1,000,000 Illegals Get College Educations Thanks to Obama

Many colleges and universities are public institutions, which mean that they receive millions in state funding which means that you and I support them with our hard earned tax dollars. So as a taxpayer, the news I’m going to share with you should be very aggravating.

When Barack Obama illegally issued his executive order known as DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – he laid the groundwork to allow hundreds of thousands of illegals to attend college in the United States. Illegals that were covered by DACA were allowed to obtain Social Security Numbers which provided them access to college grants, financial assistance. In as least two dozen states, it also allowed illegals to only pay in-state tuition rates.

If you sent your son or daughter to a college or university in another state, you paid the outrageous out-of-state tuition rates or your child sold their soul to the federal government by obtaining student loans. However, thanks to Obama’s DACA program, a student from Mexico, Brazil, Iraq or Iran who entered the United States illegally can attend the same college and not only pay in-state tuition rates, but can also compete with your child for grants and financial aid.

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You’re next question should be how many illegals are we talking about. According to Victor Skinner of EAGNews:

“The ‘progressive’ nonprofit reports that the federal government has approved about 88 percent of the 720,000 applicants for the DACA program, or about 640,000, as of January 2015. The program could expand by another 300,000 based on immigration directives issued by Obama in November that broadened eligibility.”

The November deferred deportation memo issued by Obama is currently held up pending challenges to its constitutional legality. If the liberal courts eventually open the door to the full implementation, the number of illegals attending college in the US partially at our expense, could swell to nearly 1 million.

But don’t forget that Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson expanded the eligibility requirements of Obama’s November memo raising the total number of illegals allowed to remain in the US from 5 million to possibly 20 million. That would increase the number of illegals allowed to attend college at our expense to well over 1 million.

The socialist non-profit site, American Progress, justifies the unconstitutional benefits to illegals:

“Undocumented young people face a number of barriers when it comes to accessing and obtaining higher education, such as paying tuition and living expenses; obtaining a job to support themselves and, often, their families while studying; and overcoming other psychological obstacles such as anxiety, stress, and feelings of exclusion.”

“Having the temporary protections and work authorization that DACA provides helps with all of these issues.”

What about the financial barriers that legal citizens face? Do they get any special treatment in receiving in-state tuition rates if they want to attend a college in another state? NO! They are forced to pay the much higher rates and often go so far into debt to pay the out-of-state tuition fees that it will take them most of their lives to pay off the loans. But not illegals, thanks to Obama.

American Progress then has the audacity to report just how much this is helping illegals:

“DACA eases financial pressures on students and allows them to obtain new and higher-paying jobs. In a survey done by Harvard University sociologist Roberto Gonzales of DACA-eligible youth, 60 percent of beneficiaries reported obtaining a new job and 45 percent reported increased earnings. Studies have shown that people who receive temporary work permits end up with 8.5 percent higher wages, on average; this translates into more money to support both family members and education. In many cases, DACA has significantly improved the financial position of beneficiaries by allowing them to work shorter, more regular hours and earn fairer wages—all of which help eliminate stress and anxiety.”

Obama clearly cares nothing about the stress and anxiety of American citizens. In fact he places more stress and anxiety upon us by forcing us to pay for all of the benefits he provides to illegals and for allowing millions of them to take jobs that would otherwise go to Americans. While US citizens are jobless and can’t afford to college, Obama is having us pay our tax dollars so illegals can and it’s not going to stop until Obama has bled us dry and turned the nation over to the millions of illegals he welcoming in with open arms.

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