100,000 Californians Get Flawed Eligibility Notices From State Health Exchange

If I was a comedy writer for a television show or famous comedian, I couldn’t write the stuff happening with Obamacare any better than the real truth.

Obama told the nation they could keep their existing policies, but after millions of Americans received cancellation notices, Obama made a new rule telling them they could keep their policy or get special privileges in purchasing a new one.  However it was too late for millions of Americans because their insurance companies had already made the switches and many of the old policies were no longer available from the insurance companies.

Then there were all of the problems with people trying to sign up online causing the website crash big time.  It didn’t just crash once either, as it’s crashed a couple more times since.  Many of the few that have managed to log in and purchase their new exchange policies have had nothing but nightmares.  After completing the applications, the website processing then managed to delete all or some of the information the people entered.  Perhaps the Obamacare people should contact the NSA to obtain the missing information as I’m sure they have all of their copies intact.

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Let’s not forget about Shane Smith in Colorado who had his policy cancelled and when he applied through the state exchange, his new policy was made out to his dog Baxter instead of him.

Obama made a big deal of Jessica Sanford’s email to him, praising her new Obamacare exchange policy.  Three days later, she’s notified by the state of Washington that the website made an error and she did not qualify for the federal subsidy after all.  The policy she signed up for was going to cost her a lot more than she could afford.  Turns out that a number of others in her state received the same letter telling them they didn’t qualify and that they now owed a lot more than they agreed to pay.

Obama keeps telling the American people that many Americans are being successful in signing up and purchasing their new exchange program healthcare policies.  Yet figures show that 45 states have yet to reach 10% of their projected goals for signups.

Just when comedy writers may fear of running out of Obamacare material, the state of California provides another target for the comedic ridiculing.  It seems that their Covered California healthcare system sent out more than 100,000 flawed eligibility notices to state residents.  When people opened the notices, they discovered errors, missing information and even blank spaces that looked like something was obviously missing.  The notices were sent out during the last part of November and early December.

Californians began flooding the phone lines with their confusion as to what they actually received.  Many of the notices told them that they qualified for health plans and then told them that they didn’t qualify for the same health plans, all in the same letter.

I always thought that computer software only does what the programmer constructed it to do, but the mistake is blamed on the computer software and not the programmer, of course.  Marilyn Singleton, an Oakland anesthesiologist and a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons commented on the thousands of confusing and error laden eligibility notices saying:

“This is due to the state’s faulty system – this is not the fault of the people who have tried to sign up.  There is no one to lodge a complaint with when the State controls the process.”

Who could make this kind of stuff up?  As far as I can tell, there hasn’t been one thing that has gone right since the implementation of the Obamacare exchange system on Oct. 1.  If anything could go wrong, it has.  And this my friends is the best our president can offer us!

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