11 State AGs Warn: ‘The Illegal Actions By This Administration Must Stop’

I’ve been saying for months that President Barack Obama has been violating the US Constitution by bypassing Congress every time he makes a change to Obamacare.  Since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was an act of Congress, only Congress can legally make changes to the law, not the President.  The Constitution was written specifically to keep the president from having such dictatorial powers.

I’ve been asking when someone will finally step forward and hold Obama accountable for his unlawful actions.  No one in the federal government has the integrity or patriotism to stand up for the US Constitution and stop Obama’s illegal actions.  So it looks like it’s up to the states to do the job of the Justice Department, Congress and the federal courts.

The Attorney Generals of eleven states have charged President Barack Obama with violating federal law in his bypassing of Congress when making all of his changes, exemptions and extensions with Obamacare.

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Patrick Morrisey, the Attorney General of West Virginia wrote a letter to Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services concerning Obama’s illegal actions.  The letter was signed not only by Morrisey, but by the Attorney Generals of Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia.

The letter to Sebelius described Obama’s actions to allow insurance companies to continue to offer insurance plans that were cancelled due to their failure to meet the strict requirements of Obamacare as:

“…flatly illegal under federal constitutional and statutory law.”

“We support allowing citizens to keep their health insurance coverage, but the only way to fix this problem-ridden law is to enact changes lawfully: through Congressional action.  The illegal actions by this administration must stop.”

The letter also addressed the issue of privacy of those that sign up under the Obamacare exchanges.  They wrote:

“[HHS continues to] ignore the widespread public outcry over the security of consumers’ private information on exchanges,” and they are concerned over the administration’s decision to “not propose and implement rigorous privacy standards for outreach personnel.”

At first I wondered why the letter was sent to Sebelius, but then realized that she and her department, HHS, are responsible for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  They are following the legal chain of command by starting with Sebelius, but I wonder where they go from there?  It really won’t do them any good to take their charges to the Justice Department since Attorney General Eric Holder is nothing more than Obama’s puppet and will do whatever he can to protect Obama from any harm or charges.

The problem is that Sebelius is also an Obama puppet and has gotten away with violating federal laws.  If the state Attorney Generals get no satisfaction from Sebelius, and they can’t rely on Congress or the Justice Department, the only possible recourse they have to turn to would be the US Supreme Court and as we’ve seen lately, there’s no telling what they will do.  At least someone or should I say someones, are finally doing something to call Obama out on his illegal practices.  Now we have to hope that someone else will pick up the ball and stop Obama in his tracks.

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