42% of Americans Favor Military Takeover of US Government

If you are like the majority of Americans, you probably think to yourself that you would never see America fall as far as it has in the past couple of decades. Christianity, the foundation of our government and laws, has been outlawed in most public venues and they are being forced to violate their faith or suffer the consequences. Homosexuality is not only tolerated, but it’s now been legalized. The federal government has crammed a socialist healthcare program down our throats. Illegal aliens are receiving more benefits than US citizens and are even being given the chance to vote, hold office and receive better college tuition benefits than many American students get. Our First, Second and Fourth Amendment rights are being violated and the states have all but lost their Tenth Amendment right to supersede the federal government. Blacks and Hispanics can do no wrong and are never racist, and law enforcement is labeled racist for doing their jobs. American military personnel can’t pray or read their Bibles out loud overseas and chaplains are threatened with court martial for practicing their faith.

To put it bluntly, America has gone to hell and a growing number of US citizens are getting fed up with the government. Some, like myself, have talked about the need for a second American Revolution to return our nation to what it was intended to be.

Would you support a second revolution?

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What about a military takeover of the government?

YouGov.com wanted to find out so they polled 1,000 Americans online and asked them a series of questions and then broke down the responses various demographics. One of the questions asked was:

“For each of the following people or groups of people please indicate whether you think that they generally want what is best for the country or what is best for themselves personally.”

Their choices were: military officers, police officers, federal civil servants, local politicians and congressmen. How would you rate these five professions? The poll indicated that 70% believed that military officers want what’s best for the country and 71% said that congressmen want what’s best for themselves. You can view the breakdown of gender, political party, race, household income and religion here for each of the five categories.

Another question asked in the poll was:

“If elected leaders of the federal government began to violate the Constitution would you support or oppose the military stepping in to take control of the federal government?”

The breakdown (pg. 15) is as follows:

Democrats: 36% support; 37% opposed; 27% not sure.

Independents: 41% support; 28% opposed; 31% not sure.

Republicans: 55% support; 21% opposed; 24% not sure.

Average: 42.6% support; 29.6% opposed; 27.8% not sure.

To no surprise, 49% of aged 65+ supported a military takeover, 48% of ages 45-64 supported a military takeover, but only 28% of ages 18-29 support it. Mostly likely the younger generation has no clue what America once was like, but those of us older folks do and it saddens our hearts to see the condition our nation is in.

This poll should be a wake up notice for our political leaders. They need to realize that more and more Americans don’t trust them and are starting to favor a military takeover to oust them from their ivory towers. That’s why the top two GOP presidential candidates in the polls at the moment are not politicians. Americans are sick and tired of politicians who only look out for themselves and not us.

I wonder what Donald Trump would do with the results of this poll? I may just email him this article and see what happens.


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