1,000 Voters Describe Democratic Candidates in One Word

If you were asked to describe Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden in just one word, what would you say?

I know my answer for Hillary would be ‘liar’. For Bernie Sanders it would be ‘socialist.’ For Joe Biden I would say ‘incompetent.’

A Suffolk University/USA Today poll did exactly that. They asked 1,000 voters from all 50 states and the District Columbia to describe Clinton, Sanders and Biden using just one word.

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Even though Hillary Clinton was the most favored candidate with 41%, compared to Sanders 23% and Biden’s 20%, the most popular words used to describe her were less than favorable. Three of the top one word descriptions of Clinton were: ‘liar/dishonest’ at 13%, ‘untrustworthy/fake’ with 8%, ‘deceitful/tricky’ with 6%. The other top response was ‘smart/intelligent/knowledgeable’ with 8%.

The top one word description of Bernie Sanders was ‘socialist’ at 11%.

So far, I agree with these responses, however, I completely disagree with the top one word descriptions of Joe Biden. They were: ‘favorable/like’ at 12% and ‘honest/honorable/integrity/trustworthy’ at 7%. Oh really? During the 2012 presidential campaign, Biden continually lied to his teeth about Mitt Romney. Even when it was proven that he was telling lies, he continued to tell them. How trust worthy can he be when he promotes every Obama anti-American, anti-constitutional policy? He openly advocates take 2nd Amendment rights away, along with 1st Amendment, 4th Amendment and 10th Amendment rights.

My big question concern about Joe Biden is that he is incapable of dealing with any national tragedy or emergency. I know he’s still grieving over the loss of his son, but that was months ago and he says that he still hurts too much to make a decision on whether or not to run for president. If he is incapable of making that decision at this stage of the game, then how capable is he of making quick decisions in the face of disasters and attacks? Would he be capable of responding to another 9-11 attack or would he need months to get over the grief before he could make a decision. America needs a strong leader, not one that can’t make a critical decision for months after a personal loss.

Unfortunately, many Americans no longer think or reason about their choice of leaders. They vote emotionally and blindly instead of logically and purposely. That’s proven with the elections of Barack Obama and the fact that the same people that listed Hillary as a liar, dishonest, untrustworthy, fake, deceitful, sneaky and tricky also still favor her over the other two.

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