John Boehner and Paul Ryan’s Fear Did us a Big Favor

When John Boehner said effectively to read his lips, “If you are for tax cuts, you are for this budget,” did you believe him?

When Paul Ryan explained that this budget is the best deal we can get, did you believe him?

When old Johnny Boehner went on to exclaim that the budget deal, which fully funds Obamacare, is far from perfect, but it’s a start, did you believe him then?

Do you believe anything the Republicans are saying about this disastrous budget agreement? No? Me either.

Yet there is a positive that has come out of this bogus budget busting deal. And don’t believe the lies. There are no budget cuts – only the usual hollow promises.

So what’s the positive? We can, once and for all, plainly see who is on our side and who is not. We can clearly see who will fight and who will cave, who has true courage, and who are spineless. Vote accordingly.

And it all comes down to one word: Shutdown or fear of another dreaded shutdown.

Mitch McConnell said it back in October: “They’ll not be another government shutdown, you can count on that.” Johnny Boehner said the same.

Paul Ryan told Mark Levin that he doesn’t want another shut down. And why? The “Republicans” all say that a shutdown merely distracts the public – that they want to focus on the problems of Obamacare.

Do you believe them when they say it? You shouldn’t because, as I stated, this budget fully funds Obamacare.

The Republicans and all their inside the Beltway advisers are afraid. They’re afraid of the Democrats and afraid of the press.

You can see it by the way they react and lash out at conservatives and conservative groups who want the GOP to fight.

Frankly, I think it’s more a fear of the Washington press corps than anything else, and it’s been going on for a while.

Think back to the 2008 presidential campaign. John McCain chose the outspoken conservative Sarah Palin as his running mate. What happened? They immediately hamstrung her. The edict came down from the Republican wizards of smart that no one was to speak ill of the then candidate Obama.

And why? Fear! They would not allow anyone to be honest about the Marxist Obama lest they be branded a racist.

Recall the wailing and whining of everyone, including the Republicans, regarding Rush Limbaugh’s exclamation that he wished Obama to fail. None of the Republicans came to Limbaugh’s aid, choosing instead to run for the tall grass. Gee…who was right on that one?

Now, fast forward to the 2012 campaign and the debates. The first debate was a thing of beauty. Romney was smart, tough, and took the fight to Obama. Remember how excited you got? Second debate – Obama was better but Romney still won it.

Things were looking good for Romney, and then something happened. Romney came out for the third debate and went soft. Obama gave Romney opportunities, one after another, to take it to him. Yet he just stood there, letting Obama off the hook, even agreeing with him on many occasions.

Chris Wallace of Fox News said it was Romney’s idea. I’m not sure I buy that. It just looks too familiar. And now, looking back and comparing it to the milquetoast way the Republicans comport themselves – it’s all just too familiar.

It was fear of conflict and the press then and it’s the same today.

The Republican Party is afraid. They’re afraid of the flight. They are not the stupid party, as some have described.

They are the wuss-party – or as Arnold would say, the Girlie Man party.