3 Abortion Clinics Fail to Report Rape and Abuse of 12 Year Old Girl

Reporting sexual and physical abuse of a minor is required by law for schools and medical facilities including abortion clinics. Law enforcement and Child Protective Services often move quickly to protect the minor once a report has been made.

I’ve heard of cases where teachers and school officials were found guilty of charges for failing to report suspected or known abuse of a student to authorities. But even though it’s the law to report abuse, rape and abortions for underaged girls, abortion clinics evidently aren’t held to the same legal standards as schools.

Case in point is Joseph Coles of Cleveland. Coles began raping his stepdaughter when she was only 10 years old. When she was 12, she got pregnant. Coles made his wife take her daughter to an abortion clinic to get rid of this incestuous child. The Cleveland Surgi-Center, a National Abortion Federation (NAF) clinic botched the abortion and the 12 year old girl began to hemorrhage internally. It left her in critical condition, but she survived.

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The Law requires that the Cleveland Surgi-Center report an abortion performed on a girl of this age, but apparently they never did, because once the girl recovered from her near death experience, Cole continued raping and beating her. At Cole’s insistence, the girl’s mother put her on birth control pills, but they did not take effect in time and the girl became pregnant again at 13 years of age.

This time the girl was taken to the Planned Parenthood clinic in Shaker Heights, but the girl refused to have the abortion. Planned Parenthood never reported the pregnancy to authorities either.

Several days later, the girl agreed to have an abortion and was taken to the Preterm Abortion Clinic in Cleveland where they ended the pregnancy. Preterm never filed a report with authorities either and Cole continued his incestuous raping and beating of his stepdaughter.

Finally one year later authorities were notified of what was happening, but not by any of the three abortion clinics that were required to do so by law. Cole was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to 210 years in prison. The girl’s mother was also arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to 3 years in prison for endangering a child and obstructing justice. If you ask me, the mother deserved the same sentence as the stepfather for allowing her daughter to beaten and raped for nearly 4 years.

You would have thought that charges would have also been filed against the three abortion clinics for failing to report the pregnancy and abortion of the young girl, but none were. None of the three clinics were held responsible or criminally liable for what the young girl endured.

Why weren’t the clinics held accountable for their violation of the law and for allowing this young girl to be sexually abused and tortured by her stepfather? Had the first clinic reported it as they were legally required to do so, it would have saved the girl from 3 more years of abuse and rape.

Is it that the Cleveland area is so full and run by liberal Democrats that they believe it’s more important to protect abortion clinics than it is to protect young girls? Don’t forget that in 2012, there were fewer than 10 total votes for Romney reported by over 140 precincts. Most experts say this is a statistical impossibility, but with so many other voting machines rigged in 2012, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

Also remember that Planned Parenthood actively teaches young girls to have safe sex and how to work around the legal system of reporting their abortions. The United Nations, who works with Planned Parenthood, also promotes allowing minors as young as 10-12 years of age to be allowed to have sex without parental knowledge or permission. They have also advocated the legalization of prostitution including the prostitution of minors.

If you are a liberal organization, you can get away with breaking the law and ruining the lives of young people, but if you are a conservative organization that strives to saves innocent unborn children from being brutally murdered, you are quickly arrested for even getting within 25 feet of an abortion clinic. Human life and dignity are no longer sacred in our liberal America, only the agenda of murder is sacred at all costs.


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