Young Voters Rallying Around Ron Paul Revolution

After finishing second in the New Hampshire primary this week, Ron Paul spoke to a crowd of students who were excited about the Ron Paul Revolution.

As Paul took the stage, he told the audience, “The media likes to pronounce us dangerous. They’re right! We’re dangerous to the status quo. We’re a danger to the Federal Reserve System!”

One young lady told the reporter, Michelle Fields of The Daily Caller, that she had listened to most of the Republican presidential candidates, especially to Mitt Romney and said that Romney will be just like Barack Obama.

Another interviewee said that you can generally tell when someone is telling the truth or just spinning things and he felt that Ron Paul was speaking the truth.

One black gentleman told her that he worked for Obama’s campaign in 2008 and now he is supporting Ron Paul. He said that Obama is sincere in his policies but that his polices are not what’s best for the country because he doesn’t understand how an economy works.

Actually, I believe Obama knows exactly how an economy works and has purposely taken us to the brink of disaster on purpose.

Listen to what some of these young people are saying about Ron Paul and his revolutionary ideas.

The young people of America are tired of the same old politics and want something like a political revolution to change things from what they are to what they should be. Many of the other Republican candidates say some of the same things that Ron Paul is saying but their voting histories do not support their words, where Ron Paul’s does.

In 2003, Ron Paul tried to get the federal government to get out of the mortgage business as he foretold of a pending housing crisis.

In 2008, Ron Paul tried to fight against the growing big government and TARP, when few others in the federal government seemed to care about the dangers.

Ron Paul in pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-right to work, pro-health freedom and has promised to reduce the size of the federal government by at least 10%, reduce federal pay scale including that of the President and reduce the federal deficit by at least $1 trillion in his first year.

None of the other candidates, Republican or Democrat have a track record or campaign agenda that can compare to Ron Paul’s and it seems as if more and more young people are looking to him and the Ron Paul Revolution.

35 thoughts on “Young Voters Rallying Around Ron Paul Revolution

  1. I am happy the young people are seeing what a mess are country is in and that Ron Paul is are only hope If we dont stop the libs and Obummer the young will suffer

    1. Tomorrow I will be 59 and I am voting for Ron Paul. I am happy to see that the young people are awake. Do you think you can wake up the older generation who think they must vote party rather than principle or the best looking candidate? If they don't vote for Ron Paul, that will create a splintered vote and give Obummer a better chance at being re-elected. That would be devastating for America. We also need to contend with mainstream media who is still touting that RP is unelectable, his exclusion from CPAC and still attempting to smear him. A narrow victory for Romney in Maine. Hmmm…wonder if some of RP's votes just disappeared again.

  2. Actually, I think that the younger crowd go to the rallies. I do not know any Ron Paul supporter under the age of 55, and I know lots of them.

  3. The only thing o has accomplished is to draw to light the numerous improvements necessary if we are to survive as the great free nation we once were. We have our hands full removing those in office who merely have their own self interests at heart.

  4. Jolly Roger – To all you young biggest group of Paul Revolution Supporters, ” if Paul ever gets the nomination, it will be (Ball Time) in the ole’ Whitehouse, for a short time. So pack up your ole’ Kit Bag & Smile. Smile Smile, because you will have a Lucifer to lite your Fag. It will be a time to go up to the attic & get your dirty diaper out of the trunk, put a (Sun Flower) behind your ear & have a “Woodstock” 2012 Presidential Election Celebration/ When the smoke clears & your immature brain finally wakes up, it will be too late & everything your parents & grand parents worked for won’t be there, because the country will go the way of the dinosaurs.

    1. in reality thats what will happen to liberals if odumo gets re elected and they find out what's it really like to live in a police state

    2. Blatant Bias by CBS In GOP Presidential Primary Coverage & The Huge Backlash Occurring!

      Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina says without libertarians, GOP won't be able to gain majority; Also Gives Surprising Praise About GOP Presidential Candidate:

      What do all these voters know that has them so stirred up?

      Paul Versus Anti-Paul!

      Judge Andrew Napolitano: "What if they're lying to you about Ron Paul?"

      Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer: "NDAA is More Dangerous to Americans Than Iran!"

      "Ron Paul Is Hawkish On Defending Americans In America"

      Adam Kokesh: "Ron Paul Is The Choice of the Troops!":

      Why The Military Industrial Media Complex Fears Ron Paul:

      What Does It Mean When The GOP Establishment Fears & Declares All-0ut War On A GOP Presidential Candidate?

    3. As a medical doctor, Ron Paul knows the harm drugs can bring to the health of an individual. He also knows that laws prohibiting the use of drugs don't work. For heaven's sake they can't even keep drugs out of Federal Prisons!!! Our current drug laws have only led to an enhanced and enriched criminal class that has brought more violence to our society. At the same time our tax dollars have been wasted on efforts to eradicate drugs. Now we hear rumors that our government is helping to launder drug money as part of "Fast & Furious". There is a lot to be against in the current drug war. Dr. Paul's stance is that prohibition of drug use is not in the Constitution, and if society wants this, society must pass a Constitutional Amendment. As this was tried once before with alcohol, I am sure that this would never pass. There are enough people out there who do learn from history that I can state this as a fact, not just my opinion.

  5. Wake-Up Young Voters You Might Want To Use Your Great Education And Think About The Muslim Pres Obama Not Showing His Stolen Social Security Number 042-68-4425 Check It Out And Remember Obama Is A Full Blown Muslim Imposter, Now You All Can Stand-Up For Him However You Will Never Get Free Wacky Tobacco, Yikeess, Maybe The Army Would Make You All A Better Person. God Bless America And Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

  6. "The young people of America are tired of the same old politics and want something like a political revolution to change things from what they are to what they should be. Many of the other Republican candidates say some of the same things that Ron Paul is saying but their voting histories do not support their words, where Ron Paul’s does."

    That's Bull crap. It's all about one word for these "young" people. Drugs. Legalization of drugs.

    1. Ron Paul does not support legalization of drugs. He just points out that the so called "War on Drugs" has been a drain on taxpayers with not much to show for it. The media on all sides distorts Ron Paul's stance on many issues. They fear him because he proposes REAL cuts in spending which would limit their power. Believe me there are many many republicans who pretend to be conservative, but in the end they want the power that controlling all of that money brings.

    2. If you're really that stupid, For (I refuse to use the rest of your handle because in the context of your post it would be obscene), you have my pity.

    1. I don't understand your comment. Your name is ForConstitution, and yet the one candidate who vigorously defends the constitution, you dislike. What gives? Please tell me you have not fallen for the lies told about Ron Paul in the media.

        1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It perfectly illustrates what I've had to endure these last three years. I love the part where he denies he has brain damage! “I have no delusions whatsoever. I live in the real world. When Ron Paul becomes President, I will fly in my jet pack to Washington DC to work at the Department of Liberty and Free Weed!”It's true what they say…crazy people are always the last ones to realize they're crazy.

        1. You're just upset because your man newk ain't goin' nowhere, especially now that a judge threw out the VA lawsuit he tagged onto with Perry.
          That you support a man who willingly spits on his marriage oath, is a CFR member, who is pro North American Union, who got NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO passed, who joins with Alvin Toffler's affirmation that our Constitution should be buried alongside Thomas Jefferson and that it's time for a world government under a new Constitution tells me all I need to know about you.

        2. I'm upset? Have you been listening to yourself? You sound pretty agitated to me…all hatin' and what not. I guess it's finally starting to sink in for you that Ron Paul doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting the GOP nomination. Good luck with ALL of that.

        3. hahahaha Stating facts is now considered 'agitation'? I believe you need to scrub your dictionary. It isn't working very well.

  7. The problem with paul is that he is very socially liberal and his foreign policy is just plain wacko, if not for that i would be behind him in a mniute. But becaus of that i ahve to carefully sift thru the other GOP canadates and try to figur hou who is the real consertavite

    1. Ron Paul’s Mainstream Foreign Policy:…!

      International Business Times – "Ron Paul 2012 – Why He Is Right On Foreign Policy"

      Ron Paul Explains: Isolationism vs Non-Interventionism:

      Ron Paul Supports George W. Bush’s Foreign Policy:
      From 2000, that is, of being a “humble nation” that does not engage in “nation-building.” Many say everything changed after 9/11. It did. America was attacked by radical Islamists, so we went into Afghanistan to route the Taliban who had aided and abetted Al-Qaeda. Virtually every American supported that mission, Congressman Ron Paul voted for it and the world was on our side in that fight. But what really changed after 9/11 was the degree to which our government used that tragedy as an excuse to launch an unnecessary war in Iraq and to stay in Afghanistan far longer than any American would have ever imagined. It is our post 9/11 haze, and the unconstitutional expansion of Executive power that accompanied it, we created a political environment in which President Obama can now send America’s military off to Libya without so much as consulting Congress. What George W. Bush describes in this video represents the foreign policy sanity Ron Paul would like to return to. Paul’s foreign policy is basically what Americans voted for in 2000. After a decade in Afghanistan and Iraq, most polls show that a war-weary American majority is eager to vote for the same policies in 2012:

      Is Ron Paul Wrong About Iran? What is more likely? Circa 2003: That Iraq has WMDs and poses a great threat to the United States? Or what Ron Paul said—that America was overreacting and we would find ourselves in a quagmire? In 2003, everyone said Ron Paul was wrong. In 2011, most Americans agree that Paul was right. What is more likely? Circa 2011: That Iran might have a WMD and poses a great threat to the United States? Or what Ron Paul says—that America is overreacting concerning Iran and going to war with that country will find the US in a quagmire once again? The notion that Paul is being “absurd” in his policy toward Iran does not make sense if history, experience and common sense have any bearing on the matter.…!

      Nuclear Iran Not Necessarily Existential Threat to Israel, Says Mossad Chief Haaretz (Israel):

      Return Of The War Party?

      Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions ALL Came True – Incredible Video!

      Why Ron Paul Is Overwhelmingly The Most Conservative Presidential Candidate:

  8. Mitt Romney is a Massachusetts Northeasterner liberal Republican with a home in New Hampshire. I found it interesting that the second he won as New Hampshire's "favorite son" the national media immediately started reporting, "That's it, Romney has the entire nation wrapped up. Done deal; every one should just go home now. Any complaints of Romney's past or flip-flops or policies from the other Republican candidates is just partison bickering that hurts the Republicans."

    And that folks is how the judeo-media picks our candidates for us.

  9. The fact is that Ron Paul not only takes the youth vote, but the Independent vote also.
    What was troubling in the recent CBS poll, was that 9% of REPUBLICANS would vote for Obama if Ron Paul was the nominee while 5% of Republicans would vote for Obama if Romney was the nominee.
    I believe the GOP is making a grave mistake not backing Ron Paul and I have come to believe that the GOP actually WANTS Obama to be re-elected. Look at the GOP's recent track record – McCain! And then what the GOP offered during the 2010 mid-terms as opposed to what the T-Party offered.
    Then there's the Constitutional issue of 'natural born citizen' since Romney's dad was born in Mexico and no one seems to know if he was naturalized or not before Mitt's birth. When Romney SR ran for prez in '67, this issue came up.
    I know, I know, but I'm NOT a birther… I am a Constitutionalist, though. And Mitt will definitely be protect from any assault on this issue by the dems.

  10. UNFORTIONATELY it takes more then one person to turn this COUNTRY around, we need a SUPER MAJORITY in both houses of CONGRESS to effect any kind of change (not Obama's change) but true conservative CONSTITUTIONAL change, and with over 49 % of our population depending on our government handouts, I don't see that happening any time soon THE last person who tried taking the FEDERAL reserve out was assasinated in OFFICE

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