10 Million Americans to Lose Employer Healthcare Due to Obamacare

As of January 1 of this year, employers have to comply with the Obamacare employer mandate of providing healthcare benefits to all of their full time employees. The mandate only affects those employers with 50 or more employees and failure to comply will result in fines of $2,000 per uncovered employee.

Some employers have stated that it will be less expensive for them to pay the $2,000 fine over paying $4,500 to $9,000 for Obamacare approved healthcare coverage per employee. If you were an employer with 1,000 employees and having to watch your costs in today’s still struggling economy, would you rather pay $2 million in fines or $4.5 million to $9 million for healthcare benefits? To many employers, it’s a no-brainer decision.

Supposedly the goal of the employer mandate was to get more Americans covered with healthcare insurance, but the opposite seems to be the case. To help accomplish that goal, Obamacare redefined full time employment as 30 or more hours per week.

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Over the past year or so, we’ve heard numerous reports of employers already cutting employee hours from 40 hours a week to less than 30 hours per week so they didn’t have to provide expensive healthcare benefits. To no surprise, the White House recently issued a statement claiming that they have no proof of any employers cutting employee hours because of Obamacare. Obviously the White House is lying because the number of reports have been overly abundant.

Perhaps they’ll reconsider ignoring the facts when they read the last report from the Congressional Budget Office. This report says that the Obamacare lie about keeping your plan just gets bigger and bigger. The result is that they claim the employer mandate will cause 10 million American workers to lose their employer provided healthcare benefits.

The CBO report also states that in 10 years Obamacare will raise the total of uninsured Americans to 31 million. According to Investors.com:

“Put another way, the CBO promised that ObamaCare would cover 60% of the uninsured.”

“Now it says the program will cover less than half, despite spending $2 trillion to subsidize premiums and expand Medicaid.”

“Does anyone really believe that if Obama announced a plan to spend $2 trillion on a program that would leave 31 million uninsured and force 10 million workers off their employer-based insurance, that even Democrats would have voted for it?”

All Obamacare has accomplished is to cost Americans more of their hard earned money, impose unfair requirements on citizens and employers, trample religious and personal freedoms and rights and leave millions more Americans uninsured than before. It has taken our nation in a socialist direction that few realize and none of us want. This was the only true purpose of Obamacare!

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