3 Black Teens Beat White Kid On School Bus; Sharpton, Jackson Silent

These incidents actually happen pretty frequently, but you’d never know it from watching the national news. In fact, even the local media didn’t bother mentioning that the victim in the attack was white. They barely mentioned that the attackers were black. I mean, they wouldn’t want their viewers to get the wrong idea.

Surveillance footage from the school bus show three 15-year-old black boys beating up a 13-year-old white student. When they were done with him, he had a broken arm and two black eyes.

Apparently, the white kid had “snitched” on them. They were in a dropout prevention program at their Gulfport, Florida school, and they had tried to sell the white boy some marijuana. He then alerted school officials, after which he got severely beaten up. The 60-year-old bus driver looked on while trying to alert the authorities:

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So, where is all the outrage from the black “leadership?” Where’s Al Sharpton or “The Reverend” Jesse Jackson? I’m sure they would have said something if the “creepy ass cracka” 6th grader had “stood his ground.” But since he wasn’t able to overpower the three bigger teens, I guess there’s nothing really to say.

The Gulfport police chief stated that the attack was not racially motivated. The fight happened, because the white kid snitched on them about their pot solicitations.

But imagine if the races were reversed. Just think of the uproar that would ensue if three white 15-year-olds beat up a smaller black teen over the same thing. The media would be all over the incident, and it would probably become national news. The liberal talking heads in the media would be calling it a racially motivated hate crime. Sharpton and Jackson would hold vigils for the victim and vow to bring the three white teen thugs to justice. And Stevie Wonder would boycott Florida again.

But alas, there’s nothing to see here. Black on white violence is not news. And it’s certainly not racially motivated.

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