2012 Voter’s Guide Gives Obama an F, Romney a B+

The American Family Association has released their 2012 Values Voter Guide that grades the candidates on a number of family value topics and shows their voting records on such.  If you enter your home address, they will also show you the same grading on your federal candidates for Senate or the House of Representatives.

Both Barack Obama and Joe Biden received an F while both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan received a B+.

I found it interesting to see who each candidate has been supporting in various ways and what organizations are supporting them.

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In the case of Obama and Biden, they fully support major unions such as the AFSCME, AFL-CIO and NEA (the largest liberal teachers union in the nation).  Obama and Biden had zero support for groups like Concerned Women for America (Biden supported 9%), Family Research Council, The Center for Security Policy (Biden supported 6%) and the National Right to Life (no surprise there).

Since Romney wasn’t in national politics, he does not have a record of supporting various groups, but Ryan does.  He fully supported National Right to Life, The Center for Security Policy, Concerned Women for America, Family Research council and Americans for Prosperity.  Ryan showed little to no support for the AFL-CIO (16%), Human Rights Campaign (10%), AFSCME and NEA zero support.

As for endorsement of the candidates, Obama and Biden had no shortage of liberal politicians and celebrities including Alec Baldwin and George Clooney.  Romney and Ryan also have a list of conservative politicians and celebrities including Clint Eastwood.

But what was perhaps the most telling of the voter guide were the organizations that endorsed the candidates.

Obama and Biden received the endorsements of the several unions along with the Communist Party of America and Communist Party USA.

Romney and Ryan received the endorsements of the National Right to Life, Susan B. Anthony List and Independence Hall TEA Party PAC.

The Voter’s Guide also lists where each candidate stands on the following issues:

  1. Should the Healthcare law be repealed?
  2. Should the definition of marriage be broadened beyond one man and one woman by state or federal government?
  3. What is your position on expanding gun control?
  4. What is your position on abortion?
  5. What is your position on tax increases?

I strongly suggest that everyone visit the Voter’s Guide to see where the presidential and vice-presidential candidates stand on these various issues.  The guide will also let you know where those running for the Senate and House stand, that is if they bothered to respond to the questions at all.

For instance, my Congressman, Geoff Davis is retiring after 3 terms in the House as he promised.  His seat is wide open.  The Democratic candidate William Adkins received a grade of D and the Republican candidate Thomas Massie was given a B.

You owe it to yourself, your family, your state and your nation to be informed on the candidates and this 2012 Voter’s Guide a good place to start.

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