If Presidential Election Held Today, Romney Beats Obama Says Poll

A year ago, many of us were extremely disappointed at the presidential election.  Although decided by the Electoral College, Obama still won the popular vote by a 51.1% to 47.2% margin.

Since that time, Obama’s administration has been rocked by a number of scandals, all of which point to his dishonesty and lawless nature.  At the moment, the Obamacare roll out nightmare has hurt Obama’s ratings even among his own followers.  More and more Democrats are questioning the effectiveness or lack thereof, of Obamacare and Obama’s obvious lie about keeping your existing policy.

So what would happen if the election had been this November instead of last November?  Would Obama still win?

According to the Washington Post/ABC News poll, Romney would win the popular vote if the election was held this year.  Their poll, which often tends toward liberal results, revealed that 49% would vote for Romney while only 45% would vote for Obama.  From a 4% victory a year ago, Obama would have faced a 4% loss this year.

When analyzed, the largest drops in support and votes came from liberals, women, the poor and less educated.  A year ago, 75% of liberals supported Obama, but the new poll shows that this support dropped to only 59% and nearly 20% said they would vote for Romney if the election was held this year.

Likewise, Obama’s support among women voters dropped by 11 points from last year’s election numbers. His support among those with less than a college degree dropped 13 points which would give Romney a 9 point lead in this group.  Support among young voters dropped by 16 percent.

The poll results also indicate that the 8 point swing for Romney would have given him approximately 125 more Electoral votes.  If that would have happened, Romney would have won the presidency with a 331-207 victory in the Electoral College, which is almost identical to Obama’s win last year of 332-206 Electoral votes.

To think what difference a year would have made.

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