wants to be the first to support our civil rights, then the rest of us need to up or shut up.

  50. I live in Arizona.I sure hope they do the same as Wyoming.
    More states need to do the same.I have an IDEA. Let all the liberals move to BLUE states that support DUMBO and LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE.

  51. I think many will concider a move to this state because they are on the side of the people not the federal government. I’m one who is thinking about it.

  52. BULL, fed laws DO NOT OVERRIDE, SUPERSEDE, SUSPEND OR NULL AND VOID STATES LAWS ! It is quite the opposite. States can OVERRIDE, repeal ALL unConstitutional federal laws AND THAT IS INCLUDING TREATIES…..
    Any unConstitutional “law” IS NOT LAW!

  53. The people that are exploiting the mass murder of children to steal liberties are probably the very voice that engineered this slaughter, and will again. Then when public is disarmed there is no stopping to their tyranny. Watch the history of Stalin… same steps.

  54. The remaining forty-nine (That’s right, believe it, or not, Mr. President (choke, choke)) States should follow Wyoming’s lead. You guys should read about what law enforcement is doing in Atlanta, GA. … while Wyoming is standing up for their citizens, GA is evidently bowing down to the same old ‘fear tactics’ that have robbed us of our freedoms since 911. It’s a damned good thing the Patriot Act was written up and ready to go way back then, huh?.

    What would become of us, if we were left to (and freely allowed to) take care of our own?

    Good Job,Wyoming … I honestly hope your bill passes!

  55. It is great being from Wyoming! I must say we are among the very best in so many ways! A state that is in wonderful financial condition with no state income tax and being run by common sense elected officials! I only wish the rest of the country would wake up and follow our example.

  56. Every freedom loving state should follow the Wyoming example. If County Sheriffs’ and individual States lay back and do nothing, the citizens, the voting masses will respond in kind. As any lawfully elected County Sheriff is “The Highest Law Enforcement Offical, for that County” it is only right that our sheriff’s keep true their oath’s and protect their citizens and neighbors. The State Legislatures need to listen to the people of their states, as elections can bring about sudden changes to any politicans further.

  57. Are the majority of politicians in DC evil or just plain idiots? They must know how many people died in nations that took the peoples guns away.Wake up congress get some balls and leave the second amendment alone.

  58. A civil war was fought over the issue of nullification and secession 150 years ago — the nullification/secessionist side LOST. These idiots in the Wyoming legislature are only demonstrating themselves to be, well, ignorant idiots.

  59. Unfortunately… I live in the assininely LIBERAL, MORONIC, FULL OF OBAMA-BOT and STUPID state of CONNECTICUT, with an IDIOT Governor, Legislature and most of the people here will BLINDLY follow what ever the Obumma administration wants!

  60. The grassroots conservative movements have laid the winning foundation to assure our victory in this ideological war.

    Conservatives now control 30 of the states highest office of Governor, and have quietly seized the majority control in both legislative houses in 26 of the 50 states, and own the tie breaking vote in an additional 2.

    While the Left Wing Liberal Nazis have been expending their political capital to hold 2/3rds of a majority in our federal government, we are quietly moving to seize control of 2/3rds of the nations states.

    The Federal Governments powers are derived from the states, both from a constitutional perspective and a common logic perspective. It’s time that the states and through them the people seize back our Constitutional Republic by seizing back the constitutional powers and protections guaranteed us.

    In 1860 there was but one way to wage war against a tyrannical federal government, today there are far more. The most effective way of all is by seizing back and controlling our state and local governments.

    Then by ceasing to borrow interest bearing loans created out of thin air by the FED, and lawfully establishing state owned banks to competitively create interest free loans backed by actual state tax revenue to pay our bills; less the USA continues to transform into to USSA

  61. Make no mistake this gun control ban that Obama wants has nothing to do with protection for the people. It’s totally all about control of the people. If those that support gun control can’t see the damage this will do they need to look what gun control has done for other country’s. I would hope that more states follow Wyoming lead on this action. Perhaps we should contact our State Legislators to proposing a Firearms Protection Act.

  62. Stop the Unconstitutional, dictatorial oppression of this illigitimate executive. Free men &women of every state should demand Constitutional application against this tyrany 7 failure to enforce the law of the land with regard to protecting our citizens against the threat of illegal aliens

  63. A terribly sad day when a State must tell off the Fed to protect its native rights. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were not written for the private citizen. Listen up and don’t go overboard before you have read all of what follows: We the People do not have any State or federal Constitutional rights. The Bill of Rights was never intended to give us anything. We already had our rights, given to us by God, before there was any civic government on this continent. The Declaration of Independence made that critical point certain. State government was created to protect the rights of her citizens. NOT, to give them; rather, to acknowledge as a matter of law that the people had rights which would not be infringed upon by State government and the people would resolve their domestic problems within the borders of their own NATION STATE by means of their own governing bodies. The Constitution created a political relationship between the Nation-States and the new central government for the purpose of resolving national and international issues. Period. The Constitution was written so as to tell the fed to keep its hands off the lives of private citizens. The Bill of Rights is not supposed to be understood as ‘what the fed gave us’, quite rather, We The People delegated some of our power to authorize the creation of a self-limiting central government, and We The People clearly told the fed through the Bill of Rights that you will not interfere with our inherent, God-given rights. Think on this: if we had our rights before there was any civic government on this continent, why would the States ratify a Constitution which said that the new central government was “the” political entity which gave The People their rights? This would be directly contrary to the Declaration of Independence and would be tantamount to the States surrendering all their power to the new central government. Didn’t happen then, but this is precisely the position taken by the federal government today: “We own you, we gave you your rights, we own what you earn, we will decide what you can own and keep and how you will use it. We have the unimpeachable authority to tell you what you will do and how. We will decide everything for you.”
    This is not about guns. This is not about magazine capacity. Take your fearful eyes away from the microscope for a moment and look around. Stop being “one-issue citizens”. Stop being taken in by distractions. We The People are at war with our federal government, which has cunningly set us against each other without our realizing it. This war is for the Constitution, not guns. The war is over who is going to tell who what to do and why. You obey the Constitution or not. You are American or not. No such thing as “conservatives and liberals”. There are only “Americans” in our nation. Our founding fathers fought, not simply a war against physical and political tyranny; they spent eleven years creating a Constitution so as to make certain that the treason and tyranny we are witnessing would never occur in this land.
    We are past the time for making legislation. That doesn’t mean anything to the tyrants in D.C. They are going to do what they want to do. Question is, what are we going to do?
    My first recommendation is to begin with a State-militia draft of all eligible men to be trained as an organized force to defend the State. Second step, Create an ultimatum which, if its terms are not met, secede. Choke the fatherless morons in D.C. by cutting off their funding! That is the true power of secession. And until we realize what Pogo said, nothing of substance is going to get done.
    “We has met the enemy and he is us.”

    1. Keep telling people that lie. The Bill of Rights ARE FOR THE PEOPLE! AND THE PEOPLE ONLY. where the hell did you get your education dude!

      1. You, sir, need to understand that the Bill of rights was set up to tell the federal government to keep its hands off the People’s rights. Returning the compliment, I suspect that you are a paid shill for the communists in the federal government who want to disarm us and enslave us. You remind me of the North Korean propaganda teachers used against our POWs in the Korean War. The blind hog that occasionally finds an acorn…If our founding fathers had any idea that their rights were given them by the King and not God, then why was the Declaration of Independence written to state that our rights came from God and are inalienable? When the Brits marched on Concord and Lexington to confiscate powder and shot, if the right to keep and bear arms had been issued only by the King, those men would have believed themselves duty bound to obey the law and allow themselves to be disarmed. No; they had a duty before their God first, to protect what God had given them. In other words, our founding fathers acknowledged the source of our rights as preexisting human history, that governments were conceived to protect, not give, those rights. Why would the constitution limit the federal government – see the wonderful quotes above about the deliberate limitation of the powers of the federal government – and then turn about, as you suggest, and create a Bill of Rights which said that “No, our rights are not from God, they are from the government we created. Utter nonsense on your part, sir, to put forth such an erroneous and communistic idea. The problem is that too many people – especially like yourself – have been deliberately mis-educated into believing that we did not have our rights until the constitution and the Bill of Rights were ratified into law. I am not about arguing the fine points of this corporate body or that, I am speaking of what the law says and has said for over 200 years and please permit me to use the Second Amendment to make my point: the right to keep and bear arms preceded the Declaration of Independence, ergo, the Constitution as well. If the right to self defense is an individual right given by God and a duty required by God, then the “arms” are only the tools, and we are arguing a higher principle than the right to keep weapons. Can a citizen give up their rights, to self defense, for example? Would God permit that? The law says “No”. Why then would The People authorize a Bill of Rights to tell themselves not to mess with their own rights particularly in the face of a document like the constitution which was deliberately created to tell the federal government that it was not to interfere in the affairs of private citizens? Hello?
        I would be interested in pursuing this more in the future if you do three things: 1. Have the guts to use a handle.
        2. Take a breath. Slow down. Save the vitriol and the bile. Your character assassination does you discredit.
        3. Learn to write and type so that I can understand whatever it was you were trying to say.

  64. I think it would be a really bad idea for libs to start movin to TEXAS. wE JUST ABOUT TO RUN OUT OF GROUND SQUIRRELS AND JACK RABBITS to put in the stew. Gettin low on chow

  65. Sambobama is clearly out to destroy America while singing his sirene songs of totally misrepresenting reality to his gullible naive followers. Most Americans don’t even realize they are complicit is America’s destruction. Obama is doing the same thing that Mohammad did in creating his Islamic cult. You have to hand it to Mohammad for deceiving millions to follow him and his “competitive” religion to Christianity. Surely he is the Anti-Christ. No other explanation works. Christianity is the religion of love and peace while Islam is the religion of death and hate. Why is that so hard for people to understand.

  66. Obama is not eligible president, almost everybody high in
    the Government knows that. For fraud he should be prosecuted and all
    presidential orders and everything he did sign should be nullified.

    We are already half way to situation which is now in England (of course, Canada is almost there. In late
    sixties you did not hear about any shooting in Toronto. Since prohibition of the hand guns,
    there is no day without shooting over there). Gun laws of 1968 are word by word
    based on the Nazi laws signed by Hitler in 1938. That is what “we the
    People” allowed our elected politicians to do .Dictatorial government does
    not care about well being of the citizens any more. Read the Constitution what
    you are allowed to do, but be careful, you will be branded as terrorist, enemy
    of state, as you would be in any communist country. Over there is not very
    smart to say publicly what is in the Constitution, unless you do not care being
    prosecuted and rot in some place, forgotten by outside world.

    The ONLY reason for the gun control is the control by the
    Government of the own population. With usurping more and more power (Nazi
    Germany, all former communist countries and any dictatorship) there is the
    danger for such governments, that population of the country will start to
    defend themselves and have means to overthrow such Government. Criminals are in
    minority and never any danger to the government. Gun control is the goal of any
    dictatorship to which EVERY government is turning with the time. Obama’s administration
    is a good example of that. Gun control through
    history produces one result: Genocide.

    by Stan Mishin:

    “Do not be
    fooled by a belief that progressives, leftists hate guns. Oh, no, they do not.
    What they hate is guns in the hands of those who are not marching in lock step
    of their ideology. They hate guns in the hands of those who think for
    themselves and do not obey without question. They hate guns in those whom they
    have slated for a barrel to the back of the ear.

  67. Today something “GOOD” happened! I went to a sporting goods story and there were hundreds of people buying guns , mostly AR15s and high cal long guns. Ammo was leaving by the cases. And people were talking loudly about how a ruler tryed to take our guns back in 1776. They said that they were not buying all this to give it up. Most said they would giveup their bullets first-down rage. 6 people were looking through 2 spotting scopes in the front of the story. I asked “WHAT YOU LOOKING AT?’ We are watching for blue helmets comming up the road. I was told that blue helmets are a new “GAME BIRD’ that “GAYBAMA” was thinking about importing with the help of the U.N. I guess he believes you all need more target practice.

  68. In order for the Jewish AntiChrist to make his appearance on earth, the following has to be accomplished:

    Jewish objectives as outlined in Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion:

    1) Banish God from the heavens and Christianity from the earth.

    2) Allow no private ownership of property or business.

    3) Abolish marriage, family and home. Encourage sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, adultery, and fornication.

    4) Completely destroy the sovereignty of all nations and every feeling or expression of patriotism.

    5) Establish a one-world government through which the Luciferian
    Illuminati elite can rule the world. All other objectives are secondary
    to this one supreme purpose.

    6) Take the education of children completely away from the parents.
    Cunningly and subtly lead the people thinking that compulsory school
    attendance laws are absolutely necessary to prevent illiteracy and to
    prepare children for better positions and life’s responsibilities. Then
    after the children are forced to attend the schools get control of
    normal schools and teacher’s colleges and also the writing and selection
    of all text books.

    7) Take all prayer and Bible instruction out of the schools and
    introduce pornography, vulgarity, and courses in sex. If we can make one
    generation of any nation immoral and sexy, we can take that nation.

    Completely destroy every thought of patriotism, national
    sovereignty, individualism, and a private competitive enterprise system.

    9) Circulate vulgar, pornographic literature and pictures and
    encourage the unrestricted sale and general use of alcoholic beverage
    and drugs to weaken and corrupt the youth.

    10) Foment, precipitate and finance large scale wars to emasculate
    and bankrupt the nations and thereby force them into a one-world

    11) Secretly infiltrate and control colleges, universities, labor
    unions, political parties, churches, patriotic organizations, and
    governments. These are direct quotes from their own writings (The
    Conflict of the Ages, by Clemens Gaebelein pp. 100-102).

    12) The creation of a One World Government.

    More later….

  69. Doesn’t anyone remember that FORT HOOD was a “Gun Free Zone” established by Clinton and Americans died at the hands of a deranged muslim who didn’t follow the rules, is the USA now to become a national FORT HOOD incident?

  70. Take the illgal muslem out and back to Kenya before there is blood in the streets! How can any body ignore what,s happening and the liar keeps living the high life on a dead persons social insurance # and a stolen birth cirtificate.Fear for the nation time is getting shorter!.

  71. I may have to move to the Great State of Wyoming. I cant take living in the Communist state of California too much longer. The only thing that keeps me here now is the grandkids. Im working on their parents but soon the rate of taxation, crime,perversion will force them to see things my way. Good weather and beaches only go so far. Most beaches you cant drink a damn beer while sitting there., a fishing license costs more than a realy good steak. And the people are just plain weird. Hell they voted so they have to pay more taxes,they voted for Moon-Beam Jerry the Brown eye and a communist super majority legislature in the captial.The state is broke yet these phools keep doing the same thing, more taxes=more spending. Run ouf tax dollars, convince the stupid people to vote to tax themselves some more. Frigging insanity. There is a saying out there, “Liberalism is a mental disorder” and that is truely correct.

  72. If all the States that believe in the constitution and the 2nd. amendment would ban together Evil can not win. The only problem there are many of people that have lost their way, and would vote against the peoples wishes to support a President, even though he knows it is morally wrong to support the person because he is a member of the same Party, organization, ect……

  73. Here is a really great article on gun issues from, believe it or not, Pravda.


    Stanislav Mishin, “Americans never give up your guns.” The article has a very “voice of
    experience” sound to it. Remember Communist Socialists V. I Lenin and Joseph Stalin out-murdered National Socialist Adolf Hitler from 3 to one to 10 to one. Nine million in the Great Ukrainian Famine and three million in the Kolyma slave labor camps alone.

  74. Yippee, Yi, Oh, Ki, Aay, Go Wyoming, set the example for all other states with sane legislators; although there may not be too many sane ones left.

  75. The only problem I have seen–that was solved was that ‘Radical Muslins–who attacked
    the “Twin-Towers” in New York City–didn’t care to “Obey U.S. Laws”–no matter what
    Language was printed on them’-! The only Language–which might have stopped them
    was the crack of a 38 cal. automatic–with the markings “Made In the USA” by Citizens-!
    We ‘trained our military to win battles’–not “Agendas”-! My error–we now have a
    Commander-in-Chief–who wants us to lose– & to lose “Our Rights as Fighting Americans!”

  76. Pass this news on to ALL your elected politicians, AND your Governors IN EVERY STATE of the USA! – The States have their OWN RIGHTS, that cannot be countermanded by the Federals… and even if the Federals tried, they could be forced out by the State Forces a being an Enemy of the State! – What this means – if 50 States make laws like WYOMING is considering, then B.O. will be on his own, without an America to “govern” to death! In fact, he may even be DEPOSED as a foreign terrorist, once EVERYONE KNOWS that B.O. (isn’t that a fitting initials, guys?) is not qualified for The Presidency according to the U.S.A. Constitution’s intent, and most likely a “doppelganger” or “sleeper” spy / terrorist – who may be able to pull off a far worse disaster on America, than his allies did in crashing Aircraft into the TWIN TRADE TOWERS on 911.

  77. Bullies usually fold when challenged. Don’t be too blinded by Obama’s gun grabbing. Always remember to check to see what his other had is doing. He’s got a battle now with his horrible nominations to Treasury and DOD. Plus the debt ceiling is coming up and he’s kind of out of ammo on that one. Plus Hillary is going to testify on Benghazi so that subject will be front and center again. Don’t let his foolish – and possible fake attempt – at gun grabbing to distract us from the other horrible things he’s doing.

  78. Thanks for standing up to the so called Govt. Wyoming’ I just may have to move there,I’m next door to you and if my state does’nt do the same,it will be a short move’

  79. OK, so let’s get this straight. It is LAW: take by force, tax payer money and give it to planned parenthood to MURDER unborn babies to the tune of 1/2 a million per year – liberals pro-choice stance and endorsed by the SC – Ok to kill babies in the womb. Legal. – Why is it called “planned” parenthood if there is NO parenthood? – So the gov. wants to stop gun violence but not planned parenthood violence??????? How many adoptions does planned parenthood do? Any? Where does the “planned” part come in with regards to parenthood? Does anyone know what the #1 killer is in the African American race? Not gun violence, not heart disease, not cancer, not crime – ABORTION. Why does black America vote for a president who supports the demise of their race? Pro-choice = the right to choose death or life. God is pissed. Gov. of illusion beware. The karma on this one is really bad for the rule makers.

  80. I applaud Wyoming but I do not need any state or federal permission as I still have the 2nd amendment and a s–t load of ammo. Biden come on down!

  81. Ben Shapiro smacked down Piers Morgan on this very issue. They are exploiting those dead children to try to destroy the 2nd amendment.

  82. As a life long resident (64 years) of the great Equality State of Wyoming I am proud to be a citizen of a state that is willing to take a stand against the facist liberal left which is trying to dominate every aspect of the lives of freedom loving Americans.
    I guarantee you that legistation or not, no one is going to come to Wyoming to steal our second amendment rights without some repercussions.

  83. I know what you mean, no matter how many times you hear it, you feel the need to say it agin. To let people hear it again in case they missed it before. I have never seen justice move so slow, For someone who has taken the oath to protect the USA and defend and then turn out to be a Judas.

  84. I find the timeline of this ammo shortage interesting. Sections 346 and 361 of the NDAA call for halting commercial sales of ammo till the govt agencies are supplied. Homeland security is buying more ammo than the military. With the slaughter in Conn and the main media beating the drum for gun control, I think it goes beyond panic buying by the public. Call me paranoid, but the UN and Obama admin is pushing for the US to sign the small arms treaty this spring. This will require an international registration of all firearms. It also calls for putting micro serial #s on all ammo. This will effectively give the power to control guns to an entity other than the US and thus get around the second amendment if ratified by the Senate. Obama will sign it. All we need is the anti gun people to agree to it. Call your senator and tell him or her that you think that anyone who votes to ratify this treaty, giving our sovereignty to an outside organization, is a traitor to this country. This could eventually lead to gun confiscation.

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