35% Drop Covered California Obamacare Policies

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) continues to tell America that Obamacare has been a huge success. She often points to Covered California as her example of just how successful the Affordable Care Act is. If you believe her, you would think that people are paying less for more coverage and everyone is tickled pink about their mandatory healthcare coverage. If that’s you, then you would be just as duped as the 900 people who drank Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid and died.

Don’t forget that Pelosi represents one of the richest districts in the land of nuts fruits and flakes and as such her elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. She’s completely oblivious to what goes on in the real world or she tries to be as good of a liar as Obama.

Peter Lee, Executive Director of Covered California has proudly declared:

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“94 percent of those who renewed their Covered California insurance this year kept their same policies, meaning ‘those plans having the right mix of doctors, the right mix of care options for them, and the right one they wanted to stay with.’”

An announcement like that probably makes Pelosi strut around clucking like the top hen in a chicken coup. However, if Lee had shared the real facts of Covered California, It would take all of the cluck out of California’s top hen.

The key phrase was ‘of those who renewed,’ but notice Lee did not share just how many renewed their policies. What he didn’t share is that 35% of Covered California policy holders did not renew their policies. This is the lowest retention rate in the entire nation and a loss of approximately $1.06 billion.

One of the reasons could be that everything Pelosi is saying about the state’s healthcare system is far from the truth. Aiden Hill once believed in Obamacare as much as Pelosi did and even lead the call center for Covered California. Hill now shares that since Obamacare became law, his rates have increased by 71% and he now has less coverage than he had before. Evidently 35% of premium holders experienced something similar to Hill, causing most of them to opt out.

Michael Reagan summed the success of Covered California and Obamacare in general the best, saying:

“The cost for this massive failure of government health insurance currently totals $1.06 billion. And that’s not putting any cost on the wasted time, reduced coverage and increased premiums faced by the public.”

“If Obamacare was a business it would be bankrupt. But since it’s the government, unless something is done in Washington, it will continue until we’re bankrupt.”

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