It’s Republican-Hunting Season

Large or small, Republicans and conservatives of all types are in Democrats’ sights as campaigns get under way.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who had fancied himself a GOP candidate for the presidency in 2016 is among the first to go, since presidential politics tend to follow a longer trail than congressional races.

Not only are the media dog piling on their hand-picked “GOP frontrunner,” but the Obama Administration is investigating Christie for possible misuse of funds intended to help victims of Superstorm Sandy.

It’s more than fitting, since it was Christie’s embracing of Obama after Sandy that helped throw the last presidential race and turn the tide against Mitt Romney. There were other factors at work, including a poorly run campaign by Romney, but Christie was a knife in the back at a critical moment.

That was the same moment that most conservatives lost respect for the rambunctious Christie, who still remained a darling of the RINO country club set and hence the liberal media.

Christie is not nearly as clever as he believes he is. He apparently didn’t realize that by cozying up to Obama he was just volunteering for the role of useful idiot. He’s fulfilling that purpose right now.

It seems likely that he either ordered or allowed his aides to shut down lanes of traffic to exact revenge against a Democratic mayor for not endorsing him. But when his aide put the incriminating evidence into an email, it was like ringing the dinner bell for the NSA, because anyone who believes the NSA doesn’t pay special attention to communications of Obama’s political rivals is just fooling himself.

As Christie falls, the media — by which I mean the Obama Administration — are ripping huge gashes in the Republican Party as well. Whatever GOP reputation they leave unsullied the RINOs such as Karl Rove are going after by trying to connect Christie to the Tea Party — probably the last people who would consider backing Christie for anything.

That’s what inspired Rove to make his ridiculous assertion that Bridgegate was giving Christie “street cred” among members of the Tea Party, who therefore must be all about petty revenge politics and must not care about sick people who need ambulances to reach them in time.

It’s quite a strategy, when you think about it. By roasting Christie alive, the Democratic-RINO complex is sacrificing one of its own to injure its enemies, conservative Americans.

That’s not the only strategy being employed in this election year. The Obama Administration effectively neutralized the Tea Party in the presidential campaign by ordering the IRS to hold up nonprofit applications by conservative groups, hampering fundraising, political education and outreach efforts while liberal groups sailed through the application process.

In the ongoing scandal, the Attorney General Eric Holder has appointed an Obama donor and loyalist to lead the “investigation” into the IRS, while the FBI has decided it only wants to investigate three or so of the dozens of cases of IRS harassment.

Now the IRS has proposed a rule change for 501(c)4 nonprofit groups, which historically have included activities such as get-out-the-vote drives, candidates forums and political education among their mission. Now the IRS seeks to redefine what activities benefit the “social welfare,” effectively shutting down free speech in an election cycle where Democrats are particularly vulnerable because of the Obamacare train wreck.

The underhanded election politics have just begun.