1 Judge Overrides Will of the People

When our Founding Fathers created our nation, they did so to make it a nation of the people where their will would rule. In that endeavor, they established three different branches of the federal government. Each branch has their own powers and duties, but ultimately, it is the will of the majority of the people that was supposed to rule.

If John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, could see America today I’m sure he would weep as two of the branches of government have assumed far more power than intended. The executive and judicial branches were actually designed to be the weakest of the three branches with the legislative branch being the strongest as the men and women serving there are supposed to do the will of the people.

Unfortunately, all three branches have corrupted themselves and the will of the people no longer matters. According to the Declaration of Independence, the American people have the right to revolt against the federal government, seize all power from them and establish a nation like our Founding Fathers intended.

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Case in point is what just happened in Oregon.

In 2004, Measure 36 was passed by the majority of Oregon voters to amend the state constitution to define marriage as one man and one woman. On Monday, one man used his personal agenda to override the will of the majority of Oregon voters by declaring Measure 36 to be unconstitutional.

In his ruling, US District Judge Michael McShane stated:

“Because Oregon’s marriage laws discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation without a rational relationship to any legitimate government interest, the laws violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

“My decision will not be the final word on this subject, but on this issue of marriage I am struck more by our similarities than our differences. I believe that if we can look for a moment past gender and sexuality, we can see in these plaintiffs nothing more or less than our own families, families who we would expect our Constitution to protect, if not exalt, in equal measure. With discernment we see not shadows lurking in closets or the stereotypes of what was once believed; rather, we see families committed to the common purpose of love, devotion, and service to the greater community.”


How can anyone call a same-sex marriage a family who has the same values and commitments as traditional families? God was very clear about homosexuality as He addresses it in several places in Scripture. He calls it an abomination and even said in Leviticus 20:13:

“If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.”

In Romans 1:18-31, Paul writes under the inspiration of God that turning a nation over to their homosexual lusts and desires is a form of punishment for their turning away from His statutes. If you read this passage of Scripture, you will see America perfectly described 2,000 years ago.

So how did our nation fall to such a level as to not only openly embrace an abominable and sinful lifestyle, but to the point of allowing one person to override the will of the majority of the people?

It all started around 1900 when liberal progressives began planning to change the face of America. One of the facets they needed to change was our national Christian faith and the structure of the family. With those foundations lost, everything else the liberal progressives want to do is fair game. President Obama has helped to accelerate the process of converting our once Christian republic into a liberal progressive socialist democracy and eventual dictatorship. (In case you forgot, a republic is run by the people and a democracy is dictated by those that were elected by the people.)

What’s happened in Oregon is becoming a growing trend among liberal judges who have flushed the Constitution down their toilets and replaced it with humanist and socialist propaganda. It’s going to continue to happen more and more unless Christians start standing up, speaking out, getting involved and take back our nation. Otherwise, America is certain to fall like every other great nation that openly embraced such a sinful and decadent way of life.

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