Students Denied Celebrating America Cause it Could Offend Others

America has become a society so warped and worried about offending others that it denies the majority of their rights. Case in point is Fort Collins High School in Colorado.

The school had planned a Winter Spirit Week.  The student council thought it would be a good idea to kick off the week by celebrating America and having students dress in patriotic colors.  They called it ‘Merica Monday.’

When they proposed their idea to school officials, they were turned down.  According to a 16 year old member of the student council:

“They said they didn’t want to offend anyone from other countries or immigrants.  They just really did not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.”

A 17 year old member of the student council stated:

“They said they didn’t want to be exclusive to any other country.”

The student council then offered an alternative to the school administrators of ‘my Country Monday’ where it would be opened up to all students regardless of what country they were from.  According to a statement from the Poudre School District:

Building administration met with the students to discuss the inconsistency of this day versus the other planned theme days including PJ day and Twin day.  The students then suggested changing the first day to My Country Monday and administration agreed. This theme day allows students to showcase their pride in America and for international students, their country of origin.”

Yet students and parents are saying that statement is not accurate because the second proposal was also turned down.  The 17 year old student council member explained:

“We opened it up to everyone – no matter what country you are from.  That got declined, too.”

Frustrated, the 16 year old student council member commented:

“It’s shocking.  There are men and women fighting for our country and we should be able to celebrate that and be proud that we live in a country where we are allowed to vote – the right to free speech. They won’t even let us celebrate it.”

The same school that refuses to allow students to celebrate their American pride and patriotism requires them to participate in Cinco de Mayo which is the celebration of Mexico’s independence.  One of the students pointed out this hypocrisy on the part of school administrators.

Shortly after Todd Starnes of Fox News called the school administrators at the high school he heard from a student that they announced that My Country Monday would be allowed.  However, Monday was half over by the time the announcement was made.

When interviewed by Starnes, students and parents demanded that their identities not be released because they feared that the liberal educators at the school would target them.  One parent told him:

“It’s bizarre and idiotic that we’ve come to this crossroads in our society that we are having to sacrifice our own culture and belief system.  I can’t even tell you how it got our blood boiling.”

If I were the students, I would have held their ‘Merica Monday’ anyway.  I would have shown up for school in red, white and blue and carried an American flag all day.  It’s ridiculous when Americans are told they can’t be patriotic because someone else might be offended.  You know what my answer to that is?  If someone is offended by our patriotism, then they should get the heck out of our country and leave it to us.  Tell them to go someplace else if they don’t like it here.

Yes, I’m of the mindset of, America: Love or Leave It!  If that is offensive to anyone, tough!