Census Falsified Lower Unemployment Figures Just Prior To 2012 Election

In September 2012, the national unemployment rate miraculously fell from 8.1% to 7.8%.  It was the first time in over 40 months that the unemployment rate fell below 8%.  That sudden drop just two months prior to the presidential election was questioned by many as a political ploy orchestrated by the Obama administration.

New information indicates that the unemployment figures had been falsified just prior to the election, but the falsification came from a surprising source – the Census Bureau.  They conduct monthly surveys to gather data which includes employment status.  The Census then sends a monthly report to the Labor Department who uses that data to calculate the current unemployment rate.

Every month, Census employees are tasked with conducting surveys of 60,000 American households.  Employees are tasked with achieving a 90% success rate in conducting interviews with those households.  Sometimes Census workers find it difficult to actually contact 9 of every 10 households on their lists, especially in the Philadelphia and New York regions.

To compensate for failing to meet the 90% success mandate, it has been discovered that some Census workers were fabricating interviews that never took place.  One such employee was Julius Buckmon who admits to fabricating interviews to meet the quota, but said he was instructed to do so from higher ups.  He said:

“It was a phone conversation — I forget the exact words — but it was, ‘Go ahead and fabricate it’ to make it what it was.”

Labor Department reports say that such data falsification would most assuredly result in lower unemployment figures which would directly affect their monthly reporting.  Former Labor Department chief economists Diana Furchtgott-Roth said that it would take more than one person in the Census Bureau to falsify the date to make any real difference in the Labor Department unemployment rates.  However, one anonymous Census employee reported that Buckmon is not the only Census employee that is falsifying data in order to make their 90% quota.

When reports of falsifying interviews were made within the Census Bureau, they only investigated a few and then never reported to the Labor Department about any of it.  A spokesman for the Labor Department said:

“Yes, absolutely they should have told us.  It would be normal procedure to notify us if there is a problem with data collection.”

The falsification of data by the Census Bureau employees has also caused concern among at least one politician, especially considering the timing of it happening just prior to the presidential election.  Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX), who let it be known that he is troubled by the reports, stated:

“And my joint economic committee will investigate so the American people can get to the truth.  The Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics need to be above politics because Americans need to be able to count on the data they provide.”

With all of the other illegal and unethical things that have been done by the Obama administration, I would not be surprised to learn that Census Bureau employees like Buckmon were instructed to fabricate interview data.   The unemployment rate had been hovering around 8.1 for months on end and then suddenly, just 2 months prior to the election, the rate drops to 7.8.  It may not sound like a big drop but it was.  In fact, the amount of the drop in the unemployment rate shocked many people and made them question the accuracy of the report.  Now we know that the accuracy is to be questioned and leads many like myself to believe they were tailored for the sole purpose of helping to re-elect the most corrupt and dangerous president in US history.

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