3rd Graders Taught How To Protest For Socialist Community Rights

Imagine if your 8 or 9 year old child came home from school and announced that they were protesting against a violation of social or community rights?  What would you think?  How would you react?  If your 8 or 9 year old is in the 3rd grade at a public school suing the Common Core Standards, that is precisely one of the lessons that they may be learning.

Education Action Group (EAG) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization who believes that federal government’s ‘one-size-fits-all, assembly line government school system requires serious reform.’  One of the most pressing issues they see in today’s public schools is the blind acceptance of the Common Core Standards.  They have been acquiring Common Core materials and teacher’s guides to help them understand what is being taught to America’s youth and what they have been finding is alarming.

Among the materials EAG acquired was a book designed for third grade students.  The book’s title is Si, Se Puede! (“Yes, We Can!” in English) and talks about the 1985 janitor’s strike in California.  Young students are introduced to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) which is one of the most left-wing socialist unions in the country.  The janitors went on strike demanding more money.

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The book is listed under the heading of ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ section of the Common Core Standards.  However, Common Core defines rights and responsibilities as community rights and how to be responsible to the community.  There is no mention in this section of our God-given rights or the individual rights granted to us in the Constitution or Bill of Rights.  Everything is geared toward the socialist concept of community.

After spending a week studying the book, third graders are taught the meaning of the word protest and how to use it in various aspects of life.  Then they are asked to pick a social injustice they see at their school and then organize and carry out a protest against that injustice.  If they cannot think of one, the teacher’s guide suggests things like no talking allowed in the lunchroom.

Kyle Olson, Publisher, Founder and CEO of EAG said that they have found that the Common Core Standards are full of left-wing agendas and this 3rd grade book is no exception.  He told OneNewsNow:

“What’s shocking to me about this is that it’s third-graders who are basically being taught to be defiant and unruly.”

“What we see is a real leftist agenda being implemented in schools, and I think having third-graders learn about the tactics of the SEIU is a good example of that – and [a good example of] why parents need to be on-guard in looking out for this sort of thing and exposing it.”

Parents need to know that the Common Core Standards that are being adopted by public schools all over have a very urgent agenda to indoctrinate your kids from the earliest ages possible with far left-wing socialist ideologies.  Their curriculum and lessons are rife with a way of life that is totally different than your own.  If you don’t take an active part and stop or counter what they are being taught we will have a whole generation of girls like Nancy Pelosi and boys like Barack Obama!

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