1 Percenter Michael Moore Still Lying to Public

Michael Moore, who has made a reputation and career of producing very one-sided documentaries designed to promote his own perverse and warped views, has been very supportive of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

He actively talks about the 99 percenters and their justifiable complaints aimed at the 1 percenters in the nation. Moore has said that the wealthiest one percent are largely responsible for many of the nation’s current economic and jobs problems and they need to be held accountable. He constantly lashes out at capitalism and America’s way of allowing people like him to make millions of dollars while at the same taking advantage of the very system he attacks.

However, this past Tuesday, he appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight show and was questioned about his own income placing him in the top one percent. Watch the video below and listen to how Moore denies that he’s in the top one percent and yet admit to his taking advantage of the system:

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And if anyone is interested, according to IRS reports, those people in the US considered to be in the top one percent of wage earnings make a minimum of $343,927 in annual adjusted gross income. While Moore’s exact income has not been listed, he does make significantly more than that a year with all of his films, books and appearances.

At the end of the video, note that he does admit to making quite a bit and claims to use it for making his movies and to help those who don’t make as much as he does. Other than produce garbage for the screen, how does Moore help those less fortunate than he? Does he give money away? Does he spend time with charitable organizations? Does he help small businesses or the restoration of the homes of the poor? What does he do to help them?

I firmly believe that Michael Moore is guiltier than many of the Wall Street elite that he and the OWS are protesting against. He not only is part of the one percent, but he takes full advantage of it while at the same time publicly railing against the system that is making him wealthier day by day. He is nothing more than a fraud, liar and charlatan and should be exposed for such.

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