Obamacare Contributing to Obama’s Inequality of Wealth Just as He Planned

One of the issues that President Barack Obama hammered on during his State of the Dictatorship address was the growing inequality of wealth.  He complained that the gap between the wealthy and the poor is widening and said something has to be done to change it.

Well, Obama’s been working on the gap since taking office.  Many of his policies and dictates have served well to make the gap wider and wider.  Under Obama, millions more Americans have joined the ranks of poverty.  Americans relying on some sort of government assistance such as welfare, food stamps and Medicaid have nearly doubled under Obama.  Americans are losing their jobs, or having their hours cut and losing their health benefits due to Obama.

Now, Obama’s flagship legislation known as Obamacare is only contributing to the ever widening gap between the wealthy and the rest of America.  The Affordable Care Act has pushed the cost of healthcare higher than ever before.  It was supposed to provide affordable healthcare for the millions of uninsured Americans, but so far there are several million more uninsured Americans than before Obamacare enrollment opened up.

With the outlandish prices of the new healthcare programs, many middle and lower income Americans can no longer afford to pay for healthcare and are opting to go uncovered.  I’m one of those as my cost for a bottom of the line Bronze plan is over $800 a month and then it would only pay 60% of covered expenses after we pay the thousands of dollars in deductibles.  I can’t afford to pay that and neither can millions of other middle and lower class Americans.

Obamacare is health insurance for the wealthy.  It’s turning out to be a major contributor to the inequality of wealth that Obama tells us must be changed.   However, Obama doesn’t want to reduce the gap between the wealthy and the poor, he needs to widen it further.

If you look at most socialist governments, you will see that there are two basic classes of people: the wealthy and poor.  The middle class is either non-existent or so small that it’s negligible.  The wealthy run the socialist government and control the businesses that employ the poor working class.

If you look at what Obama has done over the past 5 years, it’s obvious that this is exactly what he has been striving towards.  Yes, there is an inequality of wealth and he will continue to make that inequality greater and greater, and guess which side of the gap he is setting on?