Americans are Paying Others to Murder Christians!

Coptic Church attack in Alexandria Egypt 010111

If you’ve been watching the news and following any of the ‘Arab Spring’ stories coming out of the Middle East, you may have seen your tax dollars at work as armored personnel carriers mowed down protesters in Egypt.

These protesters were conducting a peaceful protest asking for their right to protection from persecution.  They were not abdicating the overthrow of the government or anything to do with violence of any kind.  All they were asking for was to be treated equally the same as other Egyptians.  In the midst of this peaceful protest, the Egyptian government sent in the police to stop the protest by whatever means possible.

What you may not be aware of is that the protesters killed were Coptic Christians and that US funds have been helped to pay for the armored vehicles and the police driving them.  Reports surfaced that there were some yelling that they would kill any Christians they can get their hands on.  Just last week the Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram reported that 36 Coptic Christians had been killed so far.

The US endorsed the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and has since been supportive of the military regime running the country.  Part of that military regime is made up with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is known to be a more militant and radical group with a history of using terrorism and threats of terrorism to advance their agenda.

At this time, the Obama administration continues to pump millions of dollars into Egypt’s military regime, the same military regime that intentionally killed the peacefully protesting Christians.  Trying to buy Egyptian friendship, even though the new regime has terrorist ties, is more important to the White House than to defend the Christian and human rights of fellow believers in Jesus Christ.

As a Christian, I am appalled that our tax dollars are going to support the Muslim persecution and murder of fellow Christians.  Obviously, the Christian faith that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, mean little to nothing to them.  They would rather support Muslim terrorists than preserve the peaceful lives of real Christians.

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