2 More States Taking Steps to Join Georgia in Reining in Federal Government

Earlier this month, I shared that the Georgia state legislature is the first one to act upon the call for a Convention of States to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.

This is part of a grassroots effort to get enough states to call for a Convention of States as spelled out in Article 5 of the US Constitution to establish a constitutional amendment that would limit the spending and powers of the federal government.  An amendment created through a Convention of States cannot be overturned or repealed by Congress.

Now, two more states are following Georgia’s lead.  Citizens for Self-Governance are the ones sponsoring the grassroots effort for the Convention of States.  They are reporting that the House of Representatives in Arizona and Alaska have adopted plans to call for a Convention of States for the resolution of passing a constitutional amendment to limit the spending and powers of the federal government.

With the resolution being called for in Arizona and Alaska, the Convention of States says that they will now move on to Colorado and Oklahoma in an effort to get the same resolution moving in those two states.  I suspect they will meet with some resistance in Colorado as the state has been controlled by liberal Democrats who follow every word and command of their supreme dictator Barack Obama.

Besides pressing for constitutional amendments to limit the spending and powers of the federal government, Citizens for Self-Governance are also talking about placing new limits on presidential executive orders, banning the use of international treaties as a basis for governing in the US, mandating a balanced budget, establishing term limits for Supreme Court Justices and Congress and setting a date for the end of federal income taxes.

Their aim is to return the domination of state rule over federal rule as our Founding Fathers meant it to be.  They want to decrease the not only the power of the federal government but its size as well.  Issues like education will be returned to the states, which would put an end to Common Core in many states and possibly save our children from the federal brainwashing of the socialists in charge.

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