2016 – 4 More Years of Obama vs GOP

It seems the quest for the presidency has heated up early this time around than in past election cycles. Nearly a year and a half before the election, blows were being thrown by a number of candidates from both Democrats and Republicans with Donald Trump throwing the most punches of all.

Currently, everyone is focused on what to do with ISIS, Syrian refugees and immigration. Gun control and climate change are also being tossed about in the political arena.

All of these things are important, but from everything I’ve heard and read so far comes down to one key issue. Does America want four more years of Obamanism or do they want to give Republicans a chance to reverse many of Obama’s disastrous actions?

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Hillary Clinton says she’s nothing like Obama, but when you take time to see what she is saying and what she did when she served in the Senate and as Secretary of State, she isn’t that much different than Obama.

As a senator, she supported most of Obama’s actions and legislative bills including Obamacare. When Bill Clinton was president, Hillary was pushing hard for a socialist national healthcare system and she will defend Obamacare as vehemently as Obama.

As Secretary of State, Clinton signed on giving the United Nations sovereignty over America and American’s. She signed the UN Small Arms Treaty which would lead to the eventual banning of handguns, hunting and target rifles and shotguns. She also signed on to UN resolutions on hate language which would consider biblical preaching as hate language. And let’s not forget that she also supported the UN resolutions on climate control which could result in the collapse of the fossil fuel energy market, putting millions of Americans out of a job, all of which are the same issues fully supported by Barack Obama. Hillary also fully supported Obama’s efforts to help establish a one world government involving the United Nations.

Hillary also seems to be giving favored treatment to Muslims and Muslim nations like Obama has been doing. Her closest aide and confidant while serving as Secretary of State was Huma Abedin, a Muslim with direct family ties to Islamic terrorists, Abedin had access to some of the most sensitive government secrets dealing with national security and yet her mother was a member of the Muslim Sisterhood.

The liberal media has done a great job of hiding the fact that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been accused of crimes against humanity in international court for their support of the bloody reign of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

The only real difference between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is their sex and color of their skin other than that there is no real political difference between the two. That leads me to say that the major decision facing America is whether we want or can tolerate, four more years of Obamanism with Hillary Clinton or try to stop the insane destruction of our nation by giving a Republican our votes.

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