2012 Campaign: Obama – You’re Fired!

I’ve been in positions where I’ve hired people and fired people.  I’ve fired them for stealing, lying, and failing to do the job they were hired for.  On one occasion, I fired the son of the state attorney general because I caught him stealing.  It makes no difference to me who you are or what connections you have.  If you can’t live up to the standards and qualifications of the job, you’re outta here and I’m gonna look for the next qualified person to do the job.

Since Obama technically works for the voting citizens of the nation, that means he works for me.  Therefore, it’s time for his review to determine if he keeps his job or not.

  • First let’s start with his application.  There is very strong mounting evidence that he lied on his application about being a natural born US citizen.  I once terminated a young lady for providing false information on her job application, and it looks like I’m about to do it again.
  • When Obama applied for the job, he promised he would reduce the cost of healthcare and he didn’t.  Not only didn’t it go down, but we’ve seen the steepest increases in health insurance premiums ever.
  • When Obama applied for the job, he promised he would improve the economy and he didn’t.  Not only hasn’t the economy improved, but America has gained more debt in the past three years than in the history of the nation.
  • When Obama applied for the job, he promised to end partisanship politics and work together for the good of the nation, and he didn’t.  Not only has he failed to work with both parties, he consistently ignores or rejects virtually every Republican proposal placed before him.
  • When Obama applied for the job, he promised to change the way Washington does business.  Perhaps he has somewhat kept his promise here as it has changed, but for the worse, not the better.
  • When Obama applied for the job, he promised to create 5 million green jobs and he hasn’t.  Instead, he has wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on a failing green industry.
  • When Obama applied for the job, he promised to improve US relations with the rest of the world, and he didn’t.  Some of our strongest allies including Israel are having serious doubts, especially after what Obama said about Netanyahu at the G20 summit.
  • When Obama applied for the job, he swore an oath to uphold the US Constitution and the laws of the land, and he hasn’t.  He has openly bragged about his willful intend to NOT uphold the laws of the land including those that deal with immigration and marriage.  He has also failed to uphold the Constitution by forcing unconstitutional laws upon the people.

Concerning the issue of stealing, Obama has been caught red-handed stealing the dreams and livelihoods from millions of Americans.

  • He has stolen the jobs of millions of Americans by allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the county and take jobs away from our own people.
  • He has stolen our sense of security by refusing to protect our borders and by jailing border patrol agents who are doing their jobs the way they were taught.
  • He has stolen our moral values by his refusal to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act and for his promotion of homosexual lifestyle in civilian and military life.
  • He has stolen the hope of a bright future from millions by the way he has run the country down in so many areas of life.
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Lastly is the issue of doing the job he was hired to do.  Obama was hired to direct America on a path to an improved economy, job market, and clean up the way the federal government operates.  He has failed to properly carry out any of these aspects of his job.

Since every one of you are also Obama’s employer, you should evaluate him in the same way your employer evaluates you and then you decide if he deserves to keep his job or not.  As for me, I see only failure, lies and deception in the man and there is no way in the world anyone could convince me that he deserves to keep his job.

To quote Donald Trump, “YOU’RE FIRED” Mr. President!

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