15,000 Police Against Obama’s Proposed Ban On Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines

On more than one occasion, I’ve heard President Barack Obama and liberal mainstream media say that the majority of law enforcement officers support his gun control proposals.  I know several active and former cops and none of them support Obama’s agenda.

So what is the real story of law enforcement’s support or opposition of Obama’s anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment?

A recent online poll of active and former law enforcement officers indicated that 99% of them opposed much of Obama’s gun control measures.  PoliceOne.com conducted the survey and had over 15,000 men and women, active and former law enforcement personnel respond.  Here is a breakdown of that survey:

1.  95.7% said that a federal ban on the manufacture and sale of ammunition magazines that held more than 10 rounds would not reduce violent crime.

2.  71% said that a federal ban on the manufacturing or sale of some semi-automatic (assault-style weapons) would not reduce violent crime.

3.  20% said that a federal ban on the manufacturing or sale of some semi-automatic (assault-style weapons) would have a negative effect on reducing violent crimes.

4. 60.6% said that passage of President Obama’s currently proposed legislation would have no effect on improving the safety of law enforcement officers.

5.  24.6% said that passage of President Obama’s currently proposed legislation would have a negative effect on improving the safety of law enforcement officers.

6.  71% said that they favor the opinion of some law enforcement leaders who have publicly stated that they would not enforce more restrictive gun laws in their jurisdictions.

7.  61% said they would refuse to enforce the restrictive gun laws if they were a police chief or sheriff.

8.  90% believe that casualties of active shooter incidents would be lower if more citizens were armed.

9.  When asked what would help most in preventing large scale public shootings, 28.% said more permissive conceal carry policies; 19.6% said more aggressive institutionalization of mentally ill persons; 15.8% said more armed guards or paid security on hand; and 14% said they would favor improved background checks to screen out mental wellness of the purchaser.

10. 81.3% favored arming teachers or school administrators.

11.  81.5% said gun buyback programs are not effective in reducing gun violence.

12.  58.8% said they agreed to harsher punishment for illegal gun sales and that it would have a positive effect in reducing gun violence.

13. When asked if a safety training class should be required for everyone wanting to purchase a firearm, 43.3% said no, 42.3% said yes and 14.4% said for certain weapons only.

14.  When asked what is the greatest cause of gun violence in the US, 38.1% said poor parenting and family values was to blame.  14.7% said it was the reduced sentencing and early release of violent offenders and 13.9% said it was violent video games, movies and other pop culture influences.

Not only was I greatly encouraged to see these results, but I also found it interesting that on item 14, more respondents blamed parenting and family values for gun violence than any other factor.  I wholeheartedly agree with that.  Too many parents are shirking their duties and responsibilities as parents. I also believe that a large part of the parenting failure can be attributed to a decline in biblical marriages, homes and training.  Christian values and marriage are being replaced with the liberal pagans acceptance of sexual perversions that open the doors to many other anti-Christian beliefs and activities.

I once did a study on the increases in various types of crimes over the past 100 years. I noticed a direct correlation to the removal of the prayer, the Bible and God from the public schools and from government facilities.  The increase in crimes, especially violent and physical crimes, followed 3-5 years after various aspects of Christianity were removed from the schools, government and public life.

I also found that the number of single-parent homes, pre-marital sex, extra-marital sex and co-habitation of unmarried couples also increased in direct correlation to the removal of Christianity from American society.  All of these have a negative impact on family life and parenting and we see the results today in a violent and godless society.

So now we know that the vast majority of law enforcement personnel oppose most of Obama’s anti-gun proposals and they see parenting and family issues as being the leading cause for violent crimes, not guns.

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