2011 Congress Sets Record

In 1947, they started keeping records as to the progress of Congress.  In the sixty-four years of record keeping, the 2010 Congress managed to pass fewer pieces of legislation than any previous Congress on record with a mere 80 bills.

Of those 80 bills, a significant portion of them had to do with mundane government housekeeping measures such as extending the time limits on existing bills and naming post office buildings.

When it came to bills of importance, the stalemate that has existed between political parties resulted in what appeared to be nothing more than a couple of rams butting heads and blaming the other for starting it.  Every time one of them addressed the general public, it was always pointed out that the other side was the one that was unwilling to budge or compromise.

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Interestingly, if you break it down between the House and Senate, the House had its 10th worst year on record where the Senate had the worst and most ineffective year in their history.  When you realize that the Democratic controlled Senate reacted negatively to virtually every piece of legislation that the Republican controlled House sent its way, it should be no surprise that it failed to act on almost everything.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) were both approached with questions pertaining to the ineffectiveness of the Senate and neither one of them responded.

In the eyes of the public, both parties were equally guilty even though the Democrats cried the loudest in front of the public.  The public has lost all trust and confidence in both chambers of Congress.

Worse yet is that 2012 seems destined to be a repeat of 2011.  Most experts and analysts are predicting more squabbling, finger pointing and blame shifting resulting in another record year of poor performance.

The consequences of two years of ineptitude could have major ramifications for both parties come election time.  The public reaction could be so great that very few incumbents manage to get re-elected resulting in the largest freshman class of senators and representatives in recent history.

One thing is for certain, this promises to be a very interesting election to say the least.

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