16th Vacation in 3 Years

The last time my wife and I took a vacation was seven years ago. Between the economy going in the tank and both of us being laid off due to financial downsizing, we have barely been able to avoid bankruptcy and foreclosure, let alone take a vacation.

My dad turned 90 last October and my mom is 86 and I haven’t seen them in the past seven years. Trust me, I want to, but I can’t afford to travel the 1800 miles to see them. And what hurts the most is knowing that I may not ever get the chance to see them again before they pass on. But by the looks of everything, it may be another year before I can even think of paying for a trip to see them.

And from what I’ve heard from a number of others, we’re not the only ones that haven’t been able to afford to take a vacation in the past few years. Some of my family, friends and acquaintances have lost their jobs and their homes.

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Then I just read where Michelle Obama and daughters are skiing in Aspen, Colorado on your and my dime. This is the sixteenth vacation taken by the Obama family in the three years of occupying the White House. They’ve taken trips to Africa, Spain and all over the place.

Many Americans are asking why the Obama’s and our other political leaders can be so extravagant with taxpayer monies when the country is reeling in a debt crisis that could being us down to our knees. Jim Garvin, a small business owner summed things up pretty well when he challenged lawmakers to explain their actions.


I echo Garvin’s sentiments only I do it with a little more outrage than what he showed on camera. It deeply galls me to know that I’m paying for the Obamas to take five vacations a year when I haven’t been able to afford to go see my parents, or any other member of my family, in seven years and may never get to see them before it’s too late. To be truthful, if any did happen to my parents, I can’t even afford to travel back for their funeral.

Obama is so big about spreading the wealth, but the only spreading I see is from our pocket to theirs and like Garvin said, I’m fed up with it.

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