Democrats Feel Horror of Buyer’s Remorse

Being a liberal is like putting your brain on a diet; you have to know how to make substitutions.

Substitute emotions for facts.

Substitute intentions for results.

Substitute false pride for achievement.

Substitute impressions for reality.

Given that liberals as a rule live in a world made of fog, it must be tremendously painful to the Left that even President Obama’s supporters are starting to see through the haze.

Latest example: A new Economist/ poll has found that more than 7 in 10 Obama supporters regret re-electing him in 2012.

The poll asked Obama supporters, “Do you regret voting for Barack Obama?” Overall, 71 percent said yes, and just 26 percent said no. Even among Democrat supporters, the response was 55 percent yes; 71 percent of Independents agreed.

Other voters with buyers remorse included 80 percent of whites and 100 percent of Hispanics. Suggesting that support for Obama may be racist, an amazing 61 percent of blacks still support the president.

He’s apparently losing one of his most important support groups, though, as 84 percent of women said they regretted voting for him, vs. 61 percent of men.

It’s not all good news for the GOP, however. The Republican leadership in recent years has shown a remarkable talent for killing the party’s chances by picking mediocre, middle-of-the-road candidates who can’t appeal to a great cross-section of voters, and the poll suggests that if they continue to do that, the GOP will be in for another avoidable trouncing.

Despite the problems voters see with Obama, most of the president’s supporters still would vote for him over Mitt Romney, 79 to 10. The poll showed that in a rematch Romney would squeak out a victory, but only because Obama is such a tragedy, not because anybody likes Romney.

Moral of this story: Liberals aren’t the only ones who’ve been living in a fantasy world, and unless they’re prepared to really watch America go completely over the cliff, the GOP leadership needs to come back to reality and start supporting the people they’ve been attacking — the Tea Party and other bona fide conservatives.