13 Year Old Shoots Armed Home Intruder

Around 1:30 pm on Tuesday, someone tried to break in the back door of a home in Charleston County, South Carolina. A 13 year old boy was home alone and heard two men at the back door trying to break in. He grabbed one of his mom’s loaded guns and approached the back door. The intruders were still trying to get the door open so the boy fired through the door. One of the intruders fired back and then left. It was reported that they got into a silver car and drove away. Lamar Brown, 31, had been mortally wounded by the boy and his partner in crime, Ira Bennet, 28, drove him to a nearby medical center. Brown died of his wound and Bennet was arrested by the police. Police said they recovered a gun from the back yard that the intruder had dropped.

No one can say what would have happened to the 13 year old had the intruder managed to enter the house and there were no guns in the house. Would the intruder have harmed or killed the boy? We can’t say, but that possibility is real.

If Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Michael Bloomberg had their way, there would not have been a gun in the house and the 13 year old would have been left defenseless. Or if a gun was in the house, it would have been unloaded and locked up, which is what is required in a number of anti-gun states like Maryland and New York.

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In Maryland, a gun is required to be unloaded and in a locked gun safe. I’ve always asked what good is having a gun for home security if you can’t get to it in the case of a home intrusion? Are you supposed to tell the intruder to wait while you get the gun out of the safe and load it?

When I was 13 years old, I knew where every gun in the house was and which ones were loaded. I had been taught how to use a gun when I was 4 years old and was also taught gun safety and respect. I knew not to play with guns or to handle them without my parents’ permission.

But that was back in the day when parents and schools taught us to respect others and their property. We were taught to obey our parents and trust them. In today’s America, many public schools are teaching kids to distrust and disobey their parents. They’re being taught that having sex at young ages is okay and that they don’t have to tell their parents, even if they get an abortion. Instead of respecting others, today’s kids are taught to take care of themselves first and the heck with others.

Had someone tried to break into our house when any of us were home, they would have ended up like the intruder in South Carolina – dead. America needs more homes with loaded guns and family members, even kids, taught how to use them and how to respect them. The more criminals that get shot committing their atrocities the more others may think twice before doing the same dumb thing.

Thomas Jefferson believed that every home in America should have a gun for protection. Barack Obama believes that no home should have a gun and that you shouldn’t have any ability to protect yourself. The hypocrisy of this is that Obama lives with armed guards. His kids attend school where there are numerous armed guards, but he doesn’t want your kids protected with armed faculty or school administers and he doesn’t want your family protected at home either.

I applaud the 13 year old in South Carolina. He’s a hero for protecting his home and life. He should be honored for his actions. Then he needs to ask Obama why he wants to take the family’s guns away.

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