100,000 Veterans Experienced Long Waits for VA Appointments

First the reports leaked out about the long waits for veterans seeking care at the Phoenix Veterans Hospital. Once the secret of falsification of documents and records to cover long waits emerged the dam of secrecy broke open and more reports flooded the news.

Earlier this week, the Cincinnati local news said that the VA hospital here seemed to have very few of the waiting time issues that many other facilities are having. Then they interviewed an older veteran who said that he has been waiting for 2 year to get a first time appointment at the local VA hospital and ended up seeking medical care elsewhere.

Just how bad the VA system is has led to an internal audit that says nearly 100,000 veterans have had to wait longer than expected to get appointments and treatment from VA facilities throughout the country. Of the 100,000 vets, the audit showed that 57,436 had been waiting 90 days or more for an appointment.

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It also revealed that most of the 731 VA hospitals and large outpatient clinics had long waiting times for veterans seeking first time appointments with primary care or specialist doctors. In a number of these VA facilities, schedulers were instructed by their supervisors to enter different desired dates for appointments to hide the waiting times.

After the audit was revealed on Monday, acting Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Sloan Gibson stated:

“This data shows the extent of the systemic problems we face, problems that demand immediate actions. As of today, VA has contacted 50,000 veterans across the country to get them off of wait lists and into clinics.”

Referring to a report issued by the inspector general’s office that revealed ‘deep seeded problems’ plagued the entire VA healthcare system, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) stated:

“This report makes it clear that the only people benefiting from our current VA healthcare system are the bureaucrats who put their own bonuses over veterans’ care. Now that we have further confirmation of the systemic nature of these problems, President Obama must direct the FBI to investigate the allegations of criminal misconduct.”

Not only are the actions of the Veterans Administration criminal and inexcusable, they paint a very grim picture of what we can all expect under Obamacare in the future. The VA has been a government run healthcare system for some time and just look at the amount of corruption and lack of concern for patient’s health. They fail to see the men and women as people that served our country and fought to maintain our freedoms and rights. Instead, they see names and numbers and strive to falsify and destroy records so they can get their bonuses.

Is this what Obamacare will look like in 5-10 years? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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